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The first attack that happens was something that Azief and the Demonic Count did not anticipate.

It was an explosion.

A giant green fire enveloping two Demonic Counts.

It was truly a gigantic fire that looks like a giant lotus, the heat was choking and Azief who was far away from the scene could also feel the heat.

The clouds around the vicinity disperse and it was like the sky was being burned.

They struggled to stay afloat but in the end they succumbed to the pain and fall to the ground

When they crashed to the ground, the city of Beijing was shaken like a mountain was being thrown down.

It was already magnificent that the Demonic Count did not instantly incinerate after the attack but they even managed to get up.

Will and Azief looking at this was shocked and amazed.

Will throws them five Truniom explosives but they are not immediately destroyed? This is truly worthy of the name Demonic Count.

Even one of that explosive managed to destroyed one third of Beijing.

Green fire keep devouring the Demonic Count as they struggles and try using their energy to disperse the flame.

But before they could manage to do that, in the ground, Will uses a repulsor ray and a unibeam weapon to shot straight at the two Demonic Count head and they died almost instantly.


Yelled one of the Demonic Baron in the sky as he began coming down from the sky chasing Will.

So, now in the sky there was two Demonic Counts looking at Azief with cold and fearsome glares.

Then they began to attack each other.

He uses his slashing wind and hundreds of gales of wind as sharp as sword were directed towards the Count but with one punch from both of them they shatter it almost immediately

Then he decided to do something he never thought he would do. But he needs to make a preparation first.

He knows this might cause him a backlash but after he killed the Counts he would immediately get out from this world.

Because he could feel it when Will kill the two Demonic Counts.

EXP was given to him as he could a large amount of energy entered his body and strengthen his body.

First, he uses Time Attributes

He yelled

TIME’ in his mind and punch out his palm and an illusory hourglass full of golden sand appears behind Azief back.

The air ripples and times dilate; the law of the universe was in chaos and disarray. The cause and effect are overturned.

Azief stomp his feet on the clouds and air shatters and the energy from his stomp ripples and Time Area was created.

Everything under that Area will be slowed.

One of the Count uses a sword and when he slashes his sword attack, a sword energy resembling that of gigantic Horned Purple Tiger rushed out to Azief ready to maul him and killing him in one strike.

But the moment it enter the Time area, it became so slow in Azief mind and it was at this time Azief activated another attributes

LIFE’ he yelled inside his mind.

The image of the hourglass of sand was superimposed with an image of a candle brightly illuminating everything like a sun.

And his body was full of energy as the wick of the candles is absorbing energy under the ground to ignite the fire.

The fire is his vitality; the candle stick is his life.

As long the energy is there, as long the source is not severed, Azief could use it to heal.

Other people attributes is not the same for every individual.

Azief is of course also not the same. His life attributes is powered by negative energy, his dark feelings and desire.

The fire is from the hatred of those who died under his hand. He is burning hatred and taking the ill feeling and burning it as his source of energy.

When the slash came, Azief manages to dodge it and in one leap he appeared in front of the Demonic Count and then punches out his most powerful attack

The energy that was swirling in his hand was like the power of a thousand sun.

All of his energy was drained to focus on his right hand when his punch turned immediately into a palm full of Celestial power and then was push out into the Demonic Count head.

Celestial Might roiled out, heavenly presence covered the sky and the land was thrown into chaos, the sea rumbles and roar.

This was the full power of everything Azief has.

His Life Gate cracked, his Nine Opening is roiling around in disarray and his Titanium Bone cracked as energy diffuses out from Azief Seven Openings.

An image of a gigantic violet palm appeared on the sky, descending to exterminate all existence, a hand of God.

When the palm arrived in front of the Demonic Count, and he wanted to dodge he realize that he could not move as fast as he can.

He was pressured by theta Celestial Might and his body does not move as his will. He could only watch.

All he could see was the most terrifying thing he has even seen in his entire life and probably the last scene he would see in his life..

A  gigantic palm the size of a country piercing the clouds, descending unto him, a palm full of anger and rage heading towards him in slow motion but he could not dodge it.

To his eyes, the hand was slowed and even his movements are slow like time is different here.

Then the palm attack connected and it was like the sky cracked and a huge thunderclap could be seen as a shockwave ripples out and the Demonic Count head exploded into mist of blood and slowly he fall.

The palm disappeared but not before creating an explosion of wind that scattered all the clouds and destroyed a mountain not far away from Beijing.

The mountain now has an imprint of gigantic palm imprinted on it.

The Demonic Counts behind the other Demonic Count could not even do anything to stop Azief.

But then the backlash happens. Azief coughed up a blood but he could also feel energy is solidifying inside his body.

‘One more’ he decided. One more and he would achieve Undying Body. On the sky, a dark cloud is rumbling with golden lightning.

Then Azief hand wrinkles out, his energy drained, his hair fall out and all of his bones feels like they weigh a million ton.

‘HAHAHA’ the other Demonic Count laughed as he saw the human in front of him is on the verge of dying.

He immediately attacked using his spear.

This spear possess the might of a Dragon and this slash was meant to end Azief as he rushes through the air to Azief position with an image of Azure Dragon behind the Demonic Count.

Azief look at the incoming threat but he didn’t seem panicked.

‘I’ll bet on you!’ Then he coughs his own vitally and refines it with his energy as that droplet of blood was being solidify by his energy.

His Red Palace almost crumbles and shatters but he endures it.

When the droplet of blood is coughed, the red liquid shines with eerie dark red colors enveloping the whole sky dark red.

Foul energy rushed out from Azief Seven Openings.

The Demonic Count face who was rushing to Azief fell.

It was then that Azief yelled , his voice pierces the clouds

‘BLOOD SEALING THE MOUNTAINS!’ And then the blood turns into a needle like shape and shot out to the Demonic Count.

The count could feel the needle like shape droplets of blood is not some trifling thing.

So he was about to dodge the blood when he suddenly find out the blood was chasing him and then that droplet of blood exploded when it reached a ten meter radius from him.

Then countless of runes marking fill the sky, with each rune possessing an incomparable might.

And then a cloud created by the magical properties of Azief sealing techniques appears on the sky.

The clouds were red and covered the sky, and China seems like it live under a red sky.

Then the clouds parted in the center and in that center was a face of Azief.

Only it was ten thousand times larger and fills the sky. The face also has one horn on each side of his each, his eyes were blood red and his teeth was replaced by sharp red fangs.

Then the giant face look at the Demonic Count and the Demonic Count coughed up his vitality.

The power of that glare was oppressing him to his core and his Seed Energy of the Count wilted.

The runes that were golden and full of clouds before turns to red and then a tear could be seen falling from the eyes of the gigantic face and then the droplet of red tears turns into a large red spears which quickly impaled the Count as it pierces the clouds with lightning speed.

The Count didn’t even have time to run.

Such a character that would be respected and feared in Seresian world was killed so easily. But the price?

Azief vitality and his longevity.

If he did not reach Undying Body he has just made the most unprofitable transaction ever in his life.

First, it impaled the Count both hand making him land on the ground with an explosion leaving a 40 meter deep with crater on another part of the Beijing city.

Another tears drops to the ground and another spear hone in the Demonic Count.

Then it pierces the Count both legs. Another tear fell. And then it pierces the Count heart. But the Count did not die.

The blood red spear which was impaled on the body of the Count began morphing to something resembling like a cocoon and then amidst the screams and yelling of the Count, the red like liquid thing began enveloping the Demonic Count body and then after a few minutes, it was silent.

He then yelled in his mind


Then the cocoon of red like liquid and the resulting explosion wipes out three region of China.

One of the people pursuing Will was also affected as Will brilliantly lure the Demonic count chasing him right to the center of the explosions before using the Speed Source to run off in time.

His speed was unbelievable as blue lightning covered his body and sceneries bend around him.


Will yelled on the ground after looking at the destruction that Azief did. It was then that energy courses through Azief body and then a notification appears.


Azief smiles even as blood runs down his left side of the mouth. His hand trembling with fatigue and his eyes was lifeless but he gritted his teeth and yelled



The thunder rumbles and the sky turned dark as Azief made his decision.

The Orb in Earth prime glows with a golden color as the clouds in Earth two was filled with divine power.

Then Azief could feel almost a divine power enveloping him in golden light from the sky above him.

It was also at this time Azief sense with his whole body a danger that he has never felt before.

Roaring sound could be heard high on the sky.

Will who as far away by now to escape the explosion could not see what is happening even with his eyesight that is hundred times clearer than normal humans but he could see a gigantic dark cloud began hovering on top of Azief.

And he gasped in shock.

‘What the fuck is that?!’ He cursed in shock.

Lightning…golden lightning began to amass in the sky and the roaring become louder like a dragon is in rage.

Azief looked upwards and he…chuckles.

He doesn’t know what it is but now at his weakest moment; a lightning is about to strike him how could he just chuckles?

Because he could feel in that lightning there is an essence of life. In his attributes, there is one attributes of Life.

He could feel the essence of life, sense it with his Divine Sense. The lightning is an aid. He doesn’t know whether that is true or not but he could only gamble now.

And he doesn’t like to gamble. But sometimes you had to roll the hard six. Either way, it seems he could not run away from the lightning.

With dark clouds covering half of Beijing and his already deteriorating conditions, he could not run even if he wanted to.

Then it falls.

An enormous golden pillar of light composed of golden lightning descended downward like divine punishment.

The gigantic pillars then split into eleven part of golden arcs of lightning and keep descending to strike Azief.

Then the first lightning slammed into Azief with a huge boom.

Blood sprayed from Azief mouth and his face went white.

But at the same time, Azief could feel that the energy enter his body and his Ironskin was purify and instead becomes a Goldenskin.

His skins began to shine like gold and the lightning seeps into him endowing Azief with a skin that could not be cut any weapon other than artifact or a person with a higher level of power.

In the Energy Disperse Stage he is practically invincible. Nothing could scratch him. Even if they do, his skin will regenerate almost instantly.

He could feel that his previous injury shriveled up and power courses through his body as the land beneath his feet cracked and overturned turning into a large crater that could fill four lakes.

‘HAHAHA!’ Azief laughed even as he endures the pain.

Just right before Azief could enjoy this newfound upgrade in his body the clouds rumbles again and another lightning descended downward again.

This time, it was bigger than the last one and like last time it was golden lightning and full of life energy.

Each lightning bolt that strikes Azief contained incredible power.

It slammed into Azief body again this time, but Azief is ready this time. He gritted his teeth and accepts the lightning.

The moment it slammed Azief body, thunder quake claps and shockwave erupted form the collision causing the sky to shakes and air exploded.

Azief feel like a mountain was slamming him and he could felt all of his body is shaken but another change happen to his body.

His Copper flesh becomes Golden Flesh, his body which was full of blood was purified as black goo comes out of his pore and then he was floating there on the clouds, his body shining like the sun in the morning dawn.

With Golden Flesh, his body will not be harmed by elemental energy especially by lightning. It even will nourish him.

It was like he was the Sun, personified.

It was then that something clicked inside Azief mind.

Undying Body is not the eleven stage of Body refinement. It was the upgrade of all the stages of Body refinement.

Unify All The Aspect Of Physique, To Create The Ultimate Physique, Envied By Gods And Feared By Devil.

This description suddenly appeared inside his mind guiding the energy of the lightning to wash over him, cleansing all impurities inside his body.

The lightning would subsequently disperse into the area below him. Each bolt now that will come striking him will have doubly destructive power.

And there is a hint of destruction in the lightning bolt.

Will who was on the ground see the lightning disperses and wanted to try to gain something from Azief purifying.

Will could feel that there is energy inside the lightning bolt.

A type of speed energy.

He has learned many things when he was in the Seresian World. One of them is to create a Speed fragment.

Seal the speed inside a Speed Source bubble and he got himself a Speed Fragment. But the energy of speed that is required must be powerful.

The lightning seems to pass the requirements.

He began to launch himself to the lightning but the moment he come into contact with the dispersed lightning instead of the Speed he was hoping for, he was thrown a thousand meter away.

The explosion echoed out, accompanied by a miserable shriek.

Will was shaken as he coughs three drops of vitality. Energy oozes out of his body, the lightning coiling around his feet disperse and dissipates into the air.

If not for the pills Azief has provided him he might even dies.

He looked back at Azief on the sky accepting the lightning and sighed.

This was not his lightning. He has to earn it if he wanted it. He’s not worthy. Will is not as crazy as Azief to chase the Perfection of Physique.

But Will of course realize what this means for Azief.

Eternal Body. Ultimate Physique.

Unless people of the higher level fight him, he is undefeated in the Energy Disperse stage and could be said the unrivalled expert of Energy Disperse Stage.

Even if he meets a Seed Forming High Realm Expert he might even survive using his body.

Will also realize that when the lightning descended and the clouds appear, the red portal of the Seresian dimmed and it was like some energy was preventing the portal from letting energy out.

It seems whatever produces the clouds and lightning did not want others to interfere when he was bestowing its gift.

Nothing could object this ancient energy. If you want to come out of the portal, they must wait.

The lightning seems to be saying. It was arrogant and domineering. It has decided to strike Azief, giving him fortune and helping him breakthrough, so nobody better interfere.

This is what Will has been feeling about the attitude of this energy that is in chaos in the sky right now.

Will has learned a lot about energy and not just the kind that has no intelligence. Certain energy has a sentient will.

Like the Speed Source.

In the sky, the clouds were filled with golden lightning.

Another lightning falls into Azief body and he trembled. The ground below him was thoroughly destroyed, and much of it had crystallized because of the heat of the lightning.

But this time Azief did not feel the pain as much and his face instead of getting paler, becomes even rosier.

His Silver Veins was invaded by the lightning and become Golden Vein. He could feel an ancient source of energy is setting itself up inside Azief consciousness and body, nourishing at every second.

He laughed again.

‘THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! STRIKE ME MORE. LET THE TEMPEST STRIKE ME!’ His laughs and his yells were like he was getting crazy.

His hair whipped around, and his body was covered with lightning wounds. However, his maniacal laughter had not reduced even in the slightest.

He was truly satisfied with the power welling inside his body right now.

He feels that even if he is now an Energy Disperse Stage Middle Realm, he could even fight a Seed Forming Middle Realm.

This disparity of power is magnificent and even logic defying. A level 56 could fight a level 66 existence.

But if you search for perfection, of course this is the only result.

First, Azief has a Perfect Golden Core when he was in Orb Condensing Stage. That alone has set him forward over others by ten steps.

Now, he is transcending the Purifying Lightning to breakthrough to Ultimate Physique. That has set him forward by a hundred steps.

Two Perfection in Two Stages. This is why his destructive powers were like Gods and Immortals.

Perfection. Path of the Sovereign. He is beginning to walk in the path of the Sovereign.

Luck. Strength. Talent. Determination. And a little madness. This is all requires in molding a Sovereign

This is the road one must tread to reach Sovereign Stage.

But, Perfection?

The path of Perfection requires not only luck but also determination, risk taking and most of all…..fate.

The clouds boom again, this time the sound travel to Mongolia. Imagine the sound. If it were normal humans they would already have their eardrums ruptured.

Will had his heart jolted when he hears it from far away. He has long retreated from the lightning area.

The pressure bearing down on Azief however was growing increasingly greater, like the sky itself was oppressing him.

He was like Atlas holding the Earth.

Another pillar of light descend and separate into eleven parts before slamming itself again into Azief body.

This time Azief did not even get shaken as his body began to familiarize itself with the pressure of the lightning.

His Golden Aura was transformed into Golden Domain and pressure of a God emanated from him , making the land beneath him to be dented like an enormous giant stomped their feet and hill crumbled into rubbles of stones after his Golden Domain spread out beneath him.

The area around the destroyed Beijing was like a world of lightning, thundering and bellowing, booming sound filled the earth

And in the center of that maelstrom of lightning, was Azief, head thrown back as the brutal sound of his laughter rose up in the face of the slamming lightning.

‘More! More!’ He yelled.  And another lightning descend this time embedding itself inside Azief bones.

His Titanium Bones transform into Celestial Bones.  When he crack his knuckles, the wind went away as energy roils out around his body forcing the wind to give way and the wind itself dissipated around him.

When another lightning falls into him again, his Divine Meridians transform into Celestial Meridian, making it larger and Azief body began sucking all the energy around him.

Lands grow old, tress wilted, water recedes and mountains shrinked. Energy flows out to him, like he was there to drain every energy that exists on this Earth.

Then the clouds grew even larger. Azief look at the sky above him and he chuckles and he yelled in happiness.


And as he yelled his determination, a pillar of light as big as a city falls into him, but not before dividing itself into eleven parts.

Azief has begun to understand why the lightning separates themselves to eleven part.

One lightning for every stage of his body. Eleven stages. Eleven parts.

Each strikes of lightning strengthen the other stage of body so that it would prepare him to transform his physique.

This is not a lightning bringing calamity but a purifying lightning, exfoliating him from the taint of mortal and pushing him to be more.

When the lightning falls into his body again, he was ready as he could feel his Nine Opening turns into Nine Forbidden Opening.

In each opening lies a very ancient energy, pure and powerful. If it was released, it could destroy a city.

Then the eight strikes of lightning descended and slammed Azief.

He coughed up a mouthful of blood as sparks danced through the air around him and then slammed into the ground, only to ricochet back up and hit him back.

Cracking sounds could be heard from his legs as shattered bones suddenly poked out through his skin.

His vision was starting to grow dim. Blood filled his mouth, but he simply spit it out and then started laughing again.

Even though his Eternal Spring was not yet transformed, it emanated an aura of life that heals Azief body almost instantly.

Azief was laughing like crazy in the sky as he could his energy surges up each time he was hit by the lightning.

Will on the ground however began looting the corpses for any artifacts and weapons.

With his speed he has recovered treasures and loot left by the deceased he could find in five minutes and already stores it inside his bag of holding.

At least he had some gains.

Then a large explosion happen in the sky when the nine lightning strikes descend and the area below Azief was obliterated.

Beijing was destroyed into rubbles and the lightning began to spread as it exploded in the land like it was a bomb destroying other city besides Beijing.

It seems like China was attacked by a nuclear bomb.

Azief Celestial Presence began transforming into Sovereign Presence, emanating a pressure that oppresses every existence below Seed Forming.

His Red Palace Forming, turns into the Violet Palace with an enormous pool of vitality keep producing inside his body.

And then finally the tenth lightning descend.

His Eternal Spring transformed into Eternal Physique, the penultimate of Body Physique effectively transforming Azief entire nerve system and it was like Azief was reborn.

Golden lightning coils around Azief like dragons and his energy envelope China.

And then the eleven lightning descend. This time the roaring of lightning could be heard across this empty world and the clouds was as big as a continent.

And when the pillar of lightning began to fall, one would be shocked to see the size of that pillar.

It was the size of country, a pillar of light shaped like a spear and then when it slammed into Azief body, China was turned into ash as Will who has felt this energy long ago, runs to Russia in merely three minutes.

When it slammed into Azief body, then all the aspect of the body unified and there it was standing on the sky without even a scratch was Azief.

As of this point there is no land below him. Only destruction and a hole that is slowly being filled with sea water as China disappeared from the map of Earth.

This lightning was not supposed to appear here! This lightning was supposed to appear in Earth Prime. This world was not reinforced with runes, not protected like Earth Prime!

But Azief achieve perfection here. And the Purification Lightning does not delay.

If only there was people left in this world, Azief would have been branded as a mass murdered even if it’s not its fault.

Azief swears on his heart that the next time he wanted to transcend his limits; he would have to choose the place more wisely than he did now.

He didn’t know that the lightning is capable of so much destruction. He looks down at the destruction and he sighed.

His body was crackling with golden lightning, seemingly endless amounts of golden light radiated out from his body.

His eyes shone with a dazzling golden brilliance.

His hair which is lost and his vitality which has dissipated causing him pain is now restored. His hair becomes longer and fluttered blown by the wind.

His features were handsome. Beneath his feet was a swirling ripples of energy. Azief has transcend the Purifying Lightning. His body is now at the peak. Perfection Physique.

When he reached Seed Forming, he would leave other ten thousand steps behind him.

The energy inside his body swirls and he could feel the energy inside his body is not the kind of energy that Energy Disperse Stage Middle Realms possessed.

This is the energy of a Seed Forming Middle Realm. Even though the Seed is not yet form, his body has already release ripples of energy and the understanding of the Laws.

Azief took a deep breath.

His power is now completely different that had been before. After transcending the lightning, he could feel his energy was condensed and preparing to gather again…to form the Seed.

His physical body now far exceeded that of any ordinary Energy Disperse Stage expert.

In fact, not even the body of a Seed Forming Expert could compare to his in terms of strength and durability.

But what Azief felt more pleased about was the fact that there is a Lightning Laws inside him. He could not touch the law yet but someday he would.

But he did not have time to rejoice.

The portal of red glows again and Azief could feel the intense energy wafting out form the portal.

Demonic Duke.

He wouldn’t stand a chance. Azief then ordered.

‘Al, let me and Will go home.’

Saying this blue portal appeared beside the red portal which quickly sucked Azief inside it and Will who was at Russia and was catching his breath was also sucked into the portal.

Will was startled but he was ready. For their plan. They enter the tunnel. Azief called it a tunnel.

Will call it the Wormhole.

What happens to Earth Two after that….Azief and Will does not know. But everything was safe.

As Azief and Will were in the tunnel of reality he could see Will behind him.

Beside them was assortment of other Earth and they were searching for the access points to all Earths.

Earth Prime.

Then Will nodded. Will was running inside the tunnel to sense the energy of Earth Prime. It was one of his abilities as a speedster.

He may not know where Earth prime is but since Azief once uses the Universe Orb in Earth Prime, there is a trail.

Kind of like a blood trail only Will senses Energy trail.

Azief nodded.

And then he crushed the Orb in his hand and the tunnel begins to collapse as laws of time, cause and effect, cracked, and then the tunnel collapsed and they both falls into the Deserted Reality.

But even as they fall, Azief did not panic.

Because another portal was opened.

This time, a familiar energy comes from that portal. Will uses his sped to create another portal.

A portal leading them…..home. Then as both of them fall into the portal, Azief smiles.

He is going home.


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