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The vast space of nebulous color filled this closed dimension. The vastness of this closed dimension is equal to a thousand galaxies combined.

Someone who could create this kind of vast closed dimension must be a very powerful being.

Somewhere in the center of this closed dimension, there is a burning star, its heat could melt even Universal Laws and dissipates weak Realities.

An Old man is sitting on a burning star replenishing his life. His wounds are producing light that give light to this dark dimension.

Like mirroring his injuries, this closed dimension is cold and dark only his bleeding wound gives light to this dark dimension.

Unlike many beings in the Universe the Old man did not bleed liquid but instead bleed with light and each motes of light that drips from him contain the profundities of the Universe.

He is old, with white beard and long white hair. His physique is skinny or to be more accurate looking like a bag of old bones.

He resembles a human in his appearance.

But the power of life burns brightly inside him. His vitality could power thousands of galaxies. He wears a white divine armor refined from thirteen galaxies.

Thirteen gems studded the divine armor, each one is made from a star just moment before they exploded, capturing the destructive power of those stars inside the gems, granting the wearer of the armor the power of these thirteen exploding stars in each of his strike.

They shines in the brightest color and the power radiated from it could incinerate almost anything in existence.

His boots are made from life energy, with each step he takes; thousands of life forms could be formed.

Yet, this old man that possess such powers….is wounded

What entity or being in the vast universe that could wound him?

He once asked that question the moment he was given consciousness.

With all of the abilities he commands in the Universe what being could threaten him other than His Lord and Creator?

At this moment he finds out.

This old man did not think that the moment he is wounded is a week ago, or a year ago because time is relative to beings like them.

It is either this moment or that moment. There is no distinction of time.

As he is healing himself, suddenly his closed dimension is being opened. It was not invaded or being attacked. It is being open and the old man eyes lights up. He knows who is coming.

He kneels on the burning star as a being of immense power appears before him.

It was Light that could shine all of the Universes in existence and could pressure all realities and Dimensions.

This presence is even mightier than all of the Universes in existence combined.

That massive and powerful light formed into a corporeal form of a man.

The man floats in the air of this closed dimension and then slowly he flew to the burning star and his feet landed on the burning star surface.

The fire calms down and leaf started sprouting from the stars as life bloomed all over the cold dark universe with life essence swirling all around the closed dimension.

Stars are formed; celestial bodies are slowly being created out of nothing. It should not have been possible but with this being anything is possible.

Create with a thought.

The man has a calming smile and a wise appearance.

His hair was pure white, each strands are full of life essence that if it falls into a dark and cold galaxies it will started sprouting life.

He wears a white robe brimming with the essence of primordial creation.

His feet were enveloped by gravity waves distorting the fabric of space-time which speeds up the recovery of the old man by a thousand fold.

He was bright like Quasars, the brightest object in the universe giving off more energy than 1000 mature galaxies combined.

He takes a step and ripples of reality and time could be felt when he takes that one step.

If the Old man is not spared of the pressure, that old man would probably turn to nothingness in His presence.

This is the representation of the Creator, his mortal form.

But the Old Man knew that if He wanted to He could grow into a gigantic figure that towered over all firmaments, over all the multiverses, over all the infinite realities, overseeing everything and controlling everything.

The cycle of creations, rebirth, life is all under his wise judgment.

‘Azur Uhur’ the Creator spoke and his word ripples with energy that bouncing off inside the closed dimension.

Instead of the dimension cracking under the pressure, the ripples of His word seeped outside to one of the planets near this foreign galaxy and power the creation of life in one of the one celled organism on one of the planets giving them sentience.

‘My Glorious Lord of All Creation, you have come to meet this children of yours. Words could not express my emotions’

The Creator then walk towards the Old Man and touches his forehead with one of his fingers and the old man wound regenerated a million times faster but the Destruction energy was very strong.

It almost seems like the Creator could not reverse the damage but then the Creator pushes his finger and the destruction energy was crushed by the overwhelming power of Life Energy from the Creator fingers.

‘You are healed.’ The Creator said like it was not a big deal.

The Elder of the Universe has been racking his brain and even sealed himself inside the closed dimension to avoid exploding if he dies but with one finger the Creator restores him back to full health.

‘I am grateful for the assistance My Glorious Lord of All Creation.’ The Creator wants to speak but he knows his words are Laws of the Universe. Each word creates a ripple all over the Universe.

He sighed and his sigh could be heard all over the Universe.

Seers, Oracles, eternal beings, Immortals, Great Devil of the Asura World and the Divine King of the Sura Palace heard the sigh and they could not help but look toward the area of that galaxy.

One of the Asgardians who heard the sigh try to peers the face of the Creator and his eyes was burned from inside out.

Those that are wiser knew that the Creator is the one sighing and as such they just ignore the sigh

Somewhere in the vast galaxy, the moving planet Interium stopped as its barrier ripples and Wargod waves his hand as boundless primordial energy collided with the sound of the Creator sigh creating an explosion that destroyed a nearby star.

Interium then using their fastest speed teleported itself to the furthest reaches of the Universe.

All the while the Creator finishes his sigh.

He knew that he could not speak to much word, but there is much to be told.

In his long eternal existence, he rarely told a story but looking at the old man in front of him, he must tell him the story or Azur Uhur like his other brothers would suffer the same fate.

To the Creator he has countless of children for all beings are his creation.

But the Elder of the Universe are the only few that could converse with him and as such he has a sweet spot for them.

Eh Creator then pointed his finger to the center of the formation of this closed dimension and he said

SEAL’ And ancient laws rewrite itself as the closed dimension is sealed as he could now speak without worrying the change he might made in the universes.

Then He spoke

‘Azur Uhur.’ He begins with a tone of voice father would use to his children.

‘You are the last of the Elders of the Universe. You are my last emissaries like Yewa- Hafar is the last Acolyte of Dark Tidings. The Destroyer killed my children and I seal the existence of his Acolytes. I could not neutralize his power and he could not neutralize mine. That has been the ways it is since the beginning of time.

Even as he spokes, young galaxies were formed out of his every word like it carried off a divine will that commands life to be born.

Even when he seals the place, his Life Command desires to spread life all over the Universe.

Even this closed dimension could not conceal the almighty power of life that the Creator commands.

‘I have succeeded before, Exalted Lord’ Azur Uhur spoke

The Creator closes his eyes and Time stopped. The Time Master and The Time Lord in their worlds were in a panic for a while as the flow of time was disturbed suddenly.

He opened his eyes again and time moves again

‘You did not succeed in defeating him.’ The Creator corrected Azur Uhur.

‘You succeed in only delaying him. As the Creator of Universes I rarely believe in Destiny and Fate but one might call what happens that time was a matter of destiny’

‘Even you do not believe in fate my Exalted Lord?’ the Old man was puzzled since he knows the most about the Creator.

‘Precisely because it is me. I controlled Destiny and Fate. I write the stories and how it ends. But that stunt you pulled five thousand years ago….that was not my storyline. That was not the destiny decreed for the Universe. It is one thing to derail the plan of a world but for something to derail the plan of the Universe that is impossible. Only if it’s Him, then this makes sense. He, The One Higher than Me, has a plan regarding the Destroyer.’

Azur Uhur could guess who this Him the Creator is talking about is. Azur Uhur then remembers five thousand years ago.

It was still fresh inside his mind. After all five thousand years for the Elder of the universe is just a blink of an eye.

‘The Universe was warring with each other. As your Emissary I could not bear to see so many lives were sacrificed for their greed.’

‘The All Source’ the Creator spoke the old man nodded.

‘The entire Universe vied for the All Source, warring all across Realities, Time and all of the Universes scramble, warred and fall to get the All Source.’

The Elder spoke as that image still burns in his mind.

Timeline were broken and some were cut out of the stream of time while some Timeline were thrown into a loop, repeating doomsday every day without the people inside the Time Loop knowing it.

There are even some realities that became inverted and distorted.

‘That war claimed millions of Realities, millions of Dimension were thrown to the Deserted Dimension, millions more galaxies exploding in futility, each one of them spreads destruction and chaos all over the universe that it begins to threatens the very fabric of creation.’

Azur Uhur spoke passionately.

‘Countless of races perished and became extinct in that war. Some are even forgotten in the long epoch that passes. I interfere for the good of all creation like my Exalted Lord has always teaches me.’

The creator then sighed.

‘You know too little and your views are narrow. But that is understandable. You do not stand on the same place I am standing, so how could you see what I see. Our vantage point is different so you cannot see what I see.’ The Creator spoke and Azur Uhur look down.

Then like a father telling a story to his children, the Creator spoke in a calming voice, soothing the Elder of the Universe emotions.

‘When the Universe was formed, the Supreme One created the First Race.’ Azur Uhur nodded as he also knows this.

‘The moment he created them, He was no longer the only being. Before he created the first universe, there is nothing. The moment he created the First Race, I was born. Life created out of nothing. A few trillions of years passed as the Supreme One look upon the First Race. He then discovers that the First Race did not change much from the day He created them. They remain the same. They get up in the morning, eat in the evening and sleep in the night. Then they repeat this for trillions of years without ever changing. They do not rush to form bonds or to make children, neither do they rush to do anything. Do you know why?’

‘Because they did not die.’ Azur Uhur answers and the Creator nodded

‘Yes, because they did not die, they could not understand the beauty of life nor they need to rush or change since change is different and different to them is bad. Trillions of years passed but they were as primitive as they are in the beginning since there is nothing to drive them. So, the Supreme One created the concept of destruction and that is how the Destroyer was born. With Destruction comes the concept of Time of blooming and wilting, of living and dying.’

Azur Uhur nodded as he listens attentively to the Creator.

‘A millions years passed and the First race grew to be a prosperous race. But they desire more. They travel the Universe and stars but they see no other life. They are the only one and that discovery left them desponded. The Supreme One has always intended to create more life but he intended to create them later. And later to the Supreme one could be a million year later, or a trillion years later. The Supreme One has no concept of time since before him time does not exist and do not matter to him.’

‘And then The Supreme One created more life’ Azur Uhur spoke.

The Creator nodded

‘In one moment, millions of galaxies were formed and life bloomed all across the Universe. And thus begins the Eterna conquest. They killed and pillage all across the Universe. At this time the Supreme One slumbered. And in His slumber the cosmic energy of all creation was imparted to me, while the cosmic energy of all destruction was bestowed on the Destroyer. We were his Emissary, his Envoy. In his slumber we are the rulers of all Universes.’

Azur Uhur was shocked.

This is the first time he heard of this.

He always knew that there is the Supreme one but from what he knows he did nothing other than slumbering and created the first universe and the myriad of races that inhabits all universes before the Creator takes over.

No one ever heard that the Supreme One ever awakened and some even treated the Supreme One as a myth.

‘We both have our work. One to govern life and all of its aspect, the other govern death and destruction and all of its aspect. We did his work for trillion of years without complaint. All the while, the First Race rampages and devours all the universe they came in contact with. It was then that the Supreme One awakens from his slumber. To Him, he just closes his eyes and opens it a moment later but to all of the Universe six thousand trillion years has passed.’

The Elder of the Universe gasped hearing such stories. The Creator smiles and life bloomed inside the dimension.

‘Almost all life in the Universe was decimated by His First Race. He grew wrathful seeing all of His children suffer such fates. It was then that he decreed the annihilation of the Eterna race. It was also the only time I was given the permission to do something destructive. I could deny the rebirth and the generation of souls of the Eterna race as I see fit.’

The Elder of the Universe face grew solemn. He knew his Creator. Benevolent and merciful. He did not destroy.

He creates and nurture. Yet, in his eternal existence, even He had a hand in destruction. Then The Creator sighed

‘The Destroyer descended down from the Exalted Divine Dimension to bring annihilation to the entire Eterna race as Judgment. But he was repelled. For the Eterna race was the first race that the Supreme One has created and as such they were blessed.’

And the Creator waved his hand as an image of the Eterna race superimposed on one of the stars in the dimension.

There is only one Eternian but his size could cover up the Heavens. The Elder tries to image a whole race of them and he shudders in fear

‘They have vast sizes that rival the Destroyer himself as they have destroyed and absorbed countless universes. They also have the ability to create waves that have the power to unmake matter at its most basic level. They possess invulnerability to almost every attack. The Destroyer battled them with the Eterna race taking no damage whatsoever. And so I was also sent down. I too fought them but they consumed millions of my positive matter to increase their power which only strengthen them. They too like Us possess the abilities to alter realities with mega genius level intellect and each one of them are great tactical analyst.’

‘Could it be….my Exalted Lord….?’ As the Elder of the Universe eyes widen

‘Yes, we lost that war. We both return to the Exalted Divine Dimension failed to fulfill the Supreme One request. Incensed that the First Race dares rebels against Him, the Supreme One construct a powerful weapon. The moment it appeared realities shattered and trillions of galaxies were refined to create this weapon.’

‘The All Source.’ The Elder of the Universe finally knows how the All Source was created.

Who would have thought the All Source was created to destroy the Eterna race?

The Creator nodded and said

‘It commands the power of the Supreme One and was bestowed to us to do His bidding. We both use the All source to eradicate the Eterna from the Universe. No matter how powerful they are, the moment they fight us, armed with the power of the All Source, they turned to dust in the rivers of the galaxies.’

‘But, my Exalted Lord, what are you trying to tell me?’ The Elder of the Universe was confused. Why would his Lord tell him this story?

‘You know how this ends, my child for we live outside of times. Those humans who have transcended the limitation of the world might have changed the timeline of the Universes but for us beings who live outside of Time, how could we not know? Even Odin knows it which is why he sent the All Source to Earth Prime. He might be blind in one eye but he sees more than his other contemporaries. He knows more. He knew the All Source could never be indefinitely kept apart. It must be united. For it yearns to unite.’ And the Elder of the Universe drop down his head.

During the Celestial Wars five thousand years ago, he was the one who split the All Source to seven pieces.

Each piece was given to the strongest factions in the Universe and as such they become a mega superpower in the Universe.

To cut such a powerful source of energy, he stole the Liquid of Eternity.

Using that liquid he poured into a large star and created a spear.

The spear was as large as a planet. Using it he sawed the All Source to seven pieces limiting its power and thus preventing the Destroyer from sensing it thus delaying his awakening.

One of the shard fragments of the All Source splintered during the sawing and hurtling inside Time, Space, and Dimensions as it finally landed in one of the Earths in the Multiverse.

It was red in color. But when it falls into that Earth, it was surrounded with space particles and dust which created the azure stones all across the shard.

Even that azure dust solidified and possesses a certain abilities that could absorb sources of power resembling a Source fragment.

The shard itself after being sandpaper from the collisions in space becomes very tiny as long as normal spears that mortals in the primitive time use.

The Elder of the Universe monitors that one of the humans in that Earth uses the Shard to kill a person with powerful abilities.

Even though that is the case the Elder of the Universe did not seek to retrieve the shard as he deemed it unnecessary and will not affect his grand plan.

In a sealed dimension, he sawed the All Source for thirteen zetallion years. He expended almost all of his vitality and life essence.

If not for he was in direct contact with the All Source, even him, one of the eternal existences in the Universe would perish under Time.

The Creator was still speaking about Odin

‘He was once blessed by me and as such that kind of blessing leaves a mark.’

‘But, isn’t this an opportunity for us to stop the Destroyer, my exalted Lord?’

‘You still do not understand. We can loop this moment every time and each time the Destroyer will get the same conclusion. He will win. Because this is His destiny. The Supreme One dictates that this is the right moment.’

‘If that is so, then why did my Exalted Lord help chain the Destroyer?’ The Creator did not answer but sighed. He do not want to answer it is because this relates to one of his lives.

With each time he chooses a successor to become the Creator, that person lives will be assimilated with the memories of the Creator.

HE is the Creator but he also possesses that mortal memories.

This is the gift that the Supreme One bestowed upon the Creator so he could better understand the beings that is living inside the Universe.

And this mortal formed karma with someone…someone who will undoubtedly cross path with the Destroyer and might flip the whole table of the so called destiny.

The Creator only told this to the Elder of the Universe

‘You know how this ends, but you do not know how this begins. And because you do not know, you do not understand. You do not understand why the Destroyer seeks the All Source so you do not understand Him. Do you think he is evil?’ The Elder nodded.

‘Why? ‘The Creator ask

‘Because he destroys life.’ Azur Uhur answers

‘But that is his job’ The Creator said.

‘He was created for that purpose. In this Universe there is no righteous path or the dark path. You are too influenced with your mortal memories, Azur Uhur.’

Azur Uhur just smiles bitterly.

It is true that while he is the last one of the Elder of the Universe, respected all across every Universe, he used to be mortal.

Like the other Elders, they were all mortals before being picked by the Creator and given new life.

Remolded the bodies and will and given almost night invincibility.

The Creator continued to spoke.

‘There is only the path of life and path of destruction. The reason why any beings hated death is because they views life is sacred. But as there is sacredness in life, there is also sacredness in death. There is a cycle of life and death, as there is a cycle of creation and destruction and nothing will escape both of Us.’

The Creator said like he was lecturing on the grand teachings that encompasses all the truth and mystery of the Universe.

Each of his words if falls to any ears of sentient creatures they would achieve enlightenment and could become great beings.

Demonic Beast would become Divine Beast, animals would evolved and become Sagely Animals, even inanimate objects like stone would gain sentient thought and reach the apex becoming a new race like the Erethon race who descended from one rock in Mount Sryiun  who gains primordial energy when the Creator set his foot in that mountain.

‘I am Creation. And he is Destruction and we are the basic building blocks of Everything. True Divinity, Eternal Existence, Divine Immortals, Demonic Fiendgod, Devilish Celestials, all this great beings that roam the Universe even they are not free from Our chains and this cycle.’

The Elders nodded as he could feel his mind was filling with new concepts of Universal laws making him stronger.

‘Life and Destruction opposed each other so each act that is filled for destruction is considered evil. But this is the morals of mortal. To us…it is merely a process. An unfortunate process but still a process.’ And the Creator stops his word before continuing

‘There is a right moment for everything. I delayed him because I am betting on the right moment. Mark my word….the Destroyer will win again.’

And the Elder faces turn grave.

‘But it might not be the victory he is hoping for.’ And at this the Creator smiles knowingly as he closes his eyes.

He was asking whether this is His plan? Has the Destroyer trillions of years prayers will be fulfilled?

And the Elder of the Universe face lights up with hope.

‘My Exalted Lord, is that true?’ And the Creator smiles.

‘I don’t know. For the first time in my eternal existence, I don’t know. Thus, I bet. I bet on life and creation. ‘

‘What should I do then?’

‘Wait….and hope. And live. I would be very sad if I found out you no longer existed just because you wanted to stop the Destroyer. It is enough. From now on, let fate do Her work.’

The Elder sighed and nodded

‘As my Exalted Lord ordered.’

The Creator the waved his hand and the sealing he erected disappears as the closed dimension shattered and flew light-years away falling through Time and over space.

The energy emitted from the closed dimension ionized the galaxies they passed and help kick start the formation of stars and planets.

With another wave of his hand the Elder of the universe was sent into a desolate planet and the Elder of the Universe knew what he need to do.

He smiles, flew into the skies, brings out his Pouch of Life and sow seeds to the oceans, with one waves of his hand, life energy transformed this  entire planet as life bloomed and prospers.

The Creator on the other hand stand there, his figure was only six feet tall, smaller than any of the particles flying across this turbulent space.

But none of the debris of either shattered stars or planets could touch or dares near this tiny being.

Six feet tall or not he is still the Creator of all things.

If he wills it, Life would cease to exist. Any being smart enough know that Life and Death is just one side of the same coins.

While it is said that the Creator control Life and Destroyer controlled Death this did not mean the Creator could not destroy.

But the Destroyer could only destroy.

The Creator surrounded by rushing asteroids belts all over him just sighed as he looks toward a certain direction.

Then he spoke telepathically as that titanic figure sailing through the stars trillions of light years away, stop and the force of his sudden stops forces the galaxies he is in to implode on itself.

The planets that inhabits that galaxy screams before disappears without a sound. That titanic figure also looks towards the direction of the Creator.

They look at each other; their eyes were not obstructed by Time and Space.

‘It is a curse. Emotions drive you forward. Such a mortal concept yet the Supreme One bestowed us with it all the same. And it is because of that You seek that. Because you no longer want to be cursed. I understand. And it is why I did not seal you.’

Before the Creator laughed bitterly.

The titanic figure did not respond. His eyes still closed.

If he opens it, destruction energy will spreads and every existence he lays eyes on would be suck into those eyes and destruct itself.

‘Not that I can. In a way, we are both powerless against each other. The immovable object and the irresistible force that is what we are to each other.’

The titanic figure scoffed before saying

‘I do not need your pity. I will get the All Source again. These petty humans that change the Timeline will not stop me a second Time. I will have a precaution against that this time’

Finished saying this that titanic figure continues His movement, sailing through the Universe. The Creator nodded as his eyes peer through all Multiverses as his gaze landed on a human.

That man was wearing all black attire and has ten rings, one on each finger, emitting an ancient energy fluctuation that only the Creator could detect.

The Rings of Eternal.

‘Fate’ and the Creator look towards the Exalted Divine Dimension ‘and Destiny’ as he look back at the human.

‘There is fate and destiny.’ He said it to no one in particular. More likely he is saying it to himself.

‘Ten Rings of Eternal…does that mortal knows who is the original owner of that ring and from what material it was forged? In that Timeline, you refine and forged the ring anew never knowing the true identity of that ring owner. I hope in this Timeline, after I have helped you, you will be better. As I am the Creator I will always be on the side of Life. I hope you succeed.’

Finished saying this the Creator took one step and he disappears leaving the Universe he is in full of primordial energy.

That energy dissipates almost immediately but that residue of such almighty energy causes this part of the Universe to be able to thrive for trillion of years and walk the path of Immortals Beings.

The Universe did not know that the fate of all realties and all of Creation rested solely on that human fighting viciously in Earth 39.

Fate and Destiny is always unpredictable and rarely its machination makes sense in the beginning.

But….it is because Fate and Destiny in unpredictable that certain things could be overcome. When all hope seems lost, sometimes Fate and Destiny will always give a way out.

The Creator was hoping for the unpredictability of Fate and Destiny to guide the Universe to the most ideal conclusion.

So, he will not interfere.

It is now out of His hand.

Like the Elder of the Universe he will wait and hope that mortal could exceed his expectation and prove Him and the Destroyer wrong.

That human when given a second chance could change.

And so with the Creator hoping, it was akin the entire Universe hoping.


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