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The smokes of the morning has slowly dissipated but the smell lingers.

And the energy emission of that explosion is still echoing, moving, vibrating through the protection dome of the island.

The Island of Peace has been wrecked in the northern part in the morning with hills and rivers there blasted into smithereens.

That was the news she heard when one of her Acolytes informed her of the matter of the blast of energy that ripples the formations and the transmutation circle of the island prompting an emergency respond from all Four Direction of the Island.

The Four Divine Generals of the World Government moves and rushed towards to the Northern Part of the Island.

The Northern Divine General yielded his territory when the Quorum decided to give the area to the Revolutionary Army faction but the northern part is still his territory.

Yet, when he demanded to be let known of what happen he was slapped by the Ice Princess, had his weapon frozen and crushed into pieces of ice block.

The Southern Divine General, Han Ji Woo the Demonic Berserker, the former commander of Dangun Army lost his left hand and his right eye as he tries to charge into the northern area.

Boris summoned his Wyvern and broke the Eastern Divine General James Lythe former Knight of William.

Only one person didn’t suffer any injury and that one was the Western Divine general, Hikigaya Oreki the Illusion Master.

He is temporarily filling that position as the person that held that position before is dead.

This event shows the World Government how powerful Katarina really is and cast a suspicious gaze.

But after the Divine Archer herself shows herself, the forces of the World Government disperses as no one wanted to readily offend her and shed any pretense of cordiality.

It wasn’t until later that they knew that the Prince was there. Somehow, the Prince managed to get himself inside this island.

Sina at this sensitive time has disappeared from her labs with sign of the formation of the island was tampered by her.

Budiman who was inspecting the machinery in the Research Department also mysteriously absent.

Freya and Athena also could not be found in their residence, a modest house nearby the Temple of Erika.

Wang Jian and his White Tiger battalion retreated from the frontlines bringing with him the last of the Seven Fairy, Somi with him.

The Immortal Couple also could not be found in their regular spots, but people reported hearing the sound of flute playing during Boris attack on the Divine Generals of the World Government

‘They all have one thing in common. They are the subordinates of the prince’ the woman muttered as she sighed.

‘Every time he appears he brings with him the storm. For people who love peace and tranquility like me, he is unsuitable for me’

The woman then look outside her windows and got up from her wooden crafted chair. The chair was crafted with a tree that nourishes one body and gives the effect of clear mind.

Looking outside at the garden of the colorful flowers lining up the walkway of her pathway to the entrance of her mansion, she could not help but imagine how she used to wish to live like this before the Fall.

She sighed and smiles bitterly. Las, she got the one thing but lost one thing. The world right now is too chaotic.

She wears her white robe under her layered black thin sewn armor and is ready to go out and meet the people

‘Holy Lady are you going out?’ One of the Acolytes inside the white mansion ask when she saw her about to go out unguarded

‘Yes, I am.’ She replied politely

‘Would like me to inform the Major?’ The woman smiles and nodded.

‘Inform the Major. Tell him I’m going to the Garden Of Flowers.’

Then she walks out from the house, her feet walk along the pathway, looking at the flowers and could not help but appreciate the gesture the Major has done for her.

The Major knew she like flowers, so he planted flowers. From many of his expedition outside of the island he collected seeds and bring many flowers that are beautiful and exotic.

Then she look up. Looking at the clear skies she heaved a breath of relief.

This woman wearing white robe and having a serene expression on her face is the famed White Witch Giselle

A few hours ago with thunders and lightning and explosions that rolled the island Giselle almost thought that the Weronians have found a way to break the enchantments and formations in place.

She was fearful but also ready to fight.

Unlike some people in the Island she was not raring to fight and wage battle but she is not some cowardly girl who would just be relegated at the background.

She will do her part in bestowing blessing and fight together with the people.

She walk around the pathway leading to the market.

Wherever she goes she is greeted enthusiastically.

Those she saw, she blesses and they thank her for her blessing pouting two of their fingers on their forehead as a sign of gratitude.

Her long silky blonde hair waves gracefully under the caressing of the breezy wind, her clear blue eyes look intently at those people who seek her blessing.

She was revered and respected by almost all of the members of the World Government. Her figures which is slim attracts admiring looks and envy for women.

Her face was flawless like porcelain making her look like a beautiful doll.

As she walks and helping people she finally arrived at the entrance of the Garden of Flowers.

The arch was filled with vines of beautiful flowers that crept on the wooden arc and creating this beautiful entrance.

She always lie coming here. There were many flowers and the scent is calming

Stepping inside the scent and the scenery refreshes her mind and making her breath easily.

‘As expected of a Gardener’ she mused.

There was a Gardener class and they could create gardens that could give range of positive effects or negative effect to a group if they enter.

As she walk around the garden, she admires the flowers, smell the scent and touches the flowers.

Arriving at a stone bench she sit down looking all around her and smiles. Then sound of footstep sounded behind her. She did not even turn her face and said

‘You arrived. You’re late’

‘You should not do that again.’ A gruff voice sounded out from behind her. It was the voice of a man.

The man sit down beside her looking displeased.

Giselle chuckles

‘Do what?’ she ask back, smiling teasingly

‘Not telling me when you go out. You know you are important.’

Giselle just smiles as she look at the man sitting beside her on the bench. Not being able to endure it she teases him

‘Are you talking to me as a military official or as my boyfriend?’

The guy blushed red.

The man was six feet tall when he is standing, has curly black hair that seems cute, a well toned black skin and a clean face that is pleasant to look at.

He was wearing his military uniform and on his nametag the name Major Arno is sew on it with bold letters and golden letterings.

‘Both’ he replied after he coughed a bit trying to hide his embarrassment.

She shakes her head and kiss him on the cheek and he coughed again but could not stop the smile that is creeping on the ends of his mouth.

His muscles tenses and for a while they just look at each other eyes before Arno couldn’t stand it and said shyly.

‘That’s enough.’ Giselle smiles and nodded. For a while they just watch butterflies flying around and letting the breezy wind washes over them before suddenly Arno ask

‘You…still have the dreams?’ and quickly Giselle face turns grim.

She nodded. He sighed. The wind blows and with it comes the silence as Arno tries to think of a way to broach the topic.

Feeling uncomfortable with the silence Giselle ask

‘Did you get what I requested from the president?

‘Un’ Arno nodded. Knowing that Giselle trying to steer away the conversation Arno played along as he said

‘Without your wisdom the World Government would have been left in the dark why the Weronians seal themselves and turns into pillars of fire.’

It is by Giselle help that the whole world knows why the Weronians turns themselves into pillars of fire and why the whole world is not yet conquered by those Nine Horns and Eight horns Weronian.

The information she revealed was that the World Orb emits a repelling power to invader species that is capable of harming it.

This repulsion force is very powerful that it needs an extremely powerful seal to prevent the World Orb from expelling them from this star system.

When the Elders of the Weronian which consisted of the strongest expert of the Weronian race dive-bombed the five areas it was not only to kill a lot of people but to set up the seal to restrict and restrain the power of the world orb.

The Five Areas were precisely chosen because each of that five points have traces of primordial energy.

She also revealed in the Assembly that the World Orb strengthen humanity and weaken the Weronians fleshy body making humanity being able to survive the first onslaught.

Utilizing blood magic and their powerful fleshy body, the elders of the Weronians sacrifice their blood and shed their fleshly body to restrict the World Orb suppression.

‘It’s good that you got it.’ Giselle replies. And once again there is silence. Arno knows what is bothering her, but she always refuses to talk.

She was afraid of something and Arno knows that such problem will not be solved by being silent.

‘What about the dreams?’ Arno ask

‘I don’t like talking about it.’ Giselle refused to talk about it but one could see she was hesitating.

Arno pushed through

‘You must address it. Maybe you should ask the Oracle.’

Arno suggested. Giselle snorted as her response

‘I don’t trust that white eyed woman. There is something creepy about her. I don’t like the way she looks at me and how she always seems to be analyzing someone with that white eyes of hers.’

Arno sighed before he put his hand on her left shoulder and said

‘She is creepy but…maybe she could help.’

Giselle shakes her head

‘No, she could not help.’ Arno then ask

‘Why do you think that?’

‘I don’t know. It is just a feeling I had’ Arno then sighed.

‘Then what do you want to do? You don’t wait to seek help. And you won’t address it. Then how will this problem be solved?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘I don’t like seeing your face when you woke up from your nightmares. It hurts me when you are in pain.’ He said sincerely and Giselle smiles weakly.

‘You said you are afraid of the tattoos.’

‘Shush’ Gisele shush Arno and Arno frowned.

‘Nobody going to hear us here. This Garden is sound proof from divine consciousness or hearing abilities. The Gardener guaranteed that.’

‘Still.’ She said. Then like she was contemplating something’s he said to Arno.

‘Sometimes I felt like the tattoos on my body is moving me like chess pieces. I was the chess piece and someone out there, is moving me. And I don’t like that feeling. Being controlled by someone else. Like a doll being moved by a string’

‘You can’t remember?’ Arno asked again even though he already know the answer.

‘I think it’s not that I can’t, but I won’t. And that thought, if it’s true, frightens me. I told this story to you before.’

‘I know. You said you wipe your own memories. Which means you don’t want to know who it is that gives you the tattoos is. Which is weird considering you should have known at that time you would hate it…..the not knowing’

Giselle nodded

‘That is what puzzles me. Why did I agree to put this tattoo on my skin? Why did I voluntarily wipe my own memories?’

There was a pained expression on Giselle face sol Arno relented and shakes his head and smiles weakly

‘Then maybe you should have left it alone. ‘

‘Maybe….but I am uneasy. Because I don’t know the full story.’ Arno put his hand over Giselle hand and squeeze it as a sign of affirmation.

‘Whatever it is, we’ll face it together.’

Giselle smiles.

She leans in slowly and kiss him on his lips. And Arno responded as they kissed each other quite innocently.

Maybe because it was the mood, the scenery or the scent, they did not took each other clothes and do it right there and then.

Instead they look like a sweet couple that is sharing a meaningful kiss. Like a promise is being spoken when they touch each other lips.

A promise they will always be together, come hell or heaven. Breaking the kiss was Giselle. Looking at that clear hazel eyes of her man, she whisper to his ears,

‘Together’ Arno smiles and nodded. Their relationship is not known to the highest echelon of the World Government.

The White Witch position is very important and he is just a mere solider of the World Government.

Arno feared that if his relationship with the White Witch is revealed it would affect her negatively.

This is why they both met at places like this, far from prying eyes.

They then talked to each other about mundane things. It is the mundane thing that is important.

What they both felt, what they both want and what they both hope for…. These are the things they talked about while holding hands and look at each other eyes.

And that was enough….just holding hands and looking at each other eyes. That was enough for him and that was enough for her.

To have someone beside them, loving them, in this era of chaos and strife.

Arno believes himself to be lucky.

That the person he loves….loves him back. That is rare and very hard. People who have always been loved might not feel like that but Arno knows better.

To love someone, and to have that someone love you back…..it requires more than just luck.  After they finished talking, he kissed her goodbye and left the garden to complete his patrol for the evening.

Giselle stayed on the bench, looking at the flowers, thinking of many things.

As she looks at some of the flowers, she notices one purple flower that blooms as the sun was about to set.

It was beautiful. It is a flower that did not exist before the Fall.

The purple flower is called the One Day Blossom. When it grows it will close its bud. It took only one day from the seed to turn into a flower.

But at dusk, it will bloom with images of seven colored rainbow manifested onto its petals before it withers and die.

That is why it is called One Day Blossom. Giselle think it is both beautiful and sad.

The flower only lives for one day, yet it lives diligently and blooms with its most beautiful color before it withers.

As she looked as the bud opening and the petals opens and showing it most beautiful moment before the moment of its end, Giselle touches her collarbones and could feel the tattoos wriggling.

The petals falls to the ground and the scent linger. Of ending and beginning. As the petals scattered into ashes, nourishing the other flowers inside this Garden.

Creation and destruction, death and rebirth. She looks as the petals scattered into dust as she felt that slight tinge of pain on her collarbones

‘It is changing again’ she muttered.

The living tattoos inside her skin who put it there and for what reason? She wondered about it many times. But she was also afraid of knowing the answer.

She got up and walk out of the Gardens. Looking from on top of the Hills, she could see that the market she walks before has closed.

The curfew has been enacted a few weeks ago as precautions against danger.

She walks the empty streets, slowly walking towards her mansion when she felt sick in the stomach.

It was like she felt something foul is coming.

She looks at her left and she shivers in fright. Red smokes is slowly coming towards her. She looks at her right and it was the same.

She was about to scream when a calm and cold voice sounded from the approaching red smoke

‘I won’t do that if I were you’ then a girl appears formed by the red smoke. She have a malevolent smile on her face.

That is what Giselle felt looking at the girl smile.

It was such a strong feeling that Gisele believes this girl have no good intention.

The air becomes frigid and Gisele shield of Light was activated as her robes emanated out a bright holy aura to dispel the girl red smoke.

Warmth covers the area as the red smoke was contained, constrained by the holy light. Right now, Giselle look like the painting of Saints in the mural painting of Holy churches.

Clothed in bright white light of Holiness, she stands there looking warily at the girl in front of him, like a vanguard against the darkness of the world.

The girl smiles and chuckles.

‘You are worthy of your reputation as the White Witch’ the girl is five feet tall with shiny long black hair that reaches her shoulders.

She wears tight red attires made from human skin. The attire emits a killing aura making it unapproachable.

It emanates bloodlust. Beside her a book is floating. The book is bounded with silver metal chains, the cover is a realistic mouth.

Wisp of dark aura rises up from the book while the silver metal chains sometimes wriggle and preventing the mouth on the cover from speaking.

Seeing the floating book amidst the red aura she knows who she is dealing with.

‘Wicked Witch, I didn’t remembers seeing your name on the list of people here in the island’ as Giselle smirked and readied her stance.

Her body is ready to explode with power. She is still in Energy Disperse Stage but she is at the late stage.

Morgana smiles and takes a step forward. The red smoke strikes to break through the holy light and it slowly pushed the white light

‘Wicked Witch!’ Giselle almost shouted, her voice has an edge of caution as she took a step back

‘What do you want?’ Giselle asked

‘Do not be too afraid of me. I have a favor to ask.’ Morgana replies

‘You have no right to demand something from me. You are illegally entering the island compromising the security of everyone here. Nobody would allow you entering this island after your last stunt. Now, get out of my sight. The World Government will detect you in any moment.

Morgana is still taking a step forward and Giselle take another step backward. The bloodlust coming off from Morgana clothes is very suffocating.

‘Then I guess you have to hide me.’ She said calmly

‘And why would I do that?’ Giselle rolled her eyes at that absurd suggestion of the Wicked Witch.

Smirking and then laughing Morgana replies to her question

‘Because I know who carved the tattoos on your skin’ And Giselle stop moving back as her eyes stares.

‘You…how did you know about my tattoos?’

‘Because I know his minds.’


And Morgana smirked.





The one eye Odin. That was some of his contemporaries called him during the war five millenniums ago.

In that war, he realizes many things and see the vast universe for the first time. Only then did he know of the other great civilization and powers.

Olympus, Jade Empire, and many others.

Usually Odin is a jovial being to be around, feasting in his Greta Hall and fought in tournaments while relishing battle stories.

But now sitting on his throne that watched over the whole cosmos his demeanor was terrifyingly grim.

Instead of the normal golden robe he wears the purple robe design to look sleeks and flexible for battle.

His long beard was trimmed neatly and on his left hand is his spear Gungnir as golden lightning coils around the spear.

On his shoulders is his raven Huginn and Muninn, their eyes watched over his dominions and his people while down on his throne, sleepily curling on the footpath is his wolves Geri and Freki.

He looks through the cosmos and sighed.

A person appears behind his throne accompanied with green smokes as thunder and lightning boomed in the distance.

Thor was striking Mjolnir, his divine hammer at his mansion trying to strike down the invader with his might.

But the lightning did not strike and the thunder was stopped with one glance from Odin

Then the sky of Asgard calms down and it clears again as Thor in his mansion put down his hammer and embraces the naked Sif.

The Valkyries who was on standby put down back their weapons as they recognized who have appeared inside Asgard without invitation

Lord Loki, the Cosmic Trickster has returned. And he appeared inside the throne room of Asgard to meet his sworn brother.

‘Brother’ the man said

Odin did not look over as he already knows who it is

‘Loki. What do you think of your disciple who shares your namesake? He seems to be quite hardworking in trying to avert the Calamity’ he immediately asked.


And Loki laughed joyously as his eyes also pierce through the Source Wall as his gaze look upon a mortal, surrounded by Time Aura.

The mortal then like knows he is being observed suddenly look to the sky and ask

‘Is it you, teacher?’ He said and Loki averts his gaze.

‘He is a troublemaker just like me.’ Odin sighed

‘I fear that Ragnarok will come to us. There will come three harsh winters in a row with no summers in between, darkness that will cover the eight realms. The Great Winter will soon come upon us.’ Odin shares his concern

‘Yggdrasil has begun to tremble. Everything has beginning and an end. In the end, even Gods fade. And then after destruction, creation will come again.’ Loki said as he appears beneath the Golden Throne of Odin.

Odin look at his sworn brother and sighed with tiredness

‘I have hanged nine days from the World Tree without no nourishment from my companions to learn runes. The words of essence. Words that give meanings. Words that give life. Words that ends life. Words that gives name. And with the knowledge of the runes I conquered lands and rule over the Eight Realms. I surpassed my father and my mother.’

He said and Loki only nodded not saying anything

‘I ascended and broke through to the Source Wall and brought Asgard to live here in this Fifth Dimension. I understand death and life….yet I could not escape the chain of the Creator and Destroyer. This two towering force of the Universe that governs everything, in all realities….in the end…it is level of omnipotence that I could not reach. In the end, even our knowledge has limits. Since this knowledge has a source…..it means the one who created that source clearly outstripped anything that practices anything from the interpretation of that source.’ Odin said before sighing

‘But you clearly hadn’t given up’ Loki replies

‘No, there is still a chance. He might do it’ And Odin look back at the other cosmos with his all piercing eyes, sweeping through all the universes and focuses his gaze to Midgard.

Then looking at his brother he ask

‘Are you disappointed that you disciple is not the main character of this particular saga?’ Loki shake his head.

‘I would not wish it even on my enemies’

Odin was puzzled


‘Ah, come on One Eyed. Those main character type, those heroes and leaders…..they always suffer…and they always suffer terribly. Just look at the stories about great heroes. When have they ever had a happy ending?‘

‘But you suffer’ Odin said. Loki chuckles.

‘Everything that lives and have emotions will suffer. But the difference is the degree of that suffering.  One Eyed, you hanged yourself from the World Tree without nourishment and food, you gouge out your eye for knowledge at Mimir, and you have endures many hardship to arrive here. Tell me if you do not suffer when it is prophesied that your son will die? When you have been handed a shitty luck did you not felt why you?’

Odin just smiles bitterly as he gazes with his omnipotent vision at that mortal with ten rings on each of his fingers in Midgard

He did not answer but his silence speaks volume. He changed the subject

‘I just hope this time he would be up to the task.’

‘Let’s hope so. Because I’m not going to clean up your mess again, One Eyed. I will be going now. I have a feast to join in Nidavellir. And before I go tries to advice Thor not to waste his time hammering lightning and thunder each time I came. His thunder will not reach me.’

Saying his piece, Loki flies out from the throne room, enshrouded in green smoke, traveling surpassing the speed of light as Loki merged with the cosmos and disappeared.

Odin look back at Midgard and sighed, his eyes all seeing.

‘Like the Creator and Wargod betted on you, I too will bet on you. Prevent the Calamity of your world, and maybe Asgard will also have a chance. The Twilight of the Gods, that prophecy must be broken’

Saying this earnest hope and prayer he closes his eyes, yet his Divine Will spread through the Eight Realms as he slumbers to prepare.

Next day, Frigg the Mother of Asgard, announce to Asgard, Odin has slumber to prepare. When asked by Thor and Tyr to prepare for what Frigg answered



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