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His black robe billows gently and with it emanates the airs of an overlord. His eyes scanned the entire room, analyzing and taking it all in.

His fingers tapped the handle of his thrones, as each of his fingers is gleaming with the dim gleaming shines of his rings.

Then he smiles but looking more like a smirk.

He was sitting on the thrones made of bones. Beneath his feet were swirls of dark energy that gathered on the soles of his feet.

His throne emits cold aura but was suppressed by the very vitality of life emanating from his body.

His eyes was cold but there was wisdom in that eyes, like his pupil could see through all lies and illusion with a simple gaze or a glance.

His usual flawless expressionless face has a trace of a smile, his muscle well sculpted and with his height and the aura emanating from him he looked imposing.

His black robe were lined with runes symbols, his aura oppressing everyone in the room like he was a mountain on their chest.

His energy was boundless and his life force coming out of him right now seems to be infinite. His injury he sustained from his battle has almost healed completely.

Now, this is the man hailed as the strongest in the world, The Prince.

He coughed and the entire room straightened up. The people gathered here all look towards him each person hold different gaze and different intention.

A new world has opened up for him as he understand more and the biggest gain was that he finally understand which path he had to take and what road he must walk on now.

Outside a flower is blooming.

The butterfly gathers as a purple flower slowly wanted to enter the room. Azief look at the purple butterfly and he notices something as he smiles maliciously.

‘Impudent!’ he snarled as he pointed his finger.

A heaven rippling aura rises up to the sky, threating to run amuck in that split second when he pointed his finger and the purple butterfly exploded into motes of purple light.

On the Eastern region a person coughed up blood and crumble into the floor. It was the Illusionist Master Hikigaya.

He gaze at the north and chuckles. He closes his eyes and said this following words

‘I have done what you ask of me Hirate. I am incapable of infiltrating’ he said only this and opens his eyes.

Somewhere in a white room wearing a purple robe a man clicked his tongue and get up from his seat, looking frustrated

Azief on the other hand gazes on the east and chuckles. Seeing the azure sky he laughed. No one follow his laugh as they all waited in respect.

They felt that heaven shaking aura and saw the purple butterfly and knew that someone has just tries to infiltrate the meeting but they were all silent.

Not because they don’t care.

But because they knew any attempts to infiltrate this meeting is useless. The title of being the strongest is not for show.

With the Prince here in this room, who would even have the capabilities to sneak inside?

Then Azief put both of his hands on the handle of his thrones of bone and just by putting his hand on both of the handle, the dark red throne on the right handle were shrouded by green colored aura that seems to embrace life.

While the left side of the throne handle was shrouded with dark red aura that seems to want nothing other than to destroy and devour all existence.

There is a trace of law in both of Azief hand.

Of life and death, of creation and destruction.

All around him time seems to moves erratically as the closer people come to the throne the more clear they felt about the distortion of time and space.

All of it was just because Azief emanated a little bit of his power. He look around the room and see many familiar faces.

All of them were silent.

Azief has vaguely understand what happens after he got up from his Consciousness and also realizes that he is now a different being that a normal Seed Formation.

He has created not only the Eight Seed but the nine Seed a moment after he uses the aura of his eight seed breakthrough to destroy a few sea monster nearby the Island.

He could feel that if he wanted to he could pressure any Seed Formation levelers with just his gaze and his divine will.

Before he was invincible below Divine Comprehension levelers and could not be defeated easily by any other Seed Formation but now he could fight a Low Realm or maybe even Middle Realm Divine Comprehension levelers and are completely invincible and unbeatable amongst the Seed Formation levelers

He look at the lineup of the meeting. All were tigers and dragons of the generations.

On the left was Wang Jian, Somi, Freya, Athena, Celestial painter Xu Chong, Heaven Flute Lihua and Budiman.

Sitting on a throne on Azief right was Katarina who was clothed in snow white attire that made her look otherworldly.

Azief did not know how to face Katarina. Many knows that he saved Katarina from the avalanche that happens after Will created the singularity.

And many people even knows that he and Katarina were with each other for three days. After that three days people all knew that the Ice Princess admired him.

During those three days….something did happen. And it is because of that he didn’t know how to face her.

So, trying to avoid the burning gaze coming out of Katarina eyes, he look to his right.

On the right was Sina, Sasha, the Three Sister of Shadows from Loki Intelligence agency Trisha, Riana, and Greisha and an empty seat.

Sitting on a throne made of wood was Sofia the Divine Archer, her eyes closed but her face unreadable.

Azief could tell what is bothering her. Katarina. But Azief could not also ask Katarina to go. After all she did help him in his times of need.

So, he focused on other things.

‘Where is Loki?’ Azief ask looking at all of his companion.

One could understand Loki importance to the prince seeing that was the first question he asked after calling on this meeting.

He looked at Sofia and Sofia shakes her head. Then he look at Sina and she shakes her head too. Azief went silent as he contemplates something.

‘What are you playing at Loki?’ Azief thought to himself.

‘Then we will proceed with the meeting.’ Azief declared as he waved his hand and his repressive aura dissipated like the wind.

The other nodded in agreement while Sina frowned. She still look at the entrance of the room, waiting for him.

Azief look at Sina behavior and suddenly Sina face in his eyes looks forlorn and full of longing and then like it was  a lie Sina face revert back to the original expression she was wearing.

Azief understand what it is. Destiny, Fate. After he formed his eighth and ninth seeds respectively sometimes he can see glimpses of people fate and destiny.

‘Signs and omens.’ He sighed.

‘The Karma was sowed. Sina…could you be…Haish Azief thought to himself as he shakes his head imperceptibly.

A bad Karma. But the Karma has been sown. And feeling like this….it is still not too late.’ He thought to himself. But Azief knows it is pointless to evade or trying to change it.

People feelings sometimes guided destiny and touched Fate. Sofia on the other hand glared at Azief.

But Azief ignores her glares. He knows Loki was Sofia friends.

But Loki is also his friends.

And there is something about Loki that Azief is cautious about. He did not say anything about the weird mood in the room neither is he commenting about Loki absence that much.

If it was any other person, they would surely lose their seat in Azief inner circle. But everyone present here knows that Azief would never evict Loki from his inner circle.

For those who have met Azief and serve under him and being with him knows, that he considers Loki as family.

And everyone knows The Prince would do anything for family.

Today the people gathered here, with steel determinations and confidence, they are here to reunite back the most powerful faction in the world.

After Azief battle on Island Of Peace which resulted in the island eventual demise, all the heroes of the world recognize Azief, The Prince of Darkness as the strongest man in the world, the man standing at the peak of power.

And consequently the faction he created which have no formal name was regarded as the strongest faction in the world.

With many talents, they are deserving of having such appellation.

Wang Jian the White Tiger, Genius Alchemist Sina, Divine Archer Sofia, The Immortal Couple, the Seven Fairy, Loki The Trickster, and many others.

But after The Prince disappeared for almost a year, they lost their pillars.

Many people still feared the Prince reputation and did not make things hard for his friends and the people he protect.

But, time changes everything. The fear and respect has decreased and some factions and people began harboring dark thoughts.

Now, The Prince has return and as such his return surely will come again brought storms to the world.

The Immortal Couple did not speak anything and knows their place. They only wanted carefree lives and will follow with what this meeting decided.

Wang Jian is loyal and will follow any orders but one knew from the way he look at the Prince he has something to request most probably about the last surviving members of the Seven Fairy of the Battlefield.

Somi was looking at the outside, seeing the azure sky and thinking of something, her hair flowing freely being blown by the breezy winds of the sea.

Sasha who was clothed in silver translucent armor and empathizes her lithe figures follows Sina decisions and Sina will always follows Sofia.

Athena and Freya, the outsiders who joined after being subjugated by the Prince is determined today to talk to the prince about something.

They were in the most awkward position. If not for Wang Jian they might have been alienated completely among the many people under the Prince.

There was somebody else that also have an awkward position in this setting.

Budiman was looking nervously around the room looking like he doesn’t belong amongst these heroes and heroine.

The Three Sisters of Shadows did not say anything since they appeared looking ferocious wearing their red mask.

Trisha is a tall woman around six feet four. She is slender and she is wearing a red smiling demon mask with horns on each side which emphasizes her ferocity.

Trisha the Red Smiling Demoness.

Then there is a kid around five feet three. She has red hair, touched by fire. She was thin and looked like she could be blown by a simple blow of the wind

Greisha, the little girl of the Three Sister of Shadows. She is thirteen now.

She wears a snarling demon mask with one horn in the middle of the mask.

People called her the Little Snarling Demoness. Then sitting just beside the Little Demoness is Riana.

She wears a laughing demon mask. She has blonde hair and from the slits around her eyes area she seems to possess azure blue eyes.

People called her the Laughing Demoness. Around the world they were not known as the Three Sisters of Shadows.

They were knows as the Three Demoness and was feared by many people as their identity was a secret and they kill without mercy those that dare plotted against them.

In the year Azief left they started making a name for themselves.

‘They were Loki people not his people’ Azief reminded himself. The fact that Loki has his own separate force only ensures Azief that Loki has many different plays in his mind right now.

True to his name, he is full of tricks.

Loki was nowhere to be found and no one knows where he is. He is always mysterious and unreadable.

‘Hmm.’ Azief then look towards the Three Sisters of Shadows. He ask Trisha sparing a glance at her.

‘Where is your Lord?’

The eye beneath the mask looks at him coldly and answer.


The other look at her and hostility fills their eyes. Sofia also looks towards Trisha and snorted and with that simple snorting a powerful aura blasted towards her.

Trisha was thrown back from her seat, as she was coughing blood her internal organs shakes with great ferocity threatening her energy to go astray.

Riana and Greisha got up from their seat and Azief eyes turns cold as this show they truly do not regard him as their leader.

Azief in the years after the Fall he has always been domineering… but always within the scope of reason.

This blatant act of disregard, across the four corners of this world, who dares shows him such disrespect?

So, he will strike. And he will strike to hurt.

This is his path of following his heart.

It didn’t matter how many people he has to kill, or how wrong it is his behaviors in other people eyes, as long as his heart is not conflicted he could do it.

‘You really are rude in front of me’ and he glances coldly over them as a powerful dark and malevolent pressure envelopes over them

BOOM! Their kneel hit the stony ground

They did not scream as they grit their teeth enduring the pain, looking defiantly towards the prince. Azief eyes grows colder.

It forces them to kneel on the floor as one by one their bones were impacted and broke under pressure.

Even though they were Energy Disperse Stage High realm and were revered and feared outside they forget they are in the company of the faction of the prince. Here, Energy Disperse Stage is only the beginning and not the end.

Even Wang Jian is already at Seed Formation.

They were powerless in front of the gaze of a Seed Formation High realm like Azief.

It was like the eyes of a being standing high above them looking at them and with his will, sentence them to die.

That was the intent of that glance.

To teach them a lesson. But if that intent changed, they would die without a body as they would be crushed under the pressure and turns into a mush of blood.

His Orb was Golden Orb, His physique was the Undying Body and his Seed is reaching perfection.

He is a being of supreme perfection either in terms of spirit, body or soul.

Death and Darkness envelopes the three of them and like being trapped under the Eighteen Levels of Hell the three of them experience tortuous imaginations and illusions.

‘Isn’t that quite enough, my lord?’ A voice suddenly pierced through the darkness that envelopes the Three Sisters of Shadows.

Azief tries to hide it but his eyes narrowed as he knows that voice and his aura weakened as he has forced out Loki out from his hiding place.

Looking at the green smoke, everyone inside the room knows who have come. The voice reached the sister and motes of green light pierces the darkness.

With the green smokes lighting the way, the Eighteen Level of Hell illusion was broken and the azure sky could be seen again.

‘Is this a meeting or does my lord wanted to turn it into a bloody banquet?’ The voice said teasingly before the voice laugh.

Azief always hated that laugh. It grates the ears and uncomfortable to listen too.

The Trickster have also come. All the great figures of the Prince faction has arrived.

The green smokes intertwine with the dark red aura and for a second it was like their wills clashed as Loki thought to himself.

‘The aura of Sovereign is slowly building up. Since he has overcome many thing his destiny is strong.’

‘I hope nothing new will develops in this meeting’ Loki thought to himself while Azief on the other hand was thinking other things.

Azief actually got an information from Katarina that Loki have been searching the Inventor. And this puzzles Azief.

‘What are you planning Loki?’

Azief once again ask himself trying to divine the answer as their eyes met each other amidst the smokes and the chaotic aura after their wills clashed.

Loki did not yet form his mortal form and Azief only glances but that was enough to know their Will this time is different so their objective swill be different and so will be their motives.

And both of them felt bitter about this….knowing that they might not be on the same side after this battle ended.

But this is a chaotic era…and everyone will forge their own paths. And that path will distance other and brought other closer.

As the grene smokes almost filed the room, it is clear the meeting will begin.



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