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South China Sea. The sea was calm today. Even though there is some sea monster, if they are not provoked they will not come out of their domains to attack.

It was this place that Hirate and the Council of the World Government decide to create the Island of Peace.

The island of Peace will be WG headquarters from now on. Floating on the clouds was Hirate and Wang Jian.

Wang Jian is holding Hirate from falling down. Hirate looking at Wang Jian once again admire this general of Yue Xing army but at the same time eh also felt regretful.

Ah, Yue Xing has no  eyes. Has no eyes. Wang Jian is Yue Xing most capable general. Wang Jian is good at strategies, valiant, noble and brave.

But with great talents like him beside him, Yue Xing could not shine. His court also spout slanderous words against this great general under the Heaven.

Hirate knows that without Wang Jian fighting Feng Jing the Mad Tiger, Yue dynasty will not be so stable as they are now.

Wang Jian himself looks like a very formidable general and with his artifact not many would be able to match him.

Wearing the Cloud Walking Boots he could fly, War God Gold Chain Armour his defense is absurdly high, and Phoenix Feather Cap which gives him almost unbelievable stamina.

This is a set of armour.

From what Hirate has gathered this is Sun Wukong attire when fighting the Heavenly Soldiers and even the Jade Emperor.

The only thing missing is the rod. But Wang Jian does not look like the Sun Wukong in legend instead he looks more like an executioner.

With his large saber he has beheaded how many soldier of Wei dynasty.

‘Come on. Hurry up’ Wang Jian said to him. Hirate smiles and then said.

‘Good thing must not be rushed.’

He then summons his artifact. Ame-no-nuhoko. The Heavenly Jeweled Spear. The spear could be said a weapon specialized in mass slaughter.

But this spear on his hand is a little different in that it has one special abilities. It could raise land mass from the sea.

On this afternoon, in the vastness of the South China Sea, the spear glittered brightly because of the jewel decorated on the spear.

‘I’m starting now.’

Wang Jian just nodded and go higher. Hirate quickly rotate his orb and energy was accumulated in his hand which was then absorbed by the spear.

As it absorbed the energy, the spear jewels grew much brighter.

As time passed it was like the sun has come down to Earth. The brightness covered everything.

Wang Jian even closes his eyes now.

NOW! Hirate suddenly yelled.

Then he pointed his spear to the sea and a flash of tears shot out from his spear and then with a plop fall soundlessly into the sea.

The brightness disappear and the spear turns dull. Hirate quickly stores his spear back.

Wang Jian looks at the calm ocean and frowned.

‘You sure it worked?’

Hirate just smile and nodded.

‘But there isn’t an-‘ just before Wang Jian could finish his question, he could see that something as moving under the ocean and suddenly a large splash of water shot out to him and Wang Jian fly higher ,Hirate on tow.

When the water has calmed down what paper in front of him was a large landmass.

‘Let come down’ Hirate said and Wang Jian brought Hirate down. They landed on the island and as they arrived on the land, vegetation has slowly grows like magic.

Green filled the island and trees grow taller.

‘We will create our headquarters here.’ Hirate said, his voice was full with pride.

‘I will tell the builders to come here. With our Cloud Ship transporting the builders it will not be an inconvenience.’

‘Now what should we do?’ Wang Jian asked.

‘Explore’ Hirate said.

They walked together as they see many trees sprouted out of nowhere and there is even some never before seen animals that was there on the island.

Thankfully, they are not hostile.

Hirate while walking still is thinking about the problem of the world right now. A few weeks ago, there is an organization that is gaining traction in the world.

The League of Freedom created by someone named Narleod.

No one has ever seen his face because he wears a mask. Then there is the formation of the Revolutionary army.

It was first started by Boris who clash opinion with Raymond.

He created his own organization aimed to protect those nations who doesn’t want to be manipulated by the World Government.

And there is a lot of nation has joined him. Jean also joined the Revolutionary army side.

It is regrettable Hirate mussed. But he could not allow Jean remains in the World Government.

Jean whole plan was to use the World Government to help him conquer all of Europe. Jean who stabilizes France wanted to conquer all of Europe like Napoleon.

Jean proposed in the last meeting of the world government that by unifying Europe under one leader, stability could be achieved and order will emerge.

But many of other European leaders in the World Government refuse this. Of course they could not allow that to happen.

Raymond even advice Jean to stop thinking like that and be content with France but Jean was stubborn.

Not to mention if Jean controlled all of Europe, he would be a very powerful man, a very powerful man that could lout any laws and not fearing any repercussion and might even bare his fangs to the World Government.

So, when Boris created the Revolutionary army, Jean was first to joins.

The other nations that view the World Government as an evil organization to control the world also join the Revolutionary army.

‘Hah’ Hirate sighed.

So many problems. Even though Japan has some uneasy peace because of the alliance of the daimyo who restrict and each other, there is always the possibility of war erupting among the daimyos.

‘Something bothering you?’ Wang Jian voice sounded from behind Hirate. Hirate look at Wang Jian and shakes his head.

‘Usual stuff. Let’s go back’ he then said.

‘I’ve seen enough. This place is suitable and surrounded by natural fortification. Wang Jian who does not know anything about what Hirate is thinking about just nodded and bring Hirate on the sky and fly to Kyoto.

Wang Jian when he was flying thinks about his army and soldiers.

He does know why he was sent here to the World Government. When other leader appreciate talented general, Yue Xing feared him.

But Wang Jian is not depressed because one day he believes Yue Xing will see the truth.

Yue Dynasty ministers was jealous of him, thus they slander him, saying that he wanted to usurp the King position.

‘Haih’ he sighed in the air.

Kings commands general. Generals command soldier. Yet why kings always feared capable Generals? Bringing thousand glories, one bad word erase all achievements.

‘Haih’ he sighed again. He would only hope that Yue Xing will see the truth and recall him back.

After all, Yue Xing was the only one that acknowledges his talents. Wang Jian once worked for Feng Jing but only to become a cook in the army and his opinion was disregarded because of Feng Jing brothers.

There is no future for him in Feng Jing camp but he does not have any other choice but to remain there. His talents was not appreciated.

It was then that he found Liu Ying. Liu Ying spoke kindly for him in front of King Yue and king Yue appointed him as the General of the Army.

With his first battle, he carved his name into the Wei army.

Yue army was weaker, and possess little number than Wei army but regardless, under Wang Jian leadership they still win.

But a few weeks ago when the southern border was attacked he was recalled back to the palace and was assigned to the World Government as aide.

Of course Wang Jian could not accept this.

How could he accept this? His brothers in arms were there in the Pass guarding the city and now he must leave them without explanation.

But to prove his loyalty he yielded and went to World Government and serves under the President of the World Government.

‘Haih’ he sighed again.

Hirate was also sighing. Two people in the clouds both contemplating their fates and destiny, while living in this uncertain new world




The smell of the smokes could be smell. The guards stand faithfully guarding the Oracle temple.

Inside the temple there is a large chamber.

This chamber belongs to Erika the Great oracle. She just level up to level 40 a few days ago thanks to the help of the Seven Warlords.

They battled a kraken in the Sea and she was given the opportunity to cast an attack thus giving her the participation EXP and managed to level up.

Many dies that day.

After all even though Erika could see the movement of the kraken ahead of time, not many have the speed to doge its attack.

So now, Erika is trying to peer though the future, to see beyond the veil again. She closes her eyes and activated her Seeing Eyes once again.

And then opening her eyes she is standing among corpses. Millions of corpses. The sky was red as blood.

The land was full of dead bodies like they were grass. Mountains of bones stacked high, rivers of blood flow endlessly.

On the sky five people was fighting against each other.

One has the power to stop time and the Law of Time revolves around him and around him Time fluctuates.

Another one has the ability to control the very earth she is standing.

She look on as the man controlling the earth  managed to create a giant made of soil, 400 feet high as it attack the man who controlled time.

Then a woman uses her abilities and the world turns into a land of winter and snow. This woman control ice like a Snow Deity.

The Snow Deity attacked the one who controlled Earth with a sharp icicle with the size of a mountain.

Speedily it almost reached the man who controlled earth but then a thunder bolt appears and slams against the mountain like icicle and shatter the icicle.

Then on the red sky, Erika could see a man clad in lightning floating overlooking the Snow Deity and then he enter the battle.

There is another one who uses illusion and creates terrifying illusion to restrict the Snow Deity.

It was then that one attack of the man who controlled thunder reached the Snow Deity and with the combined attack of the Man who controlled illusion, the Snow Deity fall into the ground and stop breathing.

The battlefield was silence. Then a mist of darkness covered the land and a man appears. The Man In The Shadows.

With five rings in each finger and aura of death surrounding him, he looks like a death reaper coming to claim all life.

The Man in the Shadow approached the corpse of the Snow Deity and a single tear was coming out of his eyes.

He then yelled to the sky and enters the battle.

Erika then watched as this godlike people waging a celestial war in the sky. Countless of lives was being sacrificed but for what?

Could this be the future of Jean she saw before.

Slowly Erika began to feel her eyes feeling painful again. This mean that her time seeing the future is almost up.

She was about to try to see their face, this six faces that will one day wages a war that could create this kind of calamity.

But then the scene changes suddenly. It was emptiness. Erika did not stand on land or floating in the sky.

It was like she is seeing it from a third person view. She sees an Eye large as a star system. When this Eye opens, Worlds are shattered.

When the mouth opens, universes were swallowed. Then she heard the voice.

‘The Destroyer has Awaken., The Destroyer of World, The Devourer of Universes has awaken. Sing the Song, scream the Warnings, blows the Trumpet. Judgment is coming.’

Then Erika look again at the eye and this time the eye look at her and Erika feel like her life turns into emptiness, like she never exist in the first place.

Then with a scream she was woken up from her vision. The guard outside hearing the Oracle screams quickly enter her chamber and they were shocked to see that the Oracle eyes was streaming bloody tears.

‘Great oracle, are you fine?’ One of the guard ask with concern as he rush toward the Oracle side and help her to stabilize herself

The Oracle then said with a hoarse voice and apparent fear in her tone

‘The Destroyer has Awaken., The Destroyer of World, The Devourer of Universes has awaken. Sing the Song, scream the Warnings, blows the Trumpet. Judgment is coming. Judgment is coming. Judgment is coming!!’



In the Mediterranean Sea one could see a streak of black lightning passing by in the most extreme speed.

If anyone could look closer one could see a man running surrounded by black lightning.

The man is Will.

He is running on water right now. He was first running away from Warp. At least that is how this unfortunate day begins.

Will has discovered a conspiracy that will destroy the World Government and its members if succeed.

Warp is in cahoots with Narleod the mask leader of the League of Freedom. Will also found out that revolutionary Army was actually Narleod idea that he proposed to Boris.

Warp is a teleportation master.

Escaping away from him is not easy unless that man is Will.

If not for his speed he will not be able to escape. But now? Now he is not running from Warp.

Even though Will will feel tired he will not decrease his speed.

He is running from the Red Reaper. That is what he called him. Now he has passed through Europe with his speed.

The people he passed by only see a streak of black and the they will saw a red streak following behind.

Yet even though he could hear the zooming wind inside his ear, and feeling the extreme wind on his face, even though he has exerted almost all of his speed, the Red Reaper is still behind him, smiling with a sharp red scythe in his left hand.

When Will reached level 45 he reached a new level in speed. It was then that he first encounters the red apparition.

As he was training, there were times that he saw a silhouette of a person behind him, chasing him.

Will could never understand it until a few weeks ago when he reaches his fastest speed. He watches as man in red lightning appear behind him with a red scythe tying to attack him.

Will barely avoided the scythe slash but he could feel that his speed was stolen from him.

Since then Will has called this apparition the Red Reaper.

Just then he was running from Warp and running with his full speed when this apparition appears again.

‘Let see how you will capture me’ Will said as he increased his sped and he break the sound barrier and the sea behind him created a large plash.

Then as almost he was guided by his determination, Will began to see his past, present and future.

Run. Run. Run. That is all in his mind. To run faster. Faster than anyone else and then he reached Asia, reaching a forest and a dilapidated ruins of a cave when suddenly a portal was opened and without even having time to stop Will enter the portal and arrived in a street full of people.

He stopped and look around him.

The people on that street look at him with eyes that is full of interest and wariness. They did see a man appeared from a portal.

Each of them distance themselves away from the man

‘Where am I’ Will ask himself.

This place looked like Earth but it is not destroyed like his Earth. There is also buildings and skyscrapers. This is probably a city

He then looked at the large TV on the huge building in front of him. He could hear the commentator in the TV speaking something and then he hears and see something impossible.

In the footage that was shown in the large TV was a man in black attire, flying in the sky, stopping a crashing plane with his bare hands.

Then the footage shows that the black man in the attire drop down the plane safely in the stadium.

Then the footage shift to the studio.

‘So Professor Ulianov. What do you think of Hyperion action of leaving the plane on the stadium?’

The commentator ask his question

‘Well, I think the question you should be asking how did the plane company built their planes? That should be the question you should be asking instead of blaming Hyperion in this matter. After all he did save countless lives. The responsibility of removing the plane from the stadium should be the air flight company responsibility’

The moderator looks at the Professor and then shifts his gaze to a military general.

‘General Parton, what do you think about Hyperion? It has been known that you are very vocal in the opposition against him? You even intend to bring him into the US State Senate to answer a few question in his interference against US interest’

‘It has been one year since Hyperion becomes the first world superhero. And in that one year, he has saved many lives. To even interrogate him for his supposed interference in US interest is absurd. Hyperion has always remain neutral in the matter of politics.’ The Professor said in prideful tone.

The General did not seem amused.

‘Here we have a person that could fly through the sky, shakes the world with one punch and you are not worried? Worried that’s someday, he will come for us?’

‘This is fear talking.’ The Professor said.

‘Is it? Is it? Look how easily he stopped the planes. He is not affiliated with anything. We don’t even know who he really is. And he was not the type to share. And you expect the people of this world to place their faith in such person. We are not even sure if he is human.’

The Professor laughed.

‘How could he share this thing with you General? You did try to capture him once. One could understand his distrust toward you.’

‘The point remains. If one day Hyperion decide to no longer protect us….we will be at is mercy. It is important to develop a weapon that could stop him. No to mention every time he fought any of those villains, the property damage amounted to millions. Is Hyperion a force for good?’ The General asked.

Both of them continue to debate. It seems this Hyperion has been this world superhero for a year.

‘Hello’ one of the person in the crowds come near Will.

‘Who are you?’ The man asked.

‘Can I help you?’ It was a logical question and Will could see there is wariness inside the man eyes.

Well, after all, he did come from a portal. Will was about to answer when he heard a sound on top of his head and he was shocked to find that everyone was looking at the sky.

On the sky with black attire and a symbol of V on the man chest, the man was flying. And Will could see hope in the eyes of the crowd.

The man who was near Will said.

‘Are you new in New York? I always see him before starting my morning. He would always do a fly by during this hour.’

‘Who is he?’ Will ask

Hearing this question the man was startled. No one in this world does not know Hyperion.

The world first superhero.

‘Hyperion. ‘The man answer. Will smiles and then he said thank you.

When the crowd was just about to greet the man who was coming out of that portal, Will run.

And the moment he runs, the only things those people saw was a streak of black lightning.


‘What did I just see!’ One of the people in the crowds said.

‘I can’t believe this!’

‘Is that another superhuman.’ To the people of Earth 2 there is only one superhuman and that is Hyperion.

While Hyperion was flying in the air, on the ground a streak of black lightning slowly gaining speed following him.

This is how Will reach Earth 2.


The end of volume one. Leave some comments. Give me your opinion about the ending. Hope you will support me alter. Will on Earth 2. The world government has some enemies. The Oracle vision. And Azief… the superhero of Earth 2



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