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Washington DC

The wind blows harshly today in DC with thunder skies filled the entire Capital of Evolvers.

The Evolvers look up and realize only the skies around the Tower of Dread are especially volatile with thunder booming and lightning striking.

They speak words of blessing before resuming their works.

With the Evolvers liberation Washington DC has been the center of Evolvers administration for the new world order with delegation from other Rebellion leaders all over the world converges here after last week event where the Supreme general decimated the Ming Empire.

Even now, the effect could not truly be calculated with rebellion leaders rises up like mushroom after rain in Ming after the destruction of the Zhu family.

Ming is in chaos and with the rebellion after rebellion it will not be long until Evolvers will have the majority power in Ming.

And to that they refer the Rebellion army. It is now an unspoken rule…..all rebellion could only be legitimized by having the approval of the Supreme General.

So, today, many of the Rebellion leaders all over the world have been invited to the First Capital of Evolvers to discuss the way forward and to have an audience with the Supreme General.

When they arrived escorted with the Thirteen Division of General Catherine, the first thing they marvel from the aerial view of the First Capital was not the White House which used to be the seat of power for Normies in US but the Tower of Dread.

They all feel an urge to run the moment they saw the black adamant tower reaching the skies.

When the Protection Barrier is open only then they can enter the airspace of the First Capital.

When they arrived at the private airstrip, even from then they could see the Tower of Dread Earth Wall and one delegates could not help but remark how big and tall the tower must be and how the Supreme General has made that Tower as his symbol of his determination to eradicate the Normies from the face of the Earth which calms the other delegates heart.

Sometimes even Evolvers have a subconscious fear to the Supreme General considering what he can do.

The tower of dread is a Tower made of skull and bones of Normies as a testament of the Supreme General wrath.

The Pillars are made from blood, the iron in human blood compressed into solid form.

It is where he resides. It was a symbol of the Supreme General power. In one night he built the Tower with his abilities.

Bones and skull was compressed and strengthen using the supreme General abilities.

Every Evolvers working in the Capitol would gaze at the tower and in their gaze there is a feeling of security knowing that a person like the Supreme General is protecting them.

But to the Normies, it was symbol of dread and fear.

The Tower itself was an incredible feat of architecture as the tower reaches the clouds and has no stairs.

Since the Supreme General can fly it stands to reason why the Tower has no stairs.

It has a topmost tower where it is rumored where the Supreme General sits on his throne of bones and skull and where he brought only the most important member of his trusted Evolvers to discuss matters of grave importance.

Sinners or Normies who have done terrible things was also sometimes brought here before they are executed..

The Tower of Dread also has multiple towers and the entire Tower is surrounded by black miasma and gray fog so that it could not be clearly seen from the distance.

At the beginning it was easily seen but now as the Supreme General keeps killing, the Tower become even darker and even hard to see and the black miasma and the gray fog slowly spreading.

Making the tower look blurry from afar.

Underneath the tower, it is rumored to houses many cavern and underground pits where it serves as Purgatory for some heinous Normies and Evolvers that have done terrible things to Evolvers race.

It used to be only the black tower but now after the Supreme General returns from doing incredible feats all over the world, he added river of molten lava around the Tower and constructed Earth Wall that reaches the skies cordoning off the Tower from public view.

But the Earth Wall itself as a sign of where the Tower is situated.

Unless one enters the Gate of Dread one could no longer see the Tower.

And there is a new addition.

In the topmost tower there is an altar and on that altar the Supreme General struck the Trident of Namer and granted a dome of protection that used to protect Atlantis all over the United States.

Now, with double the protection even if this planet is destroyed the United States would probably float into space and remains intact.

The world notices that the stronger the Supreme General becomes, the more powerful the Tower becomes.

Now, it is a black fortress that could pressure someone invisibly. Just by looking at it Normies would feel pressured.

It has that kind of presence.

And inside that Tower, on the topmost tower a black stone table carved to resemble the map of the Seven Bloc Azief is looking at someone sitting on the opposite side of the table on a white stone chair.

Like always his black robe fluttered being blown by the harsh winds and behind him lightning crossed and strikes the Four Pillars on the topmost tower.

On each corner is the Four Divine Beast statue.

He was sitting like he was the Monarch of Darkness, majestic and godly.

Azief was sitting on the throne of skulls that is emitting death aura and black fog and look at that man with a stare before closing his eyes and sighing.

The other person was a bit thin but tall. He wears a formal suit and had a neatly trimmed beard. He looks like a guy that stumbles here from a formal business conference.

‘I didn’t like this new look’ Azief said.

‘Heh’ the other man scoffed.

But they didn’t seem like enemies.

No, the way Azief look at the man was the way an older brother would look at his younger brother.

It was full of concern thoughts but also of a slight annoyance. The man was waiting for the floating coffeepot to finish pouring his coffee.

‘I need a little sugar’ the man said.

Azief sighed and then the spoon on his side of the table slowly floats to that man bringing it with the sugar.

Azief waves his hand and the sugar pot flew and landed just beside the man.

‘Thanks’ The man replies as he put a few cubes of sugar inside his cup.

‘That’s a lot of sugar you’re taking.’

The man listening to Azief words raises his eyebrows and then laughed a little.

‘What? You’re worried I’ll get diabetes? For beings like us to get diabetes is an impossibility.’ Azief just scoffed.

‘So what did you comprehend after refining the elements?’ The man suddenly asked as he stirred his cup.

‘That’s what you want to know?’

‘I know you chase Perfection. At eats I like to know what you comprehend. It might help me if I want to pursue the same path.’

‘My comprehension will not be the same as your comprehension’ Azief said as his spoon was slowly stirring his coffee cup.

He looked at the spoon and the spoon went back to its case.

‘So?’ The man asks with a little annoyance and Azief just shakes his head as he takes a sip before he explains.

‘From Fire I comprehended the energy that moves the thing in the world, a vigorous energetic force that connect everything and could only be broken by a negative energy.’

‘Passion’ Azief explained as he conjures a fire on the tip of his fingers. The heat emitted from that fire could melt steel as easily fire burns paper.

‘Heart of Fire’ he added.

As he throws that wisp of fire to the lightning on one of the clouds and a terrifying explosion shattered the sound barrier and a sound quake exploded on top of the skies alarming the nearby Evolvers population.

After looking at the skies and knowing the sound comes from the Tower of Dread they all pretend that nothing happens.

The cup on that man table was shaken but he managed to prevent it from stumbling down.

‘It would be helpful if you are summoning the Purifying Fire for your Perfection Tribulation.’ The man sipping the coffee said.

He then looks at the coffee he just drink and shows a thumbs up to Azief.

‘You sure look calm’ Azief said.

‘You have seen my uncool side so many times, I rarely get flustered anymore.’ Azief chuckles slightly

‘Is that so?’ As he looked at the man and shakes his head.

‘Then why bother hiding? Why did you not contact me even after I revealed myself to the world if you don’t care me seeing your uncool side?’

The man did not say anything as he just look at Azief and then avert Azief look and take another sip.

‘Nice coffee.’ The man complimented

‘You know how I am.’ Azief said with a slight smile.

‘Even now, you still could not forget your past dreams? It looks more like an obsession by now.’ The man suddenly said as he put down his cup

‘No, I just appreciated my old self memories. At least…I have a dream at that time. Though it hurts when knowing you dreams don’t help you in reality.’

‘You just like brewing coffee.’ The man said nodding his head like he understand.

Azief nodded.

‘Yes, and liking something like that won’t make you successful according to my parents.’

That man sighed.

‘That story again?’ Azief smiles.

‘You could have persevered. After all they are people succeed doing the same thing that you love.’

‘That’s the point. I didn’t do it to succeed. I do it because I like it.’

‘Then you should have done it. Persevere.’

‘I’m not like that. I’m…not like now.’ He paused and he managed to said it out

’I’m not the same person now.’

‘In the past…what kind of person you are then?’

Azief takes a sip of his hot coffee and take a sip. He admitted that his brewing skill is perfect now.

In Earth Two he even takes lesson from top famous Barista and coffeemaker.

It is unlike him and he knows he is not the same person as before. No one would expect, the Prince would quit the chaotic era and open a coffee shop.

Taking a sip, he then answer

‘I’m a coward back then. To cowardly to even chase a dream. But my dream changed. I am a different man…so I have a different dream now’ Azief said as he look at the skies and said

‘To see what is at the end. I was sleeping beforehand now that I have awakened. I wanted to chase the end…whether it be heaven or Hell I need to know’

‘What? Shocked?’

‘Hmm. You once said it to me but at that time I thought you were just boasting. To see the end, huh? True, true, after seeing what we have seen, to not try to reach for beyond the starry skies would be a waste of the gifts we have been given. A millions years passed but even if at that time you still didn’t find the end, then what then? When your friends and loved ones all have returned to nothingness what will you feel then? Isn’t it better to live peacefully? To seek the end….is it that easy?’  The man answer.

Azief did not say anything only taking another sip but his determination did not waver.

He is no longer the same person and as such he now has a different dream. And having a dream is important.

It gives him a sense of purpose again. An objective. And with a sense of purpose he could keep walking. And he hopes the people beside him could follow him as he seeks that end.

Having a dream….means to walk a lonesome road. But Azief never had the thought he had to belong somewhere.

He has his own belief. He came to this world alone and he will leave it alone so he didn’t need to feel he has to belong somewhere.

He will grasp the future with his own hand and nothing will stand in his way. With this thought he survived and keeps his heart strong no matter how dark and hopeless things become.

‘And Water? How about that?’ Suddenly the man asked. Azief chuckles again.

‘Changing the topic again. Fine. I’ll entertain you. From Water I comprehended that the thing in the world aware fluid, flowing….Formless.’

‘Formless?’ The man asked.

‘Yes, formless. By being formless, one could be anything and as such survive even the harshest condition. By being formless mean also to be adaptable.’

‘Wind?’ The man asked

‘Carefree’ Azief answered immediately

The man frowned

‘Now, you’re just spouting words.’

‘It is words but also a concept. I give them words to give them meanings. The concept I comprehend could not be explained by simple words. I sometimes think that by giving it certain meaning it limits the comprehension. Just like now. I said Water is Formless and Fire is Passion. But that just words I told you to give you a sense of what I comprehended. But that does not mean that the things I comprehend only covers that scope, it is so much more and could not be explained by words. The more I try to speak of it or explain the more it diminished and condescend the concepts I comprehend.’

‘Then the benefits?’

‘My divine Sense expanded my body and will strengthen and many other qualitative change happens throughout all my bodies and I have the abilities to control many elements though not as proficient as the Seven Elements rotating inside my Seed of Elements.’

‘Now, tell me why you didn’t call me?’ Azief asked.

‘I wanted to present something useful to you before I met you. I wanted to repay you at least.’

‘Why?’ Azief said his voice tone was cold.

‘So I don’t feel like a total screw-up. And I don’t know what you will think of me after doing such selfish things.’

Azief then chuckles but it was with mirth of disdain. Then he slaps the table and laughed.

‘So, it is pride.’

‘Pride?’ The man creased his eyebrows clearly he does not like being called prideful

‘Yes, its pride. And vanity.’

‘You don’t want to be pitied. You don’t want to be sympathized but you still want my help’ at this time the man stood up and was clearly angry.

‘What? Struck a nerve?’ Azief is still seated on his throne with the wind on the skies becoming even harsher as thunderstorm is slowly forming from the clouds.

‘How could you think like that?’ The man said pointing his finger in frustration

‘Will!’ Azief shouted and thunder boomed and shakes the skies as the pressure akin to Heaven Punishment descended and cracks some of the towers on the Tower of Dread.

And Azief stood up from his throne and the room temperature decreased drastically as the black fog rapidly spreading all over the room making the whole room looks like it is covered with the black fog.

‘Selfish thing?’ As Azief walk to Will, each of his steps was full of power and it was like his figures grew to be bigger with each steps taken.

‘You. Are. My. Brother.’ With each step he said this word and he reach Will. And reaching him, the thunder stop and the pressure dissipated.

Will eyes were misty.

‘Even after all the mess I left behind?’

Azief pat his shoulder

‘Small problem’ Azief said with a smirk on his face.

‘Which younger brother in this world didn’t leave a mess for their older brother?’ And Will laugh.

‘Once a brother, always a brother’ he said before Will hugged Azief tightly.

‘I understand why you did it, Will. Did you think I do not understand? Selfish? Yes, you were selfish. So what? You’re still my brother. The only thing I can do is help you by cleaning up your mess. What is this talk about paying and repaying?’

Will was too touched and only nodded his head.

Azief once said to him that even if the entire world is against him, he needs at least one person to keep going.

A brother or a lover, it didn’t matter. Will decided that if one day there comes a time where it will be choice between his brother and the world, he would pick his brother.

Because this is his brother.

Will of course didn’t know that his decision today borne out his heart would lead to unexpected consequence in the future.

If Loki knew what Will is thinking right now, he would smash his head onto a brick wall.

In the past timeline, Will was the person closest to killing The God of Death.

Yet, here in this timeline Azief and Will were like bosom brothers that would sacrifice their lives for each other.

It was truly ironic.

However if Morgana sees this she would surely says this is the karmatic cause and effect in play. It is always mysterious but it always in some way makes sense.

The tangled web of destiny and fate, how could it be easy to be unravel?

In another timeline, they were bitter enemies, in this timeline they were bosoms brothers. The same could be said for Loki.

Loki was the one who wanted to watch the downfall of the God of Death the most yet here he is in this timeline, to raise the very man he despises and fear to become the God of Death.

Karma, Morgana would say.

Ironic, Loki would say.

‘You should have sought me the moment you knew I’m here.’ Azief said laughed and put his hand on Will shoulder.

‘I…was too ashamed’ Will said as he releases his hug.

‘You…ashamed?’ And Azief chuckles.

‘What? I do know shame’ Will say this time smiling.

‘What are your plans after this? I doubt you wanted to stay here since all of your friends in Earth Prime’ Will immediately ask.

‘Now, that I know what has happened to you, the way forward is clear.’ Azief said as his throne floated slowly to him and he then sits back on his throne.

‘We will get the Sealed Fragment and extract back the Sped Source and then I will destroy Titan and form my Seventh Seed.’

‘Killing two birds with one stone.’ Will nodded

‘Yes, since your sealed Speed Source in Titan it could be considered that after we got your Speed Source back, I will destroy Titan. I am confident if I could refine that Moon I would be able to form my Seventh Seed.’

‘Then?’ Will asked.

‘Then, I will begin slaughtering all the Normies on Earth leaving only a handful of Normies. By then I might be able to form my Eight Seed and might even reaches the pinnacle of forming my Ninth Seed.’

‘Then? Will asked again excited.

Then….we’re going home.’ Will laughed.

‘It’s just like you.’ Azief also laughed when suddenly he stopped his laugh.

‘He arrived. Hmm.’

‘Who arrived?’ Will asked. Then the altar on the left side of the door of this topmost tower room shines.

‘Teleportation Port? I thought you only approved me entering from it just now.’ Will said. Azief nodded.

There is another person I give this privilege’ then a soldier appears from the teleportation port and immediately kneeled.

‘I am here hearing the summons of the Supreme General’

And Will seeing the face of the soldier was about to shout in shock but he manage to stop himself by closing his own mouth.

Then Will look at Azief and that soldier and suddenly he felt the urge to laugh.

‘Soldier, how the task?’

‘It is completed.’

‘Tell the President, in a few weeks we will be doing a very risky gamble. And then tell the President to give the entire army in Rebellion Army a few day rests.’

‘Thank you Supreme General. I will convey this message’

‘You can return.’

The soldier nodded. And then that soldier exit the same way he came. After he disappeared Will look at Azief and then he said

‘Isn’t that soldier….you?’

Azief nodded.

‘The me of this Earth.’ Will smiles.

‘So, you’re helping him.’

‘I felt a sense of familiarity’ Azief replies. Will laughed.

‘Want to see something interesting tonight?’ Azief asked.

Will then nodded

‘I’m on.’ That night after finished planning their grand plan Azief brought Will somewhere.

By manipulating the wind Will was floating as they flew to the sky and arrived at a Park.

They then could see that soldier who resembles Azief is waiting for someone. He was nervously waiting for someone and was wearing an elegant suit.

‘He must have just come back from the banquet on the White House’ Azief remarked.

‘He was a slave in a noble house before’ Azief said.

‘He was tortured but remains alive and still possesses a positive outlook in life.’

‘I…admire that because if I suffer as he did I would break down if I were weak like him. Now, of course I wouldn’t break down but in the past….I’m not so sure. Now, my will and determination is as strong as steel. His name is Azief too.’

Azief suddenly said and Will just look.

A woman approaches the bench where Azief of this world is sitting. The moment Azief of Earth 39 look at the woman his eyes shines.

That woman has beautiful long hair and white complexion.

She was wearing very stylish black clothes and Will and Azief could immediately see that both of this two people have feelings for each other.

It is clear the way they look at each other and how they tried to look the best for each other.

The moment Will saw the girl he understand why Azief supported this soldier that have the same face as him.

‘Why did you call me here tonight? I have training tomorrow’ the girl said but there is a hint of red on her cheeks.

She was obviously flushed

Azief was silent, fiddling with his finger before he stopped and with a serious tone of voice he ask

‘Hey…’ Azief said but he failed to sound too serious instead his voice was slightly trembling.

‘Yeah?’ The woman suddenly answered timidly as she could sense the surrounding that is becoming a bit different than usual.

‘They both were friends’ Lord Shadow said to Will as they floated on the sky, looking at this scene.

Will could hear the voice even from afar because Azief manipulated the sound waves using the wind.

He was looking at the couple with enhanced eyeglasses that this world has to offer.

‘I heard you like me?’ Azief ask as he looks towards that girl and the girl tries to control herself from blushing.

She then shakes her head and said

‘Nope. I don’t like you.’

‘Oh, really?’ Azief said as he tilted his head in confusion.

This is not the way he thought tonight will be playing out.

He has mustered his courage to confess tonight but how come he is so clumsy that other word is coming out of his mouth

But he could not give up now.

‘Who told you that?’ The girl coldly asked.

‘Sina, Bjorn, Ikuta….and many of the people of our Division. Actually everyone is saying that’ Azief tries to say.

The girl laughs like she couldn’t believe this.

‘Well, I don’t. I’m going home’ she said as she get up from the bench and was about to storm away.

‘Have courage’ Azief on the sky said to the Azief of Earth 39 even though he knew the people on the ground couldn’t hear his whisper.

Azief of Earth 39 clenches his fist and using all the courage on his heart, he got up and chases that girl and shouted

‘Ah, hey, wait…..Soph! Ummm….I like you too!’ he shouted that word in the park.

Will could see the resemblance. The Soph that Azief is shouting at has the same face as Sofia face on Earth Prime.

Then that cold faces of Soph breaks down and she smirk, before smiling and then laughing cutely.

She was trying to be cool but she couldn’t hide her joy.

Both of them have liked each other for a long time but none of them ever said anything and tonight the moment Azief said that to Sofia, Sofia could no longer held back her joy

‘She’s cute’ Azief said.

Will didn’t know if he was referring to the Sofia of this world or the Sofia of their world.

Taking a breath Azief then said with the light of moonlight illuminating these two lovers

‘I don’t know if you actually like me or not but….Will you go out with me?’ Azief of Earth 39 asks.

Smiling happily Soph answer.

‘I’ll be happy to.’

Azief then look at Sofia and he did a victory pose his hand clenched in fist as he punches the air.

Sofia laughed. And Azief of Earth 39 laughed. And that night Azief walk her home, holding hands until he reached her barracks.

‘This is what yoyo wanted to show me?’ Will asked.

Azief nodded.


Will could not help but ask this question. As Azief look at his Earth 39 version walking home happy Azief also smiles and he said

‘Possibility’ Will nodded as he understand what Azief was trying to convey. Then they return back to the Tower.

Will knows his brother wanted to believe in happy ending but he was always a realist.

Maybe seeing his version achieve happiness in a way, makes his brother believe that at the end of all of this, there is a piece of little happiness for him.

That night, the skies were clear and the wind was calm. All were at peace. All were slowly falling to pieces.

It was a peaceful night before the storm.


I expend myself to give this special chapter on New Year. Hope you like it. Reunion and romance in the air and the promise of a happy ending.

And about the Elements, yes, he can comprehend more but it will take time and that is what he doesn’t have.

He only refines what is required to form the Seed of Elements to make it easier to control elements. He never intended to master the Elements not like Raymond who we know in the future master the Element of Earth or Oreki who master the element of thunder that he is called Thunder God.

He didn’t need to specialize the elements since his specialization has always been of Death Force. If you notice all of his other seed complemented the path of destruction.

Ok, that’s it. To all Happy New Year and hope this year will be a better year than last year.

Like always leave some comments and donate a few bucks if you can.

Even a few bucks for coffee would be appreciated. This chapter is pretty peaceful. Well, it is the calm before the storm.

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