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The room was full of solemnity. The man wearing colorful badges on his shirt looked dejected and depressed as he saw the state of the Fort from the surveillance camera.

He did not know what to do. It was like he was forced to watch his own doom coming to him.

And that feeling of inevitably suffocates him to his very being.

As he saw that “monster” ripping apart men like they were leaves, he could not help but wonder if the same fate will befall him to.

Would he too have his spine pull out from his back? Or will it be like his Lieutenant who had his heart ripped apart from him when he is still alive?

Or will he be burned into dust and ashes under the swing of a saber by that “monster”?

He could not order the captains or the lieutenant from his telecommunication device to do anything because he could already see the conclusion.

It would be pointless at this point.

His hand already let go of the transmitter a long time ago. He knew. Today, they all going to die here.

The proud army of the United States 17 Division established by the WSC as a peacekeeping corps in the US….today….. they would all perished here.

‘There is no hope’ he thought to himself.

No matter how many reports he had read about this monster they called the Devil, none prepared him for this.

Utter defeat. And pure massacre.

There is no mercy. Those who he met, he killed. Those who were strong enough or lucky enough to meet him face to face would die brutally by his hand.

If not that, they would die because of his black mist.

The surrounding area was in chaos from the west to the east, from the south to the north. All area of the fort was in disarray as even the most steel hearted soldiers are in fear and afraid.

It was like these brave men, soldiers of the country were whipped into a frenzy of madness after seeing something so terrifying.

Eric read of this. That the Devil has some abilities that could invoke fear is someone heart.

The WSC sure does seem equipped to handle him. But this….this reality…this is too harsh. It was like they were trying to hold a flood with one bag of sand.

What good does it do to know what he is capable of if we have no way of countering it? It is as good as throwing cannon fodder at him

‘My God, what kind of monster we provoke?’ He asks himself as he saw his men being obliterated almost effortlessly.

It is daylight. Eric knows it should be daylight. He was there to see the sun dawns in the morning.

Yet, when He came, the clouds turn black, heavy rain and dark mist swirling all over the area. Thunder howled in the distance and fires roared.

It was like judgment day is upon them.

This is the SS Level Threat. This kind of mutant abilities that is possessed by the codename Devil is a SS Level threat by the WSC.

An Omega Level Evolver….is a God.

Eric…finally understand. His eyes become clear. It has been two weeks since the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army started his war against humanity.

He did not even disguise his intention for total domination. He wanted the United States as the base for a worldwide Evolver base for Evolver rebellion all over the world.

Virginia has about 8.4 million people residing in it. By now, the Supreme General Shadow has taken the lives of about 6 million people all over the state.

That was millions in number. He alone has killed that many. Never before in the history of mankind, a lone man killed that many lives.

The title butcher is beneath him. He transcended that.

Jean Rostand once said “Kill one man and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men and you are a conqueror. Kill them all and you are a God.”

Each day one could say he killed about half a million people or more. This alarmed the entire world.

And the more the WSC sent people, the more lives he reaped. Slowly, people began associating the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army as the embodiment of Death.

Normies all over America is trying to emigrate causing widespread traffic congestion all over the highways and main road.

Planes schedule are full and the rich and powerful has mostly runs to their personal island or some other countries.

Even the President of the United States is not here, but in Titan, the moon that orbits Saturn. It is an icy moon with a solid surface but has thick atmosphere.

The WSC in 1997 managed to derive oxygen to breathe using the frozen H2o on the moon surface and in the sub surface.

Since then it has become the World Council base of operations with almost 3 million people there forming a city full of the World Council personnel and their families.

That is why the World Council has never feared the Evolver threat since they could not build a spaceship without their supervision since the resources to build one is astronomical.

But one of the Supreme General abilities alarmed the World Council and the World Nobles who had the information that the Supreme General could fly.

They have seen a lot of Evolvers that could fly but none of them could fly to space.

But….what if…just what if… the Supreme General could fly to outer space and reach Saturn?

That thought keep the World Nobles residing in Titan wide awake at night since the Rebellion Army started clinching victories after victories.

And he is relentless and merciless in his crusade against the Normies. And the World Nobles are the representative symbols of Normies superiority over the Evolvers.


And Eric was shocked as his body jolted after hearing the explosion sound so near yet so far.

Everyone in the room was on their toes and their bodies are sweating. Each one knows what the other is thinking.

That they are all fucked.

Once again as Eric look outside the reinforced glass windows he could see three more fighter planes were falling down from the sky, their tails are burning bright on the sky like a beacon after being hit by an energy punch of the Supreme General Shadow.

Eric could see from the surveillance camera how the Supreme General of the Rebellion Army did it.

He releases a punch and the air around him constricted like they are being choked and break as air quake happens crushing the area surrounding him as a slice of wind shoot itself towards the plane.

And as those fighter planes crashed and exploded in the distance, that monster keep walking forward bringing with him death and destruction.

‘He is approaching’ Eric muttered. His hand is trembling but he held his emotion in check. He could not let his men see him afraid.

This is the last bastion of Virginia.

Fairfax County.

Eric felt that the Devil wanted to fight this last fight. Wanted to box all of them Normies here so that he could feast on them

It is clear to Eric now, that the five millennia position of Normies superiority has been reversed. Now, the Evolvers are the predator and they are the prey.

‘This is the day humanity falls’ he mumbles.

He could almost see it. The repression and oppression of the Normies against the Evolvers…..has brought the Normies to this moment.

This Devil is not like the enemies the World Council has ever encountered before and also would probably the last enemy the World Council will ever face.

In front of such godly means, how could the World Council existed in the new world that is about to dawn.

The rise of a planet ruled by Evolvers is dawning and unless the world finds a way to stop the Supreme General….they are doomed.

The World Council could not use their usual trick against this man. Virginia has been holding on for these two weeks.

Battalions after battalions were sent.

Even one of the 13 Golden Division was sent to stop The Supreme General at Richmond only to have all of them eradicated in a large fire that burns the entire city for days, burning everything to ashes.

The soils turn charred and there are no trees in sight for hundreds of miles.

Skyscraper buildings stele beams could be seen littered the ground while metal rivers was formed in city area where the fire melted everything that could be melted creating flowing molten metal that flowed all across the city after the Supreme General attacked.

So, in Richmond after a few days that flowing molten liquid hardness and turns into a trail of metals.

By now, one could still smell the stench of burning from the entire city which eerily smells like charred flesh.

Only Evolvers and children were spared. Children of Normies were fed and protected under the military rule of the Supreme General.

It is because this hardliner attitude of the Supreme General that the WSC is full of headache.

He did not take hostages. He did not compromise. He marches forward and with his strength he marches unimpeded.

Karl, though he was an Evolver Emperor, even WSC was not afraid of him and has ways of dealing with him.

It is because Karl dreams were for coexistence.

The World Council knows this and as such they could delay him from making drastic moves by using words and rhetoric and taking advantage of the fact that Karl believes the good in everyone and that people could change.

The World Council has no intention to change.

Because any change means their current position will no longer be held by them.

And after five millennia holding the authority of the world why would the World Council eager to give Karl the chance to change the status quo.

But this Devil…he did not dream of coexistence. His intention is clear.

At the end of this war, only one side will emerge victorious. And the Devil is making sure his team is going to grab for the champion title.

Looking at the recording from the surveillance drone as ten of thousands of soldiers, Normies civilians dying in agony, screaming and melting Eric almost puked.

Wherever the Devil walks a red dark mist preceded him. Black clouds on the sky and thunder clapping and criss crosses all around the radius of his existence.

He was like a walking natural disaster. A walking divine storm.

And this mist coming out from him is highly corrosives a sit kills everything near him and seems like another powerful ability he possesses.

As he comes closer, Eric heart beats fast.

He didn’t want to die. No one wanted to die if they can help it. But he did not run. He wanted to. But strangely, his feet did not move.

The gigantic compound that is the Fairfax Military Fort built by the WSC moments after the news of Washington DC as a point of invasion to retake D.C after its being occupied, it is the most high tech and most secure place the walls disintegrated like sand castle.

It is the World Security Council. With their resources this fort should be impenetrable.

Yet, as the Devil comes closer, a strange silence gripped the entire Fort as they saw the scene of the metal wall corroding like time has melted it away.

The Evolver army behind their Supreme General is all using their abilities and weapons to shot down fighter jets and tanks.

In the beginning of the battle, a brave attack was mounted upon the ragtag bunch of the Devil entourage.

The Devil only brought fifteen people with him. But that brave attack cost the lives of almost 20 thousand people.

Nothing escapes the Devil dark mist.

The houses nearby the fort are all burning with dark flames and sounds of explosion could still be heard.

By now, the amount of Evolvers that the Rebellion Army possesses has reached about five million Evolvers.

Five million Evolvers without the dampening collars.

United under one person.

This kind of such terrifying force has never appeared in the face of the earth since the death of Ra the first emperor of mutants.

They were liberated and were given a choice whether to join or not and the Supreme General strongly forbidding anyone to force people to join unless they want to.

Some people are content to bask in the freedom they were given……at least that what some people would think.

But all Evolvers volunteered. None of them forgotten the treatment they have endured.

None of them forgot why the scars were given and why their heart feels despair everyday they open their eyes in the morning.

They know who inflicted the scars. They know who hurt them and ill-treat them. They know who to hate.

And now….after the terrible treatment…they want something out of it.

They want vengeance. They want to avenge their fallen comrades and strive to the world that their Supreme General wanted to build.

A world of Evolvers.

Free Evolver men and women all serves under the Supreme General as their Rebellion Army gains traction each days and slaves are running away from their master to reach Washington DC to join the Rebellion.

Even now, while the Supreme General is massacring Virginia, other Evolvers armies are attacking Ohio led by Harrison.

Catherine the woman general who possesses green hair and one of the few that follow the Supreme General conquest from the beginning is invading Pennsylvania with almost 20 thousand Evolvers.

That was overkill.

One Evolver with powerful abilities could fight ten strong Normies.

But the reason it seems is because General Catherine intend to continue her campaign which means she is confident she could conquer Pennsylvania.

Then she would coordinate with Harrison. She would be conquering the Northeastern United States and Harrison taking over the Midwest.

Washington D.C is being protected by a translucent dome that is capable withstanding the most powerful missile from the US Army.

The Vice President Noah who is an Evolver that could turn into a steel man is coordinating supplies for these two pronged campaign.

When the Supreme General finishing up with Virginia he would join either Harrison or Catherine and like planned kills all the Normies in both regions.

The Supreme General has already declared his battle plan and where he is going to attack. That would seems stupid if ifs any other person doing the announcing.

But Eric knows what the Supreme General is doing.

By announcing which cities he is going to attack, the state wide panic has created more problems for the local authority to regulate the city with millions of people trying to escape the city.

This also the perfect opportunity for the Rebellion Army to plant an inside guy amidst the chaos paving the way for a successful invasion.

And even if people knew that the Supreme General is coming for them…what could they do? The World Council has never faced an Omega level Evolver before.

Alpha level Evolver are already a headache and now with Omega level Evolver, Eric is imagining that the Word Nobles high in their castle on Titan is ripping their hair out of frustration.

And also because the deterrence power of the Supreme General reputation. He is known to leave no survivor alive.

Unless you are children, you will be crushed under the foot of the rebellion army. Eric looks at one of the soldiers behind him who is looking stoic.

‘Dibnella, stand beside me.’ The soldiers nodded and stand beside Eric.

Guard me well, and you will get your reward’ Dibnella nodded. He was six feet six, an African man with tattoos sprawled all over his face and piercings all over his nose.

Power radiated from him.

Eric looks back at the screen monitoring the actions of the Supreme General while thinking of many things.

Mostly about the rise of the Evolvers as a race and a political entity.

Even as the explosion sound filled the entire fort, Eric still seems strangely calm. He knows that this surveillance camera is recording all of this.

He also knows that if he runs, as the General of this army, his family in Titan would be executed by the WSC.

His job is to send this recording to Titan, to the World Council servers so they could analyze the Supreme General weakness.

His job…from the very beginning…is to die here. So, he is calm. He accepted it. And as such he relaxes as he could think things calmly.

A few days ago, the Evolvers create their own Provisional Government with Harrison as their President and the Devil as the Supreme General controlling the army.

This shocked the entire world as the Evolvers began forming governments.

This was different from Karl Empire of Germany which consists of both Normies and Evolvers with both factions fighting over control.

It was complicated in Germany as even slavery was not entirely outlawed. Karl might have banned slavery but what about the black market there?

As long as there is a demand, there is market.

The only thing that changed is that the fact the Evolvers slave treatment is considerably better in Germany.

This is because Karl had no power to bear the full brunt of the Normies world to come down on him if he truly and completely banned slavery and had to play ball with the World Council.

But even after the shocking news of Evolver government is being formed in the United States more shocking news happened as Russia was suddenly rocked by the emergence of the Royal Faction of the Romanov royal family who was executed during the Soviet times.

They make an entrance to the play with Ulyenko Romanov has taken responsibilities for the bombing at Kremlin and bring out the ancient monarch Evolver family out in the open once again as it has been revealed that the Romanov line was not fully extinguished in the the Purge of November.

Codenamed the Russian, he was on the wanted list of many nations as a terrorist leader.

The Romanov royal family was purged by the World Council after knowing that they were actually Evolver and managed to impersonate as Normies for hundreds of years and ruled Russian under the eyes of the World Council.

Since then the only surviving heir of the Romanov royal family has hidden himself and established himself as a great crime lord in the underbelly of the world criminal activities.

Ulyenko himself was an Evolver that possesses strong body and the ability to increase the potential of an Evolver which gains him many Evolvers follower.

With the US having an Evolver president declaring himself to the world, the entire world has seen a surge of rebellion, revolts and uprising to change the status quo.

A slave liberation front was formed in African continent while the Arab world exploded into chaos as the marginalized Bedouin Evolvers tribes on the Desert began launching attacks wanting to change their repressed lifestyle from the Arabian royalty.

One of the Five Supreme Potentates of the World Council is one of the nobles of the Arab world and as such the WSC mostly divert their resources to the Arab world right now and could not help much in Europe and North and South America.

This is why the WSC and the World Council could not send all their help to the US since they are stretched pretty thin right now.

‘BOOM!’ Eric and the people inside the room was shocked again as they saw that the Devil activated the mines.

The mines planted all around the fort have no effect on the Devil as he seems to trigger it but having no injuries on his body.

Mortars and explosive grenades were thrown all over him and the Devil took the brunt of the explosion.

Eric could see soldiers, his soldiers moving fast, his lieutenant and captains barking orders left and right, fanning out trying to somehow locate that monster weakness.

‘Useless.’ Eric said without passion.

By this time, he has already given up.

By the time more of his soldier throws themselves to become ashes and dust beneath that monster sole, the soldiers fighting lost all communication with each other.

They had become an independent fighting unit.

They are all in their own. How terrifying that must be for them? To know they will die yet still throws themselves into the fire?

Or maybe they didn’t actually know? They are after all just following orders.

Like he did. And the people before him.

The only thing Eric could do now….is to send report of the full extent of the Devil abilities and then he could….die.

But looking at the soldier beside him, he tries to push that thought away. Maybe there is still a way out for him.

There, not too far away from the fort a formidable twenty foot wall with three large heavy metal pill boxes.

The entire area is open to murderous fire from plasma and ions guns positioned for a full 180 degree sweep.

Thousands of colorful plasma beams was shot at the Devil who seems to project an invisible barrier that seem to deflect any attack on him and the people behind him.

The Devil waved his hand and suddenly the hundreds of people opening fire at him fall down to the ground, their neck bent and their spines broken in unnatural way.

Silence filled the battlefield.

Healthy young soldiers with one wave of a hand, fall to the ground dying meaninglessly.

‘Thus we fall’ Eric said with a bitter smile as he looks towards the people inside the room. Some are kneeling, some are praying and Eric scoffed.

The Devil has come for them with his cold hands enveloping everything as Eric look at the monitor and saw that the Devil is already below the structure.

Eric did not pray. If God has his miracle then the Devil must also has his trick.

He just waits.

Because that is the only thing he can do now. Wait to be killed. And to ask a question. Why so many deaths?

What did this world did to the Devil that he had no mercy for Normies at all?

Eric knows more than anyone that the code name Devil is given to the Supreme General Shadow is because he is the second Breacher.

The WSC once wanted to open a portal to another world and Eric was there during the experiment.

But the project was scrapped since that would open dimensional pathways of other multiverse to this Earth.

And who knows what kind of Earth is out there?

But, the reports that WSC provided posts that both the Supreme General and that speedster one year ago come from a different universe and they seems to be the only one to be able to travel between universes.

If that is true, then what Eric wanted to know….why meddle with the war between Normies and Evolvers when this world has done nothing yet to provoke him?

The day he came he killed the 13 Battalion

As he was thinking of his he look in front of him and then opening his eyes in shock he could see that the Devil is floating just outside the dome, his cold hazel eyes boring down on him, looking at him lazily.

‘I guess it’s time’ Eric said as he stares at the eyes of the man feared by the WSC and the World Council.

‘Sic semper tyranis’ he said and he bitterly smiles. He is saying it to the World Council. The World Council has met its match. And thus, the tyrant will fall.


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