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The room was solemn. Only a few people in there. There was Jesse. There was Nick. And then there was Raymond standing with a face full of grief.

Jesse and Nick were sitting on the sofa. This is their new headquarters and thanks to the builders they have create quite the community here.

After they fled New York fighting the Mutated Pterodactyl, they all teleported themselves here, at one of the states in America, Washington.

Washington suffer less from the zombies incursion and monster population then the others states.

At Texas, Ghost Riders that rides skeleton horse runs around in Texas killing humans….and devouring them to strengthen itself.

But Washington is quite stable and gigantic beast stay at their own area and will not move unless they are disturbed.

‘No one ever needs to know about this’ he said, his tone was cold.

Nick nodded. Jesse nodded. The inner circle of Raymond most trusted and the few people who knew the full story are here in this room.

‘As far as he people outside is concerned, Leonard dies a hero.’ He said, nodding his head as he said it, trying to will it by his sheer will

‘But…. That is not what happened!’ Jesse wanted to yelled but then lower his voice. He is clearly not ok with what is happening.

‘Leonard saved my life before. Without him, there is no me.’

‘He tried to kill you’ Nick said.

‘And failed.’ Raymond answers.

‘There are still many people that respect Leonard. I would not tarnish their memories.’ He said and he remembers the good old days when they create this community, when they break bread together

‘What is the official story going to be?’ Nick asked. Nick is a Major general. Raymond creates his community based on the model of a military.

Considering he has a few veterans under him, the idea was put to the test and it worked.

Raymond has created a functional, working community that could withstand the monster attack in the long term.

By strengthening his own army, he strengthens his domain. Raymond is the General of the Army.

This is only used in time of War where the Commanding Officer must be equal or of higher rank than those commanding armies from other nations.

The last officers to hold this rank served during and immediately following WWII.

And now, Raymond declared himself as General of the Army and had full power by the power vested by himself to be the judge, jury and executioner.

It is a terrible power to have but necessary in this troubling time. If not him, another would rise up and claims the power he has claimed.

Better the power in his hand rather than in some other people hands.

People like Leonard.

‘Major General, say that he dies fighting a beast, trying to save our life.’

‘And you’re ok with this?’ Nick asked.

Raymond nodded.

‘Then fine.’ Jesses shakes his head and without a word exited the room. He did not even salute.( is there other word for this?)

‘The boy looks up to you, Raymond’ Nick said as he saw Jesse leaving.

‘He would like you to expose Leonard for what he is.’

‘What would that achieve?’ Raymond asked.

‘Justice. If only that.’ Nick replies. Raymond smiles bitterly.

‘Justice, huh?’

‘Anyway, I will inform your officers.’

Raymond nodded giving approval and then he was the only one in the room. Leonard will be buried tomorrow.

Thinking about it, he did not know why Leonard would be…like that. He did not even suspect Leonard until the last moment.

‘Consider our debt paid’ Raymond said, only the winds could hear it. It was still morning as he checks the sun outside.

He has a guest in his guest room but for now he would like to check his army first.

The man that is occupying the guest room is very powerful; Raymond could tell from the aura that guest emitted. It is kind of like his aura.

While the plans that the guest has talked about and discuss with him are tempting, to decide it would put him in a more heavy responsibility than before.

And then the case with Leonard. He needs time.

But he knows that guest has begun showing his impatience. At least, today he needs to decide.

He walked around the barracks and nodded in satisfaction. His army is training hard. Mages with mages, snipers with snipers, archers with archers, warriors with warriors.

There are many new Privates.

Trainee who’s is just starting Basic Combat Training with monsters. Their primary role is to carry out orders issued to them to the best of his/her ability and learns from their superior’s tactics and hopefully they will climb the ranks.

By climbing their ranks they could be an important member of Raymond army and could enjoy the benefits.

Raymond needs more powerful people by his side. After inspecting the barracks and the construction of what he called the New Pentagon, he started to prepare for his meeting

He get out from his battle armor,( disrobe, disarmour what’s that word I’m searching for?) a shining armor that has this runic design shaped like a head of a tiger.

Then he walked out to greet his new guest at the guest room. After a few minutes he arrived at the guest room with each person at his left and right side guarding him.

Slowly Raymond push opens the white door and in front of him he could see an Asian man enjoying a few light snacks on the glass table.

‘Greeting, Shogun’ Raymond said as he sit down on the end side of the table. This is a negotiation. He has been preparing for this day for about a week since he was notified.

If not for the thing with Leonard this meeting would not have been delayed.

‘Ah, it’s fine, its fine.’ The man said, waving his hand joyfully. The man is wearing a black robe with a mon of butterfly.

Mon is kind of like a family crest.

‘So, what do you think of my suggestion?’ the man said.

‘You did not beat around the bush’ Raymond said.

‘I heard that westerners prefer direct approach or was I wrong?’ he said still smiling as he crunches a few of the snacks.

‘A world Government’ Raymond said.

‘Why did you choose me?’ Raymond said.

‘I did not choose you. You were the best candidates.  You have led this many people towards safety even though the journey has been treacherous. In Japan we were lucky in that, there are not too many great beast hiding around. Many of them went to hibernation waiting for something. And the zombies are easily conquered when you become level 10.’

Raymond looks at the man. Ashikaga Hirate. Shogun of the Empire of Japan. Japan out of all the first world country suffers the least.

And thus their improvement becomes the fastest and the one who held power is the Shogun while the Emperor of Japan controls the administration.

Hirate called it the Restoration of the Imperial Power. Technically Shogun works under the Emperor but Raymond don’t think it was that simple.

After the fall, this man named Hirate has quickly created himself a sphere of influence in Kyoto and has been going around the world collecting information.

Of course he did not personally go to all these nation but sent his subordinates.

One could say, he does not have great offensive power but his information gathering ability is probably the best in the world right now.

‘How about the other nations? Any prospective candidates?’

‘The formation of a World Government is not my plan actually, Lord Raymond but the plan of one of the daimyo in Japan. In Japan, there is a fearsome general in Kai. The people called him the Tiger of Kai. He was the one who came up with this idea. With the teleportation Stone we could communicate easily with other major powers of the world. The reason why we chose you is because you are important to the Great plan.’

‘And what is the Great Plan?’ Raymond ask

‘To save humanity, of course. These beast… this the last of them? The world need a functioning government that will not restrict them but help them to become more powerful so that Earth could be protected.’

‘Then, am I under the Empire of Japan now? Do you expect me to betray my homeland? If yo-‘

But his words were cut off by Hirate

‘I’m inviting you because we are equal in the world government that I aspired to build. A council of great people all around the world, powerful people capable of commanding people and have great presence like you to join me.’

‘You mean-‘

‘Like the UN. Only this time we have power to really change the world.’

‘Are you really doing this for the world?’ Raymond ask, a little skeptic of Hirate true intention.

‘No, I’m doing it for myself’ Hirate answer honestly.

‘After all, if there is no Earth, where would I live?’ and he chucked a bit

‘Can you give me time?’ Raymond said. Hirate looks at Raymond then said.

‘I could only give you a week.  A week later I will come back. I hope by that time you will have made your decision.’ he said.

Raymond nodded and he got up from his seat.

So did Hirate. They both shake hands and leave each other with well wishes. As Raymond exited the room, Hirate also began to think of the other great personage in the world.

Jean in France. Xue Ying in China. Boris in Russia. Bradheim in Germany. Rollo and Odin in Norway.

In Indonesia a man named Pandikar has begun accumulating man power. Thailand has no rallying person yet.

The EU first he mused.

Then deciding this he brings out something from his sleeve. It was a silver badge full with runic design.

He then talked through it and gives his report. The thing has the same function like a telephone.

Then conveying what he has decided to the people on the other line of that badge, he give his goodbyes and using the Teleportation stone he teleport to another place as Raymond in in his office considering the offer that has been given to him




The sound of the sea could be heard by Akira. Akira was the subordinate of Hirate and he is at Norway now.

Not far away from him he could see, Norwegians dancing around. Some are sitting under a tree.

Then there is the large bonfire and the large amount of meat underneath it being cleaned and being washed.

The mammoth meat that could feed this army for months. Not far away from the mammoth meat was pile of treasures, gold coins and books.

Akira could see the Varangian Knights of Rollo who wears chain mail with runic inscription, a circular shield, and large giant axes.

Rollo on the other hand has wolf fur on his back, a crown on his head, and a shining armour as resplendent as the sun with a wolf head design on the armour.

It was like Rollo is a wolf by itself. He was dignified and manly.

Rollo itself was easy in the eyes, has a manly beard that is tied up, a broadsword behind his back and muscular muscle mass.

He looks like the Vikings of Old. He was also fierce and is very joyful today. Akira has been living amongst these people for a week.

And he discovered that while Rollo is their King and Lord, the one who is the most powerful is the girl that always seems to accompany Rollo to battle.


Her class is unique class. Valkyrie. That is the name of her class. Rollo is Berserker. And even though Rollo powerful attack is very intimidating, the brains of the operation are Freya.

Rollo has these ravens around him, following him, observing him that belongs to Freya.

‘More mead?’ one of the Varangian Knights offers Akira. Akira held out his hand and said.

‘I think that is enough for today’ he replies.

The man face was not pleasant and looking at the scar faced man, Akira doesn’t feel very good.

After all he is lowly character in the Imperial Palace. If not for the instigation of Shogun trusted aid, Munemori he would not be here.

‘It is not polite to refuse drink’ the scar face man said, his face look fierce and beastly.

Akira gulped and then said as pleasant as he possibly could.

‘I have a weak stomach. I would puke. Anyway, when do you think your King would be able to give me a reply?’ He asked trying to change the subject

‘I don’t know’ the Scar face man said before he walk away as he joins his fellow Knights.

‘Tch’ Akira clicked his tongue and then he look back at Freya. The Lady of the War Lord as she is called here.

She is riding her horse supervising the area, with six women behind her. Shield Maidens. Akira realized that each country has their own special class.

For example in Japan there are no Shield maidens but there is Samurai.

Looking at all the other countries he visited he proposed that class is also determined by their geographical location.

The only exception to this rule is unique class.

Looking at the six women they all were beautiful beyond compare. His ex-girlfriend once say to him that Westerners are all beautiful and has bountiful breast.

Smirking to himself, Akira could feel his anger towards Munemori dissipated. That bountiful breast, that’s smooth skin.

He was about to engage in his delusion again when he remembered that this is not Japan and he is at other people domains and the influence he has here wouldn’t save him.

Snap out of it! he rebuked himself.

I guess I would not be getting any Westerners ladies for me. What if I seduce them? People say that Westerners are a bit more open. Hehehe he chuckles by himself alone, near the coast.

He apparently forgets that his responsibility right now is to gain Rollo support and to persuade him to join the World Government.

For now, the idea of World Government is still crude but it has potential to become powerful and as a means of defense against the horde of monster plaguing the world.

The reason why Hirate is able to execute this proposition because compared to everyone else in the world right now, he possessed something the others do not have.

Official authority.

In many countries, even America, their chain of command was annihilated. The US president right now is dead.

And many others also share the same fate. But Hirate on the other hand possess the Emperor of Japan.

It was not some claim or declaration like the warlords in China or the daimyos in Japan but true official authority.

And now after the fall, the Imperial Family who has been acting as nominal figurehead all these years after WW2 has reclaim power once again.

So, that is why he dares ask these great personages from all over the world to convene and decide on the structure of the world government to combat the monster that has terrorize Earth.

But another reason why the World Government need to be formed is also to create order and stability to an already chaotic placement of power .

Japan has daimyos. China has Warring Lords declaring cities and villages as their domains, the Middle East has tribal lords trying to expand their sphere of influence, Paris has political parties trying to create New Paris and in Germany the emergence of a neo Nazi group that is getting traction.


The world is in chaos and in such chaos, heroes and villains rise together. The weak will be trampled, the strong would survive.

Thinking of this Akira sighed.

He was only a salary man before the fall and who would have though he had to survive in this terrifying new world.

But he did not complain openly. After all, at least he survives.

He then looks again at the Shield Maidens especially around their chest. But then he notices that each shield maidens has their own weapons.

One of them bore a shield. One of them bore a hammer. Another holds a wand. The tallest among them wields a spear.

The fairest among them has a horn strapped to her left arm. The roughest among them had an axe, a red axe.

And the one leading them was Freya, bright face and of perfect complexion. Their horses were warhorses

And she has a helmet that is shaped like a wing. She looked commanding and powerful.

Looking at the festivities around him, he sighed.

‘When will I get home?’

Thinking of this another night passes in Norway as he looked to the stars and wondered why the monster comes from the skies.


All around the world, Hirate has sent his subordinate to find powerful factions or people that is interested in creating a World Government.

All around the world great men are invited and given instruction on where the meeting going to be.

There are many suspicions, many intrigues and many concessions made and given.

As this progress, the beast that has fallen at earth has created a balanced existence with humans.

The higher ranked beast falls into hibernation while humans are advancing becoming stronger and stronger.

While the humans on Earth is beginning to accustomed to their new way of life, in the wide galaxy, a warship is quickly heading to Earth, filled with the most barbaric race in the known universes.

At Olympus, The Olympians is involved in their debates about using the World Orb hence relinquishing them from one of the Seven Creation Essence.

In Asgard, Odin is negotiating peace talks with the Frost Giants as he could feel that the Destroyer is slowly awakening.

Then Olympus stops. Asgard stopped. The Time Lords stopped. The Qarthan. The Merchants of Sarens. The Golden Ship Derion stopped.

They stopped when they heard the Siren call. It comes from an unidentifiable source. But everyone knows what the call is for.

It was a warning. A reminder. An omen of destruction. The Destroyer! And then suddenly, their priorities change.

Odin intensified his effort and even the Frost Giants who has long withstanding hatred with the Asgardians is eager to cooperate.

The Olympians went to the Tartarus, their Great Prison and tries to cooperate with the Titans.

The Time Lords argues among themselves on whether to interfere. The Argonians prepare their weapons, on their desert planet.

The Kreoinian that lives on the planet with red sun, convene their council to discuss what is happening.

The ripples in the Universe, the undulation of energy from the darkest part of the universe stirred and the Observer began opening his eyes as the Universe once again will face the Destroyer.

A black hole suddenly opened in the Fvranian star system and devour the whole system in one go.

Zetaliion life were lost that day. Thousands of civilization disappeared overnight. A blip in the large universe as an Eye opens and all life that sees the Eye disappeared into nothingness, leaving only emptiness, and darkness.

‘The Destroyer has Awoken!’ The seers, the oracles, the soothsayers from all corner of Universe cried out alarm.

The Horns of Judgment was sounded out from the silence of the Universe and all that heard the calls realize that death is approaching and began seeking help.

They searched for the Elder of the Universe. Some tried to plead to the Observer. Some would go to the Overseer of Life.

They all sent their envoys, their emissaries, and their ambassador to scour the known universes searching these people who have transcended the Universal Laws and understand the meaning of Destroyer awakening and how to send Him back to His slumber.

While all of this is happening, in one corner of the Universe, an old man who was sitting in an abandoned planet, with barren lands and desert, with no life in sight, with black soil on its ground and no clouds in its skies, it was a planet with no trace of life.

The old man waves his hand and suddenly clouds were formed, rains fall down, life sprouted of the ground as the soil turns brown.

Time accelerate suddenly as the rain created pools, lakes, rivers and then sea of oceans. Another wave of his hand, and the land crackled as the ground beneath the planet hit each other and mountains and hills were formed.

Some become high mountains, some become volcanic mountains full with fiery lavas as the volcanic suddenly exploded and create land.

Another wave of hand and a continent is created, a large landmass that suddenly appeared in the middle of the new oceans.

The water spilled to the brown soil and some were drowned beneath the waters while some become the coast.

And then the man scattered a few microorganism inside the sea. He then sighed. Whether this would prove to be fruitful only time will tell.

As the man has finished his work, he sighed again.

‘The Destroyer has awakened’ he said. Then closing his eyes, he disappeared in a blinding of light.


One might be asking what does the universe got to do with what is happening on Earth? My answer? Everything.

Anyway, this is the formation of the World Government. Some of you will understand a few things when more of the story is revealed, I hope. Anyway leave some comments.


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