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The manor is beautiful after its reconstruction. It does not take many times as Azief only uses the Status window to build it.

By the interior design and the subsequent additions to the manor was the effort of the recently coming immigrants of builders.

The Hall is well ceiled with oak, on the western side is a worth bed, on the ground a stone chimney, a wardrobe and a certain other small chamber.

The interior design was not colorful but appropriate for the manor, not ostentatious but elegant.

There is certain solemnness for the manor. In the Hall, there is a certain meeting ongoing.

Eight people are sitting down on a wooden chair.

In the table behind the chairs is a brazier used to burn the Energy Giving Fragrance, a tribute from one of the new citizens.

The brazier itself was exquisite. It was covered in gold and has the carving of a coiling dragon with clouds under its feet.

Sofia took a liking for the brazier so Azief give the man who gave him the brazier a considerable amount of gold and even promise him a position after the ceremony.

The Energy Giving Fragrance however was a gift from a woman who came from the Southern Plains and it was checked by Li Yuan before being used today.

It has the effect of clearing one mind, stimulate one’s energy and calm the heart.

In the Hall, the eight people are all sipping some tea while looking serene and tranquil, hiding the chaotic undercurrents of their emotions.

The tea itself is also another gift from one of the new citizens as tribute.

It was the Cleaning Marrow Tea.

It was made from a very unusual tea leaves.

The one giving Azief this tea was immediately give a position as a Tea Master in Azief territory and will be given a patch of land to plant this kind of tea.

The profession of that person is a Tea Sage.

It is a unique class but the effect of this class while not useful in battle, as support it is indispensable.

Cleaning Marrow Tea effect is self-explanatory.

But it was not only that. It purify the Essence making it more compact and dense and even more powerful.

It is a pity the man only has a meager one pocket of the tea. If not Azief would shamelessly brew the tea and give it to his friends.

Azief look at the Seven Ladies as he put his tea cup down and said looking calm and unaffected, his face shows no other expression other than immense appreciation towards the tea effects

‘This is my own brewed tea. Over the years, after coffee, I also have an interest in tea. This tea is very unusual and possesses many benefits to the body. I hope you all like it. Treat it as my apology.’

One of the lady nodded and said

‘It is good.’

The other nodded in agreement.

But not all the lady is appeased and happy. The youngest of them is clearly not one that is able to pretend cordiality when there isn’t

The oldest of them recognize this behavior looking at Azief in an apologetic manner and then said

‘Lord Shadow, thank you for sparing us seven sisters. We were misled thus creating such tragedy’ the eight people sitting on the chair is Azief and the Seven Fairy.

Standing on Azief left is Loki and standing on Azief right is Wang Jian.

Loki just watched this meeting without any emotions but in his heart, the shock in his heart is like a wave of tsunami beating him again and again.

The Seven Fairy while they are famous in this timeline, in his previous timeline they were not famous and do not really play any major role in the big events of the future.

This development is certainly not in Loki calculation but his face clearly didn’t show this.

This time he has changed his appearance to a tanned bulky man, with curly hair making him stand out like a sore thumb in the room.

Wang Jian on the other hand looks at the Seven fairy like his mortal enemy.

If not for the presence of Azief in the room, Wang Jian might have asked the Seven Fairy duel until the death.

After all, the people that died and suffer the most when the Seven Fairy invades are Wang Jian brothers.

To Azief those troops are his subject.

While he is saddened, he also needs to think for the greater good of the people under his rule and the harmonious relationship with so many experts would only benefit the people under his rule.

But for Wang Jian the people that died on that battle were his brothers. Clearly his perspectives and feeling on the matter is different.

They shed blood together with him. They went to battle with him. They break bread together.

And now only a few of them is left.

How could Wang Jian not be angry? How could he not mourn his brothers and strive to avenge them?

It has been a week after the attack. From the very first moment, Wang Jian wanted to cut the Seven Fairy into eight pieces and feed it to the dogs.

But Azief could not let Wang Jian feelings to jeopardize Azief chance to establish a stable foothold in the Plains.

Azief has apologized to the Seven Fairy and reconstruct back the houses that were destroyed using the gold that Loki has accumulated.

A memorial stone was erected in the middle of the village listing the name of those people that died on both sides.

The soldiers that fought were all promoted posthumously as a sign of respect and gratitude, while their family members will be supported by Azief rule.

Azief promised both his people and the people coming with the Seven Fairy that the mastermind will be punished.

The League of Freedom plots has been uncovered and has already been spreads all over the world.

While in the surface many factions and powers express disgust on Narleod plots that sacrificed thousands of life, on the inside many is feeling discomfort and unease at the growing power of Lord Shadow.

Now that Azief even manages to get the Seven Fairy on his side, his rule in Central Plains could be considered firm as a mountain.

While in the surface they express congratulations towards Azief, Azief knows these people are actively plotting behind his back.

And many things are changing now. Settlement is everywhere around the village with people coming in droves.

Shack houses are built outside the gate after the houses in the village was no longer able to accommodate the people coming.

Even though Azief has built 2000 houses it still is not enough.

Azief could not really waste all the gold he has on constructing the houses from the City Status Windows so the builders that come begin displaying their usefulness.

They take construction business from people coming to join Eden.

Many builders are racking up experience points making their ability in constructing buildings not only faster but also more beautiful and artistic.

The higher level builders get many more gold than the novice builders.

Production level classes while they also level up and form their Seed and experiences all the stages, it is destined that their strength will not surpass those with combat specialized class but to underestimate them would be an idiotic moves.

For those who possess many wealth and many resources, they also wanted a house that reflect their wealth and status, so on the outside of the village there is even two storied houses and  a dozen more big houses with beautiful artistic features.

Hunters who felt a competition in this matter hunts the monster nearby the village racking up gold as the builders are making a killing now.

They not only increasing their experience but also gaining gold.

The benefit for the village is the monster nearby the village is almost wiped out in every evening making the village extremely safe.

Before this influx of people, the villagers had to rely on the military which is not high in numbers making the villagers also feel some sense of dangers.

But with this many hunters, warriors, knights and Paladins hunting all the monster nearby the village to get gold, the villagers who most of them have production classes they felt safe and secure in establishing their business.

And when there is an exchange of currency and gold, how could merchants be left out from the equation?

The merchant that come to the village began opening stalls and then some of them also began peddling their wares outside the village.

Soon in almost just three days, a market has already formed outside the village gate.

Azief does not allow them inside the village yet, not before the Oath Taking Ceremony where he can expand and use more of the functions of the City Status.

But the development is clearly making Azief feel proud.

Today is the Oath Taking Ceremony by the Seven Fairy and the people waiting outside the village is already anticipating the ceremony in.

The Seven Fairy when they recovered immediately told Azief what they know with the mastermind identified and Azief quickly take action by announcing to the world of Narleod plots.

Azief would have rush and caught Narleod if not for the agreement between him and Lee Sangmin and his inability to maintain a long siege on the Forest Region with his troops.

But Azief vow that if Narleod dares to come out from the forest region he will hunt him down.

This has appeased a lot of the victims of Narleod plots.

Will has returned to the World Government and Azief don’t know what he told the World Government that the World Government did not punish him for spoiling the plan of Narleod.

Azief knows that League of Freedom relationship with the World Government is not clear but Azief also knows that the World Government is wary of his force.

In this week, many more migrants from the Western Plains and the Southern Plains come to his village seeking protecting and shelter from the incoming monster horde.

But they did not yet kneel and take the oath so in Azief village status it still does not recognize these people as his citizens.

Even when some of them wanted to take the oath as fast as possible Azief wanted to reap the benefits of immediately breaking the village rank to a metropolis since he already expected a drove of people coming to Eden.

In a way, the screening of his fight actually increase the people trust on him that he could keep them safe.

In troubled times like these when strength rules all, to be ruled by a man who is honorable and strong is not that bad considering the alternative.

Many people have the impression that Azief is honorable since he was flying into such a rage after seeing his village trampled on by his enemies.

And his strength?

That is proven when he fights the Seven Fairy and defeating them almost effortlessly.

Truth be told, Azief was not as honorable as the people painted him to be.

But Azief of course does not have any reason to correct the people perception of him, especially when that perception will gain him many citizens and thus securing his force on the Plains.

Which is why the Oath Taking ceremony is important not only as the day he will break the rank village criteria but also shows his might to the entire world that even the World Government and the Revolutionary Army has to take him seriously.

Azief also wanted the Oath Taking Ceremony to be as grand as possible as he held a grand feast.

These past few nights Azief hunted around 100 griffins as the sky of the Central Plains was covered with sea of fire for almost four days before finally receded at dawn on the fifth day.

There is also many meats in the warehouse and was all brought out today to feed all the new citizens.

The new citizens also bring a lot of new talents to Azief force and Azief is more than happy to win their allegiance.

The hills and the land destroyed by Azief and the Seven Fairy battle have healed itself.

Azief realize that Earth now is more resilient.

The fertility of the soil is higher and even after the great battle the grass grows once again almost at an unbelievable speed.

The White Explosion did something to Earth that is for sure.

Azief at first wanted to strike an alliance, but the leader of the Seven Fairy said they would not mind being Azief officers and would be honored to serve someone like him.

So today when the Oath Taking Ceremony began, the Seven Fairy will also take a vow to serve him as their lords.

Azief while thinking of this many things could see that the Seven Fairy is not unanimous in this decision but he of course did not touch upon this and said to the Seven Fairy

‘After the ceremony, I will not treat you badly. I appreciate talents. We need each other if we are to repel the monster horde that will come.’

All the Seven Fairy nodded agreeing unanimously on this matter..

Azief population right now is about 40 thousand people more or less.

At first his population was only 400 people after the battle but combined with 8000 people of the Seven Fairy his population surged up to about 12 thousand people.

Then about 8 thousand people come after the battle when they heard that Azief will cooperate with the Seven Fairy.

Then many more came until it reached to this number.

This makes the Central Plains probably the safest place of all the other regions.

One Seed Forming High Realm user and countless of Energy Disperse Stage High Realm user.

Now in the world, there are no other forces stronger than Azief forces. Wang Jian, Loki, Sofia and the Seven Fairy are all Energy Disperse Stage and is very powerful.

And all this tigers and dragons are all in the Central Plains.

Of course people who knew the news and wanted a safe environment to grow all ran to the Central Plains.

After all while the forest region is safe, it is controlled by the Lords of the Forest and the position is fixed and will not change and does not have the possibility of growing there.

Villages built in the southern plains when they heard the news, their village head travels in drove to the Central Plains and many will come in the following days.

Some people also come individually as they used every methods accessible to them to come to the Central Plains.

Azief is eager to open the construction option of a city after this and he already got the rewards from the quest.

He also has already formed three seed.

The Seed of Life. Seed of Rebirth. Seed of Time.

Each seed is formed by gaining EXP equivalent to leveling one level.

For example, right now Azief level is 69.

To form his fist seed, it requires the same amount of EXP when he leveled up from level 60 to level 61.

To form his second seed, it requires the same amount of EXP when he leveled up from level 61 to level 62 and so on and so forth.

Each time it becomes harder and longer but Azief has time. After all, even he takes four years to reach level 69.

Which means the people of earth is three years slower than him.

After his fervent hunting these past few nights, he managed to form four seed.

It will take him a lot of time to form his fifth seed.

It will become harder and harder because starting form the third seed the amount so of EXP he needs will double and triple each time.

For example, to form his fourth seed he requires double the amount of experience then when he level up from level 63 to 64.

To form his fifth seed would require triple the amount of experience when Azief level up from level 64 to 65.

Now, that he has form his fourth seed, a leaf appears in each seed.

It began when he form his third seed.

Three Seeds Creating Leaves of Origins, Six Seeds Creating Branches of Creations, Nine Seeds Creating the Tree Of Life, Ten Seeds Summoning the Purifying Fire.

This is what he knows from his abundant experience and since Azief already found his path he of course will walk the path of perfection.

He has Golden Orbs when he was in Orb Condensing. Undying Body when he is in Energy Disperse Stage summoning the lightning tribulation.

Now, that he is in Seed Forming, he will of course strive to form Ten Seeds defying the Heavens and summons the Purifying Fire from the Nine Hells and Nine Heavens of the Jade Palace.

Then suddenly as he was thinking of this, Nayoung voice brings him to the present.

‘We’ll be counting on you after this, my lord’ Nayoung said. Azief just nodded. Somi look at him still a bit wary.

Angry but not afraid.

Azief of course realize the tension in the room and did nothing to defuse it since the beginning but he knows he has to address this matter eventually so he look at Wang Jian and asked.

‘Wang Jian is there anything to add?’

Wang Jian look at the Seven Fairy his eyes was also full of anger but then reminding himself the importance of this matter, he closes his eyes and take a deep breath and answered.

‘Nothing, my lord.’ Azief look at Wang Jian and in whisper he said.

‘We will avenge your brothers, this I promise you.’ Wang Jian nodded. Azief put down his cup on the table on his left and got up.

‘Then let us go enjoy the ceremony.’

They were dismissed. Somi look at Azief  and Wang Jian back as they walk out of the room and gritted her teeth.

The war on the battlefield might have ended but the battle on the court just begun.

Now that the Seven Fairy work under the same master, it is not hard to surmise that one day the matter between the Seven Fairy and Wang Jian will explode eventually and at that time, whoever Azief sides with will win.

Even as this was happening, in the Forest Region, the mastermind of the plots was trembling with anger at Dark Speedster interference and the failure of his plans, cursing Will.

The world has a new faction




Azief enter her room and see her standing there, looking outside the window, her arms crossed.

The room was spacious and well lit, warm and comfortable with all the necessities she could ever need. Azief goes one step further as he showers Sofia with luxury.

The manor interior is probably the most intricately designed and luxuriously covered with famous paintings.

Sofia creased her eyebrows when she heard the creaking of the door. She did not flinch or startle.

It has been a week. Every night they are together.

Every night they kiss each other, devour each other, but they never talk to each other in the morning or acknowledges any kind of relationships.

So, like every night she was expecting him. But this time, she is expecting him with an answer. What are they?

What does this relationship means for him?

And how do they go forward? She has been asking. And he has been avoiding. And yesterday, she blows up and they got into a fight.

She turns her head back and looks at him and then looks back to the window. Azief sighed looking at Sofia stubbornness.

Azief moves closer and then he arrived in front of her.

‘You’re still angry at me?’ He asks. She did not say anything. Azief moves one step closer and with two fingers he pushes Sofia face to look at him.

Sofia pushes his fingers and looks at him hatefully.

Azief in a bold move grabbed her waist and pull her to him and Sofia blushes and try to push him unsuccessfully.

Azief look at her face and smirk.

‘You cried.’

There is crust on her eyes. Her beautiful face is puffy.

She looks at Azief and asks him, her voice is a bit strained, her cheeks are red, and her heart is beating like war drums.

Then feeling like she couldn’t hold it in anymore she started barraging Azief with questions.

‘What are we? We kiss and then never talk about it. We sleep together and never talk about it. It feels like I’m yours, but I’m not. It feels like we’re lovers, but we’re not. Whenever I ask you about it, you always act vague.’

‘We’re friends. Good friends.’ Azief replies with a smile on his face. It is a very mischievous smile.

‘I hate hearing that word. Friend.’ She said glaring at Azief. She hates that she always feel like she has to guess what he is feeling.

Sofia is always the one that loves more.

‘Don’t make me confused and draw the line for me. Are we just friends or are we something more’ she said.

‘What? You’re not satisfied with what we are now?’ Azief ask knowing this will just make Sofia more incensed.

For some reason every time Sofia is flustered, she look cute in his eyes. It just makes him want to tease her more.

‘Pretending that were just friends, acting like we are lovers, don’t do that if you don’t mean it. The more you’re like this, the more I am curious about your true feelings.’

She said as she pushes herself away from Azief embrace.

‘You didn’t mention it when we started sleeping together’ Azief said with a slight smile on his face.

She sheepishly blushed and with hesitation she said.

‘I forgot about it every time I see your smile’ And Azief chuckles.

‘Don’t laugh’ Sofia said with her voice stuttering and her cheeks keeps reddening.

‘Don’t just laugh like that and pretend you don’t know. Stop this game and be real with me’ Azief then come to her and kiss her slowly in her forehead.

Sofia unconsciously closes her eyes.

‘You’re too cute’ Azief said as he broke the kiss and Sofia opens her eyes.

Azief look at that starry eyes and he smiles.

Then he look at her, his face was full of smiles and he spoke his confession, a confession he has been practicing for a week since that night of their first kiss.

‘Soph, I love all parts of you. The broken parts. The flawed parts.’  Then he kisses her cheeks. Then he continued.

‘Every kind of love, it seems, is the only one. It doesn’t happen twice. And I never expected that I could have a broken heart and love with it too, so much that it doesn’t seem broken at all.’ And Azief was reminded of Na Eun and hope she is living okay.

‘With you I felt magic.’ Then he kissed her nose and Sofia covered her face with her hands, trying to hide how embarrassed she feels right now.

Sofia then looks right at his eyes and said

‘With you I always feel insecure. I keep needing to confirm it. That you like me, that you’re not tired of me.’ She said and Azief finally see the timid girl he used to know.

He was so used to seeing the Divine Archer, that he forgets she is still that timid girl.

In love, she was always the weak one.

Because she cares more.

She loves more.

She sacrifices more.

She spent all her life lacking love, lacking a fatherly figure, a protector. In Azief she feels protected.

Azief was her protector. Then her friend. Then slowly that feeling accumulated and that feeling turns to love.

‘You were like….’and Sofia was thinking of a word to describe Azief and then she blurted out

‘Superman. You were like Superman’ she said.

Azief smiles and then whispers to her ears, sending tingling sensation all over her body

‘Then you are my kryptonite’ and Azief kisses her lips. All of the kisses taste like a slice of heaven.

Azief then look at Sofia face and he smiles. She also smiles like the sun.

‘Let’s love as much as you’ve been in pain.’ Azief said

‘Un’ Sofia nodded. Then Azief lift her up and carry her to the bed and they make love each other.

Not knowing that the sweet promises, the words they say is like a foreshadowing of their tragic future.

Loki has seen what has transpired and he could attest that if there is one weakness of the eventual God of Death Azief, it was Sofia the Divine Archer.

She is his kryptonite


It is a bit short this chapter right?. This is for next week since I think I will be swamped next week. I’m just tired these days, with this new job I got.

I think I might quit this job a little later because it’s taking a toll on my body. Hmm…hope you leave some comments.

Other than that, a little bit explanation about the limits of Seed Forming.

Next chapter will shows the Seven Fairy POV and Loki POV with Loki revealing many of the events of the future timelines mist importantly about the tragic love story between Azief and Sofia in the original timeline.

Seven Fairy decision is explained in the next chapter. Don’t expect any chapter next week unless I have already quit that job by this week.

Ok, peace out. Oh, wait, this is my instagram if anyone is interested in following me. keikokudaniel

Here’s a bit of a preview



Loki also remembers the New World War.

The huntress Delia an Armenian. Akira the Mad Scientist. Poison King Takashi.  But maybe this time the New World War will be different since the country no longer existed.

At that time Russia was accused of destroying the Island of Peace using euronioum explosive.

And in this matter, the Prince appears again battling Sarohian Beast. Ten continent of Australia was turned to dust by the end of that battle.

Then came the Attack of Yrinia. Loki knows Fir Her Waz is coming. One day he will come here, coming down from the Heavens with his Battlestar.

In that event, Lord Shadow once again plays as the main character.

After that the Annihilator came. Thinking of it, that Rosulka that will battle Katarina at that time, she is still a child now.

And then came the turning point that leads to the Ends of Days defeat.

The War of the Sovereign.

Three Sovereign died that day. Katarina, Oreki and Hikigaya. And it all started because of that damn woman.

Paulette. Jean’s woman. Because of her, a war was started. A civil war amongst the Sovereign.

The Sovereign were never people that easily agreed with each other but they never bear arms at each other and they never battle until their death.

Because of Paulette, Earth turns into a battleground for these Gods.

Even after the G7 convenes, the Seven Sovereign could never see eye to eye and thus the war of the Sovereigns started.



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  1. Love what you have written s far. I really enjoy reading what is going to happen next and rooting for dark prince and divine archer to overcome want was foretold in loki’s future. Also since there aree events happening sooner than expected will there be a change in future that loki remembers?

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