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The ceremony is beginning.

The fireworks lines the sky as the children’s look in awe and smiles fill their faces, tugging the sleeves of their parents to the site of the ceremony.

Stalls and temporary shops were opened nearby the hills, with all kind of snacks. There is new variety of food after the Fall.

Most of the snack consists of some meats of the monster that can be eaten, like the skewered meat of the Dhob, a lizard like monster.

Dhob meat tastes like chicken only ten times better. It is crunchy if stir fried with flour and sweet if dipped in sauce.

And Cockatrice meat grilled like bacon, with sweet maple syrup on top with hoagie bread full of cheese on the side seems to be popular among people who like grilled bacon.

There was a great fanfare in this ceremony.

When the people furnished the place of ceremony, they tried to go to the route of simple yet grand.

The ceremony is to be held at the Oath Keeping Hill. It was the name of the Hill nearby the Village.

Azief has named the hill Oath Keeping Hill for this particular ceremony.

Eden is not lacking in anything right now.

Combined the fact that the Seven Fairy give all their gold to Li Yuan The treasurer, Li Yuan manages to hires men to work creating this grand and luxurious ceremony.

Li Yuan was managing the Treasury in the beginning because he was the original resident of the village and one of Wang Jian people.

Li Yuan even thought that Azief would replace him with other people now that there is many people coming to the village but Azief has assured him that this position is his.

The reason Li Yuan thought like this is because many of Wang Jian people hold many important post in Azief administration and fear that Azief would grow suspicious that Wang Jian might attempt to usurp him.

What Li Yuan did not understand, is that Azief does not fear Wang Jian even if he wanted to rebel or usurp him.

After all with his level of strength, to kill him will prove to be very difficult.

Even if somehow Wang Jian might manage to usurp his position, Azief is confident that Wang Jian will not be able to kill him.

If that ever happens, he just have to bide his time and when his strength rises he can rise again.

And he has many contingencies plan and allies hiding in the dark.

That is why Azief is not afraid of such outcome. In the venue, many people have already gathered.

Lining up on the left and right side were the citizens of the village with variety of classes and profession.

After they swore the oath Azief will upgrade the village into a large city.

On the top of the hill is the high platform with two thrones.

It was requested specifically by Wang Jian to enhance Azief splendor and majesty, to enhance confidence in the hearts of the people and incite fear in the hearts of enemies.

Wang Jian and Loki were closest to the throne, Loki beside the Dragon Throne, Wang Jian beside the Phoenix throne, standing guard high on the platform while Azief and Sofia is holding hands as they walked to the high platform.

Wang Jian is still not satisfied with the conclusion of what happened with the Seven fairy but he did not voice this out.

Loki on the other hand was looking at the crowds and he saw a few people he knows.

Or to be more accurate the people he knows in the future. Most of them are still young. One man attract Loki gaze.

Loki smirk.

The Wine Beggar Louise. He is still young.  He was six feet seven, with Caucasian features, brown eyes and hazel hair.

There is no beard on his chin or wrinkles on his face. Apparently the current Wine Beggar is a youth of 20.

For some reason, Loki felt that the Wine Beggar keep looking at his direction but Loki shrugged the weird feeling aside.

On the platform were the dragon chair and the phoenix chair; dragon on the left, phoenix on the right.

The chair was made of pure gold.

The smelters melt down thousands of gold coins to create the thrones, with enchantment and formation matrixes also embedded in the throne.

The throne itself was imbued with magical properties and serve to enhance and increase the majesty of anyone sitting on it.

When it was time to bring the throne to the high platform, it takes six Orb Condensing High Realm users to lift the throne to the top.

Then watching by tens of thousands of people, Azief and Sofia arrived in front of the throne.

Azief stand in front on the dragon chair and unleashed his Immortal Presence and Golden light covering the ceremony, making him look as majestic as an Immortal Emperor.

Today, he shows his face to the world, without the hood covering his face.

His face was beautiful and rugged at the same time, embodying the aspect of power and strength.

His face gives him a reliable feeling.

His current face has been transformed each time as he raises his levels.

By now, his face is flawless and possesses a certain divine quality that serves to aid him in persuading or scaring someone.

It possess a certain kind of magic, making those who think of him favorably enhance their perception of him, while those who wish ill on him will feel a certain aversive feeling on acting of the will intent.

Some cheer his name while some are cautious.

Most of the people that cheer his name were the original residents of the village while many of the immigrants take a cautious approach.

Meanwhile, Sofia stood in front of the phoenix chair, slightly raising her chin to look at the ten thousands of people under her.

She look towards Azief and gritted her teeth. It has been a week.

And tonight Sofia expects answers.

Azief ignores the deadly piercing glares Sofia is shooting at him right now and focused at the task at home.

Then Wang Jian kneels down towards Azief and bowed his head to the ground. Loki was shocked but he was quick as he also knelt.

This was not what Azief has requested and it was not something he expected either.

He just wanted people to remember the ceremony and forget the enmity between the Seven Fairy and the original inhabitants of the village and at the same time doled out rewards.

Then the residents seeing the officers of Lord Shadow knelt they also simultaneously knelt down towards Azief and Sofia.

What Azief didn’t know is that Wang Jian thought this was natural.

He after all served the Yue dynasty which serve to emulate the imperial dynasty and also have their custom and traditions.

The people that migrate to Eden have different cultures and customs but when they saw one of the highest ranking officer of Eden kneel down, how would they be so brave to stand out in the sea of kneeling people?

Wang Jian performed the three bows and nine kowtows. The other awkwardly tries to follow him.

The people are perplexed on how to follow this custom even Loki was perplexed at this.

‘Enough’ Azief said, his words echoes through the Hill as he saw some people in the crowd clearly finding it hard to follow Wang Jian movements.

Azief didn’t like the way Wang Jian kowtowed to him. First, it was because this is not his culture.

The three bows and nine kowtows is the culture of the Chinese. And it was not even the culture of the modern Chinese.

It was ancient China. Azief is not thrilled to send back the people of his dominion to ancient time etiquette.

Yue Xing might like people flattering to his ears, but Azief don’t like it. He hates it.

Second, he doesn’t believe in emperor worship. Third, he is not an emperor. Even after this he really would not take much concern on what happening to his city.

Azief knows the only guarantee that his life is secured is to raise his power.

Fourth, he was uncomfortable seeing so many people kneeling and kowtowing to him like he was some God.

He was uncomfortable then, he was uncomfortable now.

In Earth Two, he experienced this too.

He even has a cult in that Earth that worship him.

And there is even some fanatic amongst them. And needless to say, people do crazy things for their Gods.

You would be surprised what people do in the name of their Gods.

And lastly Azief did not like to be worshipped. If Loki knows what he is thinking he would certainly say ‘It was ironic considering his future’

‘Rise’ Azief said and he gestured Loki to move this ceremony along

Loki then called

‘Perform the music’ then the music sounded out as the people also could relax themselves and then after the people finished and the music has ended Azief spoke.

‘Today, we are at a new dawn!’ And his voice was full of power resonating and echoing around the hill with golden hue around him, it was like he was proclaiming the will of heaven.

‘The world right now is a deathtrap for the weak. I will not be as bold as the World government who proclaimed to unite the world to resist this otherworldly threat nor will I be as cynical as the Revolutionary Army that believes that this is our new world and all we can do is ride its waves. I will not be like the World Government who shelters the weak. I will not be like the Revolutionary Army that protects the strong.’

Hearing this, the people in the crowd does not understand what Azief means but they listen.

If you will not shelter the weak, and not protect the strong, then who will you shelter? Who you will protect?

These questions assaulted the mind of everyone present.

‘My rule will make the weak strong, the people who wish to grow, grow, the people who wished freedom, will have freedom. I will not fill your head with promises of safety and security. I will not give you fairy tale stories. My city is not the city for the weak. It is not the city for the strong to be protected. It is a city for people who wished the world to be better. A better tomorrow.’

The people on the crowd unconsciously nodded their head.

After all, they all escaped their regions and places of other influence because they believed that they will live a better life here.

Some of them want security. Some of them wanted freedom.. Some of them wanted to grow.

Some of them wanted strength.

For people that come from the Forest Region, most of them wanted to grow.

In the Forest Region the position of power will not be changed.

The Lords of the Forest. All of them are Energy Disperse Stage High Realm user.

And if normal people wanted to grow, it will be better to wander the outside world.

Because that’s the highest once could be in the forest region. Stuck always at Energy Disperse Stage.

Most people when they reached Energy Disperse Realm would journey out but the Lords did not making them having almost a complete control in all the newbie in the Forest Region.

Coming to Eden the people of Forest Region wanted to grow.

Some came to gain freedom, not to be constrained by the rules and Quorum decision of the World Government.

Some wanted to live in a society where each people do not want to kill each other. This is especially true from people who migrate from the desert and fire region.

Those regions are harsh and unforgiving.

There are no stable settlements and pillaging and battle against each other were numerous.

Eden seems to be a place that is ruled by order.

And considering Azief firm position in the Plains, there would be no one that would always contest his rule in the Central Plains.

It could even be said after his battle with the Seven Fairy, his position in the Plains is unshakable.

Wang Jian has already sent proposals to Azief to subjugate all the influence in the Central Plains after Azief level up the village rank.

On the high platform, standing proudly, Azief continues his speech.

‘And as long as that drive exists, as long as that will burn, this city will stand forever. In each battle that we will surely face, I will be in the thick of battle with you. I will bleed with you. You are now my people.’

Then Azief gestures Loki to say the next words.

‘Kneel and swears you allegiance to Lord Azief!’ Loki announced and the sea of people all kneeled.

Then they spoke their oaths and then a sound sounded with status windows appearing in front of Azief eyes.

The population is forty thousand nine hundred and fifty hundred people.

You are now ranked as a large city



You can create guilds and give authority to commission the Guild Creation Token.




Guild Token Guilds have many advantages in that each EXP gained when raiding will be not deducted like normal party compositions.


For each Token, the city could sell it to interested parties and the profit will go to the Treasury. Very useful to level up many people in a rush. Guilds are not obligated to help the city when in danger. Instead, they have to pay taxes like other users and have to pay a certain amount of gold for each successful hunt as dictated by the City Governor.


City Governor has the right to request a certain amount of gold for each successful raid. The City governor can impose a ten percent profit for each successful hunt or more.

Be reminded that if the rate is too high, there will not be many people that would not buy Guild Creation Token and will weaken your people in the long run.




The moment Azief read this information about Guild Creation Token was inputted inside his mind.

For the Guild Creation Token for example if you killed a mutated beast the EXP is 10.

In a party, the EXP will be divided with each one will get 5 EXP.

But in a guild when they hunt the same beast, both of them will get 10 EXP regardless of their contribution in the attack.

‘Many will want to form guild after this’ Azief mused.




As the City Governor, you have the ability to create titles be it nobility titles, administration titles, or titles without power. Titles can be sold to interested parties. Each title has hidden stats that could improve a person constitution and abilities. Each title also comes with a stipend and income except titles without power.


Position in administration or military is not counted as titles and is merely a post or position in the city with salary doled out by the Treasury. For now, since Eden has turned into a large city, the amount of salary is fixed by the Treasury.

Eden Treasurer can increase or decrease a person salary. Other than the Treasurer, the other person that can increase or decrease the salary of a person is the people approved by the City Governor.




New Construction Option Can Be Accessed








Clans could only be created by the express permission of the city governor. Each clan will not receive any stipend or income from the city. Clans are exempted from any form of taxes except land tax. They are obligated to help the city when in danger different from guilds that have no other responsibility to help the city other than paying tax and giving a considerable amount of profits to the city when their raid ended.

Other than tax exemption, clan will possess the same privilege like guilds and will have their abilities strengthen in their clan territory.







The city governor can tax anything that moves.

Theoretically. Be reminded that if you tax the people too much, these people would move to other places and weaken your city.

Be wise in setting the tax rate and the things that is to be taxed. Don’t be too greedy.








A large city is full of people. As City Governor, you have the ability to set laws that will take effect and will be enforce. For anyone committing the crime, their stats in the first day of doing the crime, will be halved unless they run out of the city. Be reminded, that nobody like a stern punishment. But gentle punishment will not stop crime. Benevolent laws or stern punishments the choice is in your hands.








As City Governor, you have the ability to change the class of your residents if they wished it. The class the city governor could change is only normal classes. Unique classes cannot be changed unless you become a King.







As the city governor, you can exile a person out of your city. The longer he stays without your permission, his body will grow weaker.

For your officials and people with titles, they can only be exiled after they break your laws. Exiling officials without reason can only be unlocked when you become a King.







As the city governor you can pardon criminals and restore back their status as normal citizens and restore back their stats







As the city governor you can grant boons and rewards






As the city governor you can issue a quest. The rewards will either be doled out from the treasury or the city governor own properties.






As the city governor you can grant bonus in the events of a city quest






As the city governor you have the right to fire someone from their position.






As the city governor, you can remove bonus from any citizens.







As the city governor you can punish someone  by lowering their overall stats as long as it is within the boundary of the city (note: Only works on citizens who take the oath of allegiance)






As the city governor, you can revoke any titles you give.



Looking at all these status windows, Azief smiles. He did not check the status windows of his city yet.

There are other things he needs to do.

But he was satisfied with what he achieved. Very satisfied. Then he sat down on his throne feeling happy as his officials stand straight with pride.

Azief then waved his hand and blinding lights covered the village not far away from the Hill.

It was like the sky opens and lights spread out from the Havens as the sound of something erupted from the earth could be heard.

The crowds in the Hill closed their eyes to shield their eyes from the shine of the blinding light and when they open their eyes, sound of shocked exclamation fill the Hill.

Hundreds of buildings erected out of nowhere and fill the once small village which now seems like an imposing metropolis.

Azief has dumped all his personal wealth into the Status Window which is why he manages to build so many buildings.

Azief didn’t think it is a loss but an investment. With the taxes later he would be able to rake many more profits.

The people then look at Lord Shadow and know that this is the new city and the base of Lord Shadow forces from now on.

This is the place where Azief will extend his reach to all the Central Plains before grasping all the Plains region under him.

There is some circular district built out of nowhere on the cliff nearby the new city.

There is also an inner wall made of stones fifteen feet high on that cliff.

The Walls that covered the village disappeared as it now marks the borders of Eden with thirty feet height, imposing and sturdy.

Fortified towers are also constructed along these walls.

The main thoroughfare of the area around the cliffs is clean, with new buildings that appears out of nowhere giving the impression a sudden civilization exploded into existence like the Big Bang.

On the central of the new city, columns building resembling Romans building can be seen stretching out the new expanse.

It is a mighty city. The people seeing this miraculous scene could not help but be shocked and in awe.

They were participating in the ceremony at the Oath breaking hill and they never knew the reason why all residents must participate without absence.

So, this is the reason.

To make the construction easier.

It was shocking to the extreme. Most of the migrants has never seen the Civilization Seed in action before.

They heard stories that the Civilization Seed enables a Seed Forming Expert to build buildings resembling a city management game.

But hearing and seeing it is two different concepts.

They all still remembers the wooden house and the vast land of nothing other than the green grass and now to see all of that disappeared and turns into a large city, it is surreal.

With a wave of Azief hand, hundreds of buildings sprouted from the ground.

They could see the defensive wall with the soldiers that was on standby quickly guarded the gate towers taking their positions.

Wang Jian was informed on Azief decision on constructing buildings when the rank of the village is raised up so Wang Jian has already made preparations.

There was a Central park with a tree that was as high as ninety feet.

Under the tree, the winds blow softly and could be a place where families could relax and enjoy the cool under the shade when the day is hot

There are also castles. This one only Azief could see with his eyesight. There is a castle in each of the four corners of Eden borders.

There is also a castle for Azief people like Wang Jian, Loki, Sofia, Sina and the Seven Fairy.

And then there is the Palace in the center of the new city, grand and majestic.  It was fifty feet high and cost Azief 100 million gold.

After the city gained profit Azief will be renovating the palace and filling it with items.

For now, that Palace is empty without a single painting inside it. Grand University is near the Palace.

This will be filled with any books that drooped from monsters.

Sometimes, monsters don’t only drop skill books which is rare but sometimes they drop books that contains information.

But after the White Explosion, the monster doesn’t drop anything anymore.

Instead, it will automatically enter any storage that the users have.

Azief think this is easier since he didn’t have to loot monster one by one anymore.

Killing all the griffins last week has earned him a lot of gold. He got about thirty thousand gold.

The officials who are also admiring this view realize something else.

There is two gate entrances lead into this large city and the road is well paved.

That bricks on the road cost Azief millions of gold but Azief need the roads since it will decrease fatigue by 30 percent.

The streets are wide, easy for the people to moves and merchants to send their transport. In front of the Palace is the statue of Azief standing at the height of twenty feet.

It is like Azief portrait since it is provided by the World Orb.

Maybe someday, Azief will let sculptor to make a statue of himself, making it more grand and imposing.

There is also a war memorial, to commemorate the lost brothers of Wang Jian. Azief hopes this act will appease Wang Jian anger right now.

Azief on the southern side of Eden created an Arena for warriors and combat profession class to hone themselves.

The Assembly, a circular unwalled building is in the vicinity of the Grand University. This will be the place where Azief citizen can voice their complaints and opinions.

Azief also created a Bank. Azief has already planned to hire merchants to enlist into the government.

Before when he was in village rank he could not build bank and could not tax it. Now, with the banks constructed, he could tax it.

This is why Azief did not mind losing all of his personal wealth.

His personal gold reached about 800 million gold and almost all of it is almost drained after creating so many buildings and sparing no effort to make the city great.

After all, the horde will be coming. Azief is impatient for them to came so he could farm money.

Then Azief also did not forget to construct Libraries all over the district of his city.

The matter of districts or boroughs or which lands to be given to the people with title will be discuss by his officials later.

There is also a bridge crossing the rivers nearby Sina Alchemy Laboratory. Then there is the religious establishment far away from the Palace.

Even before Azief started to construct any of the building yesterday, the religious leaders have already found him and spoke of their proposals.

So, Azief built mosque, churches, synagogue and temples.

Azief find talking to these religious leaders to be tedious.

Azief had to think of ways to counter the monster horde and these religious leaders each blow their tops off in thinking how many of their religious place need to constructed not to be outdone by each other.

Azief did not understand their logic.

In Azief opinion, religion is about faith.

At least that’s what they keep preaching about. So, what does it matter how many churches, or mosque or temples you constructed if you have faith in your heart?

And isn’t the people is more important instead of buildings?

Azief don’t mind constructing these places for them as it does not inconvenient Azief pockets.

But, to argue about it incessantly towards him make Azief really almost lost his cool yesterday.

It was then Azief decided to distance himself from these people and minimize their influence in his administration.

Azief also created a courthouse and jail.

Hospital is provided in many parts of the city. Herbalist and healing class users would be in high demands in this kind of era where injuries are common.

Azief only created the vital buildings. The other the builders and the landowners will figure it out themselves.

After all, Azief don’t intend to put all the land under himself.

He will rent the land in exchange of gold to the city and their loyalty. Only the people he bestowed with land does not have to pay taxes.

Other than this buildings, Azief also created a military academy, museum for artist, an observatory, orphanage for the many orphaned children of this new generation, sewers system which to Azief one of the most important thing and time consuming things to be built if he relied on builders, trading post for the merchants of his city, fisheries around the river for fisherman, and the quarry for the miners.

People were still looking at Azief in awe when Loki announced.

‘Now, is the reward ceremony to honor those who have helped built and protect this city’ And the officials eyes gleamed with brightness while the people with plans all look at this ceremony with anticipation.

Azief smiles and he nodded.

‘Politics remains the same even after the Fall’ he said it to himself without anyone hearing.




The Flame Region is the hottest region even more so compared to the desert region. It is hot all day, except night where the heat is bearable.

But the people living in the flame region developed a slight immunity to heat like the people in the ice region developed a slight immunity to cold.

Somewhere under the many volcanoes of the flame region, near the border between the flame region and the Cloud Lake Region there is a cave.

The cave was nondescript.

It had a hidden entrance blocked by a lava wall after the Fire Dragon rampaged through the Flame Region spewing its fire killing thousands.

The cave has a lot of stalactites and is full of strange color fungus growing on the walls and in the corner.

On the walls of the cave are metal rings holding thick candles that lights the dark cave.

If someone explored the cave further they would see a sunless river on the lower part of this cave.

But the river is not beautiful like the rivers of the Plains but a river of bubbling lava that light up the lower part of the cave like a crimson glow from the pits of Hell.

The walls of the cave are smooth like it was enchanted by magic.

Someone clearly live here inside the cave for a long time making this cave his or her base of operation.

Not far away from the cave, there are a lot of human bodies splayed about. Some were skinned leaving only their carcass.

Limbs could be seen trailing about farther away from the cave.

Clearly there has been a tragic fight here. All of the people killed in that battle were tortured extensively before they die.

The culprit wanted to give a warning to not come near the cave.

Inside the hidden cave there are two people. Sitting on a fire pit roasting a fire horse meat was a man with a stocky build.

A man was looking at girl with wariness.

The man was bald and was five feet seven. His hand was hairy and his body was a bit on the plump side.

But it does not make him look fat.

Instead it made him look big. His nose was pierced and the man himself when he speaks produces a booming voice.

The man then asked the other person

‘Rosulka, you want some of the meat?’ the man asked the girl. The girl was sitting on a rock as her chair and was counting her loot.

The girl did not say anything only nodding as a sign of agreement.

The girl has bob haircut and was four feet high.

She is a runt. Her face is cute and there is a scar on her left cheek, something that seems to be made by a knife.

But her eyes were cold like winter. Her short black hair only serves to makes her more terrifying. She was like a silent predator.


The man name is Yuri. He was saved by the girl when he was being attacked by a bandit group nearby the cave.

Living in the Flame Region requires one to be ruthless.

Yuri knows this better than anyone else. But he did not really knows the meaning of cruel until he met her.

Yuri was there on the front row set when this cute little girl of twelve torture the poor saps.

She skinned the man alive like she was always been doing it. Another was cut alive. Their organs were cut one by one.

There is no purpose torturing the bandits. She did it because she found pleasure in doing it.

Yuri think there is something wrong with this girl.

Rosulka who felt herself being stared at glared at Yuri and Yuri quickly lowers his gaze as he kept roasting the Fire Horse meat.

Sometime Rosulka scratched the scars on her cheeks. Her eyes like always retains that coldness.

In her mind right now, she is thinking when to ditch Yuri.

She saved Yuri because she needed support if she is to accomplish her goals. Rosulka is only at Orb Condensing low Realms level.

And Yuri is also the same. She knows she would not survive the trips if she did not have some form of support like a group or party.

But she has never been a people person.

Rosulka final destination is to the Ice Region.

She bought information from the Merchant Association a few months ago about the whereabouts of her father.

From the information she got, it is very likely her father has taken shelter under Emperor Jean as a soldier.

Rosulka smirked with malicious smile. Yuri who accidentally saw the smile felt a shiver on his back.

‘Hehehe’ she smiles as her mind is full of ideas to torture her father. Yes, the reason why she is so insistent on finding her father is because she wanted to kill him.

Rosulka father is a serial killer. He is known as the Limb Butcher. Her father earned that name because he leaves only body parts.

In December 2007 in the two thighs were found in a garbage can in the dumpster. The crime shocked the city Samara.

Rosulka remembers the woman name. Greta.

A German transfer student.

Her head, feet, and the remainder of her legs were later discovered by a dump truck worker a few miles from where they found the thigh

The first victim was a woman named Ivanova whose body was mutilated. The second was a woman named Marsha who was decapitated.

Rosulka have seen all of them begging for mercy before they were turned into limbs of meat.

It wasn’t until the third murder where her father tried to initiate her to kill the woman like him.

Rosulka couldn’t stomach it and was nearly killed by her own father.

It was then that the light came and the Fall began. Rosulka was given a dagger. Using that dagger, she stab her father eyes and gouge his eyes from the sockets.

Months later, she was kidnapped by her father and was tortured as a comfort woman of her father gang and once again she was saved by the light.

This time the White Explosion happened teleporting her to the Flame Region. The reason why she is tracking her father is to exact revenge.

She then ran away. And when she found him, she will torture him in the most painful ways her mind could concoct.

‘It’s cooked’ Yuri voice echoes in the small cave.

Rosulka who was smiling then awake from her desire and walk towards the fire pit and grab one of the skewers.

She takes a bite and nodded as she felt that this food will be enough to retain her until next week.

‘Yuri’ she suddenly said


‘You will accompany me until I reach the Ice Region.’ She said and then she went back to her place and sit down as she bites the skewered meat.

Yuri scratched his head not knowing how to response. But then remembering of how vicious this girl is and what she will do if he rejected, Yuri just responded by nodding his head.

In the Flame region an unlikely relationship is formed.


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