ANNOUNCEMENT: Lord Shadow, Age of Adventure, Song of Heroes

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Hello. Keikokumars here. As some of the people here knows, those that read my stories know I just finished writing Lord Shadow third arc. And Lord Shadow is on hiatus now like always when I finished an Arc. So for a month or more, there will be no LS. But rejoice!

Or weep!(for those that only read LS)

Because I will start posting Song of Heroes ( which I considered my baby because I care about this story more than any of my other stories even though it has only a few chapters compared to my other stories.)

And a new improved version of Age of Adventure. It will not be an exaggeration to say it is the revised version with a few allusion to LS. Those who knew about Age of Adventure knows that the world where our mc lives is the Earth two in Lord Shadow.

And also the origin of the Sky People in Age of Heroes which is the ancestor of the Caelum race. Hope you all like this new change of schedule and could also support me by reading it and hoping that you love it.

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