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All over the world people look at the sky as they are being sucked by a blue portal. Hover they are not afraid.

In the conference that lasted for a few days, all the world leaders decided to follow Hyperion plans of transporting all humanity to another earth that is unpopulated.

The expeditionary team has decided that the world that Hyperion transported them to was safe and the exodus began in rapid pace.

Hyperion reveals his Universe Orb and offer a solution for the world.

The reason why the world leaders easily agrees with Hyperion suggestion is because Hyperion shows them how powerful is the being called the Seresian.

Demonic King as high as 300 feet and Demonic Emperor who as high as the heaven. Earth doesn’t stand a chance.

But as humanity is being sucked to the sky and other people prays to find safety in the new world, here in one corner of China, stands a few people watching a dark clouds gathering.

Alexander King. Lee Na Eun. The Dark Speedster. And Hyperion. Azief has long told King what to do when he reaches that Earth.

Azief has always admired King either for his tenacity or stubbornness and at the same time pity his naivetés.

Azief has decided to destroy the Universe Orb when Al has finished transporting all the humanity.

Al….is the avatar of the Universe Orb.

Al has explained that when all of the humanity has been transferred to another world, he would have to rest before having the energy to make the last transfer.

And in that time, Azief needs to survive the Seresian attack.

From what Will has told him only one Demonic Prince will be leading the battle. But he will not lead first.

Seresian is many things. Conquering race. Psychopathic killer race. Fighting maniac race. But smart race? That they are not.

If the patterns are the same then when he joined the War of the Eternal Rings then the first wave will be the Demonic Soldiers.

Then the Demonic Knights.

After that will be the Demonic Baron.

Then the Demonic Count.

Then the Demonic High Noble.

Then the Demonic Duke.

Then at the last would be the Demonic Prince.

Azief is strong…but he knows his limits. Demonic Count is his limits. He has once seen a war involving thousands and millions of demonic beings.

If the Demonic King takes part in the war, then with one wave of his hand, the earth would be scorched in fire.

The only reason why the Demonic King does not participate is probably because there is only Four Demonic King in the Seres world and one of them just died.

Chaos is breaking out in the Seres world.

This he got from Will. The reason why they are invading? Because there is land. It is that simple.

With Seresian you will learn it best to know they are a simple race. Found a demoness and like her?

Sleep with her. They don’t like it? Rape them! People calling it wrong? Kill them! The Seresian race is a very simple race.

The higher they are in the hierarchy the smarter they became. For the low rung demonic creature, they are as stupid as fuck.

They do what they want, when they want it. It is a miracle that they are not extinct by now.

But here right now, at the end, Hyperion is surrounded with only the people he cares about.

Alright, two people he cares about.

Na Eun and Will while King was there…just because Azief believes there is no other person as motivated as Alexander King to save the world.

Maybe in that new world, Alexander King will be the new hero.

People bringing themselves up with an idol closer to them, more relatable to them. Azief hope that will be the case.

It’s now time. He looks at the sky as he could sense that the Orb has almost finished with their job.

He slowly floats as the snow below his feet is also gravitating upwards as they followed Hyperion, swirling beneath his feet, defying the laws of gravity.

Na Eun looking at this could not help but feel anxious.

‘Wait!’ She said as she tries to hold him down by grabbing his arms. Which is as pointless as trying to move a mountain.

‘Just wait a minute will you?’

‘I’m okay’ he said as she comes closer. They look at each other and she nodded.

Then she hugs him because she knew this is the last hug for him and tears streamed own her eyes.

‘Hyperion…..I want to say….thank you.’ Azief smiles bitterly and kiss her on her forehead and he smiles at her

‘Thank you’ he said then he slowly moves her hand, letting go of the hug.

Then he flies away like he always does. Only, this time it would be the last time for her to see him fly.

This time like always, proudly like a beacon shining away the darkness. That is how its looks to her.

On the ground, blue lightning follows Hyperion as they move to the gigantic portal appearing out in the sky.

Only Na Eun and Alexander King left there, as they watch Hyperion and the Dark Speedster disappeared from their sight.

Na Eun then looks back behind him.

‘This is what you want right? Him, dying?’

‘You know he stood for something, you bastard. You never understood him not even a little.’

Na Eun could not control her anger. She needs someone to blame and the perfect person to be angry with is just beside her.

Alexander King laughed hoarsely. Now at the final moment, he understands him, more than he cares to admit.

Four years he has been fighting with Hyperion. And even at this moment, he could not accept him.

Looking at the sky and then looking down back at Na Eun he then said.

‘You look at him and you see light leading the way, but for me? I see a light lost in darkness. In all the years I research him, I expected to find a man who stood for something. I thought, a certain kind of man would emerge from my data and findings. I expected to find a man sure of himself. A man who knew for sure what is best for all of us. Imagine my surprise, when I found out that whoever Hyperion is, is trial and error.’

He said as he take a deep breath as the portal up above their head is getting larger and the dark clouds overhead near the blue portal is slowly becoming even bigger.

The Seresian are coming.

Alexander King smiles as he continues; looking at the sky as he tries to squint to see where is Hyperion

‘He takes down a dictator, a worse one is installed. He doesn’t do it again. So it worsen. Next time he involves himself. What I found out was that Hyperion doesn’t stand for something. He’s just a man…stumbling through life. He’s not a great beacon, he’s barely a candle, lighting the path for himself the best way he can. And eventually, like we all know…candles go out.’

He smiles bitterly.

Na Eun looks at Alexander King and just hears what he has to say. She also doesn’t know what to say.

She didn’t know that is the way King thought about Hyperion.

‘I disagree with him. I disagree with his values; I disagree on how he lives his life. I reject him. Even now, at the end, I’m glad he’s gone. But…….I’ll say this by way of goodbye. I thought that Hyperion was trying to be the answer. Trying to show us to be better. I hated him for it. But I see now, his action says there is no answer. Figure it out for yourself. How to be better as he is trying to do….and perhaps now…at the end, I can admit that being the farthest  thing from the answer, he’ll might be the closest we have to one.’

Then he turned back from Na Eun and just look blankly at the sky waiting for the portal to beam him up.

Na Eun sighs as she looks at the sky. Then the portal shines a light on them and they disappeared into another Earth.

Meanwhile, the dark clouds finally create another new portal. Red portal. The Seresian are coming.


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