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3 AM

The ringing tone woke me up from my sleep. Slowly I open my eye and rub my forehead. For a few days now, I’ve been experiencing a fever.

Grabbing my right side of the bed, I finally grasp my phone. Looking at the number on the screen, I was shocked.

It was Dr Sasha.

Why would she call me in the middle of the night?

I have a bad premonition about this but nonetheless I pick it up. The moment even before I have the chance to say hello, I was shocked.

Because I heard the screams on the phone and I could hear even explosion. The sounds wake all of my senses as I urge Sasha to speak.

‘Sir, it was a failure. It backfired. Something was wrong with the serum’ the voice was trembling and full of fear.

I could even hear the sobs on the background.

I have heard many tone of voice. And fear is the most common tone of voice I hear when people are dealing with me.

And the tone that Sasha was speaking with him…is fear. Pure and absolute fear.

‘What is it? Tell me what happened.’

‘The Silver… B..u..llet Project, Subject I009 was terminated’

‘What?!! How did this happen?’

‘This morning his reading was normal when suddenly at midnight he went into a berserk state and destroyed the facility and break out from the facility.’

‘But, how can it be terminated?’ Sasha was hesitant to answer but then she answers. First she clams down her breathing and then she summarized the events.

‘Hyperion stops his rampage in the New York Park. A few buildings were destroyed and Subject I009 was terminated as the last resort. The Subject was wearing the uniform of the US army when he was in berserk state so the military is taking a lot of heat from the other countries right now for developing a monster like that.’

Then she waited as Alexander is also shocked and startled.

I close my eyes as I am trying to think.

‘Hide all the files and the vials of the serum.’ This is the only course of action that I could think of to lessen the heat.

Sasha was silent for a while before she said.

‘That’s the thing. All the files and the serum disappeared.’

‘How can that be?’

‘We don’t know. But after the Subject was rampaging and we were trying to contain the situations at the other facilities, we discovered every file we have and every serum we have has disappeared.’

Alex was silent for a while and then he get up from his bed.

‘Send me the footage. I will review it in a moment.’

‘Ok.’ Then they drop the call.



Alex sighed and then went to the shower. Letting the water washes over him and rejuvenating his body.

Then finished showering he went out, put on some light clothes and then went to his computer and open it.

Then looking at his cloud data project there is a new file added by Sasha.

He opened the file of one of the surveillance recording. First he looks at the transformation of the soldiers into an unrecognizable blue monster. Then Alex looks at the facility surveillance camera.

He then sees something that intrigues him. A coiling electricity.

But he saw it after he slowed the scene to the maximum slowest speed the camera could take and only then he could see something….or someone was there, taking all the vials and the files in a blink of an eyes.

In a flash, all of his files and vials of serum disappeared like it was never there. And then seeing it he was shocked.

Because he once sees this thing before. He has seen this kind of freak phenomenon before. Sees this kind of act before.

Almost similar but different. Then he clicked his tongue and said.

‘A speedster.’

‘Is it him?’ He asks himself but then he shakes his head. It is not him. The Red Speedster is an enemy of Hyperion and was banished from this Earth.

Their battle in the plains of Mongolia has left a weird phenomenon happening around the craters where there will be some portals appearing out of nowhere.

Time also seems to be affected there.

However a few days after the battle Dr Chandra from India manages to create what Alex like to call The Portal Annihilator which closes or more accurately bombed the breaches of other Earths to this Earth.

Alex has always believed there is a connection between Dr Chandra and Hyperion. The only thing he doesn’t have is proof.

Then…another speedster. A speedster that the world doesn’t know about. A speedster that he doesn’t know.

And what he doesn’t know…means there is another variable that he can’t control.

A variable he can’t control means it will be hard for him to make a plan without worrying over this variable.

What Alex was seeing is…..a dot of black lightning.

If this was viewed in some other camera they might not caught this abnormality but Alexander King surveillance camera and security is one of the most advanced in the world.

He could see that bolt of dark lightning and he concluded this…that the perpetrator of this incident is a speedster.

But… this speedster an ally of Hyperion?

Or is he someone I can make use of? But before Alex could ponder a bit more, suddenly he could hear a knocking sound.

But it was not coming from the door. Since the door is far away from the bed and everybody knows better than to disturb his sleep.

Then he realizes it was coming from the glass pane. Alex lives in a penthouse high on the hotel.

But hearing a knock from the glass panes means someone was knocking form the outside. And Alex knew only one thing that could do such things.

Alex walked to the glass panes and there he is, waiting for him, floating like an Olympian, looking at him with those impassive eyes, judging him.

Even though the pane was supposed to obstruct other people seeing, but in front of those eyes, it was nothing. He could clearly see Alex as clear as day.

Alex face contorted and then he yelled.


Hyperion looks at Alex, not saying anything, passive like a God.

Alex collects back his calmness, staring back at the eyes of this invincible warrior from other Earth and then he said

‘Did you come to gloat? Come to see me in failure? Did you think I would stop? You….are the greatest threat to humanity.’

Hyperion still did not say anything. Only looking at him, almost a pitiful expression on his face.

Alex hated that face. Hated that eyes that seems to be able to see through everything….almost like he could peer through his soul.

He hated it.

‘They might see you as their savior right now….but one day they will see your true color. A beast that they can’t control. Even now, there are people in the Capitol that has begun seeing you as a threat. You keep interfering on this Earth without reason. People in power…..fear you. And that fear will one day spread. You are a storm waiting to happen.’

Hyperion closes his eyes but then he opens it back.

‘Alexander King’ He said calmly.

Even though he was outside and they were separated by the glass pane that is even able to block gunshot and was soundproof, Alexander could still hear his voice almost like he was beside him, talking to his ears.

‘I have been patient with you. I have been merciful to you. All of your plans and plots and scheme have always been foiled by me. I thought that if you suffer that many failures you would stop. It is true……that you are quiet an obstinate guy.  I underestimated your obsession’

‘I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH YOU!!’ Alexander yelled. Hyperion did not respond. Then looking at Alexander his eyes was glowing.

‘You will not want me as your enemy. Your worries are not unfounded….but believe me when I said……your world is not what I’m after. I did not come here to become your overlord. Or to be worshiped. I did what I did because I need to do it. I will keep saving people. And if you got in my way…..I will destroy you. This is my last warning’

Hearing this Alexander was shocked. Then Hyperion continued

‘I am not some savior. Or a demon. Or some kind of paragon of virtue of truth and justice. I have nothing to do with your earth. One day, I will leave this earth and I don’t need you making it harder for me to leave. I am not your enemy, Alexander King. The reason why I’m telling you this is because….what you have been attempting to do, using my blood to create a weapon of war against me will instead bring more trouble to your earth than my existence. Do you think I do not kill? Do you think I’m not incapable of killing? I’m not a hero……King. Neither are you. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. This crusade is not about me. It is not about ridding the world its greatest threat. This is about you…….killing a God. You put me in a pedestal and you fear me. Because…you don’t know what I am….and you never will. I will say this for the last time. Don’t…do it again. Or……. there will be war.’

Then saying what he needed to say, Hyperion flies away and disappeared in a matter of seconds.

Alexander just looks at the disappearing figure of Hyperion and in his eyes there is only a determination. Determination to see this to the end.





It was night. The sound of the owls could be heard. Strangely, the owls sound was comforting. Like a song.

A lullaby to sleep.

Under a large tree a man and a woman is sitting nearby a fire pit.

The woman was warrior like, with a bow as large as her back. She has long silky hair, and her face was as elegant as the moon.

The boy was Caucasian, blonde, tall and blue eyes.

His face could be considered handsome but a little boyish. But for some reason, there is an aura of mischief in his eyes, like he is always thinking of some tricks to do.

The woman was eating something resembling chicken but the meat seems a little chewy. While the man is eating skewered meat.

Then the woman looking at the man finally decides to ask the man a question.

‘Loki, do you have a plan to break her out? Because right now….we’re losing. I don’t like losing. And I don’t want to meet him two months from now, begging his help.’ She looks at him

Loki still eating the meat then looks at Sofia and shakes his head.

‘We have to wait. That’s the best answer I could come up with. The security around here is no joke. I told you didn’t I? That we should not have messed with that Metal Guy. I told you not to make a mess when the World Government invite us on their banquet.’

A few weeks ago, they were invited to the opening of the Island of Peace, the headquarters of the World Government when they encountered Arno from Africa that could control metal.

Long story short, they were involved in some kind of misunderstanding.

Not to mention Sina whereabouts were also revealed in that time which arouses the many factions in the World Government to capture her.

They tried to rescue her that one time but failed spectacularly.

Sofia clearly is not satisfied with this answer

‘Wait for what? And stop blaming me. It’s not my fault that the guy was so annoying. He kept wanting to see my bow.’

‘Opportunity. We’re waiting for an opportunity. Remember the last time what happens when we rush to the World Government headquarters without a plan? Not only you almost get caught, your weapon almost gets stolen. If I did not save your ass back then, you will be rotting in their prison right now.’

‘Ok, that is quite enough. If you only let me draw the Arrow of Slaughtering Sun then those armies is nothing.’ Sofia retorted

Loki smiles bitterly and said

‘Like I said to you, that Arrow cannot be used by you. At least not now. With your strength, that arrow will not shoot the way it’s supposed to.’

‘Humph. So what? We let the World Government have Sina? She might be tortured right now.

‘Tortured?’ and Loki smiles.

‘I don’t think so. I have got some information about what is happening in the World Government right now. It seems the Revolutionary Army and the World Government is arguing about Sina.’

‘What!! Why??’ Sofia said almost spewing out the content of her mouth.

‘What do you mean by that?’ she asked again.

‘Sina abilities is really heaven defying. You think the Revolutionary Army will let the World Government grows even stronger?’

‘How did the Revolutionary army knows about her abilities? The World Government knows about her abilities because of that two bastard generals but how did Revolutionary Army knows about it?’

‘I spread the information to them’

‘You what!!’ And Sofia stands up from her seat.

‘Did you know you are only endangering Sina more?’ Loki snorted and then answer back.

‘No, you don’t understand. What I did was increasing the chance Sina would be safe. Now, the World Government is stuck on a dilemma. Before nobody knows about Sina abilities, the World Government could torture her or persuade her to join the world government under the threat of death but now it will be hard-pressed for the World Government to do that.’

‘What do you mean?’ Sofia said as she sat back and looks at Loki eyes. Even now, she never understand the way Loki is thinking. His way of thinking is too twisted.

‘Now, if Sina refuse to work with the world government she can work with the revolutionary army. At least now, she has a choice and I think the World Government would rather use the carrot than the stick now. Not to mention since Sina could always pretend to be working for them concocting poisons instead of potion. Some of them are smart you know?’

‘But I don’t think the World Government will like it?’ Sofia said exactly.

‘And this is the point.’ Loki said confidently

‘The end goal is not that Sina will work with the World Government or Revolutionary Army but to create such a mass confusion that we can have our opportunity.

‘But what happens if they killed Sina?’

‘Then that will only increase the already tense situation between World Government and Revolutionary army.

‘You mean…’

‘World government might be powerful…..But they are not all powerful. Even if they killed Sina what good does it do for them? Its better they tries to persuade Sina rather than killing her. And even if they somehow believes that killing her would solve the problem, I believe a few of the members of the World government will advise strongly against it since revolutionary Army might not even believe them and choose to believe that World government faked her death to gain complete control over Sina miraculous abilities.’


‘There is more?’ Sofia said shocked.

‘There is still Raymond.’ And saying this Loki smiles.

‘What are you implying?’ Sofia said, her face turns cold.

‘The man was entranced by your beauty so much that he even lets you go from his Wall of earth. I don’t think he will let your friend get executed under his watch.’

‘You think too much.’ She said.

‘Am I? Maybe so’ and Loki continues eating. Sofia seeing that Loki want to drop the subject also resumes her eating while thinking of the many things that happen in this two months.

Loki is also pondering about something.

While he was chewing, he realizes that time has moved in a different direction then before.

In his timeline, Sina volunteered to join the World Government because he was chased by the Two Generals.

But in this timeline, she was captured. As he look at the sky, he wanted to ask…is the future already written.

Even though Loki changes some minor details in history, it almost seems like destiny, great destiny could not be changed.

Sina still end up at the World Government hands. Even though Azief fight an almost impossible existence, he still wins and manages to get the Universe orb. Can destiny be changed?

This is the question he wanted to ask. Can it be changed? Or is time immutable? A river that only ripples but always return to normal.  A ripple that could not change the current of time.

Is his effort right now….pointless? He didn’t want….Sofia effort in the future to be wasted. He didn’t want the sacrifice of so many great heroes wasted.

Loki is selfish. He admitted this bad part of him. He is egoistical bordering on maniacal and very playful. But seeing the End of the World changes behavior.

Changes your own priority. Changes your perspectives on some things.

Loots. Gold. Items. Artifacts.

Those things that he bet his life for in the previous timeline, those things that he will not share, in this timeline he even gives it away.


Because he sees what has happened and what will happen. He has seen Hell…..and it was not a pretty view.

Then as he was thinking of this Sofia suddenly asked.

‘Who’s your contact?’

‘What contact?’ Loki said startled.

‘Your contact in Revolutionary Army. You must have contact if you could spread the information?’ Loki grin and then he answers with a smile


‘That bitch.’ She said gritting her teeth.

‘That bitch that saved your life.’ Loki said grinning.

‘I didn’t ask for her help.’ She grumbled

‘Maybe because you were turned to stone from the Medusa Stare.’

‘I could find a way to get out of the curse.’ She complained giving more excuses. Loki chuckles.

He never thought that the girl who will become the Divine Archer one day always like to grumble.

Well, come to think of it, he doesn’t even expect to see Arno too. The man who will one day ask for his help. Loki remembers the event as clear as day.

‘Yeah right.’ Loki scoffed

‘Why do you hate her so much?’ Loki asked

‘She is such a showoff. With her shield and her sword. “Here, I have Athena Shield. It could almost nullify any attack. Look, look, my Ares sword. It could cut even through Gods’ she said with Athena tone of voice.

‘Showoff’ she said it again

‘Hehehe.’ Loki laughed with that weird laugh of him that was bordering on an asylum escapee.

Which was creepy and annoying at the same time. Sofia felt that she wanted to punch Loki face right there and then.

‘Stop laughing.’ She almost yelled at Loki.

‘Is that all? Or is it because you lost to her at the Battle of Athens? I think that is the real reason why you are mad at her.’

‘That Pegasus should have been mine.’ She said as she bites the meat again and swallows it in one gulp.

‘Now, that’s a sore loser. You have the Houyi Bow that can destroy a sun. Why do you care so much about that Pegasus?’

‘A Bow that I could not use.’ She said bitterly.

‘And I see the Pegasus first. If not for that damn old Oracle finding where I was hiding, Athena would not have the chance to win the Pegasus.’

Loki could only smiles and then after talking about this and that, they were prepared to sleep.

The reason why they could sleep in an enemy territory is because they have the Grain Palace of Ten Thousand Earthly Beauties.

Loki call it the Grain Palace. Because the name was too long. Anyway, it is an artifact. It belongs to Loki.

They found this in Greece fighting a Giant lamia.

Anyway like its name, they could enter the Palace and the palace is as small as a grain. They only have to will it and they could enter.

They also have begun their plans to rescue Sina. And the first step that Loki was thinking is… China.

Yue Dynasty.

To get themselves a peerless General under Heaven. Thinking to himself, he smiles.


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