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Azief floats on the sky like a Devil, his Death aura swirls around him making him look like a harbinger of Death.

Red mist swirls around his hand while black mist coils around his legs; golden aura emanated from his back and rings of fire is spinning on top of his heart.

Air compresses around him and disperses and formed and disperses like a cycle of rebirth and destruction

Then the portal in the sky emits a united aura surging out as the first invasion began and Azief smiles

‘A chance’ he said.

‘I need to test it’ he said.

He needs to test how powerful he has become in these four years he is on this Earth. Whether he is the same person he is when he was stranded in that Seresian world.

Or did he improve?

Battle intent rising up inside his heart as his hand is trembling in anticipation.

Who would have thought that kid who used to be a loser now floats in the air like a God while waiting to engage with thousands of soldiers from other worlds?

‘Heh’ he scoffed at himself.

Then the portal rumbles and something resembling electric current could be seen coiling around the portal before undecipherable characters appeared right next to the portal and then they appear.

The moment he saw the first wave of Demonic soldiers, he waved his hand and then under the shocked gazes of the Demonic Soldiers, he pierced through the air to disappear off into the distance in a beam of prismatic light.


Appearing instantly on their left flanks like ghost. The speed of his flying shattered the air as he speed across the skies.

There are already a few thousand that landed on the ground. Azief gritted his teeth.

It seems no matter how fast he flies some of them is bound to land before he arrived.

But he trusted Will.

On the ground is Will area of containment while on the sky it was his. Will using his speed could dismantle the soldiers.

He might not have domineering power like Azief but combine his punch with his speed; even his punch could shatter the mountains.

On the ground, splattered with blood, Will expression look fierce as he used his speed as a weapon, killing them with hyper speed punch.

It was only five minutes since the soldiers landed and they already suffers a great loss from one person as a blue lightning zigzagging across the battlefield, slitting throats and killing before the soldiers even have time to react.

A lightning that marks death wherever it passed.

Even though he was not as strong as Hyperion, Will has a lot of weapons. This is also one of the habits he picked up from Azief.

Always have a backup plan.

He has arsenal of weapons to aid him in this battle against otherworldly invader left by all the military of this Earth for him to use..

Repulsor rays. Unibeam laser. Anti-Gravity Mine. Euronuim bomb. And many others.

Not to mention, the Iron Legion is protecting Will as he was give full control of the Legion and has already engaging the Demonic soldier.

About a hundred of them have already been crushed in the initial attack.

After all, they are machines and lack certain flexibility and judgment call unlike an Iron legion that is piloted with human pilot.

But Will has to work with what he has. And he is racking up energy and EXP. His lightning crackled even louder as his speed seems to increase making him probably the fastest killing machine the world has ever seen.

Slit, run to the next target, then rinse and repeat.

A thousand Iron Legions follows Will into battle on the ground while Azief is containing the situation on the sky.

With Will speed he pierced through the enemy ranks that was not even able to form ranks and the Demonic Soldier who pursued Will will be covered in wounds and injuries.

The Soldiers killing intent seethed, as they tried to give chase to Will which is as pointless as trying to break a stone with an egg.

The fighting raged on the land. The fighting raged on the sky.

The heaven and lands overturned, painting the whole world red, screams and howling become the sound of music to the ears of Azief and Will.

The demonic soldiers advanced with unbridled frenzy

Will eyes had long since been shot with blood.

Whirlwind and storms accompanied him as he waged his one man war in the land while the blue portals in the sky began rumbling even louder as it tries to teleport more people from this world as Demonic soldiers keep pouring out.

They began throwing their weapons and magical items to Will. But none of them could even reach or touch Will as he dodges them almost effortlessly.

But one Demon who saw this smile as he began licking his lips full of greed.

‘That speed! I want it!’ he screams with excitement.

Then he throws to Will a gourd that seems to emit a bluish light and a suction energy began to swirl around Will.

Like before he dodges…or he tries to as he discover his Speed Source was severed by the energy emitted by the gourd.

What the hell is this! Alarms ringing out in Will mind.

Will look back at the Demonic Soldier only to realize that the soldier was actually a Demonic Knight.

‘Dammit!’ Will cursed.

Azief has warned some Demonic Knight might have some artifacts and even though they are not really that powerful, they must not underestimate them since they outnumber Azief and Will.

His face fell and a sensation of a deadly crisis washed over him.

He runs backwards, lightning coils around his feet

No matter how fast he runs, it almost seems like the gourd is eating his energy and becoming even faster.

Now he is as just as fast as a car which is pretty slow for Will.

The Demonic Knight smiles as he look in anticipation at the soldier nearby Will rushing, charging with madness so hack the speedster body to avenge their fallen comrade.

Just when the gourd is about to slam into Will, a snort echoed across the battlefield, like a thunderclap.

It was a mere sound but it instantly caused the Demonic Soldiers bodies to tremble.

There were some who was shaken and felt their mind reeling unstably.

The Demonic Knight who was after Will suddenly went pale in the face. Blood sprayed from his mouth, and he turned his head in astonishment.

What he saw was darkness filling the sky.

The following moment, a hand stretched out from behind Will in an instant, grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.

Then they could see the man and they stopped in silence.

The Demonic Soldiers looking at Azief gasped and unconsciously backed up. Because there floating on the air was a man emitting the aura of an unsurpassable being.

His Golden Aura was spread out giving him a Holy feeling, an inviolable existence.

His Presence was like a Celestial descending from the Heaven to play around in the mortal world.

The air around Azief was compressed so solid that it could be used as stone.

When he moves forward the air shatter and Immortal Might spread out from every part of Azief body.

Behind him was a halo of eternal brilliance, while on the top of his head was Rings of fire the size of five meter width, spinning on top of his head making him look like an avenger from Hell.

‘HMPH’ Azief snorted.

‘Trifling artifacts’ Azief said before he waves his hand and the gourd was destroyed.

His energy transformed into an oppressive air that sent the minds of the soldiers spinning.

Then he looked at the Demonic Knight and a dark look gleamed in his eyes, and he stepped forward.

Vast quantities of black mist instantly roiled out, like countless vipers.

They shot toward more than a thousand enemies, boring into their bodies, causing shocking miserable shrieks to fill the air.

‘DEVOUR!!’ Azief yelled inside his mind and rumbling sound filled his mind.

And then a mouth appears from the dark mist.

It began to devour the Demonic Soldiers as Azief hair was wildly flailing about as his body is full of energy.

There is a reason why he is fighting this war.

Not only for Earth two but also to temper his fleshly body. He decided…that today he would break through to Undying Body.

The moment that objective is fulfilled; he would get out of this world with Will.

All the energy inside the body of the Demonic Soldiers was sucked dry and they turn into desiccated corpse.

Black mist poured out from their eyes, ears, noses and mouths, which then flowed back to Azief.

Will then nod as he already feels the Speed Source returning to his body and his eyes shows a trace of blue lightning.

He began engaging other people on the ground as Azief flies back to the sky.

The first wave had begun engaging him.

Azief using the Condensed energy in his body began using another attributes.

‘DEATH!’ He yelled in his mind and an image of gigantic skull appears behind Azief back and the sky turns red, the winds changed direction and the whole world clouded red.

This is the image imprinted on the minds of every demonic soldier that is engaging in war on the sky.

Celestial pressure envelops the sky and hundreds of the Demonic soldiers coughed up blood, some even loses their consciousness and fall from the sky.

For the people on the ground, all they could see was the skull but not the red sky and clouds.

But even down in the ground they could feel the pressure like a fire heat that envelops all living thing, threatening to burn them.

Azief compressed his attributes in his hand, as dark mist coils around his hand and then when he felt it was solid enough, Azief release his punch.

Conceptualization attack! Only people that have cross the threshold of the Energy Disperse Stage could manifest the Concept in their attack, possessing the might of Gods and Devils.

From the illusory conceptualization red sky, a howling voice full of misery pierces the imaginary world of blood as heart chilling screams and despairing wailing could be heard.

In that red sky, images of death people with their rotten flesh and dead eyes, monsters who were dead and full of maggots squirming around their bodies tries to claws themselves out from the red sky.

The image was terrifying and made each and every one of the Demonic Soldier almost pissed their leather pants.

But they didn’t even have time to do that.

The moment the punch was released, it was like a force of ten mountains was nearing them.

The sound made them deaf.

That punch shatters the airs as it hit straight at the two thousand Demonic Soldiers and then an explosion of blood happens in the sky, drenching down towards the earth like rain.

A rain of blood drenches the land beneath and the only one left floating in the air was Azief, looking as cold as ever.

He takes a breath and he focused back at the task at hand.

Will who was slitting the throat of another demonic soldier look up and smiles in astonishment.

He never though that one punches is enough to kill all the Demonic Soldier.

But Will also realizes it.

That the Demonic Soldier is not that powerful.

They are just a lot of them. Will himself has killed about a thousand demonic soldiers and it has just been about for 15 minutes.

Up on the sky, Azief closes his eyes as he could feel that the attributes of death will be unusable for about ten minutes before he can use it again.

A cooldown.

Activating an attribute put a strain not only on the physical body but also on the psychological burden, not to mention Death attributes.

It was Azief most powerful attributes and also the most taxing. The destructive power is really wide and the energy released could dim the stars.

On the ground, Will has finished killing all the Demonic soldier on the ground when another wave appeared from the portal.

This time Azief launches himself to them with his highest speed towards the Demonic Soldiers

With his fleshly body he crashed to the people coming out from the portal and the result was another bloodbath.

A massive explosion happen in the sky that disperse the clouds and produces thunderclap.

The Demonic Soldiers could not endure the impact of the body of an Eternal Spring Body Refinement Stage Expert.

The moment they collide with Azief it was like they were crashing against an immovable mountain.

The second batch was crushed like ants, their bones shattered, their energy disperses and their flesh turns to droplets of blood that rained down the battlefield.

Will on the ground could only clean the blood that fall from the skies from his body with his kinetic energy force filed.

Blood is pouring down like a torrential downpour.

Cruelness, ruthlessness, the ability to treat life as worthless… that was how Azief is and thinking of this dark side of Azief, Will shudders in fear.

Azief is not someone he would readily offend. Up in the clouds, the portals rumble again.

Then from the portal the second wave appears.

The Demonic Knights appears. Azief did not slow down this time. He doubles back and began engaging in battles.

All of his abilities were unleashed.

Using his heat vision, he spews fireballs from his eyes killing everybody he could see, fire blazing in the clouds, burning everything like the fire of Heaven.

Using his fleshly bodies, he punches with his Eternal Spring might

His punch packed the power of a nuclear bomb as he killed each of the Demonic Knight with one punch.

This was not a battle.

This was a one sided massacre.

The moment Azief could use Devour he uses it again as he could feel that his Eternal Spring keep healing his injuries.

Each attack and injuries that he receives from the enemies was almost instantly healed by his Eternal Spring.

The sky was filled with the glow of magical techniques and the power of Azief and the Demonic Knights abilities.

Booms filled the air, and the sky turned dark as blood keep pouring down towards the ground.

The Demonic Knights that manage to slip out from Azief attack landed on the land as they tried to set up a point of invasion.

But Will could not let them do what they wanted could he? He throws a Truniom bomb at the first team that landed on the land.

A huge explosion of green fire covers the area of what used to be Beijing and obliterate almost one third of the city.

One third of the city turns to ash.

Literally, turned to ash in a matter of seconds.

No matter how sturdy the building around Beijing or what kind of metal they used, it was instantly melted when came in contact with Truniom Explosion.

The first team that arrived which numbers around three thousand was instantly eradicated.

Speed Force filled Will as he runs away from the point of explosion and return back in almost a flash.

On the sky, Azief has managed to use the Devour attributes again as he launched his attack.

Another rumbling filled his mind as he could energy courses through his body.

His last injuries he got from another Demonic Knight were instantly healed.

The sky turned dark with a foul aura and the mouth appears, and thousands of Demonic Soldiers devoured into nothingness.

Some of them offer resistance but in the end they lost too much of their energy and turns into desiccated corpse and fall from the sky and crashed to the ground.

First, it was the rain of blood.

Now, the sky is raining corpses.

This was truly a painting of a Celestial War.

Demons from other world, with Azief who was like the God of the Sky pushing back thousands of soldiers with his might alone, and Will like Mercury protecting the land.

It was also at this time Azief merge his Devour and Death attributes to inflict not only pain but misery.

Azief could feel his body rumbles and pain courses through his body and his vitality decreases.

‘Endure it!’ He yelled inside his mind.

‘RELEASE!!’ He yelled.

Then the attributes launches itself to the soldiers with an aura of the foulest existence, even from afar choking them and make them lose their will to fight.

Then it collided with the Demonic Soldier

The other Demonic Knights watched shaken as their comrade screams with unprecedented misery.

Their bodies withered up and their hair fell out as their energy and souls were extracted through every orifice.

Their Nine Openings were invaded, the pain could not be described, taking all of their energy, breaking their Life Gate as energy inside their bodies in chaos, and their Red Palace disperses and every bit of their energy was taken hostage and stolen.

On the sky, higher than the place where Azief is fighting, however a weird phenomenon is happening.

Even though, Azief is on Earth Two, in Earth Prime, an orb that contains all source of energy in all of the known and unknown universe is glowing.

The sky rumbles, the stars dimmed.

The Purifying Lightning is prepared for someone. The clouds in Earth Two change direction as they turned dark and cloudy as coiling golden lightning runs across the clouds.

The Orb sense someone is perfecting the Body and intent to give aid. Because that is its objective.

The Purifying Lightning is prepared.

But could he break though? The clouds keep rumbling and the coiling lightning waited…bearing witness if there was one who seeks the path of Perfection, the path of a Sovereign.


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