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The village was in ruins. Flames broke out everywhere and dust covered the clouds.

Then a blue lightning once again pierces the sound and wind and then with a supersonic boom, the man appeared in front of Azief looking slightly apologetic.

Azief look at Will looking incredulous.

Why did Will stop him at that crucial moment? He could not really ask him right now.

His village is almost destroyed and Will even stop him from killing the Seven Fairy. Azief just could not understand.

Azief was about to ask Will when Will suddenly Speedtalk with him.

Speedtalk is when Will talk so fast that only certain people could understand what he was saying and the only other person beside Will that could Speedtalk is Azief.

In simple words, it is the ability to speak to one another at a highly accelerated rate.

This is often done when both of them have to speak a private conversation in front of non-fast people.

Azief heard and slowly his expression morphed from shock to anger to regret and when Will finally finished Azief face darken.

But he did not say anything because from what Will has been saying his battle is being recorded and watched by the fly buzzing around the village.

An artificial fly. Azief was shocked when he heard this

Who would have thought that the fly buzzing around the village was actually the invention of an inventor genius in the Merchant Association able to transmit images to the screen on the hill?

Yes, Azief just now know that the Hill nearby is screening his fight. What is more surprising that it could even hide from his Divine Sense.

This merchant association is really formidable!

The other reason why Azief is still feigning he does not recognize Will is because since he is being recorded then that means this moment, Will telling him about the plot and saving himself from getting caught in the plots of sinister person, Will might have cast suspicion onto himself.

Azief knows Raymond is trying to oust the mole in his organization and Azief shudder to think what will happen to Will if he got caught.

Will throws a blank parchment to Azief. Will was pretending that there is important information inside the parchment.

Azief opens the parchment and as he expected it was blank, yet he pretends like he was reading some big secret.

‘So, that is how it is!’ Azief acted like he found out what happened and with a flick of his fingers the blank parchment turns into dust.

Azief then nodded and say

‘Thank you…umm….Mister-’

‘I am Will. People called me Dark Speedster’ Will also act alongside him.

Both of them are a little bit awkward at the moment though it is not surprising to say the least.

After all they are standing around a ruin of a destroyed village. Fire breaks out everywhere and the dust of war is not yet settled.

But they both couldn’t do anything in this situation. It has already happened.

Will has decided to help Azief even though it might cast suspicion on him and Azief has already received his help.

Either way, Azief felt grateful to Will for what he has done.

Now, as he already knows what has transpired, he already from a plan to enact an alliance between Eden and the Seven Fairy though Azief does not know how to appease Wang Jian.

But he needs to solve this problem first.

He then said

‘I owe you a favor Dark Speedster’

And he needs to discuss something with Will so he look around and yelled.

‘People on the Hill! I will give you all five minutes to make yourselves scarce! Once five minutes are up, I will come to the Hill and whoever remains don’t blame me for being merciless!’

Then he flick his finger and his essence turns into a needle like image that struck about two dozen fly about  a mile away from Azief.

Now, that Azief knows the fly transmit the images and realizes that this fly does not possess any soul or essence of life Azief could easily know which of them is real and which is artificial.

In the Hill, the crowds were shocked hearing Lord Shadow sudden threats.

The Twelve Pale Ghost of Tianshan was the first to jump on their horses and rides away and shouting in merry tones.

‘What are you all still waiting for? For your head to be beheaded? Spread the word! The world has a new number one expert!’ the Screaming Ghost screaming with joy as he said those words.

‘Lord Shadow defeating the Seven Fairy like an elder admonishing a child, shocking the world! HAHAHAHA!’ Laughing Ghost said laughing all the way, his voice echoes in the Hill

‘Those people in the World Government and Revolutionary Army, will you not come out! Raymond, Katarina, Boris, Jean, you no longer could sit on your throne that easily’ Said the Solemn Ghost as he also rides away.

The other Tianshan Ghost also yelled and shouted dreary warnings and mocked or praise the current situations as they jump out from the barriers with their Pale Horse, a combination of white and gray horse as they turns into a wisp of smoke and immediately left the Hill.

Celestial Painter Xu Cong and Heaven Flute Lihua get up from their seat and throw a pouch of gold coins to the waiters and together they jump down from the second floor of the tavern and bade farewell to other heroes.

‘Today, my eyes are open. Seed Forming user are really formidable existence. No, invincible. To defeat Lord Shadow, one must also be on Seed Forming. To compare Sasha who did not complete her Energy Disperse Stage with Lord Shadow, who must have gone beyond the Nine Openings, is like comparing Heaven and Earth.’

Celestial Painter Xu Cong said and the crowd nodded as they too understand.

The reason why the Seven Fairy manages to contend with Sasha is because Sasha was rash and break though to Seed Forming by ignoring the Energy Disperse Stage.

She was a Seed Forming but her foundation is not stable.

Compared that with Lord Shadow, it seems Lord Shadow has sturdy foundation.

Of course if they knew that Lord Shadow went beyond Eternal Spring and reached Undying Body, even if they were Seed Forming they will not dare to fight Lord Shadow.

Xu Cong after finished saying this words, brings out his brush and paint something with the energy around him as paint, and his energy as colors and the unreal become real as the painting of the clouds become lifelike and then from a painting it changed to become a real white cloud.

It was fluffy but solid and an array of runes was embedded into this mass of gas making it not only magical but mysterious.

‘I bade farewell to all the great heroes congregated today. If fate destined it to be, we all will meet again.’

With his right hand on Lihua waist, he jumped into the white clouds with Lihua looking at him lovingly and then the white clouds shoot out from the hill disappearing almost in an instant.

The merchant association has already open their Teleportation Array and will be automatically destroyed on the other sides after all of their people arrived at Merchant Association safe place.

The warriors that have no relation with the Merchant Association all used their abilities to make themselves scarce as fast as possible either by running, riding a horse or using their abilities.

No one wants to be caught by Lord Shadow, not after they see what Lord Shadow is capable of.

Emma eyes glistened with mischievousness as she also rides her horse and will be meeting her little birds to inform this matter.

Most importantly, the information about Will sudden appearance in the battle that stop Lord Shadow rampage.

Emma didn’t understand Will actions.

Lord Shadow alliance with the Seven Fairy will only weaken World Government hold on the Eastern Plain.

The directive from the Quorum was clear. Not to interfere in the matter of the League of Freedom.

The World Government might have unresolved business with the League of Freedom for the matter of the Hyperdrive but they would certainly not interfere if League of Freedom wanted to mess with Lord Shadow.

It was even beneficial for the World Government since Lord Shadow will have to contend with the people of the Western Plains.

The Seven Fairy is after all heralded as protector of the Western Plains.

And Emma has always been suspicious of Lily disappearance. Will has always cherished Lily.

The fact he did not do much investigating, has always been weighing in Emma heart.

‘Will is suspicious’ she whispered as she rides down the hill.

Maximoff was walking down the hill, his long brown hair waving around blown by the winds of the plains.

In the foot of the hill, he unslings his sniper. He takes a bullet in his pouch and in the bullet hole he put some kind of small vials.

The memory card recording of the battle between Lord Shadow and the Seven Fairy in liquid form.

‘The Merchant Associations does sell everything’ Maximoff mused. He put the bullet inside his sniper.

He then aims his sniper at the sky.

And he shot the bullet to the sky.

His sniper made of obsidian black like crystal then emits the sound of blast that sounds like a supersonic boom and the impact of the shot sunken the ground where he stood by five meters.

‘Transmission sent’ he said and the leisurely he walk down the hill. His mission is accomplished.

Takashi was walking towards the village smiling and laughing. Now that the battle has ended he can meet Sina.

He does not care about those so called expert like Lord Shadow or Seven Fairy. His objective has always been a duel with Sina in the matter of pills and herbs.

After his battle with Medicine Sage Liu Wenzhang, Takashi knows he is still not good enough.

People have been saying that ‘In the area of pills, there is Sina. In the area of Medicine, Liu Wenzhang.’

Even though Takashi is a Poison master, his poison pill can be neutralized by Medicine Sage Liu Wenzhang.

And if people wanted poisonous pill they can also come to Sina who can concoct not only miraculous pills but also poisonous pills with more variations and mutated effect then Takashi.

How could Takashi accept this?

The biggest blow is when Dragon of Echigo would rather plead Sina to concoct a pill for him instead of asking him to concoct a pill for him.

So, he is determined to compete with Sina and gain his confidence back in the path of poison making.

Meanwhile on the other side of the hill, a man with a gourd wine is drinking wine trying to be as drunk as possible but not being able to.

He then said in his sorrow.

‘Life and death, the heavens treat humans like straw dog

When will this battle and war end?

When will rulers stop fighting?

When will the world gain peace?

Fighting and killing, grudges and vendetta formed

When will these end?’

He then looked towards Eden and sighed.

‘The rise of such man is it a blessing or a catastrophe?’ Then he drinks his wine again and began mumbling again.

Before the five minuets are up, the Hill becomes deserted and the news of the battle spread through all the regions.


Azief and Will waited five minutes before they both goes to the Hill.

Azief brings out his saber and strike upon an unassuming hill which then broke the illusory barrier and protective barrier like it was a piece of appear being shredded and reveal the hill true face.

When they arrive at the hill, Azief and Will could see that the people in the Hill rushed out from it in a rash manners.

The tavern and the shops are left lying around and even the screens are not torn down but no one is around.

Garbage, wine glasses, variety of items is also left behind. It seems his threats worked wonderfully.

Azief closes his eyes and activated his Divine Sense and after making sure no one and nothing is around he take a sit at an abandoned restaurant and sigh.

‘Sit, Will. No one is here.’ Will also sighed and sits opposite Azief.

You mess up big time this time, brother Will said with a little smirk on his face.

Rarely in their journey together, there was a time Azief fall into other people plot.

But come to think of it, while he rarely falls into a plot, it was not like this is the first time he falls into another person plots.

Azief smile bitterly hearing Will reprimand.

It was not a reprimand but Azief think so. Even if it not Azief will take it as a reprimand. Truly this time, he nearly destroys his own interest.

Because of too many problems happening in this week, he was rash.

With Sina kidnapping and after that the attack of his village, he was forced to make a rash decision which ultimately could have endangered his interest of strengthening his force.

Azief then ask Will

‘How is the Seven Fairy?’

‘Injured but alive.’ Will replied

‘Good.’ Azief sighed in relief.

‘I could not thank you enough, Little Brother. But Raymond will suspect you as a mole if you return. And I heard what he did to spies. It’s not good’

‘I have my ways.’ Will replied nonchalantly

Azief nodded then he waves his hand and the wine in the nearby table flew towards him with a pair of wine glass and landed perfectly in front of Azief and Will.

Azief then pour the wine into both of their glass and then he sipped the wine.

Will also follow.

‘Lily?’ Azief suddenly asked.

‘In the Grain Palace with Budiman.’

‘She is safe then?’ Azief asked again his face clearly shows he was concerned.

Lily is someone that matters for Will and since it matters for Will, then it matters to him.

‘Safe as she could be in this new world’ Will chuckles a bit. Azief found nothing is funny and he was serious and concerned about Lily

‘When the time is right, we can bring her here. But….not now’ Azief said, looking at the distance and with a trace of regret he sighed.

‘Don’t worry. I understand your concern.’ Will said as he patted Azief back and Azief smiles helplessly.

He doesn’t want to seem heartless but he had to be and both of them understood.

The reason why Will and Azief both could not reveal Budiman and Lily is because the other forces believe that Budiman colluded with League of Freedom to steal the Hyperdrive from the World Government and it is better if that misunderstanding stay that way.

After all, that is how Will manages to get himself elected in the Quorum.

It was because of his contribution in helping uncovering the ‘plot’ of league of Freedom against the World Government.

As for Lily, she was a citizen of the World Government before she is reported missing.

If someone that is important to Will, the Dark Speedsters, one of the Quorum council members, found in Azief territory, what would the World Government thinks?

Azief then turns to another subject.

‘Have you gained more information?’ Azief asked.

Even though the matter of the Seven Fairy is also important the reason why Azief send Will to the World Government is for other reason.

‘A lot…but Hirate still does not trust me. He is wary of me. Raymond too. I managed to convince Lord Oreki though.’

‘Heh’ Azief snorted.

‘OF course he could not trust you. Since he could not read your mind how could he trust you?’

Will nod in agreement.

One of Will ability is his thinking process is abnormally fast. It is because of that Hirate mind powers could not penetrate Will mind. But that doesn’t mean he is a genius. It is just that his thinking process is fast.

‘About the matter I ask you? Azief suddenly ask and Will nodded as he smiles bitterly

‘It is confirmed.’

‘Then it is really true.’ Azief sighed

‘Yes’ Will reply.

‘The levels concepts are taken from the Nervian Race that inhabits the Mtrainan system. Their world operates by different laws where everything has levels even inanimate objects. The cultivation like abilities is similar to the concept of the Dao of Jade Palace.’

‘The Three Thousand Myriad Worlds with Nine Heavens and Nine Hells ruled by Yu Wang the Jade Emperor’ Azief said as he remembers a very terrible memory.

‘Then the runes?’ Azief asked again as his eyes shines with enlightenment.

‘Asgardian and the Eight Realms, like we have always hypothesizes’ Will reply.

‘Our previous hypothesis is confirmed.’ Will said but even though it seems like something that should be celebrated they both looked solemn.

‘Yes, there is no doubt about it.’ Azief nodded as the puzzle in his mind began solving itself and unconsciously he smiles.

‘The World Orb incorporates the abilities of these superpower race abilities and laws and bestows it upon Earth.’

Will added as he remembers that Lab in World Government that house that otherworldly creature.

‘From our knowledge we know that the World Orb is originally into Seven Fragment and each of the great power in the Universe has one of these fragments. If our hypothesis is correct, then the World Orb is the combination of these seven fragment combined into one creating the World Orb.’ Azief said with confidence.

Will nodded.

‘And if that is true, then that means the news we heard on Nilfheim is also true. That Odin Allfather convenes the meeting of Quon and urges the Seven Great Intergalactic Rulers to merge this fragment to help Earth combat the Weronians.’ Azief added.

Will then smiles as he said

‘True, but I don’t think that the Seven Great Intergalactic Rulers expect that we could learn all their greatest abilities. After all while Asgardian is famed for their rune magic, they do not possess the Eternal Armament Crafting of the Olympians nor do they possess the Dao of the Jade Palace. But we humans have transcended these limitations.’

Azief then look at the sky and then his face darkens.

‘Then we must be ready. We must be prepared. One day, those great intergalactic powers will surely come down from the Heavens and come to Earth to take back the World Orb. We are entering a new dawn of war. A higher level of warfare.’

Will nodded and understands the severity of Azief words.

After all, they both seen and suffers many things during these four years together, traveling the universes, ending up many times in strange and dangerous places.

But the most important things they have learned in their journeys, is the mysteries of the world and the universe.

Both of them is seeing further than anyone else on Earth right now. And they need to hundred steps ahead to counter those colossal forces residing outside of Reality and Time.

Azief and Will discover that the Seven Intergalactic Power resided only in Universe Prime and not in any multiverse.

Azief and Will believes this is because they live outside the Reality and Time of this world, or any worlds, an eternally unchanging and immutable reality and time, making them unaffected with timeline changes or time paradox.

They will always exist but only in Universe Prime the only Universe that matters. The Universe that holds the World Orb.

Then Azief said to Will.

‘Since you are already here, I need you to help me to bring all my troops back to the village so I could quickly organize back my force. Is that ok with you?’

Will nodded.

‘Since I already did this much, it doesn’t matter if I do more.’

‘If this will make you harder to explain to the Quorum-‘

‘No, instead this will make it easier.’

‘Really?’ Azief smirked as he was also curios on how Will can convince the Quorum that he is not a spy after he returns.

‘Ok, since you said it like that.’ Azief nodded in agreement.

Since Will said it is fine, he must have his own plans.

Then Azief explains

‘I can also use my hyper speed but you know since we got back, there is this suppression on my speed. I’m not like you who can tap into the Speed Source. I’m not a speedster. I was not as fast like on Earth Two. And it even uses my essence. And we both know you were always the fastest one-‘

Will was smiling proudly before Azief suddenly added

‘On land.’ And Will smiles halted and he looked at Azief like he couldn’t believe what he just heard

‘You think I can’t beat you in a race?’ Will said puffing out his chest

‘Let me remind you, I beat you once’ Azief said smiling with a hint of pride.

‘With style, I must add’ Azief added.

‘That was before the Speed Source.’ Will retorted rolling his eyes at Azief inability to accept a loss.

‘Still.’ Azief reply smiling smugly

Will could not help but laugh and then said.

‘Fine. One day you and I will have another race and I will run so fast you could only eat my dust’ Azief chuckles

‘Yeah, in your dreams.’

‘You think I’m joking? Set a time and place!’ Will said enthusiastically as they both look at each other like they could rip each other throats.

They are friends. They are brothers. But they are also rivals.

While Azief got him beat on the strength part, Will is proud of his speed. He could claim himself to be the fastest man alive.

Azief was not the only one developing a forceful and domineering personality in those four years.

Will was also like that. And his pride stems from his speed.

Will does not believe Azief was faster than him. Not by a long shot. Stronger than him? Undeniable!

Faster than him? Impossible!

They both look at each other with tension building up in the air, electricity crackling from Will body and dark aura surging up from Azief feet.

The wine is long forgotten.

Looking at each other with hostility they smirked at each other and then they suddenly laugh

‘HAHAHAHA!’ Azief laughed.

‘Fine. One day, I will set the time and place. You must come or people would surely say you are a coward!’ Azief said still laughing.

‘You can bet on it!’ Will said as he was also laughing.

They were old friends. More than that, they were brothers. They argue. They mocked each other.

They tease each other.

But they also bring each other up.

They could beat each other black and blue, but they surely as hell would not let others beat them black and blue.

They would bleed for each other; sacrifice their lives for each other. To find a bosom friend in this world is hard but Azief and Will is lucky.

Then Will got up and gives Azief a brotherly hug.

‘After I delivered your troops at the village I will not stop by. I need to return immediately to the World Government or I really could not explain to the Quorum.’

Azief nodded and release the hug.

‘I understand.’ Then he gave a pill to Will and said

‘This will be helpful for you.’ Will look at the pill and was shocked because he recognize the pill.

He smiles and then he turns back from Azief and turns into a bolt of blue lightning crossing the Plains in a matter of seconds as Will searches for Azief troops.

Azief closes his eyes and calm himself down as he slowly floats to the clouds. He then opened his eyes and his eyes were as calm as an undisturbed lake.

‘The Seven Fairy’ he said as he looks at a faraway direction. His senses already determine where the Sven Fairy is.

‘I need to apologize and handle this misunderstanding well. Thankfully none of the Seven Fairy is dead.’

‘Will truly save me from making a big mistake.’

Then he broke supersonic speed in a second as he flew towards the Seven Fairy to invite them back into the village.


I actually wanted to post this on Monday but I might be swamp with matters that day, so this is the chapter for Monday.

This chapter reveals that Azief and Will once went to the Eight Realms and if you really read it you also would have seen Azief had bad memories in the Jade Palace.

Next chapter, the village will be transformed into a large city, migration of many people to the central plains, the Seven Fairy and their decision and the general consensus of the world about Lord Shadow growing strength in the Central Plains.


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