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‘Ehem’ the man gulped. Then he looks anxiously at the man sitting in the chair reviewing some document, fearing that the man would find his anxiety unpleasing.

He was sweating bullets.

He was only an Orb Condensing User. Being in the same room with an Energy Disperse Stage user of course, he would be anxious and fear almost envelops him.

The natural suppression of higher being.

But he summons his courage. He is a soldier. And soldiers must be brave. But, truth be told he was too young to a soldier.

But desperate times calls for desperate measure.

The room was tense with negative feeling. Even though the Ice Fragment function is to cool the room, for some reason, the man still sweats.

The room was spacious, beautiful and full of beautiful design but for some reason, he feel the room is small, and no matter how beautiful the design he could not calm his heart.

The General of the Army and now the Acting Admiral and control both the Admiralty and the Army was looking at a him.

Raymond was seated in the chair of his study looking solemn. He was wearing his uniform instead of his armour.

But even wearing his uniform he look as intimidating like he was wearing his battle armour. Full of dignity and has an aura of a King.

He creased his eyebrows as he look at his left side.

‘You chose this man, Commander?’ Raymond ask as he sized the man up. Instantly he could feel the Orb inside the man body.

Jesse nodded not explaining anything.

‘Yes, Sir.’ Beside his left was Commander Jesse in charge of the Golden Division.

‘He is neutral and his opinion carry weight’ as Jesse look at the man waiting orders from both of them.

Then he slowly leans to Raymond and whispers to his ear.

‘And low possibility of being controlled by the Quorum.’ Raymond nodded clearly satisfied. Then he lay back at his chair as he just stares at the man.

The man was nervous indicated by his sweat on his forehead and the many time he has gulped his own saliva.

But Raymond was still contemplating

After Lord Will uncovers the great conspiracy involving the League of Freedom and Budiman, the World Government was sent into a state of panic.

The Quorum wanted to handle this as fast as possible and they also wanted an explanation.

The White Witch Acolytes, the Raijin Army belonging to Lord Oreki, The Lotus Order belonging to the Chinese Faction, Dangun Army belonging to Han Ji Woo the Demonic Berserker, the Knights of William headed by the King of England, King William all is asking him for an explanation.

One problem and they all come to him, screaming for his head.

Sometimes, Raymond wanted to challenge all this faction heads to a fight.

They did not want to integrate their own forces into the World Government Army but they all want the benefit of joining the World Government.

And then there is the Quorum.

The Quorum is always hounding him with their envoys, asking confidential secrets and urging him nonstop to end this matter so that they could placate the public.

And the Quorum is impatient.

And highly suspicious towards President Hirate and him. Not that Raymond could blame them for thinking like that.

After Pandikar was arrested and sentenced to house arrest by the army backed by the President Executive Order, Raymond seize the Admiralty and cordoned of the Battleships.

President Hirate on the other hand begun arresting Pandikar supporter under the banner of investigation.

There is a lot of unease in the World Government. Dark forces hiding amongst them, wearing mask, hiding their intention.

Then there is the matter of Lord Shadow.

The fact that Lord Shadow is in conflict with Sasha is widespread by now. After all, the World government is also in the Plains regions.

It was not like they were deaf. Everyone could hear the names. They could hear the explosive shouting even through here.

Though Raymond don’t think that Lord Shadow would find an easy enemy in the Forest Region.

Arrayist Master Lee Sangmin is there after all. Even Hirate with all of his Mind Search could not pinpoint the location for Lee Sangmin.

Still, Lee Sangmin is a necessity and an important person not only to the World Government but also to other factions out there.

Lord Shadow might be powerful but the importance between Lord Shadow and Lee Sangmin is different.

They would rather offend Lord Shadow and gain Lee Sangmin favour.

Because what Lee Sangmin could offer is more enticing and more valuable than what Lord Shadow could offer.

‘Ehem’ Jesses coughed as he taps Raymond back and Raymond was brought back to the situation at hand. He then said to Jesse looking slightly embarrassed

‘Explain it to him Commander.’

‘Yes, Sir.’

Jesse then began to explain the matter to the Sergeant. He talked about the not only the robbery of their Hyperdrive but also the existence of a network of sleeper agents in their organization

‘A spy, Sir? I thought Lord Will has identified the spy.’

‘I don’t think that is the last of them.’ Raymond said as he fiddles with his fingers. Then he sits straight up and relay his command.

‘I want you to open an investigation. No stone left unturned. I want to find out how spies could break through our security and how they manage to infiltrate us.’

The Sergeant gulped and then he said.

‘Sir, there has been a lot of accidents. The breakout of the Genius Alchemist Sina, the robbery of the Vault by Loki and Sofia, and now this. Whatever the League of Freedom wants with the Hyperdrive, it will not be beneficial for us.’

Raymond looks lazily at the Sergeant.

‘Your point being?’

‘I need authority. The authority to follow evidence no matter where it leads me.’

‘Is this you asking me or the Quorum?’

‘The will of the quorum is the will of the people.’

‘Heh. The will of the people huh? Fine. You’ll get it.’ Raymond said with a hint of sneer in his smile

‘Thank you’ the Sergeant said as he relieved a relaxed sigh.

‘That will be all Sergeant. You’re dismissed.’ Jesses said as he dismiss the sergeant

‘Yes, sir.’ The sergeant then exited the office as fast as he could. Raymond then lay back on his chair and it creaks. Jesse still stand beside Raymond not saying anything.

Raymond then turn his head back and look at Jesse and he ask

‘Jesse. What do you think?’ He no longer addresses Jesse as Commander. When they are alone together, they do not speak according to ranks.

‘About what?’ Jesse said as he moves to the cupboard cabinet behind the chair and bringing out a bottle of white wine.

He also brings two wine glasses and put it down on Raymond table. Taking a chair, he sits opposite Raymond as he pours the white wine inside the glass.

He offers one to Raymond and Raymond nodded, taking the glass. Taking a relaxed posture, Jesses gesture him to continue with his eyebrows slightly lifted up.

It is his habit to ask people to continue with that eyebrow thing.

‘The Quorum.’ Raymond said, clearly in his tone he does not like the Quorum.

Jesse only smiles bitterly as he takes a sip and closes his eyes like he was savouring the taste.

‘Hah. I don’t really know what to say about them. I told them that you are no threat…but you know how they are. They are wary of you. Wary of President Hirate too.’

‘ As I suspected’ Raymond said as he drinks the wine in his wine glass in one shot. It seems that Raymond is not in the mood for drinking considering he finish the wine that fast.

‘Who is the most vocal voice in the Quorum?’ He then asks. It is better if he knows who he is facing.

‘Lord Oreki and Lord Hikigaya…among many others. Dangun army and the Chinese also doesn’t really like a Westerners calling the shots. They clearly don’t like that you are putting your fingers on to many pies. Even now, at the brink of humanity execution, they still care about race.’

‘Yeah.’ Raymond agreed.

As a species, it almost seems like humanity is incapable of nurturing, instead humanity is like a cancerous cells, devouring the Earth, until it dies of pain.

Even now, they still differentiate themselves like they were before the fall. They are still conflicts in the Quorum between Japan faction and China faction.

The Russian faction also has problems.

‘They will not let rest easy, would they? I guess this thing could not be solved by me alone. Jesse, get me the President. I have something to discuss with the White Witch’ and saying this Raymond stomp the tiles on his office and burrowed into the ground, leaving Jesse all alone in the office.

Jesse sighed as he finished his wine and slowly get up.

‘Today, going to be a long day too’ he complained as he exited the room.




‘Should we make this public?’  The man said on the opposite side of the desk, reviewing a document marked top secret.

Sometimes he would pinch his forehead like he was having a headache. Raymond then said

‘If there are any spies in our organization, we need to find them. If we enlist the help of the public-‘ but before Raymond could finish his word the President shakes his finger

Hirate shakes his head as he look at Raymond. Still……denying. Hirate muse in his heart. He….still believes he is a follower.

Hirate could not make Raymond realize it himself, no matter how many times he has advises Raymond.

That Raymond is not a follower. He never was. He was a born leader. Then Hirate said to Raymond looking tired

‘People will be panicked. Terrified and paranoid. There’s going to be demand, at least someone to be held accountable for this mishap. Surely the Quorum ask you for something?’

Raymond nodded

‘The Quorum ask for a free hand. They demand a trial. An independent tribunal’

‘Hmph. And that trial will have to come back to the public with a name. Someone that did not do their job. Someone to be held responsible’

‘We don’t know if anybody makes any mistake.’ Raymond said his tone clearly rising. Hirate got up from his seat and pointed his fingers at Raymond and then with a slight rising tone, reprimanded Raymond.

‘Are you really that naïve Raymond? A spy penetrated your security, killing the guards of the Vault, steal a Hyperdrive which is undoubtedly will be used to create a Battlestar. At least one of your people fucked up.’

Then Hirate sighed.

‘Look, here’s the thing. Openness, transparency, it all sound great in paper. But I’m telling you, these things have a way of creating collateral victims.’

And then Hirate calm himself down and he look at Raymond eyes and he said his voice was resolute and determined

‘I don’t want a witch hunt on our hands. I’m going to trust you Raymond. But the first sign of any trouble, I want you to clean it up. I won’t always be cleaning up your mess.’

‘This is not my mess, Hirate.’ Raymond said, his tone is bordering in anger. Clearly he did not appreciate being reprimanded.

‘I’m not going to assign blame but I’m sure the Quorum would be more than happy to make you the scapegoat. Some of the people in the Quorum don’t take it kindly that you control both the Army and the Admiralty. Sometimes, it is wise to see the circumstances against you Raymond. Just a friendly advice.’

‘You don’t have to worry about that. The Quorum want the spies as much as I do.’

‘Hmmm’ and Hirate just shakes his head.

‘Fine. I’ll trust you. I will inform the public. But remember. First sign of trouble-‘

‘I know’ and Raymond cut him off.

Hirate just nodded and he exited the office. Raymond relaxes himself and sighed as he look at the ceiling.

‘I hope The White Witch got some good news.’




A man was reading a report.

With his bandaged face his eyes shows maliciousness and hatred. His face was devoid of emotion.

As he keeps reading the report he couldn’t help but smile. Slowly his smile becomes wider and wider.

And then he laugh like a madman.

Alone in his room, he laugh like he was satisfied but his eyes still maintain that hint of craziness and his hatred seems to be eternal.

‘Raymond, you wanted to be let off that easy? I might not be able to steal the Hyperdrive and was outwitted by others, but I can still trap you. You still have a mole. And I will make sure the Quorum itself that will execute you.’

And then he continues his laugh.

Outside his room were hundreds of people wearing a uniform with a cape that shows the crest of a white wing and a shield painted on their capes.

Dark forces is targeting Raymond from a thousand miles away.


At the border of the Forest Region it is now full with Azief army, waiting for the Arrayist Master Lee Sangmin to meet with Lord Shadow.

Lord Shadow himself was waiting impatiently outside the barrier wanting to enter the mysterious forest region.

Then there is the explosive avalanche that struck the Revolutionary Army which causes hundreds of deaths and destruction to the structure of the Revolutionary Army.

Not to mention, the monsters of ice and snow from the top that were brought down from the avalanche began attacking the people underneath the mountain.

The World Government is also plagued by problems.

The Forest Region might be facing an invasion by a Seed Forming User.

The Revolutionary Army was facing a crisis of casualties never before seen after the avalanche settled with hundreds injured and thousands dies, making the Revolutionary Army truly vulnerable now.

Some faction is eyeing the situation in the dark.

The Flame Region were attacked by a dragon, already killing thousand, result of Azief and Sasha battle before went to hibernate again in the magma pools of the volcanoes.

Even the Seven Fairy of the Plains began to move and their target seems to be Eden village bringing with them ten thousand people, their intention unknown.

The World Government which also situated in the Southern Plains is facing an internal problem.

They could not even try to interfere what is happening in the forest region now even though they wanted to make contact with Lord Shadow.

Even as all of this matter is happening in the world, in the vastness expanse of the universe, the Last Son of Yrinia, finally found a clue that will lead him to Earth.





A spaceship is entering the blue planet from a large mothership station in the outside space perimeter of the planet

Belthana is a wasteland planet. At least it was like that trillions of years ago.

Now, the planet while it is not a center of great political power like Olympus or a planet of great wealth like Asgard, it is still a planet which have its visitor.

But the planet was not fully crowded. Only in certain times it will be visited by other planet travelers.

But there is a place in this planet that is rarely visited. The Temple of the Three Sisters of Fate.

Or more popularly known in the universe as the Temple of Fates

The temple is rarely visited because the occupant of that temple rarely gives permission to enter their temple.

And no one wanted to offend the Three Sisters of Fate, lest they anger the Twelve Supreme Leaders of Olympus.

But today, a warrior has come with a noble purpose to Belthana, to revive a great civilization.

Such undertaking must weight in a person heart.

The warrior spaceship landed on the red desert of Belthana. Making a landing in one of the hills, a silhouette of a man wielding a spear, exited his ship.

The sound of the hatch opening, the vapor white smokes accompanied his exit as he step his foot on the red desert.

He covers his eyes with something resembling a goggle and then he look at the blue sun in the sky.

‘I’ve arrived.’ He said with a s light panting. He was tired. Operating light speed carrier has its burden on the bodies.

The man is Fir Her Waz.

He scoured the universe to seek the Merchants of Sarens.

When he finally found the mothership of the Sarens merchant, he was introduced to Runion, one of the merchant that sells Ancient Knowledge.

Fir bought the information about the All Source for ten million Tenyu, the currency of Sarens.

Reading about the information, the people that knows the location of the All Source is not many.

Lord Protector of the Eight Realms, High King Odin. The Republic Head of Olympus Zeus Son of Chronos.

The Ten Thousand Heaven Enlightened August Ruler, Yu Wang that resided in the Jade Palace.

All three of those rulers will never told him the location of the All Source since they have made a treaty about the secret of the All Source.

They would never tell or disclose such universe shaking secrets.

Then there is another four persons that knows about the location of the All Source. The elder of the Universe and the Three Sisters of Fate.

The Elder of the Universe is recuperating after he tried to hold back the Destroyer in the Yuserinian system.

And his whereabouts is unknown.

So, Fir has no other choice other than seeking the Three Sisters of Fate and hope that the Three Sisters will not turn him down at the door.

He began to walk down from the hill armed only with his spear. Even from afar he could see the majestic 500 feet temple that reaches to the clouds.

He then began running.

Yrinian is famed for their physical body as he run as fast as a bullet train.

Even as he is running, and wind rushing pass his ears he could not help but reminisce some things.

He remembers that his daughter once said that she wanted to once visit Belthana.

She was ten at the time and begged him to allow her to go with her friend in intergalactic trip in the Dromidian galaxy.

She even got first place in her class and tries to persuade him to follow.

In the end, he did not go. Only his wife and his daughter went. Fir could not imagine that he would now regret that he didn’t go on that trip.

Belthana is special even among the other planets.

In trillions of years past, the First Race, Eterna was annihilated by the Unholy Destroyer.

The Eterna race size was as big as a planet and that was the most smallest of them. Some of them was big as an entire galaxy.

They were the most powerful race in existence.

But when the Destroyer comes for them, they were powerless to resist. In one day, they were annihilated, every single one of them with no possibility of reviving.

But one survives. Borgan.

The last daughter of Eterna.

She hides from the Destroyer for trillion of years. When it was time for her to die, she transformed herself to a planet to atone for her sin towards the Creator.

Her eyes become the sun and the moon.

Her teeth become the mountains and hills. Her nose becomes the dividing line between the Distorted Seas and the Chaotic Lands.

The planet that she turned into was filled with the magic of Eterna race, of the force of the Universe.

For thousands of years after that, her body remains a deserted planet until the Seer’ans came.

The Seer’ans was running from the Frost Giants from the Asgardian system.

The Seer’ans was a race of no remarkable ability. They do not possess powerful bodies or magic. But they possess great mental endurance.

The First Oracle found the Heart of Borgan and was gifted the ability to see patterns.

Patterns that enables the Seer’ans to correctly predict what will happen in the future. Since then, the planet became the Seer’ans home world.

When the Intergalactic War happens about five thousand years ago, pitting the Jade Palace, Asgardian, Olympians, The Devas and Shuras, and the other powerful factions in the universe, Belthana was won by the Olympians.

The Three Sisters of Fate decided then to create their temple here as they slumber here, looking through the future.

As he was thinking this he finally he arrived in front of the gigantic door. The Temple is situated among a very large valley that could fit ten megapolis city

Fir Her Waz was not even spent. His body is after all the most powerful in Yrinia. He look at the Silver door and hesitated.

He doesn’t know the etiquette to ask for help from the Three Sisters of Fate.

Is there any offerings he has to offers? As he was thinking this, suddenly a voice filled his mind.

‘Offer us the Diamond of Avaloteskitara, the Demon of the Nine Netherworld and the door will open.’

Then suddenly a floating blue fire appears beside Fir Her Waz which shocked him as he moves a bit further from the fire.

Fir Her Waz at first hesitated. After all, the Diamond could strengthen any person by ten times.

But in the end, Fir Her Waz tossed the diamond into the blue fire and then almost immediately the blue fire consumed the diamond and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Fir Her Waz feels this is an unfair trade.

He doesn’t know if asking a question will require another price. Just opening the door requires him to give such treasure.

As he was grumbling in his heart suddenly the sound of creaking filled the valley, as the 500 feet door is opening.

Then a voice sounded again.

‘Welcome to the Temple of Fates, O last Son of Yrinia. We have been waiting. Come to us’

Then saying this the voice disappeared. A little freaked out but determined, Fir Her Waz moved forward as he enters the Temple of Fate


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