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Lightning. That was the feeling that Will felt when he is running. He was not running as fast as lightning.

He was the lightning. A source of speed. A speed comparable to light. And that feeling never felt more vivid than it is now.

Clad in blue lightning and kinetic energy generated from each part of his body, he was the representation of speed.

In his captivity, he was deprived from accessing the Speed Source. And the feeling….it was like he is a fish on land, struggling and being suffocated by air.

But now as he runs through the ocean, he is alive. A fish thrown back into the water, breathing and full of vitality.

A streak of blue lighting is running across through the vast ocean creating wall of water ten feet high from its trail.

The sound broke as he passes the sound barrier.

On the air a black blur is chasing the blue lightning streak. The race between the Dark Speedster and Lord Shadow.

Will smiles feeling the heat from his back and hearing the sound quake as Lord Shadow also broke the speed of sound.

As blue lighting coiled around his feet like a snake he increases his speed, unintentionally bursting the water beneath his feet into a wall of water that reaches 12 feet high.

The air was like slicing wind as it passes Will face. The energy around him was reinforced by the Speed Source.

And a Force Field is generated around him.

Azief look at the Wall of Water and pass through it and the water dissipates into condensed air as the heat generated from Azief body was too intense

Azief keep flying over Will trying to overtake him but he is slowly losing Will in terms of speed.

Black blur and blue lightning chasing around each other in the Vast Sea shaking and ripples the calm seas, turning it stormy and chaotic.

Both of them were like the manifestation of the wrathful persona of nature, bringing sea storm and water hurricanes and tsunamis all across the stormy seas.

In the sky, Azief sighed as he grabs something from his Storage Bag. It was a gun. Sighing he shot and a silver plasma blast shot towards Will blurry running figure.

Surprisingly, the shot hit Will back and he screamed as pain fills his back.

It was not like Will isn’t fast enough to evade a bullet. But this was different. It was like when the shot enter his Speed Source Force Field his speed was slowed down like a foreign force halted his movement

It only takes a fraction of a second but Will look backs towards Azief figures sailing across the clouds and he immediately knows what that weapon is as he smiles bitterly.

It was the compact cryo engine shaped like a gun.

Azief created the gun in Earth Two to stop the Red Speedster but never had the chance to use it on him.

Will didn’t think that Azief still had that. And he didn’t think Azief would use it against him. The irony makes him grin.

But if Azief thought that would halted him, he is terribly wrong.

And Will speed slowed down. It was still fast but when he is racing against Lord Shadow who possess Hyper Speed every speed counts.

Azief smiles and shouted across the walls of water and the blue lightning coiling across the sea.

‘Will, stop this. It is still not too late. We can talk about this’

Will felt the cold on his back biting his body, like it was eating his speed. Absolute Zero. That gun was the perfect gun to use against speedster.

It seems Azief no matter how he trust Will still have some precautions against him

‘It seems you have a plan if one day you wanted to dismantle me’ Will shouted back still running, lightning still crackling and his speed is still as fast.

He shows no signs of relenting or wanting to slow down.

This time they both have reached the land area and are now racing through the mountain ranges of the Fire Regions.

Small hills were smashed into smithereens when Will punched sit with his fist. With his speed, punching a mountain into dust is not an impossibility.

The temperature of this region was hot and volcano gas spurted out from volcanic mountain every few minutes.

Black smokes filled the skies and the area was uncomfortable and breathing is hard. Combine with these two figures racing with heat generating from their bodies, the Flame Region temperature increased and it affect the weathers on the Flame Region.

Azief shouted through the noises and the distance

‘You should understand’ Azief shouts create a soundwave that ripples through the ground of the Flame Region making one of the smaller volcanoes to erupt with magmas and fire sailing through the sky and burns the white clouds.

‘Speedsters are dangerous. You’re not that naive to think I wouldn’t have measure to deal with speedsters’

By now they both are going faster than sound but they both could clearly understand and hear each other even across through the maelstrom of speed.

Sound waves transmitted from their Speedtalk could be understood if anyone can move as fast as them.

But to other listening it sounds like babble talk.

The sound of sky quaking and the air breaking could be heard as this two racing with each other, one in the ground, one in the sky.

They passed by makeshift cities, villages and people and they left them with a sky full of energy ripples and a destroyed land, as tornadoes and windstorm wreak havoc on their path, like a force of nature duking it out with each other.

The clouds ripples with black aura that seems to envelop all bringing a sense of gloom and death and the lands are blazing with trails of crackling lightning and wind storm that shredded everything on its path.

Sonic boom filled the sky, the ground was being decimated with the storms and tornadoes generated from these two godly beings race against each other.

Azief keep firing his gun and Will speed has slowed down enough for Azief to capture him.

‘Surrender now Will.’ Azief persuaded as he is flying closer to Will. It was then that Will smirked and said

‘Not today’ and then something unexpected happens as Azief felt his speed slowed down. The feeling was instantaneous.

Then realization flashed on his face.

A source of energy is wrapping over him. The more speed he has the more it drained from him like it was being absorbed by some tyrannical force of energy.

Will was smiling, blue lightning coils around his body like snakes, sound of electricity crackling around him with each movement he makes.

Azief already realizes what is happening to him and it was then he said

‘I forgot about that’ he said in resignation. He knows what is happening to him right now, why he slowed down.

The jig is up.

Will did not want to fight Lord Shadow. Lord Shadow is not like Red Speedster. If they fought, he would lose.

The only thing he could best Lord Shadow with is his speed.

Even his force field will not be able to withstand the full power of Lord Shadow Eternal Ring mystifying power or even his mysterious saber.

As the Speed Source is helping him, his body endurance increases and that would make him to at least be able to withstand a few of Lord Shadow punches.

But separated by an entire realm Will knows he could not last long if he fought with Lord Shadow.

This is why this is the only method he could employ. Even his high speed punch will not work against Lord Shadow.

Azief is his brother. He is the most knowledgeable about Azief endurance.

He possesses the Undying Physique. At least he would feel a sting if he was punch by Will high speed punch but it would not slow Lord Shadow reaction attack in the slightest.

He was like a literal mountain.

Could not be budged and could not be moved.

When Azief speed slows down Will also slows down and their stopping force cracked the air and space around them because of the force of inertia generated from their body.

The moment Azief stopped all the clouds in his fifteen kilometers radius disperse and the sky around him quake like it was being hit by an invisible gigantic hammer.

Will stopped and the hill behind him exploded into mass of blubbering dust. They both looked at their surrounding and they are now at the Ice Region.

The area was a vast plain of snows, with a huge expanse of white stretched out in front of their eyes.

They looked at each other. Azief did not move or try to capture Will. Because he knows at this time he is at a disadvantage.

The moment he moves, Will will run and this time he won’t be able to catch him. Not this time.

Not if he is slowed to this degree. It is negligible but for Will, this reduction of speed is enough for him to gain a massive advantage.

So, it is better to talk. And to said his farewell. Azief is stubborn. But he is not bull headed. Will is different.

He is stubborn reaching the rank of a bull. Once he decided on something, regardless of extenuating circumstances, he will go through to it.

Only one person that Azief knows that could change his mind and that was Lily. And Will is making this decision because of Lily, so how could he stop?

‘I guess….you won this time.’ Azief calmly said accepting the loss. He knows when he is beaten. From the beginning this was not a battle of strength.

It was a battle of speed. Azief would not have the heart to fight with Will. He owes him too much.

He was standing there on the air floating there, his hand crossed, looking down on Will.

Will smiles bitterly; his body emitted a crackling sound of electricity, with each crackling energy seems to pour through his body.

Blue lightning coiled around him as the soil and dust beneath his feet slowly gravitates upwards, defying gravity.

‘Can I do nothing to stop you from doing this?’ Azief asked, hoping to persuade him for the last time.

‘Nothing’ Will said calmly. Will had thought about this for three days.

Lily safety needs to be secured first. And he knew of only one earth safe enough for his sister.

And if Azief knows him well enough, Will knows Azief knows where he is going.

‘You are determined?’ Azief ask and Will nodded. Azief heaved a long sigh and don’t know what else to do.

‘I’ll chase you’ he said as a matter of fact

‘I know’ Will reply smiling.

The crackles of electricity is getting louder and louder like a sizzling sound penetrating the vast plains of snow and melting the droplets of snow on Wills surroundings.

The droplets of melted water float up. Slowly there is a small maelstrom of lightning from Will feet, coiling and arming Will.

A vast amount of energy is condensed around Will body. Azief senses this the moment his speed slowed down.

Will was absorbing his speed and he waited the most ideal moment. When he was at his fastest.

Azief in his panic forgets that Will needs to generate a great amount of speed to break through the barrier of the universe.

In his panic he forgets that Will just was released from captivity.

It will take him at least a few hours to generate the energy needed to break through the barrier of another world if he is depended don his speed alone.

But that calculation is different if he stole the speed of another.

Will was counting that Azief will chase him to stop him from opening a portal to another world.

He was using Azief feeling of brotherhood.

‘It seems I’m not the only one adept at intrigue.’ Azief spoke but he was not hurt. He was impressed.

‘I learn it from the best’ Will said smirking. And Azief laughed. It was then that Will began vibrating his body and smiles.

Slowly a vortex of turbulent kinetic energy emanate out of him and slowly turns into massive thundering winding tornado that seems to generate a mass of kinetic energy and affecting the Laws of nature.

Space and Time is curling and the fabric of realities is being wrought into existence and causes and effects are slowly being overwritten.

This mass of energy then rip apart through the existence of all these laws and a huge rift was produced in the vast snowy plains of snow.

Will was still vibrating and a she moves the energy condensed into that vortex was at the verge of exploding.

‘See you in another world. I’ll be waiting’ he said calmly and waves his hand before entering through the rift.

Azief shakes his head and looked at the Ice Region. He closes his eyes and then summoning his strength he flies with his fastest speed.

As he passes the White Mountain a great explosion detonated in the Ice Region creating a vortex of energy that seems to rip apart the White Mountain.

Thunderous tornado filled the mountains and disturbs the Laws around the explosion; as it distorts the flow of Space and Time.

A twenty feet deep crate was formed around the rift. Azief sighed as he was reminded of his battle with the Red Speedster in Earth Two.

Azief stopped in the air far away from the explosion and then after seeing the vortex has calmed down he said to himself.

‘Now, I have to clean up your mess.’ Looking at the rift one destination crept into his mind

‘Earth 19’ and he sighed.

And then he darted back to the Ice Region to save the innocent lives that will be affected with Will opening a portal to another world.

It also marks the events where he will first meet the strongest woman on Earth, Katarina the Ice Princess.




The clouds of the fire regions are cloudy with several laughing bolts raining down mercilessly.

The oppressive heat and humidity make it hard to breath and tiresome to walk over long distance.

As the race between Lord Shadow and the Dark Speedster conclude in the Ice Region, their race leaves a trail of blaring lightning fire on the ground and ripples of black mass energy in the sky even when they just passed by this region.

Their massive energies turn the weather around the Fire Region into disarray and only increase the heat of the region.

The people residing in the Fire Region could only curses those two experts in their hearts, not daring to speak it loudly.

Because of Will forceful speed the ground was broken, torn asunder by his speed. But a child and a young man pays all this activities no mind.

The five feet tall girl was expressionless; her long black hair was protected by some invisible net, her green eyes scanning everything and looks at the destruction wrought by those two godly figures with disgust.

Sometimes explosions from the volcanic mountain erupt in the horizons but the girl was not startled.

In fact she looks comfortable like she was in her elements. Her red tight attire only makes her seems more natural in this Flame Region.

And her attire also make people do not want to mess with her.

The last time she met a bandit in this Flame Region those bandits run away almost immediately as they saw her attire.

On her back, a book bounded with silver metal chains is strapped tightly, struggling to get free.

It was a coincidence that Will has passed both of them when he was running but those two were to preoccupied with each other to notice these two people hiding behind a rock and burrowed themselves deep under the ground.

It wasn’t until Lord Shadow and the Dark Speedster has made themselves scarce that these two figures come out from their hiding place.

The girl was expressionless but her eyes show a steely determination. The young man beside her keep escorting her, ensuring her safety.

The young man is young in appearance, tall with clear brown eyes and swaying hazel air as it was blown by the hot air of the Flame Region.

On his left hip is a yellow wine gourd, swaying left and right as he walked.

It is Morgana and Louise. These two had moved once again to affect the predestined future of this Earth and probably the Universe.

‘It seems the Death God is battling the Speedster’ Louise said while heaving a sigh of relief that they were not involved in their fights.

Morgana nodded.

‘It does not matter. What matters is for us to acquire the Pieces in the Fire Region.’ She said and Louise nodded obediently.

Morgana was actually really shocked when Will and Lord Shadow pass her by.

She just found the entrance to the underground passage of the Fire Region and was about to explore it when the Speedster passes this place.

In the original timeline Morgana never meet the Speedster and Lord Shadow. It was years after Lord Shadow had become Sovereign that she first met him.

The fact is…that Time has been thrown into disarray now.

Lord Shadow never regarded Will as his brother but it is different in this timeline. Will is his closest brother so much so that he would risk his life to save him.

And now this race.

It didn’t happen in Morgana timeline. And the Speedster was never a major player in the events of the world not until later but this timeline is very different.

The Speedster plays an important role in the matters of the World Government. Time and events are changing into an unpredictable mess.

Change one thing, change everything. Morgana always thought she understood those words.

It wasn’t until today she truly understand the meaning of that word.

And seeing the effect of the meaning of the word. Regardless, she moves forward across the fiery land of the Fire Region to complete her goals.

She spotted the cave hiding behind the rocks. Here she gestured to Louise and Louise quickly moves forward and checks for any possible dangers.

Turning back and nodding, Morgana moves forward and take the lead. They move inside the cave.

Magic filled the entire cave.

Most people would always detect this kind of faint presence of magic in every cave on the Fire Region.

This is because what resides in the core of the underneath passage of caves.

All the caves in the Fire Region are interconnected.

It is how the people of the Fire Region protect themselves from the hot environment and the unceasing eruptions of black smokes and magma from the volcanic mountains.

No one really explores all the cave since it goes deeper and deeper. To survive is hard enough.

What good is it for them to explore the caves?

Phillipe himself decided to invade the Mountains to settle there instead of spending time in the Fire Region.

The caves all has magic that maintain a cool and refreshing temperature. But what maintain the magic?

What kind of force?

‘The Vermilion Bird.’ She suddenly said and Louise was jolted in shock.

‘It’s here?’ Louise ask

‘Deeper’ Morgana answered and Louise nodded.

‘We must go deeper. Prepare the torches and our supplies’

‘It is all ready’ Louise reply

‘Good. Let’s begin’ and Morgana moved forward and slowly moving down.

The darkness and the chitterling sounds of insects sometimes could get a rise out of people but not Morgana.

She was used to this. Or to be more accurate she lived in a world far worse than this dark cave.

As they go deeper Morgana discover there are sudden winds that sometimes whip through the passageway.

A wind full of magic.

‘How were this tunnels and interconnected caves are built, Madam Morgana?’ Louise asks. To spend time in these creepy and dark caves, Louise tries to start a conversation.

‘A Fire Giant Worm’ she said simply

‘What’s that?’

‘Considering I never met see this monster I deduce that the worm has already been eaten by the Vermillion Bird. The Fire Giant worm is like a moth attracted to bright lights. They search for source of fire and what source of fire more potent than the Vermillion Bird itself?’

Louise nodded and Morgana continues as she walks even faster as the path around them is beginning to become wider.

‘In trying to reach the Vermilion Bird that resides deep inside the core of this false world, then the worms must have burrowed through the ground thus unintentionally creating these caves and tunnels. The body of the Fire Giant Worm is sturdy and could resist heat so those magmas would only be its breakfast.’

‘But why didn’t it shows in our timeline and how do you know it was a worm?’ Louise asked in puzzlement

‘Because in our timeline the Sovereigns already know the existence of the worm and let the worm met its doom to the Vermilion Bird. At that time, this false world was created….after the Weronian invasion and not before. At that time, the Seven Sovereign was perfect in their judgment and it was truly a life saving measures.’

Then Morgana sighed

‘Because at that time humanity was already forged in fire. But in the end, the Sovereigns restore back the world the way it was. Do you know why? Because the Pieces of the World Orb is more trouble than benefits’

Morgana did not want to speak anymore so they continue down the tunnels with silence.

It was then that they reached a great cavern of immense size. And in that cavern there is a miniature sun floating inside the cavern.

An area of absolute light which no known darkens could penetrate.

It was blinding but not hot.

It was the fire that nourishes life. And on top of that miniature sun is a red piece like a cracked crystal.

Louise also notices a narrow passage.

While the miniature sun emits no heat but from the narrow passage, Louise could feel heat is coming out from the passage.

Louise was about to go to that passage to check it out but Morgana hold him back

‘Don’t’ And Louise stops. And Louise knows that Morgana knows what is beyond that narrow passage.

‘What’s beyond that passage Madam Morgana?’ Louise asked and also feeling a little bit curios.

‘The slumbering figure of the Vermillion Bird.’ She answers and Louise face changes.

‘If it opens its eyes when you are in its vicinity, I assure you, you would be incinerated into nothingness. Not to dust. But to nothingness. Your soul would be burned and your proof of existence will fade away from everyone mind. Your existence will be entirely wiped out from the Universe. The only beings powerful enough to withstand its Nirvanic Fire are Sovereign like existence or maybe Half Step to Sovereign.’

She said while at the same time warning Louise of the consequences of looking at an awaken Vermillion Bird.

‘Hu’ Louise rubs his neck, his habits when he is relieved as he almost fucked himself by going through that narrow passage to meet his doom.

‘Then what do we do now?’ Morgana pointed to the miniature sun floating in the air and said

‘We take the Piece and we get out of this tunnel as fast as possible.’

‘Won’t the Bird be awoken?’ This time Louise is scared of awakening the Bird.

Hearing from what Morgana has told him, they all would be fucked if the Bird is awake.

‘No, not yet. The Vermilion Bird is different from the others Divine Beast in this world. It is always in slumber. All this Divine Beast was forcefully chained and was forced to become the source of magic for this false world. This is why that miniature sun is not hot.’

She said as she points towards that sun.

‘The bird wants people to take the Piece. It wants people to unite it. Lee Sangmin and Hirate decision to keep separating the Pieces is drawing anger from the Divine Beast. The World Orb wanted to reunite and only by reuniting these Pieces that this Divine Beast will be released from their chains and they once again could roam the Universe.’

‘Then….the problem in the world right now is because..’ Louise tries to ask this question to Morgana.

‘Lee Sangmin and Hirate keep interfering by sealing the Pieces they have. Why do you think a beast horde is coming? This is the will of these Divine Beasts. In other words, this is the will of this world.’

‘As long as the World Orb is not reunited to its full form, countless of disaster will plague this world.’ Louise nodded as he began understanding some matters.

In his timeline, Louise was not such an important character and as such was not privy to any secrets of the world and events.

At that time he was focused on surviving the uncertain world.

‘Now, enough talking and do your job.’ Louise smiles and he walk toward the direction of the miniature sun.

It was floating in the air, high above Louise reaches but Louise was confident in his abilities.

Standing just below the miniature sun he opens his gourd and then Louise taps the wine gourd and a droplet of wine jumps out from the gourd and Louise smear that droplet of wine to his fingers

Then smiling full of confidence, Louise writes a rune into the gourd and the droplet of wine acts an ink as the rune he wrote with wine glows in golden colors.

An absorbing power emanated from the ground as suddenly the red piece on top of the miniature sun began shaking as it was sucked into the gourd.

‘Done’ Louise said as he turns towards Morgana.

‘Then we urgently need to return to the surface.’ Finishing their task both of them returns to the surface.

Looking at the dark clouds and feeling the hot air, Morgana was satisfied that this condition will be rectified.

‘Now, where do we go?’ Louise asks as he began feeling the headache.

From this symptom he estimates two to three hours before he falls into unconsciousness. He could see the same symptom in Morgana.

Morgana was massaging her forehead and sweats are forming on her forehead.

‘To the Plains. We need to talk with my ex-husband’ and saying this she smirked malevolently as she walk down the hills.

Louise nodded and walk behind her, as these two figures began leaving the Fire Region



It was evening. The sun is about to set. Sounds of cheering and the sight of banners of victory being waved can be seen in the entirety of the Northern Eden.


Eden victory over all the opposing forces in the Plains has been announced and like wildfire it has spread to all four corners of the Plains Region.

Loki was overlooking his dominion from his tall castle. His hand is behind his back, his eyes scanning below, looking at the people and he grins a bit.

Today he wears the appearance of a young handsome man, tall and lean, with blonde hair and blue eyes. The face was young and boyish, making it a pleasant face to look at.

His attire was an elegant robe that reminds people of a noble in medieval era. He almost seems like a merchant prince.

Like always the Trickster is smiling. No one really knows why he is smiling and for what reason he is smiling.

And it is probably this reason that makes him so unlikable among his enemies and the people he tricked.

He is always smiling.

And they don’t know why he is smiling especially when there is no reason for him to smile.

The smile was grating. Annoying. And had a sinister smile feel to it.

‘Today is a good day. Though I don’t know about tomorrow’ he said to himself like he was thinking of something.

It was then that suddenly the sound of wind whooshed inside his castle.  Then a thud could be heard.

Loki knows who it was without even turning back.

‘Returning from victory, my lord should have been paraded across the street in a triumphal parade. Instead, my lord comes to visits this humble Trickster first. I am truly flattered’ Loki said as he turns back to look at the person rushing in from the windows of his castle, his hand is still behind his back.

In front of him is Azief, his black cape billowing with dark aura and he himself looks dominating and imposing.

He was holding a sarcophagus over his shoulder and even though Loki could not see the kind of face Azief was making under his hood, Loki bet that he is scowling.

It was kind of like the default mode of Azief.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ Azief said as he takes a step forward to Loki.

‘What is, my lord?’

‘You knew didn’t you? About the Pieces…about everything.’

‘That’s debatable.’ He replied calmly. Azief was impressed as he hammers down the sarcophagus inside the stone floor of the castle with one stamp of his palm to the top of the sarchopagus

The sarcophagus stand still as it has been nailed to the floor of this castle level.

‘Enough of riddles. Enough games, Loki. Lay it all out on the table’ Azief said and now he was face to face with Loki.

The tension inside the room was high and intense. One might even believe that battle will be started in any moment.

‘You don t care if this changes the future?’ Loki ask, once again he flashed his smile.

‘Desperate times calls for desperate measure’ Loki laughed and nodded

‘True.’ And Loki moves away from Azief pouring wine into a goblet and taking a sip before continuing.

‘Speak’ Azief said, still standing there, his piercing glares could weaken anyone will and destroy someone mental.

But Loki was calm even under this pressure as he waves his hand and said

‘First, I know about the Pieces and its function. But you were wrong about me knowing everything. I don’t know everything. Especially not now. Too much has changed. Too much has veered from its path.’

‘What has veered off path?’ Azief asked

‘You did not know or didn’t want to know?’ Loki shot back. And Loki put down his goblet and then looking straight at Azief eyes he said

‘I come from the future.’ Azief nodded as he expected that. He was about to ask for what purpose before Loki answered

‘I come from the future to stop you from destroying the Universe.’

And this time Azief was shocked as he almost blanked out. Loki however…smiles. Flashing his sinister smile.



A Weronian fleet sailed through the stars as their destination is beginning to approach Earth in a few more light years.

They leave the Universe with desolation and despair as their speed to reach Earth increases with each passing moments.

Somewhere in the Dark Universe four pillars of lights emitting warm light that could be seen millions of light years away, a beacon of life is dimming.

This massive Prison is showing signs of crumbling. The golden chain that shackles the gigantic figures in the center of these Four Pillars is slowly being melted.

Destruction essence imploded from his body as it slowly encroaches upon this Dark Universe.

The cold dark galaxy is slowly being consumed by the figure Destruction essence. Black flames are flaming inside the eyes of that figure.

The Universe can no longer be calm. The Destroyer is slowly gaining his freedom.

The storm will rage again.


That’s it folks. The end of Book Two. Each book is separated by 60 chapters. A lot need to be said for this last chapter of Book Two. It will take a bit of time before Book Three started like the last time when I ended Book One.

The reason why Book two ended at Chapter 120 is because the first book ended at chapter 60. A lot of revelation this chapter.

Loki has admitted his origins. Morgana is plotting. Will is at another Earth. Threats from the stars. The Destroyer is slowly escaping from his prison

Anyway, I think it is a good moment to end this Book at this point. (And also because GOT has started and I need to watch it. JK..HAHAHAHA……or was I?)

And I need to remind you, that only one day passes from the moment Azief went to World Government to save Will.

He met Loki in the evening. The Athena Freya alliance surrenders to Eden in the morning after Lord Shadow won his battle at the World Government.

Why did Lord Shadow met Loki in the evening? Because he met Katarina in the afternoon. But that is a story for another time.

Anyway, now that Book Tow has ended, I need to plans the outline for Book Three. Any recommendation is encouraged.

And I could focus on AOH NG. Or Song of Heroes. SOH MC was actually inspired by Li Shimin, Taizong of Tang.

It is a pet project of mine and I only writes it when I like it. It is not a serious project yet. I am still focusing on finishing AOH NG. So, that’s it from me.

And I still need help with the ARC Team. Email me at keikokudaniel@gmail.com if you want to talk about that.



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