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Amidst the sound of explosions and the roaring wind a man is running through the hallways opposite of the direction of other people are running from.

Everyone was running to get out of the World Council Palace but only one person is running towards the towers area.

Aurum de Perigord. This is his noble name.

As the Diplomat he succeeded his father as one of the Five Supreme Potentates.

It was a position envied by every Normies.

But he knows the dark side of the World Council. He has never viewed being chosen as an honor.

The Diplomat is a new addition to the Five Supreme Potentates. Why does the Perigord family addition to the roster of the Five Supreme Potentates is considered new?

Because even before the World Council was established the Four Great Noble families ruled the world through the Illuminatus Cabal.

It wasn’t until World War Two they formalize the organization name and step into the open with a new name.

He was not ridiculed by the Normies civilian but he knows from the eyes of the Four Great Noble Families, his family is nothing and regarded to not fit their nobles way.

But he persist.

The Diplomat position gives him a lot of power over information that none of the other Supreme have.

He did not mind mingling with even the lowest of position whether it be slaves or the dregs of society as long as they give him information.

His position and power in the World Council is the least. Even though he was related to almost all World Nobles through marriage or familial line, his influence only extend to information gathering that the Analyst can’t do.

Which means the physical ones.

But who would have thought that is what will save him today. The moment he saw the revival of the Supreme General he knows, Earth and Titan belongs to the Evolvers.

But he was not depressed nor did he lost his mind like the Historian or did not accept his fate as Gaius, Himura and Rafael believe.

They were privileged child not knowing the true darkness of the underbelly of Earth.

As the Diplomat Aurum has met all kind of people and it is also because of that he knows things that even the World Council does not know.

Secrets that he kept for himself as a safety measures. One could call it luck or perseverance. After all this secret he discover was because he persist in uncovering it.

The moment hope is lots he rushed out of the War Room and quickly the plan formulated inside his mind. With the cacophony of scream and people rushing to get out of the Palace, he instead went to the private hangar bay.

He saw the Historian sitting lifelessly on one corner of the Palace mumbling something.

He rushed to the space pods. He came here to Titan using his personal spacecraft and as such it is stored in the private space pods on top of the Palace Tower.

‘HAHAHA’ he laughed as he run through the hallways.

He passed the empty inspection room and flashed his ID card at the door as the door instantly opened. He makes a run for the space pods as fast as he can.

As he is running he was sweating but he was smiling.

‘A new order will rise out of the ashes of Normies corpse. But there is still a chance.’ He said to himself to keep him motivated.

True to his family name, the Perigord known for their manipulative maneuvering has another card up his sleeve.

A card that the Supreme General does not know and even the Rebellion Army does not know.

Because he has a certain information that will save him and probably the only last remnant of Normies in the Universe.

Because he does not know what plans the Supreme General has for the remaining Normies at Earth.

‘It all thanks to that information’ as he flashed back to fifteen years ago.

This information he got about fifteen years ago when he just got the title of Diplomat. The Tesla family, the famous tech giant family suddenly disappeared.

It was big news for a couple of years amidst the rebellion of Evolvers in mines and in the colonies.

At the time, he sent a few men to investigate.

It took him a year to get any sensible lead which led him to a secret lab in Tuscany.

Inside that lab, the revelation was so shocking that he has silenced everyone that knows about the existence of that lab and the information it contains.

For three years he pays assassin and mercenaries to hunt anyone that knows about the existence of that lab just to ensure he could pull out this card at his most desperate moments.

And then as he pass another corner his flashback ended.

‘Hu.hu.hu’ he pants losing his breath as he finally reached the hangar deck. Outside, the sound of screams and wailing intensified with storms and tremors shaking this Palace.

Not far away is the space pods. He smiles.

‘I’m going to bet my one chance.’ He said as he spoke a coordinate. Remembering it with all of his might.

What he found in that lab was a map of a habitable planet. Gliese 581 planetary system.

The Tesla family have been developing high pressure intergalactic spacecraft decades before the World Council mastered the technologies.

And the Tesla family were even more advanced in their research, a research they did not share with the Normies world and the World Council which could sentence them to familial executions.

They have transformed one of the planets there into Earth-like planet and have been migrating there right under the noses of the World Council.

The Tesla family is known to despise the World Council practice and as such rejected the offers of the Elders of the World Nobles to join the World Council.

And Aurum has kept this secret for fifteen years not telling everyone even his family

It is where he is going to go. It is his promised land.

And maybe there is a chance along the way to reclaim back Earth from Evolvers domination. Even if there is no chance, at least he had to pass this tribulation first.

He will not even be alive the moment the Supreme General decided to flatten this moon so instead of thinking such lofty ambitions, the only thing he cares about now is to save his skin.

He arrived at the space pod and quickly runs towards his personal spacecraft.

Jumping into the cockpit the holographic interface light up immediately as numbers and images flooded his visions.

He put his destination coordinate and with a push of his hand on the throttle he flies off into the distance quickly getting out of the moon system

It was only when he was at outer space he dares released a relieved breath.

As he passes by Titan, he saw a blue aura that envelope the moon and an expression of sorrow etched din his face.

‘That Supreme General is nothing more than a mass murderer. If he is a human that is. Problem is he is a God. And a God killing millions? That’s nothing in their eyes. After all would Normies care and apologize about stepping on an ant? ’

He then saw a golden explosion and he closes his eyes with an expression of pain before opening it again and shakes his head.

‘Maybe through his eyes, we are all ants building a sand castle that will topple over with his one breath’ he said before sighing.

He look in front of him seeing the darkness of space and the bleak future that will surely awaits him, hoping that somewhere there is still the light of hope for Normies race to rise again.

He then with determination push the activate button.

His FTL drive charged up and his spacecraft disappeared in an explosions of light as he is heading towards his promised land.


That day, the victors and loser were decided and the Evolvers all over the world cheered and march through the streets, full of happiness and singing song of praises to the Supreme General.

Rebellions through all the Seven Bloc intensified like never before with a fervor akin to madness pushing back any Normies resistance with ferocious offensive.

Many obstinate and stubborn leaders of Normies lose hope when hearing the ultimate fate of Titan and the Five Supreme Potentates before they were invaded by the mass force of Rebellion Army.

The Battlestar arrived at Titan to found a dead zone where nothing lives.

They saw what used to be lakes and seas to be just a big empty basins.

They saw charred corpse and sliced off body part scattered every part of the moon like they were seeds sown from the skies.

They did not panicked as this was already predicted. They were rattled but they were not panicked.

They expect that the Supreme General massacre is this kind of level thus they were already prepared to see this gruesome sight.

Only the new recruits puked and look at the scene with a certain revulsion and repulsive feelings.

One of the Evolvers named Wallace has the ability to control plants and with other people who have similar nurturing abilities they quickly restructure the Moon.

Using their Miria Terraforming Cannon they absorbed the energy of a dying star to give life to Titan and quickly build their base around the center of the Moon.

When the Military get the news from Titanic, they quickly relayed the news to General Catherine.

President Harrison spread this news throughout all the Seven Bloc with the net showing articles showing titles like Titan Conquered or the Supreme General Emerge Victorious.

Catherine ended his Europe campaign as she entrusted the campaign to her aide.

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, General Reza after getting the news storms the Normies Royal of the Saudi Arabia palace and executed the World Nobles hiding there before continuing his campaign.

With Normies leader demoralized and Olympus coming back home to support the other campaign all across the Seven Bloc, the Evolvers victory is all but decided

Harrison was sitting on his swiveling chair in the White House with his hand rubbing his chin, looking troubled.

He look at the distance as he said cryptically

‘We won. Just like the Supreme General promised’ He said expressionlessly.

‘What now?’ He ask himself.





Karl was sitting on his throne, as he heard the reports of his advisors about the currents event of the world especially about the result of the battle between Titan and the Supreme General.

‘He did it. He won’ Karl said but he doesn’t sound happy. Instead he sound sorrowful and sad which is weird considering that Karl is an Evolver.

Outside, his Evolver subjects are all happy with Normies all over the Empire is in a state of fear and panic fearing a cleansing of their race from the face of the Earth after the Supreme General victory.

Per agreement, the Supreme General did not execute any Normies from Germany but there was a loophole.

As long as the Normies stay in the border of Germany the Rebellion Army will not execute them but if any of the residents of Germany who is Normie sis suspected to aid in the persecutions and has committed heinous crimes against the Evolver race, they will be dealt by force by the Rebellion Army.

Karl…did not like the extremist views of the Rebellion Army that only grows to be rampant with the existence of Supreme General.

In Karl eyes, the Supreme General did not care much about Normies or Evolvers.

He simply decides which he sides on and help that side. His decision rest solely on his whims and that is ….terrifying for Karl.

Since it depends of his whims.

Whipped with idolization of their heroic figure not many people could see the terrifying side of the Supreme General extreme power over the masses and the dangerous effect of his views.

‘Your Majesty don’t look happy?’ One of his official said. It was Major General Koll that has been with him since day one of his rebellion.

Karl closes his eyes and he remembers that idealistic youth that uses to drink with him as they trade stories of what their ideal world would be.

It is regrettable in the end, they walk different paths and that person succumb to the pressure of his family prestige.

‘Gaius’ he whispered.

The he opens his eyes and said

‘There were millions of lives in Titan. When have the Supreme General ever let anyone off? He has been here almost a year and in that time when have we ever seen him become merciful. If there is victory then that must means all lives in Titan has been exterminated. It’s hard to be happy in expense of other people misery’ Karl said with a complicated expression.

Koll did not say anything else but it is clear he wanted to say more.

Karl knows what Koll wanted to say.

Didn’t the Normies happiness depends on the obedience of Evolvers slave.

The Supreme General has open the Evolvers mind that they were much more than just a defeated race, they are strong and it is because they are strong they were oppressed.

And it is that thought that Karl fears.

The thought of that they were the stronger race would easily warped into the belief that they are the superior race.

Then if that happens what will change?

Normies believe himself to be the superior race for five millenniums and they enslaved the Evolvers.

Now, that Evolvers wins, will it now Normies turns to be enslaved. If this chain of hatred is not resolved, when will this end?

‘Then why not fight?’ his Prime Minister asked bringing Karl back to his throne room

‘Fight with the revered Supreme General? Hah’ Karl snorted at his Prime Minister and his prime minister dropped his head down.

‘There is even a temple worshiping him. Old cults that used to worship Omega level Evolvers were revived with the appearance of the Supreme General. If I fight him, what do you think will happen? The entire Evolvers community would brand me as Blood traitor. The fervor. The fanaticism. I only remember this kind of fever when Hitler was in charge. My family lives during the day of the Third Reich. But unlike Hitler, the Supreme General transcend him’

He did not finish his sentence but he was thinking that the Supreme General captivate the masses in the way he never loses and all he promises are all kept.

And the fact he did not seize the power of the Government and still obeys the laws he himself set.

It is his view and his existence that Karl believes is dangerous for the formation of the new world order.

‘Is that good?’ Koll asked referring to the previous reply by Karl.

‘It’s dangerous’ Karl said.

‘With one word, he could move the world. I do not want that we destroyed the World Council only to replace it with something even worse.’

The Prime Minster still has his head dropped down.

‘You asked why I did not fight him? If it’s just because he was powerful, do you really think I would concede? When have I become a coward in front of superior force?’

‘Then why?’ the Prime Minster ask this time holding up his face again.

‘Because’ and he looks at ceiling of his palace as he smiles bitterly

‘He promise me something.’

‘A promise?’


‘Your Majesty believe he will keep it?’

‘I hope so’

Then like resigning himself he sighed.

‘Go, spread the news all over the Empire. Tell them to rejoice. Release all the slave evolvers from their bondage and remind the Normies in my dominion not to provoke any Evolvers and send our armies to help the Rebellion Army. Send Kristoff to handle the negotiation of borders with the Rebellion Army.’

The official nodded as Karl announced

‘Court adjourned’

The officials exited the Throne Room leaving him alone inside the throne room. The servants were dismissed as he remains in that dark room.

And he remembers Gaius, or to be more accurate reminiscing about his old friend

‘Old friend….in the end you did not have the strength to break free from your family. Rest assured. If the Supreme General kept his promise, the world you dreamed of, I will build it.’

He whispers to smile as a droplet of tears fall down from his left eye.

It was a day of feast, of joy for the Evolvers, yet for the sovereign of the empire of Germany, the only Evolver emperor in the world, he was confused how he should felt.

His old friend dies. Yet, at the same time his race finally got their freedom.

That day, the dawn and the night’s skies looked especially beautiful. All over the world, Evolvers looked at the skies, the stars and shed tears of happiness.

The Rebellion Army proclaims all Evolvers regardless of Bloc or nations are free of body and will and they will enforce this proclamation with force of arms if needed.

The Normies all over the world finds a way to hides as they were hunted all over the world.

Amazingly only a few children were killed as many evolvers even in their hatred abide by the Supreme General simple rules of not killing children.

The Supreme General words is nothing short of heaven proclamation at this point.

Those Evolvers who is found to kill children were exiled and called Blood Traitor by the Evolvers community.

Tomorrow, when tonight skies disappears and the sun rises up in the morning, a new world waits for the Evolver race.


The wind blows gently on his cape as his hood were open. The cape was billowing with darkness protecting Azief from any divines senses and make him almost invisible.

This is his battle outfits the Reaper set item.

It was actually the set for Death Lord unique class.

Azief when he was at the fake Earth sense a Death Lord when he was conducting his investigation against the people who schemed against him.

But then why did his Lord Shadow set evolve into Reaper set?


Because he cultivates in the laws of Death more diligently than the Death Lord class thus gifting him many abilities related to Death and Destruction.

Azief looked below him as he now entered Earth atmosphere again. His Divine Sense bolstered by his Seventh Seed is powerful enough to envelopes the entire Earth.

He senses that Will is already in Nevada preparing himself.

‘There is one last thing before I’m going home’ Azief said to himself.

He did not fly towards Nevada. Instead he swooped down as he flies towards the direction of the Evolver capital and the Rebellion Army headquarters.

Washington DC.





Will was running all over the ring constructed for him.  A large particle accelerator underground in a deserted vast empty land.

With each lap the energy is stored inside the absorbing ball as Will like to calls it.

Miria explanation makes him dizzy so he foregoes her explanation and did what he does best. Run.

He has to run until he generates enough energy to open a portal to his dimension and this time Will is depending on Miria expertise to use his energy to open the portal instead of himself opening the barrier.

It will be cleaner and Miria could easily close the breach after it is done. As he is running and generating energy he couldn’t help but think

‘It’s not going to be long now before we are going home’





Outside, the weather was stormy. Thunder lights up the dark skies and rains poured down heavily.

Harrison look at the weather with a complicated expression on his face. He then sighed. On the table is two cups of coffee.

‘You did that?’ he asked as he turns his back to face the person sitting with relaxed posture on the other side of the table, his leg crossed.

Azief nodded

Harrison only sigh.

‘You’re going home?’ He ask


‘What about us?’

‘What about you?’ Azief ask back. Harrison began to show his annoyed face at the nonchalance of the Supreme General.

‘What about the Normies? What should we do with them?’

‘Why ask me?’ Azief sat back on his chair and sip his tea relaxingly.

You must have a plan what to do about them? Should we spare them? Should we repress them? Or should we eradicate them all?’

What do you think the right answer? Azief ask.


‘Still waiting for a master to tell you what to do?’ Azief said mockingly and Harrison almost flared up.

He calmed himself down and then taking a deep breath he said

‘I….don’t know what the right answer is.’ Harrison admitted.

‘Let me tell you what I have done for your race, Harrison. Before I came, the Normies determines your life and death, holding up the proverbial knife all over your neck. Your race were enslaved and tortured both mind and body. Your race were weak and powerless.’

Harrison only nodded. There is nothing wrong with the Supreme General statement. That was truly the case.

Even the Rebellion Army at that time was not optimistic in winning against the entire World Council and always uses guerrilla tactics.

It wasn’t until the appearance of The Supreme General that they even have the guts to start a war campaign all over the Seven Bloc of the World.

‘And then I came. I’ve eradicated all of the obstacles for your race freedom. I have broken them in mind and spirit. They are powerless and weak. Now….the knife is in your hand. You could choose to eradicate every single one of Normies or enslaved them like they enslaved you.’

‘What will that achieve?’ Harrison asked.

‘Only more hatred. Hatred begets hatred. Vengeance breeds more vengeance. It will not end. Unless someone put an end to it.’

And this statement shocked Harrison. Harrison has always thought that the Supreme General always held the Normies with extreme disgust.

But remembering back if he is so disgusted and so merciless, why didn’t he kill the children? Could it be…his views and Karl views are not that different?

Only the way they reach their goals is different

‘Is that what you wanted to do?’

‘Me? HAHAHA’ Azief laughed.

‘How many Normies dies under my hand trampled underneath my feet. I am deep soaked in their blood. Even if I wanted to, I’m not qualified’

‘Then who?’

‘You’ Azief said putting down his cup on the table.


‘Yes, you.’ And then Azief smiles

‘Final test, Harrison. What will you do when the entire fate of a race that have tortured and enslaved you literally depends on your decision? What will you do?’

‘You will not interfere whatever I choose?’ Harrison asked.

‘This is your world. I’m just a traveler passing by. I don’t mind being the bad guy. But do you want to play being the nice guy?’ And Azief smirks like a dealer in casino.

‘Harrison, I know your story. Your families were lynched by Normies extremist. The only sin….they were stealing bread for you. How much hatred you must held for the Masters, how much hatred you must felt for this unfair and terrible world? How much hatred you must felt that you toils yourself for the Rebellion Army without rest?’

Then getting up Azief walk to Harrison and with is imposing height of almost seven feet he pats Harrison shoulder.

‘That is why I give this knife to you. The final decision. Because if even you could not forgive, then I don’t think the many Evolvers out there would be able to forgive. The start of a new order that begins with a vendetta always begins like this. To forgive or to avenge? Whichever you choose, I’m not going to be here to see it.’

‘You’re never coming back?’ Harrison asked as Azief started walking to the door.

‘Maybe, someday, hundreds of years later. I wonder what will be written about me then. Will they paint me as the savior of the Evolver race as I am depicted now or will they portrayed me as a mass murderer of the Normies? What do you think? Am I a sinner of a savior? An avenging angel or a murderous devil? HAHAHA’ Azief laughed.

‘In history, huh?’ Harrison contemplated. And it depends on me Harrison mused.

‘I’ll be leaving now. You don’t need to escort me out. And if anyone said where I disappeared to, think of something.’

With a wave of his hand he disappeared from Harrison view, leaving him all alone inside the Oval office.

A few minutes later, the storms subsided and the downpour stopped. The sun shows it face again and shines brightly.

Looking at the clear skies and the white clouds, Harrison gripped his fist as he makes his decision that will determine the fate of the Normies race on Earth.

He push the intercom button in his desk and call his secretary. His secretary rushed into the door and the moment he entered Harrison first order after the victory in Titan was

‘Call Karl. I need to meet him to discuss some things’

Amidst the clouds, Azief who was flying towards Nevada slowly has a smile on his face

Even though he is far away his Divine Sense enveloped the Earth and as such he could hear what Harrison said regardless of the distance.

‘Break the chain of hatred, Harrison. Break it’ He whispered as he flies forward across the clear blue skies.



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