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The car stopped. The man breathes in the air.  The smell of the city he loves and know. The man take a deep breath and sighed.

Last night, he was breaking a deal with a Chinese company so he lack some sleep.

But he was energetic. Knowing that today, he will embark again on a great adventure, he strengthened himself again.

Opening his eyes, he look at his tower….looking at his towering building, high as the mountains.

But then he look at the New York Tower built after the meteor attack.

And then he looks back at his building. With a letter K as a symbol on top of his building, he smiles.

A King…and his palace. A symbol of grandeur, sophistication and more importantly hope that will never die.

Standing as a beacon, shining even brighter than the star that is his city, lighting the way for mankind everywhere.

Looking at it, he sees potential. Human potential. And his creation was a tribute to that potential.

An undeniable example of what humans could achieve. That humans itself could touch the skies and walk among the Gods.

It was a symbol of all this emotions and values.

A symbol he can trust and touch, representing the dreams of us all. Of the heights humanity could aspire to and the depths of human sacrifice….to be.

The car stopped in front of that building while the driver also looks at the almost finished building with a feeling of welling pride.

‘Mr. King we’re here.’ The driver said, smiling as he greeted the already awake Mr. King. He was awake but his eyes are full of dark circles.

But still he smiles. Like there was something amusing. Like there is always something good in his life.

It was something that the driver never understands about Mr. King.

‘Howard, I already tell you to call me by my name.’ Mr. King said replying with a smile.

‘That would not be polite sir.’ The driver answers while smiling widely. Mr. King smile bitterly.

Looking at the half completed building he smiles again.

‘It would be beautiful when it is finished, sir.’ The driver said as he realized that Mr. King is looking at his building. Mr. King nodded.

‘It will be a symbol for us all.’ he said, declaring it in his heart.

‘I will take my family when it is finish. Martha has been asking me to go.’ The driver said as he also looks at the tower

‘Come’ Mr. King said.

‘I will give you a special tour.’

‘That would hardly be appropriate, Sir.’

‘Why not? You have been my driver since the fall. Life is hard. Don’t reject my kindness’ he said smiling.

The driver smiles sheepishly.

‘Anyway, thank you for today.’

‘It’s my job sir.’

‘Still’ Mr. King said.

He opens the door, look in front of him and see his vision. A building that will stand on the site of destruction.

A building of the King family. He is Alexander King. Before the fall, the Kings were the ninth richest families in the world.

But their wealth could not be compared to the President of Vega Corp who created many technologies for nations all over the world and has been profiting of VR application.

But when the Fall came, Vega Corp and all of its employees were sucked into the singularity. Many believe now that the singularity transported the people into other worlds.

But only Alexander knows the truth.

When he takes the helm of his father company, he immediately poured resources into the Vega Corp Project and one thing stood out.

Project Icarus.

Alex did not get to the bottom of it yet, but he was confident that the president of the Vega Corp has long known that a cataclysmic event will happen and tries to warn the people of earth but was blocked by powerful people in the world.

With Alexander King current status, they are not many who would offend him and information that he needed is instantly updated.

After the fall, the Kings family rise to a height that could not have happened if not for the nine corporation and rich families that were also suck into the singularity.

But when Alexander King rose to the throne, and take his father company, his wealth doubled because of the smart investment and of his own genius in making money.

But Alex also is interested in other things other than making money and that is Hyperion. This stranger that came into his earth.

How does he know of this?

Because during the fall, only the Kings family satellite was functional in space and since Hyperion began his crusade fighting injustice Alex has always harbor a great distrust to this person people called the Man of Steel.

As Alexander walk through the lobby everyone waved a hand and smiles at him.

Alexander himself was a very outgoing person and he is generous with his smile. He enters the lift and pushes the button to his office which is situated on level 45.

When he arrived at his office, he enters and began his work.

Making meeting, conference call and cutting deals. A daily life of a business empire. The daily life of a King.

Dealing with many people, with many behaviors that he could not tolerate but always handles them with a smile.

But when afternoon came, he canceled all of his appointments and meeting and instead went to his Icarus Lab.

Icarus Lab was situated 300 feet beneath the King Corp buildings. Only a few people know about it.

Ding! The sound of the elevator startled Alex as he was greeted with the scenery of white hallway.

He walked hastily to a room and by pushing his thumb to the verification ID he quickly enter.

Inside the room a woman waiting for him wearing white lab coat.

Alex did not even sit down as he asks.

‘You got something for me?’

‘We have analyzed the video Sir.’ The woman said.

The woman was 5’6, blonde hair, wearing glass, and thin.

There is nothing remarkable about the woman, nothing that will create long lasting impression, and her eyes is full of black circles.

But Alex did not hire her because of her face. He hired her because of her brain.

‘And?’ Alex said as he sits down on one of the sofas.

The woman pushes a button on her hand. It was a remote .Then a large screen appears in front of Alex as Alex was shown the scene of Hyperion savings someone from getting hit by a large truck.

Only a blur could be seen. A flash of black.

‘Even with the advancement and enhancement on surveillance technology we can still only make out of a blur. It’s still really hard to believe, not just that he can fly…but he can fly that fast. To think a man could be that fast’ The woman said admiringly

Alexander creased his eyebrows and said

‘He’s not a man.’ And his tone was cold. Then he looks at the woman and he smiles.

‘Do you like him?’

‘I’m sorry?’ She said startled with the sudden question.

‘Do you like him?’ He asked again. The woman look at the screen showing Hyperion saves and she nodded.

‘I suppose so. Every woman does. And every man wants to be him.’ Alex smiles bitterly.

‘That’s what makes him so dangerous.’ He ended

The woman reply.

‘Dangerous?  I don’t think so.’ The woman replies clearly uncomfortable with Alex notion.

Rubbing his chin, Alex said.

‘I do. You can go now.’ The woman not knowing what to say to her boss statement nodded and leaves Alex on the room looking at the huge screen.

Looking at Hyperion bringing down a plane like it was the easiest thing to do, Alex mused. A force of indestructible power. A force that cannot be stopped.

A hurricane with a will. And thinking of that…it is terrifying.

The most dangerous man in the world. No.No.

Not a man. Not even close. Yet, most people accept him, like a member of the family. Girls adore him, boys want to be him.

He made himself appear so much like us, he has almost everyone forgetting…he’s not one of us.

Standing up he look again at that red eyes spewing fire balls and he said


Alex then brings out his phone and called someone. Saying something for about five minutes he then drops the call. Looking at the screen back, his eyebrows creased.

‘Man of steel’ he said.

You’ve been referred to be the greatest man in the world. The strongest man in the world. Standing for justice and truth.

Truth? That is in the teller. Just calmly messaged words that very well be nothing but carefully finessed lies.

Justice? Belongs to the judge. Judge who sits above the masses because the masses couldn’t trust themselves.

‘All men are created equal’ he said as he looks at the screen of Hyperion punching a steel door and it bent as easy as punching wind.

All men…..and looking at the huge screen, looking at Hyperion handsome and warrior like expression he said.

‘You are not a man….but they’ve made you their champion ‘and looking away from the screen he walk to the exit of the lab as he said.

‘And they worship you.’ He walks by the exit door as he mused to himself.

‘So, tell me…what redemption you offer them?’

Then as he turn back he look at the still image of Hyperion on the TV screen, floating in the air, looking down at the people under him, like an Olympian Gods of Old.

‘When I look at you, Hyperion, I see something no man can be. I see the….end. The end of humanity potential. The end of humanity achievements. The end of my dreams. You are my nightmare. But even then I’m not afraid.’

And Alex smiles like he found something was funny.

‘Because whatever abilities you have, I have more. I have hope.’

And saying this he left the room as he put on a call to someone. Inside the elevator, he said to the man on the phone with him.

‘Tell Dr Tasha…..that I will invest on her research. Give me a result and her research will be funded.’ Putting down the call, his face turned hard.

But he then thinks of his father advice.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Smiling, he returned to his office. Then he looked outside his windows and in the distance, he could see him…….flying around in his black cape.

And people of the city, on the ground, looking up to him, like he was some kind of God, some kind of savior.

Praying and asking for help. And Hyperion answers. Flying down and swooping down to save the people, determining life and death at an instant.

And the more he saves, the more people love him…worship him. Putting him on a pedestal. A God has been born.

Looking at the blur of black, Alex look on and gritting his teeth, he said

‘Enjoy your reign while it last, Hyperion. Because as surely as night follows day, there comes a time when even Gods must die’


Alex is sitting on the audience chamber. Beside him was a man of the military a general in the United States Army.

Looking at Alex, the man was anxious. Sometimes he look down onto the experimentation table and sighed.

‘Mr. Alexander, you’re sure this will work? The Army has funded this experiment of yours. You could not afford to fail this. The President need this to work to calm the other world leaders’

‘Let see shall we?’ Alexander smiles mischievously.

Alex look as one soldier is being brought to the operating table like a lamb about to be slaughtered.

There is fear in his eyes. A sheep. Alex reminded himself. And he is a lion. A predator. And the weak will die, while the strong will survive.

But sometimes there comes a moment, where a more vicious predator appeared. And when that time comes, the predator had to sacrifice some sheep, so that the lion can survive.

And he is a lion.

‘If he dies, you will answer for this’ the general said looking threateningly at him.

‘If it fails, then the kid dies. So what? Compared to the stakes. Invincible soldiers!’

Alex replied looking unconcerned. The General just glare at Alexander but didn’t say anything.

Then from the audience chamber he ordered using the voice transmission.

‘Begin Silver Bullet Project.’

The soldier lied down on the table and Dr Sasha strapped the soldier onto the tables. Then a metal binds the soldier feet and chest.

‘Is that necessary?’ The general asked. Behind him there are others officials in the government who is also looking at this intently.

Alex just nodded. He once sees a failed experiment of his Hyper Serum. They created a monster.

However Dr Sasha has perfected the Serum. After he manages to get one drop of blood from the last site of Hyperion battle with the Breachers from before, he manages to separate the special enzyme in Hyperion blood to increase the probability of success of his serum.

Then Dr Sasha began injecting the serum into the body of the soldier.

Then the soldier slowly closes his eyes like he is in some kind of trance when suddenly the sound of bones cracking can be heard.

The soldier screamed and it was almost like a soundwave was being emitted from his screams. Thankfully, the glass was reinforced glass.

Alex eyes was shining.

Then the soldier began forming bulging muscles. Slowly the man becomes taller and muscly and he struggles to be released and the metal bent and suddenly the man calms himself down and his eyes was calm.

Then it was like energy wafted from him and the glass around the audience chamber shattered.

Alex was smiling.


‘Vitals!’ Alex yelled to the medical team.


‘Make him sleep.’ Alex ordered.

Sasha nodded and inject another serum. Slowly the energy was repressed and the man lost consciousness.

Alex get up from his seat, dust his clothes from a few shattered glass and then opening his arms he exclaimed.

‘Ladies and gentleman. The Hyper Soldier Program is a success.’

The general who was sitting beside Alex look at him with awe, get up from his seat and applaud.

The whole crowd was applauding him

‘With greater funding from the government I will unlock the metahuman gene and we can stop the Breachers ourselves without needing the help of external help like Hyperion.’

The applause becomes even louder.

And Alex was smiling.

‘The path to you is closer than you ever think, Hyperion.’ He mused



I’ve made it my hobby to see the city from every possible angle. But to be honest, I like looking it from this angle.

On my helicopter, looking at the towering buildings that we have created.

But does he see what I see? What does Hyperion sees in his eyes? Does he see a city that never gives up? A City that is living up to its potential?

A city that never breaks down?

Does he see the greatest city in the world? Or……..does he merely look down on it?

I am astounded by the sheer massive stupidity of the people in the world that believes in him.

The world tries to humanize him. Giving him a name. Laughable. As pointless as naming a hurricane.

Think about what He can do. It surprises me how they could sleep at night. Think about a hurricane with a will. And multiply the intensity of that hurricane by ten thousand.

That will be some storm. What if one day, he changes his mind? What if tomorrow, he looks down on us and decides we’re not worthy of his protection?

What if tomorrow he wakes up believing he knows what’s best for the world? That’s it’s not enough to protect the world…..when he can rule it?

The only safeguard we have from that ever happening is…his word.

But I say, His word is not enough. Not enough for me. Not enough for the world. Does it make sense to accept it like it was the norm?

I’ve been thinking on what I can do about it. What I can do if ever such day arrives. Today, the first step has been taken.

The people in the Capitol mistake my intention to bring him down. But that was never my intention.

I’m not really obsessed about bringing him down. I’m obsessed about bringing humanity up. All of us…..deserve a chance at greatness.

All it takes is that belief that it exist.

But….his existence not only threatens that belief but also….our existence. There is something inherently dangerous when something mythic becomes real.

When that happens, we lose that part of ourselves that yearns to be great

Because when faced with a myth? We can’t win. So the mythic must be exposed for what it is. So, we can believe in ourselves.

Because it’s the thing inside us, the drive to be mythic……that matters.

Looking down on his helicopter, he could see the greatest city in the world. New York. A new world dawn at the day of the Fall.

A world where men came down from the sky. A day where people from other Earth and planes of existence breach the portals resulted from the singularity.

A world where normal is no longer the same as it was before the fall. And the most dangerous of all the new things that has been happening since the fall is Hyperion.

Closing his eyes he hummed a tune.

‘Gods will die’ he mused. By his hand.


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