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Inside the Core of the Terraformer Station ten thousand kilometers below the surface ground of Titan is a spherical station manned by ten scientist of high level intellect dressed in clean white lab coat.

They were many things here that could advance humanity advancement in science if revealed to the world.

Yet, here this knowledge is hidden with the World Nobles monopolizing its knowledge.

The world nobles knows that knowledge equals to power. Hold the knowledge in your hand and power will never leave your grasp.

That is how their ancestors rises to their position by monopolizing knowledge.

And because they did this tragedies after tragedies befall humanity as a whole, because of ignorance.

And the World Nobles had no remorse. And today, they will pay.

But to the scientist here, ten thousand kilometers below the surface of Titan, today, like yesterday, is the same as they research and unveils new knowledge.

But today was not like yesterday for today a weird phenomenon happens that alarms the spherical station dubbed the Brain or core of the Terraformer station.

Glowing with a bluish hue on the treasure room of this spherical station was a shard with an oblong shape emitting weird fluctuations that affect the time and space around it.

The scientist researching this fragment decided that this source of speed they extracted from the Dark Speedster contains incalculable power that could power thousands of galaxies if it’s harnessed.

Yet, from the day they managed to extract the source of Dark Speedster energy they still dint know how to make the source of energy works on their behalf.

The ten scientist here down below the ground did not know that a great war is unfolding in the surface.

All they know, a few minutes ago the unresponding fragments suddenly emitted fluctuations of energy.

They do not know it but the emission of the energy coincided with Battlestar Titanic entering space.

The Speed Source is longing to find its owner again so its power can be unleashed.

The Speed Source is fuel for Speedster and it is fuel that will never run out. Even in its extracted state, it could sense a speedster.

The scientist is hard at work researching the Source fragment containing the Speed Source while on the surface rains of metals drop down from the sky as the sky was burned and fireworks lighted up Titan.

Near the Moon of Earth, a fleet of Battlestar is heading straight to Saturn with armament enough to destroy a planet into space debris.

With their FTL charged up, they turn into blip of light that disappeared before arriving near Saturn.

A fleet of advanced spacecraft made its debut today on Earth 39. The operation was about to begin while Will and that mysterious person inside his quarter look from the starboard deck, the stars and the large planet of Saturn.

The higher-ups of the Rebellion Army name this operation of eradicating the World Noble Operation Final Offensive.

Inside the War Room of the Five Supreme Potentates their plans is slowly coming to fruition as the spear has been positioned perfectly, waiting to be launched.

They need only one shot. Only one shot and they could bring down this Grim Reaper that held his death scythe in every Normies neck.

With this one shot, they could reverse back the tide and once again reclaim back this era.

With all these plans and schemes, in the end, the only thing that matters is the result. The prize of winning?

Domination of an era




Azief look at the Birds, the designated flying spacecraft of Titan flying towards him with utter disdain.

On the surface, countless weapon were assembled to repel him.

With his eyes and Divine Sense he could see the electromagnetic cannon charging its energy, its muzzle glowing red hot as heat was discharged all around the muzzle.

He could see the plasma turrets aimed at him, and the Ion powered launchers targeting him by Normies soldiers, trembling in their hands.

‘FIRE!!” The orders was given and Azief could hear it even though he was not inside the cockpit of the Birds pilots.

The Birds nearing him quickly open their missile valve and hit the eject button as hundreds of missiles flies towards him with the sound of a blast.

Azief smiles as he hovered in the air. Taking a breath, he release a shout


He shouted as the blast from his mouth create a whirlwind storm causing the missiles directed at him to change course.

The missile lost any momentum before falling down to the residential areas and forest below them.

The ground were full of craters and burning hole that spreads to the forest and buildings nearby it.

Azief eyes beams with power as he puff out his chest and an ancient pressure emanated out of him that cowed all lower beings.

Then something unbelievable happens. The bright clouds of Titans turns dark. The World Nobles witnessing this from their reinforced homes and bunker was confused

Then booming thunder sound shakes the skies and Azief laughed. The more he laughed the intense the booming of the thunder became.

The World Nobles faces were filled with fear as some was overcome by that fear and kneels praying to any God that would listen.

For the first time in five millenniums the mighty and arrogant World Nobles kneel because of intense fear of an Evolver.

‘TODAY, your era ends!’ Azief shouted before he stomp the air.


The air below his feet cracked and exploded with an ear splitting sound and the force of that stomping landed onto the surface of Titan like a shockwave attack


A larger explosion sounded out making some of those who were unfortunate to be in the area to be deaf as the sound wave assails the hearing and some even had their ears bleeding on both sides as they squirmed and scream because their eardrums ruptured.

A huge tremor ran through Titan as the area around the force of his stomping was leveled and the people neared it all passed out because of such terrifying energy

All over Titan the World Noble look at the sky with odd expression on their face. Was it fear? Was it awe?

Before they could think what they were feeling, screams and shouts sounded


‘Spare me!!’

Lightning and thunder in the sky began striking down like a punishment from the Heavens. The sky filled the World Nobles with terror.

The soldiers who was stunned since the beginning was brought back to the current predicament with the shout of their commander


The Plasma turrets aimed at Azief began releasing its shot.

Azief look at this and snorted at their futile attempt. Other than that Spear of Destiny, Azief fears nothing.

Since he couldn’t see any signs of the Spear yet, Azief knows they are waiting for the opportune moment.

Taping the power of the Seed of Elements, thunder crackles inside Azief Seed of Elements, roaring like a dragon.

Looking at the sky Azief smirked.

‘Feel my wrath!’ He shouted as Azief bring his hands up.

Thunder booms and the sky roars. Lightning coils around Azief fingers, the lightning comes from Azief aura.

And then he brings his hand down. And the sky on top of him parted open as the world was covered by lightning.

The people below that was seeing this phenomenon fainted because of too many shocks. There is no doubt that today is the end in their minds as they fall down fainting.

The moment he brings his hand down a massive, thick lightning bolt began to descend from the sky.

The same moment the plasma turret releases its shot, the electromagnetic cannon have finished charging and with a roaring sound it release its blast of energy capable of leveling a mountain into flat lands.

Yet Azief did not mind.

The Ion powered launchers was triggered by Normies soldiers, as the thousands of Ion blast shoots towards him from the ground.

And even then he did not mind as his hand finish its movement.

That massive thick lightning bolt covers the skies of Titan.

And as it shots down the thousand smaller lightning bolts merged together until it was nearly ten meter and a half wide split into three gigantic lightning bolt pressuring all creation.

Azief has the essence of Lightning coursing through his veins and it was not a normal lightning but Tribulation Lightning.

When he was tempering his body in Energy Disperse Stage, this lightning manages to hurt him and make him feel pain.

Imagine the kind of force it possess to be able to pressure Azief physique that would not even scratch even after enduring nuclear weapons.

Three lightning bolt appearing like the spear of Heaven descended down from the sky.

‘Annihilate!’ Azief shouted as the three spears of lightning shot towards the soldiers, the cannon and the turrets.

The sight of this unbelievable phenomenon caused all of the Five Supreme Potentates looking from their War Room stunned silly.

The World Nobles who are looking at this display of power at the sky to only stare open mouthed before some of them wet themselves in fear.

Some of them run away screaming and crying shouting

‘This is the end! This is the end!’

It shot down. The spears of lightning shot down like it was hurl from Azief hand himself. He was like Zeus hurling thunderbolts to appease his anger towards mortal.

And Titan, the moon itself quaked with such a force that many structures all over the moon was affected.

Skyscraper shakes and trembles while those buildings with weaker foundation crumbles as death toll increased. Azief did not yet set foot on the ground and he already had inflicted casualties on Titan

And tens of thousands Normies dies not knowing why or how.

With three lightning bolts Azief changed the tide.

Explosion filled the air with the smell of charred flesh permeates all around the place where the soldiers in charge of using the Ion launchers while the ground quaked unceasingly.

Ten thousands of soldiers that did not suffer the full brunt of the attack screamed miserably as over ten thousand more were instantly smashed into nothing as Azief once again brings his hand down.

The countless ion blast, the turrets bullets, the electromagnetic cannon blast all collided with his body as the sound shakes Titan skyscape.

The explosion covered 183 thousands kilometers length and it should take time for the clouds to disperse but Azief willed the wind to disperse the smoke.

As the smoke dissipated it  reveal a slightly dusty appearance of him, but still floating majestically in the air, thunders above him roaring and lightning coiling all over his body.

‘Hmph’ Azief smirks as he dust off the dust in his shoulders and his clothes. HE was not even scratched.

The Five Supreme Potentates looking at this scene from their room using the surveillance satellites was not shocked.

They predicted this.

But they were still demoralized. This could no longer be called an Evolver. No Evolver in history possess this much power.

This…isn’t this….more apt to describe a God? They thought to themselves

Meanwhile Azief still floating in the sky laughed as he look down on Titan, his eyes scanning all life.

‘That’s it? You must have more!’ Azief shouted challengingly as he closes his eyes and activated his Undying Physique.

Azief began to glow with a golden light.

His body was surrounded with sparks of golden lightning as his golden glow became more intense and spreading out in all directions, piercing out even the darkest corners of this Moon and blinding the spectators that dare look at his floating figures with their naked eyes.

This golden glow is the manifestation of Azief Undying Physique with his skins shining like the sun, his flesh could not be harmed, and even his vein emitting an ancient source of energy nourishing his vitality at every second.

The golden glow emits his Golden Domain, a small Domain that only appears for a person that possess Undying Physique that pressure any low level beings than him.

So, his golden glow pierces through the surface and soil of Titan before he smirked

‘There it is’ he said to himself.

He felt the Speed Source energy. As more weapons and more Birds are deployed towards him Azief did not want to linger as that would only delay his objectives.

A Battleship just comes into view when Azief pointed at the Battleship with his finger and the skies boomed in anger.

A blinding golden light shines from Azief index finger as it shot towards the Battleship.

A fathomless golden light shot out from his index finger with the heat equaling the sun.

It charged forward with great speed and with terrifying power of destruction as the golden lightning is enshrouded in dark mist.

The lightning collided with the battleship and the shockwaves ripples as it tears apart the skies above the Battleship.

Within the blink of the eye, the Battleship was no longer as there is only a violent golden light exploding.

A Battleship was destroyed by only one finger.

‘I don’t have time’ by now it has already been 15 minutes since he arrives on Titan. Only 25 minutes left.

Azief then focus his eyes to a certain part of the surface, his body is still glowing golden like a sun in the sky.

All around him, air, clouds, atoms particles dissipated into nothingness, the energy dispersed which is almost impossible to happen,

Azief now was bathed in golden light, the ground beneath his floating figure began to melt, the scorched earth turning to deep black color before slowly disappearing like dust.

Azief cape fluttered about, all of his six seeds are glowing providing power for him, his clothes rippled wildly and his eyes shone with determination.

Thunder sounded in the skies as lightning bolts keep raining down the surface of Titan with no end in sight.

The land soldier immediately turns into ashes the moment they came into contact with even a spark of the lightning bolt.

Lightning strikes burns the forest and destroy the structures all over Titan as the Birds couldn’t even come near him as they exploded into fireworks before they even came close.

It is an Apocalypse.

Then Azief shot down to the surface and with his fist he punched down bringing the force of annihilation slamming down into the ground.

It causes a huge earthquake all over Titan as a dark abyss was formed deep into the ground as Azief flew down into the darkness.

He felt the Speed Source. It is underground. As he is flying down, he said to himself

‘I don’t have much time.’

And he accelerate his speed until he found the metallic entrance to the Terraformer Station and punches the metallic entrance as sound of explosion filled the silent research station startling the scientist in the spherical station.

‘Found it’ Azief smiles.





‘He has found it, Consul’ The Architect said.

‘Good. The Analyst intel was not wrong. The Dark Speedster and the Supreme General has relations. Thus we could create this trap.

The Architect then immediate bark orders to his officers using his transmission device

‘Deploy the Thorium Collider Cannon immediately. Analyst recalibrate the force.’

The Analyst nodded as his floating as his Thinking Throne glows and the wires connect to his brain began emitting blue and red light as the activity of his brain is taxing his body.

He closes his eyes and he began his work.

‘Compressing the energy of the four blast into one. Accessing controls. Diverting energy. Calculating. Calculation complete. Diverting successful. Minimization of damage. Diverting control. Taking over the mainframe. Tylium automatic control accessed. Diverting successful. Minimization successful.’

Finished doing this he opens his eyes with a slight panting.

Then he looked towards the Architect and nodded

‘It is done’ he said

‘Good. Automatic targeting?’ The Architect asked. He didn’t want to overlook even one possibility that this gambit of theirs failed.

The Analyst answered

‘It has been activated. No matter from which part of Titan he emerged from, the blast will reach him.’

The Architect look at the Historian and ask

‘The Spear?’ Smiling wickedly the Historian said

‘It has been outfitted with the cannon. The moment the Thorium Collider Cannon release its shot, in a few second after that the hidden muzzle will shoot out the spear to him. He would die here today’

The Analyst monitors all points of exit using the satellites hovering over Titan when he sees a dark shadow emerge from the ground.

Azief come out from the same way he enter.

‘FIRE’ The Analyst ordered as the wires on his head flashed red and the Thorium Collider Cannon was remotely activated as its muzzle shot a large blast.

That large blast outshine the entire Titan with its light permeates out to the approaching Battlestar thousands of kilometers away.

From Earth they saw light covering the night sky turning the night looking like daylight.

Heavy elements were released with that shot.

It was a miniature scale of supernova with its harmful explosive nature contained by Tylium shield barrier but even that possess such power beyond human normal scope of imagination.

It was bright beyond belief.

And this force collided with Azief.

Azief was holding the source fragment. He saw the blast coming at him and his face was confused.

‘So, this was their plan?’ He mused before crushing the Source Fragment in his hand as the Speed Source inside the fragment break free and darted away.

Azief knows that Speed Source will latch itself to the closest speedster which is only Will near Saturn now.

Then smiling, he collided himself with the blast.

But instead the explosion force radiates ways from him, the force of that explosion collapses upon itself.

The matter and energy of this blast was concentrated at the point of the source.

And that source is Azief invulnerable body.

Azief could feel his bone almost in the verge of breaking before being healed almost immediately thanks to his Physique.

The space around Azief cracked and exploded inwardly creating mini bubbles of implosion that disorient him.

Azief was flung backward as the energy assaulted him and only him creating explosion only around him and not affecting Titan at all.

Azief flung his sleeve and the force of the implosion was sealed when suddenly Azief realizes something.

A spear with blue edge was flying towards him with a sonic boom.

Azief this time was enlightened. So, this is their plan. He did not use Shadow Haste or Shadow Step instead he let himself get pierced.

Blood spurted out from Azief heart. The Spear pierces itself on Azief chest and a drilled itself into Azief hear.

‘ARGGHH!!’ Azief screams, his screams reverberates all over the moon creating a ripples of shockwaves that alter the clouds positions.

This was the most pain he felt since the Fall. The spear tip was like a poison that poisons his power.

It was a power of creation but also of destruction. After the scream, Azief could only hold his chest in pain as he slowly succumbs to pain.

And the sky was silent. Sound of ragged panting could be heard. Azief body began to shake as the pain filled his body. His veins turns blue.

A fierce expression covered his face, and blue veins bulged out on his forehead.

‘It is truly a fragment of the All Source. To possess such might that it could disregard my Undying Physique.’

His body felt as if it were about to be violently ripped into pieces and his nerves felt like it was being sliced by knives.

The pain was indescribable. His pupils are turning blue as his bones crack and fissure of whirlwind exploded from the area where his bones is broken.

Azief seemed to be on the verge of breaking into pieces. However, even as the pain overwhelm him he smiles

He lifted up his head up toward the sky and roared. The sound of the roar slammed into the sky dispersing all the clouds.

His Seed slowly lost its luster and dimmed one by one. Blood sprayed from his mouth as Azief slowly falling down.

His bodies was shaking and blood shooting out from his pores as his level drop from Seed Forming to Energy Disperse Stage.

He knows he has little times so he grab the spear on his chest and pluck it out as blood jetted out from the hole on his heart. Then smiling bitterly he muttered.

‘I had to linger. I should have just darted off instead of trying to verify that legend. But it is worth it’.

He then with all of his strength that he could muster before his realm demoted again threw the spear upwards.

The spear pierces the skies and went toward the outer space like a hurtling meteor. When it reaches outer space a person grab the spear.

Clad in black and covering his face, it was the man inside Will quarters. He was floating there on space waiting for the spear

‘Just as planned. Though it take a little bit of time’ the mysterious man said this time his voice changed sounding deep.

He rips the mask covering the lower part of his face and then flies off to Titan

On Titan Azief is still falling down. His bones and body deconstructed and he falls down to Orb Condensing Stage.

As he once again experience realm demotion he spray another lump of blood as his Orb shatters

The pain caused by its disintegration caused Azief roar to become even more shocking. His heart began to slow down as strength leaves his body and his realm demoted into Pillar Forming when he finally crashed into the ground breaking all the bones in his body.

He was no different than a normal mortal by this point. But he did not despair. He was filled with pain but he did not despair. He finally knows the true power of the All Source.

He has gambled everything in this bet. He wanted to know what the All Source are and now he knows.

It is a weapon.

He wheezed in deep breath before smiling and closing his eyes.

‘Now, I will rest’ he said t to himself but his eyes was still bright like he knows something other do not.

He takes his last breath with a smile on his face. The people inside the War Room and the soldiers of Titan witnessing the fall of the Supreme General do not know how to respond.

‘The Supreme General of the Rebellion Army has died’ said a world Noble before all of Titan cheered.

Inside the War Room the Consul plopped to the ground because of nervousness.

‘We won’ he said

Meanwhile the Battlestar is rapidly approaching Titan as their Falcon is ready to launch itself into the space of Titan.

But a lone spacecraft was given the permission to return to Earth by the Admiral. The launch tube was opened and a lone Falcon flies off toward Earth.

Inside the cockpit is Will, his face was full of smiles.

Blue arcs of electricity darted off across his finger. He vibrates his hand and feeling the energy generated by his hand he laughed.

The Dark Speedster is revived. He now wears his dark speedster suit he craft using the energy of the Speed Source.

‘Phase three’ he said.

He knows his brother has succeeded in his plan.

Phase two will be executed by that masked man and recalling the extent of disguise and how careful Will is in not blurting out that masked man name he wanted to laugh.

‘Now that phase one has succeeded can speak his name right?’ But he did not speak the name of the mysterious men instead he access the Light Years Drive and with one push of a button he disappears from his position.

Near Titan three Battlestar is approaching and the mysterious man has already stores the spear in a safe place as he darted off into Titan airspace.

Phase two is the last phase on Titan.

This is the Final Offensive.


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