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Will was sipping a cup of coffee. Hyperion has already changed his clothes and now he looks like a stylish rich man

By now, Will has already been brought to speed of what this earth is.

Earth Two as Hyperion termed it. And Hyperion himself is a Breacher like him.

A breach is people from other earths that came to this earth and is treated with extreme caution.

Mostly because whatever Breachers that came through the portal mostly consist of psychopath, arsonist and people who wanted to steal something form this earth.

And they are not your regular criminals.

An Arsonist who could conjure fire from his body, a thief who could moves faster than anyone else and blood soaked warrior from other Earth that is intent on destruction.

And the defender of this earth from such criminals and their last line of defense seem to be Hyperion.

A symbol of hope and light.

At first, Will asked Hyperion how was he able to enter this earth since it became apparently clear that Hyperion enter this earth by some kind of item instead of him who was unconsciously entered this earth.

And Hyperion answers.

‘The instability of the portal and the Red Speedster speed.’ Will was drinking the tea that was brewed by Hyperion himself while he was waiting for Hyperion to explain.

Hyperion takes his seat and then he said

‘You can call me Azief. That was my alias in this world.’ Azief said. But he did not reveal his character name in his earth which is Lord Shadow.

‘Ok.’ Will nodded as he put down the coffee cup and then said.

‘Now, will you explain it to me?’ Azief takes a breath and then he began explaining

‘I think the reason why you were able to enter this earth is because the Red Speedster wants you here.’

‘First of all who is the red speedster?’ Azief sighed and then explains.

‘One of my enemies. He was fast. Very fast. Faster than you. Faster than anybody. But in the end, he loses to me. I thought that the Speed Source will contain his speed. But it is clear there is remnant of his speed here and I think his plan involve you coming here.’

There is a lot of thing in that explanation that Will doesn’t understand but his most pressing question is not answered.

So he ask

‘Why does he want me here?’

And at this Azief was smiling. He already has a few thoughts about Red Speedster intention.

He does not understand the Speed Source the way the Red Speedster understand it but he could understand some of the Speed Source abilities.

After all the Red Speedster lives in a world of speedster where there is the Speed Source.

‘Because he wants to steal your speed to gain his corporeal body. You could only see him when you run fast enough don’t you?’ Will nodded.

Azief smiles. This raises his confidence on guessing the Red Speedster final plan.

‘That is because he is in the Speed Source. That was his last resort when he was almost dies. He hides in the Speed Source sacrificing his physical body.’

‘What is the Speed Source?’

Azief closes his eyes as he contemplates how to answer this particular question.

‘Truth be told, I don’t really know what the Speed Source is. But if I do know one thing about the Speed Source is that it can be felt by all speedster.’

‘How do you know this?’ Will said as he stares straight at Azief.

‘Because I’ve been there. A world of Speedster in ruins. And they worship the Speed Source. It what powers every speedster in existence. Each of them when they reach the right moment will tap the Speed Source and the energy of the source will power them to go even faster and faster. I do not know because even with all of my speed I’m not a speedster. In a way, I’m not chosen by the Speed Source. But I felt it in you. To be more accurate, I see it. The lightning. The energy that you release when you were running. It was the same feeling I get when I was fighting the Red Speedster. And if you come here, then he is here. The Red Speedster will come after you unless you never use your abilities.’

Azief talk about the Speed Source but he did not spoke about his confusion.

Yes, it is true in the Red Speedster world there is a Speed Source and that powers the Speedsters there but what powers the speedster on his earth?

Only one answer remains.

The World Orb.

The very same orb that gives humanity the power to defeat monster and improve themselves.

Azief speculates that every source of energy in existence and will ever exist, is present inside that World Orb…and that is a terrifying existence.

‘Then it’s easy isn’t it?’ I just don’t have to use my abilities.’ Will said bring Azief back to the current situations.

Azief chuckles.

‘You think that will be easy? I don’t know much about Red Speedster but I know he is cunning. He knows he can’t beat me using strength so he traps me fighting with him in a crowded area before I managed to capture him and force him to fight me in the vast plains of Mongolia. If he is confident enough to open a portal here and then even make you enter this world then he is confident he can force you to use your speed. And even if you don’t use your speed, maybe the only reason he came here is to gain the Speed Fragment that splintered when he dissipate himself and gains another physical body which means you were nothing but his transportation. This possibility exist’

‘Then you can send me home’ Will said as he began feeling anxious. He didn’t like the idea that he was being controlled by someone like a puppet.

‘If it were that easy’ Azief said as he leaned back on the sofa.

And what he is saying is the truth. Azief can go back but that is because of his Universe Orb.

He did not open a portal by himself. And truth be told he doesn’t know or care about that since the orb has always do the work for him.

‘Then what is your suggestion?’ Will said as he began feeling fear.

He knows what happens to people who are not needed. They will be abandoned. And that is what Will is feeling right now.

If the Red Speedster only wants him here to steal his speed then Will doesn’t know if he can outrun the red Speedster.

Because even in the state the red Speedster is in, the Red Speedster seems to be faster than him.

He is not fast enough.

Will look at Azief and then he stares at him, hoping for him to give him suggestion.

Because he don’t have time to waste here..….in another Earth.

He needs to relay the plan he has discovered about the League of Freedom plans to pit the Revolutionary Army and the World Government in an all-out war.

Azief got up from the sofa and look outside the glass pane which shows the dark sea which means Azief was seeing nothing.

But it almost seems like eh could see through the darkness, to see the light.

‘I’m going to teach you.’

‘Teach me what?’

‘How to harness the Speed Source.’ And saying this he turns back looking straight at Will and he smiles like he found a new toy




A lightning can be seen running around New York City, covering every block. In the darkest night one could see a spark of red lightning coiling the dark blur.

‘Will, did you get it Azief said in front of his computer while sipping a coffee with castella.

‘I got it. Where am I?’

‘You were in Harlem. Get back. Wait?’ Azief said as he looks at the satellite surveillance.

Well, it’s very Big Brother of him but he got to work with the cards he has been dealt with.

‘There is a fire in downtown at nearby the Prince Corp. You know what to do?’

‘Haish’ Will complained before changing his route

Will began running and he was zigzagging across traffic while maintaining a speed of 500 miles an hour.

Then when he saw the buildings he entered the building and the survivor outside could only see blur of lightning entered the building with winds scattered about and then like a miracle, one by one, the workers inside the building who was trapped by the large fire was suddenly in front of the entrance of the building, looking confused.

All of the worker of Prince Corp was saved by the lightning. Rumors are spreading .Stories are being told.

Hyperion is no longer the only superhuman on Earth.

There is a new hero in town.


‘You got it’ Azief said with a happy expression.

‘You know I don’t like being your errand boy.’ Will said with lightning still coiling around his body but he was smiling

‘It was training. And you did tap the Speed Source before.’

‘Once’ Will complained. And thinking about it, Will never felt it on Earth prime but here on Earth Two he could felt that the Speed Source here is more….easier to sense.

‘Still…that’s better than nothing.’ Azief said while touching his forehead. He also did not know what to say since he could not really feel the Speed Source not like speedster.

‘Where’s the stuff?’ Azief ask. Will throws a pouch to Azief.

‘Is Alexander King your enemy?’ Will ask in puzzlement. To use his power to deal with a normal human seems a bit overkill. Azief shakes his head.

‘No’ and he smiles.

‘Not an enemy. A rival.’ And while saying this he almost smiles. Like he was finding something funny about the whole thing.

‘He is a normal human.’ Will said in derision

‘Hmmm’ and Azief shakes his head again.

‘Normal? With that kind of intelligence he is more than just a normal human. He is a genius. A talented inventor. And this’ as Azief bought something out from the pouch, a vial with green liquid inside the vials with excitement

‘Is probably his masterpiece. Who would have thought that it is possible to use my blood to synthesize such serum that boosted power?’

And as he eyes the vial his eyes brightened.

‘Why did you want it?’

‘Simple. I need to do an experiment. If it works, I’ll share it with you.’

‘I don’t need your pity, Hyperion.’ Azief just chuckles.

‘Where are you spending your night tonight? The military is searching for you. Colonel Hargrave won’t make the same mistake’

‘Your villa in London’ Will said.

‘I think that is good enough for today pay.’ Azief just smiles.

‘Fine. And wait. Take this’ Azief said as he throws his wallet.

‘I have a black credit card. Buy anything you want but don’t make it too flashy. We don’t want suspicious parties to learn about our identity.’

Will rolled his eyes. But he still takes the credit card and then with a thunderclaps he disappeared as the items inside the office was thrown back.

Black Lightning followed Will as he speeds through the streets in a flash. The talk about a blur of dark lightning has already circulated among the people.

Thankfully, with Azief telekinesis none of the items falls to the ground.

‘Haih. Can’t he be more considerate towards me?’ He looks outside his building window and he could see the trace of lightning on the streets and he uttered.

‘Dark Speedster’

But then he quickly changes his attention toward the vials.

Then he also whooshed out from the building and quickly changes to his Hyperion costume and began flying up

Up and up he goes until he reaches the earth stratosphere and then increasing his speed he went beyond Mach 5 and reaches the exosphere before reaching space.

Then he opens the pouch and then he gulped the serum.

For a minute he waits but nothing happens.

‘Does it not work on me?’ He was about to fly back down when a notification appears.




Seeing this Azief could not hide his joy.

And now he needs to choose.

Closing his eyes he makes a decision. He has another three year so it is better if he make his foundation solid instead of pursuing level right now.

He chooses it in his mind.

Then a notification appears.




And then Azief enter the wondrous state of body refining.

Titanium Bones refining level. He could feel energy enveloping his bones when suddenly he could hear inside his own ears, his bones broken.

Azief yelled and in vacuum sound does not reverberate. But the energy of the runes defies this logic and laws and his screams could be heard by him.

The pain was like he was being pierced by sabers at every part of his bones, grating on his nerve like a shredder.

Then if that was not enough his bones melted. And the pain this time was unbearable; Azief quickly falls down as he could not control his body.

All of his body becomes limp as his bones melted. Azief then falls with incredible speed like a meteorite coming down to earth.

Fire envelopes Azief bodies as atmospheric drag and aerodynamic heating keeps giving him pressure beyond anything he has ever experience.

Air, wind, heat and energy compresses around him.

When he reaches the Karman line he accelerates at extreme velocities without his control as his bones keep melting and being tempered by the fire and heat.

It was then the bones inside his body were reforming.

Reformed by pure energy as the new bones inside him are being created from scratch.

And the moment his bones reformed, he quickly tries to control his body and adjust his course.

The first bones that reformed were in his hand and he quickly maneuvered his hand to go to the sea instead of a city.

As the speed did not decrease, Azief did not lose his calm.

Fortunately, as he could see the surface of the earth, all of his bones were reformed in time and he quickly flies to the sea.

And he crashed into the sea creating a ten meter waves and an explosion similar to a nuclear bomb testing.

As he falls to the bottom of the sea, Azief could feel the power of his bones.

He punches and the water compressed as strong as metal and shot out to the bottom of the sea and shakes the earth plate.

And he was thrown back by the force of his own punch and shot out from the sea before he manages to float on the sky again.

‘Hu. Hu.Hu’ he was panting but there is an excitement inside his eyes.

He then punches at his left and the air compress and the air shot out creating wide area gales that seems to spread all across the sea.

Titanium Bones. His body is truly invincible now. To break his bones is harder than to smelt the hardest metal on earth.

Azief felt that even if the Lightning Tribulation of the Seresian world falls into him, he will not die.

Then as he watches the waves he created is making a big mess as it began to become bigger and might turn into a tsunami, Azief eyebrows creased.

First he needs to solve this mess and then went for a visit to an old rival.

Smiling, he sped up as he chasing the waves, his speed and power is like an unrivalled being that descends from Heaven.

He is excited on eating the other serum inside the pouch. There must be a hundred more inside it.

Could he break to Eternal Spring?

He doesn’t know what level of toughness of the Eternal Spring but it must be godly

Even with Titanium Bones, his punch packed a very powerful force of physical energy that even air compresses.

Imagine if he reaches the pinnacle of physical refinement.

Won’t he be able to split mountains with one hand, parted the seas with a clap and shakes the world with a stomp?

As he flies to the wave he remember the Demonic King he saw in the Seresian world and he harbor intention to possess such power like that.

To seal heaven with one finger, to split the world with one strike.

And as he froze the raging waves and the turbulent tides with his freeze breath, his determination rises.

If he were to return to his earth, he would return with flair.

As he imagines the faces of Loki, Sofia and Sina he flies back to New York to tries to break through to other level.




The Indian man could be seen looking at the footage of Hyperion at space crashing down to earth suddenly and his godly transformation.

‘Haih’ he sighed.

In a year that he knows Hyperion he has been treated the front row seats to unbelievable things that happened.

When Hyperion first arrived on this Earth, Dr Chandra was already a very prestigious professor in the field of physics.

Hyperion arrival on the other hand opens up a whole new world. A world of magic, existence of other universes, other planets with other beings.

Hyperion establishes a day persona as he keeps bringing change to the world.

As Azief the billionaire, he created many jobs and opportunity to the impoverished.

Dr Chandra was there when Hyperion conjures up millions of gold which was then melted and turns into a slab of gold which was then sell on the black market.

Azief quickly uses the money he got as the base to create his successful business empire in less than one year.

And as the billionaire he controls a lot of thing and uses that control to hide his identity as Hyperion.

As Hyperion, he influences the world on a global scale.

Each and every of his action is seen under scrutiny. Who he saves, who he did not, what he interfered with, the consequences of his action is all debated.

But this…what he sees in the screen fills Chandra with fear.

‘He becomes even stronger’ Chandra said as he looks at the screens.

Every month, Hyperion will go somewhere and he might be missing for a few weeks or months before becoming even stronger.

Chandra sees it with his own eyes, one punch to shatter the sound barrier. Imagine if that punch hit anyone.

If humans were to be punch by Hyperion fist, they will shatter.

Then as he sighed he looks at the suit in the glass case. He made the suit a few months after he knew Hyperion.

Back when he was scared. Back when Hyperion is still young and wild and sometimes out of control.

Hyperion might seem young but each time he returns from those vacations and becoming stronger, there is certain ancientness inside his eyes.

It was more pronounced after he got that rings.

As Chandra watch Hyperion becomes the protector of earth from the Breachers and keep growing, there are times when he thinks about destroying the suit.

Along with everything designed here, in this secret chamber that Hyperion could not penetrate with that eyes of his, hidden here, designed to bring him down.

But….the thing is, there is one person holding him back from doing exactly that. Someone…..that keeps telling him to build a new weapon.

To make sure we, humanity had ways of stopping you. In case you went bad.

That person is of course you.

Hyperion himself.

In spite of the indifference and your self-preservation, you, of all people know you could not bear the thought of harming people.

Especially innocent people.

Chandra is not naïve that he thinks Hyperion did not enact his own justice to a certain brand of criminals.

But, Chandra knows that Hyperion treats his enemies harshly because he treats himself harshly.

Hyperion knows that if he went bad with his power, he could destroy this earth.

Because, no one understands better than him, the threat of power without limits…….Power that can’t be controlled.


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