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A man with a white coat is looking at a rectangle cube and typing into a keyboard full of undecipherable symbols.

The man was wearing a pristine white lab coat that had runic symbols on its back. A silver white runic that symbolizes intelligence lined the back of his coat, looking imposing.

The man hair was like a mix of Albert Einstein hairstyle and Weird Al Yankovic. It was funky and at times distracting.

He was lanky and possesses pale skin that kinda resembles a corpse which is creepy and he keep whistling a catchy tune from an ad before the Fall.

Raymond was not far from the man as he is looking at the man with utter annoyance written all over his face.

‘Akira….how is it?’ Raymond ask his tone was clearly impatient

Akira looks at Raymond with a trace of annoyance. In fact his annoyance is not even masked.

For the first few times, Akira was still polite but since is the fifth time Raymond ask in an hour, Akira is also getting annoyed.

In the Merchant association who dares takes that kind of tone with him?

‘Shush. A scientist like me requires peace.’ He type a few things in his cube and then press a button and then he smiles.

‘It’s done Raymond. An electronic barrier to trap the fastest man alive. Thanks for the super capacitors.’

Then Akira look back at the electronic barrier and he smiles

‘I must admit this is one of my best invention yet. It will generate a force field with enough force to trap the Dark Speedster.’

Hirate clapped his hand as he enters from the entrance of the lab, looking pleased and very much in a happy mood.

‘No wonder, the Merchant Association will not let you go. You sure I can’t interest you to join the World Government?’ Hirate ask.

Akira just smiles.

‘Your offer is tempting but I’m here only to settle my old debts with Raymond.’ Raymond nodded, acknowledging this matter.

Akira looks again at the barrier and nodding like he was satisfied.

‘Will, huh? There must be some shit happening in your organization if you’re going to capture him. Creating this cage for him was not easy. It is fortunate that I already have all the tools and already had the plan to capture him’

‘What do you mean?’ Raymond asked shocked hearing this for this first time. He never heard there is any conflict between Will and the Merchant Association

‘Why would the Merchant Association set a measure against Will?’ Raymond asked and Akira answers

‘The Merchant Association keep tracks all the threats towards it in the world. A speedster like Will that could run all over the whole world before you finished your lunch qualifies as a threat. They have long devised a way to trap or immobilize Will if he ever become….unmanageable.’

And Akira was reminded of the thorny path prepared for Will if Will ever wanted to speed into the Merchant Association Patrician Council.

‘Hmph’ Raymond snorted in anger.

That was like telling him that the Merchant Association also has ways to manage him and this is not something Raymond like to hear or ponder.

‘I knew Will was fast and that is why the trap must be invisible. You wouldn’t know you are being trapped if you don’t see the trap right?’

He asks without expecting an answer.

‘His cells must be able to repair themselves at extraordinary speeds so he could withstand the damage this cage will inflict on him. It’s the perfect cage for Will the Speedster.’

He confidently said.

Hirate nodded as he walk closer to the cage and smirk.

Akira then stores all of his tools inside his storage bag and began to walk to the exit but not before saying

‘Raymond. You and I are even. I owe you nothing now.’ Raymond just nodded. Akira smiles like he was being released.

‘Then, I’ll go.’

‘The payment?’ Hirate ask.

‘It’s free of charge. This time only. And….don’t tell anyone who I really am unless you wanted to anger the Merchant Associations. If I can manufacture a cage to trap the fastest man in the world, don’t you think I couldn’t create a cage to trap the most powerful telepath in the world?’ Akira said as he looked at Hirate.

‘And stop trying to read my mind’ as he revealed the invisible helmet on his head. Tapping the helmet once again, the helmet turns invisible again

Smiling mischievously he said

‘Sayonara bitches’ and he laughed all the way as he exit with styles.

Hirate look at Raymond dumbfounded. Akira was not like at all Hirate imagined. There is no scholar disposition or a scientist feel about him. He was more like a thug.

Raymond just shrugged his shoulders and said

‘That’s why I said I don’t like dealing with him. He is a hundred percent thug.’

Hirate shakes his head and then turn back to look at the cage. Nodding his head, he said

‘Raymond, we can begin.’

Raymond then ask

‘You sure? If we do this…..we are practically declaring war with Lord Shadow…if our conjecture is right.’

Raymond said as his mind is already thinking of the possibility of Lord Shadow coming to the Island of Peace and declaring an all-out war.

‘We need to know if  Will knows what we hide in the Closet.’

Hirate said as he clicked his tongue. As long as he didn’t know what is hidden inside the Closet, Hirate could still negotiate with Lord Shadow.

If he did know….then Hirate must not let Will escape no matter the cause. Hirate would even be willing use the Sage of Eight Path Bracelet.

It was a one-time use item that could summon Eight Golden Warriors with the level of Energy Disperse Stage with Eternal Spring body refinement.

It is one of the hidden trump cards of the World Government and only the few echelon members of the government know about it.

If the World Government is facing a deadly attack, only and only then the use of such trump card is allowed.

This is the reason why the World Government remains a powerful organization even after the fall.

‘You’re still calling it that?’ Raymond said and it brings Hirate back to the present

‘Well, Closet seems like an appropriate name. And I don’t think the name stands out that much.’ Hirate replies

‘Whatever you say, Hirate.’

Raymond shakes his head and began sending recorded transmission to his officers. It was a secret transmission.

‘I send it already.’ Raymond said towards Hirate.

Hirate then turned his back and walked to the exit and with a last glance to the cage he said

‘Trapping a personification of lightning, of speed…..how do you think it would feel, Raymond?’ He asked.

Raymond who was following Hirate from behind also stopped and look at the cage and said

‘It would feel…good’ Smiling, they both exit the underground room.

That evening, Will was summoned by the President of the World Government in a secret meeting in an underground room and since then he has been missing.

And suddenly in the Plains……all the hostile forces begins to attack Eden borders.  A new conflict begins.





‘Is this report really credible?! Are you trying to make me angry?! HUH!’ Azief was sitting on his dragon throne when he suddenly threw a fit.

He shouts and his anger overwhelm the room as the throne had a slight crack on its handle.

His face was flushed red. The officials all shut their mouths and look at the ground and began prostrating.

They look up at the seven feet platform in which Azief sits on his dragon throne and gulped in fear and trepidation.


‘We don’t know, City Lord. W..e only got a par..tial transmission from our spies.’ The man answers, his voice stuttering and sweat filled his back, his hand trembling in fear.

Azief glared at the man and stomp his feet on the platform and it produce a sound like something cracked

Black smoke rises up from Azief feet, and fog of darkness started to fill the throne room, making everyone feel suffocated

The Palace shakes with ferocity like it was being hit by an earthquake when the City Lord shouted and even a steward who is brewing some tea in the Imperial Kitchen was shocked when the porcelain and glasses in the kitchen exploded.

Considering the distance between the Imperial Kitchen and the Throne Room, who else could create such pressure other than the City Lord?

The stewards and the servants all knew that today is not a good day to do any mistakes or play around.

Lord Shadow might be called City Lord, but he was not any different from an Emperor.

Ruling over a large dominion with the power of the world on his hand, Lord Shadow is considered an Emperor in most culture.

The only reason people did not called him an Emperor is because he did not declare himself an Emperor.

Meanwhile, on the Throne Room, after calming his aura, Azief slammed his hand down on the dragon chair, pointing angrily at the new Head of Eden Intelligence Agency after Loki departed, shouting,

‘How can you be my Head of Eden intelligence when you couldn’t even verify a news whether it is true or not! Do you know how important this news to me? Didn’t I already divulge the importance of it to you! Incompetent!

Azief shouting was like a dragon roaring and his Seed Forming Pressure create a pressuring force all over the Palace that even the remaining councilors in the court could not help but feel dwarf and small.

If Azief increase more of his pressure, these officials would soon start coughing blood.

Guo Jia didn’t think the City Lord would speak so severely and reprimanding him in front of all the great officials.

It is clear the City Lord views Will as a very important spy. What he didn’t know, is that Azief considers Will as his brother.

How could Azief remains calm when he got the news that Will has been missing for a week and then receiving a partial transmission of what seems to be the news of Will imprisonment.

On the other hand Guo Jia has already had his legs softened and he knelt down, his face was solemn and full of repenctance.

‘Forgive me my lord’

‘You!’ Azief pointed his fingers at Guo Jia in anger.

‘Get out from the Palace and find credible news. I want a credible report by tomorrow. I don’t care what methods you use. Or all of your men will be punished.’

‘Your orders will be accomplished, my lord’

Guo Jia then quickly stands back and excuses himself from the morning court. He was running outside the throne room to find information as fast as possible.

It was almost like he was running as fast as possible like his life depended on it.

‘Next!’ Azief shouted and it was like thunder is roaring out inside the room and the officials shrinked down even further in fear.

Clearly, Azief is no longer as calm as he is during the morning.

A new official come forward and then kneeling under the platform he then said

‘This lowly official wanted to present a petition from all the other officials urging my lord to call back Lord Loki to return.’

The man is trying to sound confident but there is nervousness in his tone. And his forehead is producing sweats.

Azief mood sour even more but in his heart he was joyful.

Considering this official in front of him is just a low ranked official Azief could guess who masterminded this petition.

It must be either Sina of Sofia or maybe the cooperation between the two.

Which means both of them believed Azief has exiled Loki to the distant north. This behavior is what he wanted the most.

If even Azief closest friend and woman wanted to remonstrate and asked Azief to call back Loki, other hidden spies and interested parties would believe that Azief and Loki is really having a disagreement.

This will give credentials to Azief plots to draw the spies he couldn’t capture out of the woodwork.

Anyone that will try to approach Loki with the idea of toppling him will be caught to their roots.

Azief face was cold as he looked at the official:

‘Are you meaning to criticize my order? Or are you implying that I done Lord Loki a disservice?’

The official nearly bit his tongue, as the sweat on his forehead began dropping in a much faster rate to the floor.

He clearly only had been urging the City Lord to look at the petition and at least try to listen to the officials pleas to return Loki back to the center administrial position in Eden.

How did it become condemning the City Lord?

‘This subject in no way , implying such things. This lowly official does not dare. Please pardon, City Lord’

Azief snorted and said

‘I already decided to send Lord Loki to the North to administer the land there. Is there some people here that believe they can arrange everything for me and make the decision for me?’

He said it in a calm tone, but it was icy and full of threats  while his eyes scanning the room.

Wherever Azief gazes the officials dare not meet eyes.

This might be the morning court and the officials can run off their mouths, but in the end the final decision lies in Azief hands.

What he says is the law.

They could only be grateful that no matter how bitter the words thrown at him or how angry the City Lord is with some officials he did not execute anyone if the court is in session.

At most he would scold and rarely he send people into exile which is why Loki exile shocked many of the officials.

They all thought after a week, the City Lord anger towards Loki has diminished.

Backed by Lady Sofia and Lady Sina, some officials agree to sign the petition and present it to the city lord in today morning court.

How could they know that the city lord seems to be angrier the more Lord Loki is mentioned?

Many of the officials believe there must be something that happens between Lord Loki and the City Lord.

But even as these officials were thinking all this they all have already kneeling down to ask for mercy

In this city, who would dare to make the decisions for the City Lord, wasn’t that the great crime of treason?

Azief gives a cold snort.

‘Give me the petition. I will look at it after the morning court.’ One of the scribes took the petition and holds it for the City lord as he returns back to his position

Azief did not say it but the officials all understand it.

It means this matter is closed.

They must not talk about Lord Loki matters again in this morning court session unless they wanted to risk angering the City Lord.

As to that official that suggested for Azief to read the petition he was so frightened his face was pasty-white and his hand couldn’t stop trembling.

The officials on either side of him silently took a step back from him to distance themselves even more.

‘Next!’ Azief said and another official come in front.

‘My lord, I have report from the Western front’ the officials said but his voice is nervous. Clearly the news he is about to present is not something good

‘And?’ Azief asked as he began leaning to the throne as he tries to maintain a calm frame of mind.

The news that Will might be imprisoned rattled Azief calmness.

Four years together traversing worlds, such kind of experience makes Azief and Will no different than a real blood brother.

‘Duke of Western Eden has managed to pacify one third do the population.’

‘That is fast.’ Azief complimented.

The officials smiles as he sees that the City Lord has calm himself down.

Now, he only hopes that Chu Feng will not interfere.

‘This lowly official has made some orders from the General himself to inform and persuade the City Lord to allow the General to expand the Western Border.’

The official thinks to himself.

The General of course knows that not all officials inside the court were receptive of him. Many feared the monopoly of Wang Jian people in the court.

Some Knights which come from Europe doesn’t like the fact that Wang Jian people holds many important post.

They fear that Wang Jian is like Feng Jing that rules Wei and will marginalize their people. The official then spoke of his request

‘Most of the people there wanted to be assimilated to our territory and Duke of Western Eden military expansion seems to be smooth sailing. Duke of Western Eden however requested a month delay in the expansion plans.’

‘Why?’ Azief asked as his fingers tapped the handle of the throne.

‘Duke of Western Eden decided to create a proper city and base before expanding to other areas. Considering the fact that the Western Plains are receptive towards our rule, Duke of Western Eden might be able to expand the land without bloodshed or war’

Azief nodded. He was about to agree to Wang Jian request when suddenly a voice echoes in the throne room

‘So, in that spirit, I request that City Lord would call back Lord Wang Jian and support the Southern Plains defense’ suddenly Councilor Wang Gaojun step out from his position and said his piece.

The officials who were relaying the General order look at Wang Gaojun and his eyes is shooting laser, figuratively.

After all the official is not like the City Lord who could shoot fireballs out of his eyes.

The Chu’s is staying still, but the Wang’s suddenly wanted to meddle! The official wanted to strangle Wang Gaojun right now but outwardly he only smiles.

‘Councilor why do you think it is necessary? Considering Duke of Western Eden performance in the Western Plains- ‘

Wang Gaojun only looked at the City Lord and then ignoring the official trying to persuade him, he said.

‘The Southern Plains has mustered their forces and is beginning to threaten the Southern borders with threats and occasional siege. And by the reports that this lowly official got, their soldiers is increasing. There is someone else backing them to oppose us in the Plains. To unify the Plains has never been easy. Since the Western Plains will be easily conquered it is only right for us to send Duke of Western Eden to marshal his troops to the Southern border defense instead of fighting the already complacent Western plains people. City Lord, as the Lord of the city you can send one of the seven fairy to head the expedition to the Western Plains and it will not make a difference.’

Wang Gaojun does not want Wang Jian to accumulate too many merits in the Western Borders.

‘Wang Gaojun!’ The official shouted at Wang Gaojun no longer being able to control his emotions.

‘If City Lord summons back Wang Jian and the expansion of the Western Plains is halted how will you explain yourself?’ the official said as he countered Wang Gaojun logic.

And he began listing the disadvantage of calling Wang Jian back.

‘What if the Mountain Clans fail to defeat Phillipe troops and instead allied itself with the Western Plains forces? What happens if suddenly the Western Plains with the aid of the Mountain Clans grew a backbone?’

And the other official nodded.

While the amount of Energy Disperse Stage in the world is not many, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some hidden experts hiding in the Mountains.

If Azief enter the fray of battle he could win as he lead the army but that would also cause the Word Government to interfere.

They might accept that Lord Shadow would be the inevitable ruler of the Plains but they also warned that if Azief take s the field himself, they as the self-proclaimed defender of humanity, would not make it easy for him.

This is because Azief enters the battle and unleashed all of his ability, thousands would die.

This is also the reason why those forces that reject their rule would also not attack the Capital city of Eden.

As long as Azief did not interfere, the other hidden forces and experts will also not interfere.

After all, if Azief started participating in battles between people below his levels, what’s to say that he would not set his whole sight to the whole world?

That’s not something anyone wanted to happen.

As long as Azief could honour the agreement between him and the World Government, the whole world will not move against him.

If he broke this agreement, then the whole world will be his enemies.

World Government has threatened him that if he ever broke the agreement, they would allied themselves with all the heroes of the world to put him down no matter the price.

The world Government might be willing to pay that price but Azief don’t.

Not when he knows that threats from the stars are coming that would determine the fate of the human race in this vast galaxy.

That was the warning Azief receive when he took the title of the Prince of the Central Plains.

Not to mention Azief could not left the city while they are doing the expansion of the land in fear of external threats.

As Azief was thinking about a lot of things, the official keep countering Wang Gaojun arguments.

‘The only reason why the Western Plains is not hostile towards our forces is because they knew if they fight us they will lose. They have no great unifying leader after the Seven Fairy left.’

The other officials hearing this also nodded. With the addition of the Seven Fairy, the Western Plains has already lost their strongest backbone.

But Wang Gaojun continues

‘But if Duke Of Western Eden return home and bolster the support of the Southern Plains and suddenly the Mountains clans stretch out their hands to offer alliance to the Western plain people, do you still think the Western Plains will not unite itself? By then, we will have another bitter fight.’

Azief was just listening on his throne weighing the pros and cons.

‘Who is defending the Southern Border right now?’ he suddenly asked the official and the official immediately answered

‘General Wu Yan, my lord.’

‘Is he capable?’

‘Yes, but he was never truly tested in a truly big battle. He served with Duke of Western Eden during the white Tiger troops was still active.’

‘Hmm.’ Then making his decision Azief commanded

‘Send my orders to the Seven Fairy. Send two of their sisters to the Southern Plains to help General Wu Yan. As they are an Energy Disperse Stage I know they can help Wu Yan hold down the Fort.’

Azief didn’t like spreading out his forces to much.

For some reason Azief already knows the reason why there is a concentrated attack on all of his borders.

‘They know’ Azief muttered under his breath.

‘What about the Northern Plains? Is it the same?’ Azief asked, confident of his own conclusion and conjecture.

‘Yes, my lord. Tumbu and his alliance have been harassing the Northern Border since Lord Loki set his foot to the Northern Plains. But Lord Loki has managed to repel them and has inflicted many damages to the Confederacy of the Northern Plains.’

Azief nodded and gained another understanding of the enemy plans towards him and he smiles maliciously though none of his officials sees his smile, hidden by the shade of his hood

‘Send another order to the Seven Fairy to send three of her fairy to the Northern plains and the others to the Eastern Plains. I imagine that Athena and Freya alliance also has begun attacking our eastern borders right? Harassing but never truly attacking right?’

Azief said confidently

‘Yes, my lord, you are right.’

‘Humph’ Azief snorted.

So, you want to play it like this, huh? You think I am afraid of dispersing my force. You’re forcing me to choose huh? You underestimate me too much. You wanted to play? Let’s play! Azief thought to himself

‘Anything else?’

The other officials did not say anything so Azief get up and he realized it has been nearly afternoon.

‘I’ll end the morning court here.’

Saying this Azief then walk down and walk outside the throne room while his councilors walked behind him asking him and informing him of other things high above the pay grade of normal officials.

All the other officials waited until Azief has disappeared before the tension in their heart disappears.

But then a servant begin announcing someone arrival.

‘Announcing the arrival of Marques of Peace Sina and Lady Sofia’

Then two women enter the throne room and walk to the center of the room, looking at the waiting officials.

With each steps, power radiated from these two women.

Clothed beautiful and deadly, Lady Sina enters the room; her eyes scan the room, looking cold and detached

She was like a warrior woman, merging strength and elegance, with long black and gold dress accented with yellow gold faux mail inserts, with a matched sleeve on one arm.

Lady Sofia on the other hand could be described as sleek, stunning and stylish. Her attire has a touch of medieval fashion and fantasy.

But each strand of fabric is enforced by magic. She was like a femme fatale right out of a fantasy setting.

With a bow behind her back, she looks like a huntress.

“Give her a bow and she could conquer a nation”

That was the evaluation of Hirate when he clashed with the Divine Archer during Sina imprisonment.

But combine that with her beauty she looks like a noble lady. Such contrast in attire and personality only serves to heighten her charms.

She wears a purple tunic dress with a lace-up closed neckline and an attached baldric strap, as well a stunning hooded shoulder cape that closes via chain drape around the neck.

It is an understated and subtle look, suitable for the Divine Archer.

The officials all look down, suddenly studying the floor intently.

‘So, how did it go?’ Sina was the first to ask her tone was impatient and severe as her eyes matched with one of the officials.

The officials quickly avert his gaze and look at the windows, asking himself, why look at me?

‘My Ladies…..the City Lord….rejected the pro..position’ one official answers, his teeth chattering.

The reason why this Official answer Sina question is because the official couldn’t withstand the suffocating pressure emanating from Sofia and Sina.

The officials fear Sina and Sofia more than they fear The Prince.

This is because at least their lord exercise reason. They would not be punished without reason.

But Sina is different. The people she doesn’t like she poisons. The same could be said for Sofia.

Both of them are capable of attacking any of the officials inside here and they could not fight them.

Sofia also has the ears of the City Lord. All of the officials know that even the Inner Palace has their politics.

Considering that the City Lord has no other lovers other than Sofia, one could even say that Sofia words could be a death sentence for some.

And Sofia herself was a very formidable woman. Having the Houyi Bow, she is one of the dangerous threats to many forces in the world.

Not to mention a few days ago, Sina has also stepped into Energy Disperse Stage Low Realm.

Many experts believed that Sina would be stuck at Energy Disperse Stage for eight years before she would step into Seed Forming.

Since Sina is not a unique class like the Prince, her leveling is slow and the only thing she could do is to accept it.

Her unique class is not like Azief which focus primarily in stealth and combat.

But her pill making abilities has been acknowledged as number one in the world.

Sina look at the officials and snorted.

‘Haish. Bunch of worthless people. You are all-‘ And Sofia manages to stop Sina from begin cursing all the officials.

‘That’s enough. It’s not their fault. I will try to convince Azief.’ Sofia said, while consoling Sina who is incensed

‘Fine, but you better persuade the shit out of him. Loki was innocent.’ Sofia shakes her head and said

‘Don’t worry. I’ll persuade the shit out of him.’ Sofia looking at the terrified face of the officials then said

‘It’s ok. Thank you for trying’ the other officials finally gained a little bit courage and nodded.

Then they both exited and finally all the officials could finally take a deep breath and release the tension.





Azief was closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He then opens his eyes and look at the operative in front of him.

‘You are sure?’

‘Yes, my lord. The location that my lord has given us has been compromised.’ Azief look at his hand.

On his hand is a grain. He then stores the grain inside his storage bag with a sigh.

‘You can go.’

‘Yes, my lord’ and the operative immediately melded himself with the shadows and disappears.

Azief was in the Felicity Palace one of the Palace in his Imperial Residence. Even though he was a city lord, he was no different than an Emperor.

The only difference is that Azief never declared himself as Emperor.

He sighed.

‘He is besieging me from all sides. HAHAHA’ Azief laugh. Azief knows a plot when he sees one.

All corners of his territory is suddenly rife with problems….that is too much of a coincidence.

Azief knows this must be the World Government plans and the disappearance of Lily only serve to cement Azief conclusions.

Will has been captured.

Will is not stupid nor is he slow. The only reason he could get trapped is that the World Government manage to construct a trap capable of caging him.

This is where the Inventor takes center stage.

Other than the mysterious Inventor of the Merchant Association, Azief could not think of any other personage in the world that could create a trap to chain a Speedster.

Loki also once sends him a few secret message saying that the World Government make a visit to one of the Patricians in the Merchant Associations a few weeks ago.

That must be when they hire the Inventor. But for the cage to fulfill its purpose, they must lure Will.

If they just simply summons Will, knowing him, he would bolt the first moment he felt something is wrong.

And Azief knows, if Will runs, there is no one that could capture him unless that man is Warp.

Even that is debatable.

So they must lure Will with something he could not ignore or leave behind.


On those dark days, Will confessed to him, that the only reason he still keep going forward was because of Lily.

His little sister…..who suffered from Guillain Barrre syndrome before the Fall.

After the Fall, he manages to find herbs that helps her paralysis and manages to make her healthy again.

But just because she is healthy doesn’t mean she is strong. With a world full of monsters, Will had to protect her.

‘Lily’ Azief muttered under his breath

That kind of lure…how could Will dodge it.

‘Will…..you should have…inform me or something’ but Azief knows, they are a million ways to make sure Will would never contact him.

Because Azief knows, if Lily life at stake, Will would do anything to ensure no harm befalls her.

But Azief also knows, that Will must be anticipating his response. They know each other too well.

But knowing Raymond and the reports Azief had on him, Azief is confident that Raymond will not torture an innocent kid to force Will to talk.

So, their primary objective was only trapping Will.

And since they already have a Mind reader why should they torture an innocent kid unless they were psychopath?

To read Will mind is not easy….but it was not impossible. Weaken him enough and his mind activity will be slow, slow enough for Hirate to works his magic.

Of course this is all Azief conjecture but he is quite confident in his conjecture.

‘What should I do, Will? The trees want to remain quiet, but the wind will not stop ’

There is still the matter of Sasha and Sina secret.

The secret that Sasha knows was important enough that Azief pardons him. Not to mention Sina would not let him kill Sasha.

Regarding Will however……Azief knows there is only one choice and that is to head out to the World government and ask them to release Will.

Will…..is his brother. Azief fought back to back with him, lived with him, bled with him, and shares good and bad times with him.

Will became his brother in both battle and life. His family. And Azief will, never, ever turn his back on family.

It is his fatal flaw.

But by doing this, he will effectively expose Will involvement with him.

But if he comes to the World Government demanding Will, that also shows how important Will really is to him and Will could be used as leverage.

That’s the reason why the World Government is inciting this trouble on his borders. Testing him.

They might have left the Plains but that doesn’t mean the World government has lost all their influence or resources they amassed.

Azief closes his eyes back and rub his fingers on his forehead.

Hirate expected this.

They don’t want a full blown out war with Azief which is why they only sat at the back and not participating directly.

They forced him to send all of his Energy Disperse Stage experts to strengthen the border. Now the only Energy Disperse Stage expert residing in the city is Sofia.

If he brought Sofia along with him, then….he left his city undefended from other regions experts.

Sina…..was never a combat expert. Bringing her would only fuel back the desires of the Quorum to capture Sina.

Azief don’t know how far does the World Government influence reached.

Azief could handle the fort alone even if a dozen Energy Disperse Stage expert come knocking but that could not be said for other people.

He is the sole Seed Forming Expert in the world. He is a one man army. The strongest man in the world

And the reason why the World Government orchestrated all this plots and scheme…all of this is just to negotiate with him in equal footing.

That is how hard to make sure they stood at equal footing with Azief.

They had to mobilize many secret forces, resources and make many alliances just to force Azief to negotiate with them.

If they do not do this, and Azief knows that the World Government is holding Will, a Lord Shadow without any external threats to his territory, a World Government without any backings, Azief might have gather all of his Energy Disperse Stage expert and initiate a devastating attack to the Island of Peace.

After all, if he could not mobilize all of his experts, Azief had to contend with Eight Energy Disperse Stage of the World Government.

(Explained before in Will speech. Azief don’t know about the Bracelet of the Sage of Eight Path)

Not to mentions millions of troops.

And weapons. And tamed beast. That is a tall order to go through. Even Azief at his current level could not defeat a million troops by his lonesome.

Unless Azief is willing to kill all that stands in his way and risk humanity in the long run….Azief has to negotiate.

There is also…..the secret inside the Closet. Will has confirmed it a few days before he went missing.

It exists.

It’s in there.

The World Government might have seemed weak compared to Azief growing power in the Plains but that was just because people don’t know what they were hiding in that Closet.

‘Humph.’ He got up from his chair and straightens himself up. He had already made a decision.

But this time….and remembering Sofia….he smiles.

This time, he would be truthful. Since all is out in the open already, Azief had to tell the truth about Will to the gang.

And tonight after he had time to explain everything to Sina and Sofia, next morning he would go to the World Government.

‘It seems Raymond really does make the best of his situations. Since his headquarters is right in the fucking middle of the Vast Sea I could not really deploy my troops there.’

‘A fortress disguising as a large island. HAHAHA! Fine! If you think I am afraid and I don’t have plans of my owns, then you will be sorely disappointed.’

Somewhere in the Vast Sea, inside an invisible cage, an emaciated man with body full of crackled lightning was smiling


I finished watching 13 Reason Why when it was out and that was a long time ago. Only now, after browsing the 9gag sections I realized it was also a popular series.( I live under the rock most of the time)

That story touches all the right chord. Oh, I also watched Stranger Things. Netflix is killing my time to write.

Anyway, hope you like this chapter. The mystery of what is in the Closet. If you read my story you must have a guess what is in the Closet.

Imagine the briefcase in Pulp Fiction and that is the sense of wonderment when I’m talking about what is in the Closet.

Ten there is also the secret of what Sasha and Sian told Azief. Office politics. And much more.

Azief brotherhood shines again. Though, there is a foreshadowing here which will make sense when a certain chapter is out.

Oh and Akira was mentioned again and make an appearance. Loki mentions him in the New World War Event which is in the (I don’t remember) chapter.

Ok, leave some comments. A lot. For those readings this in other sites, leave some reviews. Hopefully a good one.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter, LS should only kill them all = 3, hey author – sama, could sofia and Azief have at least one romantic night ?, please …..

  2. The intrigue is building up. Wolves and tigers surrounding Azief on all sides. The plot thickens and enemies think they’ve got Lord Shadow dancing on their fingers.(how foolish!! ). Please write more about the conspiracies. Love scenes are welcome but mushy mushy stuff isn’t why I’m this author’s fan. Oh and that ending.. Hahaha.. Epic disaster waits for world government.

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