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Raymond sat on the chair and look outside. He takes a deep breath and sighed. It seems he has been sighing a lot since the Calamity.

A lot has changed after the Calamity.

The explosion of light that covered the world.

The World Government still exist though not as strong as it used to.

The Revolutionary Army is of course still existed but also like the World Government they too have lost their former power.

In the past, they banded together with each other claiming to be King. Jean called himself the Emperor of France.

Raymond calls himself the King of United States. The Seven Warlords ruled Greece. China was ruled by two tigers Feng Jing and Yue Xing.

Japan was ruled by the Shogun and the Emperor with the Daimyos maintaining their rule in their territory like the Tiger of Kai and Dragon of Echigo.

It was easy back then. The World Government was consisted of these leaders banding together to maintain order in a chaotic world.

Each men control their people. The Japanese controls Japan. The Chinese controls China. Let their own people control their people.

And it was feasible since the geography allows the Japan to control Japan. It’s not like Raymond could march his army to Japan, teleport them to Japan and hope that the Japanese would welcome them with open arms.

At least Tiger of Kai and Dragon of Echigo would banded together to oppose him.

The World Government found it easy to delegate the task of controlling the people of the world using their leader.

As long as their leader in in the World Government then the World Government controls those nation in certain capacity.

Not as easy when the world geography changed and the people scattered.

The world right now has turned into a large Pangaea. Not only that when the explosion of light happened the people were all teleported to random places.

And the size of these Pangaea is larger and covered the earth with the distribution of the sea water and the land is balanced.

Means there is more lands…and more monsters.

Right now, Raymond is no longer the King of United States. And he never felt better.

The United States doesn’t exist. Japan doesn’t exist. China doesn’t exist. All that exist now is a large vast of lands ripe for anyone with abilities to take.

If not for the White Witch warned Raymond that the explosion would teleport them to a random place, he would not have been able to gather people and prepare for the explosion.

The World Government now is only as large as a city filled with people who once used to be Kings and Queens in their respective countries.

There was some Philippines Queen called Maya who joined the World Government and has been helping with the reconstruction.

They no longer wear their former titles but they all wanted to gain back their power.

The Revolutionary Army survived the Calamity by relying on the Oracle. The World government has the White Witch and the Revolutionary Army has the Oracle.

The irony.

The Oracle was once the ally of the World Government. The White Witch was once a prisoner of the World Government.

Now the Oracle is the enemy of the World Government. The White Witch is revered inside the community.

‘Ha’ he sighed.

The world has turned a little bit complicated than before.

If only he could get a Civilization Seed and use it to create back the World government then, the organization would surely once again prospers.

Using the Seed it would make it easier to build facilities compared to the manual labor the World Government has to do.

But even if he got the Seed he needs a Seed Forming user to activate the Seed. And the only Seed Forming user in the world right now is Sasha Makarov.

And since she manages to enter the Seed Forming stage she never did anything else and some people said he is trying to form a seed whatever that means since Raymond doesn’t know how Seed Forming user form their seed.

The reason why Sasha managed to reached Seed Forming in such little amount of time because she ignores the Body Refinement stage and only focused on increasing her level.

She forsakes her foundation to reach a higher energy level.

But even if she ignores the Body Refinement stage, her aura is still able to pressure anyone below Red Palace Forming.

Anyone higher than that could fight with her equally.

But if a Red Palace Forming body refinement stage fights with her when they reached the Seed Forming Stage, Sasha would be for in a treat.

She ignored her foundation.

One day, that’s going to bite her

But there is also some good with the explosion.

With race and countries no longer existed, the cohesiveness of the World Government grew stronger.

The World Government has also been more united and has managed to create the first step to a government than before.

The World Government now has four branches of Government.

The Executive Branch.

The Legislative Branch.

Judicial Branch and The Military.

The Military is separate but has to follow the Quorum decision but the Admiral of the Army and the Commander retains their independence to act under the Articles of the World Government.

This is because the unique roles of such people like Raymond who is known to be probably the strongest man in the world.

If he wanted to run no one could stop him. The same case applies to Admiral Pandikar who controlled three battleships.

So, as a special case, the military branch is separated and will and can be mobilize only be the Admiral and Commander of the army.

In a way the World Government is a federal republic, with leaders who used to rule a region now is integrated inside the Government, holding post in the Quorum.

It is led by a democratically elected president and legislature. The Current President and the founding president is President Hirate.

The relationship between the other branch of government and the military is encapsulated with the relationship of Raymond and Hirate.

The Executive Branch consisted of the President of the World Government.

The president is assisted by a cabinet, consisting of the heads of the various government departments.

The Legislative Branch handles the laws and it was bicameral.

The upper house is the Quorum consisted of the leaders elected by the people of race or certain countries.

The Quorum is responsible for both the nomination and confirmation of the successor to that office.

The president is also the presiding officer of the Quorum with the authority to break tie votes.

There is also a ceremonial dress for the members of the Quorum. Hirate instituted the ceremonial wear to promote unity and instill pride in the new members of the new government.

The Ceremonial dress is something akin like of toga and a sash representing their people, most of them wear emblems and coat of arms.

The Lower House may be elected on a proportional basis. The government maintains a separate judiciary and recognizes an unelected religious body in advisory capacity.

Numerous civil liberties of the world before the fall are guaranteed under the Articles of the World Government.

The military however is simple….or at least it used to be

The Commander in Chief and the newly created position of Admiral.

Both of them possess influence and power to rock the very foundation of the World Government.

Raymond is acknowledged because of his personal strength and his loyal army. Nick. Jesse. All holds military position in the Government.

Pandikar on the other hand possess three battleship enough to lay waste a country.

The Commandery is the department of the land armies and all land related including the naval army while the Admiralty governs all battleships that flies in the sky.

Commander Raymond and Admiral Pandikar govern both of these branches of military. Both fighting for supremacy and both wanted to control the whole Military branch.

In the beginning the clear leader would be Raymond.

That was until Pandikar shows up to the Word Government headquarters with three battleships hovering in the blue sky with enough firepower to blows the community into ashes.

Hirate was used to working with Raymond and wanted him to retain his power.

The other branch of the government feels that the relationship of the Executive Branch and the Military gives Hirate too much power and intend to undermine Hirate authority and Raymond influence by backing the dark horse, Pandikar.

So, now…..this is the situation.

Thinking of all the hidden machination behind his back, Raymond ask himself

‘When did this become so hard?’

He was about to take a little nap before the rescue operation will be announced when suddenly a knock could be heard from outside.

‘Commander, permission to come in?’

‘Permission granted’ then a Private could be seen sweat filled his face and his face was pale.

‘Private Derrick. What is the matter?’

‘The President summons you to his office. Urgent news!’

‘Calm down. What happens?’

‘One of Pandikar battleship was destroyed, Sir.’

‘What!’ And Raymond got up from his chair.

He straightened himself up and said

‘Bring me to the President.’



Raymond looks at the footage from the Memory Fragment and he could not believe what he is seeing. He is still sitting on the cushion sofa and shakes his head.

‘This is….unbelievable.’ he said.

Hirate who was seated beside him nodded.

Then he states the obvious

‘That battleship has the defense of a Seed Forming High Realm expert. Even if it was Sasha Makarov, she would not have been able to do that.’

‘You’re saying-‘

‘I’m saying Raymond, you’re not the strongest man alive. And Sasha Makarov isn’t the strongest human on earth either. It is that man’ Hirate said as he pointed to the screen

On the screen, one could see that Pandikar order fire to a person flying in the sky.

The man was wearing black attires.

When the energy beam of the battleship hits him, one would expect the man would turn to scattered meat but an unbelievable thing happens.

He was not injured.

Hell, he was not even scratched. He was only floating there looking at the battleship like it was a trifle.

But that was not the part where it makes Hirate and Raymond gasp and making them distrust their eyes.

It was what happens after.

The man in the black attire summons a saber.

With one slash of his saber, the sky cracked and thunderclaps fill the sky and when he slashes the saber, it was like he was slicing the world.

The saber strike hit the battleship that was as big as a city and with that one strikes, the battleship was sliced into two.

Then the man in the black attire just looks downs as the ship falls to the ground and he flies away from the scene.

‘The strongest human in the world’ Raymond said as he sucked at is breath.

‘Who is he? Do you know who he is?’

Hirate nodded with his solemn face.

‘Your friend Sofia would know him better than me.’ Hirate said his face clearly hard and it was like he was thinking of something severe.

Because Hirate is thinking about the missing group of Loki and to think he has such a powerful expert and not only that, but to hide from his mind surveillance for all this time.

Loki hides him well. That is Hirate thoughts.

‘What do you mean?’ Raymond said puzzled. Hirate look at the screen again and he said.

‘That is Lord Shadow.’


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