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The fires still burn brightly on the battlements with bodies hanging in eerie position. Some were nail to the place they die.

The field has hundreds of cold dead corpse.

Blood flows on the field like tears from the sky. Pieces of meat stuck on the ground, like a weird plant sprouting from the ground.

The smokes still spilling out to the peaceful horizon. The tragic battle has ended. But the war has just begun.

When the battle began the resident of Eden were about six hundred people give or take. By the end, only three hundred remains.

(Ok, now remember the chapter 91 as I summaries the population of Eden. At first the population of Eden was 315. Loki, Sofia and Wang Jian manage to bring back four hundred people more or less when they were being called to the Forest Border Region.

So, now we have about seven hundred people more or less in Eden. Wang Jian travelled with 100 troops with him teleported by all the reserve Teleport Stone that Eden has.

Now, the people in the village are six hundred people give or take. 200 troops were not teleported and marched through the Plains while Wang Jian troops have already engaged with the forces of the Forest Region.

Now, the population present at Eden is about 400 people give or take. But then Azief stop the rescue operation and send a sound transmission to the 200 hundred people who are not yet far away from Eden to return home.

Now, bolstered by this cavalry, Eden has 600 people.

Keep in mind, that when the battle began, Wang Jian and his 100 troops are riding the plains to Eden as opposed to Azief, Sina, and Sofia who is flying through the clouds with the chariot.

So when the battle began the two hundred strong cavalry was Wang Jian 200 strong cavalry. And the population in Eden was around 600 people. I explained this so people would understand.)

Jeon Somi was standing up, pacing back and forth inside the room. Then looking nervous she looks outside the window of the manor.

She could see soldiers of Eden being tied up. The weak and the people who have no combat abilities were detained.

Since the Seven Fairy has Energy Disperse Stage level, they act as deterrent for the people of Eden to attack the Seven fairy weak people.

Most of the Western Plains people that Seven Fairy leads is comprised of the young, old, infirm, weak and children. There are a few young and adults at the beginning but most of them decided to brave the dangerous plains and seek safety at the Forest Region, leaving most of the weak on the Western Plains.

If not for the Seven Fairy, the Western Plains would be conquered by the Mountain Clan.

Even though the Seven Fairy advises the young to stay, they keep arguing that the Forest Region is safer and keep migrating only to die halfway on the journey.

They either get killed by other people, robbed by experts or eaten by powerful beast.

Reckless and brave, youth is wasted on the young.

The only reason why the Seven Fairy did not migrate and live an easy life on the Forest Region is because they could not abandon the people of the Western Plains and primarily because the situation of the Seven Fairy is unique.

All Seven of them still have their parents, alive and safe. Some of them even still have their grandmothers and grandfathers who survived the Fall.

How could they leave each other family and embark on an easygoing life alone?

Somi keep watching her people securing vital military positions, while the old, young and the woman enter the wooden house of the village and stake their claim.

‘They are too impatient’ Somi thought to herself.

She did not invade this village yet or to be more accurate the requirement to invade the village is not yet fulfilled.

But it’s not like she wanted to conquer this village, and even if she did conquer this village, Somi didn’t think she has the capability to keep it for long

After all that is not the reason why she flee the Western Plains.

Somi is now in a bind. While they managed to storm the village and emerges victorious, Somi knows she has just invited a calamity to their group.

Not to mention, the people responsible for this tragedy is still not caught. The officers that initiated the first attack are nowhere to be seen.

If not for that officers losing all sense of decorum, would she storm and attack this village?

The village has been completely under the control of the Seven Fairy and there is even a status window appears that ask her if she wanted to conquer and the prerequisite to invade a village.

Since not all of the villagers is surrendering or get captured and she didn’t catch anyone who has the authority to surrender she couldn’t fully gain control of the village.

None of them surrenders. Especially the soldiers. Their eyes are full of hope. And Somi understand.

Loki the Trickster, Wang Jian the White Tiger, Sofia the Divine Archer and Lord Shadow. Each and every one of them is formidable.

How could they be afraid when hope is alive?

‘Hah’ she sighed

But her ten thousand people, which is now around 800 people is enough to keep the resident of the village under suppression for a while.

She also spotted Nayoung unnie taking a few soldiers to the interrogation room. Nayoung designated one of the house as an interrogation room and began her interrogation

The leader of the Seven Fairy is Im Nayoung, the oldest and the calmest.

It was her that advises Jeon Somi not to take control of the village just yet. Simply because Lord Shadow is not here yet.

It would be a big blow if after escaping the monster horde they will now die facing Lord Shadow.

Leave a way out for yourselves Nayoung always said to her.

It is easy after the Seven Fairy combine their strength to take the village. After all, the village has no Energy Disperse Stage expert.

Not to mention Loki the Trickster, Sofia the Divine Archer, and Wang Jian the White Tiger is not here.

Each one of those three is an Energy Disperse Expert proficient in battle.

Lady Sofia is proficient in ranged attack. Loki the Trickster is proficient in stealth attack and scheming.

Wang Jian the White Tiger is a genius in leading men into battle.

If any one of those three is here, the Seven Fairy would not so easily dismantle the defense of this village.

Then a voice startled Somi.


‘Um..Doyeon unnie.’ Somi look behind her, looking at Kim Doyeon lying down on the bed of the manor.

She forgets that Doyeon is inside the room with her.

Doyeon white dress had some drops of red blood stain on her but that only adds to the beauty and elegance of Doyeon white dress.

‘What now?’ Doyeon suddenly ask

‘I……’ she hesitated in answering instead she sulk and said ‘ask Nayoung unnie. She’s the leader.’ Somi said with a slightly raised tone. She felt like she is being blamed for something

‘Yeah, but you attack.’

‘Because they attack us. And if I remember right you also follow me attacking them’ Somi said slightly her face fell

‘Fiercely’ she added

‘I was swept by the moment.’ Doyeon said showing an innocent smile.

‘Hmph’ Somi sulk and turn her back. Then Doyeon get up from bed and hug her from behind.

‘Don’t sulk, Somi. I’m not angry at you. But, we couldn’t afford a battle with Lord Shadow right now. I don’t know much about Lord Shadow but what I know from the news I got from the Merchant Association, he is very powerful’ and Doyeon look serious.

Somi weakly nodded as Doyeon release her hugs.

‘You know, Somi, you might be strongest out of the seven of us but you are too rash’

Somi did not say anything and just pouted.

Seeing this Doyeon doesn’t have the heart to keep berating her. After all she is just a child. A sixteen years old kid….who is insanely powerful.

She is the center of the formation and her sword essence is the densest among all the seven.

Without her support, most of the formation of the Seven Killing Star would crumble.

Many people called them the Seven Fairy but that is what people called them.

Their class is actually the Seven Killing Star. Stronger together. Weaker apart.

The requirement for this class is that it has to be seven people who trust each other and must work well together.

Most of the user who first saw the requirement would discard this kind of class.


Because most people like to believe in themselves and individual prowess.

Most people who have the opportunity to step into unique class will choose class that has certain personal ability and specialties like Lord Shadow, or Dark Knight.

Some because they don’t have seven friends to choose this class since this class is dependent on backing, supporting, helping and saving each other and also the requirement of seven people choosing this class.

Not many people, after the Fall could trust people so easily with their back.

But Sohye, Doyeon, Yoojung, Nayoung, Chungha, Sejeong and Somi were overjoyed when the seven of them read the description of the unique class.

All seven of them were friends.

Jeon Somi was the youngest and was a popular girl in her school because of her beauty and is also the daughter of a famous actor.

Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon are friends and is a trainee at an entertainment company. Im Nayoung is an intern an advertising company.

Kim Sejeong was the girl that saves these girls from getting eaten by stiff in the beginning of the Fall.

Kim Sohye was rescued by Doyeon in a fiery building.

Because of the life and death experience they encounter together they became the best of friends as close as siblings.

So when they wanted to choose a class, they all decided unanimously to choose the class Seven Killing Star.

United they are strong. Apart they are weak. It doesn’t matter if their levels are not on par with their enemy.

As they activated the formation and as long as their stance is not broken, their position unbreachable, they will not likely suffer defeats.

When the White Explosion happens, maybe because of their class, they were transported together.

They then scour the Plains and managed to reunite with their family on the Western Plains. After that they carve their own territories near the Red Mountain on the Western Plains.

They usually clash with the Mountain Clans that occupied the Red Mountain.

Even though Doyeon look serious, she also doesn’t know how to solve the problem they had now.

They come here because they wanted an alliance.

They even sent a messenger bird to the village after they found out about the village but they were no respond.

But then the Seven Fairy hear about the battle between Sasha and Lord Shadow, so they all concluded it was because Lord Shadow is not in his village and he didn’t get their letters.

They also heard that Lord Shadow then began surrounding the Forests Region border with Wang Jian leading the charge.

Im Nayoung, Somi and Doyeon once clashed with the Divine Archer and the Trickster so they wanted to resolve the misunderstanding first so they sent another messenger bird.

Since Somi manages to get a shred of Sina clothes last time, Somi uses her scent as the guide for the messenger bird.

But then the Mountain Clans come down the mountains and the Monster horde follows them down led by a Godly rank monster.

A Godly rank monster is equal to a Seed Forming user.

So, they had to leave immediately, leading the people in an exodus, to flee from the large monster horde.

The Mountain Clans that follow them was decimated by the Godly rank monster before the monster suddenly stop and sleep with ten thousands of monsters behind it, waiting.

But of course, she and her people couldn’t wait. So, they decided to form alliance with Eden.

Forest Region is out of the question since Narleod is there.

When they reach just a few kilometers away from the village, they sent another messenger.

But as they were waiting in peace, suddenly the cavalry come attacking. Even as Kim Doyeon thinks of it, she felt weird.

‘Oh, Nayoung unnie’ Doyeon suddenly exclaimed.

Somi also look at the direction that Doyeon is looking. Nayoung look distressed when she come out of the interrogation room and she seems to be coming to the manor.

‘She seems distraught’ Somi observed. Doyeon nodded while she felt the feeling of something wrong is getting stronger.

‘Let’s meet her.’ They both come down to the Hall where Nayoung was about to jump to the second floor.

That was the level of urgency the news Nayoung was about to tell them.

‘Whoa, unnie. Hold your horses. What makes you so distraught?’

‘This is bad, Somi.’ Nayoung said, her face was pale like a white sheet of paper.

‘What? What’s the problem?’ Somi ask as she too could feel something is wrong looking at the calm leader looking like that.

‘Someone is plotting against us!’ And as Nayoung said this, there is also a trace of anger in her tone.

‘What do you mean?’ Doyeon ask as she come closer to Nayoung and hold her hand.

‘Our messenger is dead.’ Nayoung said as she feel herself calm down, holding Doyeon hand.

‘Yeah, I deducted that much’ Doyeon said. Nayoung shakes her head.

‘No, you don’t understand why he died’

‘Isn’t it because Eden wanted to destroy us? Even after we repeatedly send them message of peace.’ Somi said, with a tone of dissatisfaction

‘No. No. No, that not how it happens.’ Nayoung said and she continued

‘The soldiers that we interrogated all said that the messenger we sent to the village declares that the Seven Fairy demand Eden surrender or the village will be burn to the ground and every man, woman and child will be killed if they do not comply.’

‘What! Impossible! We never send that kind of message. That soldier is lying.’

Somi said in anger as her sharp aura accidentally leaked and terrifying sharp essence filled the manor

‘Calm down’ Doyeon said as she looks at Somi. Somi take a breath and her aura was sucked back into her body.

Nayoung continue

‘That’s what I thought at first so I ask him how is he so confident. Did he see our messenger said those words, or did he hear our messenger saying it?’


‘Their captain is the one who accept the messenger to come inside the village. When the messenger was allowed in, he was then brought to the captain. The captain then talks a few minutes before suddenly a commotion happened. When the officer I interrogated enters the room of the captain, he saw the messenger head was rolling in the ground. When that recruit asked the captain why he killed the messengers, the captain said that the messenger was asking Eden to surrender and told the soldiers that we came to conquer and pillage the village of its resources.’

‘This…I..’ Somi stuttered as she doesn’t know what to make of this.

‘But that’s not all’ Nayoung said as her face turned grim and anger could be seen in her expression.

‘This captain is the same captain who incited the cavalry attack on our people. It wasn’t until I check the belongings of the dead that I piece all the information. One of the first officers that died in our attack was wearing the Thousand Face Pendant.’

Doyeon face turned pale.

‘League of Freedom!’ Doyeon shouted in shock.

Nayoung face turned grim and nodded.

Even though League of Freedom thought that the Seven Fairy has never had any contact with them and is neutral towards them what Narleod doesn’t know is that one of the Seven Fairy family once served under the banner of the League of Freedom and learn of the true nature of the leader of that organization.

Because of that the Seven Fairy has always been cautious of the League of Freedom.

‘There is no doubt that Narleod is behind this. He would not let the Seven Fairy allied itself with Lord Shadow.’ Nayoung said as she balled her fist in anger and frustration

‘So what do we do now, unnie?’ Somi ask. She doesn’t like being other people chess piece and this feeling of being manipulated leave a bad taste in Somi mouth.

Nayoung nodded and immediately tell of her plans.

‘We have to tell our people to vacate the city and wait outside the village. We have to resolve this misunderstanding. We wait for Lord Shadow to come and explain our side of the story. This scheme of Narleod is really good!’ Nayoung smiles bitterly.

Nayoung thought to herself.

Even though they could resolve the misunderstanding Nayoung don’t know what Lord Shadow reaction will be after learning that his 200 cavalry is now only 50 men strong cavalry.

But she at least has to resolve the misunderstanding first.

‘Now, come on. First we have to inform our people. Then we need to retreat as fast as possible from this village before it is too lat-‘

Just before Nayoung could finish her words, a shout of wrath pierces the sky of the Central Plains, even shaking the ground.

It was more than just a shout, it was a roar.

This sudden roar, which was accompanied by the sharp sound of wind being split, startled everyone present.

The clouds overhead the village roils and the wind scatter in disarray. A supersonic boom exploded in the clouds, making some of the soldiers closes their ears trying to dispel the noise.


Then all the Seven Fairy inside the village could feel their hairs all stand up as they sense a deadly killing intent is approaching the village when suddenly an explosion happens in the center of the village, leaving a 10 foot deep crater in the middle of the village.

It shakes the village while the people of the Seven Fairy were startled and some of them even fall to the ground.

The troops of Eden which now only numbered about 50 men, cheers. The resident of the village also shouted in happiness.

They come to this village because they were persuaded by Loki, Sofia and Wang Jian of the protection of a Seed Forming User.

It is worth it to come to this village.

Even though they are captured if a Seed Forming User personally comes to save them, how could these people that capture them be able to restrain them?

Now, they can finally see the Village Head.

And in the epicenter of that crater, after the dust settles, Sohye and Yoojung who was near the crater could see a man clothed in black aura, with a red saber on his right hand, blazing like a red sun.

He was just standing there, but his body emitted an aura of a God, and his gaze was as sharp as a sword.

His face shows wrath and fury like an Asura that crawls out from the deep torture of Hell.

Sohye and Yoojung quickly understand who the man on the center of the crater is. Lord Shadow.

Lord Shadow has return.

He has come.


On the Eastern Plain a man clad in blue lightning was deliberating some big decision. He was sitting in a sophisticated design seat made of wood

He was in his office and his eyes keep looking at the documents sent to him.

It seems my old friend will face a very sinister plot.

‘Should I move?’ and the man clad in the blue lightning hesitated.

He remembers how his friend reminds s him to never let his cover in World Government to be discovered.

He is Will. And he is Azief spy, important to Azief in procuring information.

Even when Azief was searching Sina , Azief did not call upon him. And Will understand why. If Sina is considered like Azief sister, then Will is considered to be Azief brother.

How could he risk Will life to save Sina? And at the time Raymond was doing full investigate measure to flush out the mole and Will doesn’t have the leisure to let his guard down.

Even Hirate is cautious of him now.

But now, should he stay here while Azief might be plotted terribly? He stands up from his seat and then deciding, lightning flashed inside his eyes and then he disappears from his office.


This week chapter is a lot shorter than most chapters. Next chapter is a lot longer. Are you dissatisfied? Good. That’s why I make it a double chapter this week. And thanks Dok for always commenting. Oh, forgot to day my usual sign off. Leave some comments and enjoy the chapter.


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