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Under a bamboo tree, there is an old beggar that is sitting on the hard ground; in front of the old beggar is a bowl.

In the bowl there are a few silvers and coppers. The Old Beggar did not ask nor did he beg. Yet, people still offers some silver and coppers.

People called him the Old Beggar of the Bamboo Grove. A few weeks ago a dungeon appeared here.

With Arrayist Master Lee Sangmin creating a Trapping Array on the area and seal the monsters, it has become a dungeon and countless low level users flocked here to strengthen themselves.

As the monster did not pose threats to Energy Disperse Stage user, the upper echelons of the Empire of Japan did not intend to monopolize it and all users can come and kills monsters.

As monsters are limited and do not regenerate easily the amount of monster in the area has decreased.

Even now they are still people researching where did this monster originate from and how do they regenerate.

Some researchers have concluded that low level monster seems to regenerate faster and that rate of regeneration also dependent on the geography of certain place.

But there are also some monsters that do not regenerate. This includes the monster from Legendary rank to Ultimate.

Such prime example is the White Dragon that used to be on top of the Peak of White Mountain in the false Earth.

Then there is also the Black Dragon on the Volcanic Mountain Range.

When they returned back to Earth Prime the World Government quickly found this titanic monster slumbering.

The Black Dragon is on top of Mt Vesuvius in Italy. The Mountain itself had changed when they returned.

Not only the mountain becomes taller, it is on par with Mount Everest. Experts says that if the Volcano erupted the entire Italy would be covered in ash, smoke and volcanic lava.

Other than that, monsters regenerate in many places helping humanity growth.

As the wars are being prohibited right now to fend off the coming invasion of Weronians, the world is relatively at peace with some exterminating monster guild formed all over the world.

Most of them will disband after finished fulfilling their objectives.

Most of them seem to hunt high level monster in a raid like system. Even though some monsters are way above their level, with numbers, they could even defeat a Legendary rank monster.

In this dungeon that Lee Sangmin created, there are two legendary monsters. A Tengu and a Wolf Demon.

Both of them are yokai.

Researchers attributed this kind of monster appearance to the geography.

It seems that the World Orb created monster based on the lore of tat specific culture.

In Europe there is a lot of monster usually found and depicted in fantasy stories like ogres, orcs, and beastly monster.

Many of the guilds that were formed after the Fall to reap the benefits after killing the monsters flocked here, wanting to kill the Tengu and Wolf Demon.

But what has this got to do with the Old Beggar?

When the Old Beggar first arrived, no one pays him any attention other than a few people that pity him.

Yet, he rejected food and accept only silver and copper. He would not accept gold. People remarked that the Old Beggar is eccentric.

But then when Major Arno and the White Witch Giselle came here to subdue the Tengu the Old Beggar stop them and whispers something to the White Witch.

Major Arno wanted to stop the Old Beggar and even created a Steel chain that exploded out from the Earth to bind the Old Beggar from moving yet the Old Beggar dodges the chain effortlessly.

With one slap of his hand, the chain turns to dark smokes like its element was transformed from solid to gaseous substance.

It drew the attention of the nearby onlooker as they were shocked to see that the Old Beggar could easily dodges Major Arno who was in Energy Disperse Stage Middle Realm and even neutralizes his attack with such a simple slap.

Arno was shocked and alarms rang inside his heart but he was unable to move when the Old Beggar wanted to whisper something to the White Witch.

It was like he was under a spell.

The onlooker all understands something. It seems they underestimated the Old Beggar. He is actually an expert.

The White Witch while she was shocked was jolted scared and terrified after listening to the whispers of the Old Beggar.

Nobody knows what the Old Beggar whisper to the White Witch but her face was pale and her hand was trembling furiously after she heard the Old Beggar words.

She then orders Major Arno to accompany her back to the World Council Headquarters on the new Island of Peace somewhere in the Mediterranean leaving the entrance of the Dungeon and did not return.

Since then, people have been giving the Old Beggar sitting under the bamboo a few cooper and silver.

Sometimes if there is some danger the Old Beggar would get up from his sitting spot and help the unlucky users using his staff.

Today, there were a few guilds that try to subdue the Tengu and the wolf Demon but all were inflicted terrible injuries.

But there were no casualties as the Old Beggar arrived and help the people from getting killed.

They all expressed gratitude and the status of the Old Beggar in front of the entrance of the Dungeon rose again.

Nowadays, all users that came here shows respect as they walk past the Old Beggar. Those who wanted to give alms can give those who don’t want to don’t have to.

But the people here also perplexed at the Old Beggar. The old Beggar could clearly kill those two legendary rank monsters yet he did not.

Instead of killing the monster he seems to be content sitting under the bamboo tree and begging.

Some people speculate that the Old Beggar might be a Seed Forming low realm expert or an Energy Disperse Stage High Realm expert thus he is not interested in fighting such low rank monster.

At least to those high level experts Legendary rank was not as beneficial for their leveling like the low level users.

They were also perplexed that such a powerful person is not famous.

After the Battle at the World Council Island, there were some people that shot to famous status.

This all started from the Battle of the Gods that started with the Prince fighting the Nightingale Sasha.

At the time Sasha was not the Nightingale but a Seed Forming Realm expert. Their battle crushed mountains and hills and created tremors all over the false Earth.

In that battle Sasha lost and ran to the Forest Region where the High Lord of the Forest Alliance Arrayist Lee Sangmin held off the Prince using the Formation he constructed.

In that battle The Prince establishes his status as the world number one expert and the world strongest man.

Then there is the battle of the Prince with the Seven Fairy.

Seven powerful Energy Disperse Stage expert could not even withstand the prince might in a few bouts thus showing to the world the gap between a Seed Forming expert with Energy Disperse Stage expert was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

They were almost killed if not for the mercy of the prince who accepted them as his subordinate at least that is how the stories go among the people.

But the people in the know that the Prince was schemed against and nearly get duped and suffer a great loss.

The Sven Fairy wanted protection against the Beast Horde and the prince accepted.

By that time and after this repeated showing of might and invincibility the Prince faction were threats to all the organizations in the world.

The schemes that were laid for the Prince to fall into did not happen at least that is how it seems but it actually worked.

The League of Freedom while one of their objectives was foiled but they managed to wake the world and view the Prince faction with suspicious eyes.

And as long as they look towards the growth of the prince faction, the League of Freedom could bide their time as they grow silently.

That was the grand scheme. And the Prince knows but he can’t do anything about it since he could not force or change what people think of him.

If the Seven Fairy as the Prince subordinates is not enough for the whole world to be wary of the Prince faction then there is also the White Tiger Wang Jian who Loki saves from demise in China.

He possesses artifacts from head to toe, the artifact of Sun Wukong. With it he reigns supreme in the battlefield, wining battle after battle.

It is ironic that the story version of Sun Wukong were rebellious but Wang Jian is  a loyal person and win battles for the Prince faction making it easy for the Prince to do other things.

Then there is Loki the Trickster who is full of schemes and widely regarded as the advisor of the Prince.

Many people did not want to tangle with this kind of person who is slick and cunning.

Then there is the Divine Archer who possesses the Houyi Bow and has a powerful long range attack and rumored to the Prince woman.

But she is also associated with General Raymond of the World Council.

There is also the fact she is an Energy Disperse Stage expert that could fight toe to toe with some of the powerful people in the world.

Then there is aloes Genius Alchemist Sina who could create miraculous pills and strengthen the low level users and boost their potentials, creating a powerful army in the fastest time possible.

And with the Seven Fairy and even Sasha joining the Prince the entire world was frightened with this lineup.

The only other organization in the world that could match this abundance of experts and talents is only the Revolutionary Army and the World Council.

But the culmination of this event eventually leads to the battle at the Island of Peace. All the world knows the story as it is an example of brotherhood and heroic deeds.

To save his sworn brother, the Prince went to confront the World Council demanding that his brother released and with the refusal of the President of the World Council, a small war erupted on the Island.

The Prince faction also welcomed two more experts, the Immortal Couple into their fold and The Dark Speedster who used to work with the Royal Family of Britain and under the World Council were revealed to actually be the sworn brother of the Prince and a spy.

With all this revelations and scheme revealed to the world, the great experts of the World Council try to fight off the Prince with even Raymond and other experts try to persuade the Prince to see the greater picture.

The result?

The teleportation Formation was activated and President Hirate activated the Council lifesaving treasures

A great battle then ensues as the world stood watching the secret broadcast with everyone knowing that the result of the battle will surely changed the situations of the world.

The Island was split into two as the lifesaving treasures of the World Council were destroyed by a great saber slash that was capable of rendering the Heaven and Earth apart.

With Halos of Ring on top of the Prince head when he temporarily broke through to Disk Formation, it was almost like the Prince was a divine existence the moment he brings down his saber down to the island.

The Island broke and the world experiences tsunamis and earthquakes.

The day the myth of the World Council invincibility was broken, the people following the Prince all shot to stardom and were viewed by many as a threat and war potential that could wipe out hundreds and even thousands of low level user with only two or three people.

But this Old Beggar figures is unrecognizable. How could such a powerful person could be such low profile?

Evening came and the sun is setting. Sighing, the guilds walk back to the nearby in as they said farewell to the Old Beggars.

Night came and only the sound of the wind accompanied the Old Beggar who was sitting down in an uncouth manner in front of his begging bowl.

The Beggar brings out something from his Storage Pouch. It was a wine bottle. He then brought out a wine glass.

And after scanning the area with his divine sense and confirming there is no one nearby he pour the wine into the wine glass.

It was a red wine. Then putting down the wine bottle he drinks the wine inside the wine glass with a satisfied expression on his face.

The bamboos grove here grows thick and strong giving shades to cool down the summer heat while letting in beams of sunshine during winter for warmth.

The Old Beggar was relaxing feeling the peace when suddenly a voice broke through the silence.

‘Still playing this kind of game, Loki?’ It was a girl voice, but it was cold and severe.

Loki smirk as he instantly knows who is seeing through his disguise and spoke to him with such familiarity.

Coming out from the bamboo grove, illuminated by the moonlight a child with a pale face appears a few hundred meters in front of Loki.

‘Beautiful’ Loki unconsciously said before his cheek grows red as he realizes he said it out loud.

Loki has always felt while Morgana is a little cold and mysterious, she was beautiful.

Not in an objective way but in the way her personality seems to overwhelm others.

After all there are many beauties after the Fall since by leveling up and becoming stronger the hidden potential inside a person body would be unleashed.

Someone who really cares about beauty would find some items or pills to change their appearances or weight.

‘Morgana. Do you not understand rejection? I’m not interested in your plan?’ Loki said looking a little miffed as he waves his hand and a single wind gale as sharp as blade flew to Morgana.

The pressure of the wind blade causes the wind inside this bamboo grove area to halt.

If this wind blade collided with Morgana body then Morgan would be sliced to a thousand pieces.

Morgana did not move or activated any items but a suction force suddenly appeared from the sky as Morgana bodyguard Louise appears from the sky and sucking the wind gale into his large gourd.

The moment Louise landed in front of Morgana the wind gale has been neutralized by Louise as he slightly pants in exhaustion.

‘The wind gale was very powerful’ he remarked inside his mind as the wind in the area blows normally again.

Morgana smiles that malevolent smile again as she look at Loki in amusement.

‘Trying to kill me, dear husband?’

She asks but there is no hint of coyness in her voice.

Loki shrugged as the wrinkles of his face slowly transformed into a smooth skin and Loki face transform entirely into a young man in mere moments.

He now wears a silk golden robe looking like a royal noble young master as he smiles.

‘I just want rats to show themselves.’ He replies looking uninterested in the reason they are coming here.

He then sits like a thug looking bored as he scratches his chin.

The five feet tall girl walks a step when Loki flicks his finger and a powerful compressed air shoots out as a hole were created a few feet forward from Morgana.

‘That distance is enough.’ Morgana green eyes look at Loki coldly. With his red tight robe she seems to be a monster of the night.

After all that red tight robe is made from human skin and bloodlust aura constantly emanated from her the moment Loki attacked her with the wind gales.

The book behind her back bounded with silver metal chains is furiously shaking like it wanted to be let out.

‘Shut up!’ Loki scolded and this scold of his was filled with primordial energy from his Soul as the Investiture of the First Race on the back of Morgana suddenly stop shaking and become like an ordinary book.

Its black aura was suppressed as it recognizes the soul power.

Loki might not be a Sovereign now and do not possess his godly means and his Dominion and Domain but his soul was forged and grinded by Time and experience.

Not even Time Travel could erase the mark of his hardship and experience he accumulated from his soul.

If he time travel and his memories were erased of course he would not have this pressuring effect from his soul but Sofia and Time God when they sent Loki back to the past decided to preserve the power of his soul.

And this has helped Loki tremendously in achieving many of his objectives.

‘You!’ Morgana almost shouted when Loki calm face contorted into an angry expression and the silhouette of the God of Deceit could be seen materializing from the aura of his soul and like a powerful gust, it causes both Morgana and Louse to feel their Orb cracking.

‘Hey!’ And Loki pointed a finger to Morgana and in that moment killing intent rises up from Loki heart.

BOOM! Both Morgana and Louise felt like there was an explosion in their consciousness as one of their Orbs exploded.

That pointed finger was infused with the killing intent of a former Sovereign.

To put it into perspective it was like the Universe extending its finger to push the entire weight of Universe to you and Morgana and Louise both coughed blood and retreated a few steps backward.

‘Sovereign are God’ This statement once again reinforces itself in Louise mind as he wipes the blood on the corner of his mouth as he pooped some pills into his mouth to quickly stabilizes his other Orbs.

Then Loki glared at Morgana

Louise was alarmed as he reaches his hand to his gourd when Loki slaps his hand to the ground and shouted

‘Kneel!’ And like that, unconsciously Louise kneels unable to get up.

His clear brown eyes almost seem to be clouded, his yellow wine gourd cracked. Then Loki looks at Morgana in disdain as he said

‘It seems you forgot Morgana. You might be my teacher and you must think you can demand things from me but I don’t recall that I’m such a generous person to treat the people I rejected twice so nicely.’

Morgana still look at Loki with that expressionless face, her hand itching to open the Investiture of the First Race.

Loki could see her thoughts. After all she used to be his wife. So, he only smirks. Unless Morgana wanted to suffer, she would not do any rash decision.

So, unconcerned with what Morgana would do, Loki smirked and said

‘Just because I dint smite you two since the beginning don’t think that I can’t.’

‘Lord Loki we only come to talk.’ Louise said as he slowly tries to get up. Loki did not object anymore. The silhouette of Loki past appearance as a Sovereign slowly faded as the soul pressure slowly dissipated.

‘Hmph. Since I did not show my fangs both of you think I can be bullied? Yes, I’m not a Sovereign right now and only an Energy Disperse Stage High Realm but if you think you can defeat me easily you got another thing coming for you. I might not have my powers as a Sovereign but since I cross time and Space to be here, could you imagine how powerful my soul is? This is the soul of a Sovereign. You underestimate me too much.’

‘Loki…..why so stubborn?’ Morgan asks as she wipes the blood dripping on the edges of her mouth.

‘You have your way and I have mine.’ Loki simply replied

‘Do you trust the memories they given you? Did the memories tell you everything?’ Morgana ask with a hint of anxiousness in her voice which perplexed Loki.

‘So you knew.’ Loki said.

‘I knew. Hirate skills of transferring memories onto other are a secret but I know. ‘


‘Do you think they gave you all their memories?’ Morgana ask again

‘What does this have to do with anything?’ Morgana did not say anything but she smiles and did not continue.

Then she ask

‘You are here in Kyoto disguising as an Old Beggar? Why?’

Loki eyes narrowed before he asked back

‘Why do you care?’

‘Because if you have read the memories that were given to you then this is the place where the Acolyte of Dark Tidings will make an appearance.’ Morgana calmly answer as she looks at Loki face trying to see his expression.

This time Loki face changed. He certainly did not expect that Morgana would know this. Morgana smiles as she has confirmed her suspicion.

‘HE will descend here right?’ Morgana asked as her eyes becomes sharper. Louise was puzzled. He did not know who this Acolyte of Whatever is.

Loki did not answer. Only his face becomes sullen like he was caught in a lie

‘You are really going to let our personal problems affect the Universe?’ Morgana ask before Loki sighed and then nodded as he put his hands up

‘To be accurate one of the people here will become the vessel of Yewa- Hafar.’

‘Yewa- Hafar?’

‘So, you only know his title but not his name? Understandable.’ Loki said as he pours wine into his glass again.

There was also a smile on his face. A mocking smile. Then he explained

‘The Destroyer before he descended will send his Acolyte. This Acolyte will bring with it Dark tidings that will envelope the world a few days before the arrival of the Destroyer. Expect earthquakes, fires, and mountain and abyss appeared out of nowhere. End of Days kind of stuff. But since Yewa- Hafar was sealed inside a Cube Galaxy by the Creator he could only send his soul down and take a vessel and strengthen his vessel.’

‘Could it be?’ Morgana finally understanding something.

‘Yes, I was waiting for someone to defeat the Wolf Demon to appear.’

It is clear that the memories that Loki have contains information that said the person who will defeat the Wolf Demon will become the vessel.

And he is here waiting. This conclusion quickly formed in Morgana mind as her fist clenched.

Then, why did father did not stop that person when he knows who the vessel is? She asked herself and at the same time always felt like she was grasping at shadows.

‘Tch’ she click her tongue.

Even now, it felt like her father is giving her a question. And Morgana always hated that. Because most of his question has no answer and those that do, the answer only he knows.

‘That person will be the vessel?’ Morgana asking for confirmation. Loki looks at her, hesitating before nodding.

‘According to my memories that is. At the Final Battle the vessel has already regain his final form and the mortal he inhabits has already turns into husk of dust thus we could not identify his original appearance. But since I was experienced in reading Karma, I cut a strand of Karma relations and from that I decipher that he used to kill a Wolf Demon somewhere in Kyoto. The moment I heard a Dungeon appeared in Kyoto and a wolf demon is one of the monsters I rushed to come here to observe the people coming here.’

‘So, not other people memories?’ she mused. Morgana reevaluate the information. Sometimes she forgot Loki was also a Sovereign.

She still remembers the weak little teenager swinging sword. In the end, Loki did not become a warrior instead a cunning trickster

And of all the Sovereign he is the one most proficient in sorting Karma.

That comes in handy when making deals that would profit him.

‘However how do you know?’ Loki asked

‘I have my secrets Morgana said remaining mysterious.’

‘Thank you for the intel’ Morgana said as she grabs Louise to slowly get up. Then she walks back to the staircase to climb down from the bamboo hill.

‘Where are you going?’ Loki asked.

‘Why do you care?’ This time Morgana return back Loki words

‘You do not think the descent of the vessel of the Acolyte worth of your notice?’

‘I just wanted to confirm some question that has been bugging me. Now, that I know you are here, I am not worried. Like you say, dear husband, you follow your way, I will follow mine.’

And Morgana walk away, with each steps, her back seems to be further away and Loki felt his heart hurting.

Knowing what she had done and why she did it…..Loki sighed as his hand formed into a fist. He was powerless yet again.

He could not help…and once again he disappointed the people he loves.

HE might not marry Morgana because of love, and she did not marry him because of love but after so many years of knowing each other…there is affection.

Loki knows how much Morgana wanted children. To refine her own child…she is cruel…both to the child and to her.

One could only imagine her desperation and despair. Out of everyone Loki understands her the most.

That is because he once felt that same desperation. He felt desperate. He felt despair.

So, he seeks power to never felt that kind of feeling again. He uses everything he had. Nothing….would stand in his way.

He was ruthless and merciless in his pursuit.

But at the end of the road he finally knows what is important and acknowledges the thing that has gone missing in his journey for power.

It is a joke. In the end he could not surpass the other Six Sovereigns. The answer is simple. It is their Heart.

His heart was not strong. He might be the fastest user to reach Sovereign but his power could not compare to any of the Sovereign.

He understands it clearly when he saw the War of the Sovereign. It was at that time he finally knows the gap between him and the other Sovereign.

The problem was not resources; it was determination, perseverance and the heart that will stand strong no matter how hard the world is beating you.

Each time you fall, bloodied and beaten, you need to get up even if that means being beaten again.

It is stupid.

But this stupid method is what gave the other Six Sovereign their special aura, their special presence akin that of a star that shines the universe.

And seeing the slowly fading back of Morgana, Loki earnestly wished she would not walk the same thorny path he walked.

So before he realizes he said

‘It is better to give up Morgana’ Loki said before sighing, in his eyes reflected his loneliness and tiredness.

‘I have lost too many people. I…don’t want to lose you too.’ Loki admitted.

The wind blows and ruffles Morgana robe as her steps halted and she turns back to look at Loki face.

Her heart quickened but she quickly calms it.

‘Hmph’ Morgana snorted.

‘You think you can kill me?’ Loki shakes his head.

She always does this when she is flustered. Always….wanting to cover herself with barbed words.

‘What makes you think I can’t?’ Loki said softly.

‘Loki…we both know the reason why you did not knock me dead the moment you knew what I was planning is because my role in this destiny is large. You read Karma. You know killing me would changes many things. There are some people you just cannot kill before it is time. You know this law better than anyone. You would not risk the destruction of your grand plan just because I have a different plan from you Gods.’

‘Is that what you believe?’ Loki asks, his eyes could not hide his disappointment.

Morgana gritted her teeth and nodded.

‘So, be it. If that is what you believe, then that was probably it’ Loki said with a bitter smile on his face.

Morgana harrumphed before she takes another step and Loki ask a question

‘Why did you hate the God of Death so much?’ Loki suddenly asked and Morgana face changed.

‘What?’ Morgana steps halted again.

‘There are other Sovereigns yet I got the feeling your animosity was always directed at the God of Death. What did he ever do to you?’

‘Why do you care!’ Morgana suddenly lashed out which startles Loki and Louise. Morgana was usually calm.

This the first time Louise ever saw Morgana lost control. Loki senses something. Then his eyes narrowed.

‘Come to think of it, your Karma should have been connected with the God of Death since you once met him. Yet, when I recall the past, even though you have seen him Karma should have formed. Yet, Karma has never been formed. That is impossible….unless’

And for some reason hundreds of possibilities are running inside Loki mind as he recalls Morgana hate for the God of Death.

And his mind recalls a certain memories. At the time he was at the Heavenly Island that the God of Death created for Annika.

Every time he is troubled he would come here. Many people think that Loki hated Azief but actually after fighting and bickering for so long all across the Universe, they become more like an old friend.

They do not like each other but they also didn’t want the other to be gone.

At the time Loki was also spending time with Annika.

In Azief realm, Annika remains immortal.

The reason why Loki remembers this particular memory is because that day Azief has formed another Universe in the vast galaxies and he intends to reincarnate Annika soul into one of the planets of that Universe.

Since he could not reciprocate Annika love for him, the only thing he could give him is a blessed life.

As Azief reincarnate Annika soul and send her into a new life the God of Death grew sentimental as he recounts a tale of his stepdaughter.

From the gist of it, his stepdaughter committed a terrible crime, a crime he could not forgive and so he banished her from his realm forever to be marked with a curse.

She will find no love and never be loved and she will have her heart desires unfulfilled. At that time, Loki did not understand why Azief told him this story.

‘Loki! I’m leaving!’ Morgana said as she rushed down the hill.

Loki comes out from his memories and suddenly so many thing makes sense.

He did not even have time to stop Morgana when Morgana flew to the sky with wheels of fire under her feet, streaking through the night sky.

Loki sighed before he remembered Morgana words.

“I’m cursed”

“There is someone I have to defeat”

“I will not love you and I know you will not love me”

“You ask who I hate? My father”

“I need a strong person”

All these words now make sense. Now, he knows why she said these words in the past. And he knows why even after so many things he did the God of Death never kills him.

Looking at the night sky, Loki smiles.

But it was a smile that was full of sadness. One could not help but think that such smile is sorrowful.

‘Could it be, you are his stepdaughter?’ Suddenly feeling himself to be so stupid Loki laughs, with his hand covering the tears that is slowly dropping down from his eyes.

‘Is that why, Morgana?’ Then he remembers her betrayal and now knowing why, he wondered if he knew at the time would his and her story be different.

He remembers that Morgana leave him in the Underworld. Could it be he misunderstands her at the time?

‘Never to love and never to be loved. That is a heavy punishment, Morgana. But I bet you didn’t know. Human will is stronger than a curse.’

Wiping the tears on his face, Loki eyes become even more determined.

‘I will change that future. This Azief is not that Azief. And maybe…..by changing his future, I will change your future too. No matter what you felt about me, it is the truth that you are my teacher’

Clenching his fist, that night his determination was once again confirmed.



A ripple in the Universe marked a rip in space as suddenly a huge spaceship appeared that blot out Saturn.

It is the Starwarship of the Weronians. And this is their Mothership. Then suddenly from the rip of space millions of smalls spaceship appeared behind the Mothership

Sitting on the Throne in the front deck of the Mothership is a ten feet Weronian King.

He has humanlike body type. But each muscle on his body are as hard as steel. His body is full of tattoos that resemble a bit of runes.

And their skin color is dark green. Wearing a red armor that emitting bloodlust the Weronian King spoke in Weronian


If people of Earth prime heard this word they would immediately understand thanks to the translation ability of the World Orb.

The Weronian King said



Ok, here it is. Loki and Morgan butt heads. There is a bit about the Destroyer. Loki and Morgana past and Morgana secret.

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