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Fireworks were lighted up and the atmosphere was filled with colorful lights. It was a celebration of triumph.

There is hundreds of fireworks lightning up the sky of Interium each one of them is unique and beautiful.

Some were shaped like flowers, others were shaped like divine beast after it exploded into the sky.

‘And the winner is Fir Her Waz from the destroyed planet Yrinia.’ Fir Her Waz green body is riddled with purple blood.

But his mouth produces a smile. Sweats filled his body and forehead. And blood. Blood keep dripping from his wound but he does not seem to care.

People chanting his name in the audience seat

After the reconstruction of his body, his body produces purple blood now.

His hair is now long and his face has green beard. His muscle is even ripped than before and his height has grown.

The announcer announced to the crowds of Fir Her Waz victory against the champion of Interium.

The announcer was an eight tentacle organisms from Sornia. His head is squishy like an octopus and their skins are shiny.

The crowds cheers like crazy. Music was played as those who bet for Fir Her Waz dance away.

‘I’m rich’ one of the people scream in joy. Some of them call the waiter to serve them drinks as it was almost as a riot.

‘The drinking game is over’ yelled another in disappointment. Those who lost is complaining.

They lost big this time.

Who would have thought Fir Her Waz is this strong.

Those that win in the Interium War Ring is considered to be a powerful force in the Universe and won the protection of Lord Wargod.

Some that wins the bet shouted in celebration

‘Drinks on me! Let us get drunk and laid with Asvarian women. Those succubi race will suck us dry until we die and ended in the Pleasure Paradise!’

The announcer was not affected by the joyous atmosphere.

He was just in awe with the personal prowess of Fir Her Waz. Grindfort the undefeatable warrior has finally lost.

For almost three centuries, the champion of Interium has always been Grindfort and no one in the entire Universe has ever defeated him in the War Ring

Shaking his feeling, the announcer then announce

‘The Great Warrior from Yrinia, Fir Her Waz has defeated the undefeatable Jotnar Grindfort from Jotunheim. Grindfort has been the reigning champion in Interium for 51 matches and today he fall under the blade of the Last Son of Yrinia. Interium honor the strong and we granted Grindfort everlasting fame amongst the stars and may his soul enter Valhalla as he wished’

Some of those who were great friends of Grindfort nodded in agreement.

Many of them know the lifelong wishes of Grindfort to die in honor inside the War Ring and fulfill his promise to Lord Wargod.

Grindfort has long suffered the mistreatment of the Jotuns. He was a Jotnar yet he wanted to live in Asgard and that gained him enemies in Jotunheim.

Asgard and the Eight Realms have always been at odds, but Grindfort father and mother was from Asgard.

He was kidnapped during his adolescent when the Great War of the Gods happens five thousand years ago.

Laufey the advisor of the Jotun King wipes away his memories when Laufey recognizes the innate constitution of Grindfort.

Grindfort then served the royal family of the Jotuns for thousands of years before his memory returned by the pranks of Loki.

Since then, he always wanted to return back to Asgard. But he also did not want to betray the Jotuns since he lived among them for centuries.

When the Allfather in an act of extreme kindness opens the door of Asgard and granted his wishes for Grindfort help in the Great War of the Three Realms, the King of the Jotuns Bergelmir cursed him to live without a home.

Grindfort since then could not approach the Eight Realms.

He then seeks Interium, the star which embodies war and battle.

A thousand years of searching, Interium visited the Eight Realms and accidentally met Grindfort who was roaming around the stars of the Eight Realms.

He made a deal with the ruler of the Interium, Lord Wargod, a being of immense power that rule over the warlike star.

Lord Wargod promises him that if he dies on the War Ring with honor he will be granted passage to Valhalla to fight alongside Odin Allfather.

Lord Wargod who sits on the highest seat on the audience seat smiles mysteriously as he was also reminded of his promise so many centuries ago.

His seat was a Red Throne constructed of myriads of weapons and the throne itself emitted the aura of madness and bloodlust.

Skulls and bones decorate the handles of the thrones.

Wargod rises up and he spoke.

His word reaches all the ears of people on Interium, calming their hearts and silencing their words.

Then his booming voice filled the star

‘I promise Grindfort that if he dies with honor, he will be granted Valhalla. I am Wargod, and I never broke a promise. Grindfort dies with honor so I will fulfill my promise.’

Wargod then look into the sky and then his voice booms as he spoke the ancient words of the Eterna race.

Blue aura surges up to the sky from his body and the star shakes with such ferocity that it almost seems like the star is exploding.

Booming sound could be heard in the artificial sky as the internal weather system of the star is in a state of disarray.

Magic filled the entirety of the star. The magic skyscraper sized missile was activated by the people inside the Defense Maintenance of the star if somehow Lord Wargod lost control.

The blue aura then envelops Grindfort destroyed body.

Grindfort has hideous appearance but possesses humanoid shape.

He has protruding claws on his hands and has hideous size and appearance with nose like snot.

Grindfort used to be beautiful, and was as beautiful as Skadi who was described to be the bright bride of the Gods.

Because of Bergelmir curse he turns into this hideous creature.

When Wargod finishes speaking his ancient word, a light shine down reaching from the Eight Realms to Interium.

‘Lord Odin Allfather, with the name Reorgan of the ancient Eterna, I invoked the Laws of the First Race.’

And blue aura surged up from the star like it was a blue planet and spread to the stars around it causing them to dim.

‘This Jotnar has died with honor and fulfill his oath to me. I have made him a promise that he will be rewarded with Valhalla, witnessed by the will of the Universe. By the name of the source that governs promises, Reorgan the Eterna that once ruled the entire Universe; I will force you to honor my promises. This Jotnar has pay his price and so LET MY WILL BE DONE’

And the bright shining light shine over the dead body of Grindfort and slowly his hideous appearance turns into something beautiful.

Then a voice pierces the void

‘Wargod! This is my curse to him! You da-‘ And then his voice was suddenly cut off from the void.

In Jotunheim, the current King of Jotuns Bergelmir was struck by a blue force that comes from the void of the Universe rendering him unconscious as his body slowly ages, a second equals to a thousand year.

Jotunheim was quickly thrown into chaos, as Farbati and Laufey the trusted advisor of the King sealed the Palace and sent Bergelmir to bathe in Ymir Tears.

In Interium, Lord Wargod smiles and waving his hand, Grindfort bodies vanishes leaving a wisp of the soul which was then sucked into the light and reach its destination…Valhalla.

The blue aura surged down and dissipated and Wargod sit back on his seat and then he look towards Fir Her Waz.

The audience was all in shock and awe and was already silenced.

Many of the people here that live in Interium or come here for the show knows that Wargod is a very powerful character in the universe but no one ever saw him performing many world shaking feats.

So, that today Wargod shows his power it is truly shocking.

To force the High King of the Eight Realms to accept a soul and to force the King of the Jotuns to break his own curse, this two feats is almost impossible to replicated by the many heroes in the universe.

Finally they were convinced of the rumors of Wargod positions in the Universe. This is why many powerful characters in the Universe didn’t like offending Wargod and steer clear of his business.

For five thousand years, there is not a single one that attack Interium and not perished. That alone should have been a testament to Wargod power.

Wargod finishing fulfilling his promise look towards Fir Her Waz. Then he ask.

‘Fir Her Waz, speak of your wishes for you have defeated Grindfort the reigning champion. One does not challenge the champion unless desiring fame…or a wish. But be careful what you wish for. For it always comes with a price. And before you ask me your wish, I could not bring your doomed planet back to existence. It takes a different kind of magic to wish away the Destroyer magic.’

Finish saying this Wargod then waited for Fir Her Waz answer.

The crowd nodded. Most of the people here have also heard the news of the Destroyer awakening.

A cosmic force that is akin to an unstoppable disaster.

In every planets that matters, the story of the Destroyer was thought to be a myth of creation.

But that was only because the Destroyer has slumbered for too long.

Who would have thought that abominable cosmic force will awaken in their generation bringing misery and desolation all across the Universe?

It has been known that the Destroyer when He destroys, nothing is left, nothing could be salvaged.

He is the embodiment of all Deaths, of all destruction and all of that which embodies concepts that forbids life.

Fir Her Waz kneel even as blood drips from his face and mangled arms

‘I wish only for one thing, Your Excellency’

‘Speak. And if I can grant it, then I will. My word is my bond. In the name of Reorgan’

Fir Her Waz looks at the far away Wargod sitting on his throne and clearing his throats he then said

‘I wish to gain possession of the Book of Mysteries.’

Hearing this Wargod eyes opens up a bit and a smile hangs on his mouth.

‘HAHAHAHA! How did you know I possess that Book? Unless…..the Fates’ he concluded as his eyes grows dark.

Then he laughed coldly

‘No wonder. No wonder. They must be aiding you, Last Son of Yrinia. Fine! I Wargod is known through all the great realms of the universe to be a man of his words.’

Waving his hand a book magically appeared in front of Fir Her Waz, floating in front of him. He was about to take the book when Wargod says

‘The rules of Interium requires me to ask whether you will remains champion by refusing your own wish or will you renounce that title and with it my protection all over the universe’

‘Lord Wargod, you must have known what my answer will be’ Fir Her Waz bitterly smiles and Wargod nodded his head.

‘Still, it is required for me to ask. You could have a new life among the stars. Your planet has been detoured and it is a sad fact but you can continue to live. If you wish so, I could even sever the threads of destiny binding you to the Fates. You could find a woman to love. Raise another family. And live in peace.’

‘There is no other woman that could compare to my wife. There is no other family I wish. And Peace? Lord Wargod preaching about peace? I am a warrior. All I know is how to fight. I’m stupid that way. I might fail in my endeavor but I want to try. Either I perish or I succeed. There is no other way. I don’t want to avoid it. And I don’t want to hide. The Destroyer destroys my planet. Many people that I met tell me I shouldn’t hate the destroyer. Because he is a pure force. He is just an unavoidable natural disaster. And all we can do is waits for him to pass. I’m not doing this because the Destroyer destroys my home planet. I’m doing this because it is too unfair.’

Wargod hearing Fir Her Waz determination sighed in regret.

‘Then, take the book. And I hope you succeed in your endeavor. I hope you do not live to regret this decision’

‘Thank you Lord Wargod.’ Fir Her Waz said gratefully.

‘ You deserve it’ Lord Wargod then once again spoke addressing the audience his voice boomed all  across the star.

‘Fir Her Waz rejects his title and as such he is banished from Interium from this moment on till eternity. This is my decree.’

Saying this Wargod waved his hand as blue aura envelope Fir Her Waz and Fir Her Waz found himself in space inside his Battlestar.

His Battlestar that was towed when he came to Interium is now looking as new and sparkly like the way he left it.

Fir Her Waz look at the corridor and from the viewing corridor he could see that Interium, the star slowly disappears, riding to other side of the Universe searching for warriors.

To join Lord Wargod in his Eternal Battle.

Smiling, he once again said as he bowed to the direction of the fading star.

‘Thank you Lord Wargod. I will never forget this’ Then cleaning himself up he take a seat on his room.

His Battlestar is heading towards Ernian planet where he can fuel up his Battlestar and add some weaponry to his old Battlestar.

He then opens the book. The legendary Book of Mysteries that used to belongs to one of the Elders of the Universe.

When he opens it, black aura rises up from the book. Fir Her Waz was already prepared and produced a vial.

Inside it was a blue liquid. It requires a lot of wealth to buy this one drop of blue liquid. It is a drop of Eternian blood

Fir Her Waz opens the cork and drop the drop of blood into the book and the dark aura dissipated like a wisp of smoke.

Then he began examining the content of the book.

There were many chapters in it. One in particular strikes Fir Her Waz fancy.

The Dark Price.

In it were numerous enchantments, spells, runes that produce great and powerful magic that could even subvert many light magic.

Dark magic of the darkest kind is recorded in it.

But it requires the learner to make deals with an otherworldly force. To make an oath with ancient Eterna.

The source of deceit, Vorgan. Vorgan was an Eternian. Wiped in the Destroyer wrath like the rest of their damnable kind.

But such beings like Eternian always left something behind. Their understanding of the Universe turns them into a source of magic that could not be destroyed and as such be tapped as a source of power.

Like those of Asargan, the Eterna of Speed who in his death turns into the Speed Source powering all speedster in existence.

That was their punishment and their curse. Even in death, He Who Ruled All, Supreme Being, One Above All, The First Being, does not let the Eternian rest in peace for the crime they committed all across the galaxies.

But while the Dark Price strikes his fancy, that was not the reason he ask for the book. He flipped the pages until finally he found what he wanted.

Smiling, he watched the description of the thing he wanted the most and he laughed.

‘It will not be long now’ he said as he sip a few Devarian mix drinks. His will is strengthened and he is ready.

To set his sight to Earth.


A short chapter since next chapter will delve back to Earth. Loki and Lord Shadow arc will resume. Anyway, this chapter mention some things that the readers of this story might recognize.

The Book of Mysteries was mentioned by Loki. The Dark Price is mentioned in Loki monologue in the future timeline.

Lord Wargod may play an important role in the future. And like Loki predicted, Fir Her Waz is at Interium.

Hope you like this chapter and leave some comments.



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  1. Thanks for chapter… You’re building up the plot slowly and keep reminding us the back-story to keep us in the loop.. Just wish the whole thing comes to fruition when all of the bits and pieces come together to a big blow out. Of course Lord Shadow will reign supreme and I can’t wait to see how.. Amazing as always. Thanks for the chapter.

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