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They should have won. They should have their celebratory feast but now only expression of despair etched on the face of the highest echelon of the military.

Just moments after they killed the Supreme General, the alarm sounded all over the military bases signifying that the satellite pick up hostile signal from Titan outer space.

Three Battlestar of gigantic proportion appeared raising the alarm to the highest level. On the side of the largest giant ark emblazoned in golden red is Titanic

Their cannon was activated as it shoots its energy blast decimating any spacecraft that was about to intercept their advance into the airspace of Titan.

The Admiral of the Space Division plopped down to the cold hard tile of his situation room as he was looking at the last recorded transmission from his Birds.

Their Birds was just decimated by the Supreme General. Half of their Birds and five battleship exploded in their confrontation with the Supreme General.

That was already a large loss. And now to defend from another Invasion? The Admiral had already lost hope.

Inside the War Room of the Five Supreme Potentates, the reaction was not any different.

The Analyst was shocked because he was not informed of this technological advances. Emblazoned in golden red was the name Battlestar Titanic.

A project of this scale should at least enter his periphery of information

What he couldn’t expect was that Miria base were fitted with new technology that block electronic hacking by the Analyst.

It was a top secret project when the Battlestar was forged underground with only a few people in the know.

Meanwhile, the ground soldier nearby the area where the Supreme General fall down moves cautiously approaching the corpse after they finished cheering.

They do not know that right now, three Battlestar is approaching or that their victory is short-lived.

A greater battle is about to unfold. The ground unit is led by a blond person with blue eyes and wearing a power suit

It was a Commander by the name of Theon. Looking at the destruction wrought only by one person fills his heart with terror. But it is thankful that person is already dead.

‘Approach the corpse and take it for research.’ He orders his men below him. The others nodded.

They quickly abandoned the high ground and quickly rush towards the corpse. Theon look at the slowly calming skies and sigh.

Only half an hour. In half an hour, Titan was almost destroyed.

But in the end, the ancestor of Normies still bless their descendants. The Normies still have a chance to reclaim this era.

He smiles a proud smile before his smile faltered. The calm skies in his eyes roils again. And he had a bad feeling.

It was then, that the sky….crack.

Thunder boomed shaking the sky and lighting strikes the earth. The wind howls, the clouds turns to balls of crimson fire and the rain falls.

The howling winds turns to storms, the fire clouds rain down droplets of fire drops.

Panic filled Titan. It was a rain of fire. Then his receiver beep.

‘Commander, there is a problem with the corpse.’ A soldier speak up nervously.

‘What is the problem Big Bear?’ Theon answer the transmission

‘It is dissipating… into black mist’

‘Huh?!’ Theon was shocked.

The thunder boomed more intensely than before as the clear skies turns darker enveloping the whole of Titan.

Theon yelled

“RETREAT! RETREAT!’ As he bolted of as far as he can before he was strikes by a golden lightning.

Up in the sky, the crimson clouds merged and form a gigantic face.

The face was looking down on the entire Titan. With the fire clouds forming the face it was like a ball of sun is about to descend and set aflame the entire Moon.

The heat withers the plants and causes the seas and lake in Titan to condense into gas.

For those soldiers who were not wearing their power suits they were squirming on the ground screaming how hot their bodies feel

Even some soldiers wearing his powered suit that should regulate heat effectively is sweating inside his power suit.

The face appearing in the sky is the Supreme General face.

‘Did you think I would die under your hands? You truly overestimate your abilities!’ The face laughed as his voice swept up the entire Titan.

The face laughed, his laugh reverberates through the entire Moon causing a vibration shockwave that makes all the people whether they were underground or in the surface to felt queasy and disoriented.

‘Now, that I have got the Spear I’m done playing!’

The face declares as a massive amounts of golden light exploded out from that face in the sky, spreading out in all direction coloring the skyscape of Titan into golden.

And then the face exploded into motes of small clouds as a person appeared bathed in golden color with dark mist coiling around his feet and hand like little snakes.

With the golden skyscape on top of his floating figure, the Normies felt like they were seeing the descent of a holy beings from celestial realm.

And he is coming down to deliver divine punishment. Many soldiers buckled their knees and lost the ability to even run, overcome by their fear and hopelessness.

Even after all that, even after we throw everything….it was useless? This was the thoughts of every soldiers in Titan.

No soldiers in any world would like to fight an unkillable existence. As long as the enemies can be killed, soldiers could sacrifice themselves for their country or their belief.

But what use sacrificing themselves or fighting a battle where they already knew the outcome. It is nothing more than a senseless massacre.

And this is what the Supreme General is intending to do by descending down from the sky. A senseless and brutal massacre of the Normies

The soldiers knew it and the Supreme General has never hidden his motive about it.

It is why they are overcome by fear. To accept one death with such ending is hard to accept. But they knew they had to accept it since resistance is futile.

Thus the fear. The unresigned expression on their face.

‘Today, our era ended’ said an old man before he combusted an exploded into charred meat. The heat was too much for him

Up on the sky, Azief smiles as his clones had already fulfilled his objectives. After 35 minutes his clone body has dissipated coinciding with the completion of his phase two.

This plan has been concocted a few days ago. He knows even if he was in Disk Formation, being hit by a fragment of the All Source would mean his doom.

Thus, he uses the same trick he sues on the Asura. When he first fought an enemy stronger than him he uses this technique of his to trick that Asura leaving the World Orb.

Now, he uses that classic technique again. His preparation and craftiness pays off. While he was the Supreme General he never once hinted that he could split himself into two.

Phase two began when he destroys the space station.

He knows that the satellites could see his movement and the Analyst could hack many electrical devise which is why he disguises himself even in his own Battlestar.

He needs to do it in space and near Titan since he had only thirty five minutes windows of opportunity.

If he split himself when he was in the hackable free base on Earth before he enter Titan space his clone would have dissipated.

Miria skills is undoubtedly one of a kind but Azief will always err on the safe side.

When the space station exploded amidst the large explosion that will surely interfere with the visibility of the nearby satellites so it was then he uses Shadow Clones.

His clone possess only half of his power but Azief deem it is enough to get the Source Fragment and lure out the Five Supreme Potentates on using the spear on him.

When he splits himself, his real self with his fastest speed he almost broke the speed of light as he flew and hides himself in a nearby space rock shielding himself from the satellites surveillance.

He uses his Shadow Haste and Shadow Escape to boost his flying speed and with the dark aura shielding him, he blends with the darkness of space.

The moment he spotted the Battlestar Fleet in the Moon he quickly enters Titanic using the secret hatch that Miria has created for him and met Will.

By that time his clone was fighting in Titan while he was talking about other parts of the plan and phase three with Will while sipping coffee.

If the people he is fighting is evolved being like him he might not split himself like that since when his clone dies he would also feel half of his pain.

But he was only fighting mortals.

Who would have thought the pain of the spear was truly excruciating.

The moment his clone dies Azief was almost stunned in pain in the outer space and nearly collapsed.

Thankfully he managed to grab the spear and stores it in his storage bag. Even holding it Azief could feel its energy.

Azief has already had plans for that piece of the All Source

And then phase two is nearly completed. Getting the Spear was the first step.

This weapon is too perverted. Azief could not let such weapon in Normies hand when he is clearly the enemies of Normies.

It was also the reason why he only creates one clone and even left many chinks in his defense.

He even exited the same way from where he enter the ground just to lure the Five Supreme Potentates to kill him.

And just like that his plan worked like a charm.

The only thing he did not expected was that his clone would try to experience the power of the ALL Source.

But Azief understand. If he was there he would also did what his clones did. After all the clone is part of him and has his personality.

When they die they return back into Azief body. They share the same traits and personalities.

But now, since half of phase two is completed now Azief has to finish it. He could felt the despair from the people below and how heart crushing this sock relay is.

The Normies had just mistakenly believed they have won, and their morale was at its highest only to find out their hope is nothing but an illusion.

Meanwhile, The Five Supreme Potentates in the War Room was shocked and stunned before the Consul falls down to the floor almost fainting.

The Analyst the most rational one could felt his heart beating so furiously that it would seem like it would jump out from his body.

The Diplomat look at the screen before sighing. He take a drink of wine and then got up a she exited the room

‘It’s over’ he whisper as he left the room.

The Architect is still barking order this time coordinating attack to the combined attack of the Battlestar fleet and this impossible revival of the Supreme General.

But all people inside that room knows….they have lost. The Historian could not believe it as he clutches his hair and began ripping it

‘How could that be? He was clearly dead. He…could he split himself into two? This is too ridiculous! How could we ever win as long as such existence exist? What good all of our knowledge, our advancement when we met such being of unlimited power?’ He raved maniacally as he runs out the door.

Only a few of the Five Supreme Potentates mange to calm themselves.

They were not calm because they could find a way out from this predicament. They were calm because they have accepted it.

This era and the era after that will not belong to them or their descendant anymore.

As long as that monster exist, Normies had no chance of rising up. The Consul has also realized that he was being baited to kill the Supreme General.

‘No wonder, it was so easy’ the Architect muttered and the Consul smiles bitterly. That what strike the Consul to be weird when the spear managed to pierce the Supreme General heart.

It was too easy. Anticlimactic battle that was what he thought at the beginning. But the truth was that he was dancing inside the Supreme General palm

‘He hides deeply’ the Consul thought.

Never in his wildest dream could he have known that the Supreme General could split himself and still retains his abilities.

This defies the conservation principles of energy of Evolvers physiology that states one Evolvers regardless of the unique state of their body whether possessing two abilities at the same time or not when that energy is split, the other part will possess none or only one third of the body abilities.

The display of that clone of his clearly was overwhelming to the extreme.

Either the Supreme General could split himself and retain his abilities or that clone abide by that law and only possess one third of the original body abilities which would only seek to demoralize the Consul.

Since if even one third of his power was that strong, then the original body would surely possess an otherworldly strength.

Of course how could the Consul knows that Azief was not truly an Evolver instead of using other types of enhancement provided by the World Orb that combines the Path of the Jade palace, the mastery of Runes of Asgardian, the Eternal Armaments crafting of the Olympians and many other abilities.

How could the Consul thought travel that far?

The Five Supreme Potentates was used to being on top of the world and so they were confident in their plans since they were never defeated.

Complacency was their true enemy.

Azief while he knows that he is stronger than any person in this Earth 39 he never underestimated his enemies.

He learns this form Sasha and he has never forgotten ever since. Even if he is crushing an ant e will use his full force.

Thus, today conclusion is written. History would record this defeat as the begging of the golden age of Evolvers.

Normies era has ended.

Azief knows this in his heart and the five figures that rules the Normies civilization has accepted it.

The Consul, the Architect and the Analyst knows they will perish here. They know the Supreme General leaves no survivor.

Especially them.

The Historian and Diplomat is still in the stage of denial.

The Consul get up as he look at the screen showing the Supreme General floating in the sky looking down all beneath him like they were ants and he laughed.

‘Domineering. HAHAHA. He is truly domineering. To be defeated by such opponent I don’t know if I have to feel thankful or not?’ He ask looking at the Architect. He might perish today, but he will die the way he always was…with pride

The Architect smiles.

He is a worthy opponent. His strength, his mind and tactical decision far outstripped mine. I have no complaints.’

He said looking at the screen as he put down his transmission device. His last order to the military is only one word


The Analyst Thinking throne floats to the Consul and the Architect as he ripped the wires connected to his brain and the chaotic images of surveillance and information stop appearing inside his eyes.

‘You were unlucky. If not for his strength I doubt he could beat you’ The Analyst said as he stepped down from the Thinking Throne.

His feet wobbles a bit as the Consul held him up

The Consul understand why the Analyst ripped the wires and come down from his Thinking Throne.

At least if he is going to die, he is going to die as himself and not as the information tools of the World Nobles.

In a way all of the Five Supreme Potentates is the tools of the elders of the world nobles.

‘Gaius, this is the end of Normies era. You once promised me that in your generation you would make sure that Normies and Evolvers will coexist. I believe in you. Yet, decades has passed. Nothing changed.’

The Analyst said to the Consul. This was the first time since they became the Five Supreme Potentates that the Analyst calls the Consul with his real name.

‘Himura’ The Consul said with a sigh.

‘The world was not as easy as I thought it would. The divide….I could not change it.  I could only flow with it just like my father and his father before him’

‘Don’t blame him, Himura.’ The Architect said as he pats Himura back

‘Rafael.’ Himura said looking at the Architect.

‘He did his best. The reality was the Normies and Evolvers ultimate war has been decided long ago. In the end, this outcome is expected. We expected that we would the one emerging victorious. The only thing the Elders didn’t anticipate is that our oppression and suppression that should have destroyed the Evolvers to become Normies slave in body and soul instead created the current situations.’

Rafael said as he saw on the screen, the Supreme General is descending down. He let himself forgets his impending doom as he continues

‘They did not bent and they did not break. They grow stronger like steel after being forged by fire. But we could still won. We have the legacies of thousands of years behind our back, legacies of knowledge and power but …….the appearance of that monster bring the Normies to the apocalypse of our own doing.’

‘Ha.Ha. Hahahaha.’ Himura laughed as he look at the screen. And then as the waves of golden power washed them, they died



Azief was floating there in the sky, the golden sky behind him as his hair whipped about as power surge out from his body controlling the elements near him.

Tornadoes and storms are forming all over titan sweeping everything from the north to the south, from the west to the east.

Sound of screaming and scenes of buildings crumbling down could be seen all over Titan. Every step he take sent roaring booms in all directions.

Demonic air fills with killing intent seem to seep into his features as dark red aura glowed behind him contrasting with the golden skyscape.

It was full of power.

The difference between the previous Supreme General that die and this Supreme General was the difference between Heaven and Earth.

All the people feeling the pressure of this power knew that if the Supreme General wanted to he could have split this moon into two killing everyone in a matter of seconds.

He closes his eyes and it was like the sun stop shining as dark red clouds covered the golden skyscape.

Red skies and thundering booming with clouds of fires. This was truly an apocalypse.

His Divine Sense grew and swept everything as below the surface those World Nobles hiding in their bunkers had their head exploded.

Inside his Divine Sense he infused his killing intent. Using this in his Earth Prime the best he could do was injured someone of people one level below him but using it on norm mortals it is deadly.

Everything about this Supreme General changed

Azief opened his eyes and the golden light returned covering the dark red skies. Inside his consciousness his Seed glows brilliantly powering up his roiling energy.

Great waves of power washed over Titan.

He smirks as his eyes is glowing with golden light.

His entire person radiated dignity and majesty like a Monarch of the Sky. Below him about ten thousands of soldiers is aiming weapons at him

‘Sticks and stones’ Azief snorted.

To him the weapons of Earth 39 while they are technologically advanced compared to the power he possess, they are nothing but caveman sticks and stones.

He shot his palm downward.


Power exploded out of his palm sending ripples of waves as his palm collided with the ground, landing at the ten thousands of soldiers as they scream and wails just right before the golden palm collided with them.

The world shakes and the sea waves violently the moment that golden palm strikes. The palm strike create a smooth empty field the size of five baseball field in the shape of his palm.

Ten thousands of soldiers below were squished into red liquid under that palm.

The people in Titan are only around 3 million people.

Only ten thousand people are truly World Nobles while the others are related to the World Nobles or friends or Normies workers of the World Nobles and the World Council.

Since they have already massacres many of Evolvers before Azief come here, Azief has now decided to let loose.

By now he had already killed half a million people.

He will devour this Moon and form his Seventh Seed. He could see his Seventh Seed is partially formed.

He sighed as he thought to himself.

‘It is a stroke of luck that I could even form this many Seeds. How many would have to give up because of the resources and EXP needed to form such a Seed?’

Killing Normies is setting right a wrong that they have committed.  The other perks he get is just bonus.

‘Today, this end’ he said as he descended down to the clear field.

As he descends a vortex of golden wind coiling around with dark red aura sprang into being around him, sweeping across everything.

The inhabitants of Titan stared in shock while the nearest battalions of soldiers kilometers away from where the palm strike killing thousands of people couldn’t stop themselves from backing up, pushed away by the invisible power of the golden wind.

Azief waved his hand, his eyes were full of killing intents. He will cleanse Titan today before his fleet arrives.

As he waved his hand, the golden wind turns violet crimson and turned into a screaming cyclone.

It spun through the air, and then washed away any battalion nearby shredding everyone into pieces of meat like a meat grinder, as the sound of the crimson wind drown out the screams and pleading.

The other soldiers have already run a long time ago after receiving their orders but the violet crimson wind was relentless in its pursuit as it turns into storms.

Violet crimson storm on the surface, lightning bolt striking from the sky, it was like the Supreme General has seal all ways to live.


The safest and secure residence of the World Nobles has now turned into a prison.

The seed inside Azief glows even brighter as Azief absorb the energy from the dead. It was EXP. His Seventh Seed slowly taking form.

His Seed all vibrates as they sense a new Seed is about to be born as his power surged up. As his thunderbolts and storms killed thousands and thousands of people he grew stronger.

Great roaring fill his mind as the Seventh Seed form slowly turning corporeal, the other Seed bolstering his body preparing to strengthen his mind even more.

His already invulnerable body began showing some transformation as the other sixth seed essence seeps into his skins.

Later, if he successfully form the Seventh Seed, his body would possess all the essence of his seed without overdrawing his seed essence very much.

The forming of the Seventh Seed effect was something he did not know since nobody in Earth Prime was as fast as him in cultivating to this level or forming so many seeds.

What Azief didn’t know that the Seventh Seed is the dividing line between normal Seed Forming cultivator and extraordinary Seed Forming cultivator.

He used to say user but when Azief went to the territory of the Jade Palace he began to refer user as cultivator.

Out of everyone in Earth Prime only he knows where their system of ranking come from.

The system that resembles video games comes from an alien race while the ranking of power belongs to the way of Jade Palace strengthening their body and reaching to the peak of power like The Jade Emperor Yu Wang.

The Seventh Seed after forming would use the worldly energy to replace the essence of the Seed making them almost invincible against ordinary Seed Forming cultivator which will use their Seed essence which will surely run out.

It means using his other Sixth seed would not make them dim anymore as it will use the worldly energy around him.

Azief happy with his growing power put down his hand and the world trembles.

‘Devour!’ He shouted and a great energy spreads out from him as the center washing everything like a flood.

A golden storm winds exploded from him creating a golden shockwave as everywhere this golden shockwave pass, any living things would be disintegrated.

EXP in the form of energy motes that only he can see is rushing towards him.

He felt his body grow tougher and his Divine sense stronger. His life force increased and his lifespan lengthened.

The golden glow around him intensified until it seemed like a golden sun hovered above his head, shining out across the land, turning everything the color of gold.

Then the golden shockwave no longer have any power so Azief retract his energy back as the golden tempest shrank inward inside his body

By now, only about half of million people is left in Titan. The World Nobles hiding inside their bunker already died of head explosion.

So does anybody else hiding underground. He also had killed the four people inside the Five Supreme Potentates Palace War Room

Azief notices that when he was killing in the surface a lone spacecraft was flying to outer space opposite the direction from Earth and instead heading further away from Saturn.

Azief just let that one spacecraft go. After all where could that person run?

The space battle between the Battlestar fleet and the Titan force is just as expected.

With the Battlestar advantages if they lost that would truly be too ridiculous.

And the Titan force was more interested in running rather than fighting while the Battlestar Fleet wanted to eliminate all Normies from Titan.

It is clear what the result would be. Azief would only focus in his task right now.

‘Half a million’ he said before he retract of his energy causing the golden glow and the golden skyscape which bathed Titan to disappear.

But while the golden light has dissipated it was replaced by an unprecedentedly shocking pressure emanating from Azief entire person.

By now, the people left here on Titan no longer has looks of fear. It was only the expression of resignation.

Azief then hold up his hand as each of his finger is glittering with rings that emitted ancient aura.

Then one of the rings in his finger glowed. The Ring of Ultimate Sealing. He rarely uses it. But he will use it today. First it was to familiarize himself in using Sealing technique. The other is to save time.

By now, Will most probably is ready on Earth waiting for him.

He push his palm to the ground, his mind shouting ‘Sealing the World’

The world was enveloped by a blue aura, which seems to cut off the world from any interference or foreign energy.

The moment that energy enveloped Titan, Azief could see everything.

This seal was intended to be used as a means of protection but Azief was intending to use it as a means of destruction.

Only someone who walks such path of Destruction and death could think to modify the seal intention.

He then shouted


And the calm blue aura turns red as it absorb life force all over from the moon.

The trees and plants wilted, the lakes and seas dries up as even the volcanic range become cold and mountain crack and trembles, dying slowly with each moment passing.

All the running soldiers on the surface of Titan slowly turns into desiccated corpse. Titan core was absorbed as the Moon is slowly turning into a dead zone.

Today, Titan will die with a whimper. It takes only about five minutes as every life forms in Titan dies off.

The seal was taken off and the Moon was silent.

Azief was sweating from his forehead, sweats dripping of from the side of his already exposed face and his palm was trembling.

His body was as hot as the sun, his energy quickly depleting as one by one his seed turns dim. Five minutes is all it takes for him to expend about half of his seed essence to power this Sealing technique.

‘The body as the furnace and the energy as the flames’ he remember the description of this technique.

‘No wonder the effect is so overkilled, the expenditure of energy is enormous.’ Azief sighed as he released his hand from the ground as his senses no longer detect any life forms in Titan.

On the space of Titan, explosions after explosion colored the dull dark space of the galaxy. Destroyed ships and debris of the Battleship of Titan floats lifelessly.

It was eerily silent as the three fleet of Battlestar passed the floating graveyards of Birds as their Falcons rushed forward as scouts for any more hostile spacecraft.

They rushed towards Titan, hoping to help the Supreme General.

Meanwhile on the ground, Azief look all around him and he could only see a dying moon. No plants were left alone as they all wilted and showing no sign of life.

It was like a grey world. And he smiles as he has sense the Seventh Seed is already formed but it was still in pieces.

It only needed his will to be formed.

As he walks through the surface, taking all this sight of destruction and carnage, with desiccated corpse filling the area like some weird fruit from the ground.

Each steps he taken he takes in the scenery of death, like he was comprehending something. He was comprehending the force of destruction against life, understand the finite limits of words compared to the strength of action.

He walks again as his feet steps on a wilted grass. He looked at the grass and imagine if he left this moon after this will this grass grows.

Life will bloom again…..and Destruction negates that. The experience of death up close and personal makes everyone pacifist at heart. ’

But then he laughs.

As his understanding of the causes and effects of life increased, he decided what will be his Seventh Seed.

He closes his eyes and he wills his Seed to form

‘Destruction’ he shouted as the Seed forms with an explosion inside his consciousness. Then a Seventh Seed was formed. It was blackish red and emitted an energy that could choke the life out of people.

Unlike the other time he form a Seed there was no physical phenomenon that happens as this time he was surrounded with death and destruction.

‘My work here is done. Now….it’s time to return home’ Saying this he launched himself into the air and fly away with the sound of a sonic boom.

Azief is going home


A longer chapter than usual. Azief is coming back home. And which spaceship that miss Azief massacre? Other than that I need help.

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There is still the Last Son of Yrinia Arc, the Annihilator Arc, the War of Sovereign, the World War Arc and many other.

Each arc was hinted subtly by Loki each time he reminisce about the future if you realize it.



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