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The forest was quiet and peaceful. Sometimes you could hear the sound of apes and monkeys shrieks as they fight each other.

This is the area where Lord Shadow and his group once fight the first Asura they met and Lord Shadow won the Universe Orb though the people living near that area do not know that.

The place is now full with people making a living. There is certain order now after about five months since the Fall.

In these five months, many events have happened.

The World Government formation event that began creating order after the chaos and instability left after the Fall.

There is also the disbandment of Russia from the World Government and their subsequent formation of the Revolutionary Army.

There is also the League of Freedom which remains a mystery

The other events that happen since the Fall is the conferment of title of Kings.

The conferment is awarded to the people pacifying their country by the World Government to their country members and the people against it from the Revolutionary army.

The world is pretty much still in chaos. The wheel of time moved ruthlessly. Peace….is still hard to achieve.

To some the war between the World Government and Revolutionary Army is imminent. The only question is when.

But… this part of the world, peace has seemed to dawn.

At least, it was not as chaotic as before.

Guilds and mercenary groups are formed all over the world to quell the beast and monster that infested the world.

Of course they charge gold for their service. The currency of the world has been established as copper, silver and gold.

The people having the most wealth right now must be the World Government Organization with each of its country member contributing followed by the Revolutionary Army.

Both of them have a symbol to rally behind.

For the World Government, Raymond, the King of United States is that symbol.

With its campaign conquering over 20 states, he is gaining traction; one could say he is the epitome of strength in that part of the world.

Texas has their own leaders.

Florida most of it landed under the sea, millions died.

North Carolina has created a fighting force to repel Raymond army while at the same time fighting the monster that plagued their state.

New Jersey quickly entered Raymond rule when Raymond won a diplomatic negotiation with the Mayor of the city and quickly consolidate his power.

Kansas even created a militia fighting force to contend with Raymond invasion as Kansas called it.

But by controlling 20 out of 51 states, Raymond could be called to have half the nation already.

For the Revolutionary Army, instead of Boris who established the Revolutionary Army it was his sister that became their symbol.

Katarina the Ice Queen.

With her terrifying power of controlling ice, she and her brother first take over Moscow from ambitious people of the previous regime, kill all the officials of the previous regime and created a capital in Moscow with her brother as King and her as his general.

Since then they have begun uniting back the fragmented country under his rule.

This two people have amassed enough influence to call them the strongest people on Earth right now.

But the world does not lack talented people.

They are also famous bandits like the 51 Bandits of Aegean or the famous Pirate Theo from Norway.

There are also the famous Loki and Sofia who infiltrated the Island of Peace and burns their facility.

Not to mention they smacked the face of the Emperor of the Yue dynasty by saving the White Tiger, Wang Jian.

And if that is not enough, they broke into the Yue dynasty treasury and made off with almost all of their gold.

But is that enough for this group of hell-raising troublemakers? No…of course not.

After they managed to make off with the gold from the Yue dynasty, they went to Wei with Wang Jian leading his soldiers to act as bait as Loki the Trickster stole all the gold and provision of Wei soldier on the borderlands.

Sofia the Divine Archer kill three high ranking officials of the Wei dynasty with her arrows from a thousand meter distance, throwing the morning court of Feng Jing into disarray as their expansion to the South is delayed indefinitely.

At night, Sina poisons the concubines of the Feng Jing with a godly aphrodisiac which makes the harem a den of depravity as the concubines of his palace began having sex with anyone and with anything.

That night, all they could hear from Feng Jing palace was the sound of moaning and screams of pleasure.

Feng Jing was raped by his own concubines, his guards and officials also affected by the poisons and begun raping anyone they could see.

Officials sleeping with Feng Jing concubines, guard sleeping with his wife, how could Feng Jing endure this?

In the morning he executed his own officials, his guards, and his harem.

By the time they were done, Feng Jing was exhausted and his officials were reduced by a lot, their provision was lost and even their borderlands expeditions need to be halted.

But……is this the end? Of course not! How could they be worthy of the name hell raising troublemakers if this is the only thing they did?

When the Yue dynasty hears these chains of events, he orders his generals to take over the borderlands.

With the Wei dynasty experiencing such upheaval the fortress they built was easily taken away by Yue.

Yue Imperial palace feasted that night but just an hour after the feast they were all attacked by a wave of stomachache.

All the officials including the emperor feasted the same wine, feasted the same meat and they all tasted the same meal.

They all experience their greatest diarrhea in their whole life. And it was then the four troublemakers began their moves.

Like always, Loki grab clean all of Yue soldier’s provision and gold and even the skill books and items and potions.

Sofia on the other hand destroyed Yue barracks and stable with her rain of arrows but not before stealing one Pegasus from the stable of the Yue emperor.

Sian like always created more potions to wreak havoc on the imperial place. She created the Mist of Dizziness, Pill of Vomiting and Constipation Pill.

There was also one she used on the Empress which is The Eternal Golden Shower Pill, a pill making the person eating it peeing without stopping for seven hours resulting in severe dehydration and fatigue.

Wang Jian on the other hand, during this chaos at the Imperial Palace charge with his men to the house of Deng Wu, the minister that frame him before and take his head off.

He later proceeds to decapitate seven more heads that night before they went away.

The result was both the Yue and Wei suffer a disastrous event in both of their camp but the effect resulting from this disaster was an effect that would please the people heart.

Because of the massive damage that this group of hell raising troublemaker committed, Wei and Yue sign a treaty of peace for three years.

The people of Jiangdong and Beijing both praise the hell raising troublemakers for making this peace happens.

Even the 51 Bandits of Aegean bowed their heads for such an audacious and overkill move.

But here in the middle of nowhere, they do not care about such big events. All they care about is how to live another day.

This place is almost cleared by the hunters of the village. There are already signs of civilization sprouting here

There are farms, mines, quarries meadows and large forest to accommodate the people here.

Most of the people here migrate from the stronghold of the Two Generals. They are living their life diligently and is trying to clear the area so their livelihood will be even safer.

Hunters can be seen around the area fighting them and rejoicing as they got expenses for the day.

In the villages, there are all types of class. Healers, Herbalist, Swordsman. Knights. Warrior.

Secret class is hard to find but even without secret class the village have some powerful people.

One of them even reached Orb Condensing Stage Low realm.

Most of the children play around the safe area while the adults make sure the village is safe from the attacks of monsters.

Near here the only threat they have is the monkeys and apes.

Other than that, high level monsters are usually on top of mountains or in large cave, in the bottom of the sea or in hard to reach places.

It was like any other day when something out of the ordinary happening that day alerting the whole village.

A portal suddenly opened in a ruins of a cave near the village where suddenly two lightning streaks come out from the portals and can be seen dashing through the jungle and village.

Dozens of trees were leveled and destroyed as the lightning passed them and fire blazes around their trails.

And then as this two lightning streaks keeps fighting, another portal opens in their battle on a continent where another portal is opened and the lightning both entered the portals again and disappears.

Time stood still again.





It was a good day. It was spring. The spring air. The blooming petals. The people outside going on a date.

Na Eun was lying on her bed inside her house. No, their house.

And the house itself was beautiful. He did say he pick the best for her. She is smiling thinking of her boyfriend.

Well, their relationship is a secret. Well, it’s not really a secret but his boyfriend is known to be a romantic person which is a nice way of saying that he is a well-known playboy.

But she understands him because she knows his secret. All of his secret. He confessed it to her a year ago, the moment they decide to go out together.

Anyway, they have been living together for a year now.

Four years after the fall, Korea have managed to get up from the disaster and united as one.

Even though all the upheaval in the world, the interference of the Japanese Empire and the United States, Korea managed to maintained their independence.

Last year, she gathers her courage and confesses her feeling. She could still remember his face. He was flustered.

And his blank expression.

Which slowly curves into a smile.

They kissed. They hold hands and then they become lovers.

But even after a year dating together, they are many things in his mind he did not share. They are other people inside his mind.

There are other women. Other stuff. Other things that more important than her. Truth and justice.

The man she loved always does the right thing….even when the right thing would destroy him.

A hero bears the burden he once said to her. Four years in this world, he developed affection for the people in it, for the life in it.

A man from another Earth. And one day, soon rather than later, they have to separate.

She knew it. He knew it. And they both accepted that about each other.

Man she mused.

She went to the kitchen. Today is a special day. He would be coming home from the US Business Convention.

So, she is thinking to make some handmade cooking.

The kitchen was clean and temporary which features a wide variety of cabinetry from high quality manufactures.

The countertops are Neolith a thin and extremely durable porcelain slab known for even coloration that allows for longer and slimmer surface.

As she was cooking, she doesn’t forget to brew some coffee.

She even wonders why he likes coffee that much. His skill in making coffee would put any barista to shame.

He said it has something to do with the smell of the coffee beans.

As she was waiting for the ingredients getting fired she remembers that night in Southampton.

Azief has a place there she murmured while smiling recounting the memories.

With views of Meadow Lane and the Atlantic, a three level home on a 40 foot bluff with stairs to the beach below it was a veritable summer palace.

The abundant window makes it feel much larger. All the principal rooms have water facing windows.

Outside, there is a seaside mahogany deck, a large pool, outdoor shower and personal spa, and allow sunrise and sunset viewing from various vantage points.

But it was not the house she remembers.

It was what they did. Singing. Azief don’t know it but his voice was divine. It was sweet and beautiful. Every time he sings a love song, she will be choked with feelings.

And dancing.

It has always been her weakness. Her step is always a mess. They spent the time loving each other without care in the world.

One day of pure bliss.  Remembering it her smiles grew wider and her cheeks blushed.

After finishing cooking she put the meal inside the Temperature Controller Fridge. Then she watches the news.

And then her mood is soured. Because she is just seeing that Azief is doing his old shtick.

She then changes the channel and watches a drama.

She was sitting on the sofa waiting for him to get home. The door opened.

‘You’re home?’ She said as she keeps watching the drama on TV.

‘How was your event?’ he asked as he sat beside her and put his arms behind her and kiss her on the cheek. Clearly he is happy.

‘Hmm’ she said as she looks at Azief, her face showing nothing is wrong. She was cute as always.

‘You look handsome. What’s the occasion? You even have make up. ‘

She said while laughing which only makes Azief even more doubtful. It was like the expression of her being suspicious of him.

‘Emmm….I didn’t do it. My stylist did it for me.’

‘Even your hair is different’ she said as she rubs his hair.

‘My hairdresser dresses this style he replies.

Uh oh. It was then Azief realizes something is wrong. What did I do wrong g? It’s like a quiz.

Then still smiling she said barely a whisper

I think you’re dressing up to look good for girls.

‘IF I play around and-‘

‘Yes?’ She said as crossed her hand together and glares at him

‘Never mind’

‘What is it?’

‘Nothing’ he said as he gulped. Then she looks forward and asks without looking at his face

‘Who is she?’ Her voice was full of fire and her eyes were also full of fire. So much so, like it was going to shoot out from her eyes.

Oh shit Azief mused. Then he did what no man should do he chuckles and flashed her an awkward smile

‘Wow!’ Was her response.

‘Did you like it when she dances for you?’

‘No. I was looking at her, dreaming it was you dancing it for me’

‘Tch. You think I’ll fall for that?’

Anyway, he smiles and then hugs her.

‘Sorry. I keep saying sorry to you.’

Huh she sighed. It’s not like she doesn’t know that Azief is not really that kind of person but it still makes her heart burns when she sees headline like that.

‘Anyway, what is the case this time?’ She said as she is going to the kitchen. Azief follows her from behind as he left his coat at the coat hanger.

‘The Case of the Missing Diamonds of Al Mansur.’

‘The King’s Diamonds?’

‘Yes. The Missing Diamonds of Al Mansur was a diamond that was bought by the ancestor of the King family Theon King. Its historical value is priceless and was supposed to be donated to the Egypt Museum when a few days ago during the Qatar Conference it was stolen during its first time exhibits. I was helping King searching for that Diamond.’

‘Who stole it? She asked as she poured him the coffee when Azief takes his seat.

‘Sasha Makarov.’

‘The duchess?’ she exclaimed in shock

Nodding, he said

‘Yes.’ As he take a sip of the coffee.

‘She was the Tsar most favorite nephew.’ Na Eun said as she realized the enormity of the case.

‘You seduced her.’ She said as she gets the gist of the story.

‘Well…you could say that.’

‘I think…’and she paused ‘you just like seducing her. I mean with all your abilities, couldn’t you just force her to give it to you?’

‘And risking the public turns even more?’

‘That….’and she sighed. She lost her motivation to spend this night watching movies with him.

She knows looking at his face; there are some thing he is worried about.

In the last year since his cold war with the United States, Azief has maintained almost no interference with the problems occurring inside United States and focused his energy helping the other nations.

People might say he is choosing people to save and don’t.

Truth be told…yes. It might seem cruel but he doesn’t have the power to save everyone and especially not to save people who don’t want to be saved.

Even God could not help people who don’t want to be saved.

Alexander king with his Iron Soldier program strikes fear in every nation out of US.

The Middle East was incredibly startled when the US military demands more oil and cheaper oil and was on the verge of an invasion which was stopped by him.

And the Middle East is not the only one.

Other nations also began to see the Iron Soldiers as more just a weapon to fight him but also as a weapon of invasion directed to them which makes his presence supported by the other nations.

A suit or armour around the world. What began as measure against him has started to become the sword that the US military uses to wave around.

And people don’t like that. Inside America and outside it. A measure which was created for peace is now being used for war.

Chaos continued even more chaotic than before.

Azief worst scenario has happened.

His existence and the fear for him have led this earth into a deep dark hole with no light shining the way.

He as warned King before. That his effort in stopping him will only bring a higher form of war.

Alexander King way of thinking is superbly naïve for a genius.

Azief could understand his thinking; more than King give him credit.

King believes that if he creates something that could stop him, then the world will be safe. Because to King, he was the ultimate threat.

An otherworldly being with powers and abilities that transcends human imagination. A myth becoming real.

A god among men.

King…believes Hyperion is the ultimate threat. What King failed to realize, man has been the earth greatest threat long before he arrives.

He has already said to him he did not come here to earth to become its savior.

He only came here to improve himself and then return.

He specifically said that to him in hopes of making him understand. Even though Azief has always viewed King as a rival, he never viewed him as an enemy.

In a way, Azief could understand his way of thinking. If it was him, maybe he couldn’t accept it either.

That there is a being flying in the sky that practically could do anything he wants without any supervision or force that could stop him.

For a brilliant man, they will fear, as they rightly should. Power that could not be controlled.

That is something to be feared

‘What are you thinking?’ Na Eun asks as she looks at the dazed look on Azief face.

Thinking about what has happened he only smiles and doesn’t know what to say.

She come behind him and hugs his back.

‘Don’t worry.’

Azief just hold her hand on her shoulder and rub her hand.

These days, he lived practically a good life. He and Na Eun have a stable relationship, relationships where both of them know will not last.

This is not a long distance relationship. They will one day be separated by a universe wide distance.

And the next time he came; Na Eun might not even live during that time. They treat everyday like their last day.

They get jealous at each other, mad at each other, arguing against each other….and loving each other.

Every day.

Every day is a moment to remember for both of them. Their love is beautiful because….it doesn’t last.

It’s beautiful because they know it will end.

So, they cherished each other more.

They created more memories to cover up the days that they will not be in each other life.

But for Azief, he doesn’t want to live a life of regret, a life of what if.

So the only thing he could do now is only one to repay the sincerity of Na Eun feeling.

He loves her.

Without a minute or a second rest, the only thing he could do while they were with each other, is to love her.

And they are happy.

‘Join me in bed when you’re finished. Don’t fly off for tonight’ she said as she kiss him on the cheek and went to their bedroom.

Azief sit still drinking the coffee, savoring its flavor.

He also had been thinking about Will. From what Universe Orb tells him, he is now in another universe.

It was not Earth Prime though Will did cross over to Earth Prime for a while.

Azief did peer through the world where Will disappeared to and it was a world of magic. There was a dragon.

Goblins, elves, demonkind and all sort of fantasy creature.

Though what Azief was seeing was a great battle between the force of good and evil. Azief still could not forget what he sees.

A man with a dragon crest armour with a sword as blinding as the sun, riding on top of a black dragon fighting a demon with two horns and black wings that spans across the clouds and below them were millions of men fighting demonic creatures.

The sky was rendered apart, the clouds dissipated; the land split apart, mountains crumbles and the sea churns and churns like a gigantic beast in pain.

It was a world of great heroes.

Azief could only wish Will would be able to break through that world. If Will could tap the speed Source, then he could do it.

He could run fast enough to break through to other universe.

Anyway, that is already out of his hand.

When their battle was commencing in China, Azief was fighting the Behemoth. It is already dead and its corpse in the seabed of the Mediterranean Sea.

Azief smiles bitterly as he takes another sip of the coffee.

Who would have thought that Alexander King was prepared for him and uses hundreds and hundreds of Iron Soldiers to overwhelm him and forces him to retreat.

But if he encounters that again, he will win because two years can change a person a lot.

By now his level is already 56. He has also learned a few other Conceptualizations. He has learned Darkness, Void, Light and Devour.

With the attributes Darkness, when he activates it, it shows a sea of darkness where dark hands is coming from the darkness of the mist to grab the enemy and could drain their energy and life and even in some cases grab the blood vitality of the enemy.

The Void attributes creates a black hole that seems to suck everything into it. It could be used to absorb enemy attacks and magic.

Under the user feet there is also a void energy that is coming to repel any power that is weaker than the power of repulsion of the Void Conceptualization.

Light will create a blinding luminosity of star that seems to cover everything and light darkness away.

It can also be used to stun the enemy and confuses the energy attack as it interferes with the vibration of energy.

Devour summons a gigantic mouth that seems to devour everything and could also be used to devour energy to be used to increase energy inside the user body.

He has also succeeded in his Nine Opening Purification.

Purifying The Nine Openings, Strengthening The Celestial Soul, Preparing For Celestial Presence, Untainted By Mortal Taint.

The Nine Openings are the two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, the mouth, anal orifice and the genital orifice.

The seven apertures are the holders of the six senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and thought.

The last two are not included here because they are to be closed off from any dissipation of energy.

Each of these senses also has a consciousness, which can interpenetrate any of the others.

The eyes can smell, the mouth can hear, the nose can feel, the mind can touch, and so on.

Altogether there are eighteen sense realms: six sense organs, six sense consciousnesses, and the objects of the senses.

It is only because of our discrimination between the senses and objects of sense and the attachment to the physical organs themselves that we cannot experience interpenetration of these consciousnesses.

Humanity has imprisoned themselves within those sensations.

Azief is now free of those discriminations and attachments, so can use any of those consciousness’s in whatever fashion is desired.

When Azief enter this state of the seven apertures can emit light, or wisdom light, as it is properly called.

To explain this phenomenon, all we must understand is what happens when we shut our eyes.

Do colors appear? Of course they do.

When we dream we also see colors and lights. Where do these colors and lights come from when we have closed off our organ of sight?

From the consciousness of sight.

When dreaming we may close off the sense organs, but the sense consciousnesses still function and thus produce objects of sense.

Therefore, Azief understands that not only are objects of the senses illusory, but that the organ and consciousness are also false.

This is of course contradictory to the nature of human body and the science behind it.

But the World Orb and the world he has seen has proven time and time again, that their logic is simply too restrictive.

The world is a large place than humanity originally believes.

He also managed to break through the level of Celestial Presence a few months after that.

Celestial Presence when activated will make the air around him compressed and shatter and emitted an Immortal might, creating blinding halo behind his body and Rings of Fire on top of his head like an Asura coming down with fiery vengeance.

With one stomp he could shake a city to believe they were in an earthquake. With one swish of his hand he could dispel a tsunami.

With one blow, he could blow back the Eastern wind. And this is only using his physical might

Then not long after his fight with another monster of the US army, he manages to break through to the Red Palace Forming where he forms another heart inside his body

Forming The Red Palace, Possessing Boundless Vitality And Energy, Body Clear As The Sky, Blood Flows Like The Wind.

A heart made of Blood Vitality and energy

By using his Devour attributes which aided in faster forming of the Red Palace, he manages to create the heart; the blood vitality dwells inside his Red Palace.

The excess blood transmute into pure energy dwelling in the Life Gate which is the two kidneys.

The pure energy then transforming into a purifying heat dwelling in the Ocean of Energy in his lower abdomen and energizes the whole body making him be able to not last longer but also double his physical strength and bones hardness.

And this year he manages to break through to the Eternal Spring.

Using The Red Palace, Blood Returns To The Origin, The Eternal Springs Replenishes The Body, Remains Standing Even Fighting Thousands.

He reaches to a point that his body could be healed with absorbing the natural energy around him and the energy around him

It’s different from when he uses Devouring attributes.

And that is it he thought.

He reaches the pinnacle of the body refining. But no. There was another and he almost breakthrough to that.

Undying Body.

Even When Struck By The Tribulation Lightning, Invincible Under The Heavens, Heavenly Laws Could Not Alter, The Body Will Remains, The Laws Will Not Disperse, Remain Forever In The Ashes Of The Stars.

When anyone reaches Undying Body state, his body will be composed of the laws of the world and even when he dies, the Laws remains inside, trapped by the body.

Possessing Undying Body, even when the soul is left, the body will remain, to eternity until the End of the Universe.

If anyone else they will not have discover this.

But Azief who have seen many world s and learn many things in his four years inside earth Two, this knowledge is in his grasp.

With the Universe Orb aiding him, his percentage of success shot up. There were many things that happen in these four years.

Many people he has met and helps him. There is also another thing he needs to do. Dr Chandra. Azief has been lying to him for the past four years.

A white lie he always tells himself.

Dr Chandra believes that he could not see through auernite, a certain metal that interferes with energy.

But Azief could see it through well.

The metals do not exist in Earth prime but it exists here on Earth Two but only in minimal amount.

Azief in his research of earth two has discovered that while his power seem to be miraculous, Earth two has its own share of secrets.

For example, Alexander King serum.

To think he could use the ingredient found in this world to create a serum that could power a person like him.

Even though the Phoenix Initiative has been started a long time ago, the best that Azief has ever been to reach was to murder cancerous cell.

Alexander King is truly the genius of this generation. Azief very much admire that mind of Alexander King,

Chandra however serves another purpose. Azief need the suit. The suit was primarily designed to fight him…..but that was never his intention.

Azief is not stupid enough to create the very thing that would be used to pin him down. He’s not that unselfish.

Chandra may believe that Azief ask him to create that suit to help stop him if he ever go bad but it is actually for a different reason.

Azief knows a girl who has literally no offensive power and only knows how to concoct pills.

If she had the suit, at least she could protect herself.

Technology and magic might be different but it depends on how you use them. If the World Orb could be said a source of magical things, then Earth two has developed their technology to the highest pinnacle of science there could be for their time.

Azief has seen many worlds.

Seresian world, which practices magic of the nature and body refinement, and there are also other worlds where they are minimal amount of magic where science and magic coexisted.

In the end, all of his preparation was for him to leave. Four years in a distant universe. But to his friend, it is only four months.

He takes another sip. And he sighed. He looks at the direction of the bedroom and he smiles bitterly.

She deserves a better man he said to himself. He got up and leaves the cup inside the automatic dishwasher.

Then he slowly went to the room and he could see Na Eun sporting a tight but transparent clothes. Azief come into the bed and grab her waist.

‘Um’ she said coyly.

He did not say anything as he kisses her neck and moans of pleasure could be heard from her.

She turned to face him and then they kissed each other.

Then they began using tongue. While Azief hand went down further to her underwear and slowly began pleasuring her as their breathing turns ragged

What Azief like the most about her was her kiss. He’s not implying the sex was not good. The sex was good. It was great.

But it was her kiss that makes him fall for her. It was not like he doesn’t kiss any woman before.

In Earth Prime he may not be a rich billionaire playboy but in earth two he was.

Azief discover if you have a lot of money, women tend to throw themselves at you.

Azief has kiss actresses, a world renowned thief, an Inspector policewoman, a Duchess of England, a Duchess of Spain, a world famous singer and a Russian Spy.

He kissed great woman before either for a smokescreen of who he is or as his strategy to get what he wants.

But when he kisses Na Eun, it was sweet as sugar.

It was warm like a home baked pie. The whole world opened up and time doesn’t matter. He loses all sense of direction and he doesn’t care.

He didn’t care because the only person who mattered was there with him.

And knowing they’re going to part he did try to give her up. And he has told her, that he could not stay.

And he always felt that it was cruel that one day he is going to leave and she might be left alone here.

He has laid it out in front of her and yet….still…she chooses him.

He reminds her that one day he will fail her and she knows it and accept it. Four years….and he falls in loves the second time.

And as they began undressing and began taking it up a notch, they let their passions drive them.

The sound of moaning, of panting can be heard all inside the house.

They touched each other like they were not going to see each other in the morning. They kissed like tomorrow does not exist.

They fucked each other like an unstoppable hurricane rocking their body to whichever way their heart leads them.

He kisses every soft place of her, makes her blush and faint as pleasure make her weep. He craves every taste of her.

He takes her in his hands and mouth and feast on her, under him, on her back. Her arms and her legs around him.

Her mouth that seems to accept every kiss , as he takes his time making her pleasurable on between her thighs.

They continued making love as the night deepens.



The site of the battle between the Red Speedster and the Dark Speedster was a quarantined area.

The gigantic crater is still there and the unexplained time dilation that happened around their site of battle still unexplainable by the current science.

It was a normal evening in China when suddenly an explosion of light happened around the site of the battle.

A liquid portal appeared out of nowhere, emanating a mighty aura that wilted the surrounding life and then from the portal appeared a dark lightning bolting out.

No….it was more dark blue as the man comes out of the portal with red blood all over him, dark lightning crackles and coils around his body

The moment he exits the portal he throws something into the portal and a gigantic blue explosion happen inside the portal before the portal closes it off by itself.

The scientist and the geologist at the site were flustered when they saw the scene.

They were there doing their job as usual, making specimens for the geologist, collating data for the scientist and guarding the site for the patrolman.

But this evening, they saw a man comes out of a portal appearing out of nowhere.

But they instantly recognize who the man is.

The Dark Speedster.

Will look at the disappearing portal and pant in exhaustion as his bodies tries to repair the damage that is happening to his body.

Blood dripping from his knees and mouth. Each droplet of blood like a ticking clock as it falls into the ground.

His body is full of scratches and claw marks. Heat emits from his body and kinetic energy gather around his feet.

He looks at the sun above and sighs in relief. But his relief is short-lived as his face turned serious again.

‘I only stall them. A calamity is approaching’ Then he looked forward again and then he baled his fist and said to himself.

‘I need Hyperion. Him and his butler. ’

Then deciding this he dashed away, dark blue lightning coils around him as he left a whirlwind behind him.

The people around the site all run for covers before the whirlwind immediately dissipate into the air.

They just look as the dark blue lightning disappeared from their sight. It was silence for  a while as they could not believe what they have seen.

Then, almost in an instant, they all run to command center. To relay a news of grave importance.

The Dark Speedster is back.


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