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The Destroyer body was floating in the dark space emanating the universal laws of destruction.

His body releases more energy than hundreds of galaxies combined.

Sometimes when he collided with stars of asteroid belts, the fleeting particles released from his body after colliding endows every cubic centimeter of space with a certain energy that produces an anti-gravitational force that pushes space apart.

The Destroyer, his body itself reject the universe and accelerate the expansion of the universe.

Nobody knows what’s really causing the accelerated expansion of the universe, however. His eye is closed; each eye is as big as ten mega sized stars.

It is said when the Destroyer opens his eyes, worlds are destroyed. When he speaks, stars exploded.

On his gigantic celestial body there are some marks of holes and scars. This is the injury He was inflicted after engaging in a conflict with the Elder of the Universe.

The Overseer of Life tries to restrict his aura from entering other important star system and tries to carve a path through the universe so that the Destroyer will not pass the system.

The Observer…..keeps observing. He has awakened. But he did not yet move. Because it is not yet necessary.

It has been trillions of years since the Destroyer possess any emotions whatsoever.

He has his corporeal body that resembles humans only gigantic which resembles the First Race, the Etherna race.

His feet which are stony and covered with star dust is envelop by anti-matter energy.

The mass of the annihilation of matter and anti-matter is converted into pure energy that propelled the Destroyer though the starry universe.

On his head is a dark halo, in which inside the halo is a matter that created tiny black holes, each about the size of an atomic nucleus.

Around him space-time was affected and his entire existence radiated cosmic microwave The Destroyer keep sailing the universe when he approached another planetary systems.

There are about ten planets. These planets are gargantuan gas world whose masses are just a shy of being stars to small.

The moment the Destroyer arrived at the periphery of that planetary system, a magic net, golden in color appeared in front of him, trying to restrict him from entering and millions of weapons were activated and fired to Him.

The Ten Planet united to try to change the course of the Destroyer.

They mustered all their weapons, all their intelligence to create supermassive weapons that could obliterate an entire galaxy and instead they use it to deter the Destroyer.

Eyes closed, face expressionless, the Destroyer collided with the net and the net instantly evaporated as trillions of life screams.

Then like a log being pushed by the river, the Destroyer entered the planetary system and the Ten Planet was destroyed almost immediately.

There is no explosion. No screaming. A bop. A blip in less than one second. Only destruction. Only silence.

Like the planetary system never existed in the first place.

Now that he possesses corporeal body, he could freely use his Universal control over Destruction.

But His power does not allow him to only destroy this system. His power surges up and the galaxy he is in eat the other galaxy nearby or what is known as galactic cannibalism.

Dozens stars clusters are scattered though the planetary system, galaxies colliding against each other and devouring each other.

He was about to keep sailing through the darkness of the universe when a deep voice reverberated throughout all of the universe.


Light exploded and existence comes into being, a Big Bang sound shakes all the Universes nearby.

And the Ten Planet was formed back from nothing and the Destroyer was shocked to find out he was at the same position he was before.

Then Light appeared in the periphery of the planetary systems. Time stopped and even the people inside the Ten Planets were frozen in time.

The Light then formed into a corporeal form of a man. The man floats in the dark universe, with a calming smile on his face.

His hair was pure white snow and his eyes blue like the sky. Encompasses in that blue eyes of him were trillions of life and galaxies.

Each of his strands of hair possesses the power to revive a galaxy, each one of his hair could be a seed that could sprout a new universe.

His face was handsome and manly…like a mortal. He is wearing a robe sew by the needles of the stars, his robe is made by the essence of primordial creation.

His feet were enveloped by gravity waves distorting the fabric of space-time. This waves travel at the speed of light.

The energy coming out of his feet is akin to the force generated during colossal cosmic events, such as black hole mergers

He was bright like Quasars, the brightest object in the universe giving off more energy than 1000 mature galaxies combined.

He can’t be seen by the naked eyes lest you desire to see madness. He takes a step and ripples of reality and time could be felt when he takes that one step.

It is akin to seeing Him walking back in time.

When he first arrived, this man was small as a six feet six mortal. But when he takes his first step, he grew into a gigantic figure that towered over all firmaments, over all the multiverses, over all the infinite realities, overseeing everything.

Young galaxies were formed where his feet pass, as quasars become seed of the young galaxies.

The cloud of cold, dark gas, turns into something warm and come into the cycle of creations.

He takes another step and galaxy clusters were formed as he pushed the Destroyers trillions of light years away with just his force.

His body generated such heat that along the way, galaxy cluster were unintentionally formed as his body is surrounded by hot plasma, and ionized gas, at a temperature of about 10 million degrees.

Galaxy clusters are among the largest objects in the universe, measuring hundreds of millions of light-years end to end.

And this man was powerful and magical enough that with two steps he created countless galaxies. If the Destroyer opens his eyes, he destroyed worlds.

But if this man opens his eyes, the Heaven opens its eyes and creation sprouted and he will shoulders all of existence.

Quasar filled clouds were formed when he was pushing the Destroyer. The energy coming of these two titanic beings was not something that could be quantifiable.

They were matchless in all universes and all infinite realities. He is matter and the Destroyer is Anti Matter, He is Creation, The Destroyer is Destruction.

When the man passed the galaxy cluster that was forming, he reionize the Universe and stripped electrons off of their parent hydrogen atoms.

This moment for the Universe was important because it changed how light flowed through space

Life flourished. And these two being disappeared in less than a millisecond to travel trillion of light years away.

And they arrived at another place in the universe, dark, cold and terrifying. Around the Destroyers, stars dimmed and planet withers.

Around the man with the white hair his aura bind the force of creation together and determines how the atoms and particles in the Universe are made.

Around him gravity was stabilized not too strong, not too weak.

The Destroyer on the other hand like resisting the force of creation emits the cosmic antigravity force that controls the expansion of the universe.

If the force were not being constrained by the white hair man, it would have stopped stars and galaxies— and life— from forming.

The white hair man waves his hand and ripples formed that reverberates though millions of light years away seeding the growth of such structures as planets and galaxies.

Then the Destroyer spoke

‘Aria-‘ And the white hair man spoke

‘Stop!’ And the destroyer was force to shut down his mouth. Inside his mouth were supermassive singularity that devours everything.

The white hair man created a barrier around him, constraining the laws of destruction from passing over him with a swish of his hand.

‘Left Emissary’ the white hair man said

‘Enough of this destruction. Return to your slumber.’ He said looking at the Destroyer. Both of them were large in an unimaginable ways and weird and bizarre things happen around them as their energy affects the fabric of time-space and reality.

Then the Destroyer spoke, his voice was gruff and hard.

‘Right Emissary. This is a sign from Him. It is time for me to be released from the shackles. Hasn’t it been enough? Trillions of years I have labored under His Curse. Isn’t it enough? Am I not his children? Am I not His son like all creation is? You were mortal once Right Emissary.’

The Right Emissary did not reply immediately but his eyes was full of nostalgia. Like he was remembering something.

‘It has been eons since I’ve been a mortal. I possess all the memories of the previous Creator. I am the third incarnations. And you are the fourth incarnations of the Left Emissary. We are the two most powerful beings in the Universe excluding the Supreme Being. It is not yet time to end Universes.’

The Destroyer did not deny the Creator words but he did not agree with him either. For trillions of years, he had not stirred.

But when he felt that energy coursing through all realities, the Destroyer knew, he had a chance.

The All Source has emerged again. Each time it emerged a new galactic order will also emerge.

Because each time it appears, He, the Destroyer will awake.

The last time he awoke, the Elders of the Universe was killed and destroyed leaving only one Elder to survive.

Now, he has awoken again.

‘You do not understand my pain, Right Emissary. You were not cursed. You’ve chosen to be the Right Emissary. When Light gave you that choice, you accepted and ascended. I was there when the second Incarnation created you. Put your soul into a baby in one of the stars in the vast universes. The Second Incarnation watches you as you grow into a man, hero, king, emperor and then God. And when the time comes for him to join the Supreme Being he selected you, chose you and you accept his offer.’

And there is anger in the Destroyer tone, and his emotions birthed destruction. He rarely talks because in this Universe none is worthy to talk to him.

But not to the Creator. He would talk to the Creator because He and the Creator were born almost at the same time.

By now he doesn’t remember who came first. It has been eons.

The newly created planetary cluster near them exploded again and the right emissary waves his hand as it form itself back.

‘Do you seek the All Source? Is that your solution?’ The Destroyer nodded and the stars around him were turned into oblivion with a terrifying silence.

The white hair man sighed and then looks at the Destroyer.

‘It is in Earth Prime. There is restriction there. The Earth where choices matter. It has been peaceful for eons. The last time an advanced alien civilization tries to occupy it, He moved. And since then Earth, at least that Earth is forbidden to high beings especially you.’

‘I need to try. Will you stop me, Right Emissary?’ the white hair man did not say anything

The white hair man closes his eyes and then sighs. His sigh birthed a new star under his feet.

‘You knew you will succeed. This has happen before.’ The white hair man said. The Destroyer nodded.

Both of them are beings of immeasurable magical power that rules and governs all realities with unchecked control.

The only place where their powers are restrained and has limit is Earth Prime. Because it is a planet which is created by the Supreme Being.

And humans are his most favourite creation. Not because they are perfect. Or strong. Or smart. But because they are flawed.

Because they have the capacity for good and evil. Because they keep trying. And they never give up.

The White hair man could understand because he’s been human once.

‘Time has been altered and here you are again, having the same conversation with me again.’

‘They are trying to stop me so they changed Time. For a couple of humans, they sure are resilient. But I am not worried. I will come to that planet. And once again I will succeed.’

‘HAHAHA’ The white hair man laughed and like the universe responding to his joyful laugh, hundreds thousands of stars and planets were blessed by the capacity to house life.

It is very hard for a planet to become hospitable to life forms.

‘Do not underestimate humans. Just because they fail once doesn’t mean they will fail again. If I know one thing about humans, is that they never give up. And as long as they didn’t give up, He would help.’

‘He…..rarely interferes’

‘Rarely….not never’ the white hair man retorted.

‘And why the sudden interest in the fates of mortal, Right Emissary?’ The Destroyer asked his eyes glaring at the gigantic figure of the white hair man, burning black.

And the white hair man smiles.

‘Because I owe someone. In the previous timeline I did not owe him. However in this timeline I owe him. Karma is formed between me and him. And I would be remiss if I did not repay him or what he had done.’

That is why even though we once have this conversation before, this time it would be different’

‘You will kill me?’ The Destroyer asked with a mocking tone.

‘That is not my Domain. It’s yours, from the beginning till the end. I am Creation itself. I do not destroy. I create. I can create life from nothing. But you could not destroy Nothing. I have to create for you to destroy. I am Light. And you are Darkness. We balance each other. We are the buildings blocks of everything and nothing.’

Then the white hair man sighed as his eyes look towards a direction in the dark universe. And his eyes could pierce through all universes, multiverses, realties, inverted realities, hidden dimensions, surpassing time and space, superseding all will of the Universe to see a mortal on Earth Prime.

The man is clad in black and was currently fighting seven bald men and the Right Emissary smiles.

Once, in this timeline, that man saved the Right Emissary people during His mortal days. At the time, the Right emissary was a mortal fighting a great darkness that envelops his world.

When he ascended, he began to know that the person who helped him before was from another planet.

He knows mysteries no life form would ever understand or comprehend. And because He owed that man, Karma is formed.

And now it is time for that Karma to be resolved.

For a being as strong and as invincible as He is, to owe someone will clouds his judgment if He do not resolve the Karma.

It was not even a fraction of millisecond from the time he looks to that man before he looks back at the Destroyer and spoke  to him, each of his word contain laws that cowed the whole existence.

‘And as such I will create a Prison for you, Left Emissary. Long enough to contain you until he is ready. In this timeline you were too fast, too hasty and too impatient because you already knew you would win. If I let you reach Earth Prime before the supposed time, then the Infinite Earth will cease to exist. Consider this my selfishness and to help you avoid angering Him’

‘YOU!’ The Destroyer shouted in anger and the barrier that the Right Emissary erected to protect the universes behind him cracked and exploded as the universe was shaken and expanding at an accelerated rate.

It was like the Universe will roll on itself and created the largest super black hole in creation.

Cosmic destruction energy spread out throughout the local super cluster and stars exploded and turns into singularity, planets turns to atom particles, destroyed mercilessly under the Destroyer aura.

But the Right Emissary was calm as he blows a wind into the Universe.

And the wind from his mouth blows away the Destruction like it was a dream as everything formed back the way it was before.

And the Right Emissary clapped his hand as ten thousand galaxies form and combine to become four pillars of light.

This pillar of light appeared in the west, south, north and east of the Destroyer gigantic body each one is separated Zetaliion light years away.

This pillars of light hovered there in the cold dark universe emitting a warm light that could be seen millions of light years away, a beacon of life.

Then the Right Emissary opens his arms wide and stars lined up from the west to the south, to the north and to east.

The stars lining itself up like a net. It was a formation of a very bizarre universe. This place of Zetaliion light years away from each direction will become the Destroyer prison.

The Right emissary then waved his hand and from his hand golden particles were formed as it attached itself to the pillars as the pillars produce a golden chain that stretch out from one end of the universe to the other.

The chain then flies through the universe and shackles the Destroyer.

The Destroyer roars but it seems in this confinement of the Four Pillars, his Destruction  aura was minimized as the chain keep regenerating itself with the essence of creation.

This all happened in the fraction of a millisecond. The Right emissary smiles bitterly as he knew his power is actually not enough to contain the Destroyer.

Something else helps him. Something stronger than him. Only one thing is stronger than him.

‘Thank you’ he said

The Right emissary then looked at the Destroyer and said.

‘Time will be restored and what will come to pass will pass. My Karma with him is resolved. When the Time comes, the shackles binding you would shatter and The Pillars will crumble’

The Destroyer who is roaring and trying to release himself from the shackles finally calmed down and stand there galling at the Right Emissary resign to his temporary confinement

The only reason the Supreme Being help the Creator is because it is truly not time for the Destroyer to arrive at Earth prime.

He was too fast and his action might change the preordained path of his future in which he succeed.

‘You think this will help him?’ the Destroyer asked. The Destroyer also remembers the past timeline. It is not like it is coincidence that the man that the Creator owes to is that man.

The Supreme Being does not play with dice. Calmly replying, the Right Emissary said

‘Whether it will help him or not, my connection with him has been severed. I no longer owe him and that is enough.’

He then looked toward the direction of Earth Prime and smiles

‘Never give up’ he said whispering a word that reverberates through the universe. Any communication device will only pick up his word as droning static.

Then smiling apologetically to the Destroyer, he said

Until we meet again and he disappeared in a blinding light as the Destroyer was chained in that cold dark galaxy with Four Pillars that forbid entrance.

And the Universe was calm……until the Pillars crumble. And the storm will rage once again to fulfill His lifelong wish.


Ok, this chapter will mark a hiatus. My monitor has been too badly destroyed. White spots filled all the screens and making my eyes in pain. When I finished buying a new monitor then….I’ll update. I don’t know when that will be since I don’t have a job right now. Anyway, a lot of things need to be said in this chapter.

First, on non-related matters. Qidian and Wuxiaworld. Many have given their thoughts on the matter. I will always be Pro WW. Ok, one thing is solved.

And now to the spoiler part of who is the Right Emissary. I bold the spoiler warning in case you don’t notice.

For those who read AOH and AOH NG you all could guess who is that white hair and blue eyes. Oh come on. You know who he is.



Ok, so we know that Aero from AOA teleported from Brave World into AOH world where Aero and the survivor of Earth is known as the Sky people and waged war against the arrogant Demonkind that rules over the primitive humans in AOH world. Remember now, that while Aero did teleport to that  world he doesn’t teleport to that world equivalent of his Earth which is modern. Not because the world of AOH is not modern but the world of AOH is in its infancy of civilization. Time is not linear. He did not travel through space, he travels to a time of where civilization was not yet complex in AOH. The MC of Lord Shadow has both visited both MC of AOA and AOH.

The Earth where Takashi from AOA uses his teleportation device to teleport all humans playing his VR game to the Brave World was actually the Earth two which Azief become Hyperion.

The Earth where AOH MC is where Azief were stranded with Will and help a young hero of that world to fight Darkness. But how could it be eons?

Like I explained in this chapter, Arial possess all the memories of the past creators which give shim access to eons of memories and also because Time do not exist.

The Creator and Destroyer live beyond such constraint of Time.

Time is not a universal constant. The past, present, and future are not absolutes. the fundamental description of the universe must be timeless.

The reason why we believe time is crucial and exits is because that in order to specify what happens to a system, you not only have to specify the physical laws, but you have to specify some initial or final condition.

There is no clock ticking outside the cosmos. Clocks don’t really measure time at all. time is defined to be what our clocks measure.

I like Rovelli advocate the idea of a timeless universe. Ever head the name of Julia Barbour?

Isaac Newton thought of time as a river flowing at the same rate everywhere. Albert Einstein unified space and time into a single entity, but he still held on to the concept of time as a measure of change.

In Barbour’s view there is no invisible river of time. Instead, he thinks that change merely creates an illusion of time, with each individual moment existing in its own right, complete and whole.

He calls these moments “Nows.” Each Now is an arrangement of everything in the universe.

Barbour’s Nows can be imagined as pages of a novel ripped from the book’s spine and tossed randomly onto the floor.

Each page is a separate entity. Arranging the pages in some special order and moving through them step by step makes it seem that a story is unfolding.

Even so, no matter how we arrange the sheets, each page is complete and independent. For Barbour, reality is just the physics of these Nows taken together as a whole. The totality of all possible Nows has a very special structure

All possible configurations of the universe, every possible location of every atom, exist simultaneously. There is no past moment that flows into a future moment.

If you want to know about this google Julian Barbour and his Platonia concept. Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter as it give a background on the threats of the Destroyer and why Azief Earth is important.

And I still need people to be in my ARC team. Hope any of my readers could help me. And no, you don’t have to py anything. You just have to read my book and give reviews when it is published.

Contact me at my email keikokudaniel@gmail.com if you’re interested.

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