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On a large hangar deck three Battlestar is being prepared to launch with countless of personnel clearing the hangar deck as the large platform was given the permission for liftoff.

In one of the largest Battlestar being prepped a man look outside the starboard, looking at countless Evolvers personnel diligently and passionately helping.

‘If we played our cards right, this will be the end of the war and the dominance of Normies over Evolvers’

The man muttered to himself. He was dressed in full military uniform and from the nametag on his chest his name is Admiral Edward.

Thinking of the path leading to this day he wanted to cry. After all the hardship finally the Evolver race has seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Like the Supreme General promise a united Evolver race is strong. The proof is this Battlestar.

After many Evolvers joining the Rebellion Army they manages to create a better and more powerful version of a Battleship belonging to the Normies.

The Supreme General named it Battlestar.

Thanks to Minister Miria who was designed as Minister of Technology and Scientific Advancement  she manage to create three Battlestar capable not only of intergalactic flight but to maintain hundreds of fighter spacecraft.

A Battlestar combines the functions of a battleship and spacecraft carriers.

It has a flak guns, light guns, anti-ship cannons, Ion Blasters, Plasma Turrets and Tylium Barrier as the first line of barrier shield.

The Three Battlestar is respectively named Valkyrie, Olympus and Titanic.

Valkyrie and Olympus both carry 28 heavy anti-ship cannon and armed with 8 forward mounted heavy Tylium blaster cannon while Titanic the largest Battlestar in the Rebellion Army arms could carry 45 heavy anti-ship cannon with its barrel could be outfitted during battle and armed with 16 forward mounted heavy Tylium blaster cannon.

With this much of firepower, if they wanted to they could even conquer other intergalactic civilizations.

The reason they managed to create such Battlestar in so little time is because some Evolver have the ability to control metals while some other have abilities that helps detect mineral necessary for the material needed in constructing such behemoth like Battlestar.

Thus making the cost of building such ships depended on their abilities powers instead of the manufacturing power.

And with Miria abilities of technology she could easily construct one using her designs.

WHOOSH’ The sound of the hangar door opened create a gust of wind and brings Edward back to the moment. He walked around the deck and check his watch.

He then send a message to the command center asking about the whereabouts of this important person.

‘The Eagle is coming. Finish the preparations and standby on the surface. Wait for further instruction’ Command Center replies.

He sighed and order the personnel to green light the preparation for emerging to the surface.

Next time, he will make the spacecraft base at Kansas or Texas where there is vast empty lands after the eradication of Normies cities there.

With a spacecraft base underground there is limitations. But as this is the Capital of Evolver nation, it is no wonder why Harrison though it is good idea to keep the big gun here.

‘All Commanders, heed the order’ Edward orders using the transmission device as he sits in his Admiral seat in the Control Room.

This time Admiral Edward will lead the three Battlestar and will be his first expedition in outer space with Commander Elizabeth Vladimirovna from Russia Kremlin commandeering Valkyrie.

With the man best known as his moniker The Russian managing to grab a hold of Kremlin after his terrorist attack, Evolvers community in Russia began joining the Red Army.

The Russian real name is Mikael Romanov, the last heir of the Romanov Royal Family and he sent one his most powerful right hand person to help the Rebellion Army and extending goodwill.

With the trend of times now siding with the Rebellion army it is understandable why Mikael would send one to show his support to the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army.

The other Commander is Commander Dzulkarnain ibn Sirajudin from the Middle East nation of Shahakra.

In Azief world there is no nation named Shahakra in the Middle East but here in Earth 39 there is and their main export is Tylium liquid and Thorium minerals.

Dzulkarnain came from Bani Assaf, a tribe of the desert and was forced into enslavement into mines since they were a child.

When the Rebellion Army began sending military aid and weapons to the rebelling warlords of the deserts, Dzulkarnain was the few people that joins the Liberation Army of the Desert and managed to free his country from the cruel grasp of the Normies exploitations of his nations.

Allying with Syrian rebels and Iraqi rebels Shahakra quickly recruited many Tribes of the Desert and launching a counterattack with the Arab world controlled by Normie nobles began to crumble.

As one of the beneficiaries of such help from the Rebellion Army, Dzulkarnain was delighted when President Harrison ask him help to commandeer Olympus.

The reasons why he was given such opportunity is because he posse the ability to shield himself with a force filed that negates pressure.

And the Rebellion Army found his abilities would help when travelling in space in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The last Commander came from America.  Winona Wesson.

Commander Winona was one of the right hand of General Catherine when Catherine was expanding her campaign in Europe.

When General Catherine was doing his European Campaign in France Winona was injured severely due to her neglect and underestimation of enemy forces and arm resulting in her charge being routed and amassing the largest casualties since the beginning of the campaign.

After the rise of the Supreme General rarely Evolvers armies were defeated. Winona managed to get her charge to fight a hard and devastating battle because of her neglect.

It requires the Supreme General changing his plans to eradicating the Normies African leader and flew to Europe to save her ass.

She was forced to retreat losing a vital supply lines supplying some of the Rebels soldiers in France.

In her anger Catherine demoted her rank and send her to Harrison to help with the North American Campaign.

She improved by leaps and bound after her mistakes and became calmer in making decision and tactical decision.

Harrison values her cautious prudence in employing war strategy and because of that she was chosen by the President to commandeer the Titanic.

‘The Protection Barrier has been opened. Flight schedule has been approved.’ An announcement sounded all over the hangar.

The Protection Barrier of the Washington DC skies are open with the large spacecraft base slowly emerged from underground.

In the hanger the new generation of fighter spacecraft called Falcon are being prep by the Hangar Chief.

Falcon is the advanced version of Birds belonging to the Planetary Defense Force of Titan.

The hangar deck of Titanic is the main baseship that will leading the other two Battlestar so it is busy with the hangar chief screaming his throat out emphasizing checking the Falcon for the Falcon pilots.

The launch tubes are ready to open if the command is given and to launch Falcon to engage in space battle.

There is many hangar deck in the large Titanic with five cluster of eight launch tubes ach.

The Commander of Titanic, Winona have already standing by in the starboard waiting for the Admiral order

But the Admiral is still in the opening deck waiting for codename Eagle according to protocol.

He was waiting for someone that the Supreme general regarded as a brother and also one of the heroes of Evolvers.

As he was waiting nervously from afar he could see a helicopter landing in the distance.

Someone came out of that helicopter and as he runs forwards to the Titanic, the clear the face became as the Admiral quickly rushed forward in front to welcome the person.

‘Mr. Will, we must hurry. The deployment order has been given’ Edward said when he reaches the person.

Will smile and nodded.

‘Thank you Admiral for waiting. There was some preparation needed for this operation’

The Admiral nodded. He felt honored to help the Dark Speedster.

While the Supreme General was the reason they could be as strong as this but the Dark Speedster contribution must not be forgotten.

After all he did help European Bloc by helping Karl forming his Empire. That is the reason why Karl so easily sign the treaty without fuss.

He owes a lot to this person.

Orders from the top was to bring Will to Titan in this final offensive.

The Supreme General has already departed hours ago at dawn and now this is almost afternoon.

With FTL Drive have already been charged by Commander Elizabeth abilities, the Battlestar is ready to launch.

As they walked to the starboard, the admiral remember the order from the President.

No matter what, he must be protected all times before he acquire back his abilities. This is a military order from the President himself and the Acting Leader for the Rebellion Army.

The moment they arrived at the starboard the Admiral then bid farewell as Will was escorted to one of the rooms inside the Battlestar.

It was luxurious compared to other rooms with all basic amenities provided. Inside the Commands Room the Admiral pick up his transmitter mic and orders his men.

‘Began deployment’

The commander sitting in their floating chair powered by Element T push the on button on their seat as holographic command system appears before them.

‘Automatic FTL Drive activation in 5 percent capacity when reaching the Moon to arrive in Saturn. Relay the orders to the other Battlestar.’

The Admiral spoke as the officers in the deck quickly relays the orders.

And slowly the Battlestar floats with droning sound fills the entire Washington DC with many civilians had to closes their ears before the Battlestar with a thunderous speed flew to the sky and sail forward to space.

Three Battlestar of humongous size slowly broke the stratosphere and reaching ouster space with three light Battlestar is following behind the Battlestar a few minus later and Support Vessel following behind them.

It was a well-armed fleet design for campaigning on outer space.




Will has just finished taking a shower in his room and is now drying himself. Finished drying himself up his heart is filled with anticipation.

‘The Speed Source…I’ll retrieve it back’   he was determined.

Looking at his clean shaven face in the mirror resembling his old self neat and clean he almsot wanted to laugh.

‘And then…I’m going home. For Lily. And for my brother.’ As he dry his face with the clean towels.

If Weronian managed to conquer Earth prime, with their abilities they would surely open pathways to other worlds.

Earth Prime could be said a door to numerous dimension and other worlds precisely because it is Earth Prime.

He knows Azief plans. When he return he will seal the pathways to prevent people entering…or leaving.

It is the reason why in Earth 2 Azief closes the pathways to otherworld and lost the chance to meet Na Eun.

He could not risk the chance of the invasion of other Earths or other dimension happening.

But there is always an exception like Will who uses the power of the Sped Source to break through the barrier between other worlds and other dimensions. And Earth prime si not Earth Two.

It works by a different laws especially now that the World Orb is there. The impossible….happens every day.

‘GRHHH’ the sound startles Will a bit. Now, that he do not possess his speed, even normal sound scares him he thinks to himself.

The sound of the engine is dampened because of the soundproof barrier in place in the Battlestar but sometimes Will could still feel the vibrations.

He is in space right now. He knows that now.

‘Then it will not be long’ He said. Both he and Azief have made a plan before Azief went to Titan.

The first phase is in space.

But even when the first phase is about to be confirmed Will is still thinking about what happens after.

If Evolvers wins….what policy will Azief enact? After all it’s not like he will always be here and Will couldn’t just bop back and forth between Earth Prime and Earth 39 just like that.

Jumping through parallel universes takes a toll and sometimes there is even some terrifying things inside the Speed Source Tunnel.

Will couldn’t help but think of all this other complication before taking a deep breath.

‘First, I have to settle this first.’ Then something sounded inside Will pouch. He checks the items which is a timer and Will face brightened up.

‘If everything goes well, then the confirmation of the first phase success would be here any moment now’

He said.

Then he hears a knock on his door.

Checking the intercom he could see a person standing outside his door, wearing a cloth that covers his face and other noticeable features.

‘Open it’ the man orders.

His voice was hoarse.

Will quickly open the door and invite the person in. The person sit down naturally on one of the chair near the study desk.

Will did not mind and acted naturally as he sit down on another chair before asking

‘Is it a success?’ The person in disguise nodded

‘No one suspected anything?’ Will asked.

‘Not to my knowledge.’ The man answered emotionlessly.

Will could understand.

Caution is necessary…especially now when they are so close to victory.

Will knows this man existence must not be found out by anyone especially by electronic devices and spies of the World Nobles.

After all, Will and this man couldn’t take that risk.

Will knows and the man knows that the Analysts one of the Five Supreme Potentates had the abilities to hack into technologies and as such the reason for this heavy disguise and changing his voice.

‘Then it is good. Now what do we do?’ Will asked.

‘Now, as planned, we wait for the opportune moment.’ Will smiles and he clap his hand as a gesture of happiness.

‘Celebrating early?’ The man asked.

Will smiles a bit teasingly before saying

‘It’s my brother. He’s invincible and his plan is perfect. He will not lose.’

The other man did not say anything but from the movement of his skin near the eye area Will determine he is smiling proudly.

He brought out a wine bottle from the fridge inside his room. Bringing two wine glass he put it in the dining table before gesturing to the person, he ask


The person only took a glance at the red wine on Will hand and shakes his head

‘Give me coffee’ that person answered. And Will just laughed.


Ok, here another post. The final battle is near and I have already written it. Hope you like it when it is posted.

Now, it seems that things are slowly getting better but the problem with my family persist. Only my friends is helping me. If they are reading this your help will not be forgotten.

It’s hard when even when you do your best, you got nothing. No matter how I try to please my parents, they would never love me instead hating me and only pouring their love in only one of their child regardless what wrong he did. If this was a Xianxia world, I would be its protagonist. Anyway, the old schedule will be on again which is one chapter a week unless there is a donation or I was feeling generous that day.

This chapter only shows Will and a mysterious person. For those who could see the hints don’t spoil it.

It will not be long now before Earth 39 arc is over and they return home. Lord Shadow girl is in danger, dude…not from monsters or barbarian race from another galaxy but from a sweet talker golem. Mahesvera comment on Raymond crack me up.

Like always thanks for reading and supporting my work and leave some comments.

PS: Do anyone notice any of my chapters in RR that have different font from other chapters? Please tell me about it so I could rectify it. And someone, I’m not going to say who until it is confirmed, volunteer to PR for LS.

I am thankful of course but I just worried about him since LS is almost reaching 150 chapter mark and it is not easy to PR so many chapters. AOH was the prime example and that book is not even finished.

If not because I had to publish the book I would post the chapter of AOH NG. Hmm…when will I have the time to see you again, my child Arial?

That’s it. Hope you all have a good day today.


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