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The sound of crumbling, the smell of desolateness. The paradise island of the World Government is now burning.

Like the burning of the Roman Empire, Lord Shadow was like Nero as he looked upon the destruction joyfully.

At least that is what Hirate must have thought Lord Shadow felt.

Coming out from the Quorum Headquarters, he looked upwards, expecting to see a clear blue sky only to be greeted with crimson clouds and suffocating heat.

Hirate look at the destruction in front of him the moment he stepped outside the Quorum Building and he could not help but gasped in horror.

Thousands of buildings decimated, a deep canyon in the middle of the island leading to a deep abyss, crimson color clouds, firestorm and thunderstorm ravaged the periphery of the island, the waves and winds churn and howl violently.

If Hirate had not known he would not believe that one man could create such disasters.

He sighed and then laughed.

‘It is truly the age of Gods. An age of magic’ he said to himself.

One man could create this much destruction akin to Gods of Calamity. It takes time for him to arrive from the Underground Prison to the surface.

And even when he returns to the surface he did not immediately went outside the Quorum building.

Instead he enacted a protective array barrier. Amidst the thundering lightning, amidst the shaking of the Earth, amidst the heaven shattering sound, he did his job.

If not for that, this headquarter of the Quorum would have already been flattened by that last attack.

But now, the end is near. And the conclusion is almost finalized. Unless, Hirate activate that.

But he won’t. The risk is too great

Smiling bitterly he said under his breath

‘Maybe he already knew I won’t activate that. Because he knew I won’t go that far. Or maybe he had the confidence to also beat that. But he doesn’t know the true power of that thing’

The Eight Monks that appeared to halt Lord Shadow has been decimated leaving only one monk.

These Eight Monks was created from the Sage of Eight Path Bracelet.

It was a divine item that could summon Eight Golden Warriors with the level of Energy Disperse Stage with Eternal Spring body refinement.

They have no emotions or thoughts. Only orders. But Lord Shadow managed to invoke the emotion of fear and shock.

Each time when they die, their essence would return to the primary soul and increase in level.

The final transformation of the Monks should be Disk Formation High Realm but Lord Shadow destroys two souls.

Meaning the last transformation of the primary soul would be Disk Formation Low Realm.

And that is why Lord Shadow managed to invoke the Monks emotions. Usually they die but they will always return to the Bracelet when the order is accomplished.

But to have sent their souls into nothingness, this is no longer the kind of attack the soul inside the Bracelet has ever seen.

For anyone in the world, having a Disk Formation expert as a guardian would grant that faction almost unrivalled power.

Hirate was betting on the superiority of a Disk Formation High realm expert to force Lord Shadow to retreat.

‘Heh’ Hirate sighed as he walks along the destroyed pavement outside the Quorum Headquarters.

There are no longer the beautiful lush green gardens, or the beautiful fountain, or the beautiful stone buildings.

Only desolateness and parched land.

In the end, he did not expect Lord Shadow could purify souls. In the end, his information is not good enough.

But he was not mad at Lord Shadow. He was mad at Loki.

Lord Shadow might implant Will as a spy but that is not enough to warrant his anger. After all it is a norm, to send spies to your rivals and enemies faction.

Hirate understand such action and he himself did this.

What he is angry of how perfect the barrier that Loki has erected against his spies.

Hirate knows why his spies never could into the tight circle of Lord Shadow faction and it is all because of the Trickster.

A year ago, a long time before Lord Shadow established his dominance upon the world. Hirate already marked Loki group as dangerous and requires supervision.

Each of Lord Shadow supporters while at the time, were not a large force, each and every one of them were powerful experts and possess Artifacts.

Lady Sofia possesses the Houyi Bow.

Just by thrumming its bowstring a killing aura could envelops the whole battlefield and it is rumored to be able to shoot down the sun into destruction.

Lady Sina while she doesn’t possess any powerful Artifacts worthy of mentioning, her knowledge in Pill Making and her potential as a quick strength solution for low level users would made her extremely important in the strengthening of armies.

It is why the World Government desires her so much, more than the other combat related users.

Oreki the Thunder Lord once said in private, that having Sina is as good as having ten thousand armies.

Then there is Wang Jian, the White Tiger as he is famously known.

His Artifacts are the Cloud Walking Boots, the War God Gold Chain Armour and the Phoenix Feather Cap

And if that is not enough Loki gifted him with the Ruyi Jingu Bang

With all of these Artifacts with him it was like giving wings to a fierce tiger.

Even though he is an Energy Disperse Stage user, Raymond estimated that Wang Jian could fight toe to toe with Seed Formation Low Realm user.

And then there is Loki…the Trickster.

The information about him is scarce. He is the most mysterious one among the people in Lord Shadow group.

He is even more mysterious than Lord Shadow himself.

No one knows his true face and the people that first met him have all died, missing or disappeared.

Everything about him might be a lie. Even his name might not be his name.

Even though Hirate notice this danger a long time ago, and he send his spies, none of them returned alive.

Those who returned alive have misleading information.

So, it is only right that Hirate views Loki as his rival. Not Lord Shadow. It is pointless in comparing between two people who have different weight class.

Hirate was never a fighter. He was a schemer, a plotter, the man with the plan, the brains of the operations

Comparing his strength with Lord Shadow? Hirate knows he would not last even one bout with the Prince.

He walked towards the direction of the battle. The Bracelet in his hand is cracking. The lifesaving treasure of the World Government will be destroyed today.

Thinking of this, he could not help but smiles bitterly as the wind around him rushed violently, scratching his cheek.

Lord Shadow was battling two of the Monks right now and the effect of his battle extends even to Hirate, miles away from the center of the battle.

‘At least it is used for the right purpose.’

Hirate muttered under his breath, his eyes seeing the explosion that happens not too far away from the Quorum headquarters.

He could hear the sound of explosions, of air cracking and breaking and the thunderstorm and fires ravaging the island.

The clouds are red and it was like the world is overturned. He could only sigh.

The reason why the bracelet was not fought over by the lords of the World Government is because everyone agreed that the bracelet is to be the lifesaving treasure of the World Government and will only be used to protect the World Government when a calamity happens.

‘This qualifies’ Hirate said to himself.

The Bracelet was his last gamble.

People might think there are many lifesaving treasures for the World Government. The reality is different.

It is not easy to encounter Artifacts. It is not like weed, growing everywhere.

But then….why? Why does he keep moving towards the battle? Even though he knows if the Bracelet Soul could not stop Lord Shadow he also could not stop him?

Why does he keep moving forward? Is it that important to not let Lord Shadow knows the thing in the Closet?

Is this battle worth it? It cost Hirate this island. It cost him the amiable relationship that the World Government has forged with Lord Shadow.

It cost him…everything.

‘Is it worth it?’ He ask himself

Smiling he answer, taking another step forward, reaffirmed what he knows in his heart

‘It is worth it. I thought there is a slight chance I could win this battle. I took it. And I was wrong. But I took the chance. At least, I won’t regret. Even if that is the only thing I got from this battle.’

He walked faster, deflecting any stray rubble of stones, steel and soil flying to him from the distance with his Psionic power

‘But the battle is not over. I have one last fight in me before I could accept this outcome.’

Hirate doesn’t know what will happen after this battle.

Will Lord Shadow kill him? Will he hunt down everybody that has anything to do with this? Or is there another way?

Even as he is walking towards the center of the battle he did not show any sign of regret. He did what had to be done.

Because honestly Hirate doesn’t know what Lord Shadow will do if he knows the truth about this world.

Lee Sangmin chose to close one eye and instead become the Guardian of the Forest. Many people called the Forest Region as a paradise for the low level users.

But Hirate knows the truth. It is not paradise. It is a prison.

This whole world is a prison.

And the only one who knows about this is only a few….and they all decided to keep quiet. Because the alternative would be unfavorable to the current status quo.

And because they all knew that this world will not last.

Thus, they seal that thing, not allowing it to see the light of day, not allowing it to fuse with each other.

Hirate was too afraid of the Old World. Lee Sangmin was too kindhearted. They both knew that they only hinder the inevitable.

So, they closed their eyes….and pray. Hoping that their secrets would not be uncover, praying the problem to go away.

This world is good enough.

But will Lord Shadow think the same as them if he knew the truth? One thing Hirate learned, people like Lord Shadow seek more than just wealth or ethereal fame.

They seek the apex.

And they just step on the first step to the apex. Would they be satisfied with the truth of this world? Or will they seek the truth no matter what?

This is the reason why Hirate even chooses not to tell of the secret of the world to even Raymond.

Hirate shakes his head

No, it is not the location of the thing in the Closet that Hirate is trying to hide. It is the intention of why the thing in the Closet must stay in the Closet.

And Will knows the truth of this world. It is why only Oreki and him can visit Will in the Underground Prison.

Hirate once tried to solve this peacefully. He tries to wipe Will memories. But as it turns out, Will mind is being protected by an external energy source.

So, he had no choice but to offend Lord Shadow.

Looking in front of him he could see from ten kilometers away, Lord Shadow ripping out the heart from one of the Monks.

The Monk fall down lifelessly and an orb of white light enters the Primary Monk and wind and tempest filled the surrounding of the Monk.

A battle between a Disk Formation Low Realm user and a Seed Forming High Realm user.

‘Lord Shadow, if even after this you managed to win, then I really have to accept my defeat’ Hirate said before he takes a step forward.

And as he moves his brain begin emitting weird frequency as psionic power converge in his brain.

‘Let see if I really can’t pierce your mind’ he said smirking before walking closer to the center of the battle.



Azief laughed as he was enveloping by a large spinning wind that could shred even steel building beams.

The Monk slowly floats as the laws of gravity crumbles under the Monk feet.

The land beneath the Monk feet sunk to seven feet deep withstanding a mighty pressure.

‘Disk Formation’ Azief muttered. Azief just finished killing one of the Monk and the orb of light from that dead  monk went to the Primary Monk.

And now, the Primary Monk finally could unleash its true power.

‘It is not really a Disk’ he said again smiling, looking at the transformation.

‘And there is no Inferno Baptism. You could not reach Perfection’ he mocked the Monk.

‘Three Seeds Creating Leaves of Origins, Six Seeds Creating Branches of Creations, Nine Seeds Creating the Tree Of Life, Ten Seeds Summoning the Purifying Fire’

Azief remembered one of the teachings he read.

‘It is a Halo. And no Inferno Baptism. If it’s not Perfection, then you have no hope. Checkmate, Hirate’ he muttered under his breath as he prepares a pill in one of his hand ready to pop it in his mouth.

But he wanted to see the Monk transformation first.

In the Myriads World and the Otherworlds, he had seen many Disk Formation Expert with Will, but he never did see how they transformed.

A crown of Light rays surround the Monk head before it floats and floats on top of the Monk head, making him look like a sacred and holy Monk.

It is golden because the Law that the monk cultivate is the Law of Righteousness.

He made the Seed sprout the Halo of Righteousness and his body was healed almost immediately and holy and sacred aura fill the island, dispelling the thunderstorm and the firestorm as Azief aura weakened under the suppression of the Law.

The Death aura that spreads through the island immediately evaporates into  mist and dissipates into nothingness.

‘HAH’ The Monk shouted and golden light shoots out from his mouth that turns the sky golden and the land sacred.

Booming sound cracked the sky as a surge of energy surrounds the Monk

Then another halo appeared above the first halo.  This Halo is blue and it is the Halo of Life as the desolate land began healing itself and sprouted plants and trees.

It was like spring has come for the island and prosperity becomes abound.

The Monk floats ten meter above the ground looking at Azief with apparent disdain. Then the Monk unleashed his Disk Formation aura and the whole world seems to beckons.

The Halo on top of his head spin violently as the pressure of the world conspire to pressure Azief and it strikes Azief, an invisible force that slammed into Azief entire being

Azief only smiles even as his knees about to buckle and sweats formed on his forehead.

His skins was shred apart but even as it was shredded it keeps regenerating as fast as it was shredded.

Now, it finally shows why people desire a Perfect physique. If it was any other Seed Forming High Realm they would already turned into a pool of blood.

But pressuring his body to this point is not enough to kill Azief. His body could not be destroyed by normal means.

The Monks needs to use the Laws to seal his body or destroy his mind or uses such powerful attack that it surpassed the threshold of damage that even Heaven could not supersede.

But The Monk is only a Disk Formation Low Realm. Even if the Monk is Disk Formation High Realm he is still constrained by the power of Heaven and Earth.

The Monk was not like the Demon King that has the Ten Eternal Rings or the Asura that holds the Six World Exterminating Saber.

Now, that was the kind of existence Azief would tremble just looking at their sight. The Saber he acquires by the luck that Loki has guided him.

The Ten Eternal Rings he got because the carelessness of others and his wily tricks. A Idsk Formation Low Real Monk?

Not enough to make him feel fear.

In Disk Formation, one could manipulate certain Laws of the World depending on the Seed that has sprouted and turned into Disk from the consciousness.

The pressure emanated out from the Monk nonetheless exerts mighty powerful aura that wanted to destroy Azief body.

Blood began to seep out of the corners of Azief mouth, and his internal organs is boiling like he is being roasted.

There is a terrible; pressure on his chest and on top of his head as the Law of Righteousness wanted to dispel Azief.

The Monk is the righteous cause and Azief was the Evil it needs to destroy.

‘FORM THE SWORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS TO DISPEL THIS EVIL’ the Monk said, the first word the monk said since the beginning of the battle.

Before no matter how many times the other Monks fall in battle, no Monks even uttered a word.

But now, like it gained sentience, this Disk Forming Monk can speak.

Then one of the Halos on top of the Monk head dimmed and turned gray and it was like his body withered slightly.

Azief tched.

‘He uses the power of his Disk early in this battle. Not fair’ but even as he said this he was still smiling and his hand is still gripping the pill tightly on his hand.

‘SLASH!’ The Monk spoke calmly yet his voice contains a power that seems to be a declaration from the world itself.

The voice parted the clouds and pushes away the wind.

Then the golden sky on top of the island vibrates with high frequency that every life forms near the island could hear it and feel it.

All of these life forms quickly steer far away from the Island Of Peace as they could sense the danger that is descending from the sky.

Droning sound fill the sky as suddenly the clouds part way and a gigantic golden sword is descending from the sky to the island.

Its width covered the whole island. Azief coughed his blood even as he saw the divine and holy sword coming down.

The pressure coming down on him could destroy this island yet Azief still stands. The world forces him to kneel, yet he did not.

The world wanted to destroy him, so he defied the world by remaining alive. His Undying Body continuously healing him at a fast pace resisting the pressure of a Disk Formation user.

He quickly uses large Grand Healing, one of his skills to quickly regain his health to mount an attack as he spit to the ground.

Looking at the gigantic golden sword he grins.

Then he lift up his saber amidst the pressure and using the Saber on his hand he slashed the gigantic sword descending with the skill Slashing Wind Vortex.

He did not want to use another one of his Seed.

‘Now, is not the time’

The wind howled and like a raging tempest, the wind formed into an invisible force capable of splitting a mountain apart.

Fifty feet from the top of the island was the gigantic golden sword. The moment his skill collided with the sword, it was like a drop of water being thrown into the sea.

There was no effect and did not halt the descending sword at all.

He then uses the Sky Slashing Slash, Clouds Dispersing Fist yet none of it even managed to halt the fast descending sword.

In another fifteen seconds, the Golden Sword will cleave Azief apart. But even now, at the last moment, the smirk never left his face.

Even though he uses all of his skills and ability he could not halt the sword. He uses his eyes of fire, his Ice Breath, and his wind breath yet nothing works.

His body has begun cracking as wounds appeared on his body from which blood flowed out.

Even without being cut yet, it almost seemed like the sword would have cleaved him in half from just descending.

Azief didn’t take the time to wipe the blood from his mouth.

‘Laws’ Azief muttered.

‘It is truly powerful. Everyone have different ideas, and thus the same law could have a different meanings and abilities. Forming the Sword of Righteousness to dispel Evil is one comprehension of Righteousness. If I cultivate such law, my Righteousness would be different, my Justice would be different and so does my method of execution. Thoughts form realities. From the Seed of Thought, realities are formed. Ten Seeds are not impossible. Only time is limited’

And it was like Time was slowed as he takes in all of the things around him. It was not that Time slowed but his thought becomes too fast and everything loo slow in comparison.

He sighed as he looked at the Monk on the clouds waiting for him to die and not far away he could see Hirate hiding behind huge boulders.

He could see the gigantic golden sword coming down, seeing every detail like it was the first time, taking it all in.

He even has the time to wonder whether this is the same kind of thing Will experience when he activates his speed.

Does everything becomes to slow in his eyes or was it something else?

Azief already senses the Mind Master with his Divine Sense from the start of the battle. Then he broke from his thoughts and everything returns back to normal.

Azief has already decided from the star what he want to do. He has seen the Disk Formation form his Disk.

‘That is enough. This is enough. Time to end this’ he thought to himself. He jumped and the ground under his feet give way.

Azief face was dark as he charged forward to the sky, charging alone with a bloodthirsty saber like an Asura facing a Heavenly Tribulations from the Heavens.

He looks like an insignificant dot compared to the gigantic golden sword that is coming down on him.

Smiling and laughing he popped a medicinal pill into his mouth.

As it dissolved, warmth filled his body, burning his Seed and revitalizing his organs and washing his marrows and purifying his entire body from the nerves, blood and organs.

‘Sixty second to end this battle’ what Azief popped in his mouth was The One Realm Ascending Pill made by Sina.

It enables a user to ascend to the next realm utilizing the previous realm as the building blocks of how powerful the next realms would be.

Unlike the pills that Sasha consumed this pill will not sacrifice anything or destroy one’s foundation.

Instead it only works for one minute.

But for Azief to handle a Disk Formation Low Realm who did not Perfected his Seed, sixty second is enough.

Almost all the herbs in the Treasury was plundered to create this one pill and it takes two months for Sina to finish this.

Sina only has two of this pill. She made it when Azief and Will were stuck in the Deserted Dimension.

One he gave it to Loki. The other he gave it Azief.

It is also the reason why Azief purify the other two souls.

If this Monk managed to turns into Disk Formation High Realm Azief even with the aid of this pill would not have been able to be so confident.

As he charges through the golden skies to meet the sword, shockwave exploded from Azief body when he consumed the pills as Four Halos formed on top of his head.

The clouds shakes, the Heavens trembles and the Earth quake.

A brilliant glamour which is exuded by gods, heroes, kings and by holy temples emanated out from Azief entire being as it covered the golden skies and hellish thunder formed.

Black lightning strikes the sea and the oceans, killing everything one hundred kilometers radius around the lightning.

Dark mist creeps from the shores of the island and rob all life as the spring that came was devoured by a cold winter.

His Seed Concept of Death, Life, Rebirth and Time is turned into Four Haloes of different colors.

Death was gray. Life is green. Rebirth is silver. Time is purple.

Gray smokes rise from Azief feet, rising to cover the golden skies. Purplish color envelop the descending gigantic golden sword slowing down the rate of descent.

Azief body was swirling with green and silver coiling snakes of colors that keep giving life and nourishment to Azief energy and rebirthing more energy and vitality.

‘Fifty five second’ Azief said under his breath.

The Haloes not only formed on top of his head but also around him but it was not giving the impression of a holy being or a sacred person.

The first halo is five meters wide. The second is ten meter wide. The third halo is fifteen meter wide. The fourth halo is twenty meter wide.

The Four Haloes emanated the power that could control the world with one hand and overturned the heaven with the other.

But unlike the Haloes surrounding the Monk which represent righteousness and a Just God, the haloes around Azief were like representing the wrathful nature of deities.

The halo around Azief head was like a divine grace suffusing his soul which united  the soul and the body in perfect harmony yet it contains a certain evil and the desire for destruction of dark overcoming the Light.

Yet at the same time it  was like Azief was the glory of Light, the haloes almost seems to serve as a crown of Light.

It is a conflicting aspect.

The sword is now only a breath away from Azief body.

Azief smiles and throws his head back and roaring in laughter as he could feel the energy of the world coursing through him, the Four Laws is under his rule.

He stores his saber inside his consciousness with a thought and face the gigantic golden sword

‘Not needed right now. My fingers are enough’ he said

The sword keeps descending and it was at this time Azief stop the golden sword with two fingers.

A Ting sound reverberates through the island and echoes for seven times like a bell tolling announcing to the world.

And also at the same time, a shockwave of energy erupted from the colliding force of Azief finger and the gigantic golden sword.

The shockwave circles the world six times creating ripples on the ocean, inciting seabed volcanoes to erupt and changes the weather a world away.

Earthquakes shakes the Forest Regions, with a magnitude of 7.0 with a depth of 8.1 miles rocked the peaceful region with 70 aftershocks ranging from 4.5 to 6.1 magnitudes in strength.

It led to mass destruction of the buildings inside the Forest Region.

Cyclones winds made landfall in some part of the Plains and devastated the marching armies of Tumbu alliance which resulted in the easy victory of Loki troops which immediately take hold of the Northern Part of the Plains.

The Central Plains was also affected but with many people protecting the city and having the barrier help the officials maintain orders and keeping the peace.

The Plains was not so badly affected

A hurricane hit the Ice Region but was quickly dispelled by the Ice Princess Katarina.

In the Fire Region Phillipe territory was consumed by lava smokes and fires as one of the volcanoes produced an enormous flow that buried and devastated one of Philippe largest city causing widespread panic and destruction.

All of this event is related by the power Azief unleashed when he stop the gigantic golden sword.

Azief holding the gigantic golden sword with two fingers, halting it to stop was truly like an ant toppling the stomp of an elephant.

Azief smiles as he said

‘Forty second.’ Azief mutters.

Around him air was cracking and breaking producing sonic boom almost every seconds, and the wind was showing and cuts like sabers and swords, while the heat is hot enough to evaporate the sea.

The Monk who was standing by is now frantic as it flies to Azief to stop him from attacking once more.

Azief with a smile pinched the gigantic golden sword and with a sound that cracked the sky, the gigantic golden sword turns into golden motes of light and disappeared.

It takes him five seconds to pinch the gigantic golden sword into destruction.

‘Thirty five’ Azief mutters as he saw the Monk rushing to him with the speed of a lightning.

Then with a though he produces another saber.

This was not the Heaven Sundering Saber.

This is the reason why Azief is determined to test the Disk Formation Low Realm Monk.

He wanted to try to unleash one of the Sabers attack. He wanted to see the extent of the power of the saber he could unleash if he was in Disk Formation.

No other opportunity would present itself after this if Azief is really intending to seek the Path of Perfection.

To seek the path of Perfection would means he needs to put al of his EXP in nurturing Seeds and Azief knows that would take a long time.

It is the one saber he never managed to unsheathe.

The sixth Saber, the Divine Slayer Saber.

Even when he was at Seed Forming he never manage to unsheathe this saber. Now he is at Disk Formation even though for a while he wanted to try.

The Monk is now only five kilometers away from him and Azief unsheathe the Saber. The moment he unsheathes the saber, three of his haloes dimmed and cracked.

This saber has the inscription With One Slash, Driving Gods And Devils Away. Struggle With Fate, Kind Nature Must Be Cultivated, With One Slash Cutting Apart Existence.

When the saber was brought out from its sheath, the island trembles and cracked, the clouds all exploded into mist and turns into rain which immediately condense into gas and disappeared into nothingness.

Then an illusory image appeared behind Azief.

‘Thirty second left’ Azief though inside his mind.

The illusory image was the illusory image of Gods with Haloes shrouding their entire bodies fighting a Celestial War with Demonic Creatures.

The faces of the Gods were fierce, the expression of the Demons were malicious.

Below the feet of the Gods were countless of races propping the Heavens, beneath the feet of the Demons were countless of races sacrificing lives and blood.

Azief did not see it. Only the people spectating could see it.

The Monk did not understand. Hirate who is seeing this battle behind the safety of a destroyed building also do not understand the image.

When Azief lifted his saber to attack, the scene changes as a Wheel appeared and the countless races were sucked into the Wheel.

The Wheel of Reincarnation and Rebirth.

And when Azief slash down towards the Monk, it was then that Hirate and the Monk understand.

The moment he slashed down the scene behind Azief also changed as it depicts a saber slash that destroyed everything.

The Celestial War was ended with one slash of saber attack killing the Gods and decimating the Devils, and at the same time destroying the Wheel of Reincarnation and Rebirth

It is a saber forged for the destruction of the divine.

And when this slash descended toward the Monk, the Monk knew he would not survive this.

He only accepts his fate and open his arms wide.

He did not even have a chance to escape as the space around him was locked. He could not run or fly to other direction even if he wanted to

This is the Divine Dragon Slayer Saber, capable of killing Immortal Gods and Heinous Devils.

The saber slash through the Monk turning him into particles of atoms and even his soul was destroyed on the spot and the slash did not stop descending as it strikes the island.

And with a soul shattering sound that could be heard there thousand miles away from the point of origin, the Island of Peace was split apart.

It was split apart by a cataclysmic eruption of explosion by Azief saber slash.

The shockwaves from the explosion ripples worldwide.

The land split apart and moved from the main island and Azief lashed almost entirely destroyed the island.

The island was as large as Germany before the Fall yet it was split into three now.

The wave resulted from the explosion rounded the globe three and a half times. Anyone was within the twenty miles, they would have gone deaf.

Weather patterns across the world become chaotic.

‘Ten second’ Azief muttered as he slowly floats down to the ground.

By now the gate from where he came from become the new shore of this new island as Azief could hear the waves lapping loudly around him.

The barrier on top of Azief head has long evaporated into nothingness. His slice was clean and precise like an engineered destruction.

Five second he said as his feet landed on the ground.

He look around him and smiles as he could now sense Will emerging from one of the rubbles but then he creased his eyebrows when he notices someone he didn’t expect to see in his divine sense.

Yet he was not worried as he could feel that that person did not mean him and Will any harm.

Azief immediately understand what that person wanted to do.

If that his intention,. Azief has no qualms.

‘Now, the final bout’ Azief said as he takes a step forward and he said

‘Zero’ The moment he said that the Four Haloes on top of his head dissipated and Azief was assailed by extreme fatigue.

But he still managed to stand and feint a strong posture. He cross his hand together and spoke

‘Hirate, come out. We need to talk’ Saying this words he waited.

Then from the dust and smokes of a destroyed building a man wearing a purple robe come out looking frustrated and bitter.

‘This is our first meeting Lord Shadow’ Hirate replies and Azief just smiles.

Not far away from them Oreki is holding up Will from crumbling through the ground with the Immortal Couple also helping by providing supports from behind as dozens of monster is trying to attack Will.

‘The end is near and now a decision has to be made. Lord Shadow has won and now all is left is to conclude. But what does lord Shadow would decide to do?’

Oreki thought to himself as he look at the destruction that Lord Shadow has wrought. The Immortal Couple was as shocked as Oreki when they see the state of the Island and was relieved that they pick the right side to back.

But Will who is slowly recovering his energy has a different light in his eyes.

‘Lily’ he muttered as he is looking at Azief figure from afar. He could not help but feeling apologetic in what he has to do next.

Today, a great victory is won……yet the battle is not yet concluded. The wind blows gently now and the clouds moved freely like signifying a new era.

The era where the World Government rules the world has ended. Or is it?


Still need people for my ARC team. Please apply to help me. And if anyone could donate for me to buy a monitor that would be highly appreciated.

Anyway, like I promised the end of the battle. But only the beginning of the story. What does Hirate knows?

What is the thing inside the Closet and what does it holds. If anyone wanted a hint I actually hinted what is the thing inside the Cave and the Closet a long time ago. Just remember the Red Speedster Quest.

And there is another secret that our MC does not know. Why there is region and why is the world after the White Explosion is so different from our Earth with each regions has its own weather climate separately from other regions.

What do you think that is?

The thing that Loki found has great significance to the other powers who knows the secret. After all, if there is anyone that knows about secret it would be Loki.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the chapter man
    How much time do you usually take writing one chapter of Lord Shadow? Do you already have a general main road of how to write it or you do it step by step?
    From the reader point of view i would love a small time skip for the true plot of the disasters starts unfolding or at least approaching
    Ehmm we would love more chapters too!
    Anyway dude cheers!

    1. What do you mean by true plot? I usually already have a main outline of what happens and how each arc would end but for each chapter I usually wrote about things that would lead to the conclusion of that arc

    2. the time writing for each chapter depends on the idea I got but usually if I have an inspiration it would take four to six hours

      1. Well the true plot about the disasters in the loki timeline the major events wars and stuff thats what i was saying

        1. Oh, the other timeline. I’ve been meaning to write one but I need to do it without spoiling the entire story. Don’t worry. I think there will be another one of

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