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Azief looked at his left and right and quickly analyzed this battle. On his left is weird looking group.

Some have wings, some have horns, some possess weird skin color and each one of them emits energy that Azief could recognize.

It was an energy he could absorb.

Because he did not travel using the Universe Orb there is no such things like quest.

At first he was afraid that he could not improve his level but it seems he had no need to worry about this.

But he knows the EXP he got will be absorbed by his body.

He has travelled many worlds so he knows some secrets. The levels are just guidance and not the true indicator of one personal strength.

He is only one step to enter Disk Formation.

He once feels the sensation of being a Disk Formation Expert when he consumes Sina pill in the battle with the World Government.

But his Seeds are only four. And that is not enough. Azief seek perfection. He has a Perfect Orb and Undying Physique.

The only to truly kill is to kill him with Laws.

If not his body will remain until eternity unless the villainous Heaven and the Unmerciful Hell decides to punish his heaven defying physique.

It is because of this Perfection stacked on his body, that he has no rivals in Earth Prime and it was all thanks to the Universe Orb.

The Essence Tree, Forming the Seed, Paving the Path to Disk Formation

Azief will create the Essence Tree. From now on, every EXP he got he will distributes it all to his essence to create the Tree inside his consciousness.

(the explanation of Seeds was mentioned in chapter 83)

The Seed Bloom when Divine Comprehensions is reached.

The Seed Forming paved the Road for Disk Formation. Disk Formation paved the Road for Divine Comprehensions.

Divine Comprehensions gives birth to Essence Creation.

Three Seeds Creating Leaves of Origins, Six Seeds Creating Branches of Creations, Nine Seeds Creating the Tree Of Life, Ten Seeds Summoning the Purifying Fire.

(Chapter 99 talk about this path of Perfection for Seed Forming)

He wanted to form Ten Seeds and summons the Purifying Fire

Perfection. Maybe this world would be able to help Azief to reach this level but Azief did not let his hopes up.

For a weak world like this it is good enough if he could absorb energy that is beneficial for his body.

On his right sides are soldiers, clothed in full body armor and modern like guns that resemble a plasma gun he once seen in his journey.

Knowing this, Azief quickly deduce what kind of world is this.

Seeing that the people on the left using some kind of abilities and the group on the right did not, Azief was sure this is a war between people who have abilities  and people who doesn’t.

It is not hard to deduce and even easier to conclude. And he once seen this kind of world before making this easier.

‘I don’t really like to interfere.’ Azief said as he look at both side.

But no one could hear his word seems he only muttered in a low voice.

But wariness is evident in each of their face.

Who is right and who is wrong this does not matter to Azief since he is not the inhabitants of this planet.

Both surely have their reasons.

Maybe the normal humans fear their survivals and oppress the people with abilities or the people with abilities oppress the normal people and they rebel, either way, it has nothing to do with him.

He comes here to look for Will. And he is not planning to stay here for long.

‘Hey! Stop standing there in the middle. The soldiers will shoot you!’ One man shouted to Azief with his deep booming voice filling the entire neighborhood.

The man was seven feet tall his body is steel with a clean cut hair.

Looking at the soldiers began aiming their guns at this suddenly mysterious figure that comes out of nowhere, he wanted to warn him.

The green haired woman was also anxious but she also did not dare to come close.

Yet Azief next reply shocks both sides.

‘Shut up. I’m thinking.’ Azief replies and he waves his hand and a gust of wind was sent towards that steel man causing him to b thrown for a few hundred meter as he landed with a thud onto a burning car.

He was rendered unconscious almost immediately.

The soldiers become more alert and they became even more cautious.

The man with the black wing was shocked.

‘What kind of an Evolver is this person?’ he ask as he look towards the black clothed man calling himself Lord Shadow

To him the way Lord Shadow conduct himself was insane. He was entirely confident and domineering.

Even his clothes was different like he was never been a slave. His clothes gives the feeling of agility, tight and the black cape gives him an air of nobility.

Each of the Liberators are all wearing what they can find, looting from the battlefield. Not all Evolvers were as lucky as Emperor Karl or were born in a golden spoon family.

Most Evolvers were born from Evolver parents which means even their ancestors are usually slaves.

All Evolvers that is battling all over the Bloc in the world once used to be slaves towards the Normie.

The normal people has always enslaved the Evolvers since they were first discovered.

They were called many things before.

Witches, heretics, cursed, mutants and many more. It wasn’t until Karl Wilhelm an Evolver from Germany was born that the fire of Gifted revolution begins.

When Karl was captured and was given the collar he finds that the collar has no effect on him, his mind and body could not be forced to follow the orders he doesn’t want to do.

But he bided his time, appearing always subservient that no one ever though he has the abilities to repel the compulsion of the collar.

He was sent to the mines to supervise and his fellow Cursed Brothers. It was there he freed the Cursed Slaves and created the Blood Brothers.

The rebellion that began in that mine spreads and soon in a year half of Germany was controlled by Evolvers.

Evolvers and Gifted was the term that Karl Wilhelm gave towards his brothers.

Cursed, cur, filthy dog, slaves and all derogatory term that has been created to call us who are different is nothing more than to weaken our minds and shakes our resolve.

Karl Wilhelm then became the First Emperor of the Southern Germany shocking the European Bloc and the Five Supreme Potentates began treating the rebellion seriously.

By that time the fires of rebellion rages through the entire world.

A few days ago, in a battle at DC fellow liberator Comrade Josh was killed and his death created a biological bomb that killed thousands of Normies and the entire Washington DC was quarantined to stop the spread of the poison.

But the mentality of slaves is hard to rid of.

Domineering and overbearing, this is a rare traits in a former slaves.

Not to mention that he doesn’t know who this man is. He knows all the powerful Evolvers even those that were in Alpha level.

But he doesn’t know this Lord Shadow. The soldier were already scared by his sudden appearance.

The soldiers then order

‘Shoot him!’ Azief at this time was about to make his decision when he heard the soldiers order and he shakes his head,

‘I did not provoke you but you yourself are seeking trouble.’ Azief sighed.

He look at the weird people on his left side and he thought to himself that probably Will would hides himself more in this kind of group.

‘Be careful!’ yelled the green haired woman this time mustering her courage to warn Azief. Azief only smiles.

The bullets and plasma beam rained down on him and some people close their eyes.

The sound of hundreds of gunshot was like the sound of drizzling rain but then the sound changed like a hammer being struck into steel.

Both people gasped after they open their eyes and look towards the man calling himself Lord Shadow.

Even as the bullets and plasma beam keep attacking that man, it was like they were pellets of rubber and small fireworks as it struck sparks and bullets bounces of that man body.

The plasma beams seems like light works instead of a beam of destruction.

‘They are after all only homo sapiens…..’ Azief thought to himself.

He then released his Fearsome Aura, one of his skills. The clouds on top of his head turns dark red and the air was being strangled by an invisible force.

An image of a red skull surrounded with black mist and beast from the Underworld apapers behind Azief back.

Black mist spreads out from the sole of his boots and suddenly everyone on the soldier side was kneeling, crying and screaming, like they were seeing something very terrifying.

It did not only affect the soldiers.

Even those on the Evolved side could feel their heart beating fast and they were assaulted with anxiety and unreasonable fear.

But it is not as worse as the soldiers who have to face the full brunt of this mental attack.

All of these soldiers is seeing their darkest nightmare, their most fearful memories and it broke them.

As easy as that.

From the moment Azief arrive he did not even move from the place he stand. He is still standing there.

Not rushing. Not afraid. Unflinching and unyielding.

‘Retreat far away from that dark mist’ one of the captain shouted to his men. On the other hand the man with the black wing senses an opportunity.

‘This man must be our allies’ he thought to himself.

‘Brother, my name is Harrison. Thanks for the help!’ He shouted to Lord Shadow. Azief quickly understand that this man, Harrison misunderstand him.

He was only attacking because the soldiers attacked him. This does not mean he will support Harrison group without knowing the full story.

‘Brothers!’ Harrison shouted to the people behind him, his black wing was unfurled as he looked like a dark angel being banished from the Heavens.

‘Let us attack!’

‘HARRR!’ The men and women behind him all shouted in anger.

Azief immediately understand. This is a war. There is hatred. This kind of dark feelings Azief understand the most thanks to his attributes which is full of darkness.

‘Presumptuous!’ Azief bellowed. His voice was not loud yet everyone could hear it. It was like a mental attack.

Azief was never a merciful man. But he did not kill any of the soldiers not because he can’t but because he didn’t know who is in the wrong or right.

And killing like that could not conform to his heart.

Azief was never a disciplined man. He is not a kind man. And his action was always contradictory.

But he never killed someone who he will feel regret later.

Even if he wanted to kill someone, it must be because his heart could bear it. If his heart could not bear it, then he would not kill that person.

This is why after killing thousands of living beings, Azief could still sleep soundly and eat joyously.

Because each of his kill, he approve. Right and wrong, only one conscience can answer that.

‘Charge!’ Harrison yelled when suddenly Azief activated his Telekinesis and the tar road in front of Harrison rises up and form a ten foot wall.

The entire group halted. Even the green hair woman stop trying to move an inch forward. The soliders on the other hand immediately send a retreat order

‘What is the meaning of this Lord Shadow!’ One of the Evolver shouted Azief ignore him as he look toward the fleeing soldiers.

Up in the air countless jets are coming and with Azief vision he could see they are trying to drop a bomb here.

An artillery strike from the air Azief closes his eyes and his ears picked up sounds. People crying, screaming, wailing.

All….asking for help. Praying for safety.

‘Cruel’ only this one word comes out of his mouth.

Opening his eyes, he looks towards the jet and punch towards the air, and the air crack, the wind went away and an energy of black mass shoots itself towards the jets.

The Evolvers in the scene and the soldiers in the distance watches as the black mass of energy hits towards the jet in shock as the sound registers late inside their ears.

the jet explodes into pieces of scrap metal, the smell of burning metal could be smell, pervading in the air.

Azief in that span of one second releases dozens of punch which took down all the jets. It was like a firework in the sky, raining down fire below.

The pilots all managed to come out from the planes unscathed.

Before the punch came to them, an invisible energy push their ejection button enabling them to eject themselves before anything bad happens to them which puzzles all the pilots that is parachuting down.

The solders and Harrison who is looking at the fireworks in the clouds could not help but gasp. The walls came down and not one of his men moves forward.

This is too unbelievable.

What they couldn’t believe is how powerful this man is.

For the soldiers they have seen a lot of Evolvers but for an Evolver that can do what he did and that easily, even Alpha Level Evolver would at least have to expend a lot of their energy to take down a few of these jets but that man was still standing in the same spot he was standing.

From the start until end, he was there…like a mountain. No, more like an impenetrable wall that couldn’t be moved or surpassed.

Azief is still thinking.

Trying to make sense of this world.

With his Divine Sense sweeping all over the neighborhood, hearing the whispers and conversation of  person hundreds of kilometers away he is gathering information to decide who to back.

‘This world is weak. And its inhabitants are even weaker.’ He mumbles.

Rarely he is lucky like this. Other than Earth Two and Earth !9, he usually was thrust into a dangerous world.

Which is why it is weird he couldn’t sense any trace of Will Speed Source. He takes a breathe and focus the situation at hand.

Finished dealing with the jets in the air he looked towards to a man in a distance. That man seems to be the leader Azief thought as he saw a man giving orders.

He was covered in blood and Azief could even see bits of his victim flesh on that man clothes.

‘Hmm’ Azief contemplated before a few conversations entered his ears from hundreds of kilometers away and he made his decision.

It as a conversation between a father and daughter who from what Azief heard is hiding in a basement.

From their conversation Azief has deduced what factions exist in this world and what they represent and what they do.

Since they are no one that will hinder his divine sense, Azief could hear like he was Hyperion again.

Hear everything. See everything. This feeling…..was intoxicating, like everything is under his control.

‘One last chance then’ Azief said to himself as he ascertain the position of every hostile in the area with one simple sweep of his thoughts

Azief then suddenly stomped his feet and the ground beneath his feet exploded as the land around him cracked creating a web like pattern.

Screams could be heard all over the city as  it was like the entire city was being hit by an earthquake.

They didn’t even know what is happening. All they know is that the world shakes and buildings are shaking.

All the people nearby lost their balance and fall to the ground, the soil exploded into the sky and buildings and houses crumbles to the ground as their pillars broke and their walls falls down.

Azief targeted the tanks not to far away from him.

The full force of his stomping force was directed to the tanks so when the energy arrived at the tanks about a dozen tanks exploded, its steel was flung hundreds of meter away.

The troops that were about to enter the tank and commandeer it could only watch in horror as he realized that the man in black clothes realize his intention.

‘Tsk, tsk’ Azief shakes his head looking at their futile resistance.

‘I am not merciful towards my enemies’

The soldiers did not bring too many weapons since plasma guns and bullets are enough to deal with a ragtag bunch of Evolvers.

Collar them and shot them with neutralizing beam and that would be enough. After that they would slaughter all of these Revolutionaries.

But bullets don’t work on that black clothed man. The plasma beam also does not work. Nothing works.

And now the feeling of dread and fear filled the entire Sixth Battalion.

They have always killed any Evolvers they found. They have always felt superior defeating those Evolvers.

They were slaves.

But today, those feeling are nonexistent. Only fear….and dread. Of meeting something beyond their understanding.

Azief makes a grabbing motion with his hand and the man ordering men to take a defensive position suddenly was grab by an invisible force and in a few seconds, his collar was being grabbed by Azief.

To others what they see was that man was flying towards Azief hand after Azief made a grabbing motion.

‘Hmm’ Azief said as he examined the man.

‘Bring me to your leader. And I might still spare all of you. If you insist in being stubborn then don’t blame me.’

Azief don’t like the man eyes. It’s the same kind of eyes he saw when dealing with madman. A coldblooded killer.

Azief could see the dark energy shrouding the man.

‘So, even though this world does not have the same kind of energy like Earth Prime it seems some form of energy still exist. ‘ he thought to himself.

The man smiles maliciously and tries to spit but Azief opens his eyes wide and the man mouth could not move.

His jaws was forced to lock by Azief pressure and Azief suppression was enough to fill the man heart with unexplained fear.

It was like a lion is staring at a rabbit. His survival instinct and his fear was activated and fear pervaded his every thoughts

‘You dare!’ Azief was angry. But the man eyes was shining.

‘Brother!’ Harrison yelled from behind.

An RPG launcher rocket was heading towards Azief from his back from a building two blocks away.. Azief did not even turn his head back.

And this only increases Harrison anxiety.

He realized that a soldier was preparing to attack him from that block a long time ago.

‘Their technology is quite advanced’ Azief mused.

The other Evolver panicked while the soldiers wanted to cheer. In all of those emotions, Azief knows which group is worth saving and which one is not worth it.

Derogatory term, war, people with abilities and people without abilities, the superior feeling that the soldiers are feeling and Azief knows instantly which one he had to side with.

And which side has a bigger chance of knowing Will.

Because that brother of his is stupid.

He couldn’t leave weak people alone since it reminded him of his sister.

Azief closes his eyes and then his skin shines like a sun that repel away the dark. The soldiers seeing this phenomena was shocked.

To the Evolvers this is the first time they see an Evolver possessing so many abilities.

Telekinesis, Element Manipulation, and Superhuman Strength. They all misunderstood that Lord Shadow was an Evolver like them.

Azief skin is now golden. If not for his attire that restrict the light from his body from spreading out, his golden glow would fill the entire neighborhood.

And then his Domain was formed as a powerful pressure forces all the soldiers to kneel. This is the Golden Domain, releasing the pressure of an Ancient God.

Wind whipped his long black hair, his hood that cover his face was flung backward revealing his cold handsome face, looking expressionlessly at the soldiers.

His face gives the feeling of coldness. His eyes appears like he could see every secrets and lies. His long black hair on the hand being blows by the wind looked regal, majestic and dignified all at the same time.

Standing there, glowing with a golden light he looked like a sacred holy existence coming down from the Heavens to purify all sins and bring salvation to all human beings.

Azief crack his knuckles and boom and explosion happens as the air on his hand exploded because of the pressure from his hand.

Then Azief activated his Celestial Meridian as energy was sucked away from his surroundings. The people could feel that slowly their body is getting weaker especially the soldiers.

The rocket is getting closer when Azief just flick one of his finger and an air mass compacted into a bullet from the air shoot itself towards the rocket and the rocket collided with the air bullet.


It exploded making the person being held up by Azief pale white.

‘What kind of an Evolver are you?’ The man yelled and tries to release himself from Azief grip.

But no matter how he tried, Azief grip was like a hand of steel that would not let go.,

Azief ignore the man as he could feel it.

EXP. It might not notified me but I could feel my EXP is increasing. ‘So, it still works like this, huh?’

And Azief smiles. Then he grab the neck of that man.

‘You. You must have killed  a lot of Evolver didn’t you?’ Azief ask. Then Harrison who was watching all of this shouted,

‘He is called the Butcher, my brother!’

‘Butcher, huh? That’s not a good title to have. I don’t think you are a nice person’ Azief said.

Right now the entire battlefield is in silence.

Because the soldiers are kneeling and they look like they are suffocating. Harrison also realize this.

They saw that slowly the soldiers are getting drained by something.

The process is visible, slow and excruciating. And the source of that draining is Lord Shadow. They all could see, dark mass swirling all over Lord Shadow body.

‘Yes, I am called the Butcher. You better let me go! The World Security Council will hunt y-‘ before he finishes his word, he suddenly could no longer speak as his body was drained of every single energy he has.

In the shocked eyes of the spectator the famous Butcher of the Sixth Battalion shriveled into a mass of flesh looking like a mummified corpse in a matter of second.

This is what happens when you combine Celestial Meridian with dark attributes.

‘If this is the Celestial World I could just use my Celestial meridian to absorb every energy and crazily formed my seed but to enter the Celestial Realm is easier said than done and those who could enter would not need the energy contained inside it since they are all powerful beings in the universe.’

Azief thought

‘I guess these soldiers will do.’

And Azief activated the energy inside him as it roils and roils like a rotating orb, energy swirling on his seed as the Leaves inside his consciousness is being nourished and an explosion rocked inside his body.

Then a gust of energy swept all across the city as the power for absorbing was increased tenfold.

All the energy in his surrounding was being absorbed.

the land turned infertile, plants and tree wilted and dies, while the soldiers, all of them shriveled and die in a very terrible condition.

The moment Azief picked  a side, the other side he regarded as his enemies is doomed.

Harrison on the other hand was terrified to his core.

He has seen many things since the Revolutionary War began but none has bring him so much fear like this.

If every Evolver was like this man, they would have won the war  a long time ago. But who is he?

Harrison would have known if the world has a powerful Evolver like this

He communicated with all the Revolutionary Bloc Leader. He even has contacts in the Asian Bloc.

And he is not alone in feeling like that

The green hair woman was struck dumbfounded. She came to this battle today not expecting to live.

They all view the soldiers led by the Butcher is very terrifying but the man in black has easily destroy the feared Sixth Battalion without even moving a spot from his position.

He punch a few times and stomp a few time and the Sixth Battalion was annihilated. And looking at the way they die, it seems they die in excruciating way.

Azief throws the shriveled body of the man people called the Butcher into one of the holes crater and the sound startles the entire group under Harrison.

‘Brother’ Harrison says weakly as he realizes that Lord Shadow is coming to him.

Each step he takes seems to produce the sound of a Titan walking, bringing thumping of lightning and the shakings of the Earth.

Of course it did not happen like that but to those who was still caught up in the feeling of suppression that Azief has shown, in their eyes it looked exactly like that.

Shining wit the golden glow of the sun one might be mistaken to think this black clothed man is an angel coming down from the sky but to those who have watched him massacre the entire Sixth Battalion without batting an eye, he was more like a Demon that crawls out from the deepest hell and masquerading as an angel bathing in divine glow.

Harrison did not realizes it but his hand is shaking and his forehead is full of sweats and even his outstretched wings are now unconsciously tucked behind his back, showing his fear unconsciously.

Then Azief arrived in front of him, looking tall like a giant in Harrison eyes and he asked

‘Bring me to a place where this soldiers is roaming around’ And Azief eyes glinted. The moment he picked his side he knows what he has to do.

This is not a time or the place to show a mercy. He has decided his side so barred from any other reason, he will trust his decision until the end.

People that has become his enemies, none of them have a happy ending. In that world, and surely in this world.

And Harrison without thought nodded.





At the same time in Germany, the President of BND inform the Major General of United Germany to inform the Emperor of an important news.

Another Omega level Evolver has been found. Other than the Speedster that arrived a year ago, another Omega level Evolver arrives.

That Speedster has potential of becoming an Omega level but this new arrival is a bonafide Omega level Evolver.

The news sends the entire BND to quickly mobilize their entire resources to pinpoint the initial location of energy emission of this Omega level Evolver to seek his position.

The Great War has not been advantageous to the Evolver. And this news has just gives the War a new hope for the Evolvers.

A new variables has shown up during the most tumultuous period of this Earth.


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