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The guards look warily at the duo on the front of the gate. They don’t know what to do other than the wait for the higher ups to decide.

In just a short time, many people inside the stronghold have congregated nearby the gate.

Some young people, teenagers mostly would climb the watchtower and see below them, a man clothed in black and a woman who is dressed like a Spartan warrior goddess, with a beautiful bow sling on her back.

‘Who is that?’ One of them whispered, their fingers pointed to the man under the hood.

Other girls who also climb the tower admired the woman with the bow. Powerful and calm even in such situation.

They remember when the monster first came.

They were in fear and if not for the Captains and the Vice Captains they all would probably end up as the monster meals.

The guards on the watchtower dare not relax and is full of tension. They knew whoever this two people is they are strong.

Not to mention, the man clothed in black is Lord Shadow. They all read the announcement from the system a few days ago.

They could only imagine the terror this man could do to this stronghold.

There is also the fact that a few moments before, the guards on the watchtower could see that Lord Shadow could summon monsters.

There is some beast tamer in the stronghold but mostly they tamed chickens or bats or praying mantis, mostly insect and the likes.

It’s not that they didn’t want to train high level monster but to get a high level monster is hard.

Not to mention the people here in the stronghold is not all brave and dares to fight the beast and the zombies.

Even those who dare to fight zombies sometimes do not dare to fight beast. Then, there are those who could kill beast, but could not kill zombies.

The psyche of human minds is mysterious.

Only those who have strengthened their will to survive and persevere would be able to stand on top.

The crowds who were trying to peek at the visitors crowded near the main gate on the inside but then when the crowd spotted someone they all give way.

‘It’s the Head Captain’ one of the men on the crowds said and the crowds all look at the direction of the man.

The man is large build and he has a thick moustache and he usually seen to be in control but not today. Today he look anxious and excited all at the same time.

Beside him were the Captains.

Captain Hatta and Captain Sita. Captain Hatta who was the Captain of the First Company. Captain Sita who was in charge of the Second Company.

Beside Captain Sita was the Vice Captains. Vice-Captain Rani and Vice-Captain Lakshmi.

The crowds immediately open a path for these highest people in the stronghold in position to move.

Arriving at the main gate, the man guarding the gate quickly saluted.

‘Open the gates’ Head Captain ordered.

There is a trace of nervousness written all over the Head Captain face.

The guards were shocked to see this kind of appearance from a man so high in position. Naim who was waiting for the Captains did not think that even the Head Captains would appear.

He quickly went to Captain Hatta and asks in a low voice.

‘Why did even the Head Captain come down from his office?’ He asked.

Hatta who was never a heavy talker look on the main gate with a solemn expression.

Naim thought his captain would not say anything so he shut his mouth up but then his captain said.

‘We met him once before.’ He said, there is some sort of feelings in his voice.

A hint of respect and Naim knows that is rare. His captain did not even shows respect to the General so…..why would he even shows respect to some unknown stranger?

But hearing that his captain knows Lord Shadow before, Naim concluded there must be a story there, but he didn’t ask further.

The sound of creaking can be heard and Azief who was just finishing his cup of tea, look at the main gate and he grins.

Then the main gate open and when he sees the person leading the crowd, he was shocked.

Sofia too who was sitting beside Azief is shocked.

‘It’s them’ she said. Azief just nodded.

‘Hamad’ he said slowly and then Azief look at how he changed.

His clothes are more sophisticated than before and he wears an armour that is very eye-catching.

Even Hamad boots is very beautiful.

He has grown he mused

But what surprises him the most was the fact that Hamad is still alive.

‘Lord Shadow, we meet again’ Hamad firsts started the conversation.

Hamad still remembers how overbearing this character Lord Shadow is and now the second time they meet it doesn’t seems his overbearingness decreases.

It’s more like he is even more overbearing than before.

But he also recognizes that Lord Shadow would be very powerful. Even then, he was defeated easily by Lord Shadow.

And a few days ago, he also reads that Lord Shadow defeated the Unique rank monster.

The fact that he knows and did not send any company to try to search for the Unique book is testament of how highly he views Lord Shadow.

Even though he knew he could send people to the river, why would he readily offend a man of such character, so unpredictable and overbearing?

After all his job here is not to get some Unique book. It is his job to maintain the stronghold here in Temerloh and then expand to the other city on Pahang.

The General has given him this responsibility, this job to him and appointed him to the Head Captain.

And if he could recruit Lord Shadow in the Great Plan, then wouldn’t the General give him more skill books and pills?

‘Yes’ Lord Shadow said, not putting the head Captain in his eyes. He did not even get up from his seat, but his eyes look at Hamad.

‘You have grown stronger, Hamad.’

‘And you have created waves, Lord Shadow’ Hamad said.

‘It seems you survived the Light.’ Lord Shadow said, looking unimpressed.

‘We did. But not without sacrifices.‘ And saying this Hamad face hardens.

‘Who dies?’ Lord Shadow ask calmly

‘4 people under Hatta’ and Hatta just bitterly smiles and he bowed slightly at Lord Shadow.

‘Hmm’ Lord Shadow replies.

Then for a while there is some awkward silence since Lord Shadow did not say anything after that.

Sofia who was beside Azief began pouring the tea to her cup and the sound of water being poured is the only sound on the area.

The crowds look at the duo acting nonchalantly like nothing is up, even though all the big characters in the stronghold are in front of him.

One of the young kids on the stronghold looks at the imposing image of Lord Shadow and he admired and even wished that he wanted to become like that someday.

In the stronghold, the warriors and the support levelers is vital existence but….in front of Captains and Vice Captains even they must bow their heads.

The captains and the vice-captain are all great people, strong and very powerful, killing beast like cutting leaves, fearless and brave.

But now, in front of these strangers they didn’t dare say anything rude, while these strangers are in leisure, sipping tea in the middle of the forest.

One is sitting leisurely, while the other one was standing in respect.

Even in a kid’s eye, it is obvious who the superior ones are. The things that the kids saw and think, how could the adults not think it too?

‘Lord Shadow, is there anything you would like? Anything I could help you with?’

‘I would like to enter the city but those guards ask me to identify myself. So I teach them a light lesson’

Hearing this Hamad also doesn’t know how to explain it. Of course the guards would ask any strangers to identify themselves.

If not what use are the guards waiting in front of the main gate. Stool?

‘Ehem, Lord Shadow I’m sorry if that offends you but of course the guards will ask you to identify yourself. If you have only identified yourselves, then surely the guards would not prohibit you from entering.’

Hamad explains logically and the Vice Captains and the crowds nodded on the Head captain explanation.

It is logical and concise.

‘I don’t like it’ Lord Shadow said calmly and the crowds is shocked. He doesn’t like it so it is wrong?

What kind of overbearing this is? If he says white is black, does the people have to nod?

Azief is simply bullying right now. But the truth is, he just wanted to show to Sofia and Hamad something.

Sofia looking at this spectacle chuckles.

Even though Hamad is humiliated in front of the crowd, he just endures it and not say anything. Sofia learns something.

Power is all that matters in this new world.

Even though this stronghold has many people and looks formidable when she first arrive here, as time pass by, she didn’t feel that this stronghold is anything special.

She concluded that with her Torrents of Arrows she could decimate the watch tower and riddles the inside of the stronghold with arrows

Then with Azief powerful strength they could wreak havoc and chaos before escaping. So what if their numbers are superior?

They have quantity but Sofia and Azief has quality. In a world of magics, monsters, and levels, do numbers really means that much?

Injury could be heal by drinking potions, strength could be gained by eating rare meats and eating pills, and when evolved, leaping through building is no longer constricted into web novels, or sci fi movies but could be achieved by everyone.

Unless there are thousands of people in there then handling this stronghold is easy matter.

And after she talked to Azief and confirms that there is no high level opponent, she is even more confident.

In the world right now, there is not even a person who reached level 39.

People who has reached level 30 right now has exceed ten but still not approaching 20. Azief also get the rewards after the 10 list of the Hall of Fame was updated.

So, right now, in the world, he has no rivals.

He is truly sitting on the peak of supremacy right now, but he also knows, that since he got this luck he should remain at the top.

If anyone got any fortuitous encounter like him then his seat on the top will not be that high any longer.

And he also realizes that when you evolved, the things that matter most is not how fast you could level up but the quality of the level up.

That is why he keeps repressing his evolution. In level, he has no comparison.

At least when it concern humans. Beast that rivals and surpassed him is many and still roamed the earth.

Those that was Ultimate or high tier ranks monster however is in hibernation and asleep until they are activated.

That is another factor why he wanted to become stronger. Titles and being the strongest is secondary to his primary objective…which is to survive.

Sofia whispered onto Azief ears.

‘That’s enough don’t you think?’ She said still chuckling. Azief looks at Hamad and then he smirks under his hood and then he said coldly.

‘I’m just kidding.’ Even though he said that, no one wanted to laugh because Lord Shadow said it with no laughter or smiles.

It was more like a statement.

Cold. That is how they could describe Lord Shadow.

‘Hamad’ he said as he got up from his chair

‘Would you mind giving me a tour inside your stronghold?’ He ask but it was more like an order.

Not to mention his racial aura is always emitted and fill Hamad and his Captains heart with an overbearing pressure.

Sofia who is almost breaking to Level 30 does not feel the pressure bearing on down her to much these days.

And it helps that she is being tempered by that aura every second of every day considering they are always together.

But for people who are far from reaching level 30 and didn’t have as many pills as Azief and Sofia, bearing the pressure to talk with him is considered good enough.

Hamad and his Captains are on the mid 20s level. Which is why they could converse with Lord Shadow without being too heavily suppress.

If Azief emitted the full power of his racial superiority, the same thing that happens to the guard will happen to Hamad and his Captains

Hamad hearing Lord Shadow request quickly say

‘Of course. Of course. It would be my pleasure’ He said excitedly.

Saying this he quickly escorts the duo inside the stronghold


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