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The desert like always is hot beaten by the yellow sun. The winds keep blowing and the surrounding was only sand.

There is not much life other than the lizards that hides under the sun or the gigantic scorpions that burrows itself deep under the sand.

Once in a while one could see a sandstorm a mile away. It was a dangerous region to live even a harder region to traverse.

But then something happened in that dangerous region. Far away from civilization and people, something is formed out of thin air.

It was like reality was tear apart and something is coming out.

A blue portal opens up in the wide desert. The golden sand was first sucked into the portal but then regurgitated outside back again.

Energy emanated out from the blue portals and dark clouds are gathering on top of the portal appearance.

It booms and it howls.

Then appearing from that portal was a man clads in black, dashing and domineering. Celestial Presence roiled out from him as waves of energy keep undulating from him the signs of Laws inside him.

He looks in front of him with his eyes that shone with brilliance. He steps out from the portal, looking cautious and vigilant.

Death aura wafted around him, the sand swirls and dissipate when the man in the hood step out from the portal.

The harsh wind of the desert that was about to blow him was instantly dissipated with one wave of his hand.

His eyes were cold and his stature was full of power.

Then behind him appear another man. On the man face could be seen trace of fatigue. But he is also energetic.

The man face was kind and making the people looking at him feels trust.

Blue lightning coils around him and when he step out from the portal the sand beneath his feet crystalize because of the heat of his feet.

He just bitterly smiles.

‘It seems I have overtaxed myself.’ He said to no one in particular just stating his current condition.

The man in black hood is still looking around his left and right and still vigilant as ever. He then looked at the man with the lightning.

‘We’re here.’ The man with the lightning coiling around him said.

‘You’re sure?’

‘This time I’m sure.’ The man with the lightning reply while scratching the top of his head in embarrassment for his past blunders.

Well, he said blunders but the man in the black hood prefer calling it a big mistake.

Running through the time space continuum and other universes is a dangerous task especially when you landed in other Earths.

‘That’s what you said the last time. I’m sorry, if I’m not filled with confidence.’ And the man in the black hood chuckles a bit.

The man with the lightning coiling around him was red in embarrassment and looking apologetically at the man in the black hood.

‘You’re really sure this time? The last time we were stranded in a very bizarre world.’ The man in black asked again, this time he is no longer joking.

He has spent many months on that world.

Then the man in lightning come closer to the man in the hood and patted him on the back.

‘This time I followed the trail of energy perfectly. We are not lost this time.’

‘But this place is weird.’ The man in the hood remarks.

‘This doesn’t seem like Earth Prime. It doesn’t feel right.’

The man in the hood was Azief. And the man with blue lightning coiling around him is Will the Dark Speedster.

They have returned home.

They almost couldn’t believe it.

That they could be home in one piece after a grueling and life threatening experience in this other world where they were stranded.

Messing with the fabric of time and space is truly not a good idea.

Azief look once again in front and then he turns back to see Will again. And Will nodded again.

Azief turns back his eyes to the wide desert in front of him.

The reason why Azief doubts that he is in Earth Prime is because if Will was following the energy trail of the Universe Orb then he should have appeared beside the ruins of the Temple where he fights the Asura.

At least that was what the Al says to him a long time ago.

If he has the Universe Orb getting home would be easier but the consequences of using the Universe Orb was that it creates a door, an access point from the Earths he visited and other Universes.

Using the Universe Orb, he will create a door for anyone else to come….for anyone to conquer.

If Azief uses it to return to Earth Prime, then who knows what would happen in a couple of years.

Maybe one day, the Seresian will come to this world…or maybe a more deadly predator that will come conquering his Earth.

The Price of his power would be the destruction of a planet. And that is a price Azief isn’t willing to pay.

So, unhesitant, he crushed the Orb so no longer any of those Universes he visited will be connected by the Streams of Reality.

The access point shattered and the road leading to other universes crumbles. At least, he gained something from his journeys.

Wisdom. He closes his eyes and remembers all that he has endured in the five years he left home.

He was reminded of his great adventure in the Seresian World, remembered the Demonic King battles that shakes the stars and he remembers his life in Earth two with colorful people like Alexander King, Sasha Makarov, Dr Chandra and many other who he have crossed path with.

And then he remembers Lee Na Eun, knowing he could never return to her unless he could live with the idea that she would be put in harm’s way.

They have to move on now. She has to live. And he has to live. Leaving her was not easy. Leaving anyone was never easy.

In those five years, Azief live a life that anyone would envy him. He has everything in that life.

A friend who is loyal.

A lover who loves him very much.

Wealth that surpassed anyone.

He was at the top in that world. In that world, he lives a good life. And Na Eun was his most happy memories.

And leaving her was his worst memories of Earth two.

But not for a moment, Azief regret loving her.

Even though parting with her gives him pain.

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Somehow, Azief will endure it.

And she also has to endure it. And live. This prayer is one of the most sincere prayers Azief has ever pray.

He hoped that in whatever world she lives in, she would be the woman he remembers. Strong and kind.

But in front of him now was large desert, golden sand covering the land like the boundless sea.

Will look at the desert and sighed.

‘I have to check in with some people.’ He said

Azief nodded as he also looks at the desert his body is already beginning to float.

‘Good luck to you.’

‘Good luck to you too.’ Will said.

Then as he has floated five meter from the ground he looks at Will and ask

‘You’re not interested in my offer?’

‘Joining you?’ Will said, chuckling a bit.

‘Hmm’ Azief replies.

Will contemplate for a moment but then he laughs.

‘Maybe in another year. I have someone I want to protect.’


He smiles. Azief also smile.

‘Then, I’m going to be looking for you in a year.’ Azief said smiling looking at his old friend.

‘Ok. I’ll be waiting’ Will said.

Azief then said.

‘It’s fine. We’ll meet again. Go.’

‘Thanks’ Will said and then he activated his Speed and blue lightning covered the ground he was stepping on and crackling electricity sound could be heard from his body and then as he moves his feet, a gust of wind exploded as he quickly disappeared from where he was standing.

The gust of wind makes the sand explodes and Azief who was nearby the scene just blows wind from his mouth and the sands was blown far away from him.

‘Heh.’ He chuckles.

‘Like always, he is inconsiderate to me.’ Then he looks to the sky and he shot off to the clouds like thunder.

As he was flying, he was smiling.

He was truly home. And the first thing he needs to do is to do some reconnaissance and then be united with his friends.

He has returned. Lord Shadow has returned.



The hut was cool like an air conditioned room. The wind blows slowly but it was refreshing all the same. Sound of people in the market could be heard to reach here.

Ice Fragment could be seen hanging at the ceiling providing the cool environment inside the hut like an office in a well-conditioned building.

In the hut there is three chair made out of wood. It was exquisite and beautiful design by one of the Carpenters in the World Government.

Sitting on that chair was Raymond. The hut was large that could fit four people. He was taller than before and his body radiated power and dignity.

As one recognized the strongest in the world equal to Katarina the Ice Princess, Raymond himself possesses an aura of a King.

He was wearing his official attire as the Commander In Chief of all the military of the World Government.

In the past, that used to means something. But now……with all of the World Government soldiers scattered all over the world, it was merely an empty title.

Even old allies has turned to the enemies while old enemies has turned to allies, the world has truly overturned.

There was another man in the hut sitting in another chair looking solemn, like the burden of the world is on his shoulders.

There is a trace of fatigue in his face. He was wearing a white robe with a Mon of a black butterfly.

It was the former Shogun of Japan, Ashikaga Hirate. Japan does not exist anymore. SO does any other countries.

All that is left is this new brave world.

Then he said to Raymond

‘Let start this by admitting the truth. Raymond, the World Government today is different from the past. You know it. I know it. The Commanders out there knows it.’

Ashikaga Hirate looks outside of this makeshift hut. This is the camp of the World Government.

The new office for the military is being constructed right now.

Outside there is a large plains that stretches out wide that it almost seems that there is no end to the greenness and the grass.

There is also hundreds of thousands of other huts belonging to the people who seek shelter here in the place protected by the hills and mountains.

Not far away from here there is a warehouse where the World Government has constructed to store food and other things.

There is also a large mansion made of wood specifically built for Hirate to do his task as the President of the World Government.

Not far away from that was a large barrack for anyone who wanted to be recruited to the World Government.

Hirate had to start from scratch but thank god he has a few of helpers that mange to teleport with him when the explosion happens.

There is also a market in this large community where people can trade with each other.

A semblance of a civilization is being born again after the explosion that teleported everyone to a random place in this new continent.

It was lucky that he was warned about the explosion ahead of time and manages to stores all the valuables inside the World Government Treasury to his Gigantic Bag Holding.

If not he could not have rebuilt the World Government as fast as he is now.

Many more have joined this new base of World Government as Raymond and Pandikar started the search and rescue operation, rescuing the people nearby the Hill.

The world that they live in right now after the white explosion is different.

The glorious World Government is no longer and the world is in chaos.

With the World Government at the East and the Revolutionary Army at the Western side of this continent, they are now separated by millions of miles.

And now, Hirate is focusing on how to survive and regain back what he and his comrades have lost.

For a while there is silence inside the room. Raymond can be seen to be conflicted with what about to be discussed.

Hirate looks at Raymond and then sighed.

‘We got to kill him. This is the only way that this could end. You and Pandikar. ‘

Raymond breathes hardly.

‘What the hell you are talking about?’ Raymond said, there is a trace of helplessness in his tone of voice.

‘The two of you were willing to go to war yesterday. Do you think he is going to step down from that? He is going to bide his time and he would bludgeon you from the back the first chance he is given.’

Hirate got up and look at Raymond. Raymond still seems undecided.

‘I hate to lay this on you Ray, but he is dangerous.’

‘I’m not an assassin’ Raymond said sternly.

‘Heh’ Hirate chuckles.

‘No, you’re not an assassin. You are the pillars of the military. You said you don’t want to be what you have been when you conquer United States. You said that democracy is what you believe. It’s been forced to you, that broken kingdom. You want to escape the kingdom you have been saddle with. You want to escape the title of the King. You want to escape the regime that your great friend Leonard has created.’

Hirate said and his voice was quickly rising.

‘You don’t want any of that. You said to me that day that you were forced to conquer and invade for the sake of your comrade. I believe you, Ray. Because I know you. The white explosion, for many were a calamity. For you it is a release. You no longer have to be the King of the United States since there is no United States any longer. But you accept the post of the Commander in chief of the World Government. And Pandikar is the Admiral of the Army. He outranks you. Worse yet, he has the firepower to bring you down and bring this government down.’

‘He is also a pillar of the military. He’s the same as m-‘ But before Raymond could finish his sentences Hirate cut him off.

‘No. Don’t you dare say it! Pandikar do what’s best for him and not the other way around. And he is different from you. The reason why we accepted him was because he has a battleship. Not to mention people in the Quorum wanted to limit our influence in the new government. It’s the reason the Quorum gave him the title Admiral. He controls three battleships. That is enough to contend with many large power factions.’

Raymond also nodded.

A battleship is a ship that sails in the sky, with cannons and bombs and enough space for a city to live in.

It is large and powerful ship and is equal to the power of a Seed Forming High realm defense.

Pandikar by luck have recruited Budiman the Mechanic who could construct a battleship.

Pandikar found the man wandering in Bali creating weapons for the insurgent there.

Pandikar was on the edge of total supremacy in Indonesia when the explosion happens and all of his hard work dissipated into thin air.

But lucky for him, that there is a blueprint for a battleship in the World Orb Shop before the function was shut down after the explosion.

Budiman got that, and Pandikar supply him the tools and there…he created three battleship and earn his new place as an Admiral under the World Government.

In the room Hirate is still trying to make Raymond sees what is at stakes here.

‘Let me ask you, Raymond. What do you think would happen if he eliminated you from the World Government?’ And Hirate voice is rising.

Then he continued

‘He would take over the World Government and take control of all of this. Your men will be executed, and he would gain all of these civilians that followed us. And you know he will not hesitate to use their lives in the front lines. He would do what he did in Indonesia.’

He said and Hirate eyes were full of disgust remembering what Pandikar has done during his reign.

Civilians refer to people who did not pass the Orb Condensing Stage. That is one category of civilians.

Others because some of them were not brave enough to fight monster, others have some skill that is not suited for battle like Budiman who raise his proficiency through creating machines and repairing machines.

‘You know I’m right’ Hirate said, there is no trace of doubt there.

Raymond got up from his seat and stares at the President. Again, an intense silence filled the room and the President only sighed.

‘I’m leaving now. Think about it Ray. Think about it carefully.’

The President exits the room and Raymond shakes his heads.

‘So, the whole world is going mad, huh?’ He said before sitting back in his chair.


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