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The fight is still continuing amidst the destruction, amidst the burning and destroyed village with the people of the village already ran out from the village gate and shielded themselves around some hills with Meng Yuan leading them out.

The forces of the Seven Fairy are also doing the same thing led out by some of the younger ones in the Seven Fairy camp.

The sword which is thrust out towards Azief eyes was swiftly evaded with the most minimal movement, almost like Lord Shadow could see the trajectory of their sword perfectly.

The illusory images of the two dragons soar behind Azief and hit the hill behind Azief about five kilometers away and the hill instantly exploded as the soil shot out to the clouds.

Azief positioned himself in the center between the two swords and flick his finger to the tip of both of the swords.

His flick of a finger holds the weight of a mountain and when the flick collided with the sword Doyeon and Yoojung felt like their hand was almost ripped out as they tried not to release their swords.

Doyeon was on his left and so she was thrown to the left almost a mile away. Yoojung was on his right and so she was thrown to the right a mile away.

‘The proud formation of the Seven Fairy has been broken!’ The people looking at the screen shouted in shock.

‘The formidable and mysterious formation of the Seven Fairy has been broken!’ Another exclaimed in awe

‘What use of formation and sword skill when meet with an indestructible force?’

‘What did I say?’ Xu Cong said while sipping his cup of wine.

And the crowd nodded while the man with the wine gourd just smiles bitterly

Yoojung and Doyeon which was separated a mile away look at the calm face of Lord Shadow and were frightened.

They never felt so much hopelessness before in their journey than right now.

They had known long ago that their opponent was superior to them but they didn’t think the gap was this big.

Azief looked at the Five Fairy who is now around each other, each with a stance, ready to attack.

‘Kneel and accept your judgment’ Azief said.

Nayoung then said

‘Lord Shadow, hear our explanation first before rashly deciding.’

‘No explanation! Your judgment is death!’

He yelled and his yell was infused with his golden and black aura, death and holiness combined opening the clouds on top of his head and pierces the wind, his declaration could be heard all over the Central Plains.

The air around him ripples and the land beneath his feet cracked, invaded by a black miasma that seems to originate from Azief feet.

Nayoung bitterly smiles and know there are no other choice then a death match and her hesitation to fight disappeared.

‘Five Dragon Biting the Immortals Formation!’ she ordered and Somi nodded and immediately took her position in the center.

Nayoung and Sejeong took the left and right, Sohye and Chungha took the rear and illusory images of Five White Dragons in a vast starry sky appears, fighting with an Immortal shrouded in azure aura.

The illusory image was magical and mysterious, contained inside the illusory image is killing intent that could pressure the stars and the universe, as the five dragons bites the azure Immortal rendering him immobile and trapped.

Inside the illusory image is the crux of the Five Dragon Biting the Immortals Formation.

‘HYARGH!’ They shouted as their attributes are all wring out and condensed into their strike.

Then they released the strokes and the illusory image was absorbed in their stroke, the Five Dragons enter at the tip of the swords, while the image of the Azure Immortals exploded into tiny particles of light that covered the clouds of Eden unleashing energy that could rip apart worlds and dims the sky.

All existence below Energy Disperse Stage nearby all coughed blood and experience their Pillars and Orb shaken and cracked.

At the hill, some of the lower level user could also feel the fluctuation of energy and shudder to imagine if they were the one that has to accept that attack.

Even with its defensive shield up in the hill erected by the Merchant Association, the pressure still able to reach and frighten those spectators.

In the village, Azief just snorted in anger.

The strokes attacks are all aimed at Azief chest, sides and back as the sword strikes disappear and appears at weird position all around Azief surrounding.

Each stance they used was intended to kill and annihilate.

Azief could no longer hold back his anger and roars

‘ARGHH!’ the land beneath his feet cracked forming a web like patterns on the ground while the wind around him exploded into wind gales, the air around him cracked and dissipate.

Golden light filled the area and sound of explosion can be heard inside Azief body as his bones also shines with divine energy.

Azief shot out his right hand filled with the momentum of a descending heavenly mountain; his first and second fingers opened and held the sword stroke essence of the sword.

He twisted his wrist inwards, as Laws converge around his fingers, the Laws of Death, and then he pinched the sword essence and it exploded into shards of sword essence before being devoured by Azief black aura.

His experience surged up as he could feel his understanding towards sword essence increases.

Azief then opened his arms wide and then golden aura exploded from his body and nullifies all the sword stroke essence and the roar of a regretful dragon echoes in the Central Plains when the sword stroke essence was nullified.

‘The sword essence was broken!’ Somi shouted in shock. She could not hide her shock especially how easy it is for Lord Shadow to broke that formation

‘This is not the end, Seven Fairy!’ Azief said

Then Azief appears suddenly in front of Somi who was in the center of the position.

Somi was shocked at Lord Shadow incredible speed but quickly regain her calm and thrust out her sword, and once again his first and second fingers opened and held the sword.

He twisted his wrist inward, his elbows now facing Somi nose. Somi tries to use her strength to pull the sword free, but it wouldn’t budge.

It was like the sword was stuck between mountains and could never be taken away.

‘Hmph’ Azief snorted

Then Azief moves his elbows to her face, and Somi knew that if she didn’t die from it, she would be seriously hurt so she let go and jumped back, her feet glided on the ground, backing away like a feather being blown away by the wind.

Azief smiles maliciously and then said

‘You think you can come and go as you please? I am not Lord Shadow if I don’t teach you manners.’

Somi thought she has passed the danger zone after evading Azief elbows.

But how would she know that Azief elbows strike was like a gale of sharp wind and even after she let go, the elbow strikes turns into a gale of wind and shot straight to Somi face like a sharp sword.

Somi make a X defense stance with her arms shielding her face and then a scream could be heard as she was thrown back two miles away from her position.

Her arms were covered with deep gash of wounds, blood flowed without stop, dripping and pooling around Somi. All of this happened in just a mere ten seconds.

Azief level of power is at the level where he could do what he wanted. It didn’t matter if he lifted his hand or raised his foot; the result would be the same.

Now on his fingers is the sword of one of the Seven Fairy. He moved the fingers of his right hand and the sword stood erect, the handle flicking upwards.

Nayoung who was on the left and the closest to Lord Shadow, with eyes full of determination, thrust out her sword aiming at his neck.

Azief grabbed Somi sword and lightly deflect Nayoung sword strike and after a clashing sound, Nayoung was forced to move ten steps backwards as she coughed up black blood from her mouth.

Nayoung sword was trembling, and her right arm is broken, her body was shaking in pain, even her breathing is labored and hard.

When the light strike of Azief clash with Nayoung full power strike, it was like Azief light strike hold the weight of the heavenly mountains, forcing Nayoung to suffer such grievous injury.

Nayoung look at Lord Shadow and she had an expression of unwillingness.

She is not willing to die here. She is not willing to become other people victim of machinations.

She is not willing to be wronged like this.

But even as she was thinking of this, her eyes grew heavy. Her body felt cold. Her hands relaxed. And she knew her time had come.

She remembers her family and her sisters. She looks left and right and saw the destruction resulted because of their battle.

She then said

‘I’m not willing’

Then the sword from Nayoung hand loosens and falls from her hand.

She no longer had any energy to hold the sword erect and then collapsed to the ground, her internal organs is in a mess.

The Death aura that Azief has used since the beginning has begun to kill her nerve and organs and her body is slowly shutting down.

Death is approaching her.

Sejeong who was on the right shouted in anger

‘NO! NAYOUNG UNNIE!’ then she looked at Azief and shouted in anger.

‘YOU KILLER!’ She shouted with a craze in her eyes. Sohye and Chungha also hurls insult and gritted their teeth in anger.

Sejeong, Sohye and Chungha extended theirs sword surrounding Azief.

‘Hmph’ Azief snorted, looking at this trivial three Energy Disperse Stage Realm user with contempt and disdain.

Sejeong performed a move with an illusory Red Dragon image behind her enforcing her every move.

Her body is shrouded with red aura that seems to symbolize madness and war. With each steps taken, the land around her burns and exploded.

And the momentum of her sword is like a raging tsunami.

This sword is heading straight for Azief chest. Azief chuckled and thought to himself ‘They are still overestimating themselves.

Could not think straight in anger, truly will not be anything great in the future.

Guided by emotions and running amok, if you were strong you are someone to be feared. If you are someone weak, that just shows your lack of judgment.

Even as he saw the tip of the sword coming towards him, he was calm like an undisturbed lake, as he held his second finger with his thumb and flicked out at the sword tip.

Then a noise rings out and Sejeong couldn’t hold on to the sword any longer, as her finger and arms were broken almost instantly and the webbed skin on her fingers ripped apart flowing with blood.

The red aura devoured into nothingness, and the red dragon exploded. Azief black and golden aura now has a tinge of red aura.

Azief smiles at this unexpected benefit.

The sword was released in midair and falls down and stuck itself on the ground with the tip entering the ground first.

But when the sword was stuck on the ground, it was at the time another two screams rang out.

The people looking at the screen on the hill could not help but exclaimed

‘How could Lord Shadow be that fast?’

‘It is almost as fast like the Dark Speedster!’

The reason for their shock is because when the sword was in midair, Azief didn’t wait for the sword to come down when two more flicks followed after his last attacks, followed by two ringing sound and the handles of the other two swords were up in the air, the sword blades white aura dimmed as it also landed on the ground.

It was a simple flick of the fingers, who would have thought it contained so much force that it could make the Seven Fairy to relinquish their swords.

The Seven Fairy without their swords is as weak as an Orb Condensing User.

The Three Fairy who was conscious could not help but be confused. They didn’t understand how could their sword so easily be taken away and so easily like this?

The seven of them could not even use the Big Dipper Formation since the beginning.

The gap of power is too high.

To execute the Big Dipper Formation all seven of them is needed. Even if they had one less person, the whole formation would breakdown.

If not how would they have this humiliation today?

The reason why they fail is because of their gap of power and the gap of speed. Azief speed is one of the fastest in the world, second only to Will.

Combine that with his strength, the seven fairy never had a chance from the beginning.

This is the reason why Nayoung from the beginning exercise caution yet in the end the Seven Fairy still fall to other people plots.

The three girl look at Lord Shadow, their eyes is still full of determination. Instead of fear in their eyes, it was defiance.

‘I will finish you three first’ Azief said coldly.

And then he thrust his palm out to the sky as energy suddenly converge on his palm.

The clouds in the sky turns into mist of water, the land beneath his feet sunk four meters deeps as the grass in twenty meter radius wilted and dies, as life essence near him was exterminated and revolve into mist like dark miasma that converge on his palm.

The force generated was strong as the wind produce a sound like of a rotating blades of a helicopter.

Then the three of them suddenly feel a strong force pulling them closer to Lord Shadow.

They try to resist the wind pressure but to their amazement, they were like insect caught in a wild tempest.

Then after they reach five meter distance from Azief, Azief thrust out his palm and said

‘This is your judgment!’ And he thrust out his palm and the clouds in the sky turns dark and lightning covered the sky.

Death reigns supreme!

The three of them closes their eyes, resigning to their death but unwilling in their heart.

But it was at this time a blue lightning pierces sound and collided with the palm attack producing a gigantic explosion of lightning and dark essence.

The village exploded with hundreds of houses and almost all of the buildings in the village were blown into dust.

The manor of the village was also blown up with the bricks of the manor was blown a hundred kilometers away because of the impact.

The shockwave of the colliding force circle the world one time.

Azief was shock because he knew who this blue lightning belongs to. Speed Source. That word come into his mind.

There is only one person he knows that could produce this lightning bolt.

With the proximity of the explosions and the colliding force of blue lightning and the palm strike, the Seven Fairy should have exploded into bits of meat.

Even Sejeong thought so as she closes her eyes but when she opens her eyes she found herself hundreds of miles away from Lord Shadow.

On her left and right, were tranquil creek of river water, with green trees and chirping of birds.

It was like she was transported into a paradise compared to the hellish battle she was fighting a moment ago.

With all her unconscious sister beside her, some still unconscious while some is injured….but alive.

Then Sejeong looked the man just a feet away from her. The man was shrouded in blue lightning.

Crackling sound of electricity can be heard with every movement he makes. His feet were covered with the lightning and one could only make blurry figures of his feet since it was covered by the lightning.

He was tall and skinny with black leather suits that covered his body.

The man looks at her while looking at the direction of the destroyed and burning village and said.

‘I will resolve the misunderstanding between your sisters and Lord Shadow. Wait for me. And take this’ he tossed a pill to Seong and Sejeong receive it.

‘It could heal your sister’s injuries.’ Then with a step of his foot, he turned into a bolt of blue lightning and disappears leaving a trail blaze of blue fire.

‘Will the Dark Speedster’ Sejeong said in a daze..


Oreki could produce Lightning too if anyone do not remember. But Azief only knows Will that could produce lightning bolt among his circle of friend’s.

Hope you like this chapter. Battle from beginning to end. Some may like it. Some may hate it. Anyway, leave comments.

And now onto the bad news. I will take a two week hiatus. My old illness is acting up again so I have to rest for a bit.

Hope you all can leave many comments and your thoughts on what should happen next. I already have my plots but if your suggestion could make something light up inside my mind, then maybe I can change the plot like the plots with the messenger.


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