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Azief look in front of him, looking at the vast expanse of fertile land and smiles. He could feel life blooming all over this place, lively and boisterous.

Life bloomed here and the contrast of that life force and Azief Death Aura is strikingly differentiated.

The very place he put his foot is wilting and undergoing the process of Death by Time.

The soils he stepped on is experiencing a very weird fluctuation of Time and Withering concept.

‘This world is weak….but there is still things that could hurt me. Deep plans and deep plots….it seem I could not underestimate this World Council.’

But he was smirking.

Clearly he enjoys the challenge. Only then can he grow. They clearly do not have the same powers and abilities he do but they are clearly intelligent.

To Azief anyone who uses their resources to the utmost is a smart man.

Since they knew conventional weapon did not work they will use magic. Yes, magic. That is what the azure crystal and the weapons that is supposedly could kill him is.

‘Magic’ And Azief was saying this in a disdainful way. He does not like magic arts especially because they rarely make sense.

They do not follow the Laws of Energy Conservation at all and depends solely on some mystical and cosmic forces of the Universes that he didn’t understand and could not make heads or tails of.

But he is not stupid enough to not fear its power.

Azief read the report he was given by Harrison after they occupied the CIA and FBI a week later. The Spear of Destiny.

Azief got a quite accurate idea what the spear of destiny true form. A mass of primordial energy condensed into the minerals of meteor that is crafted into a spear.

Even when he is in Seed Formation and even if he reached Disk Formation, he could not endure being cut by such energy.

It didn’t matter he had an Undying Physique or even if he has Eternal Devil Physique like Demon Kings primordial energy has the power to ignore all Laws of Energy.

The reason why this is so is because Primordial Energy is rare and only a few beings in existence could produce it or even emits it.

Unless Azief level of power reached like those Olympians and Asgardians Lords of the Realms he would be dead if he is stabbed by the spear.

His decision to plunder the intelligence of US agency proves fruitful for him.

The myriads of secret documents they managed to uncover were staggering and scandalous.

The Spear of Destiny and the related files on it was quickly branded highly classified and only meant for certain eyes in the new government of Evolvers.

And then there are other files he made public to the world and Evolvers community through the back channels and media. Now, that Azief has controlled about half of the US his people began creating infrastructure and legal channel has been established.

In a month, Azief has done more for the Evolvers community than the Blood Brothers have done in all of its formation.

CIA has been doing experiments on Evolvers since they were founded and FBI has known to profile Evolvers with crimes to work in conjunction with the CIA to uncover Evolvers abilities and harness it against Evolvers race.

The wind rustle as the leaves of the forest creating a symphony of peace as the birds calls out to each other.

He grimaces.

His suspicion was confirmed. That Azure like crystal has the same properties as a Source Fragment.

‘Source Fragment’ he said as he retrieved something form his bag of storage. An Azure like crystal in the shape of a bottle appears in Azief palm.

He looks at it intently like his eyes could peer through it secrets.

He could not help but think of a Dimension where he and Will were stuck in. It was one of the Deserted Dimension he was stranded in during his journey back home.

Azief called it Bizarre World.

Everything about that world is bizarre and if you try to make it logical you will find yourself to be the insane one. But there, in that Dimension…. is where they first see the Source Fragment.

Scattered across many Deserted Dimension and Fractured Realities and even some cut off Timeline, the Source Fragment is always there.

Some were in large quantities some only having a few.

But Will and him researched it vigorously especially since Will when he is near the Source Fragment will have his speed reduced.

But it has no effect on him.

And in their research they discovered only people who draw from the sources of the Universes would be affected by the Source Fragment.

Source Fragment can nullify Source energy.

This means two possible explanations to things he has been curios about. With Azief capability he could infer some guesses.

The first thing is that the reason why he could not sense the Speed Source is because either Will is no longer on this Earth which is not possible considering the portal that the Inventor built for him follow Will Speed Emission or the more logical explanation is that his Speed Source was extracted.

After thinking a lot about it this is the conclusion he reached.

‘The World Council’ Azief thought. They must have found a way to extract Source energy from Evolvers.

After all if Azief could Devour their abilities and extract their energies and their very essence of abilities why couldn’t a large organization like the World Council could not?

The second thing is that since Source Fragment can only nullifies any energy based on the Universal Source of Power then that means all Evolvers get their powers from one source of Universal Power in the Universe.

Azief has a theory about that.

The moment the meteor felled it brought with them a certain virus that infected many human.

It hibernates and then it broke out. But instead of killing its host, it grants them abilities.

The reason why Azief thinks like this is because he has a cave painting depicted a mass burial during the First Age of Evolvers.

Azief got this painting after breaking through an underground secret room underneath the CIA headquarters.

Then suddenly as Azief was thinking and reorganizing information his ears perked up and he snorted in derision.

Another jet come sailing through the clouds with high speed. This time a squadron has come as backup.

This time instead of surveillance purposes they will try to mount an attack.

‘And even after I have shown them what I’m capable of’ Azief complained, his black robe flutter majestically behind him, his shadow seems to be enveloping the entire vast fertile plains.

‘They are getting desperate for results’ Azief said to himself.

He is still standing there on the cliff, winds blowing his black cape, his face still hidden beneath that black hood.

Standing there with his hand behind his back, he looks like a peerless existence. He is calm and emitted an unapproachable aura.

Death aura and Time fluctuations rippled around his entire existence as the air around him ripples and pulsates, thrown into chaos and disorder.

Azief could hear they speak in Chinese even with this distance separating them. Perks of being a highly evolved powerful being.

‘Ming Army’ Azief hissed.

In this Earth, the Republic of China did not exist.

Maybe because the Soviet Union of this world which is led by an Evolver majority members failed and decimated by the Romanovs the Republic of China which is based on the idea of Communism also did not take root since the one proposing it an Evolver.

Instead the Ming dynasty still thrives with the Imperial House of Zhu still rules to this day.

There was a brief moment of interregnum during the reign on Qing which lasted until Qianlong emperor but the empire was regained back by the Han with the help of the French and European bloc power.

The European bloc moves to help the Ming imperial family to regain back their throne after being persuaded by the Diplomat which has enormous political power stretching all over the globe.

He knows everything about everyone, their secret, dirt and their deep darkest secrets.

‘Flies’ Azief snorted this time he waves his hand and thunder clouds were formed.

Dark clouds and harsh winds enveloped the clear white sky and then like a punishment form the Heavens, fifteen thunderbolts the size of a hill strikes down the squadron, frying their electronics and killing the entire squadron.

Below, some animals had their eardrums broke after hearing the sound of the thunder quaking as sound blast erupted in the sky creating a blast of energy that spreads all across the skies of China.

Azief right now is in China or as it is known here Ming.

The moment his presence was identified, the Imperial Family sends their armies to face him.  A million soldiers were dispatched.

A million Normies soldiers came to the Plains to face one lone Evolver. This is a big gamble. The army of the Ming has 2 million active duty troops.

To kill the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army means to bring down the entire Rebellion Army and as such they believed such gamble is worth it.

One million men came, none of them returned.

The Supreme General did not even leave any bones or ashes to pick up.

A million Normies parents grieved and scream to the Heavens and Ming population decreased by one million shocking the entire empire and making all those Normies hides and sit in their lofty chairs trembling in fear.

They all know, retribution has come.

The slaves of the nobles look at their master condescendingly.

Even when they were beaten till the point of death they laughed.

And with each shrill cackle of laughter, the master would feel a deep bone chilling fear. Like an invisible hands that is slowly choking them

They heard stories of what the Rebellion Army does to slave owners and slave companies CEO.

They were given the most tortuous death.

The Supreme General did not stain his hand with torture since he didn’t believe in torture as a means of procuring information.

Torture is only used when you wanted to relish in another people pains.

So, he left the judgment of these slave owners to the people who used to be their slaves.

And slaves….Evolvers who had their shares of misery and pain, they know best how to inflict the most pain.

In one battle, the Supreme General wipes out one million lives shocking the entire world as the world leading figures in the world paused in contemplation, digesting the news before trembling in fear.

Sooner or later, they knew that the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army would not only stay at the US.

He would expand and slaughter more Normies. It seems he truly wanted to slaughter all Normies from the face of the Earth.

And it is what Azief intended. And he is doing with a clear conscience. One might not understand how one could kill while having a clear conscience.

But Azief can.

And he knows a lot of people in the Universe that can.

When you have seen the vast Universe you will know how small you are and how insignificant you are in the grand plans of things.

And that grand plan of thing is only one thing.

And that is there is no grand plan. There is only living….and dying….and this process repeats infinitely from the beginning until the end.

These universes will one day imploded and be destroyed and another new universe will appear replacing it.

It is a process.

Of creation and destruction, of living and dying. So, a million lives…to Azief is a small amount of numbers.

The Plains where the battle occurred shows no signs of a great battle

Only emptiness.

Since then Ming only sent long range scouting like the fighter jets and drones which all being obliterated by Azief the moment it entered 20 miles radius from him.

After all that is not the reasons he came here. The one million EXP points is just a bonus which only helps him reaches the forming of his Seed faster.

He could not be more grateful for the Emperor and hope he sends more soldiers. Maybe a million more.

At least if he sent a million more, Azief could fill the Seventh Seed to 3 percent.

He knows that as he progress the harder it is for him to gain EXP from weak beings like Normies.

It has been a month since he arrives on this Earth.

Since then he racked up kills that would remain a legend in this world. Half the population of US has been decimated by him which means he almost kill 162 million Normies.

The US population is 324 million.

While his soldiers invade Azief was flying around US cities and decimated cities after cities without invading or conquering them.

He arrives in a city and by the evening, that city would become a ghost city.

Then his soldiers would march in and invade it without resistance. If his army did not come it didn’t matter since his army would come eventually.

His army did not need him at the command since the organization of Rebellion Army is different from normal army arrangement.

Azief first act as Supreme General was to restructure the army

He did guerilla attack if it could be called that since his guerrilla attack has claim 162 million.

The other 100 million people has been running and emigrating. By now about 5 million people has immigrated to other countries either by planes, boats or tunnels.

The other 62 million are Evolvers and slaves who joined the Rebellion.

Horror could be seen in Normies expression when speaking about his name. He is the scary stories Normies told their children.

The nightmares of the privileged and slave owners.

Slave companies shuts down and slaves all over the world flocked to America to find a new hope, a new world.

He is the Savior of Evolvers, a symbol of hope and strength. He alone is the pillar that holds the Evolvers race steady.

Escaped slaves from France, Evolvers organizations from Middle East, revolutionaries from Asia, all over the Seven Bloc of Influence all of them flocked and join the Rebellion Army.

With communication lines being expanded every day, the Evolvers rebellion are truly taking shape with Azief rule over the matters of military is unquestioned and readily obeyed by all Evolvers in the world.

If he said for them to die, they would cut their own head to present it to him.

They believe whatever the Supreme General ordered them to do have to do with the Evolvers race wining in question so they will not hesitate to do what is ordered.

To the Normies however…he was something demonic. Something they could not stopped. Something they feared.

Nothing works on him. Not guns. Not plasma weaponry. Not ion weaponry. Not even hydrogen bomb guided missiles.

Dampeners didn’t work. And since dampeners didn’t work on him how could they collar him. With each win, the stories about him began to become more exaggerated.

And it is understandable.

After all Azief once pressured a guilty Normie slave owner who raped a hundred Evolvers children before flaying them alive to die just by staring at him.

Using Sovereign Presence he turns that Normie into smudge of blood just by looking at him.

To them, he is a Scourge.

By now he had conquered almost half of the states in USA.

The more he went and conquers, the more states falls and the easier the wins become.

Some states are deserted almost immediately after they heard he was coming so sometimes they win without fighting.

The moment they heard what happen to the other states, many Normies packed up their bags and went to the airport to flee.

Those who were late all died in his hand.

Azief was about to enjoy the scenery when his senses detect another fighter jet coming towards him from 20 miles away.

He glared towards that direction and snorted.

The pilot in that jet suddenly had his heart exploded as the fighter jets lost control and crash down into the forts.

Sound of explosion followed as Azief resumes his thoughts.

‘They never learned do they? I’m not here for long and this is the welcome they gave me?’ Azief chuckles as he uttered this word.

No Conqueror has ever killed as many as him. Not by their own hands. Where he goes desolation follows.

And as he is sitting on a rock on this cliff inside a large forest looking at the sunset, he could not help but be more driven.

Too much is at stake. For this world, and for his world. There is a reason why he needs to be stronger. He needs to be stronger than before… a lot stronger.

Weronians are coming…they are the locust of the Universe, the barbarian race of space and Earth prime needs to overcome them to be reborn.

The sound of birds and winds blowing the leaves the tranquility of nature envelops him. It is a fertile land.

But at the same time he smiles because he could feel his Sixth Seed is about to sprout and he already have the idea of what Seed he is about to form.

The Seed of Elements.

When he ask the system he wanted to form the Seed of Elements, there is a certain prerequisite he needs to fulfill before he can form that seed

The elements.

He needs to at least refine seven elements.

He has already has one element, lightning. And that lightning itself is special because it is tribulation lightning.

Because he endures the Tribulations Lightning and possesses Undying Physique he already has accumulated Tribulation Lightning energy in his aura.

It is the reason why when he wills it thunders and lightning followed.

It serves well as an intimidation and part of his theatrics to instill fear in his enemies and contemporaries.

But for the other six he has decided the elements he will refine to form his sixth seed.

There are many elements he can refine as he views the list of choices of elements that can be refined.

But he settled for this six.

Fire. Water. Wind. Earth, Void and Metal.

For Fire he will refine ten active volcanoes and absorb their heat thus he will secure the Fire elements.

For Water he decided to use it to his advantage and sabotage a thorn in the eyes of the Evolvers.

He will refine an entire sea to enter his seed.

And that sea is the Sea where the Atlantis made their home. Azief wanted to provoke the Atlanteans and stole their Trident of Namer

From the beginning he heard about Atlanteans Azief has developed a profound dislike towards that civilization.

Hidden deep beneath the sea, they hide likes a turtle while their fellow brethren suffers injustices and persecution while they prosper, trading with the Normies in weapons and arms which is used against the Evolvers.

Blood Traitors.

That is what the evolvers call them. It is the highest insult one can get in an Evolver culture. Blood Traitor means to profits on one own race misfortune and despair.

For Wind element Azief will refine wind of this Earth by refining tornadoes and storms.

All of these elements do not necessarily means he has to refine its corporeal being but its concept.

A seed is after all the birth of concept. Understand the concept then you will refine the elements.

For Void It is a form of energy. In other words he will refine energy.

Metals mean he will refine hard things whether that be minerals on Earth or something else.

What he wants is the understanding after he refines this items and not so much as its physical representation.

And now come the reason why he is here in Ming so far away from his main base of operations.

In the morning he flies with his fastest speed here after he felt he could form his Sixth seed.

He thought it would take a longer time but with unlimited amount of people rushing to their death under his foot, one could not believe the sort of progress he made.

If this is any other Earth he would not do things like this. After all even he could not kill people he didn’t want to kill.

As long as he can justify the reason for his killing he could keep killing. If he can’t justify it he won’t even start.

After all people kills for many reason.

He decided to kills the Normies, an entire race to save another race from annihilation and because the Normies did things to far, each of their atrocity is worse than the previous.

But he did not kill the Normies all the way. He left children and babies. He did not allow any of his soldiers to kill or harm them for children are innocent.

They are…Azief seeds of hope.

He could kill the old people since they will not be able to accept the new order but children who didn’t even know the dark side of the world?

They do not deserve the terrible fates of their race.

People might think it is odd.

Since you have already decided to kills all Normies you encounter why spare children. To those people Azief would just slap them to death.

Whether he kills someone or spares someone, why does it matter to them? What matter is what he thinks and what he feels since he is the one holding their lives.

What matter sis there for them to be concerned about whether he kills them, or save them?

The reason why Azief is here is to refine Earth and that means to refine this Ming Empire. He will refine the entire Empire into one of the elements.

Ming has eradicated almost all the Evolvers in their empire. Those who survived were turned into a mute and deaf slave, their tongue cut and their ears cut off.

Others who were a bit luckier become a servant in noble household as the bottom rung servant and face discrimination and pain.

There is only about half a million evolvers herein Ming in a 1.5 billion population. The Evolvers were exterminated in a purge a hundred years ago.

And each year the Evolvers are hunted down during the Hunt of the Imperial Family which tosses the slaves into a vast field and the Imperial Princes hunted them down as a show of their prowess.

When Azief heard the report he gritted his teeth and waited for the opportune moment.

He could not kill 1 billion people without leaving himself vulnerable to attack not when he knows there is a weapon out there that could hurt him.

So, he will cut their lifeline.

What will they do when their crops won’t grow and the Earth no longer provides.

He will refine this empire to turn into a wasteland. All this beauty, all this life…is wasted on the Normies.

The beauty of life teaches them nothing. It did not tranquil their heart and did not teach them the virtue of peace.

Since that is the case, they are unworthy.

When this land becomes a wasteland, when the source of priority of the Imperial Family is no longer there, when Normies are dying and starving, his Rebellion Army will roll down here and save the Evolvers and exterminate the cockroaches.

And with this thought, he takes a deep breath and energy fills his entire body as thunder rocked the sky and lightning shoots down from the Heavens striking down any life form nearby the cliffs.

The birds fly away and the animal’s runs to their hideouts as they sense a terrifying presence. They might not possess intelligent thoughts but they understand fear.

Azief closes his eyes and in that instant the world in front of him is dark.

He closes his eyes and the world no longer exists.  All he could feel now is…life and energy beneath his feet, droning and moving, humming and singing.

Boundless life, boundless energy, infinite possibilities.

Then he opens his eyes and the world is there again. He will take it away. The boundless life, the boundless energy, the infinite possibilities and turns it into nothingness.

Then he stomp his feet and the cliff beneath his feet did not exploded but vibrate as the entire Plains quake.

REFINE! He shouted and it begins.


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