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A man somewhere in New York after finishing his work today, toss his suitcase onto the bed of the hotel room.

Loosening his ties, he quickly unties it and throws it to the floor. Sooner or later the slaves will pick it up.

He already had his mod soured with the freed slaves working as the supervisor of the housekeeping department of this hotel.

He nearly cancel his reservation but since the company has already booked him the suite he would just endure it.

This new waves of the freed slaves in America is a worrying trend

‘Millennials’ he muttered in derision.

He is impatient to wash himself on a hot Jacuzzi after a hard day of negotiating with upper management of the new Evolver slave company that wanted to move their product across the U.S – Mexico border.

The negotiation also involved the illegal act moving some Evolver children that has been kidnapped from their mothers to be made into sex dolls for those masters that have some weird sexual tendencies.

There is hundreds of dark company that is thriving under the slave trade. A hundred years ago, they would be able to do anything to these slaves.

Nowadays, they are rules against it.

They could not kill their slaves without reason and must not force their slaves to have sexual relations with them.

To him, the old days were better where thy could treat those unholy creatures as what they were.

Monsters. Beast. They have abilities and ruled the world for a while before the azure crystal fall from the sky, a sign from God that the reign of mutants ended.

Five thousand years ago, in Egypt, the long dynasty of mutants was ended by a normal human. He used the azure crystal to kill the first pharaoh of Egypt Ra who was said to be invincible and have the abilities to control the sun.

But in the he also was defeated by Normies. And thus, The Normies, the meek inherits the Earth.

World History has always fascinated the man as he decided to watch the news before he washes himself.

It is a normal day work for him, brokering deals and making the impossible possible. He likes his job. It pays the bill.

Slavery is a lucrative business especially when that slavery is also related with illegal prostitution and evolver children trafficking.

He didn’t care much what happens to Evolvers; after all he is a Normie.

Opening the air conditioner inside his large suite room he turns the TV before he gulped after looking at the news and his forehead was sweating and his hand trembling before he almost fainted.

He was seeing the destruction that is wrought upon Washington DC by the Evolvers.

Hundreds thousands of Normies corpse littered across roads and buildings like they were trash and he almost puke as this resembles those harsh cold mines in Siberia that usually is full with Evolvers children that dies by the hundreds.

Then the news continues on as the business man plopped to the floor, fear pervading his mind.

For the first time in American history, the Evolver have emerged victorius.

‘Reported today at 12 September 2018, 4pm yesterday, Washington D.C has fallen under the hand of the rebels led by Commander Harrison of the North America Bloc Rebel Leader. On another news 3pm yesterday a great battle ensues between the army of the rebels led by General McAllen of the Blood Brothers who has been organizing raid all over Virginia and Maryland this past couple of years had been recorded leading the battle against the World Security Council Seventh Battalion along the Potomac River by the Blood Brothers. Meanwhile for the other district it has been invaded by a powerful Evolver without identification’

The reporter was reporting the news inside the newsroom in front of a green screen in New York, the great bastion of Normies and a huge slave trade hub with millions of Evolver slave bought and sold here.

The screen on TV  all over America and the world is showing the images of explosions and building crumbling with the blame rest primarily on the Evolvers and their terrorist like attack.

The news about the defeat of the Sixth and Seven Battalion was suppressed in order not to panic the population.

Slave masters all over the world were shocked after hearing the news especially hearing about the defeat of the Sixth and Seventh Battalion.

These slave masters are all CEO’s of powerful organization which means they have their own intelligence network.

The fact that a sure win assault has now turned into the most failed military strategy of all times was met with shock and incredulity.

And New York highest echelon members all demand an explanation from the President who is now at Los Angeles in an undisclosed location.

At least that is what the Head of the NSA, Tom Bellini told to the media after the Pentagon is now being housed by Commander Harrison and the still unidentified black clothed man.

Meanwhile, the many players that have many stakes in the slave trade are all demanding to want to meet with the President.

They are all angry and at the same time afraid.

Everyone knows Europe is in chaos now after an Evolver nation was formed with Karl Wilhelm as the leader of Evolver in Europe.

With Karl Wilhelm as the leader of Germany, slavery was banned in his dominion with many European nation bolstering their military power to reclaim back Germany to the hands of humans.

But now, could the North America Bloc will also met with the same fiery judgment of the slaves and mutants they so despised and oppressed for the last six thousand years?

Could the United States of America be engulfed by the fire of the revolution and bow their head and dropped their knees to the angers and despair that the Evolvers have endured for the past six millennium?

Now, in WSC Broadcasting Station, a man was being fitted with a mic and being powdered with some cosmetic to make sure he is decent for national broadcast.

The man was a reporter for the World Security Council Broadcasting Station, looking nervous and anxious.

The news that came into the newsroom was not anyone in the news staff had predicted.

They all thought they would be reporting the victory of the WSC Battalions. After all, the rebellion in America is easily squashed.

The population of Normies is larger than the population of Evolver.

And this is not like the European Bloc where it has someone who is not affected by the collar restrictive power.

So, when the news was dropped in the newsroom, the Program Director and the whole room was silenced thinking about the implication of the rebels winning and take a hold in America.

Their way of life will end. And they all gulped

Everyone here in this building all has slaves in their house. Some, that is poor and does not afford it would not have one but the PD surely have it.

The reporter even saw the PD slaves once when he come to the PD home where the slave was forced to undress and entertain famous guest in one of the orgy the PD held.

He was about to start reading his news piece when suddenly the prompter changed with the reporter face turned pale white.

‘Emergency news!’ He then yelled as he quickly read the news piece as the cameras all start rolling.

‘It is reported that the Evolver without identification has been determined by the World Security Council as an Omega Level Evolver! The estimated casualties fighting him has been estimated at 500 thousand innocent lives’ and the people in the studios that watched this drew a huge breath, gasped and some tremble in fear.

Five hundred thousand lives! And fear filled the world. All knows that Evolver have powerful abilities.

Like Alpha level Evolver like Karl and his bodyguard Arnov is known as an Alpha Level Evolver that could fight WSC Battalion and could escape.

But none in the history of Evolvers that a single Evolver could inflict so much damage and casualties

All around the world, those who were watching the report all stilled.

An Omega Level!

In Bars, in hideouts that houses hundreds of lost children, underground tunnels that is filled with slaves who runs from their masters, abandoned trains where revolutionaries created their gadgets and tech away from the detection of the World Council, inside the sewers which houses the free evolvers who were hunted for what they are, all those that watches the report to know the aftermath of the Battle Of Washington did not expect this outcome.

All over the United States, the impoverished slaves of Evolvers was jolted with shock and a foreign feeling entered their heart.


They did not expect that the ragtag rebellion led by Commander Harrison of the Blood Brothers would succeed.

They were a ragtag bunch.

SO, when the 24 hours network reported the news of the defeat many people were shocked, Evolvers and Normies alike.

The TV network at first tries to minimize the reported casualties but even that was shocking enough.

The Montgomery County with a population of almost 100 thousand were reduced to three thousands people.

All of the people there soldiers or civilians, were killed leaving only the young, hundreds of thousands bodies were left along to rot all over the roads and in their houses.

The county was dyed with red blood and pathway of meat could be carved from the remains of the dead.

The reporters that were supposed to go on the location shooting did not even dare to go to the scene fearing retribution from the Evolvers that is seen to be roaming all over Washington D.C.

This is the biggest casualties inflicted by the Evolver rebels in US history since the start of the Revolutionary War.

And the capital of USA is in the hands of Evolver.

Even after artillery strike was ordered and even dozens of fighter jet was deployed, it doesn’t seem that Washington DC could be reclaimed.

Because everyone that was sent to attack the black clothed man never returned.

Dozens of G12 Jets were deployed and all were destroyed the moment they enter the area by an invisible force.

Even the handler on the other side of the video transmission does not know what happens even after examining the video recording of the fighter jet.

When they heard about the first initial casualties in Montgomery they were already shocked and was enraged.

But then a few days later, that casualty tripled and by the end of today the casualties count has exceed 500 thousands.

Almost 90 percent of the population of Washington DC was annihilated. At Jefferson there is a mountain of copse being built by Normies under the order of the black clothed man like he was commemorating his victory.

It was as high as a five story buildings with the Normies builders were all killed at the end after they finished their purpose.

It was cruel and yet at the same time effective in spreading fear. After this monument of dread and death was finished, the surrounding county all surrenders almost immediately yet they too were not spared.

The WSC was alarmed.

This is the first time they saw an Evolver that cares nothing about diplomacy and just rushing through without caring anything about the opinion of the world.

Even Karl did not kill wantonly and without reservation.

He believes that humans and Evolvers could live peacefully and coexisted together and he also has supporters in the Normies faction

But this unidentified evolver seems to pay no heed to all this and seem intent on killing everything and everyone he meets like a scourge

The military has already given this unidentified Evolver the call name Devil.

At Charles his act of terror grew even more as there is a hundred hill all over the county made of skulls and bones of soldiers and civilians.

It was like wherever he walks death and desolation follows.

The drones sent to fetch the videos of the situations show an eerie scene that resembles a landscape of hell.

It was like someone open the gates of hell and unleashes its horrors on the world.

Many of the reporters puked when they see the devastation wrought in Washington.

Only the reporters and the upper ups knows that the Battle of Washington is not so much as a battle as it was a massacre.

And the victory of the rebels solely depends on the Evolver with the black cloth.

From the partial recording they got from the drones, it was him that killed all of these people. Almost 500 thousand dies under his hand.

He freed the slaves, and the Evolvers that are being held in captivity in secret prisons all over Washington and those that were trapped inside the Special Prison inside the Pentagon.

And now, that ragtag bunch led by Commander Harrison which only consist about three dozen Evolvers has swelled to a staggering amount of ten thousand of every range and age.

From the reports of the WSC the black clothed man arrived only a week ago before he launches an attack all over Washington, with him always in the lead and winning every battle.

Each battle, he did not leave any Normies alive.

For every county he conquered, he did not leave anyone alive other than Evolvers. So much so, that one county was like an empty land with no living being that could be seen.

A week and he managed to take control the Capital of USA without any rebellion. After all who is left to rebel against him when every men and women he meets, he kills.

The Evolvers that follow him of course would not rebel against him since he was the one that free them from their bondage.

The reports also stated Collars and Weakening Plasma Beam did not work on him.

This unidentified Evolver was the same situation like a year ago when another Evolver with the potential to be an Omega Level Evolver appears.

He was also unidentified

At the time the revolution was revived with Karl Wilhelm who was the emperor of South Germany manages to conquer all of Germany with the speedster help.

But then the Speedster disappeared and since then no news about that black speedster appeared.

Now a bigger problem appears and the matters of the world is now moving drastically different from what many of the leaders of the world has thought.

After the news broke and some revolutionaries manages to spread the news all over the world though the back channels, the Evolvers of the world, like they were being injected by drug regain their hope and vigor.

Even those that worked in the Tylium mine and the Thorium mine was overjoyed.

In Papua New Guinea inspired by the overwhelming victory of the Devil as he was being called by the media a middle aged foreman of a Tylium mine raises a rebellion and killed all the Normies in his county before releasing hundreds of Evolvers from the mines and with this band they begun terrorizing and killing any Normies all across the countryside.

This is what Karl has trying to prevent. A true open war of Evolvers and Normies.

To Karl, he did not desire complete annihilation of humans and has always worked for that vision.

And even though Evolvers all around the world many of them were slaves, in recent years many slaves were freed by the law and regulations has made it the Evolver life was at east comfortable than the days of their ancestors.


This is Karl ultimate goal and dream. If this thought reaches Azief ears, he would surely call him an idealist living in a fantasy world.

To Azief coexistence could only be possible when both sides are equal. Lions don’t negotiate with sheep.

And the Evolvers have always been sheep and the Normies would never forget that. What will they do when they realize year after year, Evolver population is increasing?

To someone who has been accustomed being a master, they would not like to be dragged down from their high horse.

In the end, the Normies will annihilate the Evolvers.  It was the inevitable conclusion. It was the only conclusion.

Humanity no matter the universe has always been destructive.

They are of course those who were enlightened and wise and seek peace, seek truth but these are the first to be killed.

Humanity has never responded favorably to a wise advice and a gentle nudge.

Because those wise people that use that kind of rhetoric and methods is usually the first to be killed off.

Humanity needs a firm hand to guide them to each era. They never responded easily from words.

Words take too long and sacrifices time.

But blood…..blood is simple. Its elegance lies in its simplicity of violence and action. Blood moves history forward.

It always has and it probably will always be.

It is the truth, the only truth.

You can say your ideals and your high moral standing of justice, righteousness, love but in front of the truth; of the harsh truth of the world it is nothing more than pretty words.

From the very beginning the Normies think of the Evolvers as nothing more than livestock and lower than humans even with all their abilities since they can be controlled by the collars.

Circumstances, history and culture has molded the superiority of Normies, a superiority that will not be diminish just by Evolvers conquering some nations or mounting successful attack.

Pride…… this emotion is not an easy emotion to get rid of…especially when that pride has been cultivated for thousands of years.

The masters and the slaves.

They never put the Evolvers in their eyes until the rebellion of Karl.

And now with Azief appearance that seems to be able to handle everything the world can throw at him, it is highly possible that the WSC would believe that the population of Evolvers seems more like a threat than a manageable problem.

Azief understood what he needed to do. He could not heal this world by talking. By showing them a better way.

Because he knows that the better way would mean the end of the Old Order of this world, the worlds of masters, the world of Normies.

Since the better way would not work, then the only way that is left for him is to inspire fear and dread.

A fear and dread that would be able to paralyze people in their fear of meeting him. He needs to be a symbol of fear, of retribution, of vengeance.

An avenging angel for all their sins and misdeed. He is their King of Hell that crawls from the deepest hell to exact punishment.

He would become the savior to those who were oppressed, who were enslaved and a great Evil God to those who oppress, to those Masters that sleep well in their high walls and castle.

He is Death that comes to reap their filthy souls. He will be taking hold of them with his cold hands, who will have no mercy on their souls.

He is Death and he will open the doors of Heaven and Hell to those who he chooses.

Meanwhile, the rebellion at Papua New Guinea ended badly but the conclusion led to more problems for the WSC.

The rebels were caught by the Twelve Battalion and executed but this only fuels the Evolvers revolution in Papua New Guinea with many more Evolvers rising up and now the WSC has to face a worldwide scale of rebellion of Evolvers.

Atlantis, the mysterious Islands of Evolver that is situated deep inside the Mariana Trench protected by the Trident of Namer that created a dome like structure of barrier that protects them from the water and the pressure of deep sea was also alarmed with the appearance of an Omega Level Evolver.

They have always remained neutral while their fellow brothers were suffering injustice all over the world.

Evolvers hated Atlanteans almost as they hated the World Council.

Because while their evolver brethren in the surface suffered and bleeds, the Atlanteans have always would rather hide under the sea, refusing to help.

But today, the highest Council of Sea Elders convened  a meeting to send a representatives to the surface world to seek the Omega Level evolver and seek an understanding.

The victory in America has become the matchstick that lit the fire of revolution anew and with the news of an Omega Level Evolver the entire world was forced to choose  aside. The Evolvers or the Normies.

Nations and kingdoms are organizing to combat the fires of revolution that is quickly consuming the world.

And the World Council after a long time of inactivity…they finally moved.



Hundreds of Evolvers are guarding the defense structure.

Air and plasma cannons on top of the building roof have been activated and the photon beam turret is properly manned.

Both are on high alert.

The alarm system has also been fully repaired and serves as a warning if another attack would come.

The proud defense structure of United States of America is now full with Evolvers, walking around its vicinity, inside it and outside of it without the slightest fear.

In their face was only pride and joy.


For the first time in the long years of the War, the Evolvers in the North America Bloc have taken a step forward to release themselves from the chains of slavery and walk the path of freedom like their brethren that is fighting and bleeding in Europe.

For the first time, they tasted victory and it is intoxicating

Nearby the open field of devastation  hundred more Evolvers are scavenging the area after the government sent drones and fighter jets to reclaim the structure but was badly defeated by their Supreme General and leader, General Shadow.

Azief told people to call him like at after knowing the history of this world. Making them call him Lord Shadow is in bad taste after all they are warring against slavery.

They have called many people lords and master at least with him they do need to. Around the area, corpses were toss into a large pit which is dubbed the Hell Pit.

Evolvers who have strength abilities are the ones tasked to throw the corpses of Normies into the Pit and dig new pits.

All the corpses were emaciated and some were calcified. After being piled up in the Pit they would be burn.

None puked or avert their eyes.

Their eyes were full of hatred towards these Normies that have oppressed them for five millenniums especially after they discovered the child sex doll factory list in one of the houses of a CEO of a slave company.

They went to the factory and after seeing the horrifying scene their Supreme General killed all of the people inside that factory.

What they saw made all of them red in their eyes, some were crying and some were trembling with anger towards the world.

They wanted to kill someone, and vent their anger.

What they saw was little girls and boy who had their limbs and tongue cut off and their eyes gouged out to be made into some sick rich people sex toys.

They were give food but other than that they were no different that pigs waiting to be slaughtered.

Their only purpose is to satisfy their master perversion and when their master is sick of them they would be thrown out into a grinder.

It wasn’t a figure of speech it is literally like that.

The slave company also offers disposal services for the rich and famous to help them avoid legal ramification.

It was at that time the Supreme General blew his top vowing to those who follow him that he would embark in a blood soaked path to eradicate the world of these scums and those who have weak hearts should not follow him.

None of them backed out.

Harrison was the first to volunteer with his hands trembling in anger, and his eyes red with tears flowing.

It was then that with brutal precision and lightning speed, that their Supreme General decimated county after county, battalions after battalions, fleet after fleets without mercy.

They all die in pain and despair. One could see the expression on their faces before their death to know how painful their death is.

Those who followed him were shocked at the display of their Supreme General abilities. It almost seems endless.

Their Supreme General was not at all like an Alpha Level Evolver.

HE was more than that. It wasn’t until they interrogate a few high ranking officer that they captured during the Occupation of Pentagon that they finally knew the power level of their Supreme  General.

An Omega Level Evolver.

Not an evolver who have the potential to break through to Omega level, but a real Omega Level Evolver.

And like the legends of the ancient past of Evolvers, their Supreme General embodies all that was true about the stories of Omega Level Evolvers.

It is said that Omega Levels Evolvers is…..Gods.

It is the basis of the Old Gods of the past.

Many scientists believes that the Old gods of the past were merely Evolvers who have reached Omega Level and being able to control everything around them.

All the Evolvers that follow their Supreme General from Park View until he conquered Washington in just one week, all know how terrifying their Supreme General really is.

But they also view their Supreme General as their savior, their avenging angel. His method might be cruel but it is undeniable that a lot of Evolver salves were freed.

There are some that advices the Supreme General to use a more gentle approach and was rebuked and scolded saying they do not understand.

The Supreme General said that if Evolvers wanted to be compassionate, then at least be compassionate when you are capable to.

When you are weak and tries to be compassionate to your enemy, the only thing that compassion would invite is a calamity.

After controlling half of the territory of Washington DC, their Supreme General moved his attack to Pentagon not only to destroy the foundation of military strength of Washington DC at its roots but also to search for classified information about the famous Speedster that appears in the world news a year ago.

Many of the Evolver inner circles that are close to the Supreme General speculated the Supreme General relationship with the speedster.

Many conclude that the Supreme General and that mysterious speedster are friends. Birds of a feather flock together.

The speedster was also a threat to the WSC because he is an Omega Level potential Evolver but disappeared all of a sudden.

It is the main reason why the Supreme General hastened his plans to take over Pentagon instead of the two week period.

By now, all Evolvers in DC have been decreed to be freed.

The moment the Supreme General gain control of Washington, he declared himself the Supreme General of the Army with Harrison as the General of the Continental Army

After that the Supreme General cut off contact with the Blood Brother citing that they both shares different ideologies about how best to fight for Evolvers.

The Blood Brothers believes using force isn’t enough for the Evolvers to lives peacefully.

The Supreme General on the other hand believes that if force isn’t enough that means you haven’t used enough force.

After the Supreme  General enacted massacres after massacres all over the district of Columbia, Washington DC could be said to be the base of Evolver revolution with almost no Normies unless if you count the children.

The slave factory was dismantled with its metal is being used by the Evolvers to create weaponry, tanks and aircraft.

Foods were gathered by taking all those mart that was abandoned after the Supreme General kill almost all of the Normies.

One thing that the Supreme General did not allow is to kill children. Old people are fair game. But children…he strictly forbids it.

As he says, they are not yet tainted by the opinion of those around them, and are still too innocent to understand hatred because of your race.

They can be taught free of biased thinking. They can be guided to follow a better way. They are the future of coexistence if the Evolvers still dreams of it.

But the Old Order must be destroyed, pulled out from its roots entirely, not leaving anything so it might sprout again.

And in order to do that, the Supreme General declares that Washington D.C is a sovereign state with Harrison being the head of the state.

Many wanted the Supreme General to take the post for himself but he refuses even after many persuasions.

But controlling the entire Army and its division and department is the Supreme General. With Harrison as the head of the state, slowly Evolvers from oppressed states are flocking to the capital of the Evolver nation in North European Bloc

Virginia and the states near the borders of Washington closes its borders and bridges with their customs checking tunnels and underground path to make sure no slaves would run as the entire government is blocking the sea, the sky and the land for any Evolvers sympathizes to send aid.

They began attacking the first day the Supreme General declares his intention of establishing a sovereign state inside the dominion of USA.

Hundreds of fighter jets filled the skies with land soldiers also invades.

With one slash of his flaming saber, the Supreme General create a sea of fire in the sky that lasted for half a day and burns the clouds.

and then when he had to face about ten thousand soldiers armed to the teeth with high tech grenades and guns , the Supreme General only had to stomp his feet as a dark wind swirled and turns all those soldiers into emaciated corpse.

They didn’t even have the chance to pull their triggers or throws their grenades.

It is for this reason that the Evolvers who is now living  free in Washington no longer doubt their victory and is confident that the dream of a slaves world could be realized by their Supreme General.

Sometimes, those who were working outside for the Revolutionary Army would look at the Pentagon and could feel their heart assured.

As long as they have their Supreme General that dream could be realized they think to themselves before continuing their job and enjoying the sweet air of freedom.

The work they do was not forced upon them but they do it of their own will. That feeling of doing something out of their own will….they will never want to let go of that.

And they remember their Supreme General speech

‘Give us liberty or death!’ And now that they have tasted how sweet freedom is, they truly would rather die than being a slave again.

And they steeled their resolve again, fighting for a better tomorrow, sacrificing their sweat and blood for the Revolution.



Inside a large grey room Azief look towards the many huge TVs screens prepared for his viewing.

A soldier has delivered him the video file that he wanted.

He look at the USB drive and then excited at the first clue he found as he quickly insert the drive into the terminal and the screen processing the files in almost a second.

Then hundreds of documents popped up filling the screens with some screens showing a video of building explosion, failed raid, torture and a blue lightning streaking all over the world.

And Azief smiles.

Looking at one of the screen in the center, he saw that unmistakable figure clad in lightning disappearing in a flash of blue blur and Azief nodded.

But one video file shocked Azief.

It was a video of Will running. But it was not the running he was surprised about. It was the color of Will lightning.

A mixture of red and blue. And Azief eyebrows creased.

‘An imbalance. Will…what happened to you?’ And this time Azief is worried as he comes closer to the scene and uses his finger to touch the screen to rewind the scene in question.

‘I’m not mistaken. Could it be…the Speed Source is in imbalance? Which is why I couldn’t detect Will?’ And Azief look back toward a large desk behind his back.

On that desk is variety of weapons that the Normies uses to restrain Evolver. One which piqued his interest was the collar.

Then he looks back at the screen and this time Azief rub his forehead.

‘Could it affect you too?’ Then looking back at the collar behind him he muttered

‘If my speculation is right……Will you are in a lot of trouble than I even imagined.’ He then look at the other documents file that was also shown on the screen swiping down to read the reports that the WSC had on Will.

‘It will be a long night’ Azief said as he spend his night inside the room that day while the whole world was in chaos.



Somewhere in Kansas, a thin muscly person who had a red cap on his head and wearing a plaid shirt down another pint of beer after looking at the news.

He has thick beard and his face is tanned. He was just taking a break hereafter a long night of driving his truck to the company.

Who would have thought a world shattering event would happen today. Since Kansas had low population after the Battle of Wichita event, news arrived late here.

The man look at the TV screen, smiles bitterly and get up after leaving the money under the pint glass as he ruffles his pocket and bring out his truck key.

But then realizing he had drink quiet a lot he decides to sleep in the nearby motel.

After paying for his room, he went to his room, drink a glass of water and sit down on the bed and open the TV.

The news is still reporting the event in Washington with updates every hour. The man look at the TV screen with a blank expression as he touches his beard, thinking of something.

‘The beard does not suit me’ he said.

Then looking at the TV screen showing the Supreme General of the Evolver Army the man smiles as he muttered.

‘You finally come here….brother. I’ve been waiting’


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This chapter shows many thing. Evolver oppression, the Normies cruelty, Azief rise to power and the revolution of this world.

And the man at the end, who thought he was Will until that last sentence he uttered? And why he is working as a truck driver?

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