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The wind blows through the window bringing the fresh air of June. The house was quaint and is all about porches.

It was a breezy day and the house is richly sentimental, giving a sense of soulfulness and joy.

It is a place where a person can enjoy his evening on the porch singing songs, playing the banjo and laughing.

At night, the owner would enjoy a peaceful night on the sleeping porch that evokes the memory of summer night.

It is a place where two people can gaze at the color streaked sky as the sun sets over the ocean.

‘Ha’ the man sighed.

He looks at the beautiful scenery outside the window, his hand twirling the pen on his fingers as he tries to think of something.

Not far away from him one could see a showering can is floating showering a flower pot like magic.

He looks at the coffee beside his desk and realizing that it has gone cold, he lift his glasses up and stare at the cup of coffee and heat was emitted from his eyes as the coffee become hot again.

It is ironic that he picks this kind of house as his place.

It is a place where friend and family could gather around. Large outdoor spaces and porches, a lot and lot of spaces.

It is clear to anyone who has a bit of experience in architecture to see the intention of the architect.

It is a place for a gathering. For friends. For family. The space for spontaneity. Was it some hidden desire of him to have a place where friend and family are allowed?

Because he has only a small circle of friends and his family is gone?

Is that why he is so attracted to this house? Is it because…..he desires a family of his own? People who he could call family?

This is not even his earth. In this world, he is very rich.

But that is also thanks to his fake identity and that is also thanks to the chaos after the meteor strikes and the mass disappearance of humans when they were sucked into the singularity

In this world he still retains his name as Azief but his position in this world has only gone up.

In his world before the fall he was only an insignificant character in his country, a person whose death will not affect the world but in this world he is a very successful businessman.

And because he is a successful businessman that he could afford to buy this ocean facing façade, 6,000 square foot house that display 19th century summer house.

With elements such as gambrel roofline, screened porches and second floor balconies.

Rather than white trim, a less formal sage hue was selected as the color of the house.

And when you enter the house you will be shocked to see how clean and sophisticated it looks.

The living room features random width pine flooring, custom mantel and antique Portuguese tile and a coffered ceiling.

His office is visible through the open doorway. The kitchen establishes a classic look enhanced by stone countertops and glass pendant lights.

The sleeping porch of the master bedroom has a timeless appeal with its painted wood floor, horizontal wall board and vintage iron bed.

Long story short, Azief is living the good life.

At least that is how it seems to an outsider. That he is a rich businessman, living there far away from other people, to gain some peace.

But that is not the case. Unlike Superman, he doesn’t have a Fortress of Solitude to hide away when he put down the cape and wanted a night off.

Though he is thinking of creating some man cave. Literally a cave underneath this house but it would be stupid of him.

He needs to hire a lot of people to make such structure under his house and that secret will surely spread out.

Unless he killed the architect and all the workers which poses another problem in which people would be asking why there is so many people missing from an architecture company.

He then sighed again as he throws away the pen twirling on his hand and it immediately floated into its pen case.

Today, he wears a light grey cashmere coat and jacket to match, a dark grey wool trouser, and a cotton T-shirt.

Why wear a light grey cashmere coat and jacket? Because he needs to at somewhere else in a few minutes.

He likes to be stylish when he arrived at the venue. Not to mention his appearance right now is so different than the first time he enters this earth.

After reaching Energy Disperse Stage he has become more handsome than before and more charming.

His black hair is shiny and healthy, his face was perfect without blemishes or black spot, his body was muscular but not to the point of annoyance.

It was a perfect proportion and he also becomes a bit taller. He is now 6’6, a very imposing height.

His voice become a little bit husky and a bit deeper and could charm its listener and possess some force to make people obey his words.

His eyes could enchant a person and his glare was full with intensity like the energy of the universe was contained inside his eyes.

His entire face possesses this noble aura and his whole being emitted the posture of a King looking over down the world.

His body packed the power of a nuclear weapon. He has changed….a lot. A year is a long time but Azief knows that in his Earth, it is barely a month.

But here…..on Earth Two, a year has passed.  A year full of unbelievable things happening to him.

A year full of new experiences that shapes him to be the man he is now. A year……doing his best to prepare to return to his world.

A year full of shock and a year learning that the world is truly vast and he…..he is merely a small character in this vast multitude of the universe.

He knows he must return. This is not is world even though Azief did grow attached to this world.

But he has his time limits.

Four years and nine months. And a year has passed. He has another 3 years and nine months before he could return home.

At that time, whether he wanted it or not he has to return home.

And if he wants to return to this Earth again, he has to wait for the Universe Orb to cool down and that depends on the Orb itself.

As the owner of the Orb he of course has unearthed a few secrets of the Orb by himself. Azief is actually worrying about Sina and Sofia.

A while after he enters this earth, he had the chance to gather his thought and the more he thought about it, the more suspicious Loki seems to him.

Azief knows that Loki is not telling him everything but what is gnawing at him was the fact that he couldn’t think of what possible reason Loki have for approaching them.

The more he thinks about it, the more illogical it became. Loki said he approaches him because he needs protection.

Azief could call that bullshit now.

Azief don’t know why he believes it at that time.

Maybe because Loki has something he needs that he look past all of his suspicion but now he is not there, not beside Sofia, the more he worries whether he make the right decision trusting Loki.

Loki….as Azief has gathered…does not need them. He has an Artifact that could search for other artifacts.

That’s practically a cheat code. He said he could not do it alone. That is another bull. Azief is confident, if Loki was really serious of taking the Universe Orb, he could think of other ways to get the Orb but he did not.

He has a stealth artifact that could landed him anywhere in the world and he could live safely if he wanted to.

But no.

He did not do that. Instead, it almost seems like Loki was seeking him. Strengthening him.

And for some reason that does not make him happy. It was like a cow owner fattening up his cow only to slaughter it later when the meat is large.

The only think Azief could think of, was that he has something to do with Loki plans. Though he doesn’t know what the plan is.

And Sofia?

He worries about her.

Thinking about her, his thoughts become complicated. It was not like he doesn’t know what she is thinking or feeling but he hesitated.

It’s not like he is some dense character who doesn’t know about what Sofia is feeling for him. He felt it too.

But….this is uncharted territory for him. The more he likes a person, the more he doesn’t want to show it.

Because it’s not him. Because it doesn’t feel like him.

That is a cowardly thing to say and he knows it too. But no one ever liked him before. At least not in that way.

And it flustered him.

It was always him….liking a person…one sidedly. And the good thing about loving people one sided is you have a certain freedom.

You can start it all by yourself and end it by yourself. He can’t take the first step in fear of breaking what he has with her.

And what does he have with her is something special. And he doesn’t want to lose it because of some wavering flings.

They became friends. And they experienced life and death situations. And if love mix in there and it doesn’t work….then they will be awkward with each other.

Then they will become distant and then they will forget each other.

And Azief couldn’t tolerate that.

Taking his breath, smelling the June air, and hearing the sound of the oceans lapping over the shore, he opens his air as he tries to ease his worries.

First he checked his status window.































































He smiles as he looks at his abilities but he frowned when he looks at his levels. His abilities is [SPACE FLIGHT] [SABER GODLY EXPERT] [HYPER STRENGTH] [HYPER SPEED] [EYES OF FIRE] [PENETRATING VISION] [MICROSCOPIC VISION] [ICE BREATH] [WIND BREATH] [DEATH BREATH]

All of this abilities he get after exchanging millions and millions of Reputation Points.

This is also why even in a year his level only rises to level 52.

But, Azief also realize that to break through to the next level now becomes even harder as the requirements for the EXP is getting higher and higher.

If not because he is in another world and that he was able to find some quest, he doubted that he would be as strong as he is now.

The reason why he focused on his abilities instead of increasing his level is because he recognizes that to get ability is hard if not impossible unless certain requirement is to be fulfilled.

In his case to defeat an Asura.

But how many Asura is roaming around in his world and even if he manages to kill one that doesn’t mean, the person will always get ability.

But the Universe Orbs let him exchange abilities.

This is a rare opportunity for him. Not to mention the abilities is permanent but it uses the energy of the user to execute certain effects.

For example, flying.

If Azief flies in a moderately low speed the amount of energy he burns is so insignificant that he didn’t even feel his energy burns.

The intensity of his abilities depends on his consumption of energy.

And the energy inside him right now is almost boundless.

At least compared to when he was in the Orb Condensing Stage his level right now and energy is so massive that Azief felt that if he converted his power to pure energy, it will rival the power of a nuclear bomb.

His race has also changed to Neo Eterna.

He doesn’t know what race that is, but he could felt the energy coursing through his body, the toughness of his own flesh and the almost unbreakable bones that he have when he evolve to the next evolution of humans.

When he evolves he could almost feel his own DNA sequence rearing themselves, making him stronger, faster and more adaptive to the surroundings.

His presence also changes.

To his friends, his aura and pressure make him amiable and charming while towards his enemies, his pressure will make them feel like they were crushed by a mountain.

In this stage there is also the refinement body soul stage.

It is different form the body Refining stage that only strengthens him more than that of a normal human. This refining is heaven apart.

To cultivate the body , a sufficient energy is required. To convert EXP to refining energy. It is not guaranteed that your body will gain an upgrade each time you level up, different from attributes.

Attributes understanding will appear each time you level up, you need only to choose which attributes you want to upgrade.

There are ten levels in this Body Soul Refining.

Ironskin, Copper flesh, Silver Veins, Golden Aura, Titanium Bones , Divine Meridians, Nine Opening Purification, Celestial Presence, Red Palace Forming, Eternal Spring.

Even though he is level 53, his Body Soul refining is Golden Aura.

The reason is probably because of his Perfect Core.

But to cultivate his bodies, he needs to sacrifice his level. Thankfully his time is different from the people in his world.

Universe Orb is a remarkable Artifact.

And instead of condition of Orb, his status window now shows he has to learned conceptualization

Azief still remember the first time he breakthrough to level 50.

He was in the Grand Canyon after his battle with the Spirit of Tutmoses the Third. The warrior Pharaoh of Egypt.

In his world, magic only exist since the Fall happens. But in this world, Azief could feel traces of magic, ancient magic a long time ago.

Azief also realizes that the history of this world is a little different. There are certain events in this world that did not happen the same like his world which might explains the difference in technology.

This world possesses technology beyond that of his world. Their VR technology and the level of physics studies in this world surpassed Azief Earth.

They are many inventions here that could not be found in his earth and treated like the norms.

Anyway, when he was recuperating in the Grand Canyon, he exchanges his reputation points with Elixir of Myriad Lives which contains a large amount of experience.

The moment the elixir entered his body, he rose to level 50.

Overhead, the sky turned darks and lightning strikes the earth. The energy nearby the Grand Canyon was sucked dry.

Wind pulsates under his feet and the ground underneath his foot cracked.

At the time his orb which was perfect cracked.

The Orb was the Sun in Azief consciousness. The Sun cracked and the land that was created by his consciousness slowly dissipated.

The land inside his consciousness cracked like the world was split apart and the sea disappeared.

The  a wide plains, the green grass, tall and healthy before wilted and turns black, the flowers dies, and the rivers dried up sucked by an unseen force.

The mountains in his consciousness exploded. The sea turns to particles of air, the wind howls and then disappeared.

The perfect orb cracked and then it shattered into tiny atoms. Azief see it inside his consciousness.

It was like he was seeing the birth of the universe.

Like a big Bang. The orb energy that was scattered upon the infinity vastness of Azief consciousness then was condensed from all over.

Azief could see pulsating vortex of darkness that gather these energy from the expanse as it becomes a tiny dense point.

The tiny dense point was golden and the energy was like a small nuclear weapon.

Then it burst and light filled Azief eyes. Then it enters Azief energy pathways then a space was created inside Azief consciousness.

A world was created.

The energy of this violent burst changed into matter and then into anti matter and destroyed each other.

Then some of these matters survived.

The attributes combined in the body endowing him with the attribute aura.

At this stage, Azief could clearly feel the difference in power between the him of level 50 and the him of level 49.

The difference was obvious.

With his newfound power, he could shatter a pillar with one shouts, cracked the soul orb with pressure alone.

User of Pillar Formation, Orb Condensing all were but ants in front of this new power he achieved.

Not to mention the energy that was created inside him was from a Perfect Orb Condensing.

Imagine the energy of such perfect Orb.

He also understands it the moment he enter Level 50.

It was like the information streamed inside his mind and he could understand all about the new change inside his body and what he should do to advance.

The energy of the universe needs to be cultivated to reach the next level. Each level nourishes the physical body to prepare for the next breakthrough.

By the end of this stage one would possess bodies that could destroy mountains and endures the harshest condition.

With one strike parting the heaven, with one stomp shatter the lands, with one waves of the hand calling fire and rain.

This is the Energy Disperses Stage that Asura was talking about before, Azief thought at that time.

The Energy Disperses stage could also be called an acclimation phase.

The threads of energy are formed, creating a string that binds the element and the laws. But the most important is the Conceptualization of Attributes.

By now Azief has already comprehend three attributes. Death, Time and Life.

When he uses the attributes of Death, an image of a gigantic skull and people clawing from the depth of blood red soil and screams and wailing could be heard from behind him and seen.

It will then increase his power and the amount of pressure it emitted is enough to crack a mountain into two.

If his comprehension towards Death increases, his Totem Image will also change.

Azief realizes that the Totem Image depends on the user enlightenment of the attributes and depends on one own comprehension.

His Totem Image of Death might be a skull but others might be different.

A thousand paths to walk through, in the end reaching the same destination.

When he uses Time, the air would ripple and an Hourglass of Sand would appear. Then the attributes of time will emanates from his body and outwardly affecting anything near 10 meter radius.

His comprehension is not that high about time yet but at least anything inside that radius could be affected with Azief energy.

For life, it shows a candle that light brightly illuminating everything like a sun. This was the hardest for Azief to gain enlightenment on rather than Death and Time since life is hard.

He could also absorb element energy to increase his strength. This depends on how many energy he could store before overtaxing himself.

Skill fusion was also unlocked. He quickly fuse all is Shadow Technique into one called the Shadow Eternal technique.

His normal skill also automatically fused themselves with his other technique and becomes even more powerful.

For example his scale Body technique has fused with Body Fortification and Ironflesh that it changed into Auraniteflesh which is a flesh endowed with the pressure of Death aura and was unbelievably sturdy and almost impossible to be pierced by any conventional weapons of this Earth.

But it takes a lot of energy inside his body to successfully initiate skill fusion. It makes not only his skill 50 percent more powerful, it also makes his skill more refined.

But the price is also steep.

At the time Azief almost fall back down to Orb Condensing Stage Low Realm but fortunately at the time he has a lot of Reputation Points and manages to buy Myriad River Experience Pills and manages to climb back to his initial level.

Then he closes down his status window and he willed it with his mind and one ring appears on each of his fingers.

Ten Rings that once ruled the Universe. Eternal Rings that will not be smelted with the Thunder of Retribution. Calling upon the Ancient magic, ruling all creations.

Azief smiles each time he looks at his ring. The Ten Eternal Rings. This he got in a luck encounter in what he called the Seres World.

Azief once uses his reputation to open another world which he randomly opens Seres World.

The inhabitants were Asura-like beings and very powerful. It was lucky that Azief uses the Probationary Pill and manages to survive in there for one month.

And that was lucky that he survives in there.

Each being in there possess power beyond him. Back then even though he was a Disperse Stage being, he was still just a runt in that world power hierarchy.

In that world, the Sun was blue and the moon was red. So, in the day, blue lights covered the world while at night, it was like the scenery of blood masking the sky.

When he was in that world, Azief manages to enter an ancient ruin guarded by a Rakshaksa stealthily.

Azief realizes that while the people of that world were ridiculously strong, they seems to have low IQ and is easy to fool.

So, what Azief did was he followed a band of Seresian Demonic Prince of the 30th Level of Cold Hell.

His position in that group was a slave. But he bided his time. When they reached the ancient ruins, and the battle started, Azief hides himself while his clone did his slave works.

When the battles started, Azief could see a 300 feet Demonic King that destroy almost all the Demonic Prince that came inside the ancient Ruins to get some treasures.

The battle was intense.

The land was cleaved in half, creating a new continent in that world, the sky was ripped apart showing the glittering stars in the vastness of the universe, the clouds disperses and turns into atom particle, unseen by the naked eyes.

The moon was cut in half, a Heaven Palace was brought down and crash to an Empire and killing everyone in that Empire, and the Cold Hell was invaded with fiery strikes that it melted all the Ice in that Hell, burning all of the refined souls inside that place.

The Demonic Prince of the 78th Level of Fiery hell was the only one that survives the massacre and manages to kill the Demonic King and that is after they did a concerted attack together.

About a trillion of Demonic Prince and Hell Judges that dies under the Demonic King hands that day.

At the time, the Demonic Prince of the 78th level of Fiery Hell was already weakened so much that his aura was almost like normal mortal.

The Demonic Prince then cut the Demonic King finger that was as big as a hill and grabs the Rings.

Azief still remembers how the Demonic Prince cackles in satisfaction when looking at the ten rings.

With his left arm gone, and a hole in his stomach and bloodied all over, the Demonic Prince was so happy that he shed a tear of happiness.

It was during that time Azief who was full of energy and largely unaffected by the battle rushed out from his hideout and decapitated the Demonic Prince and grabs the Ten rings and quickly activated the Probationary Pill.

Since then, the Ten Eternal Rings belongs to him.

And Azief swears that he will never open that world again. That one month, there was so many times he almost dies.

If not because he was patient with the torture he endured when he became a slave and bided his time wisely, he might not have such good luck.

The Ten Eternal Rings are.

Ring Of Creation Songs, Ring Of Forbidden Words, Ring Of Great Summoning, Ring Of All Elements, Ring Of Grand Formation, Ring Of Ultimate Sealing, Ring Of Eternal Darkness, Ring Of Perfect Symbols, Ring Of Ancients, Ring Of Runic Creation.

Each of this Rings possess earth shaking, heaven rendering, world shattering, and universe vanquishing abilities.

But Azief also knows that he could not activate all of the rings as each ring sucks an absurd amount of energy for him for even a single use.

And there are even some rings that he can’t even use. Azief knows that he must advance more if he really wanted to activate the ring to its final form of power.

Remembering how the Demonic King uses these ten rings to contend with hundred thousands of experts, Azief could still feel shivers.

With one word, reality changes.

With one Song, thousands still, dying without knowing.

With one waves of hands, soul fly out, refined into energy.

With one symbol, restrict millions.

With a formation, all souls were trapped.

With one finger pointing towards the skies, Heaven was sealed.

With one drop of Blood, Summoning Demonic God from the Dark Abyss.

With one stomp, quake the world, invoking all of the elements.

Ancient Magic swirls all over, reigning supreme all over the Universe without rival.

With Ten Rings, Becoming peerless all throughout the Universe.

When he reach that kind of level, Azief believes he would be able to uses this ten rings to its full potential.

Then as he walks out his house, a man appeared behind him. The man face was clean and his manner was like a butler and he was wearing a butler suit.

His body was lean and he looks charismatic but at the same time manages to remain refined.

‘Master’ the man said. Azief look at the man and smiles.

‘Al. So what is the situation? Any Breachers?’ He asked. Azief knows that Al only appears when there is a problem that requires his attention.

‘A week from now.’ Al said unemotionally.

‘A week from now? From which Earth? Earth Three. Or was it from Earth Four?’ This is a regular day for Azief so he was not so inwardly shocked.

Al then mechanically said.

‘Earth Prime.’ Hearing this there is a trace of shock that flitted about in Azief expression. He then asks as calmly as he could.

‘How could a person of Earth prime enter this Earth without a Universe Orb? That is impossible.’

‘The Red Speedster’ Al said. And Azief was dumfounded. He never thought he would hear that name again.

The Red Speedster really did a number on him when they battled each other in the plains of Mongolia.

‘That….he…’and then Azief bitterly smiles.

‘I underestimated him. I know that there are other ways of opening the portals but I underestimated his abilities and neglected it because I though all of the breaches was closed.’

‘I should have known better. Then the only one he could bring is a speedster. Right?’ Al nodded.

Azief understand how Al could know this information a week earlier. It is because the difference of time in this world and that world.

The laws of time were different and as such a time dilation occurred.

To Al, the arrival of the Breachers has already happened. And it was inevitable. Since it has already happened.

‘A tachyon Pulse? Did he get it?’ Azief talk to himself. But then he shakes his own head.

‘Could it be, the Red Speedster manages to get into Earth Prime? Isn’t his energy trapped inside the Speed Source? Then why does….’and it occurred to Azief.

‘He is stealing speed.’ And Azief eyebrow creased.

Then he sighed.

‘At least I have a week to prepare.’ And then turning to his butler he said

Al, I’m going out. Like always, inform me if anything happens.’

‘Yes, Master.’ Saying this, Al disappeared in a white smoke.

Then as Azief walk to his car, he could not help but shake his head as he said.

‘Problems after problem.’


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