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It is a normal morning in the island of Creion. This island is one of the island archipelagos near the huge island of the World Government.

Most of the people living in the island of Creion is from Armenia and Greeks. Every morning the people of this island woke up and tend to their works.

The fisherman fish on the sea riding wooden ship strengthened by runes. Hunters enter the forest and search for game.

Farmers went to their farmland and farm. It is an idyllic island, free from the dangers of the mainland.

It is a small community and a peaceful one. Unlike the mainland there is little chaos. The mainland has great many people, dangerous but rewarding.

But the people of this island do not desires to enter the mainland. This island is for those who are too gentle to live among wolves

Other than hiding when the giant sea creatures showed up, there is not many things the people of this island had to fear.

In this island, peace begets boredness. Rarely interesting things happens.

But today was different. Like an Eastern Wind coming towards the North, there is a different wind sailing through the island today.

A farmer who was walking to his farm notice a blue color filling the horizon when he was climbing a hill and he was awestruck.

The blue colors could be seen thousands of miles from its originating shore.

For the people who lived in the island near the World Government Headquarters, they were shocked to see a blue colors pulse cutting through the clouds and shines the ocean.

But other than mildly astonished and curiosity they then resume their routine. To them, all they could see was some blue glowing thing from a distance.

It does not affect their lives and have little consequences to their livelihood. After the Fall people became accustomed to weird shit happening every day.

Blue aura pulse piercing the clouds? That’s nothing.

A farmer in one of the islands that saw the blue aura was intrigued at first before once again shoveling his farmland.

A butcher who is butchering a giant rabbit meat in the outside of his hut look towards the Island Of Peace when the blue aura pulse reached the clouds and open the sky but he just has a nonchalant attitude and keep slicing and dicing the meat.

What all of these people failed to notice was that the blue aura surging up to the sky was a precursor of something monumental.

The World Government was attacked…and is now on its ways to being defeated. By one man.

Not an army. A man. A single man. That could not be stressed enough.

To most of the people in the world, the World Government is seen as a pillar of stability and strength.

The numbers of people belonging to the World Government is millions of people. It boasted the strongest military in the world right now after the Fall.

But, that very same organization is being brought to its knees today. A new era is beginning.

An era of the Gods.

Because of one man, the World Government had to teleport all of its people out of the island.

It is thankful that the supporters of the World Government is everywhere around the world.

If not, sea of blood would surely color the island red. Yet, the people on the other island resume their routine like nothing has happened.

Woe to the ignorance of man.

Meanwhile on the Island itself, the situation is tense. Raymond and the others were teleported.

But someone was left behind and that is Houtarou Oreki.

‘Oh, shit’ he cursed under his breath as he quickened his pace to the underground level prison.

He is now in level 31.

‘I should have stayed in my cave. ‘No, nothing would happen’ I convinced myself back then. I should have trusted my gut’ he said to himself.

More like cursing himself for his stupidity.

‘Troublesome, troublesome.’ He complained.

Instead of staying still in his cave, he enters the Quorum building.

The reason is because he wanted Hirate to thinks that he did not deliberately lose to Lord Shadow and to prove his loyalty to the World Government.

When he enter the Quorum building, Hirate orders him to come downstairs to help watch over their high priority prisoner.

It was then the people on top of the Island were teleported.

A string of bad luck. Hirate was shocked when it happened but his mind quickly formulating plans.

And he is now heading downwards to the Underground Prison to try a different approach to this calamity that has befallen the World Government.

Now the people left in this island is the Seven Energy Disperse Stage user, Hirate and the people working underneath the underground prison Will and the Immortal Couple.

Oreki could be considered to be working underneath the underground prison because when the teleportation formation was activated he was still underground

‘Troublesome, troublesome’ he said that word again. His mouth keep complaining but his head is formulating ideas.

This battle will not end without some blood being spilled. And Oreki don’t want blood to be spilled.

No matter who wins today, humanity will lose. So, he is now rushing downwards to enact his winning strategy.

‘This is why dealing with people is so troublesome. I told Hirate many times to concede yet he did not want to listen. The Quorum won’t listen. Lord Shadow can’t be reasoned with. Haish. In the end, only people like me could see the forest. Only people like me could cast off ego and work for the greater good’ He said it to himself as he broke into a run.

He could feel the force of lightning getting stronger. He could feel a source of power healing someone.

It’s the same feeling Oreki get when he is near Raymond.

An external force lending a hand.

And there is only one person in this complex of underground prison that is known could tap the source of external source of power.

Will the Dark Speedster has already been released from its captivity. The one thing that could be used to bargain with Lord Shadow is trying to escape.

The battle on top is a distraction. The sealing was Lord Shadow first move. It was a brilliant move if Oreki had to assess.

Lord Shadow cut off any plans Hirate had about teleporting Will to another prison. But Hirate could still lose all reason and kill Will so he sent an extraction team

‘Brilliant’ Oreki muttered while running fast. While the whole island was focused on the destruction he unleashed, his people would have extracted Will from his prison.

From this Oreki could surmise that Lord Shadow himself does not want this war.

The fact that Hirate did not kill Will also shows that he too wanted to at least maintain a cordial relationship with Lord Shadow.

Only one miscalculation on Hirate part and the Quorum. The fact that Will is important…personally to Lord Shadow.

Yet, even then, Hirate must not allow Will to return to Lord Shadow side. The Closet. The secret hiding in the Closet.

Both sides could not budge. But if nothing give way, then humanity who is stuck in the middle would suffer.

Oreki is not a nice guy. Nice guy don’t have an army as large as him. A nice guy doesn’t have blood on their hands.

But, Oreki isn’t the Devil. He do not wish for humanity to perish. Hirate and Lord Shadow is having a dick measuring contest.

And humanity couldn’t have these tow pricks squandering Earth last chance just because they both don’t want to budge.

So, Oreki had to step up. He had to create a new plan. A plan where everyone is safe.

A plan where he hopes to stop this conflict before it truly begins. And he smirks.

‘Troublesome, troublesome’ he said smiling.




Azief was surrounded by fire whirls and as he walk he appeared from afar like a walking firestorm.

The clouds on top of his head is turning into mist because of the high pressure of temperature.

Thunder and lightning roared in the sky, and wind howls, the air cracking and breaking. It was like the End of Days descends on the island.

The saber on his hand is a weapon of immeasurable power and when it is brought out, like a dragon awakening form a deep slumber, it roared like the Sovereign of all Sabers and unleashed its divine majesty.

The saber of an Asura who once ravaged the Universe.

He has brought out his most powerful weapon. He has other weapons of course. He has Reaper Sword, the sword of his Class.

He has the Spear of Fiery Hell which created the image of Ten Reincarnation Hellish Scape when its might is unleashed.

He also possesses the Halberd of Seven Hells of Ice that could call upon the forces of nature and is even said to be able to freeze an ocean.

He also got the Nine Heaven Lightning Tribulation Bow that is only fourth under the Houyi Bow mystical power

But Azief knows there is no saber that Azief has seen in his life that could be compared in the same breath with the Six World Exterminating Saber.

A weapon that grows with its owner is rare. The fact Azief could possess this hellish weapon could only be explained by divine luck.

But Azief somehow thinks that the trickster has a certain hand in his divine luck.

The saber he brought out is the Heaven Sundering Saber. On the saber there is an inscription.

The inscription inscribed on the saber is Mastering Others Is Strength; Mastering Yourself Is True Power, With One Slash Rendering the Heaven Apart

If he could unleashed the true power of this saber, this saber could bring down the Heavens.

Now that he is Seed Forming, the saber power and strength is no longer like it is before.

When Azief brought out this saber from its sheath, its saber light filled the island and it was like the Heaven on top of Azief head is shaking and the world began to tremble.

In the past his slash created Nirvana Fire and burns Demonic Kind from Otherworlds.

And that was when he was in Energy Forming.

This time confronting this seven weird Energy Disperse Stage monk, Azief did not lose his composure or domineering stance at all.

His saber light fill the island with silver light that seems to come from the inside of his sheath and with a yell he shouted

‘Sunder The World!’ His shout reverberates and the wind around him vibrate.

And he charges to the Seven Monk.

BOOM! his feet move forwards as a gust of wind exploded under his feet  when he take that first step, blowing dust and soil behind him.

The Seven Monks expression was unchanged and expressionless as ever as they retreated, jumping with the speed of sound from Azief in a matter of second.

But Azief only smirked.

He understand why this Monks are the lifesaving treasure of the World Government and why Hirate used them to delay him

After he killed that one monk, he already knew what would happen if he killed another.

But even if he knew, it would not stop him. His heart is firm and his will is steadfast and he will not be cowed into cowardice

And he also wanted to try Sina new pill if it comes to it.

BOOM! The sound of his energy cracked the air around him.

His saber glowed crimson blood and the roiling thunder clouds on top of the islands  exploded and the sound travel through the ocean scaring all sea creatures.

Red mist surrounds Azief body as the heat around him created extreme weather events on the island almost instantly.

The land beneath his feet was incinerated almost immediately and it was like the soil was being razed down by a great drought, the land looking parched.

The Red mist around his body turns into a coiling fire ring that purified every element that he comes into contact with.

It is then he swings down his saber with a force like he was bringing down the starry skies, unmatched and peerless.

Looking like a monarch of fire, his hair fluttering like strands of fire, his sleeves billowing like flames, he unleashed his mighty attack.


The strike shatters sound and supersonic boom rings through the oceans creating ripples of shockwaves across the large body of water.

A gigantic slash of fire slashes towards one of the Monks.

The slash was covered with fire and it shot out a sun from his saber, that it seem truly capable of sundering Heavens.

The Monks did not even showed any expression of shock. They have only wooden expression and no fear like their lives means nothing.

A soul sealed in a bracelet. How could it understand fear when in the end they will return inside the bracelet.

Azief realizes from the very first moment that these monks are not a living thing but a Soul Automaton.

They do not fear death. Bit Azief was grinning. ‘That is because they never tasted true death’ he thought to himself.

Considering the size of his attack, two of the monks was consumed by the gigantic slash of fire and was incinerated without even having the chance to scream

This time however no orb of light could be seen entering the other Monks.

It was at this time the Monks finally show some expression. Their expression was of bewilderment and shock.

Azief smirked.

This is Nirvanic Fire. Very useful when one want to burns or purifies a soul. Azief just burn the two monks soul into nothingness.

‘How’s that?’ Azief said as he landed on the ground.

This clash did not even last ten second from the moment he jumped and unleashed his attack and the Monks retreating.

The residence around the island, its great buildings was consumed by fire and melted even the steel beams.

His slash created a deep canyon of thirty feet down that stretches from where he strikes to the other side of the island.

Only dust and ashes were proof of the existence of buildings. Because Nirvana Fire do not leaves smoke or linger flames.

About twenty thousand house, fifty seven religious establishment, a hundred and thirty five World Government offices, twenty six small villages, fifty five hamlet, ten palaces, twenty seven castles, one thousand thirty one business building was destroyed in that one slash.

The strike scorched the island leaving only eerie silence. There is no explosion. Just utter desolateness.

For the Nirvana Fire incinerate completely, leaving nothing unpurified. Now there is five Monks.

Azief then points his saber to one of the monks and said with a smirk on his face.

‘Now, now, you can’t upgrade yourself like that all the time. That’s cheating you know? And I don’t like people cheating me. At least now that I destroy two of them so completely, your last transformation would be Disk Formation Low Realm right?’

The Monks finally shows some emotions of anger. When a soul is burned and purified then that means they would truly die.

They would not return to the Bracelet.

They would die and that thought consumes them. And for the first time, these Monks feel fear creeping inside their hearts.

Azief smirks as he sees the change on their expression.

Now- he said before he moves, leaving a gust of wind behind him as he appears almost immediately in front of one of the monks.

The Monk he appeared in front of tries to jump back but his sped is too slow compared to Azief Hyper speed.

He punches the monk and the shockwaves shatters all the buildings nearby them as that monks exploded and turned into a puddle of blood and an orb of light flew out from the puddle of blood and enters one of the other monks.

The Monk absorbing the orb of light had his level rise to Seed Forming Low Realm.

Now there is four monks. Azief could feel one of his seed dimmed and wilted. It would take time before his Seed would glow again and in full power.

He uses one of his Seed to activate the Eternal Ring. He uses another to power the Heaven Sundering Saber Nirvanic Fire attack.

He has two more seeds to use before they shriveled and Azief had to wait some time before they regain their vitality.

This time the monks no longer could wait for their demise as relaxed as before as four of them charged to Azief with a tiger-like ferocity.

One of them rushed to Azief, producing a large silver lance, charging through the destroyed rubbles, jumping through the toppled buildings of the island like an unstoppable force.

In two second he arrived in front of Azief and he trusted his lance to Azief chest. This Monk posses only Energy Disperse Stage High Realm.

Azief snorted and deflect the lance attack with a slap.

His slap cracked the lance before the lance itself exploded into millions fragment and the Monk was thrown far away.

Azief was about to catch his breath before a spear rushes to his left side aiming at the side of stomach.

Azief dodges with the speed of lightning and grab the spear with his hand. He nsnorted and unleashed his energy.

Then he push the spear towards the monks as rippling energy shockwaves was transferred from the spear to the Monk and the Monk was forced to let go of his spear as his internal organs exploded into mush.

‘Uhuk, uhuk’ the Monk coughed

The Monk then unconsciously kneels and puke bloods.

‘Enough of this!’ Azief said his tone was no longer calm. He is angry now.

He still didn’t see the Seed Forming low Realm Monk. It seems the chaos was intended for that one monk to hide.

‘So be it’ Azief said before he moves and appears in front of the kneeling monk in a fraction of a second.

He looked down to the monk and his eyes was cold.

With a slashing movement he beheaded the kneeling monk.

The monk head was sliced clean off as blood spurted from the opening of his sliced neck like a fountain in the parks only instead of spurting water it spurts red blood.

The head keep rolling and fall down inside a large hole in the middle of the street made from Azief previous slash of Nirvanic Fire.

An orb of white light comes out of the dead monk body and enter the earth.

Azief smiles as he said to himself.

‘Burrowing underground huh? Now, there is only three monks.’

And the primary monk is now a Seed Forming Mid Realm. But even then Azief is not scared. Instead he laughed.

‘Three monks. It is like the beginning of  a bad joke.’

AAH’ A scream almost break Azief concentration as a Monk holding a sword bursted out from a boulder near Azief.

He holds a sword which possesses openwork pommels and sharply angled tips and made of divine bronze.

Azief just snorted as he opens his palm and execute a chop strike. Power exploded from his slashing downward motions.

He utilizes the accelerational force of his arms which creates a wind force that shredded everything around him and throws the rubbles and dust near him into chaos.

He guided his chops subtly and gently like a wind blowing the clouds.

It was not quick and powerful, yet in its silence movement, a terrifying impact sounded out as his palm deflects the Monk sword.

When he deflects he entraps.

The moment he deflect the sword, he caught the Monk wrist. Then Azief smiling evilly exerted force as the Monk wrist exploded into pieces of meat.

The blood exploded yet Azief did not want his attire to be stained with the blood of the Monk and waved his hand as the wind follow his will and blows the blood far away.

The Monk fall down and Azief quickly stomped his feet on the Monk head and it exploded like watermelon being smashed by an iron hammer.

An orb of light fly out from the body of the Monk and two monks bursted out from the ground five kilometers away from Azief.

‘Two’ he muttered under his breath.

Now, one of the Monks possess the prowess of Seed Formation High Realm.

Azief could feel someone is watching him. And he knows who is watching him. Hirate wanted to delay him.

What Hirate doesn’t know, Azief also wanted to delay Hirate response. By now, Azief is confident that Will has escaped his captivity.

Azief recruited the Immortal Couple for his extraction team. One could paint openings disregarding walls and the like.

Another could tame monsters and beats with the sound of her flute. Their skills proved to be the perfect match for the security in the Prison Underground.

Now, Azief only have to make sure Will come to the surface. The moment Will come to the surface the Speed Source will heal him.

‘Heh’ he smirked as he looked at the two monks not too far away from him. If he desires with one dash he could arrive in front of them in a matter of seconds.

‘Interesting’ he exclaimed before his feet moved.

The battle intensifies.


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Next chapter the conclusion of the battle and a shocking revelation. Hirate secret does not extend only to what is in the Closet.

And Loki side will be mentioned briefly. The plans of the Thunder Lord Oreki. Hirate…where is he hiding and what is he planning while watching Azief?

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