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A man was standing there in the empty vacuum of space, looking towards a moon. His black cape fluttered as the energy inside his body repel the vacuum condition of space.

‘Saturn moon’ he muttered as his hand tighten into a fist and the air around his fist was trapped and exploded nothing but a gust of wind in the scale of space, affecting nothing.

All around his body a force field repel all kinds of pressure enabling him to do many impossible thing in space.

‘Hmm, it will not be long’ he muttered to himself.

He wear a black hood and his entire attire was black.

Compared to the vastness of space he is infinitely smaller than a meteor rock floating through space.

Yet, the power he emitted from his body was equal to a large planet towering over the galaxy.

The force of power coming off his entire being permeates through every cubic of space he traverses.

He, himself was a force of nature to be reckoned with. And today he has a mission to complete before time runs out.

His eyes narrowed as his body slowly defy the law of gravity as he flies closer to Titan. The rings on his finger glowed dangerously, ready to be activated the moment he sense danger

Even from this far he could feel life on Saturn moon. It was Titan.

The largest moon of Saturn. The headquarters of the World Council and the residence of World Noble.

He could feel the essence of Water and Life all over the moon.

With the Seed of Elements he could easily detect these things. In Titan there is many mines as it is called the giant factory of organic stuff after the terraforming was done.

Titan also possess hundreds of lakes and sea and coal are mined every day. Then as he comes closer he recognize a cylinder like structure in the distance.

‘A space station’ he mused, looking a little bit awed. Looking with his Penetrating Vision and scanning with his Divine Sense his smile turns bitter.

‘Permanent space outpost.’

This Earth while it is weak, their technological advancement has truly left Earth Prime in the dust.

If only the many nations in his world in the past spend more in scientific advancements instead of other stuff then maybe Earth Prime would be as advanced as Earth 39.

But then Azief remembered.

That while this Earth is advanced in science, their social circumstances is terrible. Their people suffers and discriminated and treated like animals.

Living in a world like that….that might be a nightmare.

‘O’Neill Cylinder’ that is what Azief mused as he nears the cylinder like structure. It looks eerily similar like the envisioned O’Neill Cylinder in Azief world

So, not only there are a colony on the surface of Titan but there is also a space station outpost?

Azief then fly forward rocketing the maximum speed as he hurtles through trash junk with the force field around him destroying everything on its path as he landed his feet on top of the cylinder like structure.

He closes his eyes and his divine sense swept the cylinder like structure.

The main body is about 5 miles wide and 20 miles long.

Three strips of land stretch along the interior, with three equal-size, interspersed strips serving as giant, sealed windows.

‘Huge’ he mutters and Azief mind quickly understand why it was built to be so huge.

The cylinder’s huge size means a gentle spin of one revolution every minute and a half would be enough for terrestrial gravity.

Not only that, it seems the scientist of Earth 39 even manage to solve the problem of needing to maintain the desirable short-axis spin rate.


The cylinder like structure even have a counter-rotating pairs to offset destabilizing, gyroscopic effects that would cause the cylinders to stray from their intended, Sun-facing angles.

Looking at the other aspect of the cylinder like structure Azief is once again awed.

To protect the colonies from meteorite impacts, leftover slag from manufacturing was built up as padding on the colony’s exterior.

It would take centuries for the colony’s air to leak out. It also has the advantage of immune to Earthly natural disasters.

There is millions of lives here. Normies lives. And Azief opens his eyes. Looking at the distance, he smiles.

‘And now, it begins’ he said as he stomps his feet.

As he stomps his feet, it was like Heaven was trampling the space station as immediately the window panel that could withstand meteor and even asteroid showers crack and exploded.

Harmful radiation immediately pouring in infecting the people with weak immunity.

Some people in the space station who was enjoying their evening tea and relaxing on their pools were yanked out and their faces was pale wit terror before turning into cold corpse in outer space.

Their body froze in matter of second the moment they were exposed to the vacuum of space

Cosmic rays shines on them as some of them develops rashes and warts the size of a coconut before dying in space with pain etched all over their expression.

There were also Evolvers slave inside the space station.

Azief only uses his Grand Telekinesis to construct a structure that is able to contain them as he infuse his Pure Divine Sense and Life force inside them enough for the reinforcement to come save them later.

‘AHHH!!!’ Screams sounded out as hundreds of thousand was sucked out from the space station pulled by the powerful pressure of space.

Corpse filled the area around the space station floating through space as Azief stomp another one of his foot and the entire space station cracked like it was being hit by a star and then the entire pillars and steel carbon fibers inside the structure exploded before the entire space station crumbles as it becomes junk space.

Azief did not wait as he fly forward his eyes aiming at Titan.

‘I don’t have much time’ he said as his small figure flies forward with the speed that surpasses sound, almost breaking the barrier of space.

Behind him a large explosion happens.

Since space has no air to transfer the explosive energy the explosion have an initial brilliant flash with the resulting spherical fireball and debris travel away from the point of explosion far too fast for the eyes to see.

Without any atmosphere of gravity to act on the debris of the destroyed space station it will continue on travelling at full speed until it hits something,

Explosion in space is actually more dangerous than explosion in the atmosphere. And the most eerie ting was that the explosion is silent. After all there are in vacuum space.

Even though Azief was fast the debris hits Azief back before turning to ashes the moment it moves into contact with his force field.

He did not even look back as he keep flying forward. His eyes burns with the determination to end the war here today.

Destroy Titan today and the victory of the Rebellion army is secured.

But before he destroy Titan he has to descended down to the surface of the planet and retrieve the sealed fragment of the Speed Source before destroying that moons into pieces.

And as he thinks that and his subsequent plans, his speed becomes faster, speeding through space while all the cannons and anti-intruder weapons on the surface of Titan is aimed at him, ready to be launched.



Inside the war room, the atmosphere is tense as the Five Supreme Potentates look at the radar showing the unknown flying object trying to enter Titan atmosphere.

The space port was closed down as some of the other small houses of the World Noble wanted to fly away.

In Titan there is no longer Evolvers since they were killed in a massacre a month ago. Fearing a similar rebellion in Titan like on the surface of Earth, some of the Old Houses manage to convince the Titan Commission to enact a plan to kill all the Evolvers in Titan.

This event was cover up but who would have thought that there is a Rebellion sympathizes inside Titan who manage to relays the news of the event to Earth.

The Analyst has already warned that there might Rebellion sympathizer the moment the Titan Commission wanted to enact the plan but they still manage to mess that up.

This news was discovered by the Rebellion Army on Earth sparking outrage with the Supreme General promising he would trample down Titan the moment he pacifies the North America Bloc.

And the moment his Generals managed to pacifies United States and the surrounding regions, the Supreme General have moved to fulfill his promise.

In a way, the massacres of the Evolvers fulfill one of the objectives of the Five Supreme Potentates…to lure the Supreme General here.

It lacks a certain finesse that the Architect would have in his plan but as long as it manages to bring the Supreme General here to their ground, then the probability of success would surely go up.

What they didn’t expect however was that the Evolvers manages to finish building Battleship in such a short time.

They did not neglect the abilities of the Evolvers who all possess certain abilities that sometimes even defy the laws of physics but their shock and error is understandable considering they do not have sufficient information in many abilities of the Evolvers.

This is because many Evolvers since teen was collared before they managed to discover their abilities.

Even now, the Analyst have predicted a large fleet of Battleships is departing from Earth flying to follow their Supreme General into battle.

‘Like you expected Architect, he has begins his attack.’

The Consul said with a bit of helplessness in his voice. Even if he did agree in this matter and the plan has already in progress he still did not feel ease in his heart.

Never before in the history of Normies that they were pushed back this hard till the point of such desperation.

The Architect smiles bitterly.

‘After five months of stabilizing Earth, he finally comes here to eradicate us’ The Historian said matter of factly from one of the seat inside the war room.

He seems nervous and excited as he is waiting for something.

‘The Damian Cylinder? Is it destroyed?’ The Consul asked. The Architect nodded grimly and then he sighed.

He looks at the Historian and ask

‘The preparation on your side is it ready?’ The Historian did not say anything for a while and as there is news in his earpiece he brightened up and then he nodded.

‘My people are coming. They will bring it’ The Architect nodded as he looks towards the Consul and begin dictating the preparations of war

‘Consul, plead begin the attack’ The Consul nodded.  The Consul then push the on button connecting to the intercom in the military bases all over Titan

‘Direct the electromagnetic cannon, the plasma turrets, and the Ion powered launchers to the sky. The moment you see that bastard son of a bitch General, you have permission to shoot him down. And fly all the Birds we have’

The military bases all scurried and rushes to the cockpit as Birds flies to the sky to engage with the Supreme General.

The Birds quickly take to the skies with the missile systems are all armed

The Birds are the primary fighter military spacecraft and is capable of atmospheric flight, a single seat sub-light speed craft mounting four kinetic energy weapons as well as having hard points beneath the wings for mounting missiles, munitions pods and other ordnance.

‘Planetary Defense Force, engage battle with him. Permission to uses all the Battleships in Titan is granted to all Admirals. Sail forth and bring victory’ he said to the intercom as he ended the transmission.

His face was solemn.

‘You know that won’t work. That is ten thousands of lives you just send to the jaws of death.’ The Historian said but there is no judgment in his tone…only a statement.

They knew this plans of theirs would require a lot of sacrifice so they deemed it necessary even though it is cruel.

For Normies to have a fighting chance, they have to end the Supreme General advance here. Or Earth will forever will be the world of Evolvers.

Their era would never come as long as the Supreme General is here and alive.

‘Yes, but it is necessary’ The Consul said with the Architect could only close his eyes in powerlessness.

As the Architect his strategy of war surpass everything else but sometimes the strategy to winning does not necessarily lie in the complexity of a plan but sometimes in the simplicity of it.

What they are doing now is needing baits after baits, distraction after distraction, and obstacle after obstacle for one moment of neglect on the Supreme General part.

But that is easier said than done. Then as they thinks all this thoughts and the battleships and the Birds engage with the Supreme General in the skies, the door to the war room opens.

People with golden mask covering their face enters and handed the Historian an object wrapped in golden wrappings.

The Architect eyes brightened as even the Analyst stopped momentarily from simulating possible war situation before resuming back after taking a quick glance on the object.

The Historian went to unfurl the golden wrappings.

He slowly opens the wrappings to reveal a short spear with a blue tip.

‘The Spear of destiny’ he muttered looking at the spear in a daze.

‘History will be made today.’ He said it to himself.

The Consul just hope their plans work. The Architect immediately ordered the spear to be taken away and put in their newest weapon.

Since this is the only thing that could hurt the Supreme General then this is the silver bullet. And as such the Architect have already design a weapon to shoot this silver bullet into the heart of the Supreme General.

The Analyst on the other hand was sitting on his floating Thinking Throne, his mouth spoke undecipherable language as he is simulating battles after battles between the Space Forces of Titan with the General with each simulation resulted in the total annihilation of the Titan Space Forces.

‘Information insufficient’ he then concluded as his thought were relayed all over the war room.

The Architect also nodded as he rub his chin a bit.

‘There is too much of him we still do not understand. We knows he is extremely powerful and by now, we knows he is capable of intergalactic flight. We know he is a Breacher from another world. But other than some of his the abilities like telekinetic abilities and his aura attack that seems to be able to absorb life and even promotes growth in some cases, we know next to nothing about him. I feel useless’ the Architect said.

‘Simulating’ the Analyst continues in the background as the Historian look toward the Spear of Destiny intently. He look at his fellow colleague and said

‘Mark my word, this spear will kill him. We need only one chance. One chance and we can end this plague and restore back the status quo’ The Historian was optimistic.

But on another corner of the war room the Diplomat was not as optimistic. As he was the well verse with what happens at Earth, he knows that by now, victory on Earth is all but decided.

The Seven Bloc is overrun with Evolvers rebels.

With each passing day dozens of Normies regime were yanked down from their positions of power with the Rebellion Army slowly replacing the vacuum of power installing Evolvers leaders.

And with their annihilation policy, killing all Normies with each successful attack, each occupation of the Evolvers was smooth.

This is what their ancestors once feared.

This is why their ancestor find ways to weaken the minds and body of evolvers, why they enslaved them, why their ancestor find ways to divide them fighting for scraps and approval of their masters.

Because their ancestors know the terrifying force if Evolvers who possess many godly abilities began to unite.

With the catalyst that is the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army, in just a few months, the advancement of the Evolvers race as a whole, leap forward without any sign of stopping.

With their abilities they find a way to reverse engineer the collar and at the same time releasing a lot of slaves.

By releasing many of the slaves, the manpower and abilities of the rebellion not only multiplied it expanded the pool of powers.

Even Empire of Germany, Karl had to sign a truce agreement with the Rebellion Army now that most of the Rebellion Army is slowly focusing to freeing the European Bloc.

Asian Bloc had the Japanese and China United Font attacking their master overlord. In Joseon, a Provisionary Government has been set up.

Asian Bloc is slowly reclaiming its independence.

With the North America Bloc, European Bloc and the Asian Bloc slowly but surely replacing the old order it will not be long before the other Bloc will be also engulfed in the bloodshed and massacres of the Rebellion Army.

‘The new era on Earth now belongs to the Evolvers.’ He sighed, his thought is only a whispers. Unlike his other colleague, of all other the Diplomat is very keen and sensitive when the winds of fortune have sailed away.

Usually when that happens he would change ships.

But the crusade of the Supreme General has ensure he still have to sink together with this ship.

He could not jump ship because the sip where the Supreme General belongs to will not permit him entry no matter how he begged because he was a Normie.

Titan is the last bastion of Normies chance to mount an attack. But if only they survive today.

The Diplomat has seen the atrocity committed by the Rebellion Army courtesy of the footage he got from his spies on Earth.

Millions of lives lost, millions of rotten corpses littered the streets looking like nothing more than spoiled meat stacking to form a mountain of meat and moats of dry blood all around the mounds of human meats.

The Normies are being hunted and killed by the millions. The Supreme General is a Grim reaper and he comes to cull the human race.

At least that is what the Diplomat thought. He loses a month sleep already after reviewing the footage in the battle of Mexico Walls as he could see an Animorph an Evolver that possess animal characters tear through Normies civilians like  a meat grinder as flesh and blood painted the yellow desert with red.

The repressed hatred of the Evolvers were unleashed the moment they were in advantageous position.

The reason why the Diplomat lost sleep is because he could not help but wonder if these how the human race will end?

With pain and suffering. He sighed as he looks back at the radar screens.

The Analyst while simulating possible ways to win and predicting the course of battle that will surely unfold in Titan is also monitoring earth with his eyes accessing all the available surveillance camera that is not yet hacked.

Two months ago, a technopath, a woman Evolver by the name Miria were released from her Cave Prison.

She was rescued by General Catherine of the Rebellion Army and then Miria joined the Rebellion Army crusade through Europe.

It was then that the higher ups of the Rebellion Army found out why Miria was imprisoned inside a heavily fortified cave instead of the normal incarceration power dampening cells.

It turns out she has the ability to manipulate technologies.

But that was not her true abilities as her true abilities is that she could alter the quantum entanglement of things in a minor level or in this case,  technology.

When she was found to possess such powerful abilities, the Analyst could predict if her comprehension of her power grows, she could one day become an Omega level evolver.

It is thankful that she did not have any education thus lack the ability to understand her own abilities.

Yet, she managed to dampen the powers of her power dampeners alarming the World Council.

Instead of killing her, she was imprisoned inside a heavily fortified cave with no access to any electronic devices.

And for decades she was imprisoned and experimented upon to understand how her ability could be used against the Evolvers.

The moment Catherine release her back to the world, the Analyst immediately knew that Catherine unleashed a monster to Normies in this world.

With the Supreme General guiding her, she not only mess with almost all electronic device and surveillance cameras that connect the Analyst to Earth, she even manages to locate the position of the Analyst.

She is a technopath…for now. The moment she understand her true abilities, her abilities would soar.

Karl possess similar abilities though not as overpowered.

Thus the Analyst for the first time in years….felt fear. Because every simulation he made whether the Supreme General here dies or not…..to retake back Earth would require massive undertaking.

And even then, they might not succeed.

With Normies on Earth decreasing by the million every day and the Evolver slowly creating new technologies complementing their abilities and with barrier shield erected in major cities even though the World Council nuke the place, they would not be as affected.

And as long as the Supreme General still lives, the World Council have no abilities to retake back Earth.

The Analyst did not sigh, he only continues his work, analyzing and simulating, and his mind is slowly taxing his body.

‘Diplomat, what are you thinking?’ The Architect said as he avert his gaze from the radar showing another battleship and three dozens of Birds blips off from the radar.

By now, three battleship has been destroyed by the Supreme General with almost forty birds has already either immediately turns to ashes upon being punched or crashed down to the surface burning some of the forest on the northern side of the colony.

The Diplomat said

‘You don’t want to know. It is nothing pleasant and would only dampens the mood in this room’

The Architect smiles bitterly, the Consul grimaces while the Historian was still hopeful. The Analyst could not help but keep simulating battles after battles trying to find a way out of this.

‘He is coming down.’ The Architect relays the news in his earpiece to the war room.

‘Do not panic’ the Consul said nodding his head

‘We already predicted this.’ The Analyst replied from behind

‘Affirmative. Asking permission to open the Thorium Collider Cannon.’

‘How many shots it is capable off?’ The architect ask as he need to make orders fast to the military force that still remains in the sky.

‘Four’ The Analyst replied

‘What is the most optimal course of action if we are to disorient him?’

‘Simulating. Simulating complete.’ Then the Analyst replied

‘Compressed the energy of the four shots into one. I could access the controls and divert the controls to achieve such effect. With one shot of the Thorium Collider Blast it could decimate a planet. With four compressed energy of such blast of Thorium energy it would be like a supernova explosion on a miniature scale’ the room gasped with even the Diplomat face turns pale. If it destructive force is equals to a supernova explosion, no matter how miniature wouldn’t this moon will be sucked into destruction?

The Consul calms himself down with the Architect rubbing his chin thinking northern alternative.

‘How many of our people would die?’ The Analyst then closes his eyes

‘Simulating. Simulation complete. Incalculable’ he answer as his eyes open finishing his simulation.

‘Accurate calculations could not be determined due to mitigating circumstances and the radiation effect on certain people which varies to one another.’

‘Minimization of the blast…is it possible?’

The Analyst once again closes his eyes

‘Simulating. Designing. Formulating formulas. Equating the force level with minimization plans available. Searching. Search complete. Simulating. Simulation complete. Solution found’

Then opening his eyes, the Analyst nodded as he explains.

‘With Tylium refinement a force field could be generated around the bonds of energy enabling it to explodes inwardly at the Supreme General thus minimalizing effects of the blast would be possible without endangering our colony.’

‘You are sure he won’t die hit by such force?’ The Diplomat asked from behind. The Architect has already resumes his command barking orders into the intercom.

He orders them to do their best delaying the Supreme general as they are diverting the position of the Thorium Collider Cannon towards the Supreme General.

‘Probability of dying 35%. Based on the accumulative data, the Supreme General possess almost nigh indestructible body and his healing abilities is able to even restore lost limb but this statement is unproven since the lack of information. Thus this is only my conjecture. The best we can do with this attack would be to disorient him. There is also a 65% chance of fainting’

‘Which will open a great window of opportunity for us to enact Operation Godslaying.’ The Diplomat said as he paces around the room rubbing his cheek nervously.

‘Hmm’ he said as his eyes also darted at the Spear of Destiny.

‘This is our last hope.’ Diplomat said as he looks at the Historian

‘We have already established he could be hurt by the Spear.’ The Consul said not even looking back as he orders defensive maneuvers and Birds formation from the war room.

A few months ago, the Historian in order to make sure their ultimate plan will end in their victory decided to send a suicide bomber to the Tower of Dread.

Inside the bomb was a small splinter of the Spear of Destiny.

This splinter was then melted by a special concoction which then infused with the liquid Thorium bomb.

The World Council wanted to know if the Spear of Destiny would work on the Supreme General.

The process was recorded and replayed by the Analyst that shows when the suicide bomber exploded himself the liquid Thorium bomb fill with water infused with the melted fragment of the spear manage to sizzles and burn the Supreme General skin.

That skin that did not even has any traces of a scratch after being hit by a nuclear bomb was instead burned when in contact with water?

Their investigation heralded result and they were convinced of the spear of destiny godly abilities to hurt Evolvers no matter how powerful.

But even then, the Diplomat unease grew.

‘Haish’ he sighed. As he sits back down on his seat as the battle in the sky of Titan grew fiercer with sound of explosions and screaming fills the skies.

The Supreme General has already enter the atmosphere of Titan and the moment he break the atmospheric barriers all over Titan the weather changed and lightning thunders all over the sky bringing it with ear splitting sounds.

Bolts of lightning strikes the ground creating large explosion and holes in the ground with trees burning and houses exploding.

Some unlucky Birds that chases the Supreme General down from space was strike by lighting as thick as a mountain resulting in the Birds exploding in such a grandiose manner like a firework.

The contrast of the dark skies and the explosion of the Birds chasing the Supreme General create a weird mood to those who are watching.

It was both like a festival of destruction and the descent of something unholy as the lightning and thunders of the dark skies seems to represent the Supreme General wrath.

It was like an apocalypse.

‘The Grim Reaper has descended down to the mortal world’ the Diplomat said bitterly as the second phase of the planet kill the Supreme General begins.

Today, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.



A woman with a bow behind her back is imprisoned in a dark cave with the bars of the cells were carved with runic designs that prevent her from breaking the bars of the cell. It was a sealing formation.

But she is not afraid. Instead she was smirking.

‘I succeeded partially though it did not go as I planned. Loki or Sina must not come or my plans will be ruined’ as she worries that her friends would ruins her carefully crafted plans.

That woman spoke in the darkness of the cave.

‘Now, I need only to wait.’ She did not notice a pair of blue eyes are looking at her from inside the ground with the Earth essence all over that person, he travelled beneath the Earth to rescue the maiden in distress.

He did not know that the maiden was not so much in distress but actually is planning to get caught.

Outside the cave one would only see a waterfall and the waterfall are itself is surrounded with many formation intended to keep out intruders and traps leading to the path of the cave behind the waterfall.

A man wearing a red devil mask and his hand bandaged with red cloth look towards the cave behind the waterfall.

‘Warp, do you think what she said is true? She wanted to join our organization?’

‘I doubt that’ Warp replies. As the right hand man of Narleod, Warp is a high ranking member of League of Freedom.

‘So, why do I need to meet her?’ Narleod voice was displeased. Warp answers

‘In the off chance she is truly wanting to join you, this is an opportunity to bolster our power. She is also near Seed Forming. And her AOE attack is well known to inflict high damage.’

Hmm Narleod contemplated before he nodded.

‘Let’s meet her then’ he said as he moves towards the waterfall. He then stomp his feet in one of the rock beside a moss near the waterfall.

Stones pillars suddenly emerge from the bottom of the water forming a walk path to the cave behind the waterfall.

Inside the cave, Sofia could hear the sound from the outside with her advanced hearing. The eyes looking at the imprisoned Sofia also trembles as he hesitated before deciding to reveal himself.

From the ground appears a man clad in golden armor and golden boots, looking like a golden warrior of the past.

Sofia was stunned for a while before she registered the man in front of her.

The man in the golden armor then punches the jail bar and it crumbles like dust.

‘Raymond! What the hell do you think you are doing?’

‘Saving you of course! Come on hurry up!’ He said as he grabbed her hand.

As he grab his hand, Narleod and Warp teleported to the entrance of the hail when they saw the scene of Raymond and Divine Archer holding hands attempting a prison break and Warp face turns ugly.

‘Raymond. You broke the treaty of the World Government!’ He shouted before shooting an energy blast from his hand towards Raymond.

With one stomp of his feet Raymond created a ten meter Earth Wall that did not crack even after being hit by the energy blast.

Sofia was too stunned with this sudden development. Beneath the red devil mask, gritting his teeth, Narleod shouted

You wanted to deceive me Divine Archer and led me to my doom. I will remember this’ Narleod misunderstand that the Divine Archer was here under the orders of Raymond and was instead captured by him thus prompting Raymond to save her.

In his paranoia Narleod even thought that the reason why Sofia wanted to meet him was to serve him up to Raymond.

As his current predicament and pain resulted from Raymond it is no wonder the normally usually cunning and calm leader of the League of Freedom lost all of his rationality and is fill with distrust.

Narleod urge Warp to teleport them away from here.

‘Warp us away’ he ordered.

Both Warp and Narleod knew they were not Raymond match so they immediately teleported away.

The battle ended.

Sofia looks at Raymond with a confused expression before that confused expression turns into anger.

‘What…the hell!’ She then shouted.

If Loki was here he would know this event as the famous event in history where Raymond the Earthshaker save the Diviner Archer and where their Karmas truly becomes intertwined.

What Loki didn’t know was that she did not want to save at the time. In that timeline while the reason are different, Sofia the Divine Archer did let herself get captured by the League of Freedom but it was not to find information or determine who is the leader of the League of Freedom but she wanted to kill him because of what he done to Lord Shadow resulting in his imprisonment by the World Government.

Of course in this timeline, Azief did not get imprisoned by the World Government but it seems Loki underestimated destiny.

Once again, the event famous in his timeline will be recreated.

Yet, this time the reason are different and the motivations are different.

The characters are the same only their motivations changed. Could destiny be changed or will it move the same as before?

This was the question Loki wanted to be answered.

What constitute change in the TimeLine? Either way, today the karma of the Divine Archer and the Earthshaker will be intertwined.

The timelines are slowly walking to reach its final destination to reconcile the distortion in destiny and fates.

That day, as her plans were ruined, she blames Raymond for a while before they both in the end participating in a raid near the coast of Greece with some local heroes there killing a sea monster that terrorizes the coastal city of Santorini.

And in just a few months both of them reach seed Forming when the skies opens and millions of spacecraft pouring down to Earth.

Loki look at the sky with his eyes gleaming in excitement while the Oracle who was recuperating after she once again passed out after meeting Katarina also looks at the sky as her vision becomes clearer in her mind.

‘God of Death’ she mutters. ‘He is the key’ before turning back into her Temple to rest.

While Azief is at Earth 39 Earth prime is being attacked. The first major event in Loki timeline has begun.

The Weronian Invasion.


It has begun. Azief attacking Titan, Raymond and Sofia karma intertwined, and the Weronian Invasion that has been talked about since the first chapter has finally arrived to make splash.

Hope you like it. I was late writing this chapter because my friend laptop broke down and he had to repair it as he is the once borrowing his laptop to me so I could write. Then there is also the fact that I resume writing SONG of Heroes and write a whole three new chapters for that series thus making me have little times to write LS before the laptop broke down.

Anyway, the polls will be open on the next chapter so be ready. You can help me by donating or supporting me in wuxianation. Don’t forget to leave some comments.


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