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The Young Emperor Zhu Di was sitting on his Dragon Throne listening to the reports from his officials.

They all are proposing plans on how to recoup the losses of their empire after attacking the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army.

The atmosphere inside the room was tense with the young Emperor thinking vigorously while looking at his officials arguing and debating with each other.

He could not believe a million men could not even hurt one Evolver. Could the stories be true? An Omega Level Evolver is truly akin to Gods?

He is the Son of Heaven and in Ming his rule is unchallenged and he never loses.

Evolvers populated the lowest rung of society here and losing to one is unacceptable. By now, the people have begun speaking about him in hushed words calling him a rash Emperor.

But what should he do then? Let the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army just strolled through his Empire without repercussion?

What would the World Council and the other countries think of him?

At least he was better than the President of USA who quickly takes a private spaceship and run away to Titan the first sign of trouble.

Who doesn’t know the declaration of the Supreme General where he vowed he would exterminate all Normies influence and erect a new world order?

At the time, the rulers of the world laughed.

Now….not so much.

With victories after victories, the Evolvers and Normies alike begin to think that the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army is invincible.

The Evolvers has even begun treating him as a God.

Here in Ming some evolver slave erected a temple of the Supreme General and worship and offer incense on him like he is some deity.

As the room descended into shouting match between officials a person screams from outside with a shrill voice

‘Emergency! Emergency! Protect the Emperor!’

A eunuch rush through the throne room and prostrated before the Emperor, his forehead is full of sweat

‘Eunuch Gao! Why are you coming into the throne room?’ Zhu Di was shocked with the blatant disregard of this eunuch to proper Palace rules which forbids this eunuch to come when he is in session.

Zhu Di has always hated eunuch so much so he did not have a personal eunuch. After all they are Evolvers who has been castrated and considered half men.

‘Your Majesty…Your Majesty’ he said his voice stutter in fear. Then he looks toward the old officials, ministers and scholars in the throne room

‘All officials bring the Emperor to safety. The Supreme general of the Rebellion Army has launches his attack towards the Empire’

‘What!’ All the officials inside the throne room sprang into action as they quickly urges the Emperor to enter the Dragon Room and hides himself underground inside the Bunker.

As they come out of the Throne Room they see strange lights erupted from the ground and some light hovering in the air.

Some wise scholar pointed out, his face was a mixture of fear and shock as he pointed to the light and shouted

‘Earthquake lights. It is emitted from the rocks that under extreme stress.’

As he finished saying this, another official noted that birds are flying away from the gardens.

Outside the Palace, on the forest, toads, bees, dogs and cat are abandoning their homes and running away.

On the usually tranquil and peaceful rivers, fishes are thrashing around and pets in many civilians Normies houses began behaving erratically.

The official nodded as they understand the implications.

The Supreme General is doing this. It is said that the Supreme General has many abilities but inducing earthquake?

This puts fear of the rumor that has long persisted in the history of this world is true.

Omega Level Evolver is akin to Gods.

They remember the story of the Five Emperor who many scholars have been saying that they were actually Evolvers.

‘Quick we must escort the Emperor to safety!’

An old official said as they guarded the Emperor looking at the sky fearing that the Supreme General would come down from the sky and take away the young emperor.

As they take a step a foreshock happens and they all almost falls down to the ground as the ground begins to roll.

They all marvel at the power of the Supreme General.

As they rush through the hallways and palaces the ground moves and the first quake happen with the force of a rushing tsunami.

The ground rolled up and the Ming Empire was thrown into chaos that it even affects nearby countries.

The Supreme General is showing his anger.

Like a father slapping the table in order to warn. And his warnings are clear. He did not take the Imperial Family welcome of him favorably.

Many of the officials try to persuade the Imperial Family not to engage in any hostile move against the fearsome Supreme General but they did not accept the official’s pleas.

The result was that they sent one million soldiers and they were eaten alive by the Supreme General powers.

Now, the Supreme General is getting payback.

This is what the officials think and speculated.

If only they knew that Azief is refining their Empire they would surely laugh at themselves thinking they are so important that they even registers inside the Supreme General calculations.

If Azief wanted he could fly over and end the Emperor lives whenever he wanted.

The only reason he did not do so, is because he has other concerns which is forming his seeds.


The quake was like a thunderous roar ripping through the soil, splitting the Earth and bringing chaos and disorder.

Its motion was so violent that the Emperor stumbles and falls as the officials behind him also falls down and stumble.

Looking at the Holy One falls, they quickly strengthen themselves and quickly try to help the Emperor.

Outside the entire Imperial City were full of people screaming in shock. Tops of trees were snapped open because of the violent force of tectonic movements.

Buildings collapsed, water supply lien bursted out from the sewers, spilling to the road, cars accident stacked up on the highways, with the sounds of horns and screams filled all major highways and roads.

Some highways broke down killing thousands of people on the roads and houses burned down as the entire city look like they were being punished by the Heavens.

‘Quick bring the Emperor to the bunker’ said the Eunuch.

The Emperor got up, his face pale as he sees the trees and flowers of his palaces wilting, like their life essence being drained.

‘What is going on!’ He shouted in anger his hand clenched tight as he does not understand what is happening.

Then another quake happened this time stronger than before.

The force of this quae is double the force of energy than the first quake as even the Emperor could feel the vibration under his feet.

The Palaces and pagodas he built could be seen cracking in the seams and then slowly showing signs of crumbles down.

At this time they all become even more scared as their feet become even faster

Even as they were running they think to themselves.

‘What has happened?’

They then arrived in front of a Peach Garden.

It used to be beautiful but this time all they could see was the destruction of the Garden with peach trees snapped open at the bark and the tiles all were cracking.

‘Quick!’ The Emperor dashed forward ignoring his Imperial Demeanor as he rushes through the garden and enters the Pavilion.

Pushing a wall the wall shines as a robotic voice sounded.

‘Identification complete’ Then from the wall a door appeared

‘Quick’ The Emperor once again said as he waited for his officials and they enter together.

The Eunuch was about to enter to enter the room when the Emperor push him back as the Eunuch fall down to the ground.

‘Stay outside!’ The Emperor scolded. Did the Eunuch think he can enter the room with them? The Eunuch only shows a bitter smile.

‘Yes, Your Majesty.’

‘Hmph’ The Emperor enter the room as the door closes.

The Eunuch watched on as the door closes.

When the door finally closes he laughs like a madman and look at the Garden and the entire Palace is slowly crumbling.

The high sturdy walls, the lofty grand pavilions all of it is rendered useless. He then kneels to the ground and with tears in his eyes he said

‘Thank you Supreme General. Today, my resentment could be resolved!’ And he smiles as he kowtowed to the cold hard stone tile on the ground his eyes full of tears.

He then looks back at the closed room and smirked.

‘I left a surprise for you, evil Emperor. Your reign, the Zhu family reign is over. No’ he then refute his words as he saw the skies full of lightning and sounds of thunders in the distance as he continued

‘It is the end of your race dominations. From now on, a new world order will emerge.’

Then taking a deep breath he shouted, speaking the truth he had to hide every day without fear any longer

‘Long live the Rebellion!’

‘Long live the Rebellion!’

‘Long live the Rebellion!’ With each shouts he kowtowed.

Inside the room the Emperor and the officials were shocked to see there are there people inside it. One man was a man of steel.

Literally this man was like walking steel.

They smiles.

‘Zhu DI?’ The man asked looking at the young emperor with disdain.

‘You mangy race dare say my name, The Emperor directly? You insolent slaves!’

The Emperor was about to hurl more insult when someone shoots his kneecaps and he falls to the ground.

His kneecaps bursted out with blood, spurting furiously like it was coming down from a water fountain.

The figure shooting the gun is behind the steel man. The Emperor and the officials looked at the dim figure behind the man of steel.

It was a woman sitting on a chair with her legs on the table; her right hand is twirling a gun. Her face is hard to see with the dim lighting inside the room.

They only could see she has a long hair.

‘Dare?’ The man said with a chuckle.

‘I dare. Our Supreme General once said to us if there is a Normie in this world that we fear then we are not worthy to be his soldiers. After all, the Supreme General is backing us. Why would we be afraid? Emperor. Hah! You’re still flesh and blood.’

The officials behind the Emperor somehow quickly understand their predicament.

This is a trap.

They rushed to open the room when they discovered they can’t push the door behind them open.

The Emperor also discover the problem when his face changes. Then understanding dawned on him.

‘Eunuch Gao? He asks himself.

‘Oh, this young kid is quite smart’ the woman who is sitting on the chair said playfully.

Even now, her face is not shown clearly since it is hidden by the dim lighting of the room. But her hand did not left the trigger of the gun.

It was twirling when suddenly it stopped and pointed directly at the Emperor.

‘You…you what are you intending to do?’ The Emperor said his voice stutters as he backed up. The Steel man smiles evilly and then he said

‘Today, the Zhu family will no longer exist. That’s it. Today we come to remove you and exterminate your families. Nine familial execution isn’t it? Isn’t that what you used to punish Evolvers with?’

The Steel man said his voice was joyful but one could hear the faint anger hidden deep beneath that tone.

‘We will leave this empire leaderless as this Empire would fall on itself. When it is truly in chaos we will come again and claim it for ourselves. Today, our Division task is only to do this thing. To exterminate all the families of the Imperial Government.’

And finished saying what they want twelve shots are fired as twelve officials behind the Emperor had their heads exploded as bloods splatted to the walls dripping slowly from the walls like a red paint.

Then a kid behind the steel man performs something with his hand and the door behind the Emperor open and a person enter.

IT was Eunuch Gao and his face was smiling. It was a chilling smile.

Almost like a madman. But when he saw the steel man his face resumes back his usual appearance.

‘Brother Gao, you have helped us Rebellion Army today greatly. Your information has truly benefitted the organization. When you are finished with this kid, please contact us and the Supreme General will surely grant you an audience and heal you. You no longer have to become a Eunuch.’

The Steel man said as he passes by the young emperor and walk out. Patting the back of Eunuch Gao he nodded as a sign of understanding.

‘We need to fulfill other objective set by the HQ so will meet you later after our Supreme General is done.’

Saying this to the Eunuch and his team members the group of twelve went out of the room leaving the scared young emperor with the eunuch.

The doors closed and there are only two people in the room.

Smiling the eunuch grab the black collar on his neck and with one squeeze of his hand, the collar broke.

The Emperor immediately understands.

The collar must have been neutralized a long time ago. And only the Rebellion Army could reverse engineer those collars.

With the swelling numbers of Evolvers joining the Rebellion Army the Emperor is not shocked someone has found a way to neutralize the effect of the collars.

It used to only be Karl but then the Supreme General appears.

But now, it seems the Rebellion Army could now liberate the evolvers slave without the help of Karl or the Supreme General.

And as his thoughts flashed through this conclusion, he could not help but shudder but to think of the ultimate fates of Normies as a race.

Have they done a mistake by oppressing them all this time? He finally asked the question no Normies has even thought to ask themselves apart from, a select few.

Eunuch Gao stares at the Emperor like a predator looking at a prey

This time the weak eunuch that the emperor has never looked properly look very frightening.

‘Eunuch Gao why are you doing this?’ he said his voice is stuttering as he inches backward with one hand holding his kneecaps while the other is trying to hold on by using the walls as support.

‘Remember the servant girl who you raped and then forces her to copulate with pigs and horses just because you were curios?’

And the Eunuch laughs this time with a cackle of madness.

‘That is my sister, Zhu Di’ he shouted with anger and madness as he spits at the Emperor face. The Emperor face reddens with anger.

‘You insolent-‘ and before he could finish his word  a resounding slap planted itself on the emperor face as he was pushed back and falls down to the cold hard floor.

His mouth was bleeding and a few of his tooth was chipped.

‘You will not die that easy .I’ll make sure of that‘ the Eunuch said as he come closer to the Emperor with a terrifying expression.


Meanwhile on the outside, the Twelve Division of the First Battalion of the Rebellion Army is efficiently going to official’s house and exterminates all Normies they found.

Babies and kids were spared even though they were reluctant but a military order is a military order.

From the beginning of the Rebellion the Supreme General detested killing children and as such it is one of the military orders to not kill children.

During the earthquake, as people are busy running away from the disaster not many realize what kind of momentous event is happening right now in the Imperial Palace.

The Zhu family, a World Noble is being exterminated thoroughly, their blood flows through the streets of the Imperial Palace and the consequence of this action is far reaching and symbolizes the Rebellion Army intention to truly fulfill their promise of creating a new world order.

With this attack, the Rebellion Army has shown they are no longer only operates in the US. They are expanding,

A thousand miles away, Inside the White House, President Harrison, the leaders of the Normies is talking with someone on the phone.

Looking at the view out from the window of the Oval Office, his face expression was unreadable.

He was speaking with a Russian.

Harrison himself can speak Russian so they talk without obstacles and when he heard why the reasons the Russian calls him and the favor he asked, Harrison was silenced for a while before he said in English.

I’ll grant your friend a favor. But I don’t know what our Supreme General will think. And I don’t know if I believe you’

‘Spasiba. I’ll remember this’ the word from the other end of the phone said with English with thick Russian accent expressing his thanks before Harrison ended the phone calls.

Looking outside he sighed.

‘Supreme General predicted this. The person he seeks was truly with the Russian. Yet, he didn’t search for him and only put security detail on him. Still, I didn’t understand his thought.’

Then he shakes his head before pushing the intercom on the table and orders his secretary to call all the members of his cabinet to discuss a very important issue: the expansion of the Rebellion Army operations and their future assault.

Their ultimate target that would spell Normies superiority end: Titan



The moment Azief stomp his feet on the ground, a powerful suction energy erupted out of his entire existence, like a black hole devouring all lights in the nearest vicinity.

With Celestial meridian his absorption power of energy is higher than even most Seed Formation High level Realm expert.

HE is refining the entire empire the distance is determined by the range of his absorption energy can go,

And he can control that range but he could not control what happens the moment he started refining.

But his divine sense could still sense the Assassin team he arranged is still doing their job waiting for an informant of the Rebellion Army to lure the current Emperor of Ming to the trap.

The current and last emperor of the Zhu family.

Azief thought to himself as the energy gathered around him, like a pulsating tornados as the Seed of Elements glowed golden as the Earth element is slowly being filled up inside him.

Azief himself is slowly glowing golden as his Undying Physique is almost let out but was being contained by Azief himself.

If he let it out then he would be as bright as the sun and this entire Plains would crack enduring the extreme might of his Physique.

A weak world sometimes is not ideal for someone of Azief strength to train. But a too powerful world will break him before he has even the chance to grow.

If not for him searching for Will he will not enter the Multiverse ever again.

This is the limitation of training in the Multiverse, to find that balance is hard.

The Metal element is also being filled up. Since Earth contains many hard things, which primarily contains metals which is iron, it is not surprising.

Azief knew if he refined Earth elements, his metal elements would also be filled up.

To kill two birds with one stone that is why he chose this fertile vast land of Ming as his target.

He needs to reach Perfection and then he will break through to Disk Formation.

The vibration of energy causes the tectonic plates beneath the ground to suddenly experience a major upheaval and created a powerful earthquake.

All the while as the element energy keep entering Azief meridians and nourishing the empty shell of the Seed of Elements, new understanding entered Azief mind.

He did not know how to explain it. It is like being high but at the time sobers, like he was being imparted with the secret knowledge of the world.

That the elements also possess ethereal concepts that could be infused in one own energy. It is different from learning lectures, it is hard to explain, one has to experience it to know.

It is like this concept fuse inside him molding his will to understand the concept but not bending to it, but standing strong against it if the heart is not willing.

‘Earth’ Azief uttered but this time as he said it the understanding of this concept of Earth is infused in word such that the cliff where he was stomping becomes harder and solid.

Resistant to movement or change, the concept of Earth is extreme hardness, solid and unchanging.

Resistance to change in the heart, in the mind it is the audacity to declare to remain unchanging despite the obstacle.

The understanding that Azief got from refining the earth is

“Perseverance” he mutters.

BOOM! The moment Azief formed his understanding of the Earth; it was like he opened a new door of power inside himself

His will strengthened as his imposing aura emitted the regalness of the Mountain, unmoving and unchanging, tempered by time but never crumbling.

At that one moment, he is the Earth and the Earth is him.

His Divine Sense expanded as he could see almost everything, like a deep rooted tree that stretches all over the world, viewing the world from below.

He could see people running and screaming from the disaster he initiated when he started refining the Ming Empire.

He saw trees wilting pants die off, buildings and towers falls downs as flames and destruction ravaged this empire.

With one stomp of his feet he turns the mighty vast empire of Ming into chaos. He could move now but he did not.

Because he is Earth. He does not move.

Being a mountain.

Unchanging. Unmoving. Unbent. And then the moment of reverie ended, his divine sense receded and he is at the cliff again.

The cliff where he is at is bestowed the power of elements as the leaking out of the elements he refined falls down onto this cliff making it the hardest mineral on Earth.

Azief take a deep breath and he notices the orb inside the Seed of Elements.

But Azief is not yet finished.

He stomp again this time he shouted again


All the metals deep beneath the earth vibrates and disintegrated into liquid before it was condensed by the intense friction and heat of Azief energy that he emitted turning the liquid into gas.

And if that wasn’t enough Azief energy further broke the gaseous substance into pure element energy that slowly rises up from the ground and cover Azief entire body.

Azief smiles as he closes his eyes and he could feel the Metal elements entering his body.

One understanding enters his mind, Metals restrain Fire, collect water, it is hard like Earth but unlike Earth it is a concept of stubbornness to the extreme since Earth engenders Metal.

It incites bravery, infusing heart of steel for those who practice this element.

A steel heart and a steel resolve, this is the great quality of metal elements. This is the concept lies behind the metal elements.


This is what Azief has comprehended. If other people refine this element their comprehension will be different.

Since Azief has already had a steel heart and steel resolve, the elements refined will also correspond to the heart of the person refining the element.

The person who refined and the element which is refined, both are important. Without one, the process could not be performed.

Firmness, rigidity and determination.

As this understanding crystalizes inside Azief mind an explosion happens inside his Seed of Element before that explosion combined and form the metal element inside his seed.

Azief could feel his dark impulses are being restrained and his generative powers increased.

Then opening his eyes one could see Tribulation Lightning flashed inside his eyes as thunder roared on top of Azief head.

The cliff where Azief was stomping turned into the hardest soil in the world, unchanging even by the erosion of time since it possesses both the quality of Earth and Metal.

If this world exploded then this cliff would be the last thing that would be destroyed.

Azief could feel in his consciousness, inside the Seed of Elements, three orbs of light circling around the Seed of Elements.

The Lightning element was represented by the spherical crackling thunder rotating nonstop around the seed.

The Earth element was represented by the spherical mini mountain inside a spherical barrier orb possessing stability rotating nonstop around the seed.

The metal element was represented by the spherical a ball of metal rotating nonstop around the seed, as they moved without colliding forming an orbit around the Seed of Elements.

Azief has finished refining. He spreads his Divine Sense and he is satisfied.

‘Now’ he said as he looks towards the distance.

He is looking towards the direction of Mount Merapi in Indonesia.

He will refine all the elements today and form his sixth seed and then he will begin his expansion.

He floated slowly upwards as his divine sense locked on the Assassin Squad he sent and with his Divine Sense he speaks telepathically

‘Enough. Return.’

He left these two words and without confirming whether they would follow his word Azief reaches out his hand to the clouds and with a lightning fast speed he flies through the clouds leaving a sonic boom behind.

The Assassin Squad who has just finished killing the last of their targets nodded to each other.

‘Let us return. Mission is already accomplished.’

That day, changes were happening so much so that the World Council has halted all their focus on other rebellion all over the world and decided to focus on only one target.

Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano in Iceland was leveled leaving a flat terrain where an island mountain glacier used to be, Mount Vesuvius disappeared into thin air leaving a huge hole that measured three hundred feet below the Earth, and Japan Sakurajima volcano which connected with the Osumi Peninsula is cut off with the Supreme General Saber before the entire island was destroyed.

Ten volcanoes in the world disappeared in one day causing widespread panic and also death.

When the Supreme General came to this volcano area he would not only destroy and take away the volcanoes he would slaughter any population near the volcanoes.

Vesuvius which boasted densely populated volcanic region in the entire world are all slaughtered leaving only crying children which are then extracted by the Rebellion Army.

If that is not enough to alarm the entire world, an entire sea was dried up leaving Atlantis the mysterious civilization to be vulnerable.

Coming down from the skies the Supreme General rushed down towards the Bermuda Triangle and the moment he dive into the sea, like a swirling storm, the sea water dried up.

Then as the sea water dried up, the Supreme General raises up his hand on top of the Dome like barrier of Atlantis and form an Earth Wall from the bottom of the sea to the four corners of the North Atlantic Ocean dividing a section of the sea.

If not maybe he would have dried up all the Seven Seas and create a massive damage to the ecosystem.

Then with a punch that crack the entire sea bed of the North Atlantic Ocean, the so called indestructible dome of Atlantis was broken.

The Supreme General then proceeded to kill all the soldiers of Atlantis that come to stop him entering.

Like an image of a War God he descends downs from the Heavens and slashes all existence that is in his way.

Reaching the Grand Palace of the Sea Lords, he slaughtered all the Sea Lord before taking the Trident of Namer and flies off, leaving a section of the sea dry and four pillars of Earth Wall that emerge from the sea intact.

Then not only is he not finished he then chases storms. All over the world his sighting was reported chasing storms and hurricanes.

The moment he appeared he calmed down the storms and volcanoes as they almost instantly disappeared the moment he appears.

Then in Africa where most of the slaves is populated before they were shipped out the Supreme General proclaimed Freedom on the skies, his word could be heard all over the African Bloc like a decree from God.

Then opening his arm, the Supreme General bestowed them with tremendous energy that enables them to crush the collars and dampeners on them causing the entire African Bloc to be liberated by the Evolvers.

People have already been calling his event the Five Miracle.

The assassination of the entire Zhu family, the disappearance of the volcanoes, the destruction of Atlantis Dome, calming the storms and bestowing powers and abilities to an entire Bloc.

By now, it is hard to believe the Supreme General as a normal Evolver.

Even Alpha Evolver would dare not claim they have even a fraction of abilities like the Supreme General has exhibited.

And now with all of this miraculous feat, the World Council is no longer alarmed. They are afraid.

This is the Battle. The last Great Battle to determine who will rule this Earth. The Normies or the Evolvers.

And it is all because of one person.

War has begun.

War has been declared the moment Azief order the execution of a World Noble. It was a provocation, a naked attempt to engage in warfare with the World Council.

The notice was distributed, poster was pasted, his face covers all major news networks, and all major cities show his face as public enemy number one.

The enemy of the entire world: the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army.


So, here it is the chapter. Some stories of how the Normies treats Evolvers slave and how the Rebellion is getting stronger. Azief refined all the six elements. And the Russian make a brief showing with that phone call and even Will is subtly mentioned. The White House target is Titan.

It will not be long before Azief and Will reunion. And before they return to Earth Prime as the main storyline of the Weronian Invasion will begin again. All the familiar character will be back. Raymond, Sofia, Hirate, Oracle, Loki, Morgana and many more.

And war has begun.

If you like the chapters please donate if you can and leave some comments or review or support me in wuxianation.

PS: this has around 5 thousand words and more. Which is quite a bit longer than normal short chapters.

That’s it. I will have more time in a few weeks where I can churn out more chapters. Thanks.


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