TLDP Ch. 91: The Disciple Guards

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Phantasm Rain Pavilion?!

I’ve been wanting to go there forever!

But is Ma Xiujun really from Phantasm Rain Pavilion? I have no idea what kind of place it is, and what kind of people are in it, I can’t just believe what he said.

But I’ve spent so much time trying to go there… And, if I was a member of the Phantasm Rain Pavilion, I could go propose marriage to the Xu family. I actually lied before and told them I belonged to Phantasm Rain Pavilion, so if I really was one of their members, I wouldn’t be lying anymore.

I felt feel so conflicted!

If Ma Xiujun wasn’t lying, I’d be missing an this incredible opportunity, and I’d never be able to have the chance to go to Phantasm Rain Pavilion again.

I asked, “Can I think about it?”

“Fine, I’ll give you one night. Meet me here at 5 am tomorrow. You can tell me then.”

I nodded. “Alright. I have a question though, what exactly is the Phantasm Rain Pavilion?”

Ma Xiujun answered. “Phantasm Rain Pavilion is an ancient and mysterious organization. When some of the many supernaturally powerful people in the world start to misbehave, we will take action. Of course, we do other missions too, which you’ll learn about when you join us.”

I nodded again. “Fine, I’ll think about it.”

Ma Xiujun disappeared in a flash.

I stood in place for at least 10 minutes, when He Xue walked over to ask, “Where is Ma Xiujun?”

“He left.”

“What did he tell you””

I shook my head and asked. “How accurate is the file?”

“Not sure yet. It looks legitimate, but I’ll have to verify it.”

I need to know if it’s true ASAP. “How fast could you check it out?”

“A couple of hours. Why are you so interested in this all of a sudden?” He Xue questioned me.

I didn’t answer her directly. “Officer He, could you do me a favor and check them out as soon as you can? I need to know how real they are in a few hours.”

He Xue didn’t press me further. She returned to her room to investigate, while I went to the hospital to check on Jiannan.
A few hours later…

He Xue called to say the file information is mostly true, as in, the person killed by Ma Xiujun is an evil man.

But He Xue still wants to catch Ma Xiujun.

Would I tell her where Ma Xiujun is? Of course not.

Even though I know Ma Xiujun will be at the hotel at 5 AM tomorrow, I did not tell her. She does not have the power to capture him, and I want to join the Phantasm Rain Pavilion.

The file is true, meaning the Phantasm Rain Pavilion is an honorable organization. If I joined them, I’d have no trouble asking for permission to propose to Xiaoling. I was feeling excited about the prospect.

Ma Xiujun said he was about to leave Qiling City, he would was probably take bringing me back to his homebase. We’re leaving at 5AM. Once I leaveleft, it’ll be a few days before I could return, but my parents still have some trouble to resolve. I said to He Xue, “Officer He? Could you do me another favor?

I told her about the gang retaliation and asked her to crush the gang headed by Scarface Li.

He Xue is not stupid, she realized that I was planning to leave town. She guessed the gist and asked. “You want to work with Ma Xiujun?”

I didn’t want to hide the truth from her. I said, “Ma Xiujun may not be a bad guy. Of course, he’s not a cop, and he has no right to kill. But if he didn’t kill bad people, more innocent lives would be lost. He killed one person but saved a lot more! And these are the kind of cases the police can’t solve. It’s just as well he did something. I also want to know more about his organization.”

He Xue considered for a moment. “I can help you, but in exchange, you need to tell me everything you find out, or I’ll put out a warrant for you!”

“Fine, I’lld do my best.”

He Xue agreed to help me in exchange for the information I find at Phantasm Rain Pavilion.

I got 80 thousand yuan from the bank overnight. Seventy thousand is for the construction team, and the other 10 thousand is for Jiannan’s activities and medical bills. I gave him all 80 thousand and told him he was in charge of Big Sis’ house, and to do a good job.

When Jiannan heard I was going to pay his medical bills, he was so happy he could barely stop smiling. I added, “Don’t just fix shoes and make keys, spend time on your Daoist skills too. Didn’t I show you how to meditate and draw a talisman? Try to exercise more too. If Cheng Dong refers any clients, you can deal with the ordinary ones, but leave any fierce ghosts alone, okay?”

“Brother, where are you going?”

I looked out the window while saying softly. “I don’t know, probably a place that’s far, far away.”

He shook my arm really hard. “Oh no, don’t kill yourself! What am I gonna do if you die?!”

Why the hell did he think I was going to commit suicide? What a crazy chap. I explained, “Jiannan, I told you before we’re a secret organization. I’m just going to the headquarters for a while. I’ll try to be back ASAP. But don’t tell anyone though, okay?”

After a sleepless night, I got to the hotel the next morning at 5 am. I saw Ma Xiujun waiting by the staircase, so I didn’t waste any time. “I want to join Phantasm Rain Pavilion!”

“Wise choice. Let’s go then.” A small glass ball appeared in Ma’s hand. The ball cast a light on the ground, in the shape of a… maze? The image flickered.

Ma said, “Step into the transport map.”

I hesitated a bit before doing so. This seems odd but if Ma wanted to hurt me, he could have done so a lot earlier. He called this a transport map. Could it really send people to other places? I thought I’d need to take a plane or a train.

When I stepped on the image, I felt my vision blur. When I could see again, I was standing on top of a giant rock on a mountain. The rock was etched with the same design.

I have no idea where I am, but I was sure this wasn’t in the North. During Northern Winters, the sun is not visible at 5 am, but the sun’s shining here and it’s hot. I felt hot even in my cotton shirt. There were two good looking young men standing underneath the giant rock, who looked at us with wariness. “Who are you?”

“I…” I didn’t know how to answer, and started to stutter.

The other young guy shouted, “Get him!” When he made a motion with his hand, a long sword showed up from behind his back and flew at my throat!

I was shocked, what is this? An action movie? I had no time to think before I made a flame with my right hand and grabbed the sword. The sword had a lot of power, though, its force actually pushed me back three steps. The sword was only one centimeter away from my neck. If I wasn’t in good shape from working out all the time, I could have been killed!

When the guy saw his sword was caught, he made another weird hand gesture and shouted, “Three Meteor Style — Spinning sword!”

As soon as he stopped talking, the sword I caught in my hand spun really fast. I didn’t know how to fight the sudden attack; just before the shiny blade was about to pierce my throat, someone grabbed the sword handle. It was Ma Xiujun. I swallowed uneasily; I had never been so close to death in my life. My heart kept pounding as cold sweat poured down my back.

When the two guys saw Ma, they knelt down kneeled on one knee and chanted with respect. “Honor to the leader.”

“You can get up.” Ma tossed the sword back, which landed neatly back in its sheath. ”He’s someone I brought back to meet everyone. Keep standing guard!”

“Yes!” The two answered with deference.

“Come with me.” Ma said to me before walking down the mountain. I looked back at the two men and tried to remember their faces before catching up. I could tell two things from that little episode. One. Ma was of a high rank here, he actually got them to kneel to him. Two, those two men are pretty powerful, but could only work as guards here. Though they’re not the strongest, they could still kill me easily. I’m guessing everyone here must be a lot more powerful than I thought!

Ma seemed to walk slow, but he moved super fast, I had to jog to keep up with him.

He said as he walked. “The 36 mountains around here are all part of the power sphere for Phantasm Rain Pavilion. There’s an illusion maze on the border so outsiders can’t get in, and there’s always someone standing guard. If anyone sneaks snuck in, they’re instantly captured. So don’t take that fight personally.”

“Ahh. So what is your job at Phantasm Rain Pavilion?” I asked.

Ma turned to look at me and smiled. “Don’t worry about that for now. As long as you behave, no one will make trouble for you here!”

I asked, “If you don’t want to say who you are, can I call you Brother Ma?”

Ma, who was walking in front of me, suddenly fell forward.

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