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The wind breezes by the golden chariot.

Sometimes aerial monster would try to attack the chariot traversing through the clouds, but each time they will be shot down by a streak of fire.

Inside that golden chariot there are four people. Two of them in perfect health, one is injured, while another is lying on a stretcher.

‘You know are you sure we should leave her alive?’ Sofia asked again looking at Sasha lying on the stretcher inside the chariot.

Sometimes Sasha will open her eyes but when she is tired she would closes her eyes. This is the side effect of the Potion she drank. The backlash is terrifying and painful.

Sina then chuckles.

‘I thought Azief had already made his decision. I follow our leader’

‘Still, it sounds like a stupid decision.’ Sofia said as she glares looking at Azief back.

‘You also agreed.’ Sina said as she is pouting

‘Because of you…but I still found it hard that she saves your life. Why won’t you tell us how? Maybe that will affect my feelings.’

‘I will tell you later’ Sina once again deflect that question

Right now, Azief, Sina, Sofia and Sasha are inside a golden chariot flying through the white clouds.

Azief was at the front looking in front, scanning for threats and killing monsters when necessary.

Sometimes his eyes shoot fireballs towards flying creatures and they were burned into crisp.

Sometimes a saber appears and vortex of winds strikes down the monsters. Other time Azief uses his Death Fist and turning the monsters into dust.

With Azief strength, there is rarely a monster on air that could hold him down for long. If there is, Azief would already sense the monsters and steer on other directions.

The chariots travels through the clouds in a relaxingly pace.

The reason is because the energy is from Energy Crystals that Sina had. The chariot had a slot that could use external energy and doesn’t have to always use the owner energy.

But Azief is still puzzled how on earth that Sina would have possession of the chariot instead of Sasha?

This is a Bloodbound Artifact. Unless given willingly this chariot will always belongs to Sasha unless she is dead.

If Azief went flying alone he could have arrived in the village in about an hour ago.

But the reason he stayed is because of Sina condition and because he is still wary of Sasha.

Even though Sasha is now just a weakling, Azief will learn not underestimate her again.

There is also the fact that the story of Sash saving Sina life is still vague and Sina doesn’t seem like she is in a mood to share.

Sofia was beside Sina applying herbs and ointments on her wounds. Sina was sitting beside Sasha stretcher.

‘How’re you feeling Sofia?’ ask as she is applying an ointment on Sina knee.

There is a scratch wound on her knees.

Even though Lee Sangmin did heal her injuries but the poison of the beast Sina and Sasha fought is not that easily erased or cured.

After a few hours without healers, the injury will resurface.

This is the problem with the source of her injuries and not in any part the fault of Lee Sangmin healers.

Smiling Sina replies.

‘Been a hell of a lot worse. If I can return to my Alchemy lab, I can fix myself up with some really nice stuff.’

Azief turn his face back to check up on Sina condition from time to time and he smiles proudly.

‘You did good. You did real good’ Azief voice reached Sina ears. Sina smiles and ask

‘It’s nothing. Though next time I should wear that armour that you give me every day. It seems our life will not be as peaceful as I thought. And here I thought after Azief turns to Seed Forming we will have no enemy. Instead he manages to find one. Haii’ Sina then laugh

And hearing this Sofia couldn’t help but chuckles a bit.

‘Blame our resident troublemaker here’ Sofia said as she glances at Azief and Azief coughs embarrassedly as he look in front again

‘Anyway, thank you Sina.’ Hearing this Sina was puzzled

‘Thank you for what?’ she ask

Azief turn his head and look at Sina in front of his eyes, battered, beaten….but alive. And that fills him with gratitude.

‘Thanks……for being alive.’ Sina hearing this was shocked and touched in her heart. Sofia also smiles a bit.

‘You know, sometimes you act like a softie, Azief. I’m not familiar with this new you.’

Azief chuckles.

‘Get used to it’

Sofia on the other hand still looks at the unconscious figure of Sasha and clicked her tongue.

‘Azief, you really would spare her? She nearly took the life of our Sina. I say we off her.’

‘Sofia!’ Sina shouted shooting a glare to Sofia.

‘What? She did try to kill you.’

‘She kidnaps me. There is a difference.’

‘Oh yeah.’ Sofia replied sarcastically.

‘Oh, yeah, that’s the dream. Being kidnapped. Sure, we just let her off. Kidnapping is better. It is loads better. You do know that she kidnapped you intending to sell you to the World Government right? After our last fiasco with the World government, are you sure that bastard Hirate won’t just fry your mind with his creepy mind powers?’

Sina sighed

‘I know. She told me.’

‘Then, what’s the problem? What is the matter with you? Are you suffering from Stockholm syndrome or something?’

Sina look at the lying Sasha, gasping for air, trembling in her muscles and cold sweats on her forehead  and she said.

‘What we experienced in that forest….is not something you can imagine.’

Azief look at Sina his gaze burns like asking her the question he wanted to ask but Sina said

‘In the Forest Region, there is a secret. A dark secret. A dangerous secret. I will not tell you here. Too dangerous.’

Azief juts look at Sina for a while and nodded and then he turn his direction back to the front.

‘Azief?’ Sofia turned to Azief as she becomes more exasperated with Sina behavior.

‘Sina want me to spare her. I’ll spare her.’

‘Is that it? Just because she said to spare her you’ll spare her. I didn’t know you were an obedient little boy. Hmph’ Sofia humphed in dissatisfaction

‘That’s not all.’ And Azief look at Sasha deeply and there is still anger in his eyes but he contains it.

‘Every time I look at her face, I will remember. Every time I become cocky or overconfident, I will look at her face, and I’ll remember. I’ll remember what happens when I underestimate my enemy. If only for that reason, I’ll spare her.’

‘Anyway, now that we are talking Sofia tell me about the Seven Fairy.’ Sofia was corking the vials of the blue ointment and she replied saying

‘You should ask Loki about it. He’s the one who stole the documents from the World Government threat list.’

‘I can’t really ask him right now could I?’

‘Who told you to punish him?’

‘I was angry.’

Sina who did not understand anything ask Sofia

‘Azief angry at Loki? What did he do now?’ Sofia eyes brightened and then she started spilling everything to Sina

After finishing telling the story, Sina look at Azief and ask

‘That’s why you punish him? Because he urges you to leave? Form what I understand Sofia also urges you to leave but you did not punish her?’

And then Sina smiles mischievously.

‘You could bear punishing Loki but could not bear punishing our dear little cute Sofia, huh?’ Sina said as she pinched Sofia plump pink cheek while Sofia blushes red in embarrassment when she is teased like that.

Azief pretends he couldn’t hear anything.

‘You know, you shouldn’t be that mad towards Loki. I know the man for a year. I know he would not ask you to leave if there are no other threats. But, you know he was right. Even I could not bear to let hundreds die just because of me.’

‘Still’ Azief said slowly as a whisper.

‘But that doesn’t mean I will let him off’ Sina said as she chuckles.

‘I will smack that guy on the back of his head and let him taste my pills as my guinea pig. Let see if he dares leave me again’ And Sina laughs like she already recovered her health

‘Yeah, do that’ Sofia vigorously nodded.

They were passing a huge mountain and another high level flying monster appears in front. Azief look at Sofia and said

‘Steer the chariot for a while. We will resume our conversation after I finished dealing with this Griffin.’

Azief then tap his foot and he shot off to the clouds with dark aura swirling around his feet, parting the clouds, as he battles the griffin in the air.

Fireballs and shrieking of the air spread around the clouds as the sound of thunders and lightning fill the sky.

His Sky Slashing Slash tears apart the wind and extinguishes life. Booming sound travel hundreds of miles.

A dozen more of Griffin come to join the attack.

Azief uses his Death Fist and the clouds turns dark, the wind compresses and the air around him rises up to become heated.

When he releases his Fist it was like a gigantic fist emerges from the sky and stamp down three griffin into meat paste, as rain of blood fall down.

Sofia was calmly steering the chariot away from the battle as she keeps talking with Sina.

The other nine griffin began using their wind shot as they shot wind bomb from their mouth towards Azief.

Azief uses Earthquake Stomp in the air, and the air around him distorted as vibration energy ripples out and scatter about as it hits the nine griffins.

The closest to the blast exploded into bits.

Another eight left.

One of the griffins who tried to sneak attack Azief with his talon got its eyes burned into dust as Azief uses his eyes of fire and targeted the griffin eyes.

Without its eyes, Azief once again uses his Sky Slashing Slash as it cut apart the griffin into two.

Seven griffin left.

Azief using his Hyper speed to ram his body to three griffin who is flying together. With Azief Undying Body, Azief body itself is a weapon.

When he collided with the griffins the griffin exploded as its meat got stuck in Azief body and Azief was covered with green blood all over his body.

But because of the Immortal Presence that his body emitted, the moment the blood covered his body, it immediately evaporated because of Azief body heat and kinetic force around his body because of the force of speed.

Four more left.

Then he borugh up one of the Six World Exterminating Saber.

This is the first Saber.

Heaven Sundering Saber. It has the inscription Mastering Others Is Strength; Mastering Yourself Is True Power, With One Slash Rendering the Heaven Apart

‘One Slash Rendering the Heaven Apart’ he shouted in his mind as tempest of gales concentrated itself on the tip of the Saber as energy from all around the area compresses itself on the saber.

The Saber then glow red as the gales and energy turns into a red mist that covered the sky, and devours the white clouds.

The Red Mist then turns into Nirvana Fire, washing away impurities, burning Devils and Demons, incinerating monsters and evildoers.

He then releases the attack.

The sound of explosion tears apart the sky of the Plains region, shocking everyone on the Plains regions.

A gigantic slash of fire engulfed the four griffins, incinerating them almost immediately and color the sky red as the heat even affect the weather as the rain on the Southern Plains was immediate evaporated because of the effect of the heat of the Nirvana Fire strike.

After fifteen minutes Azief returns back to the flying chariots and again take control of the helm.

Sofia looking at the area behind him was shaking her head. A sea of fire in the clouds.

‘Beautiful fireworks’ Sofia said as she shakes her head at Azief showing off his power.

‘I try my best’ he replied nonchalantly.

Azief was smiling from ear to ear.

‘Why are you smiling?’ Sina ask.

‘I could feel it’ Azief said still smiling.

‘Feel what?’

‘I’m about to form my Seed. I already transferred all my EXP I got from my battles to my Seed Tree. After all I already reached level 69 so I don’t have to transfer EXP to my level bar instead the EXP will automatically transferred to my Seed Tree.’

‘It takes a long time for me and I finally manage to form my Seed.’

‘A long time. It has just been a year.’ Sofia said

‘For you’ Azief snappily replied.

‘For me, it has been many years.’

‘Fine, fine Sofia’ said waving her hand as she did not want to continue talking about it any longer.

‘Anyway, you wanted to know about the Seven Fairy.’ Sofia said as she tries to change the topic.


‘Ok, I’ll tell you about it.’


Meanwhile on the Plains, the Seven Fairy has camped out three hundred kilometers from Eden, their people enjoying the scenery; while the sound of music filled the tents, the men admiring the sky, the women appreciating the flowers, the soldiers hearing the sound of the wind, ready to march a thousand miles with one word.

The Seven Fairy was practicing their swordplay while their people resting after a long journey.

Each one of the Seven Fairy possesses beauty that could sinks fish, entices birds into falling, eclipses the moon and shames the flower.

Yet, their sword strikes and attacks was ruthless and vicious capable of tearing apart tendon and organs, amputate and crippled people, killing hundreds with one slash, killing thousand with each ten strokes, their sword intent towering to the sky, their killing intent masked even their own anxiousness.

Seven Swords energy crisscrossed through the plains, decimating hills and slope, scarring the earth.

With each day nearing Eden, their training seems to be more vigorous.

Each time they found a monster nest, their Seven Swords will surely annihilate all. Blood trails their steps from the Western Plains to the Central Plains where Azief village is.

Some interested parties have already predicted that this time, Lord Shadow, the new number one figure will not have an easy battle.

A ruler seeks dominion in chaos.

Is the Seven Fairy intending to invade Eden, a village made from a Civilization Seed even though they themselves are not a Seed Forming User?

Or is there another reason why they would march hundreds of thousand miles to Eden? Surely, they did not come just to pay their respect.

But there is no doubt to anyone that is spectating this event that the number one figure in the world, Lord Shadow will contend with the famous Seven beautiful Fairy of the Western Plains.

What battle it would be!! Spies from the World Government began to move to spectate and record the data of their battle.

Jean sends one of his trusted subordinate to also spectate the battle.

Warp from the League of Freedom has already teleported his comrades to a hill not far from Eden.

What battle would they show us?

The Seven Fairy fighting Lord Shadow, this story would surely be talked about long even after the battle finished.


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