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The people look like tiny dots from the sky. Like ants. So small. Azief is looking outside his window.

Once upon a time, in another world, he was also among the crowd. Insignificant. There was a time in his youth where he dreams of becomes someone great.

But the more he learns about the world, his heart becomes colder.

His dreams and aspirations die off.

People could not become great anymore….only mediocrity exist then. Dreams are for idiots. Lofty aspirations are for the fools.

The powerful retains their power for eternity, while the lower caste grovels beneath their feet, forced to lick it like a slave.

Nice guy finish last and the evil reign as head of states, rich corporation governs the nation while the politician aid them in their reign.

A new world of slavery was created. To money, power, fame. The rich toast to it while the poor suffers.

Poor people like him. Like clockwork, the world moves on, leaving people like him behind, suppressed forever.

To him, to become a great man himself, he needs to destroy the cog in the machine.

He needs to destroy the system.

Because the world he lived back then was too complicated for him. And for people like him. For sheep like him to live in a world of wolves, they are too gentle.

He was born in mediocrity, lives in mediocrity and probably would have died a mediocre death.

There would be nothing to remember him by. Some people would like that kind of life. A mediocre life in a mediocre world.

And along the way, he began to accept his place in the world.

As another insignificant life, meant to do nothing, but to trust the system, working, paying taxes, paying his debt and dies.

Somewhere along the way, dreams dies off.

A waste of a man, a waste of a life.

And that would have been true for him if not for the fall. The system of government collapse and he attained the fairness he always wanted.

Before, no matter how you worked, you could not change your fate. Before the Fall, moey is equal to power.

The most powerful man is the one who have the most money.

No matter if he worked a thousand years, his wealth will not exceed the one per center.

The moment they were born they possess wealth that even if he is to live another thousand years, his wealth will not reach them.

And for Azief, that doesn’t make sense.

For him, it is not fair.

Maybe because in his youth he naively thought that if you work hard, you would live happy.

If you study hard at university, you will become rich.

But the truth is different. No matter how hard you work, there are certain limits.

No matter how hard you study, in the end you only become a salary man at some large company belonging to the one per center.

But now……. He is different.

Now, he is standing on top of the world with all of the power it could bring and the feeling is intoxicating…at least for a few months before you have to work to earn your keep.

Standing high over the masses, he sighed.

‘I think too positively. That is very unbecoming of me’ he said. Beside him was his butler slash assistant, Al.

‘Al, I was too optimistic.’ He said again sighing as he rubs his forehead.

‘You did sir. But that is not entirely your fault. The effect was good.’ Al said with a calm tone of voice meant to soothe Azief heart

‘Yes, but the benefit decrease with each use. I have given some of it to Will and he has reached Orb Condensing Stage High realm. Now, I could only hope my bets are good’

Azief use all the serum to reach on the threshold of Nine Opening Purification. His meridian right now is Divine Meridian.

It makes him absorbing the energy of the world easier when he summons his Conceptualization.

Conceptualization is like a higher level of attribute.

‘Should I abandon it?’ Azief ask himself as he looks outside. But he shakes his head.

‘When did I ever turn so cowardly? I’ve made my decision to reach Eternal Spring before I got out from this world. And I won’t turn back on my word’ he decided

‘Al’ he turned back as he looks at his butler and asks

‘What about Will?’

‘He is still in LA. Training. I have been keeping watch over him like you ordered’ Al replies

‘Good’ Azief nodded. Al could not do many things here but at least being a surveillance system is something he can do.

‘You are dismissed’ Azief said and AL nodded as he dissipates into the air.

Azief then sit back down at his chair and began reviewing the documents. All the while he is thinking about Will.

It has been a year since Will has come to this earth. And he is pretty famous now. The Dark Speedster. Saving people in a flash.

A hero like him. Now there are two heroes in Earth Two.

In a year, they have been many cases that they solved together.

When he first revealed himself a year ago, a few people fear that he is like the Red Speedster but his effort has finally open some hearts.

In LA Will is heralded as a hero.

But the Capitol remains cold.

But while he is happy for Will achievement, he did not forget to remind him of Red Speedster.

Will have begun seeing the Red Speedster even more frequently.

When he runs fast enough, he could see him, running beside him, siphoning a bit of his speed, trying to get out from the state of limbo he is in.

Will at least now, did not freak out as much as the first time he saw the Red Speedster.

Azief has a theory on how the Red Speedster arrived on Earth Prime.

There must be another Speed Source there contained inside the World Orb. That is the only explanation.

Speedster is sensitive to the Speed Source. That much is clear from his research of the Red Speedster.

From what he gather, the Red Speedster is inside the Speed Source, recuperating.

It was the Speed Source that brings him to the closest speedster that he could find on Earth Prime.

Azief also believes that it is also because of the singularity that it becomes so easy for the Red Speedster to traverse between universes.

Will need to lure him out.

Azief could help him, but in the end if Will did not defeat the Red Speedster, then the Red Speedster will become like a leech for him, taking away his speed.

There are also other problems in his life that seems to multiply as the longer he lives in the Earth.

No matter if it’s in this world or that world, trouble seems to follow him.

Alexander King, his business rival is doing some suspicious movements. A year, after his plans and scheme was foiled he seems to be moving again.

Alexander King is not only his business rival but also his other persona rival.

Not to mention, it seems that King wanted to enter into politics.

If he does, then Azief movement will be even more restrictive. And then there is Colonel Hargrave.

Will found some disturbing evidence about the Colonel in LA.

And he needs to check whether it was true or not. An undersea research lab under the sea designed to defeat him.

Another threat to him.

And it is amusing that he is not the only one thinking of creating an undersea research lab.

It seems even the military thinks of it.

The reason why Will was in the possession of that information is because Will and Colonel Hargrave relationship is not what you call cordial.

They tangled a few times.

‘Haish.’ He said as he signs the last documents for the day.

He then lay back on his chair.

Right now, he couldn’t find any quest because he is too busy with work. But then he smiles.

At least, Phoenix Initiative has been launched.

The Phoenix Initiative is his own project consisting of a team of scientist that is reverse engineering the Hyper Soldier Serum to create more potent and stable serum.

It takes a year for Azief to consume the whole serum.

It seems excessive drinking of the serum would create an effect of berserk in him which is why it takes him a year to consume all the serum that he have.

On paper, it seems that Azief is doing this to cure cancer and degenerative disease but his main objective was to have a main supply of serum that could increase his level.

If this works, then he might not even have to use his contribution points to buy things from the Shop.

He doesn’t know what to do today. He should be saving people but it’s not like everyday plane crashes and meteor come down from the skies.

That is the kind of stuff that gives a lot of contribution. Not to mention since Will is here now, there is a lot less work to be done.

And the police and the peacekeeping agency in this world are also efficient. The Breachers have also not being able to reach this Earth because Dr Chandra has closed all the breaches.

There is really not much to do. The space waste has already been cleaned by him a few months after he came to this earth to gain contribution points.

Things like war or political situations, Azief did not want to meddle with it.

Better tries to understand the ring. He mused

Ring Of Creation Songs , Ring Of Forbidden Words, Ring Of Great Summoning, Ring Of All Elements, Ring Of Grand Formation, Ring Of Ultimate Sealing, Ring Of Eternal Darkness, Ring Of Perfect Symbols, Ring Of Ancients, Ring Of Runic Creation

From the Ring of Runic Creations, he has learned a few of runes.

Right now, he has learned the Basic Runes

First was Eolh. The Rune of Protection. It is a powerful rune of protection and, spiritually, it symbolizes reaching up to the divine.

However the runes have different meaning if they are in the vertical position, converse position or reverse position.

Then there is Aesir rune. The rune of knowledge, wisdom, and communication. it is also the rune of prophecy and revelation.

Then there is Beorc. The rune of Rebirth and fertility. It refers to renewal, regeneration, purification, healing, and recovery.

Runes of Daerg. The runes of a new dawn.

These four runes are what he has comprehended from the ring and each of these runes can be combined with each other to create buffs.

There must be many other runes to be learned but for now this is the few runes he has learned.

From the ring of Creation he has learned the Song of Poisonous Mist.

Singing the song, it would cover an entire valley with poisonous mist born from Azief evil thoughts.

The more negative he is thinking, the more potent the poison becomes and the louder the Song becomes.

From the Ring of Great Summoning he summons the Steed of Abigor. A semi skeletal winged horse which brings a legion of shadows behind it, with dark mist swirling under his hooves.

It is truly a terrifying sight

From the Ring of Grand Formation, he manages to learn the Formation of Seven Pillars of Light and the Twelve Swords of Heaven Formation.

From the Ring of Ultimate Sealing, he manages to learn Ten Thousand Beast Seal and Blood Sealing the Mountains.

For the Ten Thousand Beast Seal, he needs to collect ten thousand soul of beast and create a seed of seal which can be stores inside the ring to activate the sealing when the time is necessary.

For the Blood Sealing the Mountains, he must cough his own vitality and refines the blood with his energy to create a blood that could seal a mountain.

Azief discovers that he can cough his own vitality.

For the Pillar Formation stage, one pillars needs to be shattered to create a drop of blood vitality.

The pain of shattering a pillar is a hundred times more painful than anyone could imagine.

For Orb Condensing, they need to shatters one orb to create two drop of blood vitality.

For the Energy Disperse stage to cough their blood vitality they need to shatter their own conceptualization and by doing so, losing their own memories about their totem.

There are some of the rings that he didn’t learn anything from them.

Like the Ring of Forbidden Words, Ring of Perfect Symbols, Ring of Eternal Darkness and Ring of Ancients.

To learn something from the ring Azief learns that he needs to feed it with his energy.

The stronger he became the easier for him to learn from the rings. It seems in the rings there are myriads of knowledge waiting to be let out.

Azief is now focusing his contribution points to help him understand more about the rings.

But it’s not like he can force it so he is stumbled right now. The Tutmos quest was once he accidentally found when he was checking some ancient book.

But since then he hardly found any quest to increase his strength.

He got up from his seat and look outside again and he ponders on his situation. He has always been reactive. Professor Jung has cut his ties with the GLA.

Maybe it’s time he takes action first.

‘Should I ask Will?’ he contemplates on asking Will but then he shakes his head.

‘Will is near to tap the Speed Source. If he can tap it one day he will have all the abilities of a speedster.’

He looks outside again and he smiles bitterly this time.

‘I guess I have to do it by myself’





Hyperion was flying on the skies as he heard chatter on the ground, on the island and he knew he found his target.

Can you hear me Hyperion? I know you can hear me. So how should we do this?

The questioner asks and Hyperion maintains his cold demeanor on his face.

The Colonel already knows he will be coming here which means the colonel is prepared for him.

Hyperion uses his vision but he couldn’t see anything suspicious on the ground.

But, he is not Hyperion if he does not check all of the variables.

So he uses his divine sense to the fullest enveloping the entire island and his missiles turned cold and there is a hint of killing intent in his eyes.

So, he wants me dead this much Azief mused.

His senses reveal all that the Colonel tries to hide and anger burns in Hyperion heart. After all he did, after all he had done, the Colonel remains hostile.

There is so much he could endure before exploding.

Tanks. Aircraft anti missiles. Guns. Automatic Gravity Mine. Magnetic Bullets. Shockwave Producer.

And many more weaponry he could not identify. One thing is certain. The Colonel is prepared for him.

But he is also prepared for him.

I’m around the hill. I’ll be waving. The voice seems to be saying.

Hyperion eyebrows creased. But he flies to the hill anyway. He needs to solve what is on the bottom of this sea.

Because he could felt it. He could felt a primal energy under the sea.

When he landed down in front of the Colonel, he quickly asked point blank, his face was devoid of smiles or pointless flattery

‘What’s down there Colonel?’ His voice was cold and his tone was severe. He does not have time to play games.

Good morning to you too Hyperion the Colonel said as he looks unflinchingly at Hyperion.

‘I’ll ask again. What’s down there?’

‘Let’s talk’ the Colonel said. Azief is getting angry. It is clear to him that the Colonel is trying to stall.

‘What’s down there!’ and this time pressure resembling of a gigantic Titan roiling around him, enveloping the island as the waves around the island is slowly becoming turbulent and this sort of pressure emanated from him and the Colonel could feel his heart constrict.

The ground around his feet begins to swirl like an invisible energy forcing it to swirl into an unnatural form.

It only increases the Colonel wariness towards Hyperion.

Hyperion might come from another earth like he claimed to be, or he might be the precursor to an invasion by a superior beings like him.

And the Colonel meeting with the Dark Speedster only resulted in his conviction to grow more solid.

It is clear to the Colonel that wherever Hyperion and the Dark Speedster come from, they were not the only ones possessing power.

Hyperion could destroy this planet if he wishes to with his strength and myriad of wondrous abilities.

The Dark Speedster was like Mercury on earth.

They were like the Old Gods. Imagine, if an army of them come here to this earth and they have no protection against them?

The world will be lost. The other Americans might see them as a savior but it is up to men like him to see the cold hard truth.

‘You’re threatening me, Hyperion?’

Hyperion remains silent but the pressure around the Colonel intensified and the Colonel could feel like the veins on his body constricted and his blood flow are being reversed by some invisible force.

His heart is beating, his forehead is sweating, his hand is trembling and he felt like he is going to faint

‘NOW!!” he yelled and then hundreds of tanks suddenly emerge out of the soil. Azief was not surprised.

Stealth technology Azief mused.

To think the US army of this world has completed this kind of technology….no…perfected it to such state of invisibility and almost impervious to detection.

If not for his Divine Sense he wouldn’t have notice it either.

There is also some that were teleported there. Teleportation technology.

Azief bitterly smiles as he looks at the incoming tanks coming to him, ready to attack in a moment’s notice.

Is it because their long period of peace that they manage to advance so fast in terms of technology compared to his earth?

Even though this earth has wars, they never have a world war.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of this world survives his assassination attempt and Europe was not involved in any World war.

Since the First World War did not happen, the Second World War also did not happen.

The impact of that peace resulted in advancement of technology and education all over the world.

‘What a warm welcome colonel.’ Hyperion said, his face was calm as usual but hiding beneath that calm exterior was a burning rage that seems to grow hotter by the second.

He moves one step before one of the soldier yell

‘HE IS BREACHING’ Then photon emitter laser was hit towards him but he punched the laser and the explosion shake the island while the Colonel was saved by suits of armour coming down from the sky.

‘Tch’ Azief complained looking at the Colonel flying away. He could feel his hand feel a bit numb after punching that attack.

The Colonel quickly entered the manmade suit and looked like he is ready to battle.

‘Leave!’ the Colonel said.

A glint of anger flashes inside Hyperion eyes and he said

‘Not until you tell me what you are hiding.’ The Colonel smiles like he was hearing a song. He was waiting for Hyperion to defy his order and then he yelled

‘ATTACK!’ and countless of shots were fired towards him.

Max gravity photon emitter, shockwave attacks, black hole bullet, high density heat lasers every kind of weaponry was unleashed towards Hyperion.

This time Hyperion releases his golden aura and with it the aura of a superior being and species.

The brightness covered the island as it melted the normal bullets and slows the missiles and explosions around him.

The clouds on top of the island dissipate into particles of atoms.

‘Hmph’ Azief grunted as he is enduring the attack with his aura

‘KEEP FIRING’ the soldier on the island keep attacking him nonstop, barrages of bullets and colorful attacks hit him


Then Azief grip his fist tight, energy swirls around his hand like a coiling dragon and the air gather around his hand and then he punch it.

The air compresses and exploded with such force that a few tanks were flipped backwards, the grounds was flipped upside down, the tress all were blown apart while the infantry soldiers were thrown back to 50 meters and landed into the ground with broken bones.

Iron soldiers in the sky began engaging with Hyperion when Hyperion started to fly to engage with them

The Iron Soldiers seems to possess superhuman strength and durability and an array of weapons.

One of them fires a repulsor rays at him shouting for him to leave.

Azief appeared in front of the Iron Soldier in a blink of an eyes and looking at that iron mask, Azief said.

‘Not till I get what I came here for’ And punch the suit in the chest, instantly producing a ripple of energy coursing through the suit and making the suit explodes, leaving the soldiers hurtling down before he was saved by Azief where Azief throws him on to a branch of a tree before flying to the air to fight the Iron Soldiers again.

‘This is troublesome’ Azief said as he sees the crowd of iron soldiers.

They have the uncanny resemblance like Iron man only they seem bent on destroying him. Not a good thought

‘King’ Azief said under his breath. There is only one person he knows to have the ability to create this kind of suit.

As he keep fighting the Iron Soldiers, one of them shoot him a Uni Beam Projector from the suit chest which whammies him good.

On the ground the tanks that survives is preparing another barrage of attack.

‘Hu.Hu.Hu’ Azief was panting on the sky.

If not for his Titanium Bones he would’ve had been laying on the ground a while ago. Even though he was prepared for an attack, he didn’t think the Colonel think highly of him that he would even mobilize this Iron Soldiers.

‘YOU WILL LEAVE, HYPERION’ the Colonel voice pierces through the various shooting noise.

‘LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK’ he said through the voice modulator that is able to enhance his voice.

Azief was just punching an Iron Soldier force field and shatter it with his punch before he could identify the origins of the voice.

An Iron Suit of red and blue floating on the air, guarded by ten iron soldiers.

‘I don’t like your tone’ Azief said as he pick up his speed and begun engaging in battle with all the Iron Soldiers.

Repulsion rays, unibeam projector, pulse bolts, ultra Freon attacks, sonic blast that could shatter a building, all this attacks and strikes filed the island making it seems like the island is the precursor to the End of Days.

The sound that was produced because of Hyperion battle with the iron Soldiers in the sky, is like the sky was being ripped apart by a gigantic hand.

Five minutes later, on the ground of the island, it was filled with broken suits and groaning men in pain and severe injury.

This is the first true altercation between Hyperion and the US military

Out of the ten bodyguards that guard the Colonel, Hyperion broke two down with his heat vision, crushed three with his punch, dismantle four with his kick and freeze one of them with his freeze breath.

Azief look at the scenery in front of him as he floated in the air.

The island was turned into a blubbering mess of destructions.

Mangled machines, hundreds of soldiers moaning in pain, while the Colonel on the ground having three broken ribs and a scratch on his cheeks.

To Azief metal man like the Iron Soldiers is merely a trifle. King underestimated him too much

‘Since, you do not want to share, I will find out by myself’ Hyperion said as he dives to the Mediterranean Ocean.

The Colonel looking at this development spit to the ground.,

Then he brings out his transponder and he gave an order.

‘Initiate Protocol 13. Unleash Behemoth. Verification code 3245678.’

Then finished relaying his order, the Colonel looks on at the turbulent waves that Hyperion created when he dashed down to the ocean and a curved smile is formed on his face.

‘He would be the end of you Hyperion’ and he smiles like he was finding some solace in that thought




There was something Will learned about Hyperion during his one year stay in this other earth.

Hyperion. He likes his coffee. More like obsessed. Will once had the chance to taste his coffee. Hyperion brewed it himself.

It was heavenly good. He had never tasted coffee that good. He once asks Hyperion why he likes coffee that much.

He said it was something about the smells.

Apparently, he could smell more than what humans can smell. Its bitter but yet the smell are intoxicating he once said.

And there was another thing he learns about him.

Hyperion is rarely wrong. Maybe because of his powers or maybe because he has a deductive mind, he seem to be able to stop any scheme that comes his way.

A master strategist and schemer. He is also a born leader. Though, Hyperion would always say that leadership is cultivated.

The more he grows stronger the more there is an air of a Sovereign in him. With a glare of his eyes, he could strikes fear in his enemies heart.

With one casual words, he could make a person shivers from fear. A born leader and King, that is his estimation of Azief.

But not for him. He was always a follower. A soldier. The moment he found something to lean on Earth Prime he leaned even with all of his powers abilities.

He found security in it. He’s not a lone wolf. He hunts in pack.

But, here in Earth Two. He is independent. He is in charge. He’s responsible for his own action. He can’t blame to others if things didn’t go the way he planned.

And in a way, he likes it more than he lets on.

And the thing that is changing him is the Speed Source. With the Speed Source there is some kind of energy that keeps giving.

Slowly he learned many other things. Some skills need to be bought or gotten in a quest but for him it was different.

His level did not only rise because of EXP but also because of the connection he feels with the speed source.

The more he is connected to it, the more power he could siphon off. The more he could use and take.

But he has always been careful

Careful not to get stuck inside it. It is a great temptation to go into the Speed Source. A temptation he has to handle every time he runs.

Maybe…all speedster is like him….enduring the temptation to go inside the Speed Source….to see what the Speed Source is…to touch that energy with their own hands.

But, everything has a price.

There was a woman in the World Government feared by the Shogun. No…to be more accurate, a teenager.

Someone named Giselle. People called her the White Witch. She is imprisoned just beside other dissident of the World Government.

She always said that everything has a price. Each magic has its price. Everything. The Shogun fears her so much that he put twenty four hours guards around her cells.

But and Will smiles at this thought, if the Shogun could see Hyperion he would certainly change his evaluation.

Hyperion is probably the most dangerous person Will has ever met. With that mind and that power, if he wills it, he could do anything he wants.

Why he is thinking about Hyperion right now?

Because he sure need his help right now. Right now, he is racing…racing against the Red Speedster, a blazing trail of lightning zigzagging against each other.

The Red Speedster did not say anything but he appears out of the Speed Source when Will runs too fast a moment ago.

And now he is running towards him to steal his speed. So what must he do? Run? Well for starters.

But he can’t run forever.

He needs to stop. And fight. It seems Hyperion action did rub off on him. But not here. Not in LA. Not where there are people in the crowd.

Not where the Red Speedster could create massive damage. Will has seen the footage of Hyperion fighting the Red Speedster.

It was terrible.

So, he ran. A strategic retreat. The longer he ran, the more he realizes that the Red Speedster is gaining on him.

Behind him, steps that trail like a blazing fire, a smiling red reaper, terrifying as a ghost from Hell.

Running against each other, black and red lightning intertwining as the Speed Source urged both of these two speedsters to go faster.

Faster. And faster.

Then, on the middle of the Amazon forest Will stops and the Red Speedster stop too.

Behind them a small whirlwind formed for a second before instantly dissipates because of the force of their speed.

They look at each other and the Red Speedster smiles mischievously.

Red lightning coils around his body, electricity crackles around him.

‘Luring me out, Will?’ The man said his voice is distorted.

It is one of the abilities of speedster to control their own vocal box which makes Will quite the singer.

Focus Will mused again.

‘I guess you did learn something from Hyperion.’ And saying Hyperion the Red Speedster face is distorted. Like a bad memory is surfacing

‘Let me guess? You want to steal my speed.’ Will said as calm as he could possibly said

‘To say it simply’ the Red Speedster said, his smile turns even wider.

‘Then…catch me if you can.’ And Will run…tapping the speed source. On the sky, the clouds turn cloudy and thunder booms as their race begins


Will break the sound barrier accompanied by the sound of a thunder quake as the Red Speedster behind him follows.

They traverse through the forest, the, mountains and cities, and countries leaving storms and whirlwind, like two gods racing against each other in the mortal world.

And various peacekeeping agencies on Earth Two suddenly detect an anomaly when they were shocked to find two streaks of lightning, black and red racing against each other all over the globe with high velocity and high heat.

And then they began fighting in their maelstrom of red and black lightning that coils around them, creating force field of speed and kinetic energy.

Will realize that as he is tapping the Speed Source, his endurance increased, making him to be able to run faster than his usual limit.

And there is an invisible aura around his bodies that prevents him and his clothes from being affected by the air friction.

Usually, it was the rune against his clothes.

Since, Will himself is a secret class of Speedster in Earth Prime, the attire he wears is given to him by the World Orb much like Hyperion.

But here the Speed Source is even more useful.

Hyperion has a theory about it.

BAM! The force of the punch by the Red Speedster makes Will body to be thrown into a puddle of swamp, sparkles of red electricity exploded around his chest.

The storms behind Will explodes and creates gales of wind which slices everything around them as even a rock was sliced clean.

Blood dripping from his mouth as his internal organs was rocked by that last punch.

Need to focus Will mused.

His mind wanders too much when he is running. Thinking too fast and too many has its disadvantage.

‘You’re good’ Will said as he balled his fist, his eyes glaring at the Red Speedster. When he was thinking a while ago, he has one measure to defeat the Red Speedster.

But he really didn’t want to do it.

Mostly because he doesn’t know what will happen. And uncertainty bugs him. Especially when that uncertainty may well be his end.

But he has no choice.

He couldn’t really call for help.

There was a reason he was racing while ago. He wanted to search for Hyperion. He passed the Mediterranean Sea a moment ago.

And what he saw shocked him.

Metal soldiers flying in the skies, a behemoth like monster that is trashing an island, creating 12 meter wave that seems to ripples through everywhere and a gigantic machine that seems like a moving island.

It is clear to Will that Hyperion is in trouble. And in bigger trouble than him. He was fighting an army.

And that is probably why the Red Speedster decides then to come out from the Speed Source.

To be honest, even though Will has tapped the Speed Source, he doesn’t really understand it.

What is the Speed Source?

Is it the Source of all speed? Is that it? Or is there more to it?

Since the world of speedster that Hyperion talks about the Speed Source like it was an entity, could it be Speed Source is some kind of a god?

Or is the Speed Source is some kind of heaven for speedster? Making them worship it?

Will….don’t know. But he smiles.

For the first time in his life, he was not a follower. Here, standing here on the middle of nowhere, with only the tall high weeds and the sound of the wind, he is free.

‘What are you smiling about?’ The Red Speedster asks.

‘You know, did you really think I’m afraid of you? I learned a lot in a year you know?’ Will said and then his body emitted a crackling sound of electricity.

Black lightning coiled around him as the soil beneath his feet slowly gravitates upwards.

The crackles of electricity is getting louder and louder like a sizzling sound penetrating the Red Speedster ears.

The droplets of water floats up like the laws of physic holds no meaning.

Seeing this and sensing the accelerated rate where energy is coiling around Will, the Red Speedster eyes was full of shock and then realization dawned.

‘He was absorbing my speed! How is this possible!’ he said in shock.

Then with a sound of a thunder quake, Will punch the Red Speedster and the speed in which he does this could pulverize a mountain.

The Red Speedster narrowly avoids this but his cheeks were scratched by the lightning and immediately blood spurts like a fountain from his wounds.

And then the Red Speedster began to run. In fear. Probably the first time since he faced Will, he faced fear.

He felt the lightning the Red Speedster mused as he run like a bat out of hell.

This time, it was Will chasing him from behind with a cruel smile.

Black and red Lightning cross the world that day, creating terrifying sight for all the people across the globe while in the Mediterranean Sea an island moved and the waves goes crazy as a monster and Hyperion battles for supremacy.




The world stopped as every person in the world, huddle around the television seeing the news after the great battle occurring a few days ago.

For the people just coming back from home, they look at the huge television on top of the building near their workplace.

People who were at home look at the television in their living room, hanging on with every word.

They look as the reporter tell the news with a solemnity


‘Three o’clock news. We began the news with what is happening right now after the shocking events a couple days ago. In the aftermath of the battle between the Dark Speedster and the Red Speedster in China, our own Dark Speedster vanishes in an explosion of light creating a gigantic wormhole in the sky of China and was closed by the invention of the Global Venture Corporation with the assistance of the Prince Corp.

In other news, Hyperion have declared a new island as his nation reciting that the US government has gone way above and beyond to take him down without giving him a proper trial. Hyperion has decided to no longer endure this provocation and he demands that the US military account for what has happen in the secret island citing it as his ultimatum. The battle between the military and Hyperion in the Mediterranean Sea has been uncovered by our reporter, Raymond Williams.

Their battle creates a tidal wave and resulting in an island destroyed. The monster that the Army has unleashed is losing control and is terrorizing Greece. The Army has assured the people that they will have this under control in an hour with their Iron Soldiers Program created by the billionaire entrepreneur Alexander King. Alexander King has commented that his invention is to be used for the good of the United States government and to safeguard the safety of the American people.

Hyperion will give his press release in a couple of hours which will be broadcasted by the Global Ventures broadcasting news station to all over the world.

For now, this was the information we get from the sites. Stay tuned for the evening news for more details.


And the world stands still


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