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“Horror always lurks at the bottom of the magical world and everything ‘holy’ is always mixed with horror”

Ernst Schertel’s Magic: History, Theory and Practice (1923)




The World Council.

The most powerful organization in the world that governs the entire World. The World Council controls all the Bloc.

The Bloc is the way the World Council divide the world.

There is Seven Bloc; each one is governed by Council Governor which reports directly towards the Five Supreme Potentates.

In 1997, the World Security Council moved to Titan, one of the moons of Saturn after the world enter a new Renaissance of science with physic and other branches of science showing great development.

The World Council also urges the World Nobles to make their home there in Titan.

Considering that the World Noble makes up even less than 1 percent of humanity, they agreed especially considering they would be isolated with peasants and Tainted Blood.

The World Council has a long history. It started in the 1800s but at that time the World Council was only in an advisory capacity to Kings and Emperors.

(Remember this world doesn’t have the same history as ours and their science is highly advanced which means their world experience their history differently thus shaping a unified council earlier)

It wasn’t until World War I that they truly ruled the world.

It was started during the First World War when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by an Evolver rebel.

The rebel came from one of the European Bloc nations.

The Evolver was an assassin trained by a Normie Kingdom and was executed when he was found out.

But the Austria Hungary alliance could not accept the one sided execution and thus like a boiling pot cracking by an explosion the First World War happens.

It ends Empires and Great Kingdoms and from the rubbles the Word Council rises and maintains order.

Then in just a decade the Fuhrer rise.

In Germany, the Fuhrer of Third Reich Adolf Hitler became the idols of all Normies when he eradicated almost all Evolvers populations.

Those who survived become slave labor even though they were freed before.

At the time the world does not do anything since Evolvers demise does not concern the Normies population.

The Schutzstaffel, better known as the SS is Hitler most effective military tools in spreading his power.

During the invasion of Poland the SS annihilate anything and everyone that was considered a threat to the Nazis.

One way they did this was with the Einsatzgruppen.

When the Polish Campaign began, roughly 6,000 men in the Einsatzgruppen were organized into twelve units.

Their purpose was to eliminate Evolvers or Tainted Blood as the Nazi party calls it.

The Einsatzgruppen were responsible for more than 50 thousand death and destruction of over 1000 towns in Poland.

Reinhard Heydrich the commander of SS intelligence and a well-known Evolvers hater ordered that any Evolvers that to be found be it woman, children or the elderly is to be shot or hanged without trial.

His reason—the killings weren’t happening quickly enough to accomplish the Fuhrer Great Plan. Hundred were burned alive in the Day of Inferno where the Commander lead a massacre all over Poland in a three days killing spree, painting the cities of Poland with Evolvers blood.

Evolver’s children were hunted like sports as they runs through the streets and abandoned houses where the SS would wait for them with their weapons and kill them without mercy.

The hundreds of internment camps were filled with Evolvers corpse, young and old.

It wasn’t until the Fuhrer decides to invade Poland and declare his intention for world domination that many nations were alarmed and World War 2 happened.

And in that period of WW2 a great general rose. General George S. Patton was arguably a folk hero of United States but also a folk hero of Evolvers.

It is very rare that even Evolvers respect a Normie this much.

The reason why he was so respected by the Evolvers is because General George S. Patton did not discriminate Evolver and even recruited Evolvers in his army.

This may be attributed that during his childhood, George S. Patton was an orphan and in his anecdote it was said that he once almost dies but an Evolver slave help him regardless of the risk that might be incurred by offending his masters.

Since then, The General has always looked favorably towards Evolvers.

The Evolvers at the time could see hope that they might find equality after the war but their hopes was dashed after the General died of a car crash a few weeks after the end of WW2.

And at the dawn of a new era, the World Council was established in 1957.

But the story of World War II was not about the deaths of millions of people or the genocide of the Evolver race.

It is hard to stomach but it is not the first time that the Evolvers race faces genocide in the long history of Normies domination.

The Germans are always mentioned in a bad light because they wanted to rule the world and this run in constancy with the World Council directives.

But there are other atrocities happening all over the world which is swept by history.

The Bolshevik slaughters, The Armenian Holocaust, Pol Pot massacres to name a few injustices and horrors the Evolvers race has faced.

But the only nation people remember is Germany all because they wanted to rule the world and was stopped by the World Council.

The other while brutal did not defy the World Council wills and was left alone. But there is another backstory why Hitler dares defy the World Council.

And only one person in the Council knows it.

Five people were elected from the World Nobles bloodline to lead the Council since the time of its formation.

These five people hold the authority of the world in their hands and as such they were called the Five Supreme Potentates.

The world nobles in their long millenniums of dominations amassed a vast fortune and vast knowledge that was invested to the World Council gifting the World Council technologies beyond the world has ever seen.

And to preserve the knowledge and power of the World Nobles the Five Supreme Potentates were given a title and the power corresponding to that title.

There is The Analyst.

The Analyst has always been picked from the Izanagi bloodline which is the World Nobles originating from the Empire of Japan.

Izanagi was a farmer who created the Kusanagi blade from a fallen star. Fact has shown that the fallen star was in fact a large meteorite the farmer found in a cave.

Using his carving skill he crafted a crude pointed stick. When his daughter Amaterasu was kidnaped by the Yamata No Orochi he despaired.

Yamata no Orochi was an Evolver that could turns into a gigantic snake. Amaterasu brother Susanoo was a wandering warrior who returned home after hearing that his sister was kidnapped.

He asked his father to make him a sword so he could save his sister.

Izanagi with the help of Yomi his friend carved a sword that glowed in the night and possess magical powers.

Many scientist believes now that the material which the August Monarch Izanagi, Ruler and Founder of the Imperial dynasty of Japan is actually the same materials which modern military used to suppress Evolvers.

Having the sword in his hand, Susanoo ventured forth and fought with Yamata no Orochi for three days before killing him in the end of the third day.

Saving his sister and a Princess of Izumo in the process.

Indebted to Susanoo, Kushinada Hime marries Susanoo and from then on they created the Japanese dynasty that lives on until today.

The Analyst has always sits in the Thinking Throne and only the Imperial descendant of the Japan Imperial Family could sit in the chair.

Each year since the creation of the chair in 1900, it is upgraded.

Using technology and science the chair helps giving the people who sit in it an enhanced intelligence.

And now in 2018 the chair is capable of binary intelligence capable of integrating into and controlling computerized and electronic system all over the Earth.

The Analyst sees everything in the world and could use any surveillance camera to look over the world from his chair in Titan.

The chair is powered by Element T, an element derived from refined Thorium. Then there is the Historian.

The Historian has always been picked from the bloodline of Charlemagne which is the World Nobles originating from the European bloc.

Since the beginning of a true stable Normie empire began in Europe, the Charlemagne bloodline from other notable branch families like House of Capet is regarded as World nobles and they retain the knowledge of their ancestors kept in the Secret Vault.

The vault before the creation of spatial store was located somewhere below a mountain in France.

The true location has never been revealed but it is said in that Secret Vault all the knowledge about evolver which was called witches and warlock in those days was stored.

They held the key to World history.

When the formation of the World Council was finalized the upper echelon of the Charlemagne bloodline, the House of Martel persuade the other world nobles to give their knowledge of history to the House of Carolingians and the Karlings or the descendant of Charles as they are famously known.

The Analyst possess the Thinking Throne while the Historian possess the Thorn Key that opens the Secret vault that even the Analyst could not peer through considering all the records and knowledge in the Secret Vault is in writing and not in form of data, preserved even when civilizations and empires falls.

Then there is the Architect.

Coming from the noble House of Medici which flourishes during the Renaissance, the Architect was a product of intelligent breeding.

The Medic since the Renaissance has meddled with fringe science long before it is experimented by alchemist and scientist.

With each successive generation their line has produced an heir which they called the Architect.

To be more accurate this Architect title means they mastermind of a plan.

The title Architect is only given to the most outstanding Medici heir blessed with such a strategic mind that he alone could decimate millions of soldiers using only strategy.

He could sit at home sipping wine while dictating the flow of battles. The Medici has always consorted with powerful men in their history.

They are even related with Napoleon The great conqueror of Europe.

One might even say that the eventual rise of the Corsican peasant to the emperor of all Europe was all thanks to the guidance of the Medici.

Their hands could be seen all across history nurturing conquerors and emperors.

The Architect possesses the Almanac of War. With each successive Architect they would put their understanding of the era and war strategy inside the book to be passed down to the next architect.

And then there is the Diplomat.

The Diplomat is descended from French nobility which brings the downfall of Napoleon and once tangled wit and intellect with the Medici’s.

That French nobility is Talleyrand Perigord.

He was widely regarded as snake, an unscrupulous man yet his diplomacy in one way or another would profit those he supported.

His descendant on the other hand, taught in the craft since young developed a keener sense of the diplomacy and manage to salvage their reputation from being regarded the traitor of France.

And considering the marriage relation that the Perigord has cultivated since even before the time of Talleyrand, they are the most eel connected nobles in the world.

They are mostly related to almost all the World Nobles either by marriage or alliances.

The Perigord even has relation with the Empire of Japan royalty as one of the daughters of Perigord once wed one of the Princess of Japan and also with China Ming dynasty.

During the Qing occupation, the French was persuaded to help the Ming retains their power and the French Monarchy buckle under the political clouts that the Perigord possess and help Ming rid out the invaders but not without the Perigord amassing in the profits of the success.

This is all because the Perigord marries one of their princesses.

If one listed the Perigord genealogy tree, one would see, they are related to almost all the world nobles even to the Charlemagne and House of Capet.

They act as the mediator between the World Nobles and World Council. In a way, he is the council PR manager.

And finally the leader of the Five Supreme Potentates, the Consul.

The Consul is descended from Augustus Caesar or more famously known the First Emperor of Rome.

He decides the course of action taken after reviewing all the solutions.

This five people is the undisputed ruler of the world. All matters in the world are under their calculations.

Until now.

The tension is the room is palpable.

The Five Supreme stand in their round table.

The Analyst seems to be calculating something as the thin metallic wires attached to his brain nerve seems to be glowing.

The other four is just waiting.

‘Well?’ The Diplomat asks impatiently.  The Analyst was closing his eyes as the metallic nodes keep blinking lights.

‘Simulating attack’ He said in a robotic voice.

It is different from his usual voice but the other four is not shocked at this since they all have seen it to many times before.

‘Simulation complete’

‘Tabulating data’

‘Comparison elimination’ The Analyst keeps spouting words while his Thinking Throne keep glowing.

The analyst is doing his job which is analyzing data he collected from every electronic source on Earth.

‘Type of weapons’

‘Compiling data’

‘Simulation begins’

‘Simulation ends’

‘Results’ and the Analyst sitting in his Thinking Throne open his eyes.

‘I have the results’ He said this time in normal voices

‘And?’ The Diplomat asked again.

‘From my calculations and data, there is no weapon on earth that could kill the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army.

And the Diplomat slams his palm onto the table as the table shakes.

The Diplomat has a long silky hair, long thin physique and is wearing the official royal robe of World Nobility.

His face was beautiful for a man and has a certain effeminate charm overall. But when he is angry his masculinity could not be denied.

‘What is your data on whether he could assault Titan?’ The Consul asked, a man around 40s with thick beard and handsome Roman look.

He is muscly and charisma oozes from him. His face is calm but there is solemnity in it.

‘I have already considered that probability and my data tabulated a result after a simulation of thousands of possible outcome which I concluded that the chance for him to be able to mount an assault is about 90 percent. His flying abilities are not utilized fully. I have a great deal amount of data suggesting he is capable of interplanetary flight all by himself.’

The Analyst answer the question which did not bring joy to the Council

‘He is probably the strongest Omega level evolver to ever roam the Earth’ The Historian said as he scratches his cheek.

The Historian is a pale looking Caucasian man. He is thin and long and wears glasses. He is six feet two, thin, and wears a very formal attire of the nobility of the World Noble with purple colors.

He has dark eye bag below his blue eyes and he look weak owing to the fact that his skin is white pale like pasty toothpaste

‘How about you Architect? Any strategy to employ?’ The Consul asked.

When the Consul asked the Architect he would usually already have a plan to present to the Council but this time the Architect only sits in his chair looking like someone punches him in the stomach.

‘Nothing?’ The Consul asked. The Architect raises his eyebrows not liking the tone the Consul use with him

‘You heard what the Analyst said. Sending more people seems to be only strengthening him.

‘What about your plan using the Atlanteans?’ The Analyst asked the Architect, his hand tapped the handle of his Thinking Throne

‘It failed. The Atlanteans like us possess high level technology but even they know they could not survive an Omega Level Evolvers knocking down on their gates.’

The others nodded

‘Then they wanted to appease the Supreme General?’ The Consul said, scratching his chin. The Architect nodded but then he smiles bitterly.

‘Not that it would work.’ He said. The Consul then asked.

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘I have studied the Supreme general in details. He would not accept the outstretched hands that Atlantis will be offering him.’


‘Why?’ The Architect said.

‘Because he didn’t need to. And he doesn’t want to. What his soldiers hates the most other than Normies is Blood Traitor.’

‘So, what you are saying to me is that you have no plans.’ The Architect just put up his hand on the air.

‘In front of an invincible power, all plans are useless. If there is even a chance or a way I would not have despaired.’

‘Then do not despair yet for there is still a way for us to emerge victorious’ a voice sound from the left side of the table.

‘Historian. Something to add?’ the consul asked.

The Consul remember when the Historian enters he declares he has the solution for their problem.

But he rather trusted the Analyst whose data is perfect.

Other than knowing some secrets the Historian rarely prove his worth that even the Consul himself sometimes ask the reason why the Historian title need to be keep alive all these years.

‘There is a weapon in this world that could hurt and might even kill the Supreme General.’

‘I just said that there is no recorded weapon on earth that could kill him’ the Analyst scowling at the Historian feeling a little challenged.

‘Yes, true and I do not deny that. But that is only because you do not have the same access of documents I have.’

The Consul quickly catches on what the Historian is saying.

‘You open the Secret Vault?’

‘Yes and I did found a weapon that could hurt and possibly kill him.’ The other Supreme look towards the historian

‘What is it?’ The Analyst asked

‘You must understand one thing. That this weapon has long been believed widely as a myth. This weapon goes by many names but it truly makes it appearance in one of the banned books of Evolvers which is the Gospels of Peace.’

The other Supreme perked up their ears.

They rarely like to listen to the Historian stories but if this weapon could truly killed Omega Level Evolver they are interested in knowing the backstory of this weapon.

The fact that this information comes from the Secret Vault makes it even more valuable.

‘In the Roman Empire during its height an Omega level Evolver appeared.’ The Historian began as he stands up from his seat.

‘He brought life and brings equality to Evolvers by saving them using his marvelous abilities. To those who were starved he produces fruits and foods, to those who thirsty he turns sands to water and water to wine. His name is never recorded in Normies history and he is only referred to as the Savior in the Gospels. This Evolver is a revolutionary and the faith and ideas he brought was dangerous to the Roman Empire.’

For some reason hearing this story the Consul could recall some things written in his Stone Chamber of his house.

‘So, Emperor Tiberius sent Gaius Cassius Longinus to apprehend the rebels. Hundreds of legions were sent and none of them returned. Knowing that this messianic figure that appeared is a lot more difficult to handle, Gaius went and battle this Savior himself losing one eye and thee fingers on his left hand.’

At the name of Gaius the Consul flinched. Gaius is one of the distant relatives of the House of Flavian and a great hero.

There is even a statue of him in Sicily. Not many people realize the Consul flinched as they were absorbed in the storytelling.

‘He then return to the capital and ask for the Emperor to give him a weapon that could kill the Savior. At that time, the Savior was slowly liberating cities after cities of Evolvers and the Roman empire runs the risk of fragmenting itself again.’

‘And so, the Emperor gifted him a spear. This spear point was red and it glow red like blood when it is full moon. It is by using this spear that Gaius could kill the Savior of the Evolvers and ended the rebellion and maintain the powers of Normies superiority until this day.’

‘A spear? What spear?’

‘This spear is special.’ Saying this, the Historian could not help but smile.

A knowing smile.

To the Supreme this is the Historian bragging that he knows more ancient knowledge than all of the people in the world combined.

With a smug look the Historian continued his story

‘It is said that the people who wielded it have all gone to do great things in the world and some even said those who wield the spear, would rule the world.’

Then he list the name of the people he knew wielded that spear.

‘It has been wielded by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, Frankish warlord Charles Martel and a litany of German conqueror kings, emboldening them with its supernatural power…or they believed. In a way, the story was true. The spear is the most powerful weapon against Evolvers and any supernatural power, magic or advanced science and as such those who wield it gain control over the Evolvers. No matter their abilities, in front of this spear, their abilities lost all meanings.’

‘You’re not talking about that spear?’ The Diplomat asked as he got a hint of what spear the Historian is talking about.

As one of the World Nobles that are most connected he heard many stories and the stories of this spear is one of the few tall tales he heard sometimes from old houses who descended from Germans Kings and emperors.

They all believed that Charles Martel rise to the Imperial Throne was because of that spear and the luck it brings.

‘Yes, I am speaking about that spear. That spear revealed itself to the word during World War II. When Adolf Hitler began his first lecture in that beer hall, The World Council did not thought that a defeated Germany would rise again and would later possess one of the coveted weapons in all of history.’

The diplomat face turns dark after hearing this. Surely the Historian will not lead us chasing myths and fairy tales?

‘Normies saw Hitler as messianic figures while the Evolvers saw something demonic. The seemingly impossible ascent of this demagogue and his string of victories against the once so proud French and British, and of course that great Soviet evil to the east, demanded an easy explanation. A secret known only to a few cabal of intelligence. And in the Secret vault it is recorded for what reason Hitler was so confident that he would rule the world.’

‘The Spear of Destiny.’ The Diplomat said.

‘I heard this story a long time ago. A magical weapon that could kill Gods and replaces them. It is hogwash.’

The Diplomat waves his hand in exasperation.

‘But that’s the thing it’s not. When the First Pharaoh rises to his throne he was a Normie. He was a servant in the Grand Palace of Ra. Ra was an Evolver who is an Omega level. He could control the sun and was worship as the Sun God. But many researchers believe that Ra is actually only able to control the weather. And that kind of ability is truly regarded a powerful ability in any ancient era. To bring rain when there is drought and to bring the sun when winter is long.’

‘Tutmos a servant gains the throne by killing Ra. And what weapon did he use? A spear. Badly crafted one but a spear nonetheless’

The Consul nodded. Even in history textbook, it is said that utmost killed a God using a spear and that spear is called Godslayer.

‘The spear of destiny has been called many names and sport many forms but one thing is unchanging. The red edges of the weapon.’

‘It does not exist’ The Diplomat said and at this the historian smiles.

‘It exists.’

‘Where is it then?’ The Historian sits back down on his seat as the four supreme stares at him.  And the Historian smiles as he ruffles his sleeve and brought out a spear from his spatial pocket.

Putting it down on the table, the other four Supreme Potentates look at the spear and then at the Historian smiling.

The Consul who is always calm shows a wide smile. He got up from his seat and approaches the Historian chair and pats the Historian back.

Then he said

‘Tell me more’



Will look at the document sprawled n the wide table. Beside him was a Russian smoking Cuban cigar. He was muscly and in his long black robe.

His face was manly and there is a scar on his left hand. On his right hand is a burn mark.

‘What do you think? Still thinking I’m trying to fool you?’ The Russian said in English with thick accent of Russian.

‘It’s true. The Spear of Destiny exists.’ Will said as he takes a step back looking at all the documents in front of him.

Proof of a weapon that transcend the limitation of this word, or even this part of the galaxy. It could even be regarded as an Artifact.

‘What did I say?’ The Russian said as he takes another puff of smokes and smiles mockingly.

‘You sure it would work?’ Will said after regaining back his calm. This isn’t his world. Surely, the history would be different.

‘Get the spear and you will get your speed back.’

‘It can break the Source Fragment.’

‘Whatever it is you called that crystal shard that trapped you power, it could break it. My family had a record of it. I might look like this but I’m the last heir of Russian royalty.’

‘Hmm’ Will said as he is pacing inside the room, thinking. If his brother is here that would be easier. If it’s his brother, he would not fell to the same trap like he did.

‘The Spear of Destiny has many properties. No Evolvers could use their abilities in front of that accursed thing. But it also has the abilities to nullify all kinds of dampener since all of the fragment used to make the dampeners originated from that spear as the source.’

The Russian keep talking

‘Get the spear and you would get the world, my father used to say to me.’ And Will stopped his pacing.

He finally understands why his brother did not conquer this whole world the moment he set foot on this weak Earth.

He sighed. In the end, he was not as strategically inclined like his brother. Will was impulsive and loves to stand for justice.

It is what made him end up in this state

His brother had always said, it is fine to uphold justice but you have to be prepared. Will never understand what to prepare for when fighting injustice other than strength and power or in his case his speed.

Now he understands.


Looking at his brother action, he first occupied the Pentagon. That was an act of chance. He ended up in Washington DC and Pentagon was there so he occupied Pentagon.

But his next target could not be a coincidence. The CIA headquarters in Langley. Why would he target there.

Only one thing that could hold his brother interest. Since this world would not have anything that could satisfy his brother appetite for divine weapons and items then there only information.

That is why his brother is slowly advancing step by step. Will will not be surprised that Azief would lknow about the Spear of Destiny in a few days.

After all one of the documents he read details CIA involvement in the death of General George S. Patton because the General knew some things about the Spear.

The Spear was then sent to House of Martel and is there for safekeeping. It is in Titan.

‘You know why I wanted that spear?’ Will ask the Russian.

The Russian nodded.

‘You wanted your speed back aren’t you?’

‘I do but that’s not the only reason. If the claim that the Spear of Destiny could hurt anything in the world, then I must not let it falls to someone else’s hand.’ Then he almost laughed.

By now, his brother might already create countermeasures against the spear of destiny.

His brother might also already make the conclusion that the dampeners and the collars is actually the same stuff that Source Fragments are made off.

Primordial energy.

It is very rare yet here it is in Earth 39. Something must have happened for them to possess such many Source Fragments.

‘Who are you protecting?’ The Russian asked

Smiling Will replies

‘Someone who I owe a very great debt’ and then he walk away from the tables as the Russian take another puff and closes his eyes.

The Spear of Destiny is forcing people to move and enter the race and with Azief in the United States expanding his influence it is only a matter of time before the Rebellion Army will clash with the World Council.


That it for this week. I’m too tired. With my back and my work this is the only thing I could eke out. This time a little bit of history lesson for earth 39 which differs greatly from our Earth

The subject of all hatred and bigotry is all Evolvers.

My back is tired because I have no proper table to write since I’m only writing on bed which is tiring to the body.

And there is also Will part of the story. This is a short chapter. If it is long chapter it will also include Azief part of the story. Anyway, if you like it please donates, review and promote my stories or leave a comment.



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