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In Earth Two the battle is still ongoing.

Corpses still fell to the ground by the thousand as Azief still rampaging on the sky like a Mad God.

His hair whipping about, his hands were drenched with blood and meats of the enemies while his eye shows an unprecedented madness and bloodthirst.

The scene left a deep impression on all of the Demonic Knight at the ground.

He was merciless. He was cruel. He was Heartless.

Then on the sky, floating there with his black hair he looks around him. No one. Silence. Four thousand Demonic Knights died under his hand.

On the ground about five thousand soldiers is still alive.

Even though the Demonic Knight is not his match, he still feels a little fatigue considering their numbers.

‘Not enough’ Azief gritted his teeth.

He could feel energy inside his body, a beast struggling to get out. Undying Body. Totem Perfection.

He could feel an ancient energy is awakening inside of him, almost a primal sense.

He could get it. He could feel it. Feel that he is close to breakthrough. It’s possible for him. If he could kill more.

This is Azief mentality on how he could remain sane even after killing so many beings.

He viewed them as nothing more as his stepping stone to greater heights of power. That is how it starts.

The path of Sovereign is paved with bloody roads and mountain of bones.

His eyes were full of killing intent that could kill a Demonic Soldier if he exerts a little pressure.

Energy is bubbling inside his body

‘COME ON’ he yelled as he dives down to help Will.

He swoops down and then he began freezing everyone with his cold breath and then with one punch he killed about a hundred people.

Accompanying that punch was the pressure of three mountains.

The moment his punch landed on the ground, a four hundred meter width land was dented and the people on that radius were crushed to death.

Then the portal in the sky glowed again.

Azief once again fly back to the sky while Will cleans up the other Demonic Knights. The storm is nigh.

Demonic Baron is coming out from the portal.

This time, the pressure was intensifying

Five hundred Demonic Baron come out from the portal and when they look at the surrounding they were shocked to see that their subordinates on the ground, piling.

Corpses piled as high as a mountain and blood flowed like a river.

Before they could even express their anger a man suddenly flies to them and decapitate one of them with a saber.

‘ONE SLASH RENDERING THE HEAVEN APART’ Azief yelled in his mind and the saber he used glowed red as red mist surrounds it and then turned into a Nirvana Fire.

With one slash, a gigantic slash of fire was directed towards the Demonic Baron.

The heat disperse the clouds and fire filled the sky

The few of them who instantly realize the ferocity of that attack immediately teleported to other place with their fastest speed.

But not everyone was lucky.

The gigantic fire envelopes about fifty Demonic Barons and instantly incinerating their body into nothingness.

Then the glow on that saber disappeared and Azief could feel that his energy was drained and his vitality decrease even more.

‘DEVOUR!’ He immediately activated his attributes. The moment is ripe when the Demonic Baron was shocked.

Ten of them did not manage to avoid his attack and immediately get devour by the illusory mouth.

But this time there is resistances.

The Demonic Barons began using formation to deal with him. Another hundred manage to go down as they began engaging battle with Will.

In the illusory mouth, 50 Demonic Baron was using the Piercing Heaven Formation making the energy of Azief conceptualization was contained.

Azief snorted.


Azief bring out another saber and he looked it with hesitation before steeling his determination once again and then yelled in his mind

‘SLASH THE COVETOUS HEART’ as he let his energy being drained again but this time he coughed a dark blood.

His face was pale.

His Titanium Bones was invaded by foreign energy.

His Life Gate cracked, his Red Palace Blood disperses by twenty percent and his Nine Openings were blocked for a second giving Azief a taste of having his body feeling like he was in a shredder, shredding his skin.

The Price of using a weapon he is not qualified to use!

But he managed to slash the second slash from the second saber.

A water dragon emerged from his slash as domineering and mysterious as the sea itself, and crashed unto the fifty Demonic Baron and their body vitality was sucked dry but their body is still alive.

Azief who was still holding the saber then screams in pain. One of his bones breaks because of the backlash using the saber.

Titanium Bone that even nuclear bomb could not break but just using a saber of the Asura he has his bones broken

But he still gripped the saber because a moment later the blood vitality returns back inside Azief body and Azief could feel his energy surging upwards again as his bones is once again reformed by the blood vitality the water dragon stole.

The Water Dragon, an image of vitality and life, devouring all essence, replenishing the body, nourishing the soul, increase blood vitality.

The second saber was the Dragon Giving Life.

Weakened and battered, the fifty demonic Barons were quickly devoured by the mouth without any resistance and energy filled Azief body again, as the wind around his body cracks and change directions.

On the sky higher than the clouds, thunders are actively booming. Lightning coils around the sky as it waited.

Waiting to purify.

A legion of Demonic Baron could not let the upper hand rest in Azief hand so they quickly fly towards Azief and began attacking Azief.

One of them uses a spear and nearly stabbed Azief rib.

Azief narrowly avoid that fast lightning attack only to be stabbed on back with a sword by another demonic Baron specializing in stealth.

‘AHH!’ Azief yelled as Azief quickly flies forward and running from the legion.

One of the Demonic Baron then ordered.

‘Charge!’ His voice was excited and shrill

Azief has already flown to the outskirt of Beijing and behind him was a legion of Demonic Baron when suddenly out of nowhere Azief stop and then turn back and without a word and slash another saber attack.

He yelled


And then an image of a gigantic shattered planet cleaved in half appeared behind Azief, covering the sky and the legion that was touched by that saber energy instantly dissipated into particles of atoms.

Azief smiles before he coughed up blood and his face turns pale.

Blue veins appear on his neck and this time he cough blood vitality and…another….and another.

He coughs up three drop of his blood vitality to endure the backlash of using the Six Saber of the Asura.

‘This is my limit’ he said.

Three Sabers.

Then he pops a pill inside his mouth but it hardly has any effect.

He smiles bitterly before he rejoins the battle again.

The fourth saber if he uses it, it might take all of his vitality to activate the Cutting Apart Worldly Concerns.

What he has understood about the saber is only the tip of the iceberg.

The sabers were his trump card and also a mass weapon of destruction used only when fighting an army such as this.

Azief has never used it in his time as Hyperion since they were never that many enemies and the destruction is too widespread.

But in a world where there are no concerns of innocent people getting caught up with the damage, he is free to use his most destructive attack.

It was then the portal rumbles again and about five Demonic Beings come out from the portal

Their pressure was shocking and suffocating. Each steps they take create a ripple of energy that undulates in the sky.

Azief bitterly smiles.

Demonic Count.  And five of them.

Then a voice rings inside his mind.

‘Master, the evacuation is complete. All has finished evacuation.  Awaiting orders. Returning to standby mode’ and then an Orb appeared in front of Azief and Azief quickly snatched it and stores it inside his bag of holding

Will on the ground is tangling with the Demonic Baron. But the Barons are already a lost cause as their corpses piled up the destroyed city.

Corpses can be seen hanging on some power line poles and cables.

Some was dumped on the garbage dump. The corpses are scattered all across the city of Beijing.

And in one part of the city was a gigantic hole from Will bomb where a mound of corpses can be seen forming in the middle of that crater.

Azief think for a while.

They could go home now. With one order and a huge exorbitant price demanded by the Universe Orb, they could go home.

But Azief is not satisfied.

He is so close that he could almost taste it

He looks back down and he yelled.

‘Will! I will try it!’

The voice pierce the distance and Will who was running around using the Speed Source stop and then looking at the sky he just smiles and nodded.

Azief smiles back and then he balled his fist.

I will achieve Undying Body before I get out from this world.

And then he dashed to the Demonic Count.


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