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There is one person in the table, he is old and blind in one eye, covered by a golden eye cover, but his body is full with muscle, in his left hand is a golden spear, sighing while, looking at the Interactive Construct in his hand, showing the Weron fleet approaching the Planet Earth with light speed.

In his heart he already has a plan to counter the Weronian offensive but he needs the other piece of the World Orb from Zeus.

Earth holds sentimental values for him. Both Asgard and Olympus has made exploratory expedition to Earth before.

Was it 5000 years ago, or was it 7000 years ago? Odin has lived so long he hardly remembers.

When he landed there, he found out that humans have just begun creating community and their technology was still primitive.

They even worship him when he arrived with his son. But Odin was convinced that if left alone to their devices, while they may stumble and fall, one day they will learn from their mistake and they will progress.

Asgard and Olympus is Type Three Civilization. Yet they do not colonize too much planets in fear of the Destroyer…or as humans call it the Great Filter.

And then a person enters the room. The man kneeled. The man was a messenger.

‘Did they arrive?’ Odin asked

The messenger was about to reply when from the distance Odin could see his old friends. Odin gesture the messenger to leave him and he messenger nodded.

‘Zeus you arrived.’ Zeus was a white bearded, muscly man wearing his Council robe, power emanated from him, and sparks of lightning can be seen dancing on his fingertips.

‘Odin it has been a long time’ Zeus said but his face doesn’t show that he is happy after all today it was Asgard that calls upon the Council to assemble.

Olympus and Asgard even though they are allies, they also have been conflict. He doesn’t like it when that One Eyed guy smiles. It irritates Zeus for some reason.

‘Is it just the two of us?’ Odin asked

‘The other has sent their proxy telling that they will follow our decision. They would agree if we agree. I brought Hermes with me.’

‘And I brought Frigga.’ Odin said.

Saying this, light flashes into the room and Hermes appear beside Zeus while Frigga appears beside Odin.

‘So, the Weron has begun their move?’ Zeus asked as he sits on the council table. Frigga and Hermes respectively take a seat beside their King.

‘Yes’ Odin reply

‘And?’ Zeus asked creasing his eyebrows.

‘Earth need to be protected.’ Odin said. Zeus creased hard.

‘How about the Time Lords? Did they respond?’ Zeus asked again, Odin shakes his head

‘They are neutral in this matter.’

‘Bunch of spineless coward. Hmm. One day I hope they fall. Considering the Da-’ Zeus sighed after seeing Hermes rolling his eyes.

‘Ehem’ Zeus coughed a bit then he said, thinking about the problem they are now presented.

‘Even though Weron intend to attack Earth what can we do? They are not a part of the treaty and Olympus has been at peace for too long. Do you think we would readily offend The Weronians because of one planet?’ Zeus raises a point and Hermes nodded at his King

Zeus is not cold hearted to let Earth suffer but he has his own planet to worry about.

If they send the Olympians to fight the Weronians, then the Qarthan will have an opportunity to attack Olympus.

While they have non-aggression treaty with Qarthan, and they both enjoyed peace for the last 2800 years, they are still bitter feelings on both sides.

Odin then said.

‘They might not have our technology but they are a warring race. Unbelievably strong and ruthless. And since they have departed years ago, they will reach Earth in 50 years by Thor calculations.’

‘Which is why even if we started pursuing them now, we would only see Earth destroyed and razed when we get there’ Zeus retorted back.

‘That is the thing. They are not destroying earth, they are rebuilding it.’

‘To what?’ Zeus said puzzled

‘To their liking. Weronian have no planets. When they fought the Ervenian race their planet was blown up. Since then, they have been roaming in space searching for a home.’

‘I know’ Zeus said waving his hand.

‘You don’t have to give me a history lesson.’ Zeus said annoyed electricity crackled in his hand. Odin just sighed.

Immature as always Odin mused. Then he said

‘Recently I discovered they obtained a World Engine from the Merchants of Sarens. If they used it at earth, then..’ Zeus holds up his hand.

‘I understand now.’ he said gritting his teeth and pale in his face, lightning sparks produced from his sweat.

‘But what could we do now?’ Zeus asked

‘I have a solution’ Odin said.

‘What solution?’

‘The World Orbs could save Earth’ And at this Zeus is shocked. The World Orb. That damned weapon.

‘You want to use it against Weron? That plausible but you know about The World Orb. It has its own consciousness. Asking it to unleash and destroy a race might backfire on us.’

‘Yes, but the World Orb would not refuse us if we ask it to save a race instead of destroying one. I don’t think it would complain’

‘Save what?Humans?’

‘Yes, humans. They are weak and primitive but it is of course because they have just started in this great journey. In a thousand years or ten thousand years or maybe a million years they might reach our Planet technology in the past but not right now. They have a right to at least protect themselves from these irresponsible invasions’

Zeus began understanding Odin plans.

‘How could the world orb help?’

‘Make them stronger.’

‘How?’ Zeus asked. And Odin comes closer and whispered to Zeus. Zeus then nodded in understanding

‘But many would die.’ Zeus said after that. Odin holds the hand of his wife and smiles a bitter smile

‘Astronomical amount. Humans are still not developed and they have maybe 6 trillion or 7 trillion people.’

‘Then why? Olympus will not allow such cruel treatment to an alien race.’

‘Yes, many of them will die, but they will survive when the Weronian fleet comes. This is the only choice.’

Zeus then thinks for a while, his mind making calculations and then he nodded and said.

‘Then meet me in Zeron with your piece of World Orb. If the Council allows it, then maybe your plan will work.’

Saying this they then talk about other matters and then that evening they take the World Orb from both of their treasury.

The World Orb is the most powerful thing in the Universe, or any universe.

It could change realities, govern times and many other abilities but it have its own consciousness.

And because of that it is a very dangerous item in the whole universe. It is tahnks to the Elder of Universe that it programed the Orb to judge any order it received it by using Elder of Universe morality as guidance

When the Olympians and Asgardian ask the World Orb to strengthen human on Earth, the World Orb finds a system that the humans could understand.

They could not be strong if the World Orb use too complicated a method, or if the World Orb gives them knowledge before its time, which might lead them to their own ruin.

And then a light invisible to naked light sprouted from the World Orb and shot faster than any FTL speed, reaching Earth in a blink of an eye.

And the Fall begins. Or as the Olympians and Asgardian call it, the rise begins.

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