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He sat down on his throne. Sofia also slowly takes her seat and look down below her still not looking at Azief.

She was pretending to be a cold woman.

Azief looking at this has the urge to chuckle but he focused his head on the current matter and he proclaims his decree like an Emperor.

‘Seven Fairy, come in front of me’

The Seven Fairy come in front of him and kneels. They already rehearse this so they are all prepared for their names to be called.

He then said

‘Speak of your oath.’

The Seven Fairy in unison spoke their oaths.

Then smiling Azief announces to the world his voice travelled for miles and everyone below the platforms could hear his voice as clear as day.

‘The offense of the Seven Fairy and their forces is now pardoned. Those who were captured as war prisoners will be released. They were plotted by others to attack my home, and I, am not one that will take this lying down. My vengeance will come to them and it will be swift. From now on, the Seven fairy will work alongside us to strengthen this city. This is my first decree.’

The crowds murmur agreements and the other officers of Eden said

‘We accept the decree of our lord.’

‘Now, I will reward those who have helped me reach here.’ Then he looks towards Sina and smile a warm smile and he said.

‘Lady Sina come here and accepts your rewards’

Sina who was on the left side on the platform broke her ranks and come kneeling under the platform.

Sofia finally stop being stoic and look towards Sian with a smile on her face and encouraging her silently

Azief chuckles a bit and then said

‘For your contribution to the growing strength of my army, I bestowed the title Lady of Brilliance and bestowed her with twenty thousand gold and twenty acre of land on Western Part of Eden. I will bestow you with the rank of Countess. Your stipend will be pay by the Treasury. I hope with these rewards you will be able to further your studies in the attainment of alchemy and help humanity to battle the monsters that plagued our world.’

Sina put her hand on her heart and said.

‘This subject hears and heeds my lord words. This subject accepts the rewards.’ Then she got up and return to her positions among the officers.

The officers nodded and agree with Azief rewards. Sina pills have let many of the soldiers to have many improvements.

The merchants on the Hills also were thinking how to approach Sina after this bestowment of the title.

Since she was bestowed a title, it means she is not just an individual alchemist but having the backing of this entire city.

These merchants actually wanted to negotiate with Sina regarding the commercialization of her pills but now that Azief has bestowed her a title, telling the whole world that Sina is hers, the merchants has to change their approach after this.

Azief wanted to keep the Pills as state secret and does not approve of massive commercialization.

Some pills that helps the Pillar Forming Azief of course does not have any thought of disapproving but high tier pills like Pills for Energy Disperse Stage and Golden Orb Pills and many others rare pills like these, Azief has from the very first moment, decided that Sina must keep this to herself and this city.

Of course this proposition has been agreed by Sina.

After all this city does not lack money.

What they lack is a powerful army. They have many great individual experts but they lack a formidable army.

And talking about armies, Azief eyes turns towards his General.

‘General Wang Jian’ Azief said and Wang Jian moved himself to the front of Azief and kneels.

The military officials below the platform are all anticipating this moment and are looking towards their new lord with hope.

Most of the military officials gathered here are Wang Jian brothers in arms.

They all fear that their new lord, Azief would be suspicious like Yue Xing and does not reward their General.

Wang Jian was wearing his military armour, a white tiger armour looking as formidable as its wearer.

The armour was silver white. Wang Jian is good at strategies, valiant and noble, his body was well built.

His face while not handsome possesses a certain ruggedness of a true man and each of his steps is marked with profound confidence and charisma.

He is truly a great general under the Heavens. No wonder, Yue Xing could not help but be wary of this man.

But the reason why Azief does not feel wary against Wang Jian is because there is a trait that Yue Xing forgot.

Wang Jian was loyal.

He looks like Sun Wukong reincarnated as he kneels in front of Azief.

With the shining red Cloud Walking Boots, and Phoenix Feather Cap on top of his head and the Ruyi Jingu Bang on his back, and Azief accepting his kneel, it was like Sun Wukong was kneeling in front of the Jade Emperor accepting bestowment.

Azief was smiling as he was thinking of this.

The only difference between Wang Jian and the Monkey King was that this Monkey King of Azief is not a troublemaker and not rebellious.

Then Azief said.

‘As my General of the Army, you have shed blood and sweat and tears and sacrifices many things for me. I am not blind to your achievements and sacrifice. Your previous lord did not know how to appreciate talents and I was grateful to him. If not for his blindness how could I have the luck to have you serve me? If I did not reward you, then I deserve to be called an idiot like him!’

Wang Jian hearing this knows Azief cherished his talents.

The reason why Azief said this thing was to denounce Yue Xing and regain back the tarnished dignity of the White Tiger army he once led.

Now the whole world will know how the Yue dynasty lost such a great talent.

‘I bestowed you the title of Duke of Western Eden with all the Western Eden territory belonging to you. Your rewards will be a hundred skill books for you to do what you want. I also gifted you fifty thousand gold from my own personal wealth. You will also be given the authority to recruit fifty thousand troops without consulting me. I hope with this you can raise back your White Tiger army and fly your horses through the Plains unhindered and unstoppable.’

Wang Jian cupped his hand and said.

‘This subject accepts the rewards and will not disappoint my lord. When the organization of the army is complete, with my lord orders, this subject will subjugate all the Western Forces of the Central Plains.’

‘Good, good!’ Azief was smiling joyfully; his eyes were beaming with excitement. Azief gestured him to rise and then Wang Jian returns to his original position.

The military officials all patted Wang Jian on the back and offered words of congratulations.

‘Lord Loki’ Loki smirked and then he also moved and kneel in front of Azief. Loki sometimes sneaked a peek at Azief and smirk.

As days go by, Loki knows Azief is feeling wary of him.

Either it is because Azief suspected something about him, or other reasons, Loki knows, that Azief has begun keeping secrets from the groups.

But Azief did not confront him with it but instead feign ignorance. Then Azief sighed a bit before saying

‘You have been with me since the beginning and have saved me countless of times in our journey. Though at times you have infuriated me, you have never led me astray.’ Saying this Azief look meaningfully at Loki, and Loki face grew solemn.

Then Azief continued.

‘For your great counsel and wise words, I bestow to you the title of Duke of Northern Eden and will be given ten thousand soldiers to manage to expand the land. You will manage the Northern Eden until further notice. Your rewards include fifty thousand gold, a hundred skill books and three artifacts that you can choose from the Treasury’

Loki smiles bitterly after hearing the edicts and sighed.

The officials on the platform was stunned in silence after hearing the decree and could not understand why Azief would decide this kind of action as these officials keep looking at the face of Azief and Loki.

Loki rises up and said.

‘This subject accepts the rewards and will work hard for Eden’ and then he returned to his position.

Sofia who was beside Azief was shocked and she grab Azief arms but Azief swiftly push her hand away.

Sofia eyes widened and she was about to say something but she held her tongue when she looks at Sian below the platform.

Sina was looking at her and shaking her head gesturing to Sofia not to interfere with Azief decision.

The officials below the platforms are murmuring to each other and are shocked.

The reason why all the officials are all shocked is because Azief decree is effectively banishing Loki to the Northern Eden.

Loki without the appearance in the center of the city where policies and administration of the city is governed, how could Loki have a voice in this new city?

Azief was effectively banishing Loki to the other part of Eden.

Eden right now is not like the original Eden where it was small and could only accommodate a thousand people.

Now it is large enough to be called a state even though it is just a large city. And when the border expanded after this, Eden would become larger and the current Palace will someday become the capital city.

Loki is not like Wang Jian.

It is common for Generals to expand the land for the King and rarely stay in one place for a long time.

But Loki is not a military officials and does not know how to lead armies and troops so sending him to Northern Eden is effectively telling him to stay there and do not meddle with the administration.

Loki just smirks and accepts the bestowment without complaints or protest.

Azief look at Loki and sighed. He said to himself

‘This is necessary’

Then Azief called

‘Meng Yuan’

Meng Yuan quickly straighten himself up and rushed to kneel in front of Azief, lowering his gaze.

‘In times of chaos, you helped evacuate the city and prevent further bloodshed. I and the city citizens recognize your effort. I bestowed you with the title Marquis of Peace and monthly stipend of one thousand gold. You are also bestowed the Sword of Green Dragon an artifact you can collect in the Treasury later.’

Meng Yuan kowtowed and said

‘This subject gratefully accepts.’ One thousand gold is hard to get for anyone. Not every time you kill a monster guarantees a gold coin.

As Azief get stronger, the only way he could get gold is if he fights a lot of mobs or monsters stronger than him.

Then Azief announces the officers that will take part in his government of the city.

Countless of people were chosen from the already approved list by Loki and Wang Jian regardless of race or religion or gender.

Azief also announces that in his absence the rule of the city will be under Sofia or Sina.

Then the cheerful plays began by those artists while the fruits, refreshments, meats of every kind were also presented as the people begin the feast.

The newly elected officials mingle with each other while Azief and Sofia dine on the large and long table for them with all the delicacies all the chef in his dominion could offer.

It was lavish and with every bite, the dishes energize and increase Azief and Sofia stamina. It was so delicious that Sofia almost forgets her dissatisfaction with Azief.

Azief give Wang Jian the right to appoint the Governor to the unconquered region on the Western Eden when he manages to conquer it.

The reason why Azief gives the right immediately to Wang Jian after the reward ceremony is because Wang Jian decided that he would pacify the Western Border after he got enough people to muster to the Western border.

Azief has long decided to delegate most of his authority to his officials and is not bent on holding all the administrative power to himself.

Azief has seen beings that could shatter planets as easily as swishing their sleeve so he has no interest in this kind of transient power.

If he busied himself with the matters of the administration he will only be hindering himself from the improvement of his power.

Military will be controlled by Wang Jian. Azief like Loki is  a good judge of character. Wang Jian is an honorable man, unlikely to rebel and usurp power.

He is like Will of the past. He is a soldier. And he needs something to serve. Wang Jian also possesses high war ability, can command armies, and charismatic.

Don’t suspect someone you employ, but if suspicious, don’t employ him.

Sina and the other officials can advise Azief to help Azief making the right decision.

Azief has already decree that his advisors can execute and military commands unless the General of the Army is opposed to the plans of Azief advisors.

The Advisors is also given the authority to change the class of the residents.

Azief also fills his government with many civil officers to help him on the administrative side of the government.

They can’t participate in war so most of the civil officers came from production classes.

The reason why Azief company was so successful in Earth Two is not because he was a genius in managing a company.

It was because he knows who to employ and use the talents around him.

The salary of the soldiers will also be discussed by the officials instead of Azief. It relieves Azief of the burden to think of a measure to solve many matters.

Azief military officers on the other hand will be ordered to implement military commands and encourage people to join the military with the enticement of skill books, stable life, and high salary.

Training will also be provided and the years of service is only five years.

If they managed to last five years, at the end of five years, they can choose to leave the army life.

Azief knows it is pointless to force people becoming soldiers and instead making the people to choose it for themselves.

Enter the army and learn some skills provided by the city and break free in five years or risk your life in the wild and risk death?

Some strong people will not consider this option but for some who found security in numbers, they might be interested in joining the army.

And other than that, Azief will ask his officials to draft and plan countless of plans to encourage people to become soldiers.

Azief soldiers are not for killing humans but monsters. Some people with righteous heart might be persuaded with this notion.

As Azief was taking another sip of his wine he looks at Wang Jian sharing drinks with his brothers while sometimes sending death glare at the Seven fairy.

‘He sure could keep hold a grudge’ Azief said.

Sofia who was beside him eating the finely chopped griffin meat ask

‘Who?’ Azief gestured with his eyes to Wang Jian and Sofia nodded with a smile on her face, finding it funny every time she has to talk about Wang Jian one bad habit.

‘Yeah. He’s like that. Everything else is good about him other than that trait. He really knows how to hold a grudge.’ Sofia agreed.

After all she did spend a year with Wang Jian.

Wang Jian even teaches her swordsmanship and spearmanship so how could she not know of this particular trait of Wang Jian.

He is loyal.


But he keeps a grudge.

Loki once said that Wang Jian if he is not known as a general that once led a ten thousand army; he would likely be remembered as a petty man instead of a great general.

The oldest of the Seven Fairy is drinking calmly with her sister in their tables, sometimes mingling with the new officials.

Azief must admit now that they have time to socialize and is meeting under new circumstances; the Seven Fairy is really beautiful.

All of them have white flawless skin like porcelain and cute little faces.

All the Seven Fairy seems to embody the multiple facets of beauty.

One of them is cute. One of them is sexy. One of them is beautiful. One of them is cheerful. One of them is tough.

Each one of them embodied that aspect which makes a woman beautiful.

Azief didn’t mean that the feeling of sexy arises because of how they were dressed.

But it arises because of the way these girls exudes sexiness just by walking.

‘Ehem. What are you looking at?’ Sofia coughed and looks at Azief with a trace of annoyance.

‘Uh…nowhere. I see nothing’ Azief replies with a smile on his face and Sofia push his shoulders and Azief chuckles.

They continue dining. With all of the delicacies in front of them, how could Azief not eat?

Then Azief look back at Wang Jian and the Seven Fairy and sighed.

Azief just fear that this strained relationship between Wang Jian and the Seven Fairy will lead a divisive faction in his court later.

Wang Jian might have said he let it go, but Azief also knows that Wang Jian is a vengeful person.

When his brother was killed because of the Tianshan Pale Ghost, Wang Jian burned an entire mountain as sacrifice for his brother’s souls.

While Azief was eating his meat and Sofia drinking her wine, Sina has met many of the production class experts and strikes a deal with them already.

They have negotiated for almost a week and now after the ceremony ended Sina strikes. After all better strike when the iron is hot.

She is now a Countess and has the backing of the city behind her.

Don’t underestimate the power a title gives you.

Many of those who hesitated before is now clamoring towards her in a hope of a better life in this new city.

Sina manages in the one week after her kidnapping to enlist many blacksmith to create weapons to face the horde with a discount and also strikes many favorable deals for the city

Loki on the other hand was sitting on his chair not far away from the Dragon throne.

Even before the ceremony began he was entrusted by Azief to search for hidden talents in Azief dominion.

Regardless how Azief banished him to Northern Eden, he must fulfills his task. After all Loki knows his banishments is logical.

If there are talents that he found in a hostile force, than it is Loki job to recruit that talented person to Eden.

To do this job, a man like Loki is the perfect man for the job.

Loki has already started.

There is a boy of talent in the Western Plain that did not leave even after the Seven Fairy leave the area and keep fighting with his band of boys.

Loki persuades him to join Eden and the boy agreed to come with his fighting band in exchange for the safety of their bands guaranteed from the retaliation of the Seven Fairy.

There was also another bandit leader in the mountain near the Western Plain called Trayvon that agree to join in exchange for 30 thousand gold and a nobility title.

It was hefty sum but the man under Trayvon is what Loki wanted so he already sends a messenger with the letter that Eden accepts his conditions.

Loki was also in charge of the Secret Intelligence Bureau that Azief has created.

Its purpose?

To spies enemy forces and collect information.

Azief admitted that his lack of awareness and the general affairs of the world after he returns is his disadvantage right now.

Now, that his rule is stabilized, Azief clearly want to know everything there is to know.

He wanted to know what matters of affairs happen in the span of a year he was gone.

Meanwhile Li Yuan was talking with Councilor Wan Gaojun on their proposal that they would like to propose to the Lord tomorrow.

Li Yuan and Wang Gaojun decided to distribute food among the impoverished immigrants on the slums.

While the city still has a lot of gold as people migrates here the cost of maintaining this city will be enormous.

It will not be like the time when Azief only has to rule a village of 400 hundred people. Now, that was an easier time.

At that time Azief could build a comfortable house for each of them.

Now, the houses must be built by themselves or hundreds of builder to make them.

The city will no longer build houses for this people unless there is a huge surplus. Since the profits are not yet seen, how could they waste gold right now?

The distributing food among the impoverished is Wan Gaojun ideas to win popular support among the new immigrants.

Councilor Chu Feng on the other hand was talking with the newly elected officials of writing a proposal about the policy of the city.

What will be their lord policy? They ask each other.

Should Azief build up his military strength to expand the territory? Or focus on domestic developments and improve the harvest and economy?

Or try to balance the policy between military and domestic activities depending on the circumstances?

Chu Feng realizes most of the high level positions are occupied with people who have ties with the Duke of Western Eden.

Chu Feng is worried that Lord Shadow might one day be suspicious of Duke Wang Jian and executed him like Yue Xing tries to do.

Chu Feng is also the people who have ties with Wang Jian.

He did not want to see that General Wang Jian once again being suspected of treason and decided in his heart to remind Lord Shadow tomorrow on his morning court.

Lord Shadow must not let too much Wang Jian influence remains inside his government so that Lord Shadow will not have a reason to suspect Wang Jian.

For Jing Wushang who is also a guest of honor today, he was closing his eyes with his head swaying left and right hearing the sound of music.

He was the Great Builder of the city and is responsible for the flood control. With other builders, he must make sure the flood control is perfect.

Since the city is near a river, if somehow there is a flood, and there is a casualty of life, Azief will surely punish him.

There is also the task of creating the Palace of Everlasting Peace a grand project for Lady Sofia.

She was not bestowed anything but everyone could see that she meant something for Lord Azief.

She after all sits beside Azief dragon chair. She was sitting in the phoenix chair.

In ancient times, Dragon chair was reserved for the Emperor. If she sit on the Phoenix chair then that mean she is the Empress.

Anyone with a brain could see she is not someone to be offended.

But for now he wanted to enjoy the festivities and not think of all the problems and construction projects he has to settle.

As the officials and the crowds mingle in the feast, not far away from the hill, in an opposite hill there is a young girl sitting on a rock, looking at the festivities with a malevolent smile.

The girl was five feet tall, had long black hair and green eyes.

She was wearing red tight attire underneath her long black robe that seems to be made from human skin.

Strapped on her back is a book bounded with silver metal chains.

The book covers depicting a mouth and from the book emitted some dark aura that seems to be contained by the silver metal chains.

The silver metal chains itself was covering over the mouth like it was preventing the mouth to speak.

Standing guard behind the girl was a Caucasian man. The man was young and tall with clear brown eyes and hazel hair.

On his left hip is a yellow wine gourd, swaying left and right as the wind blows overs. The plains have soothing and calm wind so different from the flame region.

‘Who would have thought the God of Death could smile so brightly? He really did change the moment he became Sovereign. Much like Loki’ The young girl said with a hint of mockery.

‘Madam Morgana. Only now we know where the Prince comes from. Considering his power level right now, none of our previous plan will work.’ the man said with a tone of reverent and respect.

‘Humph. My dear little husband seems to know intimate details about God of Death. I know for a fact that the God of Death is not Loki friend. So, the only way Loki could know where the God of Death comes from is thanks to that Divine Archer. He severed His Karma yet He left one strand. Beauty is truly the reason why heroes fall’

Louise who was listening behind her nodded.

Morgana turns around and ask Louise

‘So, how did your reconnaissance go?’

‘Good, but the security is tight around Loki house. Not to mention The Prince is now a Seed Forming Expert. It will be hard for me to infiltrate Loki residence without alerting Azief’ he replied

Morgana just snorted

‘Can you infiltrate the camp with this?’ and Morgana toss a Seed to Louise which Louise quickly grabbed it with his hand.

Louise looks at the seed and his face brightened. He then nodded.

On his hand is now the Psionic Vanishing Seed which will shield Louise from the consciousness sense of a Seed Forming User for 3 hours.

‘Madam. Are you sure I only need to persuade him?’

Morgana nodded then she grabbed her head like she was having a severe headache.

‘Louise, this will be my order for a while. I could not stay long here. My consciousness will be lost in the river of time from time to time. Like yours. My magic is not as profound as the Time God. Hmph’ and she snorted.

‘To think that the Time God could tether a person mind into a different timeline without causing the same chaos like Will the Dark Speedster, truly admirable and worth of praise. No wonder, he could survive in that Final battle.’

Then Morgana look at the expansive plains and a smile borne out of her heart is formed.

‘What a peaceful era. What a beautiful world. Vibrant and full of life’ she said while closing her eyes and feeling the sun on her face

Feeling the winds.

Appreciating the beauty that only she could appreciate. The vibrancy of life, of people.

Opening her eyes she looks at the white clouds and the blue sky and she could almost felt herself tearing up to see such a beautiful world.

Not like her time. Not like the place where she is going now. Dark skies. Dark clouds. Red sun.

Winds gales as sharp as blades. The heat of the sun that burns life. The rain of fire and the vast sea of blood.

‘It has been too long’ she mused. Then she turns toward Louise and said

‘I’ll be going now. Don’t forget like always, explain to my younger self on what steps needs to be taken.’

Louise nodded.

Then closing her eyes, Morgana body suddenly turns limp.

Blood ooze out from her nose like she was doing something strenuous with her mind. The pressure from her cranial was making her bleeding out from the nose.

Louise caught her before she falls and then as the sun slowly come down; a scene of a young man carrying down an unconscious girl from the hill can be seen.

‘It is almost night’ Louise said as he already rehearsed what he should say to the God of Deceit tonight.


If anyone wanted to know the accurate faces of the Seven fairy you can just goggle their names. I based them on real people. I read  one of the reviews of LS in RR and one of them ask to list the stages. So here it is.



This is normal stages and would not call upon Tribulations. It also just makes you slightly stronger than normal humans and be able to kill mutated sapiens or low level monsters.


Each pillar represents 100 stats of the aforementioned pillars. For example, one pillar of strength equal to 100 stats point for strength.

There is also quality of pillars divided by these criteria. [Apprentice] [Expert] [Artisan] [Master] [Grand Master][Supreme][Master Apprentice] [Master Expert] [Master Artisan] [Supreme Master]

The quality rank up when you upgraded the low level pillars.




Those that break through to this level could lend their attributes in their attacks. Could pressure pillars and other orbs.

Could fracture, (middle level grade orb) crack (high level orb grade) and completely crush another person pillars just by the boundless pressure of an Orb Condensing Stage (only available for those who condense a golden Violet Orb grade)


To reach level 50, the orb should be condensed as a tiny dense point.

Then it will be a violent burst will erupted from the condensed orb. This will expand into the user body at astonishing high rate and temperature. Creating a space inside the user consciousness and all forces of the world is created. The energy of this violent burst changed into matter and then into anti matter and destroyed each other. Then some of these matters survived.


The attributes combined in the body endowing the user with the attribute aura. At this stage, one could shatter a pillar with one shouts, cracked the soul orb with pressure alone.

Each level nourishes the physical body to prepare for the next breakthrough. By the end of this stage one would possess bodies that could destroy mountains and endures the harshest condition.

With one strike parting the heaven with one stomp shatter the lands. The Energy Disperse Stage could also be called an Acclimation Phase.The threads of energy are formed, creating a string that binds the element and the laws. Conceptualization of Attributes.



[Ironskin] [Copper flesh] [Silver Veins] [Golden Aura] [Titanium Bones] [Divine Meridians] [Nine Opening Purification] [Celestial Presence] [Red Palace Forming] [Eternal Spring]

This is the normal progression of body refinement. If someone could store enough EXP to reach beyond the Eternal Spring, then one will break through to Undying Body Stage. ( this method requires a lot of years, time and experience.


Entering this stage, all the previous body refinement will evolve.

Goldenskin- skins shine like gold endowing Azief with a skin that could not be cut any weapon other than artifact or a person with a higher level of power. In the Energy Disperse Stage he is practically invincible. Nothing could scratch him. Even if they do, his skin will regenerate almost instantly.

Golden Flesh-his body will not be harmed by elemental energy especially by lightning. It even will nourish him.

Golden Vein- an ancient source of energy is setting itself up inside consciousness and body, nourishing at every second.

Golden Domain – pressure of a God emanated

Celestial Bones- When he crack his knuckles, the wind went away as energy roils out around his body forcing the wind to give way and the wind itself dissipated around him.

Celestial Meridian- making meridian larger and body could suck more enrgy from the surrounding

Nine Forbidden Opening- In each opening lays a very ancient energy, pure and powerful. If it was released, it could destroy a city.

Sovereign Presence-emanating a pressure that oppresses every existence below Seed Forming

Violet Palace-with an enormous pool of vitality keep producing inside his body.

Eternal Physique-the penultimate of Body Physique effectively transforming Azief entire nerve system and it was like Azief was reborn.

Ok, hope this answers your question. I might botch the Pillar Forming Stage explanation since I’m writing this based on my memory.

The other have references in my notes. Pillar Forming I did not record all of it relevant information on my notes.

And I didn’t have the will to check the scattered info about the Pillar Forming. Since I have to read my old chapters and that tires me. If you find anything wrong, please point it out.


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  1. So….this chapter was previous to the other chapter featuring the meeting of Loki and Louise the Wine Beggar? Also found myself noticing that some of his officials could change the citizens classes. How does that work? I mean are classes still relevant at Lord Shadow levels of strength? Does the average person switch to a new class at some point in the cultivation stages? Are the classes, ones that they are qualified for, or a wide range?

  2. To answer your question about the class, the official can chnage someoen class only up to Energy Disperse stage and have to start back from scratch.

    Most will not change their class if they already reached Energy Disperse stage but most of the other weak people in the middle stages like Orb Condensing and weak ones in the Pillar Forming might chnage classes if there is benefit

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