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A drop of water falls and the sound reverberates as it fallen to the stalactites forming below, falling and dripping across the golden surface as the workers coming in and out of the cavern step and trod upon the hard ground of the humongous cave.

The Cavern of Gold.

Hundreds of strong muscly men moved carrying a hill of gold on their back.  Even women, kids and elderly is transporting something out of the cavern with large cart and caravans.

Gold coin, jewelries, gems, diamonds, divine weapons and shield, priceless pills and herbs are al being transported out of this Cavern.

‘Heave ho! Heave ho!’ Some shouted.

Other are singing work songs.

Some have sweats on their faces as they continue this back breaking work, wiping their sweats of their face and taking a gulp of water when they reached their destination.

After the Island of Peace incident called the Defeat of the World Government, the world was shocked with the news that this world is not their real earth and also the reason why the Prince suddenly butted heads with the World government.

The news was spread through many channels.

The black market also spread the news and even many reputable and powerful faction got wind of the news

A conference was scheduled next weekend with all the big names in the world will join and pool their resources to return to Earth.

Now however, many people are stocking up on their valuables and assets to be brought back to their world.

This Cavern of Gold that stretches down to the core of this planet belongs to the Merchant Association

It was full of wealth of every items imaginable.

In the one years it has been established, the Merchant Association has created a community of sorts buying protection using their technology and resources they commands.

They singlehandedly created a new form of currency with the help of the World Government and the Revolutionary Army, the two biggest organization in the world.

But then a dark horse appears out of nowhere, Lord Shadow. And things changed.

In the deepest part of the cavern, a white room that stretches an area that could fit eighteen baseball field, a large gate is being assembled with hundreds of workers on the clock

A fat man is seeing walking around near the base of the gate and click his tongue.

‘You think he will be satisfied? There is a lot riding on this. I won’t risk that person anger.’

A fat rotund man with a bald head adorned with jewelries on his neck and gold in his wrist survey over the gate with no doors.

Sometimes he knocks over the gate like he was checking its durability.

Then he rub his bald head and turned towards a man behind him, expecting an answer or explanation.

A tall slender man wearing a white coat that resembles a lab coat look at the flip switch near the gate.

It resembles the Stargates in the movies. It fulfilled this man desires. He always love sci-fi movies.

Who would have thought he would be able to create thing that he likes.

His white coat has some moving silver lines, a runic design that seems weird and out of place but emits a certain energy that could influence weaker minds.

The more he invents and create things, the more he could feel his mastery and invention becoming even more powerful.

‘It replicates the energy used when the Dark Speedster broke open that singularity. Or to be more accurate it mimic that energy. I thank Mimic for his abilities.’

The fat man just waves his hand like it was not a big deal.

Mimic and the Inventor. They are the Merchant Association pillars. Without them both, the Association would not have its standing today.

‘And it will close after its activation, Inventor? I wouldn’t want a disaster the likes of which in the Ice Region’ the fat rotund man asked.

‘Yes, Patrician Enzo. It will.’

‘I need to make sure. The World Government and the Revolutionary Army is breathing on my neck. Then there is still the Prince.’

‘Is that what people calling him now? ‘

Enzo nodded. Nowadays instead of calling a person by their name some people began calling people with their titles or their abilities.

For example Will is called the Dark Speedster.

Raymond was called the Earthshaker. Jean was called the Time Emperor since he was once called himself the Emperor of France.

Title itself is only acquired by being famous. Weak adventurers and leveler would not usually be noticed

‘He is famous now. The destruction of the Island of Peace has given him the reputation of the strongest in the world.’ Enzo continued his word.

The Inventor look at his partner and smirk a bit.

‘Are you scared? Are you surrendering to him? Many people now wanted to join his faction. If not for his desires to not create faction he would probably attract many people to his side. ’ The Inventor asked as he watches over the cube that has weird green lines on it.

The cube is like a computer to the Inventor. This is where he do his simulation and realizes his ideas.

He walked towards it and tapped certain lines as the green lines become squiggly and input his data.

Combination of magic and technology. The days the star fell, a new horizon was opened for him.

‘Scared?’ Enzo said with disdain and then he laughed.

‘Of course I am. He could kill me with one swish of his hand…but when does me being scared equates me to surrender?’

And the Inventor smiles.

‘So, why do you accept his request? We lost a lot of resources to build this Gate’

‘Why would I not accept his request?’ Enzo said.

‘When we began our partnership I said it then didn’t I? You make the gadgets, while I will handle the business. He is giving us business. And having the current strongest man in the world owing a favor to our Merchant Association is a good thing. He has worth…more than gold and diamonds.’

The hands that is busy tapping the cube stilled.

‘Current strongest person?’

And Enzo smiles as he look towards that gate.

‘Who could guarantee him going to find his friend in an alternate universe would be safe? Maybe he wouldn’t ever return. I see profit. We Merchant must always have a plan B is the first initial investment did not work. Hehehe’

The Inventor shakes his head. He tap a new lines and it brightened as the Inventor smiles. His first calculation was correct.

‘This Dark Speedster could travels between worlds. The only other person I know that could bop back and forth between universes is the Dimension Strider.’ He thought to himself.

But the Inventor never had the chance to research that ability of Dimension Strider.

‘So, be it. I will be finalizing a few modifications to calculate the emission of energy of the Dark speedster to estimate his current position so that the Prince will be able to find him. Wouldn’t want him to say we slighted him if he ever managed to return.

‘Good. We Merchant Association do business with everyone. And we will not lie or cheat our customers as long as they have something of value to offer us.’

Satisfied with his inspection, Enzo shouted

Work hard and you all will be rewarded. The workers smiles and Enzo waved his hand as he is escorted by his guard to the elevator.

The Inventor just look on as he release a sigh and continue his work as his hand is furiously tapping onto the cube.



‘Ughh’ a man flexing his back as he release an exhalation of breath.

He moved left and right as he tries to flex his muscle.

In front of him was papers of request. On his left and right was a stack of more papers. Some even sent recording stones and recording cube

The man was 20ish, neatly trimmed light blonde hair, a pronounced nose, a bushy eyebrow and a hard jawline. He wears a sleek neat suit.

The wind blows from the windows and the man could not help but look towards the outside of the window and notices the clouds moving forward being pushed by the wind.

White clouds filled the outside. Only white and blue scenery could be seen. Sometimes one could see birds flying past the castle.

If not birds, flying monsters like griffin could also be seen

‘Nice scenery don’t you think?’ a calm voice breaks Loki outs of his reverie. The man is wearing a black robe with a mon of butterfly.

As the winds blows the black robe sways left and right.

‘More of the same I guess.’ Today, this is the appearance that Loki has opt for. He was handsome in that masculine way.

‘Bored Mind Master?’ Loki ask. Hirate smiles

‘A burden of a bureaucrat. Lots of things to be written if order has to be established after our return.’

Loki just smiles as he look at the clouds once again trying to forget the mountain of paperwork in front of him.

Castle in the Sky. It was more like a flying gigantic fortress that sailed through the winds like a falling meteor.

Its location is undeterminable since it is always moving.

One can stop it by operating the Control Room in the center of the Assembly Hall. It was an orb that emits green silvery light.

Other than a few chosen not many can stop this fortress from moving. Only those who contributes during its construction will be able to enter the Assembly Hall

This is the meeting place of all leaders of great faction tomorrow. This is the World Council Meeting place.

After the truth of the world was revealed, Raymond, Lord Shadow, Jean, Katarina and Boris announce the Meeting of Heroes to discuss the matter of returning to Earth and the union of all the fragmented orb in a civilized way.

Morgana also joins gaining the right of entry as she possessed one of the orbs.

The world literally stand still after that announcement.

The wind blows again harder this time and Loki swishes his hand as the wind stops and was thrown back outside.

‘Guards, close the windows’ Hirate commands and one of the guards on duty immediately come to the windows and close it.

‘Wind turbulence’ Hirate said and Loki nodded understanding.

This Castle was constructed by pooling the resources of many great powers in the world, each of the great faction has contributed a little before the Inventor create an impenetrable and safe palace.

It has a restriction effect and warding and defense formation to stop any people with bad intention during the day of the meeting.

This meeting and this castle is only possible because the top three person in the world announces it.

The prince, Earthshaker and the Ice Princess.

‘How is the Divine Archer doing?’ Hirate suddenly ask even as he is flipping through pages of request from the Forest Lords.

‘Still thinking of recruiting her?’ Loki rolled his eyes.

‘Why not? From what I heard she has left The Prince. Is it really like the rumor said? She was jealous of Katarina?’ And Hirate smirked.

Clearly he likes listening to gossip which is unbefitting of his image as one of the two top of the World Government.

‘That’s not true at all.’

But after saying that Loki did not continue explaining and Hirate did not press as they continue their work.

After Azief announce his intention to seek Will on Earth 19 Eden was shocked. His proclamation sends the people of Eden in chaos.

Lord Shadow even though he rarely is in the city is like a pillar of support.

Even more so after his recent feat. And now with his declaration of leaving many of those that resides in Eden fear what will happen to them later.

Sofia wanted to follow which Azief did not agree on.  For some reason Loki felt perplexed at those two lovebirds.

Both of them clearly like each other but why does it seems their timing is always off?

Because of that they have a disagreement.

She then decided o strengthen herself by journeying the world.  Sina tries to persuade her but she was stubborn.

And Azief was his usual stoic self. Though, Loki kind of understand.

From what Loki heard from Sina, Sofia said she is not the old Sofia who needs to be protected and Azief is not the same Azief she met before.

She can’t even catch his back if she keeps being like this. Insecurity. Maybe it was fueled when Azief came to Eden with the Ice Princess behind him.

After Azief helps the Ice Region regarding the singularity the Princess seems to admire him.

And not to mention the sight of Azief and the Ice Princess was picture perfect may have triggered something inside Sofia heart.

So, at dawn she disappears, bringing with her the Houyi Bow.

Maybe, this is where the story of the Divine Archer began and where the path between the Divine Archer and the Prince diverged.

To Loki it was more like a story instead of if happening in real time. Though maybe this time it would change…….he hope.

Tragedy is not really his thing….especially tragic love story. He hated that the most.

When Azief heard about Sofia dissapering he wanted to search for her but Sina stop him saying to him that he needs to stop treating Sofia like a burden and let her find what she is searching for.

Slowly, things are getting back on track.

Maybe this is why in the future no one knows of the connection between The God of Death and the Divine Archer until the wedding of the Earthshaker,

The other thing that has changed is that Wang Jian has become the leader of Eden.

After they return to Earth, Azief said he will not create another kingdom. He will focus n enhancing his own personal strength.

If Wang Jian is interested he could lead the people of Eden to follow him.

Since Azief has decided to seek Will, he will return to Earth Prime using other methods.

Sina decided to wait for Azief and Sofia at Wang Jian territory after she returns to Earth with Sasha.

Seven Fairy decided to join forces with Wang Jian and will carve a place for themselves and already sent request to the World Council to be debated in the Meeting.

Their little family of misfit is breaking up.

And about his bomb of a revelation?

Apparently, the future God of Death is taking it well. Though he did ask a few question mostly among the lines of why didn’t Loki just kills him from the start.

And the answer to that question is not that simple. If he really knows the matters of that events, he would know it is not that simple.

And the other thing is that Time is not that easy to change.

It always wanted to go back to its predetermined path. It is like a mighty river being blocked by a bag of sand.

Eventually, the bag of sand will break and then a flood will be coming down.

And that is what Loki is trying to avoid.

Trying to avoid that flood coming down.

So, he will not block the river entirely. He would let some gaps, some opening and block only the sides.

In the end, the rivers flows, but a flood will not happen. Because in the end, it is the end that is important.

‘Thinking of something?’ Hirate voice once again brings Loki to the present.

‘Nah, simple things clutters my mind making it hard to focus ‘And Loki chuckles.

‘You know I would really like to know what is in that mind of yours’ Hirate look at Loki face as he smiles but for some reason Loki could feel chill creeping on his back but he hide that chill very well.

‘Nah, my mind is not that interesting.’ He chuckles playfully

‘I disagree ‘Hirate said before looking at Loki uncomfortably before he broke his gaze and continue his work.

Loki take a deep breath and calm himself down. This Mind Master is not like the Mind Master that he knows in the future.

Though of course at that time he was Sovereign and the Mind Master was half-sovereign.

But the Mind Master of the future has a wise image. Probably that personality is forged after losing many of his friends and loved ones during the War of the Sovereign.

He had the audacity to try to peer inside the mind of one of the sovereigns.

It resulted him almost losing his mind.

If not for the God of Death mercy that pardons him and granted him back his sanity, Mind Master would be a crazy person until the end of his life.

But the reason why Mind Master must not die is because he is one of the people that help Loki to be sent to this era.

Sofia is the mastermind. But the executor of that plan is two people. The Time God Jean and Mind Master Hirate.

Loki sighed a bit. To reconcile the knowledge of the future and the people he knows now is sometimes hard.

It was like he is trapped between moments.

Seeing that Hirate continues his work, Loki also began examining the request. Some he approved some he rejected.

Behind him was a red black background, the World Council is written on large letters on the red black background.

Then suddenly the door on top of the stage opens and a person enters as he sit on one of the leather chairs that filled the Assembly Hall.

Loki smiles as he sees this person.

‘Oreki, your turn has come it seems. Raymond is calling Hirate?’ Loki ask and Oreki just nodded

‘Yes, Shogun Hirate is relieved for the task. ‘Oreki said to Hirate reporting his turn. Hirate stop his checking and nodded.

He slowly get up and smiles bitterly.

‘I had hope we could have more productive conversation together trickster. It seems today is not the day.’

‘Me too’ Loki reply, as Hirate went out f the Assembly Hall. Loki gets up and pats Oreki back and said

‘You really got lucky there in the Island of Peace.’

Oreki just laughed. His choice back then was very smart. He help the Prince but also save Hirate so he was excused from condemnation and retribution from both sides after the matters settled.

Loki sit down but then he continue

‘But someday, you have to pick a side. And I hope when that time comes you will pick the right side’ Oreki just nodded not taking that advice to heart that much.

Only Loki knows that in the War of Sovereign that Oreki and Hikigaya made the wrong choice and anger the God of Death.

That word, still echoes in Loki ears.

‘Pick a side.’

And somehow, that word remind him of Morgana when she came to the Plains after she got one of the Pieces. She too asked him to pick a side.

Loki look at the windows and he ordered

‘Guards open the window.’ The same guards that closes the windows open it and Loki could see the white clouds and he asked himself.

‘Pick a side? Which side? Sofia…or Morgana?’



A man is looking over the vastness of the plains from a tall hill. He was clothed in black. His cape sways as the winds of the plains washes over him.

On his fingers are rings that emits ancient energy that was beings suppressed. The man face was hidden by the black hood.

He stand straight, his posture unyielding. He takes a breath and release as a gust of winds blows like a whirlwind sweeping away the dust in front of him.

Looking at the blue clouds up on the white sky he crack his knuckles and the air was trapped between his fingers and as he releases it the air cracked around his fist.

Behind him was a man trembling, kneeling on the ground and even when he is kneeling he could not help trembling.

He fears death.

Very much so. There is nothing he fears more than death. It is why he follows Pandikar. It is why he worked for the World Government.

And it is why he worked below his current lord.

The man was not ordered to kneel but he kneels anyway. Fear filled him. He is only a mechanic. To be in the presence of such famous person he is of course full of fear.

With the wind blowing that man cape and the fearsome presence of that all black clothing, if not for he knows he had done no intentional wrong he might have fainted in fear.

Even though he did not do any wrong, fear still gripped him. After all what does it matter in the current times to do no wrong or to do good. The strong rules.

If in their eyes you did wrong, then you did wrong.

Why was he called by his lord? For what reason? What mistake did he made? Because of all this question, he was already fearful.

But then the voice the man in black attire spoke

‘Calm down. You have done no wrong.’ Hearing this the man release a relieved breath.

‘Budiman’ The voice suddenly said

‘Yes, my lord.’

‘The tracking device….is it still working?’

‘Yes, it is as small as an atom itself. It could not be discovered unless she reaches the same level as my lord.’

Budiman answered. There is an uncomfortable silence for a while before the winds blows that man cape and he continued his word

‘As everyone know I am going on a journey after this. I felt worried about leaving my friends without protection.’

‘I understand my y lord.’

‘Good. I could not let my Sofia just wander around the world without protection that is why I imbue my attack inside that tracking device. If she met any dangers at least for three times she could use the energy inside that tracking device to repel any threats.’

Budiman nodded, he knew it better than anyone the wondrous use of that tracking device after all he is the one that invents it.

But at the same time he also wonder about this famous man in front of him.

Maybe he is the only person outside of his lord close friend that could see the soft side of the man called Lord Shadow and the Prince of Darkness by the populace.

He could not help but also feel admiration for this man. Even though the Prince did kidnap him he is also a man of his words.

And that is rare these days.

‘When I return, I expect my friend will be safe. I hope you can aid Wang Jian. The people of Eden….is a burden to me. I’m not the type of leader that could care to much about that many people but Wang Jian can. The people…I could sacrifice it if it’s for my friends. Does that sound cruel?’

Budiman does not know what to say and he just maintained his silence

Lord Shadow nodded.

‘Is it hard to answer or you don’t want to displease me?’ He said without expecting an answer. He chuckles a bit.

‘Look at me. I’m getting sentimental.’ And there was that intense silence again. And like a stay of execution, Lord Shadow speaks again.

‘You know what you have to do after I leave right?’

‘Yes, my lord. I will aid General Wang Jian.’

‘No, not that.’ Azief shakes his head. Budiman suddenly was struck with the realization of their previous conversation.

‘My lord means the other matter.’

‘Yes. Speak about it with Loki. He would be able to help.’

‘My lord did not want to share this with General Wang Jian?’ Budiman asked as he glance towards the Prince, trying to gauge his emotion.

Yet, he could not see the expression hiding behind that black hood.

Azief shakes his head.

‘He has enough work. I don’t even know if this would bear fruit. In a way this could be also called a top secret mission. Whether you failed or succeed, do not worry. When I returned you will forever be under my protection. That is the only thing I could offer you. If you could trust me and believe in my return, then I hope you could do what I ask of you.’

Budiman seems to be thinking and then he answered.

‘I couldn’t promise success but I will try.’

Azief turned his back and look towards Budiman and nodded

‘Good.’ He then come closer to Budiman and him a miniature pagoda.

‘You know what this is right?’ Budiman nodded.

‘It belongs to you now. Send my orders to Wang Jian that Immortal Couple is our men and receive them with honor.  I have to go.’

Then he tap his feet and fly to the clouds in matter of second with a supersonic boom creating a sky quake and a wind spiral that throws Budiman a few meters away from his position.

As he looked on the disappearing Prince he muttered.

‘Even his exits are that dramatic.’ Then he looked at his hand, gripping the pagoda with eyes beaming.



Azief look below as he saw Sofia is shooting down hundreds of Fire Ghouls with ease. She improved drastically with each shot.

Azief sighed.

‘Did you really think you could hide from me?’ He said it resigned. But he did not reveal his position.

He only watches.

Standing there on top of the fiery mountain looking down on Sofia from above, ready to swoop in like a white knight.

But then he chuckles bitterly as he watch the determination inside Sofia eyes.

‘I can be your white knight. But you don’t need and want a white knight. Why is it so hard with you?’ He ask to the wind but then he smiles as he answered his own question

‘Because it is worth it.’ And he smiles.

‘The days we share accumulate, the days that have passed and the path we walk together, each step I take with you, I was happy. Whether our meeting that day was a coincidence or fate, just the fact that we met and love each other was a miracle.’

Then he ball his fist and smiles.

He remembers her right hand wrapped up tight in his left hand and just to be able to do that, he could remember her love that is simple and requires no words.

‘It’s better if you distance myself from me right now’ he nodded to himself like he was trying to convince himself. He has too many enemies right now.

And now he is leaving. He only fears his friend would be targeted.

If not for that he would swoop down, grab her by the arms and flew her into the sky and kiss her.

Because she is his North Star. Even if he lose sight of what is important she would make her remember. Because that is what the North Star is.

It is home.

Then Azief put his hand on his heart and then he said.

‘For sure, in this moment right now, I love you’ he said like a whisper to the wind. Looking at the battle Sofia was already out of danger zone.

‘I wish you could hear my sincere voice’ Then he turned backwards and launches himself to the air, leaving a trails of clouds.

On the ground Sofia just finished her battle when she looked at the sky and felt a familiar feeling before dismissing it.

‘I will become stronger’ she said determined.



A chain in a dark corner of the Universe has been broken and Destruction energy wafted across Universes and ripples through Realities.

The Devourer of Worlds has broken from the chain and the Universe scream.

The Elder of Universe has recuperated from His injuries and once again traverse across the stars and Universe to once again try halting the advance of the Destroyer.

In another part of the galaxy a Starwarship of the Weronian fleet is gaining speed as the speed across planet to reach Earth.

On other side of the Universe, a large Battlestar sail across the star like lightning, commandeered by a warrior of a destroyed planet.

The Last Son of Yrinia is racing to Earth to seek the fabled All Source the very essence of every creation of everything in existence to revive his dead planet.

It has become his obsession.

On another sector of the very same Universe another planet has been sucked dry as the Heavenly Soldiers of the Jade Palace failed to trap the Annihilator.

The predator of Eterna is slowly becoming stronger as it sets its eyes towards Earth Prime which is now full of humans awakened to Eterna gene.

On the broken planet, millions of heavenly Soldiers corpse lied on the ground, with golden blood spurting out. With one slash of its claw, the Annihilator sucks the life out of these Heavenly Soldiers creating mountains of corpse and a golden river of Celestials Blood..

Each one of these beings is a great calamity….and all of it is heading to Earth Prime.

A new kind of warfare has begun as celestial beings will wage a war that will make the event of the Purge of Universes eons ago pale in comparison.

Heroes must rise and unite for a great calamity is descending.


Thank you for reading. It speaks little about LS reaction to the revelation but it will be explored later. I’m back. I also upadted Song of Heroes under the name of Keikokumars in wuxciantaion and keikokumarsjunior in Royalroad. Leave some comments on the bottom and donate to help me.

That’s all. Any question will be answered.

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