LDP – Ch 84

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TLDP C084: The Annoying Lady Cop

Since there are no problems with the contract, I took out the 80 thousand yuan I packed in my black backpack and put the money on the table. “Count it, we can sign the contract now if everything is cool.”

The eyes on Big Sis’ parents’ faces were as big as saucers. They may have doubted me before but they believed me now.

The man counted the money, seeing that there were no problems, we signed the contract. Before he left, he said the construction would start tomorrow and that a truck would come first to dismantle everything.

After the man left, I told Big Sis’ parents, “Aunt and Uncle, this place will be demolished tomorrow. Let’s go stay at a hotel for a while. I’ll pay for it.”

Aunt replied, “Kid, don’t go through all that expense on our account. We can stay with relatives nearby.”

I looked to Big Sis for advice. She spoke in a dark tone. “They’ll be fine at the relatives.”

If she wants it this way, so be it.

Then I introduced He Xue to Aunt and Uncle. “This is Officer He. If I was a scammer, she would be the first to arrest me.”

Aunt and Uncle thanked me even more and insisted that we stay for dinner, but I said no. I led Big Sis outside the house and told her, “Listen, I know you want to be with Miao Miao. What if you solidified your Yin qi to form your body and take her out to play today? Buy her some fun snacks and clothes, make up for all the times you weren’t there. Here’s two grand for you.”

“Thank you…” Big Sis sounded less cold, and her eyes were filled with emotion.


Big Sis showed herself as a distant aunt to Miao Miao, and since the kid had seen her mom’s photo, she was really friendly to Big Sis, so Big Sis was able to take her out to play.

Big Sis made her Yin qi solid so regular people could see her too. You may want to ask, are a lot of the people we see everyday also solid forms of ghosts?


Our country has only about one million residential ghosts usually. Resident ghosts are ghosts that have yet to leave for the Netherworld and have not reincarnated. There’s not always a ghost with such strong powers like Big Sis though, such as the Hair Comb female ghost from before; even the elderly Pen Oracle Lady was not match for Big Sis.

Ghosts with stronger powers than Big Sis probably number no more than 10 thousand total, and our country has 1.4 billion people, so your chance of meeting a ghost like that is pretty slim.

On the way back from Big Sis’ home, He Xue started interrogating me again. “How do you know that family? I also need to see your identification card.”

I hated these kind of questions, so I ignored her and kept walking.

“Stop!” She reached out her hand to grab my shoulder.

She actually stopped me. I answered with resignation, “Aren’t you bored? I’m neither your slave nor your prisoner. Even if cops wanted to arrest someone, they need evidence right? If I wanted to see my girlfriend, you’re gonna follow me too?”

“Yes, I will!” She answered without hesitation.

“Fuck it, what’s wrong with you?” With a headache I rubbed my temple. I was going to go see my parents and spend time with Xiaoling, but if this crazy woman was going to stalk me, then forget it. I’ll go to the hotel instead.

“Why can’t we go to the bakery?”

“Nope, it has nothing to do with me. For your reference, next time we take a cab, we split the fare or don’t come with me at all.” I wanted to make her mad so she’d leave, then maybe I can go home. Xiaoling was terrified last night. I should spend some time consoling her.

He Xue stayed silent, when we got off the cab, she volunteered to pay. The two of us got into the elevator and went upstairs. In front of my room, she waited for me to open the door.

I stopped myself from opening the door. I asked, “Why don’t you go investigate at the bakery? Why are you always following me? I’ll call the cops if you keep doing this…”

“I’m a cop.”



I played Plants vs. Zombies on my phone while standing in front of the window. He Xue sat on the chair and stayed silent.

I felt hungry by 3 PM. I actually didn’t eat anything today, so I grabbed my black backpack to go downstairs.

“Where are you going?”

“Need to eat.”

“What’s in your backpack?”

She stared at my backpack.

I didn’t feel like wasting my breath. “Money, clothes, spells.”

“I need to see it.” He Xue said in an authoritative tone.

“You could see it, but you must leave my room afterwards!”

She nodded.

I put down my backpack, unzipped it, and told her, “Go ahead.”

She looked through everything in the bag carefully, including my underwear, which was super embarrassing for me. She pointed to the chicken blood and cinnabar. ”What are these?”

I answered honestly. “Chicken blood and cinnabar, I need them for making spells. I told you yesterday that I’m a Taoist priest, and it was normal to carry things like this. They are neither toxic nor narcotics, so they’re okay right?

“Yes, they’re okay. But your supernatural ability could still have something to do with Ma Xiujun.“ She walked out of my room.

I let out a breath as I was holding the door and closed it behind her.

It seems she was looking to arrest someone called Ma Xiujun, and this guy had some power too, but it’s none of my business.

I noticed it was almost 4 PM so I left the hotel and had some noodles at a nearby shop, I then caught a cab to the bakery. I needed to take care of the supernatural matters, without or without pay.

Since I was at a county-level town, many things were not up to standard, including this bakery.

The bakery was dilapidated and not in business.

I asked the owner of the hardware store across the street, but they told me the bakery’s owner went home for the holidays. The bakery has been closed for at least 10 days and has not been in business.

What is going on? Is the hotel manager lying to me? But He Xue was there too, he wouldn’t dare to lie to a cop, would he?

I called the hotel and asked to speak to the manager. After the manager picked up, I asked, “Hey, you’re sure the breakfast pastry you ordered was from XX Bakery on XX Road?”

“Yes, why?”

“The bakery wasn’t open during the last 10 days, how could they make pastries for the hotel?”

“That’s not possible! I ordered the cake from them!” The manager sounded shocked, he didn’t seem to be acting.

At this point, a cab pulled over in front of the bakery, and out walked He Xue.

I left the hardware store to get to He Xue. “I asked around, the bakery owner has been back home for the Chinese New Year holiday and the bakery wasn’t open for the last 10 days.”

He Xue was silent for a moment. “We’ll check it out tonight.”


It was 8 PM.

Night came fast during the Winter. The moonlight on the snow made the ground look like crystals.

The bakery was a private home at first, since it was by the road, it was converted into a bakery with a yard in the back.

He Xue and I flipped over the wall to sneak into the yard like two thieves.

We had flashlights, pliers, and other tools. I wondered why she didn’t follow procedure to investigate this since she was police? I said my question out loud but she didn’t answer.

The yard was quiet and dark. There were three rooms here including the bakery, one room to the left, and one to the right.

He Xue used a hand signal, probably asking me to check out the bakery, as she was checking out the room to the right.

I nodded and crouched my way underneath the bakery window. I looked inside.

It was pitch black inside. I couldn’t see anything. Before I could turn on my flashlight, I heard a click, I turned and saw it was He Xue picking the spring lock.

What the…? Is she a cop or a criminal? Does the police know how to do this kind of thing?

Since it was a spring lock, if I wanted to get inside, there were only two ways. One, break the window, two, break the door. I don’t know how to pick locks, so how do I get into the bakery?

I decided to join He Xue. I also walked into the room to the right.

The flashlight showed a kitchen by the door, which was connected to a bedroom. A lot of homes in the countryside were laid out like this, which helps to keep out the cooking fumes.

He Xue examined every corner of the kitchen with her flashlight. I took half a step inside before stopping and shutting off my flashlight. He Xue copied me.

Why did I stop?

Someone was lying on the heated bed!

The moonlight showed a blanket on the heated bed, and something underneath. It looked like a person. If the person was alive, he or she would need to breathe, but the blanket was still.

I made a gesture at He Xue, implying I was checking it out and motioning her to stay still. She nodded and took out her gun to aim at the blanket.

I crept over and peeled back a corner of the blanket, then I flipped the whole blanket off.

A whole skeleton was under the blanket. The moonlight on the white bones made it seem even creepier.

There’s something going on at the bakery! Why would a normal home have a skeleton?

I looked over the skeleton but didn’t see anything weird. I turned around to spread out my hands at He Xue, showing her I didn’t find anything yet. It was then that I heard a noise behind me.

“Pow!” He Xue fired her gun.

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